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Sheppard Field Texacts Newspaper Archives Apr 1 1944, Page 15

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Sheppard Field Texacts (Newspaper) - April 01, 1944, Sheppard Field, Texas?44 so Turnoy april i 1944 Sheppard Field exacts Page fifteen Squadron squibs continued from Page 14 Goc we fro had i to l i be e to Ime mar Winkle in her Eye and a peso Ancer t smile on her face. We did no to forget those former Nen that used to be in our squad on and we were very Happy to be them present As it showed Elf there their hearts were. Captain and mrs. Bailey chaperoned the a arty assisted by by. Doshier and a special guest major Brack Ridge was with us in the a ence of major Parker who was Ken ill at the last minute and us Dnn to attend. We owe a great Deal of thanks sgt. Orton who was in there oing his Best to see that every Ody had a Good time and his As stunts were sgt. Nelson Cpl. Joke and pop gainer. That my friends was the High gets of the 303rd party and we fall looking Forward to the next be. How about it. Mrs. A a by Hajj Is Aci is ii i by Lac ies of t up Thi sat Elal id a Llo Jav Wol exp it a i in m Wel j w note Anc est be is t Waite a Nat not n k a in me 3y _ 3 to bul Erh a Bier is soft who Tats foia Erbring d c in c of Quot of Lun Ai e-c1 t amp inc it Ndu Gie 1 i if ii a 2se of o., 304th training group maj. Lawrence j. Lox i. O. By set. Clinton chalet attention Here a the Ope 304�?Ts Best Barracks Laque for last week must be it in two or something because o Barracks ran away with the mors. In the Home area the men bks. 388 took the Bacon. Their in is pvt. Marion Sorenson. For Leas d and e top notice went to is. 890, whose chief is Cpl. How a Mccauley. Congratulations lows. Keep up the Good work. Sgt. Russell Sutton reports at everything is in Good order r pay Day. How could it be any her Way. Worked out a a1 with t. Sgt. Walter Bur ugh which will assure 304 a Ost eventful sports program. Xxi news Betti Houston. In of Cpl. Richard Houston has Omi sed to do some numbers on e floor show at our next dance. Cutti is a terrifically Good tap Neer with a world of stage Exigence. 1st sgt. E. L. Foscue los us that most of our depart ends Are ready for the move. Cide tally several men of other a animations have confided that by wished they had top kicks Asod As Foscue. Take your Bow Ergeant. Lost a Good pianist last week t. Lewis Leon. Hope we can re someone equally As Good to be his place. Up men May placed in charge of Barracks the near future. Not much is on singing while marching. In lacking cooperation seems to e contrary to be a Hundred per it negative. A How did you know i was transferring Back to the cavalry a 307th training group rapt. O. K. Kemp c. O. By Cpl. Clarence j. Kordzinski 305th training group maj. John t. Kontz. C. O. By but. A. W. West Bay la la a. Bytes by n Dup r c air i by n in j Dai f by in. Pie Pla ugly wit no fat in 6 w a of re a be a a s be or i Hie ust tees Isic Jer. To be do s it re of a pin my n s j ii St a a t. E Ltd s to hat j do a i t Tull 15 Tiu during the past two weeks the i ached men of the 305th have in doing a lot of studying on Cir general orders preparing for e Day when they would receive air passes. Last saturday was a mainly a Day of activity for emas it was the Day. A Day Long and a far into tile a hts men were streaming into e desk and saying their orders d getting the coveted Little card sequently the near by a me a Poi is saw a number of new Ces saturday night and sunday. With the completion of the floor the boxing ring there is to be boxing tournament Between the cracks to decide what men Are be on the group boxing team Lere is also to be a wrestling ornament and alter the Cham on of each we will try and see we can decide that age old est Ion As to who would win be Een a Boxer and a wrestler. It me on out men. And support or men. Each Barracks should pc several men in each weight iss. Many very Fine musicians and Gers have been found among e new men in the group and a Ogram is being arranged for All listed men of 305. Pvt. Frank i is who has been heard on the vice club programs and who s been featured in several Wel own clubs in the East is writ a a song for the 305th and it is Ped he w ill have it finished for a program. They say that pvt. Keister the Mal Day room supervisor is Vin a considerable amount of Bibl finding Bis favorite chair All them seem to think that it the Best one. There is certainly a lot of achy in the Day rooms Inch eve especially the Pool and after such a Long silence we come Back to give you the Lowdown and also the gossip and entertainment for our group. The thing that is still fresh in our mind is the party that was held in building 272 on the 23 of March i 1944. It was Nice to see so Many i permanent party men that attend de. And from All the conversations i gather that everyone had a swell time. It. John h. Hord attended and saw that things were under control. In fact Cpl. Joe b. Prince assured me there would be More and bigger parties. So lets attend Fellows next time you see a notice that there we ill be a party lets make it an All out affair. Off to school we must go s. Sgt. Walter a. Seibel left a for school at Orlando Florida. We Hope he will graduate with honors. T. Sgt. Glenn a. Rollo has 1 shipped out. W h e r e to no one knows but when w e find out we will let you know7. Done to forget our Bingo parties every monday night at 7 30 p. In. In building 279. For a w allow of a time join us there. We now have a boxing team. And if you Are interested see sgt. I Billy Minsk or Cpl. Joe b. Prince at the rear of building 272 any noon Bour or around six in the evening. By the Way 307 permanent party Volley Ball team met 306 on tuesday but w e Haven t the results As yet. The first game of our tournament was won by the Arkansas Hill Billies Over the Louisiana swamp rats. The officers of 307 Challenge the permanent party men in a Volley Bull game. A four Wall hand Ball tournament w ill be inaugurated and so far the entries Are All from Illinois. I wonder if sgt. Bunny Levitt had anything to do with it Fellows. I am not going senti mental on you but lets get to Church daring holy week. You i know we All want to get Home j and it will take More than just men. Guns. Tanks and planes. Ii will take a heavenly Power to end this world turmoil. Hit the dust a grabbed bound and bog tied he was stood up in front of an altar this past sunday and said a i do a captured by the glamorous Wichita Beauty. Lois a a Snooky Souther. She like the Northwest mountie got her Man the boys in the group wish the newly married couple the Best of Luck i Choice from Keesler Field and be t sail for the Quot land of Sunshine a july nearly two years ago and now that our Job is finished we can to forget a few highlights it bygone Days. Remember stopping at the vinoy for a month a the playground o f millionaires i n peace time then the Bellaire Biltmore for a year where the g. I. Could take a break under a Royal Palm and play with the squirrels Quail and fish did we think the rookies would Ever make the soldiers they were when they left our Basic training j Camp remember How we really Learned to like the taste of a a Beans and when duty hours j were Over to the Beach or to town filled with Sun tanned love a lies ? Hows this for a list of the notable characters in far Distant i lands today Joe Harbin s-3 Johnson m. Sgt. Gamma. Arthur 7�?Trusley and Lotierzo life have been the same i without them a those were the Good old Days. Then they closed the Gates at the Bellaire Biltmore and we woke up one Dusty morning Southwest of the red River Valley at Sheppard Field Texas. Its been grand Here too we caused a lot of disturbances brought a few laughs trained a few7 soldiers and found out what Wichita Falls is like. Our recent efforts for the entertainment of the group and the Wichita lovelies was a Chicken dinner Given at the country club on the night of March 28th. Grand music furnished by the 525th band. Prizes for dances entertainment. Mcm de by Cpl. Overton highlighted an evening Well spent 605th training group maj. James j. Fryer c. O. By but. J. Philip Frankfeld 612th training group maj. Jon c. Bunk. C. O. By pfc. Frank b. Bird 308th training group maj. Henry t. Youngren. By set. Harry Pinsky a Elno Ker players to say nothing the expert Ping Pong players i show their stuff each eve group news april i 1944, that s april fool s Day but it is also the Day that the permanent party Mon have selected for their bang up affair of the year. The Halls of the Good Ole Holt hotel will vibrate with the jump and Jive music of Hie 308th�?Ts own swing sters. A Good time is going to be had by All who attend As the party is assured of Success. A word to the new men coming into the group if someone grabs you As you straggle to and from the mess Hall that someone is rough and Tough former policeman. A wild Bill Owens and its his Job to see that All men who go to the mess Hall go in formation so it you did no to know Well you do now. Society Section we re getting Els ii class now wham bang Boom nipped in the Bud our rough and ready t. Sgt. Drew l. Windsor after a spectacular whirlwind Campaign sgt. Eddie Mulcahey of the 605th will now rest up since his 20-Day furlough came through. Eddie did As outstanding a Job in the fourth War Bond drive As he did in the diversionary raid on Japan. He helped sell $850,000 Worth of War Bonds and thus considerably aided Wichita Falls reach its full quota in the Campaign. Eddie has won a a special award from Texas. On May i. He will be married to miss Pat Vining. A most Chai Ming Lovely 18-year-old lass who comes from Plainview Texas. Texas loss will be eddies gain As the old saying goes. Maybe Texas will now claim Eddie As a a a native congratulations Eddie and Happy Landing. The did a of the 605th Are reported to be singing a Sauld Lang syne Quot since they Are going into new outfits on the Field. A much appreciated and Welcome gift to the 605 men from the Squadron was a free Booklet of to movie tickets to each Man. Some 250 booklets were distributed. Pie. Oswald the popular Penn Sylvania dutchman just got his lower jaw filled with solid a i Teeth. Now his bite will be As Sharp As his bark. Pvt. A a Whitey Patelczyk had an Accident the other night. While in performance of duty he slipped a n d badly Hurt himself. Six stitches had to be taken. It is rumoured that a a Whitey is seriously considering applying for a purple heart. He has been overheard muttering to himself Over Arad Over again a a did t it happen in Texas did no to it happen in Texas a sunday night we saw a 605 Man sprinting Down the Street determined to make the bus that was pulling out. He was nabbed by them pcs. It was 11 32 p. just two minutes beyond curfew time. A a a a sighed the 605 Man. being out of breath nothing else followed. Finally he finished his thought. he said with a heavy heart a if i were to years younger i would have beat the curfew by two he Shook his head sadly As the unsympathetic mph sled him aw7ay with the rest of the boys. Sgt. A a red Kornmel says a the men in 605 will continue to sing to the very end. There Aren t Many of us left but we will be loud and we will be heard. So continue singing men to our last breath that a the spirit. 609th training group major r. E. Bagby c. O. By s. Sajt. A icy Quot Moore should old acquaintance be forgot Captain Ames selected 15 men with Little or mgt Lank added to 15 men of i want to let you in on some very interesting facts i have gleaned from the a a past of a Man who has been with 612 since activation Cpl. George Tsitovich. He is a Man who does no to talk about himself very much in fact i had talked with him Many times in the year i have known him. Of Only a few Days ago did i it Ain of one of the most Intel eating incidents of Hgt life in tile of Lent. La was Back in 1926 that George had an experience that i double any other Man on Sheppard Field has had he was arrested and thrown in jail by the japanese intelligence be v ice he was picked up in Koba Japan and put in the a a Clink about 8 of clock at night. His loom was the last Wold in simplicity four Walls a floor and a ceiling. There he was held incommunicado until three or four of clock the next morning when he was taken out for questioning. After much questioning he was told in ii very ceremonial manner that it is Only human to err and that they had done so in arresting him. They then offered to get him a hotel room or if he preferred they tested he could spend the jest of the night there in the jail. To their Surprise he said he would do just that. It must have amused and pleased them for they laughed heartily and gave him a bunk for the rest of the night Georges biggest complaint is that they made him pay two dollars tor the ride in a Rickshaw to the jail and at that time he protested violently but to no Avail. George was born of russian parents in Northern China or Manchuria now Japan a puppet state of Manchukuo. And lived in Russia Southern Siberia and Mongolia until he decided to come to the a land of he a at first hand the bolshevism revolution during the first world War. George is definitely proud of his u. Citizenship and of the u. S., and believe me he is in a Lair position to judge. The group party has t 1aken place at the time of this writing tut from All indications it will be i he Best yet. Smear what but k sergeant has great empty paces where one should no malty have molars and incisors nomination Cpl. John j. O Brien e a. For the title of the a will Rogers of 612. His latest quip is got a slip that excuses him from everything but breathing and by s working on that a by Betty Fryer during the month of april it a a can ask for As mane three Day passes As you wish. April fool. Of course not there la no regulation against asking but. Strictly on the level beginning today the wearing of Winter or summer uniforms is optional for the month. Your Exchange is prepared to meet your needs with a new and full Stock of Khaki wearing apparel. Of will be pleased with the Garrison Cap formerly called overseas Cap which is priced to fit even a before payday budget yet has the additional feature of a leather sweatband Well As having a trim of air corps braid and a silk lining. Khaki shirts and trousers Are stocked in All sizes. If you arc a nurse you will not he going in for ribbons an easter Bonnet this year but we Are a lire you la be interested in the Lull fashioned sheer Lisle Hose for which there have been Man it requests. They Are on display at your Exchange number 2 in the special department for officers was and nurses. While in the above department we noticed that officer s tropical worsted shirts and trousers were still on hand in limited sizes. There w7as a Good Supply of these items in All sizes of poplin and 6.2 tort ton fabrics. We also found a new shipment at the sock counter dress Rayon anklets in a wide Range of sizes. Speaking of things to Wear brings up the subject of neatness. Collar stays give that a a we Ell turned out appearance and you la find them in Stock again. If you be never used one you la find them in Stock again. If you be never u Ltd one. You la be pleased to find that they Are self adjusting and remain invisible under your Collar ,. And speaking above the Collar shaving lotion is an important Aid to that neat appearance. Its not always easy to find these Days so the arrival of a popular Brand of Good Quality is something to talk about. You la find it at the drug counter in your Exchange. Many of you. Still in the spirit of neatness have been asking tor laundry bags. They have Ani veil at last and May he purchased in D. Or Khaki Cotton twill. April makes us think of Al Ster and that brings to mind remembrance. Photographs Are always appreciated. You la find leather frames that will enhance the attractiveness of your picture. You will also find these in ize to fit and protect snapshots you have received from Home. If you discover that your time is too limited for picture taking a letter Home on some of the Many new typos of stationery recently received by your Exchange will let them know that you Haven to forgotten. When you re dressing up in your new uniform for easter Why let it our watch feel like an orphan when there Are so Many watch bands at your Exchange there is leather for men and Gold on Sterling for ladies that will give your watch that a Spring those of you who have visited the Book department in your Exchange number 2 in the Hope of finding John Roy Carlson so under cover will be delighted to find it on the shelves again. In their Twenty second printing these volumes Are unabridged and unexpurgated giving names dates and actual conversations collected by the author during the four years in which he observed the nazi underworld of America. In commenting on this Best seller Clifton Fadi Raij says a under cover is a tremendously fascinating personal adventure Story. But it is More important As the first completely documented account of the enemy within. It is the duty of every True american to read or. Carlson.�?�. The late Arthur Guiterman de a lined humor As a laughter mixed v. Ith this spirit is found in i a Brave laughter a a collection of the last verses from the pen of this famous poet. Dorothy Canfield Fisher show s a Fine appreciation of his Genius when she states a there in this Book Are the last poems we shall have from this poet Friend. The end has come to his speaking voice. His sparkling lovable w itty inspiring spirit lives on.�?�. More copies of a wings tor combat have arrived los 500 photographs which Tell the Story of the training of our air Foree can now be yours at a reduced Price. If you Are in the mood for an exciting mystery novel you la find a death and bitters by kit Christian among the wide variety of volumes at your Book counter in a Exchange number 2

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