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Sheppard Field Texacts Newspaper Archives Apr 1 1944, Page 14

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Sheppard Field Texacts (Newspaper) - April 01, 1944, Sheppard Field, TexasPage fourteen Sheppard Field exacts saturday april i. 1944 Squadron squibs continued from Page 13 weird proficiency of Cpl. Wimpy Guzman on trumpet the a Small combo of six men featured recently on the Field wide special service Hook up from the n. C. O. Club and the brass sextet recently organized but still to make a Public debut. 526th aah band two Emerson Stephens c. O. By we. Tot m. Brown they gets us up at Napast six and takes us right to Chow. They says a Yore going to the Rifle Range today but not right we takes the stuff they gives us. Someone Calls it food. To other inmates laps it up but we just ainu to a the mood. So we goes Back to the Barracks ifs just cracking Dawn makes our bunks in helps of Joel it a is Leggins on. That this game will be worthwhile watching. The Scholastic abilities of Cpl. Jagger pfc. Schmidt and pie. Harrell will be put into use in the near future. Good Luck in your new Field men. Our genial Friend t. Sgt. Ralph e. Gossom Well known by the title a the Little sergeant or gruesome a also former member and sergeant major of our organization left on a Well deserved furlough. 419th tech. Sch. So. Apt. Charles e. Heerlein jr., c. O. By s. Set. George r. Sparrow pretty soon old Meese starts Hollerin a Roll Call come on there we finds a Bunche jerks the pets what lives in town. A she we lonesome a then we gets our canteen cups and Heads for the latrine to Wash out memories of the bivouac. They re pretty hard to clean. Dora into which in is placed for every cuss word uttered. They figured that would keep sergeant Shields quiet. No such Luck Shields is a spendthrift when it comes to this and the a cuss boxy is filled to overt lowing. This is no Rumor the past week has found our officers and enlisted men pushing the Squadron extracurricular activities to a new High. We Ler ing Wing. You la like your be w Home boys. A Quot we were very Happy to see to women of the wac detach me. At our party. From the mar smiles Good appetites and Dane it seems that they had a Goc time. Wac sgt. Pritchett we is Here on detached service fro another Field said that she had very wonderful time and ff1 party and behaviour of the g. I was very Nice. Thanks Sarge. Gone on event a car 302nd training group in k maj. Carl la Sutherland. C. O. By sgt. Joe o Donnell Well nine of clock s the deadline we lines up in the Street. Soon Meese hollers then we hears the sound of March in feet. 4th academic Squadron major Louis a. Hill c. O. By pvt. Leon h. Thompson we gets four destination just thirty blocks away. We stops in eats Cliffy a sandwiches till later in the Day. Buses comes to pick us up and takes us to the Range. When we gets there we soon finds out there a been a Little change. We can to see the targets they re too far away. The officer he gets mad by grab and sends us Home to stay. He says a i will not stand for this cluttering up my Range with All a Ese Guys with baggy eyes and Shock and scurvy and Well there you Are we done our Best we re try in to serve our land. Guess that s Why the army took and put us in the band. 14th mess Squadron major r. F. Vvan Schneider c. O. By s. Sgt. Joe Llu Emerich and Cpl. M. Lore Home on the Range with major Wand Schneider a cowboys. I where Ball players Are born. Among All the Kitchen utensils in mess no. 3, t. Sgt. Abraham find a Pitcher beam i ing lieutenant Siegfried returns from leave and passes out cigars. 1. Must feel pretty Good to be a foist lieutenant. We Are All Happy to know of the Complete recovery of h. Cobb from his recent injury which confined him to the Hospital. The major is looking fit and should return to full duty status after a few More Days of rest. Capt. Neil l. Newton says he will be in the easter Parade and offers to bet just about anybody that he is right. Of. Luther Autry is going Back to the Rilie Range to fire again. The lieutenant holds expert med i als in the pistol machine gun carbine and Rifle in fact All of j those medals stand out like a plow j Point in a pallor. Wonder what he expects to win this time first sergeant Yancey is making entirely too Many trips to Dallas i lately. If it weren to for the fact that mrs. Yancey goes with him we would be expecting things. Hows about it Sarge tech sergeant Curtis is looking at the world through a new pair of i glasses. It seems that he caught a Volley Ball smack Roo in the face which smashed a former pair. Really Sarge that Ball is supposed to be hit with the hands. Corporal Mccarley qualifies As the Mechanic of the month from this outfit. It seems that corp. Successfully unrolled a spool of j cellulose tape without breaking it More than twice and without any unbecoming language that was audible More than a Hundred Yards. Cise instructor and pfc. Dale d. I Hager is the fellow behind the controls of the new Hospital Public address system that brings a Complete program daily of news educational and entertaining value to All the patients throughout the wards. To further his education the convalescent patient is also shown army training films which Are very entertaining As Well ased a National. Now for the flashes on the eve of wednesday March 22, at the Redwood Uso a very enjoyable evening was had by members of our detachment. Pvt. Freddie f. Pope got the spotlight when he did a fast stepping tap number to the tune of a one of clock jump played by the detachment band. Flash the next medical detachment dance will be held tuesday april la at the Kemp hotel. Flash calling All Ball players of the detachment. Anyone who has not already signed up for either softball or baseball can do so immediately by seeing sgt. Plottke in the orderly room bldg. 1270. 19th aviation so. I j. R. M. Jackson c. O. By pfc. Reginald a. Corley the Friday night entertainment programs held at the red Ood Uso and planned by the soldiers Council continue to hold the interest of the men. The quiz program of 24 March was no exception. Attendance was Good and participation by the soldiers was spontaneous. Cash prizes were awarded. Gustager has a girl no Cleasby is wondering a have i stayed away too Long a hell find out when he gets Back to sunny Cal on furlough. I duty sergeant Billy Blake slowly going nuts with Rifle Range orientation first Aid it get. A hardly Ever find a Cook in the mess Halls any More a hardly Worth it to get a fur i Lough any More. You sign your name 9 times have your clothing Issue checked and rechecked turn it in to Supply and then sweat out your train ride. I when you get Home they give you a smile and five Gallons of Gaso a line. And Sherman said it first. Detachment mid. Dept. Ltd f. C. Kelley station Hospital by sgt. August Plottke As this article goes to press elaborate plans Are being completed for the birthday party to be held at service club no. 3 for men whose birthdays Are in March. Many requests for another Squadron party have been noted As a result of the last party which was a huge Success. We have High Hopes of our request being granted. Sports the first softball tournament completed this week finds Barracks 724 the Victor by defeating Barracks 723 in the final contest 2-3. Stellar performances were turned in by both teams and there was no Lack of interest or sportsmanship at any time during this game. Even the Humble umpires were spared the usual pain that goes with their unpleasant task. Shoe shoe baby. This Friday and saturdays inspection found something new had been added. How about the Rookie who thought a a hash Mark meant time done in the mess Hall. With big Kamperman leaving on furlough looks like s. Sgt. Wepman will be working overtime. Wepman says a get your vitamins in the mess Hall and develop them with p. the 14th mess Squadron extends congratulations to 1st sergeant and mrs. Lowell b. Darnell whose baby girl Donna Jean is the Pride and Joy of 1036 Westerly place Wichita Falls. And now it can be told that Corporal a afield Marshall Troha was born with a Silver shovel in his Mouth. He dearly loves to sing and s h o u i do that is he should sing a far far Supply has invoked a a cuss i mph today a column your reporter brings to you a Birds Eye View of a new function of the hos pita i army air forces co Vales j cent training program. It is de j signed to bring Back to duty and in top physical condition As quickly As possible each and every patient. When the work of the medical officer is Over and he has his patient Well on the Road to recovery the medical officer then assigns his patient to participate in the convalescent training program. Here the patient attends regularly scheduled classes set up by the training program so that he also can do his part in bringing a a Victory our Way by being a stronger and better Soldier. The patients classes Are of a Well rounded program of educational and recreational activities. The administration of this program is under the direction of it. Joe d. Sutton our convalescent training officer. The four enlisted men of our detachment who Are working very hard on making this new program a great Success Are graduates of the aah convalescent training and rehabilitation school of Miami Beach Florida. Sgt. Donald e. Toivonen is the no in charge Cpl. Willard h. Seales and Cpl. Will o. Bearden Are the it instructors pfc. Bruce c. Ogilvie is the corrective exer our singing program is Well under Way with rehearsals being held each week in building 212. We Ith the coming of Spring our interest in sports has decidedly turned to softball. A Good game May be seen any afternoon after Chow in the 19th area. It is expected by this time next week that we will have a Winner in the present Volley Ball tournament that is being played in the area. With the addition of two Ping Pong tables both students and permanent personnel Are ready to go after the prizes that have been generously offered by the Squadron for the coming tournament. Personal Captain Heerlein has returned to us from his troop train trip to California and he leaves us in doubt As to the claim of sunny California. At least the Good Captain now has found an equal to his income tax questionnaire namely the intricate troop train report it took the traffic Section and the sick Boot dept to prove that not All bicycles were built for two. The net result being that Cpl. Brockett and pfc. Covert were taken to the station Hospital As a result of a Nasty spill on the lat terms motorcycle. Under the Able leadership of it. Walker Kiernan the Squadron decontamination. First Aid and anti incendiary squads Drew compliments from the assistant Post fire marshal for their efficient work in the recent air raid Drill. Hats off to chaplain Boggs for his efforts in making it possible for the men of 419th to sponsor special sunday services in the Squadron area. Miss through the generous cooperation of special service a free movie was enjoyed by both students and permanent personnel. It is hoped that More of such entertainment is in the making. So until next week let the rumours come and go and it is sincerely hoped that this department will not be too greatly affected by them. The passing presents a the Man behind the fac with apologies to John Nesbit in the every Day routine of by life the Parade of forms and Lac we review become As a series pictures which Tell nothing of i Man. For example who up looking at sgt. Sack would Thi that our mild mannered sail was once the terror of Clevelan Gridiron opponents used j plead a take it easy Little fell Obj or so Sam tells us. And w would doubt a Man whose Woi carry so much weight. Or who could read in the exp medal with bars signifying 1 a a Ultra in ten weapons worn sgt. De Rogers that he once i his living As an expert in jewel consider Tony o i i v e r a w works for a tall corny Bramsoe does he look like a Hula Dane does his form or face suggest of course not one would be suspect. Yet the fact remains t while on duty in the Hawaii islands Tony was a favorite a ter Tainer and his Forte was Nat dances. 301st training group capt. Leonard r. Booker. C. O. By sgt. Dan Bosnick 3i9th tech. Sch. So. Apt. John z. Holliday c. O. By Rte. Gerald j. Jaska As the closing Day of the am school Here at Sheppard Field draws Ever closer the officers and permanent personnel of this organization wish to express their whole hearted appreciation for the splendid work and co operation thai has been contributed in the past and present by you students of this organization As individuals and a unit. We All know that you men will keep up this splendid work and co operation wherever you May go. So Here a wishing All a lot of Luck. A baseball game will be played off in the near future by the permanent party of this organization. It is supposed to be some sort of Duel which will be played to the finish. Incidentally this game is Between the orderly room personnel and Supply personnel. I believe that All of you will agree How often do we mis const the expression on faces in passing Parade sgt. Setback Cpl. Haney returning from a it on the Rifle Range Are red in face. Immediately we presume sure must have been Windy there today but could it be to scores we do not know bulk might have been that or per it was the Stuffy bus ride a which caused the visages or son. Then there is the Broad sri with a Hearty hello in it we m. Sgt. Hardy has worn lat so this happiness in his new foia Home on the Rani or is he perh11 a modern Pagliacci hiding tears at having left his old of fit confusing Isnit it the whole Point is that one c8 not believe what one sees. The Quot Are exceptions of course as1&Quot the smile of newlywed s. Wooten or the Gay manner of 1 Downie and pvt. Giles who Luned As guests with the local tartans or the a cat ate the Caryl Grin on carbine expert a Nick. But mostly one never inc especially your correspond1 thus it is that we know the but Seldom the Man behind if this the passing Parade. 303rd training grou maj. Thomas r. Parker c. O. By sgt. F. L. Simpson la the dinner dance really went big and the congratulations and Praise Are still coming in. Everyone in the group and the guests that attended were very pleased and enjoyed themselves. There will be More in the future. Plans Are now being made for a Barbecue party and dance and the announcement of time Date and place is a military secret. Well we dood it. 301 won the singing award this week and we will try our utmost to keep it. Capt. Booker the commanding officer was presented with the award at the Parade on wednesday and anyone May see it in the group orderly room because that is about the Only Way that they will get near it. The other groups will have to sing loud and often to beat us for next week. Are you listening sgt so Donnell and Chamlee sgt. Nagy. Telephone. Who. Of who. Is that certain person that Calls the Good 1st sgt. Everyday. Hmm thursday was moving Day for 301, and we Are now located in the 500 area. Sgt. Mohr athletic non com was Busy All Day moving his equipment from the old area to the new one. Sgt. Harold p. Erny of Supply has that look in his eyes these Days. Wedding Bells will ring for him and his soon to be mrs. On the 12th Day of april 1944. We extend Welcome to the new p. that were transferred to our group from the 63rd train another big time was had by the permanent party attached ii of the 303rd training group the Wichita Falls country c last Friday night. The affair i Gan with a Turkey dinner a followed with dancing to the i sic of the 524th air Force data band under the direction of by rent officer James h. Ralston orchestra consisted of eight pie musicians that have All Pla with top notch bands through the country. We were also favored wit tap dance routine featuring i dancing Fords. This couple by t their audience spellbound w their professional performs private Ford is a member of1&Quot 612th training group and we to express to him and his vie our sincere appreciation. Cd now let me see what i h1� overlooked. Of yes we must a member those pretty lassies be o were there with their hush its and boy friends. M. Sgt. Sep a Quot and his lady Friend were ti111 and May looked very Nice gave out with her million do personality. T. Sgt. Myers of it a mrs. Myers were also there Nyji Joying every moment of the Perl t. Sgt. John Harrison and Date showed me a few new s in How to Jitterbug and still is on your own feet first sgt. I was acting As sergeant at it it i but he had More than his a a full so mrs. A a by As she is by known made it a Point to a Good time by dancing every d and greeted everybody with continued on Page 15

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