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San Antonio Light Newspaper Archives Dec 9 1926, Page 17

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San Antonio Light (Newspaper) - December 9, 1926, San Antonio, Texas Goodnight stories by Blanche Silver. Peggy has a Chat with mrs. Agricultural ant. Well Well Well Peggy laughed As Ehe saw the Large Brown ant working an open space in her backyard. The big idea where s your Anthill Are you cleaning up a Yard before you build your of Sigher the Brown ant stopping with a disgusted look on her Little Brown face. I m not the kind of an ant that builds Anthill my she answered. I m mrs. Agricultural ant if you please and this., is my farm. I Hope you have no objections to my building Here in your goodness said Peggy sitting Down on the grass just outside the cleared space. I m glad to know you very glad you re moving Here. May i ask what kind of a House you do live in if not in an ant telling you won t impress you replied. Mrs. Agricultural ant and Quick As a Wink she blew her breath in Peggy s face and Good Ness me Peggy looked up into the ant s face for she found herself no larger than a wee tiny Bug. Now follow and she led Peggy to a Hole in the ground in the very Center of the cleared space. They ran Down a Long Tunnel stopping first at one door then another of the several rooms which led off from main Tunnel. Each of these rooms was filled with Grain. Down at the Bottom of the Long Ball was a Large room. Here Peggy saw mrs. Agricultural ant s family a crowd of tiny Little ant babies that looked More like Worms than they did ants. Sev eral nurses were very Busy getting them ready to go out into the Sun Shine. Peggy watched the nurses washing their faces and cleaning them do they go out every she asked the proud Mother. Most every replied mrs agricultural ant. Always after a torm like we had yesterday. You see they get Damp and cold and must get into the Sunshine to get Armand dry they followed the nurses with the ants up into the Sunshine once More and then Peggy discovered the Many lanes running out from the cleared space and asked Why they were there. We need them to carry the seeds to Plant in replied mrs. Agri cultural ant. As Wel As to carry off nil the weeds and grasses that we allow to grow. This is just the game to us As your daddy s farm is to him. We never let anything but the seeds that we i ant grow in Here. We need this crop to keep Tus through the Winter months for even though we do live Here in Florida it grows Cool in the win Ter and to need to keep out of sight few weeks and we must have food to keep us. I la bet you la be surprised when you see our Fields in copyright 1926, by newspaper feature service inc. The woman who does t face the facts and neglects to watch her weight must sooner or later pay the pen Alty. You can t evade it. Every woman knows that excessive fat is a foe to Beauty. Any physician will Tell you that proper weight is essential to Good health. Cor rect weight is too important a subject to be ignored. Watch Pur weight. Make it a daily Nabit to weigh yourself right in own Home on a bathroom Scato Madam Cher Noff at the re cent Beauty school demonstrated this wonderful scale. Perhaps you i ence. Do you re 1 member All the Many things she told you about weight did you receive one of the free Post cards that entitles you to the Booklet weigh if not ask your dealer today or write us direct. Continental scale works 5701 s. Claremont Chicago skyscraper heroes in Fay King s Hall of Fame in f it eem5 to those fat Fol. One s too. Daddv5 building to the helped build it 1 meditations of a married woman by Helen Rowland with Sage even in these cynical Days nothing has the Power to thrill us like a Good old fashioned Home cooked Christmas dinner a Good old fashioned love Story and a Good old fashioned marriage with All the you will never be old so Long As this magic season makes Bells tinkle in your pulse stars twinkle in your eyes and All life look like a Christmas tree full of glittering possibilities. A Man never gets the full Joy our of a the moment he fancies be has a girl just where he wants her he begins to wonder if he wants her there. It is no feat these Days to make Man want to kiss you but. The Only sure Way to make him keep on want ing to kiss you. Is never to let him and that s where the feat comes when a Man is looking for amuse and fixings. Ment he wants a girl who likes to go put and be entertained but when he is looking for a wife he wants one who can safely be left at Home and forgotten during business hours Golf games and poker parties. 9 nothing so shocks and annoys a Man As to discover that a woman is actually being consistent love no longer makes a Man Blind but it still somewhat Dazzles him to that he can see himself supporting a limousine and Sables wife on a Olivver and near fur income. Probably nobody will Ever know what Solomon suffered on Blue Mon Day mornings when All seven Hundred of his wives woke up with a Martyr comp Lei alas where is the " Sweet old Fash whose hair Hung Way to her ear rings copyright 1926. King features inc. Love s wages by Ann Lisle copyright is35. King features Syndicate incorporated. Chapter 107. When i arrived at the Day Nursery Lay so much Tress on our Promise to to which Frank goes whenever i go the dead to be so impresses to business everything was in order. The building was t on fire. Children weren t in any kind of mis chief. The attendants were about their kindly orderly business. You re getting to be a nervous i told myself As i remembered How i had run away from Spike Cor Coran and the Avenue and the holi Day spirit i might have enjoyed if i could Only keep myself on a Happy mood when it comes to me. But i took Little Frank away be cause i could t quite dismiss the sense of impending danger which had sent me Riding up the Avenue at a Speed defying rate such As i Don t often encourage in taxi Drivers. I decided to take Little Frauk Over to the restaurant in the Park and to make a Little Holiday out of letting him have his favorite Chicken Sand wich and chocolate while i indulged in my equally favorite Grapefruit on shipboard Lessing actually willed Jne the boy to recommended by mme Chernoff we were in the midst of the Mer Riest kind of a time when i realized that a Bulky figure was towering above us and that a familiar voice was getting me with a Gay Well if it in t pretty Little Anno and one of the handsomest gentle men i be Ever seen accompanying i looked up and there stood the great vocal teacher Diane Petruzzi. Once unknown to Fame As Dora Peters of Athens Georgia or not a recce. As her soft yet powerful hand enveloped mine and i smiled up Inlo the keen eyes under the Short grizzled hair i had the sudden comforting Assurance that i was t friendless in new York any longer. Did you set i asked with the usual banality. Too hot in Florida she said. I shut up shop and came Back Home to handle a few things before running Over to Paris to Sec what they Are doing at the opera Domique. I work hard you know. Wish i Coull persuade you to quit digging so lard a your Garden and rim around with me a Little gathering weeds. But if you ask me i la sit and have my Tea with you. And listen to the account of How you Cauich so suddenly by a son or i Cavalier or whatever it it is the of chances that brings you i smiled. And then As she had Tea and Frank Ami ii ail lunch i told her the Talo of the comr Mug German gentleman with whom Jim had once had such pleasant business relations and who had Given his baby in sacred to us. Jim never did like kids did asked Diane with a Large Mouthful of Toast depositing a Little runway of grease Down her Chin and a smile Little Frank which said she did like kids. Never. And he thinks i m silly to by the fact that when he was dying and Why Are you so asked Diane with a calmness that forced me to a Blank i Don t a not exactly. Rather a sense that i be got to keep Little Frank from Bis Lesoir Man his father was determined should never get him. _ a so there is another element Lou Haven t mentioned this Lesoir before. Tell me about but before i could speak Diane seized my Arm in a firm grip Ana put an a monitory toe on mine. For Little Frank was looking up and his baby face had a queer almost distorted expression As he said Hass once soil. Willt Jimrae a Schyia Elan Haven. Mutter sat the child s voice trailed off into unintelligible German and gradually it relaxed and he went Back to his Choco late which had held him completely since the moment he sent Diane pet Ruzzi a shy smile Atid gave me Over to her society and sought his devices instead of trying to amuse me As he had actually tried to do while we it re alone. You get did asked. He said he i re plied cautiously. But the rest of it was absurd. A child would t hate anyone who always wanted him to play. And a Mother would t try to Stop a child from i Don t Diane said quietly you Don t i laughed mothers want their children to amuse themselves by innocent play. And children Don t hate the people who want them to have a Good so you Diane remarked dry by. But there May be More in this than meets the eye., my dear How is Tell me i be got to make myself much i sighed. So i gave her Many More Partick inns about Little Frank Lessing and of the separation he had unwittingly caused Between Jim and me. The on i did not intend to Tell her that Jim had almost persuaded me to take the child abroad soc him with Lesoir. And try to Compromise Between my heart and my oddly insistent con Xci Cnoc. When i had finished my narrative she said thoughtfully this boarding House where you live won t be very Gay Over the Weck Conj will it my place always seems Verj big Iii Bare lion i first come Back i of Haven t a thing to do until Mon Day. Why not let me drive you Home. Pack a couple of bags for you and the Laddie and spend the next couple of Days i Don t see How t i he san in that stupid hesitant Way we have of meeting such situations. Sure you Diane urged so forcibly that i agreed. But i and no Way of guessing How different things would be i spent the next week end at Diano pet nazi s. To be continued listen world getting even by Elsie Robinson mrs. Roth has gotten even at ast. For three years she has been try no to get even. Way Back in the Winter of 1923 mrs Wilson said some Hing about mrs. Both. To be exact mrs. Wilson said that mrs. Roth was nagging old Hen and that or. Loth did t dare Call his soul his to aggravate the offence pretty mrs. Wilson smiled on Meek Lien pecked Jim Roth and Jim smiled Back. And mrs. Roth caught them railing. Silly trifles yes but out of those Illy trifles mrs. Roth has built a major tragedy. From the Day she saw that smile and heard that Idle chatter mrs. Roth has hated mrs. Wilson. She has t bated her with the passing petulant dislike which most of us feel when criticized. She has hated her with a thick Black hate that has permeated every thought of her mind every act of her body. From a spasm of anger that hate has grown into a that Over shadows All the world for Amy Roth. And she vowed she s get even. Three years ago she vowed she d get even. For All that time ghz has Bent herself toward keeping that vow. Last week she had her satisfaction. Last week she caught silly Little Clara Wilson in a compromising situation with a Man who was t her husband. Another woman would have gone her Way and sealed her lips. But Amy Roth went straight to Clara s hot tempered husband. And before the Sun had set he had drawn up divorce papers against his wife. She had broken Clara Wilson on the wheel she was Amy Roth really believes that she has gotten she thinks that by this act she has equalized the wrong which mrs. Wilson did that she has made a spiritual audit and up the books. But has she let s do a Little auditing our selves. For three years thirty sir months 105 Days Amy Roth has nursed a grudge against Clara Wilson. For All those Days hate has trickled its slow dark Poison through her system. Flow the Poison of Ianc is a very real thing. It in t att imaginary menace. It s As real a venom As strychnine or arsenic. It produces definite tangible results perceptible not Only to scientists but also to Lay spectators. It produces headaches hysteria indigestion melancholia and a Host of other vicious ailments. For 105 Days hate has produced these reactions in Amy Roth. It has in do her suspicious irritable and a self pity addict. It has caused a series of quarrels with her quarrels which have increased in bitterness. It has crushed the last ves Tige of her husband s affection and Given him an everlasting contempt for her. Her continual harping on her grievances has exhausted the patience of All her friends. They Are heartily sick of the Roth Wilson feud and Thoj unanimously condemn her recent action. And yet Amy thinks she has Cotton even she has t gotten even. She put herself hopelessly in the Hole. She has magnified the trivial offence against herself a million times. Noth ing mrs. Wilson could Ever have done to her Conj old approach in vicious nos what Amy has done to herself. That s the Way revenge works. Tithe poorest investment we can pos Sibly make. Every grudge no matter How justifiable is a cancer in life of the one who harbours it. Copyright. 1926, King features syn., inc by Fay King. The Many Beautiful buildings that make the Skyline of a City so attract Are owned by Rich and powerful states big corporations and moneyed interests of course but to Many they re just daddy s not that daddy owns any Stock in item. But because d proud Mother and or Little ones walk by and know that helped dig the foundation or makes children sturdy Omet Cooks Light White and Flaky by mrs. Beeckman. Umed the steel girders or was one if the expert riveters plasterers or finishers. It is a proud Little family indeed Hurt can gaze up at one of the mod Ern structures and have that prideful Eeling of knowing that dad had a 5art in. Making it the imposing thing hat it is by drawing the plans or aying the bricks the Man must forever after feel hat a part of themselves stands there i credit to Progress As they remember lie honest toil and strength they gave u the faithful work contributed. Each Man has to do his part Well ind True for unless each and every part fits in with the whole the com Pete thing were not possible to stand s it does today. Write a Short note. Dear mrs Beeckman an. Office co worker of mine Hae sent me an engagement announce ment. In a written acknowledgement necessary w. While it is not exactly necessary that we make written acknowledge ment of formal announcements it is reasonable that we do. Since the Friend or even acquaintance has Iven is the Honor of. Included in the list to whom her important announcements were sent it would seem courteous and Friendly for us to write a note of Good wishes. It need Only a a Short note but its message can add a charming quota of happiness to the Bride to be and the room to be. The Best Man s Dutiel dear mrs. Beeckman a suggests that the Best Man pro Vides the Flowers for a wedding. B suggests that the Groom does. Will you please let me know which one is right skeezix the Groom sends his Bride her Bri dal bouquet. The Flowers of the attendants Are usually provided by the parents of the Bride who plan them As part of the costumes of the attend ants. Or sometimes they Are sent by the Groom. The Best Man does not pro vide any of the Flowers for the wed Ding nor is he expected to have aay other part of the expense of the wed Ding. Snowdrift looks Good to eat. It s Snow White and creamy and As Dainty As a shortening could be. And Snow Drift is just As Good As it looks. Your cakes and biscuits and pastry will prove that to you when you make them with this pure Rich shortening. Cheese straws 1 cup grated cheese i cup flour i Teaspoon baking powder Teaspoon Salt a Tablespoons Snowdrift dash of paprika dash of Cayenne 2 Tablespoons milk sift flour baking Salt paprika and Cayenne together. Chop in Snowdrift and add cheese. Make up with milk. Roll Inch thick. Cut into Inch strips about five inches Long. Bake in hot oven about fifteen minutes. Snowdrift there has been some talk lately As to whether an architect should have his name put on the Beautiful build Ings that he has designed. I think that by All Means he should. It is is much a work of Art As a Canvas or a statue and should Bear the Signa Ture of the one who created it. If i were so Rich that i could afford to build a Beautiful building i would not Only wish to perpetuate the name of the architect who designed it for me but i would if Only in a Book for my own personal treasuring wish the name of every Man whose Effort helped make that dream come True. I never Admire a Beautiful Struc Ture without silently paying homage to the humbler unknown ones who were so necessary to its fulfilment talk talks fish menu by Mildred Kitchen. Menu Vermicelli Soep baked fish chateau Bermuda salad West flan Cream be Okai pish. Fish has practically the sum Vitot in the diet a meat and Ahaad be planned with that a Nind. It be True that fish has a greater Tari Atten. Of 1st Content but Thia a Wally made up by the method of of oking. The protein of fish is Talu Aboc tissue building food. Unlike meat it does not require Lonoff cooking to it tender and should to cooked Joac Long enough to get the desired flavor. For forms of fish a available depending on locality and fresh canned Frozen and smoked or waited. If Frozen fish Are used the7 Daonld be thawed our slowly in cold water and then cooked immediately. It is not Economy to buy fish with a Large per cent of refuse a head Tail Bones Etc. Often it is cheaper to but the same fish canned. Chateau potatoes. Wash pare and Cook until almost done one half dozen medium sized potatoes. Drain perfectly dry Cool and Cut into quarters. Put them in a frying pan with four Tablespoons but Ter shake the Nan until potatoes Well buttered and a Golden Brown col or. Add some buttered Artichoke hearts. Remove carefully with a Skimmer to a hot serving dish sad Sprinkle with finely chopped Carsley. Bermuda salad. Slice tart apples very thin Erent in shoe string strips. Sprinkle Edth Lemon juice to prevent discoloration. Alternate on lettuce leaves with thin slices of Bermuda onions and with Mayonnaise. The world s fastest Quick cooking Oats with that marvelous Quaker Quick Quaker t Tere is Quick cooking Raj Oats plus the world s supreme oat Quaker flavor. And flavor is the important thing in Oats. Once you taste Quaker Fla Vor Ordinary Oats never again satisfy. That delicious Ness is world famous. No other Oats can boast it. It is Doc to special Quaker milling processes processes too whih retain much of the bulk of Oats. And thus makes laxatives less often needed. Processes Combine the protein carbohydrates and important Vita mine b of Oats into an excellently balanced food. That is Why millions now Start their Days with Quick Quaker. Cooks in 3 to 5 than Toast. Cheaper than get genuine Quick quo scr. Comes m full 20-Ouncc a full Pound and 4 ounces packages. That Means Over 40% More Oats per package thaa boost substitutes. Hence real Quaker costs less. Thus if accept a substitute Yon alone Are the loser. Look always for the printed weight pm All that you

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