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San Antonio Light Newspaper Archives Dec 9 1926, Page 16

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San Antonio Light (Newspaper) - December 9, 1926, San Antonio, Texas Editorial Page of the United states Senate should be made representative san Antonio 9, 1926j seems by to e. Powers copyright 1926, by Star prom the lame ducks opposition a refund quack cd t v a the United states Senate should be made a representative body. Consider this the Twenty five states in the lower Popula Tion bracket ranging from Nevada up have less than one fifth of the country s Popula Tion. They have a majority in the Senate. The representatives of one fifth of the nation s inhabitants Are in a position to dictate the policy of the United states As to those subjects within the exclusive province of the Senate and to veto legislation originating in the House of representatives. The fact that the senators of these particular states might not Combine on any program does not Lessen the unscientific nature of the scheme of senatorial representation which was originally conceded to the smaller states As sop to induce them to enter the Union. A fair present Day Compromise would be to retain existing feature of two senators to each state but allow the larger states additional representation based on population. The Senate could be made a representative body without being unwieldy and the Small states would still important influence. I congressional reapportionment and a remodelling vhf the Senate to make it More nearly representative of Are ends to be achieved if we Are to have in ,, a genuine Republic. Foreign interference in China s affairs the report of the Strawn commission on what China should do to win International approval presupposes the right of twelve other nations to prescribe conduct for China. If that premise is con ceded the conclusions drawn upon it Are sound. The asserted right rests on a series of treaties. And treaties we Are told Are sacred until duly changed. In Short the twelve Powers including the United states Are holding out a legalistic front to one Quarter of the human front unhappily based in consid Erable part on past aggressions. Before any of the twelve nations had emerged from barbarism China had a great civilization. She May wish to keep her present ways or modify some of them. By denying her the right to Levy her own Tariff taxes we deny her the Means of support for her army and judicial system. How far then should this country go toward imposing its own standards on an alien people the weakness in the Strawn report is that it com mits the United states to a partnership in what millions of chinese will regard As an attempt at coercion. Of course it is Only a gesture. Not one of the pow ers will spend a Dollar or a life to compel China to adopt the recommendations. All of them together could not make such compulsion permanent. The United states with nationals to protect in China and with legitimate other interests to conserve has a Bright to offer Friendly counsel. But it is hard to see How our joining an entangling Alliance with european and Asiatic Powers some with greedy designs upon China s wealth of resources can possibly help her or add to our prestige. When the chinese government was encircled by the boxers in 1900, Germany England France and Japan sent armies to invade China with the obvious Pur pose of taking additional slices of chinese territory As indemnity for injuries to their nationals. The United states won the gratitude of All China at that time by Secretary of state Hay s message that the i cited states was sending an army from the Philip Pines As an act of a Friendly neighbor to restore the Freedom of the chinese government. He added that As soon As order was restored our army would be withdrawn and would accept no compensation for its Friendly that timely message halted the grandiose projects of aggression and saved China from a great humiliation. The spirit of John Hay is a Good guide today. Annual Accident toll an enterprising insurance agent Bent me a card the other Day. It gave some startling figures about deaths and disabling accidents. Last year in the United states automobile its were killed persons died in burning build ing Accident in railway accidents 10.000 were killed. Elevator accidents caused 5000 fatalities. When a summed up in these few words one death in twelve is due to injury. Every five minutes somebody suffers a fatal Accident. In addition to the deaths persons Are injured every Day a total of in a year. What Are we going to do with the Ever increasing number of Automo Biles labor Day night i drove thirty Miles from the City to my farm. It to me we met Aijiro mobiles. There was an almost unbroken Lino for the entire distance. The automobile properly j their first jobs i used As a. Great adjunct not alone for the Comfort and convenience of the people but also for their health. It takes them out in the open air. It stimulates a Normal appetite. It pro motes the happiness and therefore the health. With increasing hazards in locomotion and because of it there must be never relaxing vigilance. Fatigue is the greatest Factor of danger. Tired folks must be extra careful. All sorts of Street accidents Aro More common Between 4 and 6 o clock in the afternoon than at any other time. This is because of worn nerves and tired Muscles. There must be extra care at this time of Day. We can never know How Many sleepy eyes have cause the deaths of their owners. Nobody should drive after he is worn out and More than ready for bed. The statement about deaths in Burn ing buildings reminds me 01 what chief Kenlon of the new York fire department told me once. He said what use i Are that almost every fire in houses starts in the rubbish of the basement. You can t have a clean House and a healthful House unless the basement is. Clean. Some diseases Are carried by rats mice and other vermin. These pests thrive in the dirt not Only then do you increase the fire risk by having a rubbish Ladon basement but you increase the danger of disease. Safety demands that clean ing begin Here. Milany minor injuries result fatally by reason of infection. First Aid is an Art which should be taught every child. In every Home there should be an outfit for first Aid to the injured. Proper care immediately after an Accident will go far toward the prevention of conditions which might prove fatal. Every citizen should give thought to Accident prevention. In most communities Are occasions when this idea is stressed. We should help in the movement. Copyright 1926. By newspaper feature service inc. By or. Frank Crane. Look at this picture no Ziegfeld Beauty but interesting. By Philip Nowlan. Railroad Leader who started at the Bottom. Ueen s couns by Marie Queen of Rumania re j. United staffs Patent office. E have our own Point of the hospitals i would take a both an is so wrote Pascal that by dint of being told that he is a fool he believes it and by dint of telling himself so he makes himself believe Wise parents Are careful of the impression their children get of themselves when Young. First impressions sink deep. If a child is made to think he is Dull Turly or inferior the impression lasts. A crime childhood is the making of unwise remarks that instill a sense of inferiority and incapacity that often is a Handicap throughout life. Ing Points from which a than May and Vance to a commanding position in the raft Road Industry. One is through the la Gal profession and other is from the Bottom of the Railroad lad Der itself. It was from the latter position that one of the leading Railroad Mon in the pits Burgh div try to began his beginning at the ago of fourteen As an office boy he he id a number of minor positions with several Railroad organizations for a of ten years gradually a Rancin hims of until St the end of that period he was appointed a com Merrill Ajr it of the St. Louis and southwestern uni Vav system. Twenty four pc ars later found him in the position of vice president in charge of freight traffic a position which be held for about Throe or four years when he was made president of the Pittsburgh and West Virginia railway company and vie president of the or St Side Iii it railway com Pany of Pittsburgh. Hoar you Are advocating Eairly marriages. I m helping the movement for National preparedness for War. Cording to How they affect us. The very fewest of m judge from a loftier standpoint. We things through our own r t. More or less value according to our Inion of them and our a i think above All one evening just when she had prepared my Bath the zeppelins were announced and out went our Light. From out of the dark i heard a grumbling voice too bad. At Optimist wag crafts the sunny the gloomy tide of that reminds me of a quaint lit Tio episode during the . Before the fall of Bucharest the zeppelins were one of our Forest plagues. One of the greatest trials attached to Thom wag that the moment they were announced All the lights were promptly put out for night was the time the zeppelins did their deadliest. This was a fearful bother to the Busy. T bad an old German maid Whoso zeppelins till your majesty had had her Bath that was old Illse s Point of View an unselfish one. You must admit. Her personal safety did not count nor did she Stop to consider that it was her own countrymen sailing dangerously Over our Heads. The important thing was the Queen s Bat. To arc All inclined to Sec our own Point of View but it floes not always make us As unselfish As Good old. S ides was of a moment of of o to ii me do Frog that grows backward. The Paradox Frog of South Amer creature that in the attains the enormous length of ten inches. When the Frog is full grown it never exceeds two in length. Thus it ays of Paramount importance to seven of the ten inches of the Over her. An things had still to be War grown tadpole consists of Tail. As the or no War. M comfortable for me As an5mn, Prin maturity the Tail slowly Ehe Touw make them. At night shrinks. Dead tired after my ions Day copyright 1526, features inc. In the late Campaign noticed the address of or. Hoover on the advantages and importance of keeping the republicans in Power and there were addresses by other people particularly governor Smith about Tho necessity of having the democrats administer our affairs. From time to time men of ability Elihu Root and others express their opinions about the Glorio is old party. Or. Wilson at one time urged the country to return to democrats Asha wanted a powerful party of his own to Back him in his policies. The Ordinary Man is at a loss to understand this. To is one of the mys teries hidden in the bosom of provi Dence How men who Call themselves intelligent can think that it makes any difference whether the country is governed by democrats or republicans. The Bishop of London was unable to see what the difference was be tween the Republican and democratic parties. Occasionally they get together Aarl make platforms. A careful Reading of these platform shows that they meticulously straddle All important issues. The one thine they Are in Earnest about and anxious for is to have people vote for them. They want jobs and want them bad. They want everybody to z to out and vote. Arc continually urging people to i Cruse their franchise and calling peo ple bad citizens who do not Register or go to the polls. Perhaps they Are right although the poor citizen is at a loss to know what he should go to the Polss for when he does not care a hang who is elected. There is always a Large number of Absentee voters and these Are laboriously Bel bored by All speakers and writers. However there something to be said for them and if there Ever comes a clean Cut Issue and parties Are lined up on one Side and one on the other it might result in getting out a rather heavier vote than usual. It is interesting to see a religious speaker tear Bis shirt Over the importance of advancing methodism or or roman cat holism. We often How men As Intelli gent As montaigne or Michael Angelo or Francis Bacon should have been to Earnest in their defense of the Church. But the process by which n Man Rea sons that his denomination in Best seems to be about the same As that by which a Man reasons that his party is Best. Copyright 1926, by the Mcclure when you see pictures of women in newspaper columns they Are usually Young and Pink quite often with one foot in the air one on the ground. This is Dif Ferent an old lady holding in h e r arms one of her 56 Little great grand Chil Dren. The great grand Mother s hands s h o w a r d w o r k. They k n o w More about the w a s h Board than about any manicure establishment. Notice that this 56-Varie to great grandchild is fat healthy Able to carry on the worlds future work. This old lady is mrs. Anna Pietzman holding one of her fifty six great grandchildren. The great grandmother probably has t a pair of silk stockings to her name or any shoes made to look like a set of Pony harness with Gold Green Blue and red on them. They May even have elastic cloth at the sides. She is eighty eight years old. One Hundred and nine human beings Call her 53 grandchildren 56 great grandchildren. All that know her like her. She does not worry about the rest of the world for she has done her duty. Lucky the person that can say that old or Young Man or woman. This picture is from senator capper s weekly. Figures of speech mind your the exact manner in which this term originated is not known. One theory concerning its beginning is that the letters a and a meant pints and quarts in thu old Nie houses. These houses kept it score of the drinks that a customer consumed and p s and q s. He was confronted with it the Host deemed it time for a settlement. The score was tallied according to p s Andev. Therefore when a Mon no Lowed the tally to run too he was told to mind his p s and q s. To Day when someone in to by admonished we Tell him Tel mind his p s and q s

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