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Postville Review Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1875, Page 1

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - December 15, 1875, Postville, Iowa Volume Iii. Postville Alla Makee co.,Iowa, dec. 15,175. Number 38. Ille review published every Webb Fisidas at Fostve Flo. Alln Inskee county Lonn w. N. Eur Dick. Terms $1,50 in Advance. $2, if not Paia in Advance t Styli a i Tieu. Oralce with a h. L of Vars. All a Trilla of it Ukini m in i. Lino attended to with promptness. Advertising rates made known at the office. Postville directory. V. M. Clark1 rtt acre in furniture. Vat she Olio Ilni Aurant and confectionery. 15. J. Ferry a Lalov in jewelry of All Kindt. Jav. J. Needy lie ajor in Rocc Alibi a of Long it. John Tulinn and . J. Ii. Schmidt Mann Fartut Ulm dealer in a ooh and shoe. Custom work mid repairing done to order. Prices Low. . Keller rte4aiirnnt,nud dealer in All a Liulin of confectionery. Verv Lalni kept in its season und prices Trio lowest of All. Hudson Anil repair shop any thine \ a want done in the line can always be done Mills Fullop. I. In Sci ii kid m. I. Phys torah Al suede of. Office first door went of so Velum Sola Frame store. V3n3l Al in. T. Houghton physician mid Suri Inu. attention riven to surgery. Will intend Calls a Light or Duy. Office and Rusl Douce opposite merchants hotel pot Volle. Sand san Iii let nil in Postville and Vicinity boar in mind that Mcguire Bros. Me Imp Vireil to Inuko contracts with nil parties who wish bund i la Weir nit. Is All contracts inuit tic tunic with Ulici Sonalla. Pm per furniture Nihil repair. Craft a Ktal Ilii Lnugent. A k. Thompson work Dune in a a of a Lyle. I Cscott t i Ahtou Duftler Waltl hardware Timi Aie be. Ecu Char a Spoo. Denier in hard Waif Ami to tinware. Dealer in Lumli ,  of every description. O. A. I Olf Lite a. Lac pairing and horse soloing. Mrs. J. T. Molt dealer in millinery i and a of . It Atli Oil Iloh. Dealers in All kind of Merchun Iidle u to Krain. Xiv. K. Brno or and done on Short notice. A. U. Likiu Yuul proprietor of tint smut Inar Kei near the i Rick hotel i. A. Hoffman photographer Mil be lonelier. All work warranted. Dealer in Orui Muster. Juliu Mir jr., cries and fancy goods. J. It. Kuril & co., 3iifii and House painting Dene up la the Bent pop Al i Vanlier. Prop Leto soul Leeco Hull of l i to is & co. Of the Teani elevator. Food Mill in my bitters the Best tonic in use prescribed by one of Germany s most celebrated physicians Altha Utilio Nix bitters Lingo been Boford Trio Public but u comparatively Short time Tulcy Ivo almost superseded every other article whore Uliey Iovu Boon introduced. They Ore not 11 Humbug designed to ova to the liquor Law but lire a Genuino tonic Dosi nud for medical Pur Moscu und an such they stand unequalled. The local Trade of Kush Ford alone was Over $3,000 for 1rt2, and it now of totals into Iowa and Wisconsin compelling the Sulest to i inc out every other business and engage in their manufacture exclusively. They can to put Down a the Best tonic in the Market for thurau Roas one 1st. They can to Given to Trio weak est and most debilitated people und also to a babe not three months old in Small doses. 2d. Being put tip in Cologno spirits Thoy arc five from All liquor taste and hence Ino briton who May need a stimulant will not renew their Tasto for drink but on the other Hanu it is Well authenticated fact men of intemperate habits in Trio Vicinity of Kush Ford have by the use of those bitters Learned to abstain from Trio use of whisky and other distilled liquors. 3d. For any disease that requires Tonie those Bittern Are Trio bust article known. All orders promptly tilled. Address u. N.oul1iousk, 20tf Kush Ford Minnesota . Editor Lect into it is by the Exchange of ideas that a great amount of or information is obtained und Thoro is 110 Way by which that object can so onsite to As through the Publio press and without which much of the usefulness of the press is lost to therefore propose to a few thoughts not so much for Tho information of Othora As that we May gain knowledge through the Samo Channel ourselves the Board of directors of Tho Northern Iowa agricultural society at their lust meeting introduced a revision of their Premium list and thu general impression was that in order to make their finances meet they would Lyvo to offer less premiums that it was not a Wise policy for Tho distr it society to offer As Many thousand dollars As county societies Dia hundreds. If they adopt that course t Onory White Lead window will it not destroy their entire useful-1tyot 3 Evort Una of the very Host Siml Ity and at Roas Nablo figures. 2r" part Ioula att option Given to com pounding proscriptions. A first Cluss Vvs we Zitser. Iii Uince agent. Kenief cent Tiiu Bent Conan Neleh in existence. I., Allen proprietor of Allen Dray Lane. All orders promptly attended to. Hancock a Tovey. Proprietor of one of Tho bout livery stable Jln Northern Iowa ii. Ivulis manufacturer of boots and shoos. Conio on with your Lopau Liik. A. P. A Lott. Painter. All out raw for i ouse painting attended to with Proui Panem. C. I. Nth Buie livery and Sale is Able Tho heat of tit Mhall car Rlue a Lonyi on hand. Juoh mryr. repair let done on novt not co. Llorna to lion Iii a free Sallly i. It Olvil Riyal Ushii and suite ii. All Calla Olther Duy or null tit promptly attended to. Tjw a 0wliw Tojo Winsom rotors pc to Liaison attain Avn at Law lug Iii auce and Roll eel in at Funk. Off Loo in by Iek Bloomi Over ixillhoidh1 Roro. Sir 4 �41it of Moy of every Ono who picks up this paper to Tho fact that Tho ii View office is Well supplied with Stock and material for doing Job work neatly and expeditiously and it prices that defy Competition oven from our neighbouring pity Odin give us a trial. No satisfaction no pay. Drug store i am bettor prepared than Evor t furnish my customers with an on Dloss Quantity of varieties together with a Large Stock of drugs medicines Virv ten paints oils and glue. Chapot than the cheapest at the old stand. I constantly keep on hand a general Stock of drugs school books Sta. A Emir us ism up. Mc�axi2il"" cd or 011 and a Lune on Ami Iowa end a 1 arrive at or. Ilu Uhlen it i 30. La supper a ill Waukon .1 45 a. 111. Chicago in 1 ,. A sleeping Law Nin Liik through fn.,. Cur eur to agricultural soon ethos for and can they i Holcum reduce the premiums Aud at Tho same Lyvo i Kuuku it 5 0u p. M. Timo effect that object Trio answer is 1 a ii sleeping Fujiu the Oniki to ure Eor no of Ltd set Mcdon nor will Mobil ii Tram for i of lots 111 new me4t Market b. F. Taylor proper. 1 wish to inform Tho people of i Stville and Vicinity that i have opened a new Market just South of the depot in the building recon try occupied by burling k Stowe where i intend to keep a Stock of first class meats and by fair dealing and strict attention to business i Hope to Merit and receive u fair share of patronage. Gall Ami Seo Nic. 35tf b. P. Taylor. Railway Iowa k Minn and r. Do Chen i Vrioni. Molny Way Anu inst. A prom passant for trains will run Chi our a to must raise a better Quality of Stock than to now have Trio further introduction of which to have to depend mainly on our a Boswell prop. Stages Olavo Postilio on Tho arrival of Tho pastern train every morning arriving in Waukon for dinner and returning to Postville Tho same evening. Good trams Usy a Tiehes and careful prompt div cars an a relied upon. Charges reasonable pumps pumps wind Mills and Frostproof All kinds of re pairings. Agent for Batavia wind Mill. Also pumps or paired. Q. Mitchell. Town. S. Molt proprietor Poats Llev. K. L Muslim of Lam key oily i Irbon shop my a to Uttend to this vents of tin Pepple. A a "1 i �1 a tv., a i. Putnam burp enter and jollies Olein omit Lowa. _ always a. Tail it Poa Jii in ii rim Neilt Olnie to. Also a full sup july of school Hooks Kepi Eoin Tantle on hand. Nation Hoti a Waukau Iowa. A k. In. Solid Natl proper or it Ora. Imd Ulm Nylon Puld to Guus a and. . Stu Lillet Uit relied. A a. Fill i a a 8, or Viii .11. Over i Poos Eliv Itoro. Kiili Lyneo 01m dour Wem it nov Louola hotel. All injun Prpa Jelly 11u untied to. A 1 a. A a or it. Ii. Itu the by lift. Treats in Litu Auu us Ironia Dleo abcs of Tho a. C in ii Talon tie Viuca at Volu Oniu one Flor South of Waii to Ohi Trolis pod Tyllia Ilay Leuigi do Glim it Ooi to ,.j pm a la to in drugs und Pute it iut of Cpl no a its Lapery Hull a Twidt Anil s go la i Nnoel assortment of All kinds of pint lumber. Shingles a Atli pickets Knou spouts Maiier Tuul Oble Aeo Bash. Doovid Ali lids or. James. Lock Hospital Cor. Framklin btbe1i8, Ohio too 111. Chartered by the state for toe purpose of giving the Host ipod Simble treatment la All a times of Pii Vatu and in a their Parloa and Fornin. It is Well known by most Persona in Tho , jamb3 inf stood at Tho head of the profession for the part a i years. Aga and expert Unco is All Emnor Tanton Tho successful treatment of syphilis inapt , loot at to Ture can not timely to my & in the Alio test pos Lue seminal weak new. Wow Luna of by Bolf Labnao Whyou pro somen at night yer. 4i.e� pm Polnor pm Plaxin the Ftp a Aleo can be outset by m Best known Emery in Trio world. A Book for a Biaas Lorna with tells you All about these diseases marriage love and their Ceasor Olloe of Leoata there is no Way or them to Inuko their i accounts Balacco and at Tho same Timo retain their usefulness but to increase their premiums on Stock Cut Loose from hoist racing and double their charges at the Gate. J if the society adopts Tho Courso above i indicated will Tho people sustain them yes. The co is a Largo portion of our Community who have for yours been a in Anding that horse racing be excl Dud Bruni our -dgrioiilturr.1 fairs and if that is done to think they will stand by Tho soon ethos to a inn or at least it Wili give them an Opportunity to Prada the Singer i Ity of that deny and Anil to satisfy those of Tho opposite Faith. I i would to willing for them to have the use of Tho track and stables All Tho Suu nor and fall except Tho week of the fair Aud probably a few Days for picnic put poses which certainly is All that Thoy could ask. Zigri culture is the foundation of our Prosperity yes the very ground work of our existence and men of every other calling Are As dependent on the product s of Tho soil As is the Fanner himself and the Mechanic merchant and thus of Othor professions who will not lend a helping hand in conducting and maintain ing our agricultural soon ethos and Whoso card is nut found in our Premium lists Are not worthy of Tho patronage of any Well Wisher of his country. Men and women will attend shows where Amus Mont is their Only of Jet paying their lofty cents without complaint and will they not pay a like sum Noom Phuoi ugly to attend an agricultural Puis whore Bosi Dob Umus finont Thoy can profit both Thop selves and their country will this Pross of the four n. E. I own counties of Tho state Viz allamae Clayton fun octto and Winn Oshock that Iivo Friedly to Tho cause of Nigrio Alturo Polaso copy that to May Quiyo a full is Proa i this matter yours of 0. L. Iowa and Minnesota. J 1 Aiji Herh have ample i us 1 i Arlo do Uhle 1 Lions Bolh wart. Supp i and lire a. V. Ii. T a . Urn. L i i i pm artent. T y store. V a r i e and grocery i1y a in the Newpor Stoiche building a full assortment of Groce 1ues of All kinds. Glassware stoneware wooden Ware Yankee notions Sec cd kept Enn Stanty on Lino in Stville Miry us 18t0. & Shortreed blacksmiths Postville Iowa. To now occupy our new shop just cast of Roberta & Skelton s store and Aro Betti than Ever prepared to do All kinds of and repairing on Short notice and favourable terms. Thanking the Public for past Liberal patronage in our old quor tors to respectfully solicit a continuance of the same in our new Bunp. Beaver & Sii Rotrekl. 8-Itf establishment mrs Beckwith & Stone proprietor cases. Store Ono door South of pos Tollios Postville Iowa. To take pleasure in calling Tho attention of Trio Public to our new und Complete assortment of millinery goods fresh from Tho Eastern markets. Avo aim to keep 11 full assortment of All Tho latest styles and Aro determined not to to undersold. Dress making a is kg-1alty. Gall on us before purchasing. 30tf Snag f. B. Harden & w. Delzeit Havo purchased Tho House moving machine formerly owned by Richards is Bolh Nan and Aro prepared to raise or move buildings on Short Fotieo and favourable terms. To Lyvo nil Tho Noe essay apparatus for doing thu work expeditiously Aud Well Aud solicit any jobs Wun Tod in that Lino. Address Harden & Vanvelzer. 31mc Postville Iowa. To Loa a of ont Lou homa Ami Board May Call or All bu�l1w eur Lily . Or. Bus so coffins an Parlours. In Callon Boa self Tootie off Loo hours . Island is. Goa Ault Tlok. Alive a a . Oak or write. How Many of Ourn Dorb Havo read the pr�8ide�t b mos Piaget lipid up your hands. Cheaper than Ever. A. M. Cortis Hardin Iowa dry Lias a Complete Stock of goods and go cries boots and shoos hats and gaps clothing Giovo Queens War hardware table and Prokot cutlery of. Of. In fact everything usually kept in 1 country store. His Stook is All new and fresh. Direct from Tho boat Eastern Market 8rploase Call Hod Soo and leiyrn., Trio priors no trouble to show Good 34m3, miss. 11. V Rehnee Suo Rossor to Lias just Opo nod up it full Stook of millinery & fancy goods such us ladies tips Ruches collars cuffs ifco., of go and boo them it mrs. Sohmitt s old stand. 27tf my Lac Miloick a v. Jones will 0011 tint to run his milk Wagon Twito a Day for Tho Como Noonoo of his Ouston Jors. Pure milk pull measure and Palm motto. Persons wanting milk for extra occasions Only will to Aupp Llod Trio same As Roguina gusto incurs .27tf Postville billiard h la and y re St Aura. It keeps on hand cigars Beer wine tobacco candles and banned Fruita. In Lar Iii Ulok Oue door weat of Lul Liow s clothing store. Wir a a Joun Wioma

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