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Postville Review Newspaper Archives Dec 8 1875, Page 1

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - December 8, 1875, Postville, Iowa Volume Iii. Postville Alla Makee co., Iowa dec. 8,1875. Number 37. Lep Stville review t Stiles Lum Liki. Oil i with i. A 1 Witk. All kinds of cum Iii in in la. Inn att Nileth to with j r.iiii�t3i hrs. Published every wednesday at Lluu Insco county Iowa 117 w. A Burt Jokl terms $1j 0 in Advance. 82, in not l Cid Iii Advance advertising rates at the office. Made j. B. manufacturer am in Lenni Uii \ Boer. Custom work and repairing Lone a a want Rotono in the line ctn Albu be Ilous tit Eliop i. Slice link Ulm. 1. Pii siotas vol Siw Ikon. Nelko to rat Oil Frame More. V jn32yl Postville i. Directory. 1\ Marlc it Lerr a Furni turf. In Sli Erlio us Tati it and confectionery. Bonier Injo a e. J. Ivory a try Otili kind. Titt tar to of Wiloh notion a. John to lion feet aunt and . J. T afr a guru Ltd e and repair it . W. T. Itsuki Itoro. Play so to uni a Smirk Ftp. A Pectal attention in void to Miry in. Will it finl Cuish Luht or Day. and Rev Luence a put Nie March Imam hotel 1 of Vullo. Sand Danu let nil in Vullo and Vicinity hear in mind that co Ulric tiros Are Pue pared to Tut ice contract with nil per flew who Ami mud ten in pit Fri All contract no t he made with Vliem per Ohio ii. Jil. To Ion i Iao ii Wui a done in a Uil hey in. Vav Skott k Fca Ataii Iii Dorhla hardware tuiuuve., fee. Kougher & Spoo. A Imler i lord Wail to tied tinware. S s. Mutt Viler Iri lumber of every Ducr option. lie pal re in and Imru j Holt a. I. It mot., Pouler in of it Loury a our ult so . Liliuo in brow. A Vuk a in Jill Fiji i of Cleiv handle it. Urain. It. I. Ravit and repairing done on Liport Motley. A. C. Nii hum proprietor of us meal Mitskei near to a Uriel hotel i. Horn Mimi honour �v1, T.T.outlier. Am work warranted. Joint mule sr., i Duftler in in tic Eric and flu a a Odh Mintler. In a of j. R. Toril k a is in and Hout Hiie up 111 tin he t Piini a Tannor. Hall of. I Rourl Torii of to Ltd team Devator feed to Inee Tololi. Nix hitters the Best tonic in use l be Sciuk by onto of Germany s most celebrated physicians although Tiu Nix bitter Lingo been before the Public but a i by Short time Lcy Iii Ivy almost Ivory other or Teclu whore Uliey Hugo been . Thoy Are not a Humbug i signed to evade the Iii for Law but Iverc genuine tonic designed for medical Pur pose and in Sinh they stand inner tial cd thu local Trade of Rushford , was Over $3,1 00 for til 2, and it now extends into Iowa and Iii Unsin Ooi pulling the it Kleist to Uleu but every other business und engage in their manufacture Exielu Hively. They can be put Down at Ali Best tonic in tiie a Inkret for these Reum on. 1st. They can be Given to the weak est and most debilitated people and also to a Babu not three Mouths old in Small doses 2d. Being put up in Cologne spirits they Are free from All l Napior Fca Tite Ami hence who May used a stimulant will not renew their taste for drink but on the other Liam it is a Well authenticated fast Eliut Many men of intemperate habits in lie Vicinity of Ltd Sefoid have by the use of these litters Learned to a stain. From the use of a his 3 Nuil other distilled for any disease that requires a Zinic these bitters Are the Best article . All Ord i i prompt la filled. And dish h. , 2titf Lush Ford Minnesota. Harper s illustrated of pc via 1 a 1,1 it i Tention of every one who picks up this Bazar Puper to the fact that the Rev Meh offic a repository of , i Laburu and i wul1 Stvil cd with Stock and a material for doing Job work neatly and expeditious instruct iou. The Baar in edited with n Tion of taut Aud Talent that we Seldom find in any journal and the journal itself the Organ of the great world of traveller. The Bazar commends itself to every member of the household to the children by droll pretty pictures to the Young la 1 better prepared than Orr t fur Dies by its fashion plates in endless Van j a my customers with an endless inanely to thu Pri Trident Matron by its Pat Tity a Onri oties together with u Large terns for the children s clothes to Pater \ toc of Fain Ilias by its tasteful designs for pm i do tues mkt icings a we tip. Combina \ by us it to it my a on even from our neighbouring City offices. Giro us a trial. No satisfaction no pay. Drug store j la thou l Hytmo. S w Elliker. I Lui h Iii Liliu in 6 �m., Allen. Uni Arleter of Allen Lime Ocuin. All utile re in Onixt. Fly at Niu Illo. Bro dered slippers and luxurious dressing gowns. But the Reading matter of thu Bazar is uniformly of great excellence. The paper has a wide popularity for the fireside enjoyment it affords. Jav. Y. Juveni Zuj Post. In its Way there is nothing Liko it. Fresh and trustworthy is a Guido its stories and essays its poetry and squibs Are All invigorating to the been Imp journal. Terms postage free to All subscribers in the United states. Harper s Bazar one year 00 $4 00 includes prepayment of ii. S postage by the publishers. Subscriptions to Harper s Magazine weekly Aud Bazar to one address for one i year $10 00 or two of Harper s period 1 Micals to one address one year $7 01post ago free. An extra copy of either the in Guzie weekly or will be supplied Gratis i for every club of live subscribers at $4 00 each in one remittance or six copies for $20 00 with extra copy postage free. J Back numbers can be supplied at anytime. The annual volumes of car per s . In neat cloth binding will be sent by sex press free of expense for si7 10 each j a Complete set comprising eight yol j nines sent on receipt of Cush at the rate of $2 25 per vol., freight at expense of purchaser. J prominent attention will be Given in 1 Harper s Bazar to such illustrations of the Centennial International expositions May to peculiarly appropriate to its. Columns. Newspapers not to copy this without direct orders from Harper & Brothers. J address Haki ii it Buot Hehs n. Y. 1 Mcday Grid & rival to Corner i military mid Lawler Strotti make a specially of putting up furniture to order. A pairing done on Short notice. Chit it reasonable. Ready made coffins 30tf always on hand. Midas old & i invt. Paints oils and glue. Cheaper than the cheapest at the old stand. I j stun try Koop on hand a general Stock of drugs school books stationery White Lead window Glass Putty Etc. Every inn of the very Best Quality and at reasonable figures. A particular. Utto.,Tion Givon to Coin pounding prescriptions. A first class i assortment of dyestuffs perfumery and j Kimroy articles pure wines and liquors or medical Purri oses. A. S i vat. By Nipo Imor Chance of time of the railway i lira Ai Minn and i a tin l him Ishri tint new meat Market a p. Taylor proper. I wish to inform Tho petiole of Postville and Vicinity that i have opened a naw Market just South of the depot in thu building recently occupied by burling it Stowe where 1 intend to keep it Stock of first class hats and by fair dealing and strict attention to business i Hopo to Merit Ami re Celivo a fair share of patronage. Call and see me. 35tf b. F. Taylor. Coli it in Ink Moi any my slut int. Kij Irish Punk Jenifer Trulich will run ten Oculi to Milwaukee and Chicago without delay. I a nerf on Iowa and and Iowa u Dakota Trivo Al or Ilu Lilesii it a 3 . Snipe. R. Milia Dulcet 3 4? 11. Ill. Cucuk  Lenzv Oli Lungo at . H Ltd Steu Penir Curt i to ii Fli to Tigre nor l Onne Etin it Muo Reirer with morning train for l Mintri in Iowa and Minnesota. Beaver & Short Weed blacksmiths Postville Iowa. To now occupy our now shop just East of Huberts ii Stolton s store and Are Battel than Ever prepared to do All kinds of and repairing on Short notice and favourable terms. Thanking Tho Public for past Liberal patronage in our old quarters we respectfully solicit it continuance of the same in our now shop. A Kavull & Short Eki. Ltd j Nfn i Nam a have Lorei Iurii till i i Ilariu ii dish Belli Ruyh. Iii Ali time for in Pei Mill Ilu Vilell milking Piru Ueli Neu v. It. I Aiu Kontek. Urn. 1111.1,. Alul Tukel at fent. Lluisi Uuk i . 1 rope Teloma of Emu it thou to livery Suu Iles Jin it. M Falls. Loots Puiul shoes Zuur Rupini Ruif. Cuine on with a. 1 of Hunter. Am a Mitnit to Villi Iii . Al Butl. I or Lull like Ifalia Ittig it Teulle Postville & wm1kgn daily stage line. A Boswell prop. Stages leave Postilio on the arrival of the Eastern train every Nio Riding arriving in Waukon for dinner ii a Reu Irviing to Postville the same evening. Good Mimi Usy Coa Ulios and careful prompt Drivers an to relied upon. Charges reasonable f. In Lubun livery ii Ulle Suhle. Tiu lust of Scanu Nuil ear rent fax Ulm by a h Oil. Jii Ouli Meyer. Much Ami Reinit Riib Luau on Nul Lnu. Thur a Ikic Iii n i Iiene Lully i. Uro Wii i Lel Liru Izill. All nulls Likibi ironic Lily Mieuli d to. Ither pumps pumps und Frostproof All kinds of Ripi firings. Agent for Buti Ivia wind Mill. Also pumps cup ii us 0 Mitch kill. I Oilville . Imoto if i to Orluf in love Liels of la a Liouta Vilii Hue l it lmi1iiiv. Ii i Holt. Ali Bursa ill Ali i Ticeen a . Of . , i Iel Elb if. Meyer Weon Mill he Elul Iii Nul in Iii in. T Stulilli-4-or. K. 1. Imps if Hie key my Ali Rhu Ali i always Tortu to it fell la Lite Wullus of lilt . Cut Nam a or fill a Lei in wiil Koivu r77 1 Toa i must " to War to l run Nii Iltchi milk Vul. Iii Ishii Jiuji of Etwol no Ort Kepi y i Luiel. To Nittlo Liefl Llo trl in a a Woitena l i a a 1,11s. Dun Ulley Lloil pull Al ill Ulufa a Ali la a \,1 Ellwill to. To k us Hei or apr a Eil Kikui Ortr lock Hospital Cor. It Banklick 8tbeits, Chicago ill. Car trod by the Bunto or the in Rosa or gov Ling too beat poem lilo treatment in All cases of Phi vat and in All tht3lr varied _______.______., mid fromn. His Well Kunira by most person sin Tus City do. Haa Ettoil it the Hood of Tho prof Orblon for Tho past 84 Yosra. Age Ana of porn Enco la All Topi Lairun the Bioco Rafal Trey Mont of by Hilu forms goner re a big Leo of brio. A a Law Mart ii of n  h jail to. Rib Iii id Par Lori. To calling Yoa �4� no on hot too doctor. Office hours of. M. Harpers illustrated a Complete pictorial history of the Best Clion Sand most successful family paper in Tho notices of tub 1 Rikss. I Harper s weekly is Tho Ablest and most i powerful illustrated periodical in ibis i country. Its editorials arc scholarly and i convincing and carry much weight. Its illustrations of current events Are full and fresh und prepared by our Best designers. Willi n circulation of .ri0,0i.i lie weekly j is read by at least half a million pci-soio., and its full Ireneo As an Organ of opium Ion is simply tremendous. Tiu weekly maintains a posit Ivy position and expresses decided views on pid Stival and so a Cial problems Luu Scille. Courier Juir uni. I its papers Upo i existent nos Titus Piid its inimitable Imp icons help to Mould the 1 sentiments of Tho country. I conquer Viii a i Harper s weekly stands it ilin Bead of illustrated Jour vials in thu United states in circulation editorial ability Ami Pic j Lorial la Jwj Silorio Chiw Limuti. To Lihsi postage Vico to All subscribers in the j i Tittl status Ali Irviv s weekly one year $4 01. J Harper s Mign Zizio Wuu my and Iii liar t one address one year Shi 00, or two of Harper s Pur medicals to one Peri on oneyear 7 Oil an Tiu copy of either the Mugnaini weekly or , will be supplied Grut a for every club of live subscribers at $4 i 0 of Wiuli in one Reid Istance or six copies f r $120 00 without extra soupy. I Osti Ige lieu Oil nil the above within u. S. Llam ii Okhui Sam be sup Liol at any time. Tho annual volumes of Harper s wee by in boat Len Ali a imling will in sunt by express i Reo id exp in fur $7" 00 Uncle. A Witul Titi hut comprising Nineteen vol Unius a ent on ecu Wipt of Cash at the rate of 2o. Per vol fre Igi it it expense of Purchi Iser. it Tuut on will by Given in Len rpm i s weekly to the illustration of the Centennial International exposition. Jno Spau urn nut to oops Oltia Adver a i. I. .,.,. I.,  variety and grocery store. No mum a emms estarlisiimj5nt, mrs. Beckwith & Stone proprietress is. Store one door South of Postof lice Postville Iowa. We take pleasure in calling Tho attention of the Public to our new Aud Complete assortment of millin1uiy goods fresh from the Eastern markets. We aim to keep a full assortment of All the latest styles and no determined not to to undersold. Dhbss-mak1n.u a specially. Cull on us before purchasing. Of of t.t.-.--,-----�-. " " tip ass Imi and moving. In tub new Fost Ofhie building a full assortment of 111 0 c e r i k s of us Kliu glassware stoneware Woodenware Yankee notions cd a. Lust i on to fitly Cai la wiil. Postville May to Isufi. V. M. Harden have purchased Tho 0.van , to disc Nio ving in i clinic Foi i curly owned by it ichards Liol Lupin and Are a spared to raise or move buildings on Short notice and favor Abl terms. To Ilavu All Tho nce Chenry apart is for do Iii the work expeditiously and Well and solicit any jobs wanted in that line. Address it Aud & Yax Postville Iowa. Cheaper than Ever. Hardin Iowa dry has a Complete stuck of goods and gb0cbbib& Hants und a lilies hats and Caps Chuhing gloves a , table and pocket , of. In fact everything is Tully kept in country store. Hira Stock is All new r fresh. Direct fran Tho Best Eastern Market Call prices miss. 11, Wen or successor to mrs.submit/. Has just Opo cd a i a full Stock of full Linery & fancy goods such us Endios ties a Luclis collars culls Ifcic Ito. Go and see them at mrs. Scan Iii old stand. 2"tf milk mix milk m. A Jones. . To run his milk in Ami twice a Day or Tho Coimin Cincu of bin customers pure milk full measure and reasonable Price is ins motto. Persons wanting milk for extra Loci Sion Only will by supplied the sumo As regular customers. 27tf Postville billiard Tel Lisi Iii ent without the is Russ orders of Harper & Brothers. Address fall and see the goods and j our Ojito limits i barn Uio prices no rouble to show i my Stu. Ini a , buds. 34m3, if and he s t a u rant keeps on hand cigars Beor wine tobacco candid cts and banned fruits. Our floor win to of u Jlolli-j0 i ti10ua
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