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Portsmouth Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Portsmouth, Ohio Weather forecast Ohio Valley of a i r. Utile Wanner today. Cloudy monday wit probable dil Iii. Fig Stotts amp for 88 ten a dependable Portsmouth institution two news sections my your favorite comics established 1852 the associated press. Matted press. International news service Portsmouth Ohio sunday june 23, 1940 a a five cents nazis talk of Gigantic rearrangement of Europe peacefully by Louis p. Lochner associated press staff writer Berlin june 22 Adolf Hitler a Blitzkrieg mss be followed by a Continental european Blitz peace. This predominant impression i received in the Forest of compone Franck Britain will have no hand in this peace. On the contrary once this peace is established. Germany and Italy can pursue the War with England More remorselessly than Ever. Naturally i am not at Liberty to reveal the names of the men with whom i talked during the historic hours at Compi Igne they Are men in the know however. They All agree in believing that some Southern German City already has been chosen for remaking the european continent. These men feel confident Hitler and Mussolini will not de. Aland a peace which will Lead to new wars but one which will assure a Long War Las period to the continent. These men Point out that the German thesis consistently even before the outbreak of the War. Was that England has no business mixing in Continental affairs. They say that with Frances defeat the last great prop for Britain influence on the continent has been knocked Down. The Way is open now they say. For the Axis partners in co operation with All Continental Powers to rear this War weary continent on a new foundation. By to affect ate pres Bucharest june 22�?King Carol called on rumanian today to a revise their entire mental attitude to conform to the new nazi patterned totalitarian party into whose bands Tho gov. Emment has item placed. Its aim the King said in a radio address will be to a a put aside personal interests and aspirations in the interest of Tho state a. A no one any longer must think about himself hut Only of rumanian National interests a Carol said. A its typical obligations Are imposed on All rumanian a they must work struggle. Renounce All personal interests and sacrifice themselves to the new ideals of the people a the King said he created the party a with the conviction that i have succeeded in realizing s totalitarian Union which is so essential now for no one knows what the future holds in store for us. A i am sure i am doing my duty toward my in the realization that All political factors will consent to work under the direct leadership of him who has the rumanian destiny in his the speech was preceded by a Royal decree granting Pardon to All who were charged with political crimes or fled abroad. This was regarded As a Concession to the pro nazi Iron guard its who fled after the assassination of Premier Armand Cal if Feu last year by members of their organization. in. A a a a a a i House passes plan for greatest Navy Congress recesses French sign nazi terms. See Italy Stop la 711 Hie plot Den Ler Gigantic Fleet As republicans get set v8siiwwi curtain goes up monday on party convention at Philadelphia War stand Tough chiefs Are Tom Between idea of hands off and help for allies hell touch off g. 0. A s fireworks by Richard l. Turner associated press staff writer Philadelphia june 22�? leading contenders for the Republican presidential nomination arrived in this carnival Bent convention City today denying fast flying rumours of impending a deals and looking Forward to the party a first wide open con fest for the nomination since 1920, starting monday. Wendell Winkle the new York utilities Man risen from dark horse ranks Thomas e. Dewey the Young new York District St Torney who swept the preference primaries and senator Robert a. Taft of Ohio fresh from the firing line in Washington reached town to join senator styles Bridges Frank Gannett and governor Arthur h. James of Pennsylvania contenders who previously had taken up their quarters help. With them came a Rush of delegates and party Camp followers who jammed hotel lobbies bars and restaurants talking excitedly of this Rumor or that and arguing endlessly about platform planks and candidates. Z denies a Stop Wilkie Flo or. Dewey holding a pre conference said flatly that there i no truth in reports his forces Are teaming up with those of senator Taft in an Effort to Stop jul Kiev. Asked whether he would accept a vice presidential nomination he said a i Trust the question is s. At the same time platform a subcommittees were at work behind closed doors including Tho group Labouring Over the foreign affairs Plank. A the groups had been advised to have their places ready for presentation to the drafting committee by tonight. Alf m. Landon. Chairman of the foreign affairs subcommittee alerted however that that a possible in his Esse. Or. London s View repeatedly spread has been that the Plank should not be written hurriedly because of the Uncertain status of events abroad. The Plank is expected to emphasize aimed to guard 2 oceans tax Bill also approved Knox to be grilled keep men but use machines briton pleads to British Grieve Battle goes on As ally alls 2? Germany Churchill flail Fin French or governor Harold e. Stassen of Minnesota is shown As he went Over the final draft of his Republican National convention keynote address. Or. Stassen will deliver the address monday the first Day of the convention in Philadelphia machinery for Model planes new Plant due Fly Here today wiring to begin this week $7,200 fund drive gets slow response electricians of the Blue Jay manufacturing Ca of Huntington Are due to arrive Here monday to wire the Branch factory at 10th and Findlay streets for machinery new machinery ordered for the factory is expected Here this week. Meanwhile the Industrial committee of the Portsmouth chamber of Commerce apparently was stymied for Ute time being set creations from throughout state will take part in Raven Rock event by the air rams pre Washington june 22�?a $4,000,000,000 warship construction program to make the american Navy the greatest assemblage of sea Power the world Ever has known was voted by the House today after scarcely two hours debate. The Swift action together with final congressional approval of a $1,000,000,000 tax defense Bill and a $1,768,913,908 emergency appropriation for the army and Navy shared attention at the Capitol with reports of Strong bion within the Senate a committee to confirmation Afel Frank Knox nominal or Secretary of the Navy. After the crowded Day Coe Gress quit for a one week recess agreeing to resume july i. The intermission will give republicans tone to attend their National convention in Philadelphia. The naval committee voted St a closed session to ask colonel Knox to appear before it for questioning on his views toward United states policy and the War. Pell hints rejection one member who said he favors approval of the nomination told reporters that an informal poll indicated that if a vote were taken today the nomination would be rejected la to 5. Whether or not the committee approves the nomination this member said May depend on colonel Knox statement of his attitude toward possible United stat Al intervention in the european War. The Navy expansion Bill swept through the House with a chorus of a a ayes on a voice vote. The exact number of new ships proposed in it it a military secret the measure cloaking this by pro Viding Only for 365,000 tons of battleships. 200,000 tons of aircraft carriers 420,000 Toibb of by Wayne Paulson the times Telegraph editor its not americans Young men England is reaching out for As she braces herself for Adolf hitlers Avalanche of a t e e in its americans machines. An englishman who is knee deep in the empires preparation for catastrophe w. Denis Kendall managing director of a key antiaircraft Plant at Grantham e n go a says very calmly that England has plenty of Younga a men already on or Nen Aati the spot to fight her Battle. What she needs is the tools of warfare. Kendall is in Portsmouth Churchill Calls on French to refuse to give up help out English lie Fly visiting or. And mrs of. L Tracy 2129 Scioto Trail parents of his wife the former Virginia Tracy. Tins week he will go to Washington to attempt to persuade american officials that machines from the United states Are one of the great elements in deciding by the affect ate of London june 23�? sunday a prime minister Winston Churchill expressing British a grief and amazement at France s acceptance of German i armistice terms appealed today to All frenchmen wherever they May be to Aid the British fight against Germany As the Only Hope of Frances eventual restoration to Liberty. Declaring the British government could not feel that a free Independent and constitutional French government could have submitted to the German armistice Churchill appealed to frenchmen Over the Heads of the Petain government a to to the of Tho tip strength English pliers dump explosives on great Krupp works Italy also strikes by air at foes turn to Kendall. Page 21 a a a Quot a u. S. Warning to Japan renewed to finance moving of the new factory s machinery Here. Reports were being awaited from several National firms which Are expected to help swell la fund but in some local to the Zee and preparedness urge j in in Etiore nime $7,200 a on e degree of assistance to the Alius and stress the Republican party As he a peace party. Winkle shuns a. 2 or. Winkle Pooh poohed is i a talk of a Stop Willkie movement with an assertion that other do not control their j r a Wmk to solicitors delegates to such an extent. No air flatly asserted he would not a rpt the vice presidential Nom . Ail the candidates Are men of character he said a and i do Subt that they Are entering into Ary deals or combination or that it would do them any at a press confetti or. Yaft said he is contemplating Tom r actions of any kind. Was extremely disappointing chamber of Commerce officials indicated. In others they added it was exceptionally Good. Whee Many solicitation have proved disappointing. John j. Tierney president of the g said saturday a we amp a believe the people of Portsmouth will come through and make it possible for Portsmouth to get a new Model air planes their tiny motors throbbing As they churn High into the air then gliding easily on the wipers currents is they descend. Is. The unique entertainment offered local residents this afternoon at Raven Rock Airport. The planes somewhere around 200 of them will be competing in a statewide contest sponsored jointly by the Portsmouth Model air plane club and the Junior chamber of Commerce As a demonstration of a Hobby which today is rated to fastest growing i in America. Many local entries a Good Many of the planes will be creations of local Modellers. They will be competing against the Best in the state plus a number from outside the state in nearby sections of the Tri state Region. Flights will Start at i o clock and close at 5 30. There is no admission charge for Spectator. Participating to arrangement for the earliest and handling pro cure to defense Page 7 youth and while passenger in Auto Hull recalls attitude while reports say troops on move to indo China by the a Sec la is prow Washington june 22-the United states government made Plain today As news dispatches from the Orient reported japanese troops moving toward French indo China that it would regard any attempt to alter that Colony a status by Force As a threat to peace in the entire Pacific area. Questioned at a press conference about the reported japanese activities. Secretary of state Hull said he knew nothing other than the press reports but called attention to previous statements concerning maintenance of the status quo in the Pacific. Turn to planes Page 7 Bullet fired on Highway in Fullerton chinese flee from path of advancing japanese William Holcomb. 19. Of Firebrick was shot in the Back and five companions including three girl friends senator Guss weds leased to expect Ai a a Iong drawn but convention. "2 Fred acted his own nomination clamouring tor new fou Stone tor take Fteha i be last Ballat a re re a sign of to reign affaire us taxer Mil a a a a up the Way without a a tristan although or urn tuna Amherst. A june 2whh the same Lack of Tonto re that has characterised their Romance Senna 1 i to fort smooth by Meh a tor Carter Glass 82, of Vir a a j torsional people we can Gutta and or Mary Scott Meade of a Al m he a .1 o. Several year and now at a Nom escapes about 11 30 p. In. Saturday when a Bullet was fired into the Holcomb automobile a it passed Over the main Highway to Fullerton. The Bullet victim was Riding in the rear seat and the Bullet slowed through the Back of the machine and entered under hoi comb s shoulder. At Portsmouth general Hospital the Young Man was reported not to a serious condition. The wounded youth his twin brother Sherman son of l. Holcomb Charles skeens. It it Quincy. Ehi the three girl hear or West i route 23 la Fullerton when us fired. The car at that time was Kui. The Cut a Centile report Orf a gun it wan from die in hoi Coco b by to acisl4 by Hong Kong june 22�?mashes of cd i n s e refugees trooped across the Border tonight into this British Crown Colony As swiftly. Moving japanese forces occupied had Quot a no vow the adjacent Mainland and others in nearby Kwangsik province were reported driving toward French indo China. A knead Border officials fled a the japanese took Over most of the nine chinese maritime customs station along the Frontier opposite British territory and at Sundown the japanese had reached Shuichun. On the railway line connecting Hong Kong with Canton. Utmost of their strength the forces of liberation which Are enormous and which faithfully and resolutely used assuredly will prevail. Despite the action of the Bordeaux government he said a victorious Britain a will cherish the cause of the French people a and pointed out to them that a British Victory is a the Only possible Hope for the restoration of France and the Freedom of its people. Amazed by action the prime minister s statement a read Over the British broadcasting facilities follows a this majesty s government a heard with grief and amazement that the terms dictated by the germans have been accepted by the French government at Bordeaux. A such terms if accepted by All frenchmen would place not Only France but the French Empire entirely at the mercy and in the Power of the German and italian dictators. A not Only would the French people be held Down and forced to work against their allies not Only would the soil of France be used with the approval of the Bordeaux government As the Means of attacking their allies but the whole resources of the French Empire and the French Navy would pass speedily into the hands of the adversary for the fulfilment of his purpose. Sees successful struggle a a a i s majesty s government firmly believe that whatever happens they will be Able to carry on the War wherever it May be in the seas to the air and on land to a successful conclusion. A when great Britain is victorious she will in spite of the action of the Bordeaux government cherish the cause of the French people and a British Victory is the Only possible Hope for the restoration of France and the Freedom of its people. A Brave men from other countries overrun by nazi invasion Are steadfastly fighting to the ranks of Freedom a accordingly his majesty a gov eminent Calls on All frenchmen to by the associated press battered France capitulated finally to triumphant Germany saturday night with the signing of an Arm int ice in the gloom of ancient Compi Cgue Forest but the by sinew of fighting and dying continued for soldiers of both sides. The Stern German terms were not disclosed but the French radio reported that France had made a some counter proposals to them. The radio announcer added that too members of the French Senate meeting in Bordeaux toted Confidence in Premier marshal Henri Philippe Petain who bad requested the armistice. It Fiance Sally great Britain gave proof of Ber determination to fight Oil alone and unconquered by an thunderstorms due to descend on Vallet Lamar fart of week Faro East to moving to to o. A Page to will Isbit Fitoria and he cart a imitation a Fol commis Tea week. A meeting a of the a trial committee May be armal of pattern a 0, is Al and English went wed tee the Brothel turned alter afas of Salon of it Jet is j Church it was Jef r i to if Etta if Ai $ Nosb j victim was placed at Roberson s ambulance for a a up to the to Chicago. June 22-weekly weather Outlook for the week beginning monday. Obi Valley local Shower and thunderstorm1 flirt end to do let Elf a a a for 11 w fair i Boft apr a Tow m i Vii in f a gems part moderately warm Tam Hail Hitler half bran no to w sea Ari Mew in i til 7 furnaces operate eighth and ninth open hearths fwd Ign in Gagum Tow production will remain unchanged at Portsmouth works. Wheeling steel corp Tbs work will continue in operation. The eighth and ninth furnaces Are feeling repaired and will not he read far operation this week official mid. About employ is will Contin it on the payrolls Ewa in of Iii lit t diff gift it if a Jfe a fm1 of food Mac Jug Quot Quot of i Phomma a Emir period fur Saroa the blast Emmee Wake half temperatures Plant. Moroni and bar r in wife a Al Rodj Ragat a mgr no neing heavy Aerial attacks on Germany a great Krupp armament works at Essen and on air plane factories and storage plants at Bremen Kassel both eur org and Gottinger. Actual combat Between the germans and the French is not to end until six hours after the French sign an armistice with Italy the newly belligerent ally of Germany. To hasten that consummation the French plenipotentiaries flew immediately toward Italy for a conference with Premier Mussolini. Only when ii Duce too has been satisfied will there be an end to the deadly struggle which in a Little More than a month has put half of France Aud substantially All her Rich Industry in German hands at a Cost of untold casualties on with aides., bely took a More Active part in the War by mending four Waves of bombing planes against the British naval base at Alexandria Egypt and Alto bombing Djibouti French Boma Bland. Damage wan Doser hied an slight. Both French and British Fleet units fought Beek terms believed to compel cooperation while announcement of the extent of the French surrender in it detail awaited the Coni-1 us Ion of the capitulation to Mug Solini this much seemed certain that France has been compelled to Promise a Complete Belt to any resistance of any sort to help in at least some ways a perhaps As a source of munitions and the like a in Germany a War against Britain and to agree to a Broad reconstruction of Continental Europe along the lines Hitler wants it to be rebuilt. These were explained previously As the Central purposes of his demands and it was understood clearly that Only a yes or no answer would suffice. The British Royal air Force slanted countless Bomba Down on the great German Krupp armaments works at Essen and the big Folke Wulf aircraft Plant at Bremen the air ministry announced. For an hour Aud a half British bombers hammered away at these and other objective in Germany and the Netherlands touching off numerous explosions and fires while nazi attackers were carrying but their third major raid of the week Oft England. The nazi held wife Meroni base in the Netherlands Tho Weiseler aircraft works the Rothenburg Ai drome and air bases St Kassel and North of Hamburg were among objectives of Tbs r. A. F., along with a number of other military establishments. Successful hits claimed by raiders several hits were reported on the factory buildings of the Krupp group at Een direct taiga were said to have wrecked do Supply and ammunition trains Between Oso by lick and Bremen and near the Tow n of Rhein. Violent explosions followed direct bite on the Focke Waif Plant at Bremen the air ministry mid. One Salvo of bombs was reported to have a completely wrecked a train at Furstenau. Northwest of Rhein. Meanwhile no Quarter in Berlin declared England is a Ripe let tass View widened to Germany the Day cd or oui a to Toto of increased prior siiri England from Taw stir and an a a a nearly too bombers roared Over Tang Ajsa coast comm urn be to another mass Demon s t. Rat Sun of air Power. The German pres emphasized that adequately based plane bred not fear sea psst at ,. _ the of we serv fee pm May my Dorio Roi mgr Jim in a Baa Ideal Aub feet fro attack in tort i tar twp Quot tor Quad tie a forays awl Lor both c be so cd a cups of England to bring de sate of pm m m temperature Plant and tear Milt a Meert Troy Towert a it amp i Ltd a to French Fale i it of

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