Pittsburgh Dispatch in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
14 Jul 1892

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Pittsburgh Dispatch in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
14 Jul 1892

Read an issue on 14 Jul 1892 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Pittsburgh Dispatch.

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Pittsburgh Dispatch (Newspaper) - July 14, 1892, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a v. I a the Pittsburg dispatch thursday july 14, 189a a atm i iwo be Bigra Iolj. Established february 1846 Vou a. No. Iffy a entered at a nth burst re a to of november. 185?. A a Leon i Ltd Laa in a tier. Business office Comer Smithfield and Diamond streets. News rooms and publishing House 78 and so Diamond Street in new dispatch building. A to re a apr Nam no of try it trip True . Or Tore who rom re mfr flip of thkd1st atom can Lawava be inned. To Reg to adder to Era appreciate Ftp a a tics. Ii a adv Rel Era anti in it of the Phi atom. A bile in new York Are Aleo a Nade Welcome. Try Ststa top u Iron str yet a meat . T Timon Skytt Terr. Am Lor. End r or Ltd a in. Friar. Re re any tev in Ftp of Xxiii of a Kim new stand Eon oa3atn it terms or the dispatch. Roer a to in the l i Tab Statt. Sun y 1i itch. One a a m Patty in i Ratch. Per int Abr 2 partly pts Arr one month. 70 i Hatch including sunday. 1 or. A on Lett a watch a Amlet. 210 Patty disc atom. Including Riliey 1 in the. W it Dat dispatch. It he of year. ?10 were tit in frit a one ynr.,�. 1 Tler Patty los Riedi a Dell ered by Carrier at Ortii put week. Or. Including Hominy edition at a cent per week. Pitt Brier. Thursday. Just u. 1ltwelve pages attention has just been ended is worthy of a passing notice. This is the strike of the Granite cutters and papers in the East. The termination of this struggle by the a unconditional surrender a a it is reported of the men illustrates the weakness of All attempts to Settle wage disputes by the trials of strength which produce Industrial warfare. The Granite strike was heralded As one which brought to Bear the most thorough labor organisation and it stopped building operations for a time in the East. Act the men were forced to yield by want and they Are worse than if they had not struck by the loss of nine weeks work and wages. This displays the Way in which the strike method fails to Benefit the workingmen. At the same time the situation in this City shows that a system which creates such intense antagonism on the part of the Labouring masses to capital is no less a false one for capital an Industrial system that cannot be carried on without fighting either with guns Luhs or the slower weapons of idleness want and stoppage of profits require reformation. But the proper Way to effect that Reform is not less impossible a it of discovery by the methods of antagonism. Employers and employed both have a problem to solve. They should remember that the surest Way to reach that solution is to work together in Harmony both As to the Means of approaching it and for maintaining Industrial peace when the solution is worked out. An Kwa Tiona. . The congressional committee which in Sutin Cynthe Lanm Tuond matter is living up to the promises made by chairman Oates through Tim dispatch before the committee came of. Lie said that the questions it tween capita and labor had assumed certain phases for which neither political party had provided a prescription and to do Justice to himself and his colleagues their spirit so far seems broadly humanitarian rather than narrowly partisan. They appear to want the fail Light upon tilings. The most cautious of server could not classify the As democrats or As republicans from any questions they have so far asked at the committees sessions or any remarks they Hare dropped. This is very encouraging. It Means that however the two great parties differ there Are men in both parties who Are willing to address themselves to a search for the facts whatever they maybe and no matter How much these facts run against their preconceptions. A committee which Lias the disposition to do this is also rear Likely to have the Conrage to state the conclusions fairly no matter whether a Uch conclusions run counter to party prejudice or not. Ii is out of this spirit of original research and Fidelity to the truth. Despite traditions or party exigencies that real statesmanship arises. To thing coaids litre been More unfortunate than the occurrence which suddenly brought this committee to Pittsburg. Nothing May be More fortunate than that the committee has come. While it function is to inquire about the difficulty Mcm labor and capital the committee Inri mentally gets at first hands a volume of facts to contradict the wild and foolish cry of unintelligent partisans that the economic policy of Protection was responsible for these disturbances. Tricy have discovered bit the Mckinley Bill which or. Watterson or. Carlisle or. M ils and countless other democratic speakers and writers have Ever since its passage been denouncing As the last Straw which the a robber Barons Quot set upon the taxpaying camels Hack in cold letter and fact reduced in place 01 increased the duty non each and every item of manuf Etnyre involved in the Carnegie scale. They have found further this which most interest their Farmer constituents that the policy of Protection in Olnee of establishing monopolies to tie Iron and steel business has done As understanding economists know it must do to wit reduced prices in the Iong run to the consumer. They have Lind. Under oath evidence of the reduction in the prices of steel since 18k9. With the Market quotations on each item. They have under oath that this Resit has come from what chairman Frick of the Carnegie company designates As a overproduction a an evident result of competitions for if there were monopolies they would never a a overproduced merely to Cut Down the Selling Price of their own products. And the committee Well understand that Trio Competition has come about by american capital going Hito steel manufactures heavily at divers eligible Points when under the Protection policy the profits of the steel business were demonstrated. These facts if they have any meaning mean what the protectionists contend and which has been demonstrated in Glass in silk in carpet and in Many other lines of protected industries As Well As in steel to wit that the Protection which enables new american industries to Start and to let a conducted at a time for a profit quickly multiplies these industries through the desire of other capitalists to share that profit and eventually by american Competition reduces the Cost of the products to the american consumer much below the prices which prevailed when the foreign manufacturers had control of our markets. Meanwhile the committee must note that whatever the disputes which arise Over wages and Trade organizations or Between employer Aud employed american wages even the lowest paid anywhere in the country Are far better than the highest Ever reached in free Trade countries. Is not this matter of the great industries of All sorts in the United states this question of the economic system under which they Host Prosper and eventually Lessen the Cost to the consumer a matter la which democrats and republicans Are alike and equally interested should not Plain facts count for More than the Fine spun theories of doctrinaire would things he better if from the first our new industries had been shut out by free Trade deprived of the favourable conditions of the protective policy which encouraged them to Start Ilow Many of the people who arc shouting free Trade As a party Shibboleth in the Hunt for office have As much Light upon the actual facts of the ease As tills committee has been Able to secure in even a couple of Days session can the my Mars of this committee when they go to Washington afford to say in any interest whatsoever that either the american workingmen the american capitalist or the american consumer would be As Weli off to Day if free Trade had Lieen substituted for Protection during the pest Twenty years re or Industrial Wari Arf. With the excitement that naturally a sorta the Public mind in this City Over our own labor troubles the fact that a strike which earlier in the season attracted wide free Silver a death. Free Silver men rallied their forces for a last Effort on behalf of stewarts Bill in the House yesterday and met with a defeat which is final for this session at least. Despite the definite position taken up by the democratic Patty platform on the question there was a Good Deal of expectation that the Chicago document would lie ignored for various reasons. But after ail the opinion As to the expediency of passing Stewart s Bill was changed and just enough democrats voted against it to insure its defeat with the help of Republican support. There is Little credit for the defeat due to the democratic party As a whole for it is noticeable that the victorious opposition was led by sex speaker Reed and that he wielded All his Force against the Ernie to take no the Bill although the ultimate Fate of the measure was extinction so Long As Harrison is president it is Well that it was not permitted to reach him. For the cause of free coinage would have gained some prestige by passing a Bill through both houses even though its slight Success had been distinctly traceable Toan inconsistent disregard of its platform by the democratic party. On the whole there is Tittle credit due to the free Trade party for the suppression of the matter As its majority is such As to have enabled it to take a much More emphatic stand if it had been influenced by the platform on which it appeals to the people rather than by considerations of Mere expediency. A Law breaking device. An Eastern paper adds to the disclosures recently made in the West with regard to the violation of the Law by Railroad corporations and their allies with the statement of a practice rented to be in Vogue in new York for the same purpose. The scheme is nothing More nor less than tie old one of paying rebates to the shipper through the Agency of a shipping clerk in the shallow disguise of a commission. By this scheme the shipping clerk is not supposed to be paid by the firm which employ him. He conducts their business however and ships freight at the full rates on the surface of tie transaction. At the end of each month however the Railroad sends to the shipping clerk a Check for fifteen per cent or More commission on the amount of the freight Bills. Anyone who thinks that the shipping clerk is permitted to put that fifteen per cent amounting to thousands of dollars in his own pocket is at Liberty to do so. We do not know whether any of the parties to that bit of commercial Juggler imagine that by so doing they actually evade the provisions of a Law which forbids the granting of preferences or advantages in freight rates a by any device but it is evident if the statement is Correct that they think that they thus make it More difficult to Trace the illegal transaction. And these same leading Railroad and business men will bold up their bands in wonder that Labouring men can be so misguided and ignorant As to defy the Law where their wages Are at stake i storage system of Street Carr. Wiiilie the managers of the great majority of electric railways continue to declare that the trolley furnishes the Only practicable system it is important to note that a corporation having a practical and pecuniary interest in adopting the Best system has determined to adopt the storage Battery. This is the second Avenue Railroad company of new York which Lias applied for permission to change its motive Power from horses to electric storage. The application cannot be taken As conclusive evidence of the superiority of storage batteries for two or three reasons. In the first place the company states that it will try storage batteries As an Experiment first using them on a limited number of cars and on a portion of its line Only and making their further adoption depend on the Success of the Experiment then quite probably it makes this Experiment rather than adopt the tried and proved trolley simply As a recognition of the fact that it would not be permitted to erect trolley poles and wires in the streets of new York. is quite possible that the storage Battery May be successful on the Low grades of new York Street railroads while its extra weight in its present form might make a very serious difficulty for railroads which have to surmount the steeper grades such As Are encountered on most of the lines of Pittsburg. Nevertheless the Experiment on this line As Well As on the line using storage batteries in Washington is one of great interest to All cities. If that method of using electric Power can be perfected 90 As to approach the Utility of the trolley it will be a great Boon to have it replace the unsightly and sometimes dangerous trolley wires and poles. Municipal officials should keep these experiments in View and when the storage system makes a demonstrated Success insist on its substitution for the trolley system wherever practicable. The Cyclone sweep. The change in temperature yesterday was clearly the effect of the cyclonic storm which advanced from the Mississippi to the alleghenies during the previous Twenty four hours. The violence developed st different Points furnished an illustration of the theory that cyclones Are produced by the movement of an area of lower temperature into a hotter area. At Peoria Illinois the storm was violent enough to capsize a Steamer and canse a fatal disaster the extent of which is not yet Folly known. There it did not display Force enough to wreck buildings. At Springfield Ohio it showed destructive Force. A Large share of that City is reported to have been wrecked with serious destruction of life to swell the list of victims already made at Peoria. By the time that the Cool wave reached Pittsburg its Force was hardly greater than a brisk Gale. The season appears to carry out the idea that disasters come in groups. Storms riots conflagrations have followed close on each other with such rapidity As to Mark the season As one of destruction and gloom. Sectional versus National a striking illustration of one of the features of the times is the unanimous demand of the Philadelphia papers for congressional favors to the project for a ship canal Between Philadelphia and now York. The project of connecting the Ohio River with Lake Erie is treated by them with Cool inattention that for connecting the upper Mississippi with Lake Michigan receives their enmity. But the canal Between Philadelphia and new York must have in the first application for a Survey two and one half times that asked for the much larger Ohio River and Lake Erie canal and in the second place 12,000,000 to build the casual or its press refuses to be satisfied. This is simply the manifestation of the sectional spirit of grabbing whatever can he got for any particular locality regardless of the equity or importance of the expenditure. Anyone who has Given any study to the subject of internal Waterways knows that the canal proposed is one of the least important of the various projects. It parallels a waterway of infinite capacity already existing namely tie a spent up Ocean. Its sole commercial use would be the local traffic Between Philadelphia and new York the greatest shipping business of of both ports being exports and imports which go directly to deep water. It is recognized by those who urge it that its main use would be As a protected Channel in Case our coasts Shosid be blockaded in the improbable event of War. Yet at the same time tills class of Public opinion ignores the projects that Are needed to prevent great Inland seas from being the prey of the enemy and which if War should not come would be of the highest commercial value. Everyone should know that the Hennepin the Ohio River and Lake Erie and the Lake Erie and Ontario to Tidewater projects Are of the first and fastest importance. But the hunger for appropriations leads to ignoring that fart and clamouring for appropriations of secondary importance. It is quite possible that the system of Waterways May eventually include the Interior Channel much talked of in the fast. But any movement for the creation of such a system that is to Rise above the level of a general grab game must take the different parts of the system to the order of their importance and necessity. A proper protest. There is Good sense As Well As Good taste to the general protest of both protestant and Catholic clergymen against the project to transplant the Boeram Mergan passion play and to make it one of the shows of the Chicago world s fair. There is decidedly bad taste in the project itself. Even at Ober Ammerman the presentation of the figure and sufferings of the Savior would be very questionable except As the limitations and intentions of the people of that primitive spot Are considered. The presentation on a dramatic stage of what is to the Christian world tie most divine and sacred imagination must necessarily Vul Arize it to people like the participants at the Home of the passion play the performance is doubtless sacred and touching. To those who travel there to see the show it can represent Little that partakes of the sentiment of Devotion. But the passion play removed from its surroundings of sincerity and simplicity and transplanted to the atmosphere of Chicago and the sufferings of the Savior portrayed to a crowd of sightseers As a dramatic speculation is something so closely approximating sacrilege As to repel rather than attract every discriminating mind. It is to be hoped that this protest will be heeded. Of certainly if the authorities who hold the purse strings cannot stomach the idea of letting people quietly walk through the pair on sunday afternoons there ought to be a very positive prohibition of the scheme of making a show of the Savior sure and sufferings. A whatever other accusations can be brought against him no one can Traub fully charge miserly Economizer Holman with being a Man ahead of the times lie argues that because tallow dips were enough for Luchting the students when he was a boy therefore the West Point appropriation Bill should not contain provisions for any better system of illumination to Day. If it were not for his obstreperous liveliness Ono would imagine that the Holster statesman had been dreaming to the Back Woods Ever Sunoo be left of cobol. The great reduction of Gladstone s majority to Midlothian is Quot the most Cut of ally received by his cause in tilts election. It indicates the tremendous Effort put Forth by his opponents As Well As the scotch jealously that Home kills a or Ireland Haa altogether swamped Home Rule for Scotland As a political venue. Ant political Alliance Between the democrats and the people s party to Minnesota will merely demonstrate that the desperate Straits of both organizations incline them to an unholy disregard for their principles in the straggle for the attainment of office. Now that Pasteur is recovering from an attack of cholera he May be expected to devote himself to an Energy to research 1 ulving in View the discovery of an Inocula Ron process to prevent the spread of the disease. The establishment of a Branch of Republican National Headquarters at Chicago should More than counteract any tendency to demoralization due to the Lato democratic convention in Tomt City. The last Ball game in the first division of the National league championship season Shosid have been played by the put Tobarg nine yesterday but rain prevented a repetition of tuesday s Victory. Boston May be a City of marvelous refinement but its Ball players Lack the manners necessary to enable them to suffer defeat with decency of Belta Vior. In the name of decency let the f res Silver men Bory Belr Bill before its ext not presence becomes any More obnoxious. The rain made an error in coming Down yesterday there was no open air concert scheduled. To be Well fed in a restaurant generally necessitates that one s w alter shall be Well feed. _ the Honse and Senate Are Onee More to attract a Little Public attention. Acted �1 Hen he could. Philadelphia news Cleveland has extended a Welcome to Stevenson at Gray Gables. He will not Bare an Opportunity to repeat the act in the White and pertinent. No he first time thera. John j. Long of Lancaster Donn to has been so Busy a Farmer since 1863 that he never visited Gettysburg s Battlefield until the unveiling of the tilth water Mark Tablet. On the Sorond occasion he Aleo engaged in combat Bat hardly aim Lar to his first experience. It was a new kind of a foe whom he met with another sort of a weapon but with it Achi Etling at signal a Victory As he had helped to win 0 Yeara before. Accompanied by two of the a a Boya he had almost anticipated the Sun on Friday mornings june 3, Walkin out from the town or act Lynburg to Trio fatuous Battlefield. Such a walk proved to be the Mutch of Opportunity applied to the tinder or recollection and Lor awhile it wan not �?~92 but of. Long always dialled. On the Field it had been legendary that a Bullet could Only get to him by cutting through one of Hla Loksa and so just of the clump of scrub Oaks was sighted. Long prodded the ribs to his right. A Tom is that the new Fandango Drill you re Tun did t walk Ito that the last time we marched to a leg of tora i bad gone to a premature grave a Buie ticket charged. In this flew they reached the a bloody there was a rope stretched along but the vigorous Farmer from Lancaster who had withstood picket cared nothing for ropes. He stepped it while a Tom was slow i making his Way under just As a Young sprig of a College boy. Big with office As an usher rushed j or Ward to explain Tuat it t of impossible for anyone to enter these reserved scats who did not possess a ticket of porm usion. A Young Man Quot said Long in a tone of pitying dignity he always Elt sorry for anyone who had never saw the War Quot when i was Here before 1 could go in there. A a it Lien were you Beret a in 08, and this Man was Here too. Lie left a leg Benl Iid him then. Though the Young fellow had been born since the War he was still Good enough us american to take off his hat while the two soldiers selected us molested the two Best scats there Aud hut Down. How history May be repeated. In the Days of the old Volunteer fire department in Pittsburg colonel William pull lips who was councilman from the second Ward and chairman of the finance committee got into opprobrium through defeating a Bill for an appropriation to meet the current expenses of the department. The boys were not aware that colonel Phillips had already provided a much larger ruin out of his own pocket and at the ensuing election Tuey attempted to defeat his return to councils colonel Billy was As hot As he was Geu Crons and for revenge indulged in a pretty do of Fina Ciering Lor his original purpose to Aid the a volunteers Quot fid bad bought a Block o Compromise Railroad Bonds then Selling below and Fiad made a Trust deed so that the interest would be applied to the needs of the department. In the consequent mints to created instead a Compromise Railroad sinking fund commission which was to hold these Bonds in Trust reinvesting the interest for the purpose of wiping out the debt itself at its maturity. The arithmetic of it is this the 79 Bonds Cost 711,000 and the accruing interest to Day amounts to 9400,000. The debt is 92,000,-00u, Aud the Bonds which will mature in 1913, by their interest will have wiped out half the debt. This was a big Gilt and by the Law of nature it was a still bigger sum to lose. A Little in the Way or epitaph. Poor Kate Castleton bad with facility in repartee was generous Good natured and Odd. Being a trifle cynical she was not disposed to set life to music and had n Good Deal More Faith in dog kind than Mankind. This affection Forli Erfour rooted friends was indulged in to Tho utmost and toy almost formed the her parlor so it wat nothing uncommon to find yourself mistaking a big Newfoundland tor a my or after poking your Elbow into a Noshion like bundle to discover it to be a tucked up Prince Charles. She was More than generous lavish Yon might say in Money dealings. I have seen her ref so a Binge when a Quot tip was permissible that must have been no Luco Sid Ablo amount. Of course she was the objective Point for the amelioration of a horde of Lomec unions relatives to Bolego a persistent interviewer miss Castleton Dari her last visit to Pittsburg remained in her dressing room alter the matinee and was obliged to Dine there on account of Trio brie Ness of interval before the evening performance which she afterwards went through. Perhaps none of these Are great qualities in an ago of Frances Cleveland influence Clubland daughter of the american involution but they were Good comfortable Eles to come up against. Marios Crawford Galla her. Chautauqua s pleasures the singing and lectures continue to improve greatly Dally. Chautauqua july 13.�? 5fr?crta7.1 a the Young ladles had the leading feature of Chanta Aqua pleasures to Day. The first reception of the girls club was Given this afternoon. Their Young gentlemen friends were present and were Given a very enjoyable time. A glee club was formed among the Yonng ladies who Sang several excellent selections in voices soft and Sweet. Miss Mather who has charge of the girls club is very successful in its management and is quite popular with her girls prof. Starr gave Bis second lecture on anthropology to Day. Prof. O. Zat sit gave his third lecture on an Teut Greece this Aiter Noou and after prof. Parker s lecture on the civil War this evening gave some Good Stero Ticon illustrations of greek Art. A 7 of clock this evening a meeting of the y. P. 8. C e. Was bold and mias living9ton, Delegate to new York gave a resume of the work done by the great convention there. The Shenandoah oot sailed. 8aw Francisco july 13.�?the ship Tam o banter from Baltimore and the Shenandoah. From new York resolved port to Day after an Ocean race of 111 Days which is considered an excellent passage. The Tam o banter cd in about two hours ahead of the Shenandoah. Cosmo Tomtan Cal Ling amp marshal Mcmahon though now in his Atli year is Hale hourly and rigorous As a Man 20 years younger. Duke Charles of Bavaria Lias been made an m. D. By the univ orally of Dublin for Hla skill As an Eye do Cicet. The German emperor Haa presented to lord Salisbury As a memento of his visit to Eurland last year Bia Lull the oath portrait. The emperor la represented in a naval uniform. President Carnot has conferred the Chevalier s ribbon or the legion of Honor upon Henry Hay ale Vico president of tie foreign press club in , and Henry Mosler the artist. Both tie gentlemen thus decorated Are americans. Or. Peters the african explorer bos discovered enormous Saltpetre Beds Between mount and the Volcano Donjo Ngai. The whole great territory Between Killma Njaro and Donjo Ugai is reputed to be one great Saltpetre bed. My. Hamilton Dies ton of Philadelphia Bas a party of four Down with him on Ilia Florida sugar Plantation showing Thom How matters work. They Are congressmen Huff and Palmer of Pennsylvania Hatch of Missouri and Price of Louisiana. William Waldorp Astor passed a comfortable night and Bis physicians report he is making steady Progress toward recovery. No Clew Lias been found to the sender of the announcement or As tor s death to new York. He signed himself Emile Zola is a great Lover of Euroia his borne in Paris and Hla country seat it Medan Are filled with artistic treasures and he spends Moon of his spare time in the auction rooms lie Only remains three Honra at his desk and those in tie morning. The president arrived in Washington Sbott Midnight yesterday in excellent health though somewhat fatigued. He says that mrs. Harrison was steadily improving when he left Loon Lake and there is every reason to believe that she will now regain her strength rapidly and soon be on the Road to entire recovery. King Humbert of Italy has inherited none of by father s qualities and instead of wine lie drinks water. Were it not for Queen Margnret who Bas earned the reputation of a High liver gastronomy would stand to flak of being excluded from the court of Italy where the dinner service even for every Day la of solid difficult Hayal Joe tie new Hampshire to be towed to new York by to boats. Nor Yoke july 13.�?one of the most difficult naval enterprises Ever attempted 1� the bringing to new York from new London of the old United states line of battleship new Hampshire which it to be used by the naval Reserve at the practice Crulie which Beeldt on july 16 in the lower bar. The work of tra Naining the new Hampshire to bit port has been placed in tie Handt of Captain John h. Woolly of the new York Tow boat company who tent the tug Bonta Jouis l Ulver and c. A. Erarte to new London last no rat. The tugs Are the Moat Power my in the Harbor and Are commanded by captains e. Reidenberg and Phil Dick at two Able Rvl Ator. The tugs will reach new London Early that morn in and it la expected that they will be Able to Tow the new Hampshire out of the new London Harbor this afternoon. But at the anchors of the old War ship Are buried it May take a couple of Klayt to unearth them. The Culvor atoned at Tho Brooklyn nary Yard on her Way to new London last night and tie cured tackle blocks Hawaree and Anchor a Toke Widen Are to Bouthi in bringing the Row Al Down. The new Hampshire will probably arrive Home time to Morrow and will to get moored at Twenty Elath Street and East River. She will be met at the head of the found by the Navy Yard tag boat Markeeta which will give any Mani stance Trtat May be needed in going through hell Gate and mooring at Twenty eighth Street. The new lamp More is one of the old time Battle Thipa with a saluting Battery of smooth Boro runs. She la painted yellow 3,000 tons Register,196 feet keel 5l8 feet beam and 23 feet depth of hold. She a three decks and is housed Over from the Tore Maat to the Ponn Ueck. The spars and Yards Are still standing. Mosquitoes and militia. No Force Short of these seems to be Able to Cope with a Loose elephant. Baylor it Only 13.�?the Elo Pinnt a Charley of the Washbum show broke away monday night in Bucksport when being taken to the train and escaped a mounted keeper by climbing mount Olive. Going Down the opposite Side he crossed Fields and pastures and wild in an extensive swamp. Fires were built about this and in the morning he was captured. One Hundred and Twenty fire Pound of Chain were used to hold his trunk Down and to fasten him to a tree ten inches thick. He pulled up the tree and broke the padlocks in the chains cleared hero Eli and again got War. He on arged a team of hordes in a Bay Field but they got away and the huge beast killed a cow in a pasture broke Down wire fences and after charging the circus men who followed him again got into the swamp. No one dared approach though to could be seen. The Raos Altoe drove him into a watery mock Hole where be remained through the Day. The circus men built fires to keep the in act pest away and contented them selves with watching him. Meanwhile the Farmers moved Belr Stock in some cases Miles Distant. Many cattle fled and the people of the town Are nervous in the extreme. Wrt Liburne gave a horse to replace one killed san any and paid out $300 for damages. His show i 40 Miles away. It will be decided to Day whether an attempt to capture the beast will be Tunde or whether a military company will be employed to kill Nam. A keeper suggests giving him it Bushel of Oats and a half Pound dose of Oulu and then kill mystery in Honolulu. A to no a a and a cow change Flavee at Tho Entreken to a care. Hawaii Noisette the Kau mystery is still occupy Long the minds of the people in Kona. About two weeks ago or. W. P. Fennell a trustworthy Man on his Way from penal us to Pahala sawn cow grazing near a Cave. According to his own Story he said that As he neared the Cave the cow suddenly vanished. He looked around but on looking at the Cave again he saw a woman standing on the spot where the cow was grazing a few moments before. He turned his face away for awhile hot on looking again to his amazement Tho woman bad disappeared. Determined to investigate the mystery he went to the Cave and viewed it in every direction buc he could fee no traces of the woman. He thought it very Siangc that the woman should disappear so suddenly. He left the Cave and proceeded on his journey. When he a a Little distance off he looked Back at the Cave and to his great Surprise behold the woman was again standing on Tho very spot where he first saw her. Or. Fennell continued on Hla Way and told his strange Story to everybody he met. The natives of Kau Are fearing that there will soon be another overflow of the Volcano. The portuguese Are also frightened at the coming catastrophe and they have not decided what they should do in the near future whether to vacate the place or continue in the South sea. An unknown falling Yeskee mysteriously Kidnap three natives. Say Francisco Only is during a Crulie of the Steamer Archer in the South sea. She called at several islands at which a mysteriously manned Schooner has visited. At one place three natives were kidnapped by the unknown sailing vessel. Eventually the Archer reached the Marshall islands and while there a Schooner named the Micronesia arrived with the particulars of the arrest of a master and mate at Ponape in the Caroline archipelago and the detention of their vessel. From the Micronesia s description these men and vessel were identical with the Schooner that had called at the islands visited by the Archer. The arrest was made on the statement of the Cook of the Schooner who affirmed that the two men known As the master and mate had captured the vessel by shooting the former master and the sude cargo Aud poisoning the other members of the Crew. The Spanish governor at Ponape sent the two prisoner by Man of War to Manila for trial and detained the Schooner at Ponape awaiting its identification. Insuring of the babies. A death by teething reveals a novel practice in Phil lode Pula. , july 13. A Deputy Coroner Dugau was called non yesterday by an insurance company who requested a duplicate certificate in the cate or Gwynne Davis 8 months �30 Taylor Street who died a couple of Days a of. An Loquest by the Coroner on monday showed that death was due to exhaustion caused by teething. The request was such an unusual one for insurance companies considering Tho age of the Cutie that the Deputy asked if the baby were injured. The agent answered in the affirmative and or. Dugan observed a Why 1 did t know you insured them so Young a a our company insures children at Burtu. Was the reply. A Gwynne was insured in february last the parents paying 3 cents per Columbia s big Day. This will be the greatest Day of the peek s festivities there. Columbia. Tryx july 13.�?the first of the week s festivities was a Success in every particular except that the rain about 1 of clock prevented the racing in the afternoon. The columbian Are much gratified that the attractions offered Lyvo drawn so Many Propios Hete from a distance. Tho Parade of 300 troops this morning made the largest display seen in Tennessee during recent years. To nor run will be the great Day of the week. Tho raising of Tho Flag Over the Arsenal the completion of Chioti forms an epoch in columbian a history will be attended win most interesting formalities and the Ball at night will of one of the grandest affairs of the kind that the South has Ever known. Death Herr and elsewhere. Cyrus Howard Engineer. Cyras Howard one of the oldest citizens of Pittsburg passed away yesterday at the Home of his Sou h. C. Howard. 21 Church Avenue Allegheny or. Howard has resided Here since im1. Llo was civil Engineer on the Tandle Railroad. Sid built the Al Rel mile Between Pittsburg and ant fled. Aud afterwards had charge of the construction Between Pittsburg and Columbus until 1m6. Afterwards he went into contracting and built several Pierres in the South. At Toms of his de Atli he was constructing water works at it. Wayne ind. As much As possible. Chicago inter Ocean to need More Protection not less Protection against the pauper labor of Europe at Well As Protection against the product of pauper labor in Europe. Enforce the immigration Laws to the letter and american workingmen will soon Hare no one to under bid them in the markets of of the period Don t mind the Stein when there la a Connee for Tenn Lse the Pittsburg Tennis club grounds Gay with finely pressed women at the opening. The ladies had no Opportunity yesterday afternoon to show off their smart gowns at the Tennis tournament on the Pittsburg Tennis club grounds. Rain canned a dwindling Down of the 200 interested women of the Day previous to Soma half a dozen vent res Ore Young girls who seeking the first shelter watched the games As enthusiastically an if it were As sunny As it was actually gloomy. It was really Inspirit ing on the first Day to see All the pretty girls with their fresh faces and fresh dresses discussing the Points with a scientific Fervour that argued Well for their muscle. It is rather curious that games in which men Only were Plavins Shosid draw a gathering of which two fifths was women except it probably proves what 1� being snap cited Tomt the women Sre she athletic sex of to Day. The committee of which miss Mary my candles is chairman will meet at 3 of clock Thi afternoon 1n the Wylie a. M. B. Church for the purpose of arranging with a com Ilttre of that of Broh regarding representation at the columbian exposition. Calvary Church will hold a picnic to Dav the arrangement being As in past a rears for the Host to be Tho several classes n their order. This picnic is the first of the series. Some Pitt burgers will be interested in a wedding for which invitations Are now issued that of miss Florynda m. Knox and Alfred 8. Moore of Beaver. Tho Bride to be is the daughter of mrs. Rachel Knox of Beaver nor Brothers Are the Rev. E. J. Knox of Rearer m. E. Church and Robert Turney Knox of the press editorial staff. The ceremony will take place this month at Wiloh a great Many Pitt burgers expect to be present. Miss Emma Loomis of the episcopal Church Home is visiting in Lexington with her sister or. Jesse l. France Well known As on leading lady artist at one time a Pittsburg. Newi has reached us Here at Home of the arrival at Boulogne of or. Ii. S. Stevenson the Pittsburg portrait Painter in route for Northern Anca where he is going to make a study of andalusian types of Beauty. Mia a. Lewis egts of st. Louis passed through Pittsburg this week in route for new York accompanied by her daughter. Miss Helen egts and senator and or. Mcgrath. Mia egts is Well known in Pittsburg. She to yes a a Fine contralto voice especially suited for devotional Mulc and Muy be heard every sunday morning in one of so. Louis leading episcopal churches. Either because the Day of service of the placard is Over or that the woman s health protective association 1� away for the summer the notices requesting people to abstain from expect rating Imre nearly All disappeared from the Pittsburg traction cars. They had just reached the Point of reaping the Reward of their Importunity to National guard of Pennsylvania. Its efficiency and Al knee of action tolsted oat As a lesson. New York to res. The National guard of Pennsylvania has had its full share of the duty imposed by labor troubles during the last 20 years it numbers according to the latest returns published by tie adjutant general of the army about 8.5 x officers and men and of these probably 7.000 or More Are available for the Homestead disturbances. Large As this Force is it was surpassed numerically 15 years ago in the great Railroad and mining riots when 9 433 men were called out it time extending Over n period of four months. But the organization then was More unwieldy and much Leas effective and perfect than that of to Day and ind Ccu probably the militia strength of the state was never so efficient As now. Some of the official reports of regular officers who have inspected the Pennsylvania troops of late wars have specially dwelt on the preparations Maue for putting the National guard rapidly into the Field Well armed and equipped. In a state where vast manufacturing interests Are liable to Lead to labor disturbances of the sort now seen the need of having a no Meroa and Soiu Patent militia Force to rely upon for the preservation of nubile order and the execution of the Laws is obvious and other communities May Well take to heart the the son taught by the present experience of Penn Sylvan i a the deadly Annie Rooney. A Black and tan hot dead for singing the popular a or. New York july 13.�?a tired italian planted his Organ in front of the Flat at 230 East eighty fourth Street yesterday morning and began to grind oat an clout melodies. He worried through the a Marseillaise a and Quot Tho wearing of the Green Quot and then the notes of Quot Annie Rooney Quot stirred the stifling atmosphere. A Black and tan dog. Tho pet of janitor Slattery s household began to sing As the first sound struck Bis ear. Then he yelped and. Hounding into the air executed a double flip Floo. His eyes turned Green then mrs. Slattery says and he ran out of the House into the Back Yard. He tried to jump the eight foot Fence but could t. In desperation he ran into the Street homebody cried Quot mad dog the it Allun grabbed i machine and fled. The Pup ran Back into the Honse. To went no tarts and waited for the excitement to subside. Policeman August ferreted him out though and As the Pun leaped Forward to explain the Bluecoat Faiu him Low with a blow of the Locust. The Toor dog was then carried to the cellar and filled full of Lead. Why it is victorious. By. Louis Globe Democrat the Republican party does not seek to carry elections by pandering to the riotous element of society Bat by appealing to the intelligence of Law abiding and patriotic citizens. A phenomenon explained. Cleveland Protection stimulates invention. That accounts for the Many absurd reasons discovered by democratic editors for oppose aug the Tariff. Farewell to Field. His deeds will lire after him. Tho pity of it All is that his mental Light was snuffed out before the physical Ili Iuo had burned away. A Jarri Mburu Patriot let us Call Field the embodiment of Progress and we do not belittle him. The word which is used does not matter much. The fact of his life Aud of i achievement is the important thing to consider. A from fyn Eagie. Jour britout pronounced Field the Columbus of Modem times who by Bis Cable had moored the new world along Side of Tho old. What greater lame hath Man achieved except where mail Haa died for Man a dispatch. Tea sufferings and death of Cyras w. Field touch a chord wherever the great Atlantic Cable bus flashed the news. Ilia name is linked forever with the achievement by Wheeli the routine uts have been brought Washington Star. Yrs now that he is gone Tho memory of the Good to accomplished in developing and furthering civilization will always remain among men. He will Ever be known As the projector and promoter or the at autio Telegraph Plain dealer. Cyrus w. Fixed is one of the names that the world will not let die. By Oue Brilliant achievement born of Genins Aud courage he Hus not Only shed Lustre of the land that gave him birth Anil benefited All Mankind but rendered his own name York commercial advertiser. Al Tufuoh a Mau or great wealth who figured in Many Gigantic projects or. Field will be remembered mainly for his work on the Atlantic Cable. The Success of that undertaking gave him a place in history no less illustrious than those which the other members of Hla distinguished family will ducks ten. He. Has rounded out one life s Simule grandeur in a manner Ever dramatic and Ever retain in a Strong bold upon the fitting and Tafai Ifal which kept him and his ideas above the merely theatrical and in touch with the world most dramatic Sublimity. He thoroughly earned his earthly Fama peace to his Ashlee and Honor to him memory a Csc ago Mai curious condensations. A Tbs King of Green Peak 13 la of Ohros. A the Golf of Mexico a risen Over on Root since 183l a the Leaf of the banana is Nunally six feet Jong by two feet wide. A Mackerel in great numbers and of urge Ais have struck the main coast. A Barnsboro md., bos a Pink cup Estu containing 190 Flower. In fall Bloom. A a Man in i Sherrille pa., recently captured a Coon weigh Long ii pounds. A the tallest Oak tree in great Britain ii known aah lie Quot Dukes walk inn stick. A the czars throne is raid to be Worth four time. A. Much Queen victorians. A there Are More than 2,000 Square roil a of valuable Timber land in . A four Pound. Of Gold were recently <y.1. Leered from the soot of Tho Chimney of the Royal mint in Barotn. A the richest heiress in Berlin i raid to he a fun Len Home card von Dou Cadon. She 1 Worth 1,000,000. A while a coloured of lobes on conn., was sleeping on wed Raday night has wallowed bus tale tooth. A every cubic foot of air expired from Tho lines con Nln on in average 0.01 Psi Mill grammes of ammonia. A it required upward of 1411,000 acres of Rich inn to produce the sugar yearly Coa turned in the British Island. A the fashion in bridesmaid bouquet lately has Heen tie Horseshoe with the. Nal worked out in contrasting blossoms. A it is just 100 year a a Nee the Cornish Man William Murdock discovered that Coal a. Might be used As an Illuminant a november 9th next will be the twentieth anniversary of Bostons a rent fire. The firs destroyed Over $100, Worth of propert y a the right Side of the body pen Pirc i More than the left and the Palm of the hand four times More than the skin of the Chest. A the Pope can master the English Gor j Man and French languages to the utmost i perfection besides being a Fino classical scholar. A Portsmouth n. bears the proud distinction of the place where the first newspaper a established in the country. This was in 1756. A a blood beet measuring 15 inches in in length 14 inches in i Ream Fere Nee and weighing for pounds is a curiosity of so. Tammany la. A a the auction of the Borghese Art Treav res at Rome on april 14. Realized Only 1.300,000 francs a Mere traction of the real value of tie articles sold. A the household of Secretary Rusk of the National department of agriculture n managed by i daughter. The marketing is Dono by her Weir. A paper quilts Are decor Fang pop Nln a Europe. They Are cheap and warm. T of Are composed of sheets of perforated White paper sewn together. A the Little one tory House at a which marshal Berno Dotty the first King of Sweden a bom is still standing and to recently offered for Sale. A the Little Island of Jamaica sell of in ally to the United states banana exceeding in value the entire Apple peach and Cherry crop of Tai country. A girls from 10 to 13 rears of age fetch la Morocco about p0 to f 150 each and the lavs merchant find the Reinales More profitable from 10 to 20 year of age. A a greyhound Mother at Nevada mo., having had two Pup carried off hunted them up carried them Home dug a hols under the House and hid them. A daring a recent storm it Hopkinton n. Ii., an Elm tree under whih Lafayette and i party stood at s reception Given them in 1915, was struck by lightning and demolished. A a Farmer near Martins arg. Mo., slowed no a Perch in his Field torn time no to and when he placed it in a tub of water it revived and swam about As Lively As any fish. A a Short time ago the moorish kaid gave the Sultan of Morocco and Hla son a present of 209 male and Remale slaves to celebrate the event of the marriage of the heir to the moorish throne. A the Empress of Austria lately ordered that 60,000 Roe Trees should be planted around the statue or Heine to be erected on her property at corf on a Rock Over 2.000 feet above Tho level of the a. A a nines women of Buffalo have formed a club. They began with a membership of 73. Among other provision is one that a can a shall be opened to any Schlect of education on request of ten members. A seals when tasking place one of their number on guard to give tie alarm in Case of danger. The signal is a Quick clap or the flippers on a Rock. Rabbit sign no with forepaws and Lyvo regular sign is and Calls. A Thev Are fond of old things Down a Delaware. A Sussex county former preserve with pious care and exhibits with Pride an of Corn grown upon his father a farm in lids and another produced from the ancestral acres in i73&. A there is Only one factory in Russia for the manufacture of playing Carde. It has a monopoly of the business and belong to the foundling Hospital. It is figured that there Are 30.000.000 people in Russia who play cards and to Supply the demand Thi. put. Out is,quo,000 packs of card annually. A the newest great City of Europe a Budapest Tho capital and Metropolis of Hungary. In Kossuth a Day less than half a Century ago the combined population of Banda and Perth. Lying on opposite sides of the Danube was a ont 100,000. Tho consolidated municipality now a. A population of fully 300,000. A a tradesman on Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn has a big sign stretched across the front of i. Store bearing in Large Black letters Che legend Quot dealer in Green lie Sells vegetables and general Garden truck but if tie sign does no to bring Hita Ninny Rural customers eager for unhallowed i speculation there is no virtue m appealing to choir inclinations. A the galling gun is now worked by so electric Moler in the american Navy. To e motor is attached to tie Breech of the gun. Hitherto a couple of men wore required to serve the gun one to train the piece and drop the shot the other to work tie bring Crank but now one Man la sufficient. By touching a switch lie can train and opern the gun it will so Esto Are Elitier a single hot or st the rate of 1.900 a minute. Joi tums from judge. Or. Snooper done to Yon think there Isa great Deal of noise on Wagner s sleeping ears mrs. Bpm War yes. I do. They Are almost As noisy As by music. A a a rastus kissed to on Bof lips Ian o if said Dinah. Gruff no Hyah not sofa Stone. they say that abroad he Baa gone i smile the trick sold sure the truth is he has withdrawn a while to take the Good cure. A Gieva i Sav. Downey did it Ever strike you that pretty Kinsy York was Way off a her grammar downed to i have never not eed it. Bagler Well i have. Cool dentally. I Aske a her to marry me the other night arid he Aam. A or. Downey. In a not of of to marry of Todd a to quarrel with your husband so often Ean t be a a but. Yea Quot a he a tolled a for reconciled he always by Luff a present. Clubby Rirs do you think your receptive is going to be a much of a Success As my a a flu Klee i mis. Plan Kerlyn of dear Yea Why. A he Hado Alf five detectives at hers and there Are six Here 1 love a girl of Juno sort. Hat i muck did my a Alt befall. Better to have loved a Girt that s fort and never to have loved a tall. I what a Delight Harold a Terses Are Penelope re to the ear. Reda res hot not to the a a and Why mtg a to the ear a pot and yacht Are Good rhymes my dear Bat to the Rye a. Me what frightful discord they present. A a snivel a do Yon believe that Virtu i it own Reward a Nedgra a i think it most be. The a versus a Alary of clergymen 1� the United state la 90 9 annul

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