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Paris Evening News Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1934, Page 7

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Paris Evening News, The (Newspaper) - December 28, 1934, Paris, Texas View Hie Paris evening news i see my Tel As publishing stood clan mail matter at the Post it under act of put inked daily Ese ept saturday and sunday rates including sundays by mail Daft fear few Sis months fit Carrier i per week to of if firm or Teot rofl Puim i lift the from if Fot at four if h Dot a of til the Ontl till to the i local the by Tell of Onihan to Ifim it u the their tee Pettil not rot All he take it new York Day by Day by Man tire aide to stories of the Rural resident who Iva u engaged in a Camp of change i with the City slickers Ami then appealed to the police to pet Back his Money Are and usually serve to cause a laugh at the expense of the fellow who was the the Story has been paralleled in new York and Wash it and the Appellant was no less while strolling once Start saying Hedda Hopper or Kitty Kendall its hard to Brooks at the dramatic critic a plow boy with a Motic villain Bud Kelland writes the easy Reading look Butler and i Antny Esmond Obrien always appears us though he had just been they Are Naak ing bets Hervey Allen will or they think an Thony Adverse put All his eggs in one Edward Wescott was notable one author with David among haters of docs is Ernest Thomp son because they Are enemies of wild creatures he a Capone is per Mit Leil four letters a month from his devils three to to his on to his Gene Bucks description of Bob untrue stage struck no state saunter so Jaunty As Boh Ami if theres a More expert character actor than deny Kilbride Ive never seen Amelia Karl part is always smartly and Rudy Valsee has taken to dark Robert Bench try is no longer one of the thin Gibsons head would look Dandy on a Bishop potters Nephew a then ire nobody seems to have the mumps any highest forehead in town George Bob the petting ready for another dash up the gang whatever became of my career than a bar boiled Gambler on the now York sugar it seems that this operator As they j in a Bleak Little Square a Short turn off for Stylie there collects each morning group of Odd Job carpenters with their look most of due to the have no shops and the Square is an open Exchange where those who want work done Niay come pc Coose to Call their particular sort of sold quantities of sugar for future of course there was never to be any delivery he was just betting that the Price would go lower and he would collect the difference from the people to whom he had he sold More sugar in fact than was in at least in this and when delivery time came he could Noi get the sugar to de liver and of course thu buyers demanded de knowing he could not meet the then this smart Gambler goes Down to Washington and has the nerve to ask the Tariff or quota or whatever they Call to lower the Tariff or raise the quota on cuban so a lot More of it would be shipped into United states and allow him to make delivery or collect his the Board very promptly and properly declined to do any such thing and the Gambler was left holding the and not a Sulfar when a Man Sells an imaginary Gold mine Oil Well the government tries to put him in jail Why should not the Saint treatment Tje Given the Man who Sells imaginary sugar land for the indians is a most commendable virtue Vij and the Man who from his accumulations should be especially if thous one of the worlds Long unsettled questions is should mint in a Julep be crushed in the code Duello Era southerners met at Dawn with pistols for two to decide the momentous prob and the Issue South of the Mason Dison line is no nearer a but new York has settled it since All the notable bars hereabouts crush the and theres the englishman who thought the Julep a salad and new yorkers Are not so far from Tarneses ii As might be in a Short taxi spin one May be taken Back the egyptian room in the metropolitan museum of Art is a first rate substitute for a trip to Thebes and the Valley of the of murals and indeed one of the Royal like i May to seen at 5th Avenue and 82d the card or i or weft with a Hawshaw said veto Eer do a wait a sep h6lp f your sow was a of ctr would be a or a by Victor Bridges x y Decembly Tii Al backward glance 8 l with m by Blossom woman whose of carried it wite to service itt to Colca always interesting t6 do foot the Ford there is it title to Tholf Stich a for it Little Hatchet that will West of Blossom thoughtful to bring find show me not Long that Hattiet belonged wests sen who earled 11 with him during his service it the War of some of people called Jimmy the said Jimmy being the president of the United states at the Tyhie of that Tay doubtless found the Small weapon useful in Clearing Brush 6tit of the path and in sundry other chores about Camp which the sold Leri of that Day had to do for not having All the conveniences that attach to the army the Hatchet passed on Down to Ben tylers also named wests who was a Soldier in the conf Redato army during the Lato unpleasantness be tween the As some Light minded person once that conflict in a speech in con to is not known if the younger Tyler carried Tho Hatchet Dur ing Tholt he did As roads were pretty Well cleared in those Days and there was not so much need for a Hatchet As part of the military then the Hatchet descended to the son of the second Ben by name Lilburn father Otho came to Texas from Virginia and with him and his household came Tho Small battered and shoving the Marks of use but still Tyler died some time ago in Blossom and mrs West inherited the Hatchet and prizes it for us Long Possession by her forebears and its historic As the tool looks As if it was hand and i am sure it for i it 1812 for the such which by Smiths at their handle originally in it it and u now has it handle Rorert a Plain plet6 of Ratchet is about what 1 nought of As the me of Iff and is similar to pictures i have Newert weapons of the red Watt of Iff it is something Worth v speak Nir of old 1 gone 1 recall that offt Touk Days Seldom sees what ones Universal piece of mens a standing Collar of times with the ends turned in what were called jew sometimes straight at other times they were double aft the Points wore left Sharp 6r in let be the height varied cording to the taste of the from a scant Inch to More than inches and with them often worn Ascot ptitfedui1 tons of that i see to a Mew York fashion note of Choffi again worn by some to carry All the and Alt the sizes in these Colts required a cons Diablo recall when the Crooks Leeond company had one entire Section till re Elving used for nothing but but the collars attached the shirts were so much mor comfortable that the i Nefi collars were displaced and the of Tho greatest industries of almost and All of us remember of the hard Derby hat which a universally worn 4y and is still affected by in Tho larger it May Cotoni never can Tell a Fiat fashion will As careful in following her order As Are Tho the born in the ballrooms of is becoming a part of the dance pro especially among the those who have accomplished the intricate attractions at Paris theatres accumulations be the result of handwork and More than the Al careful but what shall we say 1 of the giving of something tha twas not accumulated by the giver and is Given from his inferior possessions rather than from his this thought and question is by the proposition attributed to John in Dian to give Back to the indians some land on which they May make a Bojt the land is to be what is called subpar Ginal which the government proposes to retire from use by people who exhausted its Fertility but on the commissioner is to have the indians can Eon serve forests and land that cannot support american Farmers he would be ideally designed for Indian it is probable that the commissioner is mis for surely he would not expect to an Indian try to extort a living from ways called upon to do their the Lindy hop is a Barbaric throwback to the dervishes of the it starts in a mild swaying and kicking and reaches a furious Crescendo of in it is Many of the better cd Points Are those hopped up by the a drug that has the wild some gyrate until not Many dancing teachers can teach it because of its strange Ludy hoppers of the Black beit Are in Constam demand at private among White amateurs who have mastered it Are Henry sell arid Esmond St in us lion of Turify into a radio City has a special elevator for musicians who bring their instruments to part in Charlie Hughes tells of Jascha with his stepping into one for chapter 2s oni Iofik sir William and there for perhaps thirty Socol Brno Long arid i had just sufficient time to get a grip on my scattered Arica with a Farewell wave of his sir Hara turned towards Tho Stop for a moment a the Milan lie the chauffeur arranged the re Over our closed the ao1 r and walked round to his there was a warning and with an Al Raoke imperceptible Drew away from the an far As t was aware Hellman had not even glanced at its a Peculiar of scrod sir but whenever in in a hurry i always seem to run across someone upon land too poor for others to use the Jadian is entitled to just As Liberal treatment As anyone in for a the Good and originally belonged to the indians and was either taken from them they traded out of it for a Small the lift the operator reminded him that was for in Joseha Heifetz said the to which the elevator Man responded in withering scorn even if you were Rubinoff himself youll ride in that end the Lime has has been Here for the Indian should be looked on and treated As any other citizen of this Eosin most of thera Are Hetter Cit Zous now than average Man and should he a the news 13 years ago the to the far ing news thirteen years deem Bah the sixty fifth birthday of Wood n and be received hundreds of Tele Over the to Yea rat died at the tots a Erent Aud Joe Kim the bowery waiter Lingo for sweep the floor is no deterrent for the Hardy appetites of the is sour Moo for but a lunch Wagon for the husky Midnight the freight handlers and stevedores in the Middle of roaring Street to overstress the with the Eon mid grease Bun that buttered present hardships will be pleasant to talk shout in the but we Doit care for any More of already have enough to talk we of judge Ben after i Brief ilium of 0 tog developed in the Early bed metric Street lights loot Reward will be paid for information leading to the finding of the exact Corner pros Pruy is a puking want to meet if we live Long what of ail the Campaign Liws afer the election 0o they wrap Piura in to be used two years is there a conspiracy that makes the old Model begin to balk about the time new and talking to i managed to Force a most i by the if its not a rude question who was this particular offender in nearly certain Ive seen him not at All must peo have met m it scr Orluff at some to Lynx or Lea a gentle Man of Many Peter Orloff 1 what be a russian of Yesch makes no about lie is the head of a Lar Joe trading concern which of Craton Here and on the exactly what position in i cant it sets out to be an entirely in dependent but it must obviously have a working arrange ment of Home sort with the authorities at or Loff himself is a very Clever and there in no doubt that he Rias plenty of Money behind he carried through a big Deal with my firm Only a few months for a moment or two i malt no 1 torn with to whether i should Tell Iris companion the or whether for Tho present it would Wiser to keep my discovery to i think it waa the memory of that half ironic question of its which finally decided sounds Julie a Char less you so about alone for the next or two Tho safer you Are Likely to it True that we arc in and not in but All Tho american visitors who carry runs Are not the sort to be treated so it occurred to i that the very reason Why Ive gone to stay with As 1 spoke we Canie of a sudden bait in a traffic a few Yards Short of the Entrance to this Mil do me All 1 thanks for the and in much obliged to you for prom Ising to Bend me Tho of i make any discoveries Down there ill let you know at to Shook and seizing my Chance before Tho car moved 1 opened Tho door and slipped out on the there must have been at least a dozen people sitting and standing about when i entered the but i spotted Molly and Jerry at they were in their old Cor Ner behind Tho and 1 could see the expectation in their faces As i walked across to join in suns youve got for was jerrys opening re you came in through the door looking no important and i did nothing of the 1 i entered with the non air of a Well bred English exactly How it struck apr find Nioura right about the i went lowering Roy Jevc any amount to Tell you stacks Ami Tacki of it glanced at an adjacent Toueh on which i to gent Lemon wore gesticulating vigorously Over their Coffee say be dying yet Jow Ucb individual there Limi in a Jot of Tant find place where we shall be a bit More pro Why not conc up to my bed can talk comfortably there Thall a Sago Jerry jumped to ill Tell them to bring along Tomo Acter j Eald expect i shall open paper one morning and that Pic have been raiding what usually 10 happen with Rui Wisn Traufl psf William i dont Orloff with in a political hold too a Point Lon to foul own into until the car turned into in my Law Well want a drink before weve he gave hit instructions o who hovering in Tho and we were making the elevator when out olde Tho Entrance to the Ooin i diminutive of my Young Jimmy i of the Prev Tom chairs and a while a tall leather scr can on one Side of the bed protected its occupant from inv Post la i looked round with an approving they Havant done you too i its a Lovely agreed thais what comes of a Cluj introduced a if id arrived alone i expect they have tucked me nay in an an she spoke Thero was a sound of Steps in and Tho waiter to whom Jerry had riven order appeared with the lie it on the writing Tahlo and retiring with a shilling closed Tjin door after now lets get to Jerry dropped Down into one of the whats this news of and Why was old Avon no desperately keen on we Iii you file Tinor Down with Molly on the i plunged Strain lit into my As i could t repented word for word exactly what sir William Hail told while Forward with intent faces tha two of them listened to to in absorbed i dont know whether youll think 1 did i but it deemed to is that the Moat sensible thing to Tell him the wed nothing to by 1 soul Al Xen that Al though he was prepared to Deal with want really out to swindle Alt he wanted was to bet hold of and if could manage that through the rightful it would obviously much safer and better Way than by doing business with a Jerry so the whole t i him full account of my Little dual up at the old him All about Molly and All about you and i finally xptalno1 How wed u Over and decided that Tho Only open Louk to tackle Tho Job and what did to that nothing very in at the Lamar Border the feature picture at the Lamar theatre sat urday is one of thrill ing tales of life along the Border when bad non raided from one country to full of action and dangerous Riding the picture is certain to who like re blooded on on the same program the mar will Fehlow another episode of tha serial Burn pm up Barnes featuring frankly Holiday items gifts Cecil Denton in a patient at Josephs Hospital in and Man ens of Little Are Christ us guests of and Worth Matt Robert re Hwy returned wednes Day to bins Spring after a with his ulc Hoy and Kos ii Payne la in me Lynnan to visit her Moth and Warren of and John woot of san Marcos and Mitchel of Tyler Suesen at the Homo of Helen the and Coppon and daughter Marie Aro upend ins the Houll huh in Bud Jonm has returnee after a months suit with he daughters in Abilene and Colorado Lowe spending the Holt Day in Oklahoma City with Hii and John holding a univ had m Christ Man and Nen Newton and son of pow Stock Toni and John it Takton of Cooper and Mack Floyd o pan and an Mac were in Bonham wednesday to attend the funeral o Allen Duncan who died suddenly a to Home of bin a Duncan in Bonham Day Muriel and 0 Cooper Are pm Tang Potee and Ethel Steward of Sulphur a thu week o and Marvin at the Plaza wee Shirley cores again in the picture Bright latest of the pictures tar this Little miss who had danced and acted her Way to hearts of in cd Al Bright Koa i Inlo As the orphan child the adopted whole with Itear employees doing All they a make her Lufft wet he us racy doing much to Nikko Tofiel Ifo of tha Airport both Lively r Shirley Temple will heir love for the tiny i iced by the eyes which will be a Viown at Sii theatre saturday sunday and it the Wally is featured grand saturday in the picture Curry Nir Story of the of the owl West when even such a pro Mac occupation As carrying fraught with Donger a picture with Light t or Dlton to the Xeal Urei carrying certain to i pull no Brodahl with at fsr to i bops very i Way i ill at j i find you Home where in i wont r afield docent take nor loudly All the going to let me have the f the fac promised to note to the people at the farm to to Western if starring Buck Jones Wlsh on name amusements Bright eyes Dunn Jano Cupidi cd tit Heidi p at the Plaza whom the gods destroy in Bari Vou if Joni at the born to be Vount f at the grand i to Faul Anbu wows 0 frouday week a Christmas Proi ram at monday Well Bunn mix and ton in us d and addle Madol no Nix of ii Petit the with Bud Murvay on Flat or with Shirley Temple my right Dunn Jane Darwell Border m

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