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Paris Evening News Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1934, Page 1

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Paris Evening News, The (Newspaper) - December 28, 1934, Paris, Texas A our Harli new i not on porch by Silt Oclock i Newt office before cloth for prompt 164 of 165 Rull associated press leased wire service and Horn Complete re glottal and local news coverage Bijj Fakhr parts Texas Friday 28 1934 ten Pace established 111 a j 1 he i t farm air inc Vui inv solve rior Fiat for y Omage is accorded to Jesse Jones in elaborate ceremony at Houston civic leaders gather Iii tribute to head of of rec Houston h Jones with philanthropist civic Leader gentleman builder and had won the i audits of Houston citizenry leaders of All phases of the cites if gathered in the dimly lighted wednesday night unveil his likeness in Imper Lih table Bronze it will he placed Public building to inspire future us Broad shouldered Tex of the reconstruct ii6n finance corporation sat with bowed in the audience the laudatory speech fellow townsmen he Tiroso at the conclusion of care Iio Nios and almost feel As if i have been lit Enung to a funeral oration it tarns impossible to believe that dirt lice splendid words of Praise buld possibly apply to myself i a oiled pot possibly have words to express appropriately the Gratl Ldla the appreciation and feeling that this attitude of friends in my Home town in pure have heard that i have made acre fees to arvo my country yet made no if 1 lad what has been done Here to and what i Havo heard Here Kodatt would a compensation enough for any sacrifice has been a great privilege to country we have pass dark years but i am that we Are on winning the duo Tho splendid Leader lip in the White i Tittle liw Audrey Louise Jones Irand Niece of the rec chairman levelled the Bronze bust speak Era included John t Scott Hirw Dent of the first National Seo Texas Pago 10 col 1 scientists take Clack from to rooster by Howard w Biak Klee associated press science editor Pittsburgh up a hypodermic of Hen instinct extracted from a liens Lionil sets Roos ters to clucking this in Brief is the new zing Story of in in Nonnce Cmunt it the american association for the advancement of science Fri any of the first Dis covery Ever made of Tho real nature and source of in instinct this particular instinct Brood nov or tic wish to Cluck and set on cars turns out to be a very powerful clip Mycal culled prolific Iii it no Imars to orc new explanation of the thing culled bal Mylor and beyond that of understanding Tho sources of consciousness the were reported by or Oscar lilt Lilc or Kobert Bales and sir Ernest in Chr of the Carnegie institution of Washington station for experimental evolution at cold Spring Junr Lutr of v prolactin is n i Armouc produced by the pituitary timid in tic Bend it is made by All including women and its first function is to in Duce tic formation of breast Irol actin and its milk inducing were discovered by or Kiddle two years ago investigating further recently or Riddle found that re acc or four injections of prolactin into normally laying hens stopped their Inyene and caused Brood Ness a Hen and Bird the proof seemed clinched when slots of pro Lncoln caused two Cochin roosters to to Uroil ild clucking instead of crowing the roosters to set however a mimics of other Sulila or kid dle proved incapable of inducing broody be Havior in hens the new things Learned is to vhf the of cite of this hormone arc till inulin Bitely concerned with the feeding and cure of the implications arc nearly Universal human and animal bodies make these and Many other hormones and already in human things tonic ill Mylor has been traced to hormone sources farm crops in Texas Are Low in value Ore naval talk asked Jinn seeks one More con venation Wilh United states group Jon Mado a Surprise Dinovo to Jet Feln one More dam Nowlon of the Civval relationship of Japan the int cd Statem and great Brit an a fire the United slates Delegate for Homo Admiral is Raku of requested Admiral Standley to join him into sat in a talk Tho Amerl plan to leave saturday night unexpected move some me r i can quarters Itald May be by a Jap new to u appear that the delegates Iro leaving when japanese Aro willing to further toward a com of a naval con within another year Svon More Remote Friday it did a ago when con Between the United t it cat Lori Titi Japan officially terms tinted i cont Lucil for Ujj Allty Caus cd naval Ami Diplo lift Llo to Bellco no con Iwancio will held in 1935 no Ono u a o Wover Point to Tho Tho denunciation of Tho Mhz scion by Tokyo in not until Utice Inham 1936 Avaiu itto to Iol l Patman and vets head to debate Bonus organization of hers opposed to Bonus payment takes Issue new York a Hobart of Bronxville National commander of the american vet Erans association declared Friday he was glad representative Pat Man has accepted a Challenge to debate and full pay ment of Tho Soldier Bonus he said at tils now York of Locc however that he had not yet heard officially from the Cou areas run from Texas who is expected to move for Bonus pay ment in the session of and so could not set a Elmo Ami Planco for the ilex note the american veterans association was organized by several 1e Sion Alres in Kron Villo opposed to the american legions stand on the Bonus in his offer to debate pc pc 5tniuuve Butman Hobart said he left the Elmo and place c Tho meeting entirely up to the con grow Mun it tic cot Ivnel t Nee i1 a t m n n thursday night told the associated Presh to would debate Tho Itsuo with Hobart any limn Long Tifi it not inter Fere with my duties in Hobart thought Philadelphia or Baltimore would be cult nolo an hic Liik place Between new York Ami for the debate hut Walchik Friday to hear from Patman be 1oro smog Chiung a definite Placa and Elmo unemployed again gather at Mcalester hundreds join in licit Lur Morf nil new administrator Jones bust Lindy wife will testify during trial former Anne Morrow to be an important state witness this Bronze of Jesse 11 Jones chairman of the reconstruction finance corporation was presented to him by fellow town men of Houston and placed in Tho Houston City Library it is Tho work of Enrico Cerrachio former Houston sculptor now of new York associated press 1hotoj stocks m pc hts ho14ay Woro reduced to aft proportions in yearn Trade review by Tho of buying which Penk lout monday will Rogers moan Batku manding morn work and a new county skua hundreds of unemployed gathered at the court House hero Friday where no mylar group spent the night a week ago in a Effort to obtain More Relief the group is Ald to be from Siut tired Points Over Tho county endorsed i Toppett Railroad worker and mayor for county und named a commit Ted to urge governor elect mar land Havn Tipu Cit appointed to Tho place now hold by v k 8bel ton Tho group apparently without a louder Vraa ii let Monica Well u All Over they buy buying Aud More now Cornea new with h Canuti new year a of our leading Wen will mad do Fullow i opt Luitt and non but be to inflation oud fair our if the Day is motion f Karl by District judge Friday plan Jiff u debut ii on u to lion for Continua no of tha trial of Unity caulk nor charged with Uley Iii ii Sou of hous ton j7 near last Suji Roach named county Jailer City motorcycle officer is Given Post vacated by Byron sapping on appointment of Toach a county jailor was announced Friday by sheriff Clyo Shelton Tuiuli nut Ceccola Byron ton who has Relk toil after serv ing two yours Tho now Jailer bus been City motor Cycle officer for Tho past four for prior to that loan Aulo Nobilo silos Naii in Paris a native of Tho a port Section Toach him lived in the county All life Tho appointment in off Octavo saturday and Toach with his fam ily will Dinovo into jailers que Ruth on Tho fourth floor of Tho courthouse then following his resignation sap pm Ngou will return to Waclo Hla family has Tiiu inter ests Trenton n Anne Morrow Lindbergh it was Learned from an authoritative source Friday will be called As a witness for the prosecution in tie trial of a Bruno Richard Haupt Mann which starts at Flem ngon next week Hauptmann is charged with the murder of mrs land bergs infant son the authority from which it Learned mrs Lindbergh will testify said she will be an important state it was not revealed what the nature of her testimony would be she is to to a willing witness in Hie words of the source and will not be subpoenaed the official who made tiie announcement said it is Only Ami nil that mrs Lindbergh her child 1aving been kidnapped would like to take the witness stand and Tell what she knows of Tho the fact that she would to culled As a witness was not announced earlier the source said because the state was disinclined to try Tho Case at Tho same time it was Alsi Learned that the state will not accept the offer of John Hughes Curtis Norfolk shipbuilder and convicted hoaxer of Tho to testify for the prosecution against a Hauptmann in connection with Curtis it understood however that Tho de sense is very anxious for Liviu to testify in behalf of Tho German Carpenter slight drop from 1933 is shown by government report figures Are far above 1932 totals values quoted Are exclusive of receipts from j government Austin United states department of agriculture reported Friday the total farm value of Texas crops exclusive of receipts from the government was for 3934 a drop of per cent from the value in 1933 the 1934 value however was per cent higher than the 1932 amount on december 1 the unit Price of All Texas crops except Rice peaches pears and higher than on same Date last 5 car a Factor which kept the to Tal value of All crops near the 1933 level despite abnormally Low lower average yields in Princl ral crops were cited As the cause of decreased value the per acre yield of 30 important crops was calculated at per cent of a 10year average production of Small grains potatoes and Broom Corn exceeded the previous ears yield All Truit crops except tapes however were higher Pecan production was 54 per cent of last years crop the rendition was placed at 65 per cent Normal with moisture conditions Gener ally unfavourable sown acreage was placed at an in Tver Telescope May solve mysteries Einstein says noted professor suggests 2ooinch Glass May re veal enough space to measure any Curva Ture that May exist professor Albert Einstein author of the famous idea that space is curved in some myster Loub manner said Friday that Tho new 200inch Telo scope which will be erected in California May solve this Riddle he suggested the Telescope would see enough space to Meas ure any curvature that May sex the noted German expressed this opinion in an interview a few hours before his scheduled address before 400 of the leading scientists Friday after noon when you lie said Only a Little piece Ofa curved Lino you can it is straight out when you see a Large piece you can say that it is but lie does not think the big Telescope will disclose enough h v big change Relief be is plan i apace to show whether it is curved like a Boll so that Light com ing from a Star in the West also will be seen from the East com ing around space like a traveler circumventing the Globe asked what Progress he had made toward discovering the relations Between gravitation and electricity called the unused Field theory he said i have Only Hopes nothing Einstein said he believed in what scientists called determinism this Means that he is an Optimist rather than a Pessimist about the Prospect of science in solving the very mysterious and intricate nature mans Ali Sicat world the interview was held at the Home of Nathaniel Spear Pitta Burgh merchant and was stage managed by several scientists elastic budget for Relief which can be Cut Isuf sought to eliminate expect to eliminate direct Cash Grants substituting work Aid Washington velt admin Stratton anti Hitler plot blamed for arrests Saar newspapers accuse nazis of attempts to put Down rebellion crease Over last year and tightly under the average from 192932 the Cotton crop valued at was the highest see crop Page 10 col 7 kills two c1hcauo women were killed and a Man critically injured Friday when Tho inter National limited of the Juul trunk Lino struck an autom Ollile in suburban lilo Island it w Tho same train which two ago struck another Automo Mlo at nearby Harvey und killed sever Austro nazi groups riot refusal of girl to dance with austrian sets off fatal rioting Furm Germany ten Sion Alons the aus Rogerman Border was heightened Friday after fatal rioting involving 500 persons developing from a Bavar Ian girls refusal to dance with an austrian one person was killed nine were Sirlou sly injured and 26 others Hurt in Tho fighting be tween bavarian Farmers and aus Trian storm troopers exiled to this country a detachment of 300 Schutz Staffel or picket nazi guards hastily summoned from Dachau finally mastered the situation arid arrested Many of the participants the fight originated in a cafe hero frequently visited by the austrian refugees who Are encamped at Albling 13 Miles from the Border when the native girl refused to Danco with the austrian friends of the attacked the Bavar Saa Bruecken Saar Basin territory a bitter fight for ballots in the january 13 plebiscite was intensified Friday with Antinazi newspapers charging that a plot against Chancellor Hitler not immorality brought recent widespread arrests in Ger Many nazi officials said the opposition organs have admitted this publication in the Saar by an ant Lohler newspaper of allegations that 100 have been killed and arrested in Germany in another june 30 purge Brough the Campaign to a feverish pitch the nazi explanation to Saarland ers of what is happening in Ger Many is that Soo were arrested of immorality of these the nazi say 00 have been released by a clique of 100 was detained of the Antinazi pres is a Frank admission of a Plo against the Antinazi charges wer vigorously denied i Berlin which said there have been no arrest for sexual abnormalities in to weeks Tho accusations were characterized As a political see Hitler Page 10 col s cold wave follows in storm Wake Northern half of nation is due for second storm of week by the associated press a new cold wave was moving Down on parts of the Middle West end upper great lakes Region Fri aay almost on the heels of the worst storm of the season meanwhile new in gland Points were cleaning up Tho debris that marked the path of a Gale that killed three persons a moderation of temperatures in the stricken areas along the Northeast coast aided in the work of repairing the dam Apo wrought by the Sale described As Tho worst in Many Yeara Frame dwellings in the winds path were reduced to splinters and other structures were badly damaged the loss was unofficially estimated at halt a million dollars while temperatures moderated in the Central West thursday Thoro were additional deaths to swell the total of fatalities indirectly attributed to the Arctic blast which overspread the Northern half of the nation earlier in the Welt among those who died were three Young girls who perished in flames in their Home at Melsha Wuka ind Sis deaths blamed on the cold Nap were reported from Montana two other persons were missing Nril were believed to have per Ifred in the storm the new approach Friday to that crime its Paramount planned three changes of import in its unemployment Relief policies 1 by feb 1 the Federal Emery gency Relief administration Hope to have returned All the unsent Playa bps on its Rolls to the Faro of the states administrator Harry l Hopkins said that with theh dependents they number about 20 per cent of those on Relief the Washington Post mated the number of Ables and relatives involved at nearly 2 Hopin that increased activity in private business would diminish the army of jobless president Roosevelt sought to work out an elastic budget for Relief tvs Len could be curtailed with Art in increase in private employment 3 there were new that president Roosevelt eliminate direct Cash far As that is considered far the employable people on Feriv Oral Relief and substitute work Aid with Tho completion of Tho Campaign announced by Hopkins tha task of direct relict would become exclusively the province of states and local communities Kins who outlined the plan Attrep a conference at the White indicated a Hope that the to the Federal eminent a considerable it probably not correspond however with Cut in he number on Federal Lief because state expenditures ians Heer glasses and chairs were hurled and knives dreams of Down jul out with Tho Down with flashed amid with Hitler austrians Ambubu w a us firmed Jap of received Here Karl Tiiu Hullus 40 Jullus of Wotli of Ifni will Komusin january 1 Sirius of Paris Ivi Tuialii Iku Ilariu Sirj 1 u Vraa i Ulutu Falc Roou in a i Wung of Law Ili i Duji of Tudja and round Lwi Utor it of Tiu a my Lite Una tier but 4v Joti Why wait do it now dont wait until your subscription expires to renew it if you do you will a Skoly a few copies of Utis newspaper and if your is residing the serial she will not want to miss u single chapter Kven though your subscription Doest expire until january 1 it know now while Ion have the Money you know you want the paper next year 1roper Diu his on All Send to your Check now or give your subscription to your town agent by bargain rate now in effect a s j 5 o Aoi where t v the u s this offer december the Paris news Lyncher is Given Pardon Only Man convicted la Sherman Case is Given Freedom Austin b Mccasland Only person convicted of Many indicted in connection with the Lynching of a negro and burning of the Crayson county court House four years ago received a conditional Pardon from governor Miriam a Ferguson Mccasland was sentenced to two years each for arson and riot ing trials were in Travis county in Juno and july 1931 his total sentence however was 13 years As he was convicted in May 1931 in Roll in and c5raysuii counties of Chicken theft and burglary the Board of pardons and paroles in recommending stated Mcc Aslami 19 years of Aye when committed to prison apparently was tried on the arson and rioting indictments because of previous convictions older men also indicted Havo not been tried the Board noted the court House was fired when rangers and militia called out b former governor Dan Moody at tempted to thwart attempts of a mob to Lynch a negro charged with criminal assault on a Whilt woman the negro perished in inv soviet seeks us business closer economic cooperation in 1935 is russian latest aim a144urus Wichita and mis juices y All red recovering Frew from luf Leusu mid Touvi Ivos Salvo heir was us Bou Sill week How for Moscow soviet Russia As High Hopes or increased eco onto cooperation with the unit d states and Franco in 1935 the assassination of Sergei dlr of communist Leader and us sub sequent revelation of terroristic foiling has made the government Nore determined than Ever to through its Industrial plans and discount efforts to Binder a drive toward socialization Alexander Troyanovsky ambush jailor to Washington recently re turned to America to take up tie tangled debts problem again in the Hope that some settlement May be Rea bed which will make american technical assistance Ami machinery available to russian industries la greater volume the recent to Moscow of Paul Ilar Chauveau Frances Istatt of Commerce to discuss friendlier relations and a closer business tie up with Russia supplemented the closer political ties Maxim Llev Ilioff commissar for Fin civil affairs established with Louis Barthou to late French foreign minister and is continuing with the new government kuwaitis biter with her nazism Ami the cancellation of contracts with Vruian Sirius left a void in soviet for else Trade which must to filled great Britain has succeeded an the first Datum in with Rusilla but the relations inv soviet ovum and Louvou Aro not particularly Happy nod to act tar in the purpose would be in determining what state buttons to other phases of the Lief problem Are adequate hop tons disclosed that Plo Yables have for some been gradually transferred to Tho care of the states he saw that before the these people who include the aged firm and others unable to were cared for locally following thursdays Whita House conference in which Secrce tables Ickes and Morgenthau budget director Daniel Bell i took part the entire Cabinet and other High officials were expected i to gather with the president Clay to discuss the legislative Gram the extent of the Public appropriation to be sought to be announced though Ary Ikea emphasized that was something for the president to he expressed favor again fur Low Cost housing these government discus Sions about the jobless Wero ing on the american Kwedera Uultt of labor announced figures tip show further increases in ploy ment placing the number out of work in Industry in november lit it said this was an increase of Over Oetz beef Anil Over november year Rita was Laid to Normal increase in which yearly Wujs More than 000 to the army of weather temperatures in Paris were More nearly evea for 34i hour period than for Many while Tho Mercury waa never or than live degrees to the Uig Point there Uon that Tho Mist which fell several hours would turn to or freeze tue a was Itlo la w could Louiia thursday from 37 to 43 degree cd att we us

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