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Paris Evening News Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1934, Page 2

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Paris Evening News, The (Newspaper) - December 28, 1934, Paris, Texas Few fria Kiwi to net Chi Patch by 6ils Newi office Stowt 184 my associated press leased wife service East Texas raid Southeast Oklahoma got Jere Uteg Toad and Loch news hoi Edi get go fit r Omage is accorded to Jesse Jones crops a in elaborate ceremony at Houst ii Fujtas civic leaders gather in tribute to head of rec Jones civic is Rustland builder and itt Trot Friday had won the lieu Dlton of Houston Rue Adera of All phases of the cites in the dimly lighted by auditorium wednesday night his likeness in Imper thable it will be placed Jik Public building to inspire if Tia Broa shouldered Tex of the Noco Struc Owhi Llanee with in Eft bowed in the audience the laudatory speech fellow he at conclusion of care and said almost feel a if i have been St ring to a funeral it impossible to believe that die splendid words of Praise t Powl Bly apply to 1 i not possibly have words to appropriately the Gratl Apple Catlon and feeling r that this attitude of in my Home town in scientists Trike Cluck from Hen to rooster that i have made Karl Flea to serve my yet have made no if i lad what has been done Here to Layard what 1 have heard Here would be compensation for any licit been a great privilege to we have pass but i am now that we Are on by it Waud blakksle13 associated press science Koltor a hypodermic of Hen from a hens sets Roos ters to elite in Brief is Uio nmn zing Story of an announcement it tic anic Rlynn association for the advancement of science Friday of the first Dis covery Ever made of the real a Turc and source of an this Wirtl Culner Brood Ness or the wish to Cluck and set on turns out to lie a very time Raul chemical called it Rikars to open a new explanation of Tho till nor called Hahn Flor and beyond thai of Understein Dong Tho sources of the Cut Ruments were by Oscar not Hurt Bates and Ernest of the Carnegie institution of Washington station for experimental evolution at cold Spring prolactin is a Imam on produced by uie tilt us try gland in the it is made by All including and Ita first function is to Luce the formation of breast pro Lncoln and us wore discovered by Kiddle two years investigating further recently kiddie found that Rhren or four injections of Pula Stltt into normally laying hens stopped their laying and caused a Hen and Bird the proof seemed clinched when of Pru Lncoln caused two Cochin roosters to go around clucking instead of the roosters to set a series of other said rid proved incapable of inducing broody in Flor in the new things Learned is to till the effects of this Hon one arc All intimately concerned with the feeding mid care of tie implications Are nearly human and animal bodies make these and Many other and already in human things some ill Mylor has been traced to hormone in Texas Are Low in value slight drop from 1933 is shown by government report figures Are far above 1932 totals values quoted Are exclusive of receipts from government my Telescope May solve big Changil Relief Sef is Plannie Einstein says noted professor suggests 2ooincli Glass May re veal enough space to measure any lure that May exist duo to the splendid Leader in miss Audrey Louie Irais of the rec novel cd Bronze bust included John Resl dont of the first National 1 Jare naval talks asked x Daphn seeks one More con with United states group japanese Mado a Surprise move to one More discussion of the relationship of the and great Britain the United Delsa Amu for 1 Admiral la Oroku a Moreto of requested Admiral tit join him late sat to a last Tho Ameri plan to leave saturday unexpected some i Quarter i my be by a japanese to appear thai the Vrosh Ole Jyates Are leaving when Aro willing to further Steps toward a com possibility of a naval con we Luln another year Ren More Remote Friday i did a week ago when inn Between the United Brj Turt and Japan officially i continued for caused naval and Diplo i Quarter to believe no con will held in 1935 h Ono is Alan of Tho British Point o the at the denunciation of the if Ion treaty by Tokyo u not Patman and vets head to debate Bonus organization of hers opposed to Bonus payment takes Issue new Hobart of National commander of the american vet Erans declared Friday he was Klad representative Pat Man has accepted a Challenge to debate immediate and full pay ment of Tho Soldier to said at bin now York of that he had not yet heard officially from the con Gressman from Texas who is expected to move for Bonus pay ment in the coming session of Congo pith and could not set a limes and place for the Tho american veterans association was organized first by several be in Bronxville opposed to the american legions stand on the in his offer to debate representative Hobart said he left the time and place of Tho meeting entirely up to Tho can Frei nmn at jailers Convol Patman thursday night Lold the need press he would debate Tho Issue with Hobart any any As Long As u does not inter Fere with Iny duties in Hobart thought Philadelphia or Baltimore would to suitable an a mooting place Between new York and wish Lorton for the hut wan waiting Friday to hear from representative Patman be Iorito suggesting a definite Placa and unemployed again gather at meal Ester Jones bust Lindy wife will testify during trial former Anne Morrow to be an important slate witness this Bronze bust of Jesse 11 chairman of the reconstruction finance corporation was presented to him by fellow town men of and placed in Tho Houston City it is the work of Enrico former Houston now of new associated press photo were reduced to in lip by Tho of Oit Rutman a ulna which it ill Rogers nil Over Ana Lioy Wiy join in Ilen Lor work and new administrator More work and a new county Feua hundreds of unemployed gathered at the court House hero where similar group spent the night a Wock ago in a successful Effort to obtain More the talk to be from Over the endorsed Railroad worker and for county and and named a commit Leo to urge Anvern Orelein mar land to Havo to Quoit appointed to Tho place now held by Shel Tho apparently without a wan Iio Tion Dut lot h on a lion fur cent Dimanco of Iho trial of Rudy charjr4 with flu Yang Alton Atimion of Roach named county Jailer City motorcycle officer is Given pout by Byron sap Higton appointment of Grayson Holcli a a county Jailer was announced Friday by sheriff Clyo Shalt omit Howich Pijue coeds Byron who has resigned after serv ing two the now Jailer has been City motor Yolo officer for Tho four for six years prior to hour automobile Man in a a ulivo of Tho do Post Lizarh lived in the county All Tho Appel ulment in Aff Celivo Faiu Nlay and Toach with his Fly will move into the jailers Xijiu Riwen on the fourth floor of Tho your thous following a Langton will return to a Omro family farm Anne Morrow it was Learned from an authoritative source Friday be called As a witness for Ihfe prosecution in the trial of Bruno Richard Haupt Mann which at Flem Neon next Hauptmann is charged with the murder of land bergs infant the authority from which u Learned Lindbergh will testify said she will be an important state it was not revealed what the nature of her testimony would he she is to be a willing in the words of the and will not be the who made the an said it is Only nil that her child having been would like to take the witness stand and Tell what she knows of Tho the fact that she would to called As a witness was not announced the source said because the state was disinclined to try the Cense at the same time it was Learned that the state will not accept the offer of John Hughes shipbuilder and convicted hoaxer of Tho to testify for the prosecution up inst in connection with Curtis it was that the de sense is very anxious for him to testify in behalf of Tho German United mates department of agriculture reported Friday total farm value of Texas exclusive of in celts from Tho was for a drop of per cent from the value in the 1934 was per cent higher the the amount of on december the unit Price of All Texas except pears and was higher than on same Date last a Factor which kept the to Tal value of All crops near the 1933 despite abnormally Low lower average yields in Princi pal crops were cited As Tho cause of decreased Tho per acre yield of 35 important crops was calculated at per cent of a 10ytar production of Only Small potatoes and Broom Corn exceeded the previous j ears All Trust crops except were Pecan production was 54 per cent or last years the condition of Winter wheat was placed at 65 per cent with moisture conditions Gener ally sown acreage was placed at an in crease Over last year and slightly under Tho average from the Cotton valued at was the professor Albert author of the famous that space is curved in Home mysterious said Kilday that the new 200inch Tole scope which will be erected in California May solve this he suggested the Telescope would see enough space to Meas ure any curvature that May sex the noted German expressed this opinion in an interview a few hours before his scheduled address before 400 of the leading scientists Friday after when you he Only a Little piece of a curved Lino you can always Eay it is straight hut when you see a Large Ploce you can say that it is but lie does not think the big Telescope will disclose enough space to show whether it is curved like a so that Light com ing from a Star in the West Alfro will be seen from the com ing around space like a traveler circumventing the asked what Progress he had made toward discovering the relations Between gravitation and called the unused Field be said i have Only nothing Einstein said he Bem eved in what scientists called determine this Means that he la an opt rather than a Pessimist about the Prospect of science in solving the very mysterious and intricate nature of mans physical the interview was held at the Home of Nathaniel Pitts Burgh and was stage managed by several elastic budget for which can be Cut sought to eliminate expect to eliminate Cash ing work Aid limited kills two women were killed and a Man critical injured Friday when the inter National limited of the a Rand trunk Uno struck an in suburban glue it Tho sumo train which two Days ago struck another automobile nearby Harvey and killed sever see Page Austro nazi groups riot refusal of girl to dance with austrian sets off fatal rioting in ten Sion Alons Tho aus Rogerman Border was heightened Friday after fatal involving 500 developing from a Bavar Ian girls refusal to dance with an one person was nine were seriously and 20 others Hurt in to fighting Bej tween bavarian Farmers and aus Tran storm exiled to this a detachment of Soo Schutz or picked nazi hastily summoned from Dachau finally mastered the situation and arrested Many of the the fight originated in n cafe hero frequently visited by the austrian who Are encamped at 12 Miles from the when Tho native girl refused to Douro with the friends of the latter attacked tha Bavar Ucer glasses and chairs were hurled and knives amid of Down with Hitler jul out with Tho Down with anti Hitler plot blamed for arrests Saar newspapers accuse nazis of attempts to put rebellion Saar Basin a bitter fight for in the january 13 plebiscite was intensified Friday with Antinazi newspapers charging that a plot against Chancellor not brought recent widespread arrests in Ger nazi said the opposition have admitted publication in the Saar by an anti Hitler newspaper of allegations that 100 have been killed and arrested in Germany in another june 30 purge Brough the Campaign to a feverish pitch the nazi explanation to Saarland ers of what is happening in Ger Many is that Soo were arrested of of the nazi 200 have been by a clique of 100 was detained forays the Antinazi pres is a Frank admission of a Plo against the Antinazi charges wer vigorously denied in which said there have been no arrest for sexual abnormalities in to the accusations were characterized As a political see Page s cold wave follows in storm Wake Northern half of nation is due for second storm of week by the associated press a new cold wave was moving Down on parts of the end upper great lakes Region Fri Day almost on the heels of the worst storm of Tho meanwhile new in gland Points cleaning up the debris that naked the path of a Gale that killed three a moderation of temperatures in the stricken areas along the Northeast coast aided in the work if repair rank the dam Apo wrought by the described As Tho worst in Many Frame dwellings in the winds path were reduced to and other structures were badly the loss was unofficially estimated at half a million while temperatures moderated in the Central West thursday Turro were additional deaths to swell the total of fatalities indirectly attributed to the Arctic blast which overspread the Northern half of the nation earlier in the among those who died were three Young girls who perished in flames in their Home at Mysha deaths blamed on the cold i map were reported from two other persons mls sins and were believed to have perished in the Washington velt new approach Friday to Ern tents Paramount planned three changes of import in us unemployment Relief by the Federal gency Relief administration to have returned All the Unitt Playa bps on its Rolls to the oaf of the administrator Harry Hopkins said thebe they number about 20 per cent of those on the Washington Post Esti mated the number of xinemplojj1 Ables and relatives involved nearly hoping that increased activity in private business would the army of Roosevelt sought to work an elastic budget for we could be curtailed increase in private there were new f that president Roosevelt eliminate direct Cash As that is considered far the employable people on Fedj Oral and substitute work with Tho completion of the pain announced by task of direct Relief would become exclusively the province states and local who outlined the plan a conference at the White indicated a Hope that the saving to the Federal government to it probably not Cut in number on Lief because state expenditure slip the purpose would be Here Fri a saws 1hulb Ono Joni buy i firms of Jui Quiry it a of Len Tiu i Rumker it Why wait do it now dont wait until your subscription expires to renew if you you will Likely mls a few copies of this and if your u Xvi ulling the serial she will not want to miss single Elm even though your Empire until january k12nkw while of have the you know you Waul Tho paper next proper guaranteed on All Send in your now or to your Home town anywhere in the bargain rate now in effect thie offer expires december 3ut one by mail Lyncher is Given Pardon Only Man convicted in Sherman Case is Given Freedom w Only person convicted of Many indicted in connection with the Lynching of a negro and burning of the clays Oil county court House four years received conditional Pardon from governor Miriam Mccasland was sentenced to two years each for arson and riot trials were in Travis county in june and his total was 15 us he was convicted in May 19 in Collin and Crayson counties of Chekon theft and the Board of pardons and la recommending stated 19 years of age when committed to prison Par Only was tried the and rioting indictments because of previous older also indicted Hava not been tried the Board i the court Houyao was fired whet and militia called out by a former a governor wan at tempted to thwart of a mob to Lynch negro Harget with criminal assault us Whit th9 negro perished in to Wichita and soviet seeks us business closer economic cooperation in 1935 is russian latest aim w soviet Russia a High Hopes for increased eco Lomec cooperation with the unit d stat Sand France in the assassination of Sergei Kir communist Leader and us sub sequent revelation of terroristic plotting has made the government Nore determined than Ever to farce through its Industrial plans and discount efforts to hinder Ita drive toward Alexander Ambas Sador to recently re1 turned to America to take up the angled debts problem again in the Hope that some settlement May be reached which will make american technical assistance and machinery available to russian industries la greater the recent visit to Moscow of Paul Frances min ister of to discuss friendlier relations and a closer business tie up with supplemented the Dotur political ties comm Shufor for Tgu established with French la determining what state buttons to other phases of t let problem Are Hopkins disclosed that Plo Yables have for sepia been gradually transferred to Tho care of the he that before the who include the a firm and others unable to win were cared for following thursdays House in which tables Lekes and budget director Daniel took the entire Cabinet other High officials were to gather with the president Day to discuss the legislative i the extent of the Public appropriation to be sought to be though Ary Lekes emphasized that was something for the to he expressed again for Low Cost while these government Slons about the jobless Werft ing the american of labor announced show further increases in placing the number tier the foreign and is with the iwo Kun saints bitter fight with Lutui Niu Ilariu Atul the of the firms void in soviet Trado must to of work in Industry in at it said increase of Over and Over november the Rise was Laid Normal increase in which yearly adds More than top to the army of Joba Eskert Weathe temperature a in parts were More nearly so f8p hour period than for while Tho Mercury Waer than of tvs degrees ing thera lion thut this Nilst which several hour would turn or in from 37 10 4 a my Atli t

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