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New York Times (Newspaper) - August 18, 1908, New York, New York A the new York times tuesday. August 18. 1908. W v As led Aloner at a merry clip As it was Fri find the appointed Lime for the Resop j lion at the City Liall by acting mayor j Mcgowan. The fast orcs Ahng the River front were packed with people in every j window Ava ving a Welcome an Ltd crying out i Huzzah. At the govern Niento stores work was Sto wiped ail the huge a melding showed j every window Black with Jie Opie and the forces in the custom House and big buildings Broadway were equally curious and enthusiastic. The first big ovation was received at the consolidated Exchange As the car j swung from into Broad j the shouts notified the euro Brok at 1 Exchange in Lake that the ears were com a lag and Uliey Liuddy level to one Side to it give Way to them. As they passed a oils formed by tin Hufe a on either Sha. At la to Folk i Lehi Uge Thot e was the same a a 1hi Sia so. Ami w Allf Loci t anal Broadway. In the Eari scurried Aloir Dart it re More Ahe i a. Moia i flags. To e i it text was Tuo tart to admit it us the full Alipat Ion the Sci Ati i u a a Chi org. Ghi uce jump rehash d Siam am pus spirit. Inc Etling t City Hall. At Ity Hall in Kirk crowd anchored. As the h Adco a undo to inc i disc Mon swung into the in Laza the hand Wago i a Uiti or ice it a it Crew up in front cd ii . While tie rest to a cars lined u p across the driveway. Then the four men i to mounted from i Ai Thomas car and were escorted in by l,.i it. In Encl to see acting mayor inc Gowan. When the Little group reached the anteroom Lieut. Kennel informed intr. Alc Gow an arrival and he came out his office and greeted the Crew. Sacii Man was presented and or. Mcgownn said a a i am very Happy to have the Honor to return the Thomas car Winner new York to Paris race. Arii Zigr 3nyor in Wiki intr car. As the mayor said Liis sinister straightened up Raith Pride and he led Welcome Back to be a York tie Crew the acting mayor out and insisted that he get into the Drivers seat and a get the feel a a �1�. Imon wan clambered the victorious Thomas car. I want to say Here that i take what might he called a reminiscent pleasure in this Little ceremony to Daji. Evhen the cars started last february a from times Square 1 had the american car for a distance fifty Miles up the Hudson Valley perhaps to be strictly truthful. I should add that i carried on Ray running Board a sergeant police. This May have allowed me mind you i Only say May have to exceed the Speed limit without breaking the Speed Law. A this race around the world has been a tremendous Strain on both machine and men. But now that i have seen the men i am not surprised that they withstood that test muscle and endurance. A i w ant to extend congratulations to or e. R. Thomas for Cour Tige in entering a Thomas car in this unprecedented contest the expenses i which were an entire Enigma. And i want to thank him for Yate people this j every Stop an eager throng gathered City in having the Pluck and the Patriot about tiie car plied tie Crew wit i ques makes anti Hughes plea to Roosevelt congressman j. Sloat Fassett declares opposition to the governor is growing. Railroads Are against him s2.50 to �tl�nt1c City and return sunday August 23,1908 Pennsylvania Railroad i special train labor unions too sex chief police j la. West 23rd Street 45 a. M. Mccullagh tells president police Are against Hughes. amp Desbrosses . .7a5 a. M. I ? leaves Atlanta City. 7--w p. A the car in crated the Krench ism to enter a ear in this International Ltd a int and thus give these boys Art prior Unity to Luce our at he fit re front worm event Wlinich i Sli Ould add. Has happened pleasing fre it Iuen by year. A now that t have seen the Crew i want to so tile , and Shook their viands and wished them every Succi is in future Rae . Then from the garage tiie inac Iune started off a ii gain. And with a single Sar As escort drove i Tive times building win re it was placed on exhibition on the Grousl floor and where thousands crowded at out to see it during tie remainder the afternoon and evening. The Winner to Tyiee again. The car will main on Cphil oltion in tote times building until morning at least until it ready to have new York in fact. It to be driven to Buffalo to take part in a Celebration in the in . And a dozen photograph i Home town and will then return for Trio ers snapped Hio picture. Tie n with Ato enav Ron Lour race at Brighton Ipach. Few Inov words you granulation and a car will not be touched in the mean Good he stood. On Tiu stops and a to me hut will go to Buffalo with every watched the procession once More on i Jimart officially sealed by the automobile Avyay. I Glubt a technical men. Then when it oat City Hall Bank and up Broadway j returned intact with no Nia it be in that cars ran Lirra High a steady Roar i it it will to Jiu Liely at the cheers and Conga Lulaton a cries whih club so that everything that is done to again and again bout plots. fun Wens Wei e i it will be generally known. It the Lii rown by Kornou on the site walks to a purpose in charge it to give a men. So to rough i Ninn Sty Are and Back it i in that Salt to the to Broadway and then Piast a a Adison car still Cap Atile doing in spite Square Arides a up tiie thoroughfare the. made Way. At these wind Ings about tiles it Iuar is the bust View tie inc Demtd. Each i it Artig Amei ican flags Andrj in it Tiow str it amers with the inscription a a Thomas Fin so Kow York to Thiris a a they made a Gallant sight indeed. A momentary Stop w a made in front i times building while the cameras that be Riiel rated like Start duplicated the scene at the finish the world tour. In re too Vas another Trig . Then off to the Houpt garage a Here the line was dismissed. Elia to the avre York tir is. Oyster Bay. L. I. Aug. 17.�?president had a Long conference Fuis afternoon with j. Sloat Fassett the a re Puhi ican Leader Chemung and Bias Liet n the t a seat the Ottier Confer fences who cd a the president has recut y j had with other state leaders the state pop Iteal situation was gone Over j Ghlyn. efforts Are being Bro tight to in in to convince tiie Ihu a a silent that the re Nomi Nulion gov. Hughes would b a blow to the Republican party. Acct re ing to representative , kids prs sure is not alone coming from the race do you know the Cost imperfect sight no Fri i in in in re Ani Centof it. I / uni Tif you. Eyesight Briner bodily ailments interfere with your work and injure your family. The most certain Way to absolute safety is an Eye examination by trick Benu it and politicians but fun the registered physicians Heads Rai Ruad companir.=. Labor terrific journey. Zust car in Europe. Italian racer has reached Perm just Over the siberian Border. Special Cable to the new i Ork times. A London 17.�?scarfoglio has at last reached Europe after a Long delay in Siberia account floods accidents and the illness his companions on the Zust car the representative Italy in the new York to Paris race the Winner which the american. Thomas is now Back in now York. The Zust is still upon the Way Scafoglio sends the following characteristic dispatch to the daily mail from Perm in East Russia a a our first Day in Europe was magnificent. Tvo raced to Perm on the sir Berian Frontier in thirteen hours through a a e exquisite slopes the urals the Road winding amid lofty fir Trees. With trunks As straight is lances. A the Sun too welcomed us to Europe. It was the first time we had seen Ravs since w e left Irkutsk. From All i the gardens on our Way people saluted i in that they must Hustle around and 1/iti uis Mon and the a Lublic , who disapprove or. Hughes fur various reasons Iticia Side i is said to to annoy a a i Velvor by the fact that 3ir. Hugles s do not Cut Ime out in the Piti. For the most part they coi Teut Vliem Silves with writing letters to the president Wilile or. R Rosevelt desires that the opposition take a nut re tangible form so that it can to definitely determined just How gov. Hughes stands with voters. The president will take no action regarding or. Hughes s Renom Naii n until he is More certain the govern it res Start us the. He has Given the word to the Wiio live journeyed Here see a. . Hirn a A a Dir. J i d. Marink a. M. To. Marti v j a 7 a in Toth. . D. Laxami nations without charge glasses Alvada at moderate prices a a. Amp a i lib a Fly Evna flints and opticians. 50 it Iris. In practice. 350 sixth Avenue la i a 5t. 101 Nassau St. Fear a n to. 1274 bread Way i Riv. St. 217 Broadway is a a j 7. 223 sixth Avenue near a Isth us and Yva Ved hands in greeting. A a when to reached Perm it was i find out about the number Frieml the Gove nor has. With the except in senator Raines Only these Black night and All the electric lamps l ave been to a again town w Ere lighted. We passed along j Mure Hill so far. In their cheerful Light staring at the a Eti think Hughes weak familiar streets and people with a representative had left Surprise and enjoy Niento like that Hill he s do rustic who is visiting Tho City for the i it a i talked Over the political situation in St time. This is the promised land the state with the president this after Day by Day we near the longed for hain5 Brothers p�orsuedb�cr01d j a i a continued from Page 1. Would certainly put the greatest credence in his or. Rockwell later denied All know ledge the letters. Boatman a witness. Coroner Amber w ent to the Bayside yacht club to Complete his list names witnesses for the Annis inquest which is to be held at the town Hall in Long a a mpg Viiar habits. Lie c Pijue out Here every friends who has Noen representing Vars since her husbands murder said cyst Eniy a a several . Friends arranged with a lawyer to Day to have an interview Vav Ith mrs. Annis and then prepare a state men who will set this Wlizlo blackening 3ir. Ennis a name at rest. She herself is in no condition to talk and others us cannot do so because we Ini not know the Haines or anything about their relations with the Arnises. Annis Der ofed his family. A emr Annis has lived among us practically All his life first at bowl be Park , and then it Murray Hill. A year ago he sold his House in the latter place and mov 1 to Vla Nhattan. He was building a House at Douglas Manor at the time his death. He was a Man Island City to Morrow evening at 8 clock. He summoned John Tenning the swedish , who w us Hie first to seize capt. Hains after tic shooting and asked him what he could Tell about the acting on this the order w As issued. Gen. Plains appeared greatly disturbed during his talk wit i due. As for the nature that evidence i do not feel that it would be proper for me to disclose Itiat. Capt. Hains was a conscientious officer who did his duty w Ell and Faitie a Mars . Hains and Annis Niet at fully. Until this thing came out i could j Home her parents. P hen capt. I not have said about him Itiat was not in his favor. A for his wife she is a charming Little we Oman and so it Lar As i Knower conduct at this Post w ii we proper. I would prefer not to discuss to Jenkins Hains. A a i do not know what will be the course the government military authorities As regards the affix air. In time War jurisdiction the army w Ould be first Blit in Lime peace the civil author ivies j have the first and i imagine. Itiat a nothing will he done by the pending the final adjudication the cd be by a he people. He May be court Martl aled. A should capt. Hains be acquitted he saturday morning with his wife and children to whom he seemed devotedly at tallied. And was with them constantly until monday morning. Navejar heard anything like a Tui reel int Tow family j May lie court Martiale for conduct uneven after capt. Plains began his divorce j becoming an officer and a gentleman to the prejudice Good order and discipline. To h. G. Rockwell Charles Roberts Arthur Andrews c. A. Birch Field Lewis Llars a All members the club Anat Pitt the clubs superintendent. One the last acts Annis before Pas dog into unconsciousness on the Way to the Flushing Hospital was to dictate to tie ambulance surgeon a Telegram summoning his Mother from Buffalo. She Ai Rived at tire grand Central station on sum Lav , and was taken in Laius Harway s automobile to Liis Home near tiie Side clubhouse. A a my but was w Ron god a we As All tire Mother would say about the tragedy Esus Nlay. Votor tiie funeral w hich will take place from the Annis apartment at 47 Clare Nikont Avenue this Eye Nirry mrs. Annis. Sr., will i ave for Jenver where her daughter now he Only child is danger ill. Her Lisband died when her Oli Ildren were very y owing. And. After i r a in was graduated from the fits icing seen ool he helped to support her. Harvey Rock Wen. One Aimis a always was a loader in the tiv no a sports. Dell. Houghton one a Nisi a fellow climb members who attended him on the float until the ambulance came said a a a while Anitis Lay str Etolier nut on float lie made a Stati ment to me which i am not permitted to repeat nowbut i which i shall give at the in guest to More Row . This statement was to the effect that the attack on >11111 had not teen in expected. A mrs. Annis immediately after tire shooting said to a number us on the pier a 1 knew this wins coming for for so far As i know he was not on leave when he shot Annis. A a i can see w by a Man whose we Ife has he Ltd w l longed May become enraged but i cannot understand wily lie should w Ait two months to reach that the other officers at fort Hamilton talked in the same Strain As did col. Ludlow. They said capt. Hains was one the Best men his rank in the army. Tii Eye were All aware the Friendship that existed b tween capt. Hains and Annis and it was no secret at fort Hamilton that when capt. Hains left for the Philip he. Left his automobile in Clarge unbeatable exterminator the old reliable that never fails 15c, 25c, 75c comes Al druggists or eur on Buu swearing at him without provocation and Over there my Inton Nant went on to him for it the Hains Brothers did not put in an a another enlisted Man the Sentinel who Paranee. _ _ a oat guard in front capt. Hainsw a House after the order was issued to keep ent at most the social functions particularly. Those which May be described As More or less army affairs. It was it one Toliese that Annis and t. Jenkins Hains met for the first time. From the first it apparent that lire latter Dis like ii a a tint. During succeeding sum at the Lins was ordered to new Orlein and later to a met Hamilton but Hie Friendship Between Annis and capt. And mrs continued unbroken. I a next came the order that sent capt. Hains West temporarily from which duty he unexpectedly returned to fort Llam Ilton. Gen. Hains. We hen seen yesterday afternoon at the hotel Astor said he had not seen capt. Train so a wife since her arrival in cite and that she had not sent any demand or Fetiu est to him for Lier three children. A a through an arrangement with her husband mrs. Hains was permitted to see her children once in two weeks a said the general. A that arrangement still in Force so far As i know. Certainly sire can see the it , but i will not surrender them unless requested to do so by my mrs. Hains will consult a lawyer. And it is expected that sire will soon demand that the children be surrendered to her Gen. Hains declined to disc us the shooting or any the incidents covering the Rei Atiqi his. Son and daughter in Law previous to the tragedy. Jenkins trains ostracised. Miss Davis slain the theory now body sixteen year Gid girl was found in Pond near Palmer. Noon. I4eoreliry the Treasury Corte you Hind a Stephen h. Olin new York City Wei o present. I can not Tell All that wa.4 Liaise used but 1 can say that the a resident feels Liat the entire situation in tire state thus been Given a wrong twist. The president is learning that the opposition to gov. Hughes is not confined to tile politicians and to the racing element t it is wide and deep and comes from Many sources. A a Earnest protests against the re Novini nation or. Hughes have come 1 from Railroad men. For instance and also from classes genre rally. i can not see Liere or. Hughes has gained strength numer Neaily Over since the last gubernatorial election. In my part the state i would say that the people Are about evenly divided on the or. renomination. A a Peculiar feature about the present situation and one which unusual to say the least is that Tipiere should be so much opposition to Hughies at Tim a when Liere no other candidate in the Field. Personally i think the question should be settled in the District caucus after free fair and open discussion. Hughes is right about it the people should have their own Way about it after a free and full expression a their a a avus any other Man mentioned for governor at to Days conference a or. Fassett was asked. A a i am glad you asked that question a lie r��?~j-lic4a for. While no other name was mentioned there Are at least half a Palmer mass., aug. 17.�?the theory dozen men in the party any one whom in i a would make a first class g murder is steadily gaining ground m the Case Faith . The sixteen a a old girl who disappeared Friday and grand Niece w. M. Rice neighbor saw the go re. And a Young Man companion pass near her Home on Day she disappeared. Made by the mile for Economy. Sold by the foot for convenience. Office partitions and railings in q or to m a Vaa and eth a i-1�o t .41 i a 3 to \ t a l estimates free. S a a for floor plans Frei. Mount amp Robertson 2h a a a a u St Kkt. Tel. 13,>7 Broad. Special to the Avert York times. Robinsons Patent Barley with fresh cows milk for infants has been the Best substitute for Mothor-4 Lull during the last 70 Vears All Over Kuroye. In Ltd the same in America. water made from Robinsons Patent Barley is the thirst quencher a for athlete invalid and those suffering from to Tudi Lii so is Cli Euper cleaner Aud More healthy this a any other food. Grocers and druggists . r. Saint ii amp , Imit touts. May York. Whose body w As Fouad in the Power Pond . Miss Davis was a grand Niece William Marsh Rice the new York mall Lonaura whom Albert t. Patrick is alleged to have . She would who to mention to lick now with everybody having n stick out my por penal opinion is that the Man should let a nominal cd who can Best help the Republican Baltimore social circles dropped him after he killed Hannegan. Special to the Nev York times. Baltimore aug. 17.�?the murder Avil Llam e. Annis by capt. Peter c. Hains jr., and the presence Arsine examiner and the District metropolitan . Or. 3ipcalinjgh talk on police. Another president visitors to Day was John Al Ccullagh. Former ultimate Eli have come into Possession a Ltd Hief police new York City and Large property. The refusal the police 1 later superintendent elections for the latest in leather change purses in All leathers a a $1� i0 Library scissors and paper knife in leather Case a a a a a a a a f4.75 leather waste paper baskets. $5.50 the Bayside summer Colony was la upset during the week before Satur a tragedy 1 v two men. Clad in Khaki Olio loitered Amu the cottages at night. D. A. Weaver saw them in lits Back Yard last night and look a shot at thu m., Ordor a were in the it Thuv frightened the families William ii. Joins and Nutis Masram by walking Anitis it off tire reservation said that soon after he took up his station there Eie it. Farnsworth now stationed at fort Stevens Ore. Avo was officer the Day. his Liro Lior. Thornton Jenkins Hains. Created a sensation in the most exc Lusje social circles Liis City in which set the a irises moved awhile residents Baltimore. Gene hairs was for Many years the Engineer in charge tire Harbor work or Baltimore and awhile hero his eone made their Home with him. Jenkins Hains. As he is Best know Here came to Baltimore immediately Joh owing the tragedy at fort Monroe \ a., when he shot and killed his most it image Friend. Ned Hannigan. Hannegan w Sci Azaliy Well known in Baltimore and urgent mail Orde Mark Cross 83 urgent get. Mail order Given prompt attention. Attorney to state that Pavis commit came to Sagamore Hill he a Aid. On or Ted suicide has aroused intense excites Nal business and he he would ment. A to fifth Avenue. 253 Broadw mrs. Marv Rotalia. Rho lives in the tn-, to Warrens Road not far from the Pond saw up. Mca ullage. A drifted to i Oil to Uii vis pass her Home saturday after i Lotical . Among Oiler tiling a i the police i re Art rent t i noon. Mrs. Do land May. . Tire 1�, a i saw the Davis girl and a Young Man pass my House saturday afternoon Between 4 >0 and g o clock. I have seen Dent always a Liun a great interim to in Hie City police department find i l now no person Mudter it qualified speak about it. I know he tire Niue the girl a Good Many time.�, and although Friendship ill conf device the non \ i it Annis barred from fort. Time and Bloney wanted Heap Low priced pow Ders. This powder will do the work the powder 15c and 25c cans remarkably effective against Cook Roaches beetles. Quot water bugs a pc. The liquid not Only kills Hgt bugs but the eggs and prevents their iia Clung. 8nout cans not in iut 15e. 1 Ial. Cans. .si50 a a 1 in Iii 25c. 5 a a a a. 5.00 to druggists Crowers and fun Mitre stores. Rough on bed bugs Zotigh in bed bugs Powekk very Lect Apfl by effective. Ali july to Best apply a with a by uo-vv.-. A gun a a liquid i not Only kills to it bugs. Luti the eggs or my i Ovi hatching. Spout coins a a hit 15c. 1 Oil. Cans .si.50 spout . 1 in int 25e. 5 Cal. Cans. S6.00 to druggist i i rovers. Or furniture ores. On fleas tic in order kills ideas on dogs cats and other animals the Edquid May he found Best for household use. 25e. At druggists or by mail rough on hen lice i the de8t Quot it a App Lisalinn to tire Fealk is and body i the. Glen. In . 15c. The Pov Deit for placing in the Bottom the nests in Barge t . To e. The Blel id to be diluted nid Iipp bed to hen houses and . 1 it. Cans. ?.5c., 1 7.a. , 5 Gai. T.. ?0. At drug Isle and c suntry stores. Official order issued to exclude him on Gen. Hainsw a request. Mrs. Actor c. Hains jr., wife Tho army Captain who shot ind killed Avill Iam e. Annis saturday at Bayside in. I., was playing with one her Little children on Tho a tops Tho big i d Boho to Hio North lire fort Hamilton Gate Wiren capt. Hains. Arrived Home Volt june. I expected la in the latter part june. V. T i a coh ii i. Tidlow commanding officer at was doing there. Fort h Milton save he has Infozina Tiomi i j hat was Tho hardest question to an Ruhr int i inst sri Xue Rel m a mortal Ever put to me. Ana Ilu oho 7h/7.ii,t a our before. Was to do Annis j morose and lived the appeared. Lieut. Farnsworth looked me Jujj a Recluse from then on. His Fani ily Over coolly and replied a your duty As i grave fears that he still Hin Soldier a a a Story b Sentinel. A a i then asked the duty a Soldier was in a Case like mine and Lieut. Farnsworth said to Call the Corporal the guard. Luckily nothing to happened Thant cesspit need my giving an example a hat a soldiers duty would be in. Such a Case but so Nietling else did occur that i will r member As Long As i live. I had been winking up and Down in front the House several hours when the door opened and mrs. Hains called to me and asked was popular socially in Maryland and \ in acquaintance with her i am not i a tved Nuder him when he was i .d non. Mistaken As to her identity. A to is As i ago saturday morning i Nad i in Par i am with the three platoon go Over the bring a at tie lower patrol system which the Povic it it. A Spucci ally j e Pond to pick a a new York City Hope to Isaic in died la j grow just across the Bridge. Miss Davis jaw. Ask you know a Bill introduced . T the woman looked at me doubt Iii like Ltd ii ie.1 it it in i. , Luiis and the next thing 1 Kne i was Simiu who. N it in it t tic investigated. I explained that 1 is the officer Olio issued the order to ods ered officer a i to i a i t4oshons. And that l saw a Kupst l a is til dlr ,.f tie a Quot Quot a a he a a a a a a a a a i a �?~i4 t. col. Ludlow a for whom j i on Eom fondation. So far is Liis Mii diary car. R is Cedar Riff in in new York the latter june us pc Chi div. I understand Liat re Tui ii was has tried by certain info Irma on Tiit was Keiit to him from new Dork the Nai Urt Wlinich i will not Liis cuss tire Gen. Hainsw a wife Young mrs. Hains arrived at fort Hancock at noon and remained four hours. The meeting Between the Young Mother and her children w is said to have been a pathetic one. She found the Little ones in charge two maids and before she left was convinced that they Yvere being we cell cared for. Her self and a close watch was kept on him for a time. It is Viv div recalled Here. Howe or How devoted a Beautiful Young wife was to him throughout his trouble. Mrs. Hams then barely out her teens was his constant attendant Day and might Ana never for an instant would she allow him out her sight. After a time the feeling against Hains became so pronounced that he and his wife decided to leave. Baltimore. In a Small Vacic they made the Inland passage from this City to Florida and r was on i this trip that he wrote a the a did Jam Tiibi i am not to learn that Jen i could 1 Kins Hains had a hand in the murder his brother committed and i Only thank Goa that his wife has been spared this Long. Said a woman member society to Day. A the was cruel to her and ruled her with a Rod Iron. I lived in the same House we Ith them and i know he tyrannize Over her. He was a Coward tire nost pronounced Type As one instance will prove. We tree All sealed in the drawing room the House in which we lived one evening when the lights went out. Quot a <"11 was in total darkness for perhaps a minute. A a when the lights flashed up again we noticed that Jen Lions Hains had left his scat and the room to his we Ife s Side seized her hands and there he stood with blanched face his eyes staring and Bra Fyk Pernsl ration standing out on his for a head. He was in a frenzy fear. A a when we questioned mrs. about this strange incident a Day or two later Slie explained that her husband had been the victim a cruel joke perpetrated by his when a child and had never Kcf a Alile to overcome his fear Hie dark. The who knew that he had shot and Hannegan a vere inclined to at cowardice More to a guilty than anything and the same Young Man w to passed my at the a legislature to legalize the ii ouse we Ltd her saturday stood upon the Viire platoon in All cities in tire Pridge. X. Was Al out s clock in the j Tato the and second class. It morning. Miss Davis w As wet to the a was passed the gov nor gave a hearing we lust and i Reitt irked that she ought notion it. And tie police nun Lead every Cut it a. Lyon s perfect Toof powder thousands dollars Worth office chairs Odd patterns at Cost i unfaithful a a Apt. Hains must have been deranged i a when be Annis. Rumor had it the it after leaving fort Hancock mrs. Hains i came to new York. Dwiere she was met by friends who took her to their Home. Yvere Annis 3iet mrs. Hains. A a Nelly . A two Days later Liere was a disturbance at cant. Or a House during which both Gen. Hains. The Fatlich Apt. . And has Roth r. T. Jenkins Hains. Were Prest in. Coli use what i know about , Fani ily scene 0-my lie..iv. But to. Thi Rcw is a serious i mrs. Hains first met Annis about five misunderstanding some sort Hiat i i years ago at the Home her parents at know. J Winthrop. Mass. The the Hains tiie following morning i received a i children Peter a 3d, was then to o years visit from Gen. Hains who asked to i old. And his Mother we As As now. A very 1-Ssuc an order Tiret w Ould keep Annis off Youthful looking w Oman. Winthrop in according to friends the Bainses to he standing about in that condition. A saturday afternoon the Young Man and woman based the House going Owaru Warren. As they we Ere walking Back past the House the Man put his Arm around the we Oman a Waist Iund after a few Steps she did. The same. They walked on toward Blanchardville Writh their Arma about each yrs. Delandus Story raises at onco Tho question As to we hen the body the Girj went into the water the Pond. It seem mrs. Deland is not mistaken that Davis was in the habit meeting a Young Man near the Pond. Seeks horse and Wagon. Owner advertises in times for Rig stolen yesterday a valuable horse and we agon belonging to Nathan Low amp son butchers 1,019 sixth Avenue w�?T stolen at fifth a eighth Street and ave clue yesterday afternoon. The Driver came out a House we Here he was delivering goods Taj unfortunately. As tie measure was a state find the Rig gone. All efforts to find it a Issue he. Said he could not see his Way have ailed and or. Low has resorted to l present time to interfere in the lost and found columns the times for assistance. He announces that a Liberal Reward w ill be paid for the re turn his property. Ill Over night Law yer Fieldien Al. Olin mrs. M. D. Clausen employ a ment agent new y Ork City who came Down at the department charities has , said visit was porgy a 1 a a. An. 4. T 1 t. Re Lone Asho was an old Friend the lost her Gold watch and advertises a re Ward for finder to rough the times. It is a Small Hunting use watch was to. Y. Cocks i. My isl lest on aug. T2. 5. I and. Who was at the conferee. J. H. Gray room 2,019. The Fuller 1 Between president t and y in i building will give $ it for the return to Barnes. Or. I ran us j. In a Dicks an him the july Coupon l. Amp n. Bond 4.37-5. Payment has Brien stopped. The owner Bank Book 213.842 on the Tidence that it a would be signed Ronfor Luna Toly the governor Votour the Bill. Quot i thought this was an Oji Portune time to ask the president to lend his Infra enc he consistently could d so to have a Plank inserted in the to publican slate platform advocating the the Law legalizing the three plat on system. Or to could not do that. I asked Hie presid it he could in any Way influence the governor to change his attitude regarding the system. President for three platoon Law. A a i told the president it bras Ray belief that the Largo majority patrolmen in the state who amount in the aggregate to about 14,0 x men. Will be opposed this fall to any candidate who we he not stand for that measure becoming a Law. A a Tho president told to that he believed the three platoon system the Best for the Poh Cemen. To showed that he we As familiar with the system and the the proposed Law and it said he was in full sympathy with the desire i the police to have such a Law passed Jet 354 Broadway near Leonard St oae end i x i Tat it 1 e. Syrup figs a a a a h a a i 18 to 1. T v re a a h a a we a cts wan a a a a a \ a Al ii Dum v i k. V a a a a i us i a a. Only. A Fer speaker. Alp any a a Java v. A a h eve. I j i a Liam a a a or. Herbert Parsons last we a said yesterday Harlem savings Bank has also turned to the times for assistance. The Book should be returned by the finder to the and Hendricks Bank. Miss Anna Begtrup a it Lai Glit i his Mornini Ilion. There is Little d not in my that As the convention approaches the haders will get around to <j.ov. Hughes. Barns they sincerely Bel ill Tilli Street asks the times to help her find Ai that he would Mak Quot a weak can a Gold Bracelet which she dropped from i the window a Coney Island car on sunday. She will pay a Liberal Reward for recovery. Ills tire reservation. A Upu St was a very i replied that the unusual one Itiat the summer Tinie is a Gay Piave socially and Many Young Boston men attend the e. S. Wells. Chemist. Jersey City . Originator a a Hough on a preparations beware imitations or substitutes civilians who in Siperly conducted them entertain cents. A Friend Annis who Selyos had a right to it visit the r was then in business in l3-, Ston. Asked officers on to , in a Liat a him to one the Winthrop hops and it evidence justifying the issuance such i there that he met mrs. Hains. He an i was tit coniing. I would liar c met Captain then lieutenant at to Cici line to comply with his re guest. I the same time and became Friendly with a was a re Silt my for inform both the husband and the Wile Tion that would justify me issuing the capt. Hains was then stationed at fort order concerning Annis. Gen. Hains fur Banks not far from Winthrop and it ii shed me wet ii certain evidence and was an easy matter for him to be pres made from Pearly Quot White Corn rolled thin and toasted a delicate Brown a the taste lingers a pc Rcd at All first class restaurants. Popular pkg. Lac family size 15c. 5ra<1o by Fistum Cereal company. Limited Battle Creek Mich two Indiana centenarians dead. Special to the a Civ York times. , ind., aug. 17.�?mrs. Frances re gel died to Day at the soldiers Horne at Lafayette at the age or Parsons has not yet made up mind whether gov. Hughes is Strong in new y Ork City. A a i know from my own observation that to a a he is not As Strong in Buffalo he a Mac a might be. But in some parts the state i Horn in the governor is very Strong. I believe my District will be for his Reno Zinamon. I a should Sav that in ten Days or. So the Hughes sentiment w ill crystallize and demonstration be Trad the governor s real strength. �?�h.-. 1 1. U. A u a it i a 8 to strut it 1 or a a. \ hit. To it t ,. A j a or. Tor g a r r. J a siak. i v a. 1. 1 1. my a a a. I x the. I i v. A h. A o b a cd Gover rarer. B o a. N h Flao a it a is we w a. I foe h a a g a a it will w to can a Iai r Ltd to e 1 -"0 t i h a. R �?Tc3 to la 105 year Havlin been born in Montreal i Inist o it Irma do a up a to Quot ibo . .30. 1803. She had had five husbands letters bearing on the subject g and declared a few months ago her last one should die she would marry again. Mrs. Clara Peck born at Palmer mass., oct. 6, 1808, died at. Terre haute last night possessed ail her fac Ulues. Governors renomination. The president is making every Effort to ascertain Fogt a himself just How Strong the governor is and to this end is consulting not Only the Republican leaders but -6i.1 a a want to red properly. what new a a a a a b and v for go a a a a a a is a builder a �--�1��f�,�

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