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New York Times (Newspaper) - August 16, 1908, New York, New York A fall the news to hat a fit to the Eather. Somewhat cooler possibly showers to Jav showers to Morrow. Vol. . 18.467. New York sunday a it just a uios.-54 pages in six parts including pictorial Section. A a a in to hang another negro Obs in Springfield iii., defying 3,0cm3 soldiers string up old and innocent victim. Threaten All Blacks Cov. Deneen declares martial Law but situation grows worse on second Day. Arsenal is under siege Whites demand lives of refuges there a first victims body riddled with bullets by cheering of no use Waldo says that a Why he left his House wide Coen when the family was away. When the Yonkers police telephoned Rhinelander h. Waldo once a Deputy 1 it lice commissioner at the Waldorf Astoria in this City yesterday that his Home in Yonkers had been found open he replied a r know it. I left it open myself. What a the use of Loki off your House if a burp Lar has on the place be will get in whether it is closed or seeing looters papers and two Small bottles of milk on the rear porch of or. Waldo a Home a a policeman concluded that the family must be away and he made an investigation. Lie found the front door open All the windows on the first floor were raised and Only protected by Light . Going into the cellar he found the door standing wide open. The Only door closed was the one leading from the cellar stairs to the drown in a a off burning launch father and Mother die before the eyes of children standing on Newark pier. Special to the Nev York times. Springfield 111., aug. 15.�?the second Lynching of the race riots that have raged Here since yesterday took place at 9 of clock to night at Spring and Edwards streets. The Man who was hanged was George Donegan. An aged negro who had lived in the neighbourhood for More than fifty years. He was taken from his door Sill in his Yard by a mob of 50 Whites and hanged to a Small tree near by. When he was Cut Down he was dying. The rope was buried in his neck. He died one hour later. Donegan kept a Small shop. At 8 30 of clock this evening he was sitting in front of his place when the mob came along from the state Arsenal. Donegan was one of the most respected negroes in the City and he had no fear that his life was in danger when the Leader of the mob halted in front of his cottage. A Good evening gentlemen what can i do for you a asked Donegan As he advanced toward the crowd on Jyh sidewalk. He was struck with a Brick that knocked him Down. Half a dozen of the mob then jumped upon him. A get the rope a shouted one of the rioters. a the crowd produced a piece of clothesline and it was quickly adjusted about the old Many a Heck. Pleaded for his life he pleaded with them to spare his Ike but his assailants Only jeered and kicked him again. Members of his family w to heard his Serfes for h a up. Were so frightened that they Barrie Apfl themselves in the House. Three or four men grabbed an end of the Ropp and the poor Oid negro was ragged along the Street to a tree. The end of the rope was thrown Over a limb and the dangling form of the Black Man shot up ten feet from the ground a have mercy have mercy boys a a the old negro gasped As the rope tightened about his neck. Seme one reached up with a knife and slashed at the victims his body was lifted up and Down several times Over the limb while Many a family cowered within the House. Unable to give High any Aid. The rope Cut into his neck washing a Quot keep wound that almost severed the wind pipe. Ashen the mob thought they had killed their victim they tied the Loose end of the rope Over the limb of the tree and hurried away. They went Only a Block when part of the mob returned and set fire to the House in which the Black Man lived. Tried to Burn a family a Torch was applied to the front and rear of the building and those who were imprisoned within were for awhile fearful that they would be incinerated but the fire in department responded and saved the old Darky s wife and children. Shn itly after the old Man was Strung up company i of the first cavalry arrived. Then lighting with the mob began. Corporal Reynolds Rode Back through the City at full Speed to inform adj. Gen. Scott of the crime. Two companies of militia were immediately sent to the crowd of 2,000 persons gathered a in front of the undertaking shop at sixth and Wafe Hington streets where the body of Donegan was taken and jeered the soldiers on guard. Men cried out in their glee that the negro was dead. The charged with fixed bayonets and several men were injured. The crowd was finally driven away. Dozen arrested. Later detective Van t. Jones arrested a Man believed to be the Leader of the crowd that hanged Donegan. At the police station he is said to have made a partial confession implicating others. As a result of his admissions a dozen men were afterwards rounded up by the soldiers and police and locked up in jail. Chief of police Morris Learned late tonight that the reason the crowd lynched Donegan because he had lived with a White wife for several years. He was a hard working shoe make a and every White person who knew him Speaks Well of him. Other parts of the City Are in danger of attack from other mobs. The state arse Nal. Where several homeless negroes were taken after their Homes were burned Friday night was surrounded by 2.000 men crying for to be blood of the Black men. A gang of Whites is marching toward continued on Page 3.banker Marquand plunder his country Home in Westchester county. A bold robbery was reported to the sheriff of Westchester county yesterday by Henry Marquand the new York banker and Patron of the metropolitan my a Selim of Art who has a Large country place at mount Kisco. Or. Marquand returned to find that his House had been broken into and Silver and other taken to several thousands of burglars ransacked the dining room and drawing room and besides stealing a 1 re amount of Silver plate away Many Fine Ivory carvings miniatures Sot in covers and other pric loss pieces of Bric a Brae which the hanker had collected during his travels in Europe. A Entrance to the House was effected with a although there were nine servants sheping Liere at the time and two watchdogs wore on guard downstairs not a sound was heard during the night. This is the third burglary in Northern Westchester in less than a month. The other victims w re Clarence Whitmi in of the merchants association of new York Diu a Eorge l. Nichols a Wall Street lawyer both of whom lost Sizer and jewelry. To or. Nichols s the burglars carried away among other , a Silver Loving cup five feet Leigh which was Given by air. Nichols to and rent Are on the occasion of their Golden anniversary. At first it was thought that the robbers we re using an Auto but sheriff Lane Learned yesterday that a White Lionso and Wagon were seen tied in the Woods near the a Marquand place the evening before the robbery. Tracks of the Wagon were found the next near the Marquand mansion hut they were lost after they reached the main Lilge Nway. The t Sid ones of the county Are so great alarmed that the new Gastle taxpayers association has differed �?2 >0 Reward for the arrest and conviction of the burglar Moonlight balloon women in party that starts night air journey. Special feet 7 e no v York times. . Aug. 15.�?ttefore a crowd of at least 2,< my Piersons the first Moonlight balloon exc i Sion Ever Here started to night at of clock from the athletic grounds of the railed Gas to improvement company. The balloon Philadelphia was the vehicle. Mrs. M. E. Torkington and miss Minnie Appell Hach went out of sight up in the darkness accompanied by m r. George e. I Immerman who was Pilot of the Hal Toon. And or. Thorn us k. . Tho presid it of the r Luh under Whoso aus it ices tie apr pension was . The Moon was under a Cloud when the balloon was Cut Loose from moorings tit the Pilot assured the other three passengers that they to idd soon be above the Clouds and would then have All. The noon that they wanted As the Moon Rose about i it 30 of clock mrs. Thomas Rose was to have made one of the party but she backed out at the lust minute. A a it looks too dark up there for me a she said. The balloon was exp Lippi d with a receiving apparatus for telegraphy and h. Rosent Lial of Blount Vernon Street Camden was supposed to Send messages to see whether they could he picked up Clouds Smitly i and Quarterman. Owners of homing pigeons had four Wirtis in the Basket which were to he let Loose at the highest Point reached Tivey Are expected to return to their loft at 2840 North third Street there was a shout from the thousands when the balloon shot , and until she disappeared in the darkness she was signalling with electric flashlights the last signal spelling a a All is the wind was blowing almost imperceptibly from the Southeast when the balloon ascended and it was expected that she would land in the neighbourhood of my . Leaking gasoline fire Bottom of lamp drops out setting floating fluid in Bottom of boat afire boats first smoke for l. I car owners find new Way of worrying the pest. Up Cial la t pc Yark times Soet Hampton. L. I., aug. 15.-Chauffcurs and the Here Liao taken upon Liei selves the fumigation of Mosquito by throwing hot Clouds of burning Cylinder Oil As they race about this Village in their motor cars. The work of extermination Lum been carried on with increasing determination during the last week. The roads Are choked with the Clouds of smoke that Trail behind every car while the. Natives Ivhon walk sneeze and cough bul the Mosquito arc Gett irm the worst of it. Old Agawam Lake on which is the residence of Elihu Root. Occur in red this season by Nathaniel Holmes the residence of col. Robert Ai. Thompson j. P. Robb and that of Stephen Peabody is being freed from the pests. Along jobs Lane at the foot of the Lake run Day the eight cars of Hugh j. Grant sex Miry or of new York the tour of August Mont or. Three each for James Parrish and Stephen Peabody and the two of or. Maitland Alexander. This is Only a partial list but it indicates that there is a fumigating Plant at work All the time. To throw out the Clouds of smoke the chauffeurs open the Coli nicer Oil feed so that the burning overflow sends dense choking smoke As a a tear along the roads. Tii Ca Quot in a the Mosquito Are Iea ing. To escape a Sheet of flame which enveloped the launch in which they were returning from a pleasure trip four persons jumped into the Passaic River at the foot of Congress Street Newark last night and were drowned. Others of the party unable to help stood on the pm r to which they had scrambled or had been lifted and watched those struggling in the Iva ter until the tide closed Over their Heads. Of Liose on the pier were Young girls and a boy who saw their parents die. Those drowned were or. And mrs. Tart of 125 Academy Stre to Belleville. N. Miss a Thurine Yard 10 years old i Waterbury a a a a 1>. Davey 20 years old of a to Academy Street Belleville x. W. H. K. Davey of 1.3b Academy Street. Belleville the Host of the party. He had just received builders a Fine Twenty five foot a launch which to had named the Sturgeon. Yesterday afternoon was the first time the launch had been taken out and it was to be made a merry occasion. I or. Ana mrs. Davey invited some of their friends Toj for for a first ride in their new boat. Including or. And . John t. Burke or. And of s. Pankovs the misses Theresa and Helen Pankopp is and 15 years old respectively a alter , 12 years old. All children of or. And mrs. Pankovs miss w Ard a school teacher. Of Waterbury Conn., who was visiting the buffs and Haldon Davey a brother of the Host. They had an enjoyable sail Down to the new Jersey yacht club at Bayonne and after a Short stay there started on their return Home. Quot Ashen opposite Congress Street Hist evening or. Davey found Itiat his a Tisolina was out. And decided to put in at the Street pier for a Fresoli ship Jay. He swung the boat from Midstream to Tho Shore running alongside a Barge. To prevent the port Hight from living smashed against the Sido of the launch or. Burke took it up and Tho Bottom of the lamp immediately dropped out. Spilling him Ira Oil on the Bottom of the boat. A the. Afternoon the engine had been dropping gasoline until the Bilge we Ater Over to lug a keel was covered with the floating fluid. Instantly there was a t urst of flame into the of Tho so nearest or. Burand or. Ami mrs. Pankovs and Avard. The women so roaming plunged into the water. Haldon Davey was the Only Man in the party Wilt could swim and he was an expert. He dived in after the Man and women whom to could by the Glare of the Barning gasoline clustering together Only a few Yards away. A Bro Ugnit him to we r they a rare As the tide was out an a there was no on rent to Oaits them along. But in a had All control of themselves and ail three throw their arms about him and night Ned his arms to his Side. He could do absolutely Notni in but beg them to free him Ami Tell the m if Tincy would do Asho said he Emidd Sav them. They Hebl on but the tight cd. All four want Down. Or. Burke though unable to swim. Kept his cml and made Good use of the next few minutes. He first lifted his wife to Tho pier against which one Side of the boat . The two girls and tie boy were also quickly shoved upward to the place of safety and or. Burke scrambled after their. All this had happened soon after the Landing hut As soon As the boat had been made fast or Davey the Host had groped his Way up the pier to the watchman s House and was being piloted ashore by the Dock Ian w hen the explosion occurred. He Hurri d Back arriving Only in time to Sec in the w Ater sink for the last time. There was the Bare that a a the Pilch blackness �\11�� settled Over the water after Tho flames died away some of the four had under the pier and was clinging the re. A boat was obtained by or. Davey and or. Burke and with the Aid of the Dock men and the police a thorough search lasting half an hour was made. No Trace a Vas found. Efforts wore at once begun to recover the bodies but no to an Early hour this morning tiny had not been found. The Passaic is about fifteen feet �1���,> at the scene of the Accident and the fat or met their deaths not More than four feet from shallow w Ater. Miss Theresa Pankovs. The elder of the daughters of the drop Ned parents said last night that at one time by the dim Light she could see the Heads of her father and Mother As they came above the surface of the water before sinking for the last time. A a afr. Pankovs was a merchant of Belle a a a a be had his entire family on the boat and the half Holiday had been look Forward to with keen anticipation of Jibas indy his we Ife and himself and particularly by the girls and boy now orphans want Foraker Republican committee reconsiders attitude toward senator. S a Cir to the a Etc York times. Colt lbs Ohio aug. 15.�?quite a Surprise was created in political circles to Day Evhen chairman a a Illiams announced that he had mailed invitations to senators i Oraker and Dick to speak during the presidential Campaign. The invitation is framed in Tho most cordial language and to read it one not familiar with what has gone before w Ould never dream that anything but deep rooted love exists b tween the senior senator and the organization who no started some months ago to eliminate him from Ohio politics. A sub commit to of the state committee met at Edard Point last week and voted to invite Foraker and Dick to sit on the platform at the opening meeting of the Campaign at Youngstown but not to so Oak. The Foraker through hoist tiie state set up a great howl at this action and at a the Foraker faction which is in Section declared if the san tor attended the meeting they would demand that he speak. The committee finally decided to rescind the action if the sub com Mattce and write both Foraker and Dick to speak but the a a Ting is not included in the inv Tahon. It is not believed by Foraker s r i eids Lune that he will accept the Shore at double Bluff puget sound but is floated. Seattle Avash. Aug. 15.-the United states armoured Colorado of the Pacific Fleeten route from puget sound Navy a Ard to san Francisco ran ashore at double Bluff in puget sound. Twenty five Miles North of s j to talc about in of clock to Day. She was float at High tide this evening and is not much damaged. Double Bluff where the Colorado went ashore Twenty five Miles North of Sattle. The Bluff is Barren of residents. There was Little fog in Tho sound anti near Point no Point directly Dou Jyle Bluff which High and fori hiding on the South Shore of Whidby Island. As the ship was slipping airing there suddenly came from the Forward Lookout on the Starbo Arii Bow a shout of alarm followed by a Shock As the big Cruiser grounded. A reversal of the engines to pull her off and the Accident was then reported by w ireless to Bremerton Navy Yard. The Revenue Cutter Areata left at noon for port Townsend and the tug Navajo was sent from the Navy Yard. The Cruiser has been ordered Back to the Yard and will go into for bal Rete? rival in Gay crowd capt. Peter c. Hains u. S. A., shoots Down w. E. Annis on a Bayside yacht float. Says a a wrecked my Homs it. Jenkins Hains with drawn revolver holds the Crown Back 1 while Captain . W Ardwell broke Down under Strain of caring for her. Special id the or c York times. Busbee Ariz. Aug. 15.�?Gen. David k. Aah Ardwell. A Veteran of the civil and mexican w pm stole Liis wife from a los Angeles Hospital when the authorities declared her a b per died this afternoon in a quarantine Cabin at Tom it Stone. exertions last Inonu i in abducting his wife the Effort to Floe to Mexico with her arid the Nerotis Strain combined to end tie life of the hero who sought to to a Leper that he might remain by his Loving wife. He was unconscious most of the time during the last Twenty four hours but when Onsch ious he begged for the future care of his w Ife. Awhile the Veteran lived Over tiie Many exciting scenes of his life and talked of the Early War . He mum bled his for Gen. Mcclellan. promoted him for Gallant conduct in the Field. He muttered his dread of separation front his wife Omli threats cd of vengeance against those who might seek to Seine her from him. In the adjoining room his Leper wife tied to a b 1. Ser rained an a struggle for Freedom. The has not been told that her husband is dead and will not be. Since she is Musano and hot in a condition to realize what is happening. Gen. Avar Date pm will be buried in hover Green Wenndt by. tone to Morr own i by Burnside Post of tiie grand army of the rep Bike. I teachers a dress a garb a a Law unconstitutional says Lancaster judge. , Jinn. Aug 1.5.�?judge i of this City handed Down an j opinion of Day in the Case of tiie a oin a to e Board of school directors of mount Jay township who h id Boon prosecuted for Vinyl nation of what com Manly known As the a a garb Law. I the decision is in favor of the school directors Ami finds the Law unconstitutional on the ground that it is contrary to Tho Bill of rights. Tho suit was Oti come of the employment by Tho school of a i Sci scr As a Tea her in one of tha j pu1 Lic schools of to Weir District. She is a member of the mennonite Church and wore the habit of that body in the school room. W. Demands w Cre mc4, that she to either made to disregard Itiat form of dress or be remove. The directors refused to interfere and la a a re pros Cut Quot Lumler the a garb Quot a t Atni indicted. A demurrer taken resulting in to . Hill badly hand is caught in automobile wheels and nearly severed. St Ecial to the be o Ork i in St. Laatm., Minn. Aug. 15.-jnnc.-= to. Kilili chairman of the. Board of Dir car of the great Northern railway a nth for i a serious Accident to Day at . hand was caught in a Vav heels and nearly torn from tiie . He returned to night by train in of reserves in from the Wasp amuse new London summer Folk. Special to the be c York times. Near . aug. 15.�?the United states gunboat avast arrived in a7ternoi n with forty two Mem Ber a of the first battalion new y Ork state naval reserves aboard. The avast came direct from Gardiner s Bay �\1��-� she has been participating in 1h naval manoeuvre during the past a Oak and her commander. Lieut. John i. Barnard denied it advisable to give his Crew a few Shore Liberty before ending the voyage. The new yorker c enjoy cd themselves hugely w Lille ashore. A sextet of the Crew furnished considerable amusement during their stay Here by engaging an automobile and Riding for two and a half j hours through the principal streets. Those in the parly were All in used in Kimonos of a Latt St Sheath skirt at a saturday afternoon bargain Sale in a department . Goggles completed their temporary h 0 eff u r h t my St e r stockings with blood stains a so in ledge of rocks. Sparcia i a 1 he arc York Una in Conn. Aug. 15.�?l\-Tery surrounds the finding of a pair of woman a new shoes and a pair of now silk Lisle stockings one or which a is blood stained neatly placed in a ledge in the rocks forming the Wall Roumi the English drive at a it cd. Detective i Onnelly has charge of Che Ca. The condition of 0�� of the St pickings and the fact that the Bow on one of the shoes which apparently had not it n worn More than twice. Was ripped badly leads the detective to believe that the woman was in a scuffle. The shoes Ware made in now a Ork. The size is 5b_, an 1 nun Ber they Are Low tan shoes. The stockings Are also tan. To Days Issue of the new York times consists of six parts i. Pictorial Section. Ii. News Section. Iii. Special Cable news Section. In. Sporting Section. V. Magazine Section. I. Resort and society Section. A Hile his brother. Thornton Jenkins Hains the Well known writer of sea stories held Back with drawn he Volver a Gay throng of yachting Folk. Capt. Peter. Conover Hains or. Of the forty eighth coast artillery stationed at fort Hancock shot Anci killed aah Illiam e. Annis advertising manag a of the Burr a Mclntosh Magazine yesterday Ait Vernoon of the float of the Bayside yacht club at Bayside l. I. He fired ight shots from a Magazine pistol at him. A a he wrecked my Home a said alien or Derer after the shooting. It came out later that Apt Hains and his wife formerly mass Claudia lib Bey. Separated not Long ago immediately after the captains return from the Philippines and that he is suing h to Lordi Vojace naming Annis As co Sci pendent. They have three children. She is believed to be now in Massachusetts. Trn Gedy at race . The yachting Folk men and women had gathered club pier and to watch a race in which Annis s boat was entered when capt. Hains and is Brollier pushed their Way to rough crowd., capt. Hains was not in uniform. T hey worked Timeir Way Clos to that a Edge of the float a Here Annis was standing on his boat busily engaged in preparing for the race. Avith Annis Ivas Lewis liar Way. As the to o Brothers Drew close to Annis capt. Hains suddenly Deriv a Maga Zin pistol from his coat pocket and. Thrusting the weapon Forward Umler her Arm. Fired full at Annis. Avith intervals of less than a second Between tie shots he emptied the bullets into the body of his victim. Tiie instant capt. opened fire his brother turned on the crowd revolver in hand. A keep Back now a he. Shouted to the Foar stricken Nien an a women. A a up Back this is a matter to be settled by these two As the shots rang out. Annis against his army l assailant toppled off that it Bow Park backward into the water. A hen the coast us Harway Ami several others rushed to the Edge of tie float and hauled Tho doing Man. Five of the Large calibre buet.4 a truck Annis in the Abdomen to o others Long us in his legs and another a littered his right Arm. An ambulance was called hastily from a the flip Diing Hospital and the Man was taken Theio. He died about four hours after the sii ool ing. Wife 8oee Myrcle Rcpt. Among those on the float was Anniss wife who was a miss a on Hunner in of Astoria. L. With their two boys a ill Iani and Howard. 7 and 8 years old respectively. They been out for a sail earlier in the Day / a a the Annis yacht Pam. Mrs. Annis was aware that capt. Stains had made threats against her husbands life and that he had accused of brr Akong up has Hoine at fort. Hancock. Site did not. However. Kor it a Hains. No one in the Clui Eliouse or on the float in fact knew the Harses. Mrs. Annis saw hum elbowing their Way Tow Ard the Edge of tie float where her husband stood with liar was. Capt Hains and his brother had come out a a Bayside on an Early afternoon train driving Over to the club they mad some inquiries from the manager aim i summer , and then made their Way out to the float. Capt. Hains stopped close to mrs. An Nis and spoke to c. A. Burch Field a member of the a club. He ask he for the name of a responsible real estate agent at Bayside. As capt. Hains passed on Annis i whispered to mrs. Burch fold those men have come to serve a sum Mons on my husband. I m going to warn she pushed her Way to the Edge of the float elbowing the spectators. The Long lows nose of the Pam just gliding Over the floats Corner. Annis ran Forward a with the mooring line. Before mrs. Annis could utter a syllable the two Haines had their Way Forward also. Brollier protects the Slayer. Mrs. Annis within a few few to of her when capt. Hains Drew the Magazine pistol and opened fire on him. As the last shot rang out capt. Hains turned As if to run. At that mom it it John Tonning the club Boatman sprang on him. Grasping the Arm in which the army officer held the so aking pistol he wrenched it Anivay from him. Tonning Drew Back As if to strike capt. Hains. As he did so Thornton Hains sprang Between them and shouted a a done to do that. There w on t be anymore shooting. Get a some one ran two blocks and found policeman Baker of the Flushing station. He arrested the two Brothers took them to the station in a cab and to the flush i ing police station by the Long Island i a Railroad. I for i father. I a a he w rocked my Home. My wife con i fessed the whole thing. I am trying to get a said capt. Hains on the Way. At the police station he asked permission to Send a Telegram to his father Gen. Hains this message was sent at his dictation Gen. Peter c. Hains. Quarter 15, fort Han c Ock. X. A have a hot. Annis. Am being taken to the Flushing Vilice station. Capt. Hains Ivas locked up on a charge of Hon Icide. His brother also w As held i prisoner on a technical charge of felonious i for threatening or. Burch Field j with his revolver. I they will to arraigned in the second a District court be re magistrate onnely. Gen. Hains telephoned a Little later from Seaman insulted Roosevelt put in Brig for sending offensive card to president. Norfolk a. Aug. 15, Jenkins a Young t United stau s srm of. It the Norfolk naval training . To a been arrested by orb r it Ltd tin i rotary a then Ivy an a i it to Al in in big tie receiving ship Frank in Awal tii g i preliminary trial on la i be of having sent an of fens in up it Tal to president Roosevelt at mis Washington is can Vinced that i declaration of our intentions i must soon be made. A a a wide distrust of Japan american merchants in Manchuria demand Protection fear a Japan Zed City business Section seems doomed a fire started in hotel. City. Okla. Aug. 15-the Lee hol d is on fir u it Apio h do med and the entire seat u .�?T1 tiie City is in Dang a. Aid has been Sumn i mfr Jin Fiji Fri and Al Rene. It is net or it la Cier any lives have. Be n a a. The Wal Prol it Al a by reach .8250,0>o. Fine summer Villa Burns. Young woman. Left with Only a bathing suit in the Way of clothes. Special to the Fez a yes a i > Fou Thotam to. Aug. 1.5,-fire destroyed the Vilia Quot to a. S. Denman Ofey i Zaliel. N. J., on Trio s Jun-1 Bluff to in North of Village Hast night. i Fri Tea it a Nice of mrs. Denman was the Only in a her i la it family in the i. Qty at that Tine. Slie had be t the in her Lial Liing suit for a Swingle Ali Sonn in a a got Baek it Prati any it Iro. The Only clothing she hid hot bathing . H. Smith now in jail demented new yorker found Miles frown Knox a be. K non . To in. Ang. 15, Henry Smith tue a w Yerk Advt r Man who Jurny d Fri a Mon a near City last we in. Say. A pretended Alx it five Mil s 3st of to Day Ami Brou Glit a a a a and Pla Ltd Jan. Smith is seeming by de Vafed. At May 1 a refit in Jan nned terrain Wii at Sha l i e huh his Home is in gear a a a n. .1. Bis a Jeffi iat a a a a a to quote five tis v quake in Massachusetts. Distinct Shock Felt in o South of Roston. Bosto Naug. 15. A / Arth a wa�5 Fli by a num a r of it Iri s i i Quot a. Is auth of it a i a in Bro ton Epli. Ard ii ear by were Sli Alv but a was a Ione. The a s in ,. Med Fiehs. Clyde la Ark Hii . St nigh a ton. Not rth l Hist ii Quiney Auton Chain a a Voo 1. And Loti r it a a s. Ai a a ints than Mph was Iii san t Majarr l Buie a Ings to it so Lar As Laport. No Dan to was. It . The she a w in tic tor a a ter and a St Reir Clowry Distri to of 1�?T.� ton bul Noi in Hie Eniy Eif. Germany a possible ally appreciates antagonism White and yellow races Frigand France and Russia net counted on. Asp pm Fox i re a a Ashington. Aug. 15. T now a 1.tudf Ted i to o a a a be Menhir h.iv? Bragg t a Lent i us of the nov a Var t t Bibity of or roving it a Moro a g. E de of or in the. Eastern ii in sri a a. �1��00 the a level it a a a x o Gration and Saho in tub is. a it Sun fran a is to Ani \ Aiu us pm the More Farsee Gir a a a. Bel Vei the Neeon site a a of err i Ewsii i u poli a a no a. Fir a r basis was i Little it is than Al Pitu Uings of. I i suit to try or. V of a so if which that i Ujiie is a mini to �?�-<1 gun a or re inn to n la 1 a a or a i Quot a a tuft r Fah Ilg Ltd it t a 1 of a to. When d ten an it self tip i it a a Quot o 0-. Thei per Vul i r so a a \<1�,�� is ri1 a. a r.nrec-.4-,v1 in d. Hong leg a n of ten Fon i 1 it i a 1 in o in w pm an. A a six a 1 _ i 1 of of us fat Quot i. Y it a it i i it 5 of 1 i a a a 1 be a. A f.,. I i. A i. I in or 1 Ina t i Fly a e. In a a a a. A a. I \ 1 a 1 a a a. ? 5 a a a state i. 1. A j n i. I Quot for cd Bave St Quot d v Ith a Nai a i dim a v to e i a no a c 1c Erra to be. A i i Vonh of Jbf far i a. I in in h v it a i j my a he in. Ynve not a a a Quot Ute is 1 i a it a i o ? a. O 1 a a in ii any of Quot a o i a a of lied it and in h i n a a a has a a Quot Imohl continued of pase 2.mafilltob.arres awaken. Smoke Clouds seen from direction of Kimberley rangers Are anxious. Gran Brook. Mai .ioba., aug. A. A Canadian i Afifie pc Elway fio r.oi., just in from Kimly r a ays the toi a fire still Quot no wit w i it the. A eve if 11 wind of s a p l or buildings Are in danger. An a by no Man it. A e. 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Report no Date set for creditors meeting pttt.=Tburg, penn., aug. 15, in bankruptcy William r. Put Lair Declar a to Day that no Date had been set for the first meeting Foith credit is of Harry Kendall the statement from new York to attorney mor Schaus Ltd a that the Date had been fixed a sept. It it. Referee Blair d-ni., d vigorously a report which teas current Here to Day to the effect that he was related to thu Shaw family. Imp. Blair said a i am not in any i any related to the Finiw Fri mily. And if such were the Ca-.-, i would imme Duthely ref r ail Prozee rings in the Bauk Rapley petition of Harry thaw to another the rumours of the alleged Connor ii a Between thaw Ami the Blair Famili a gained currency through the fact that i be oldest son of Villiam t bore the name Blair. Don t be b it hot Lav Eye a wines. We ship he press or Frei Glit . Re. H. T. Jewey amp sons co. 138f Alton St., pc. Vorva adv. 1 a &Quot.-, 1 it a a a a w eng 11. A i Quot a due a. 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I however ably that be mrs be it hone a.-, Ayos Lingerin a Resnis of to it a Quot a 1�?1-Macy a of Russia in a. The fact re retains that Ain. N a Quot Ltd a mrs believe Mano Hiliria <1&Quot a in. A 1 in Point Ltd fact Fin Ltd a. It a i thro ugh the Tus ,-.-�?�� a of a railway diff a Onti als. To. Art i doubtless Pooh Raphal of tit. V. A re m Japar a agents in Var i of i China pro -. A a a a isly s a a g a a Dis try r from i j 1.� How. A a eventual Bon to. Hal the a n i merchant face of of e we vhf pro. A a a it >1 a Japan Zed a a. A a 1. A 1 .�1 Gir a spec the a is by 11 Bis a Mand it the. In g a a a ment pro u de to a snips a tray main Tain the Rigits in that kingdom. A

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