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New York Times, The (Newspaper) - August 15, 1897, New York, New YorkThe new York times sunday 15, 1897.-Twenty pages. This week s new Bills. Monday aug. Daly s theatre revival of the circus on Rock theatre revival of never saturday aug. Slur theatre Tho a melodrama by Harrison Groy Flesko. Tho theatrical season of 1807-3 will a ushered in to Mono evening with the to open Najj of Daly s theatre and tha revival of the circus the theatre has been closed 1 or a few weeks just Long enough to Alvo Tho players a much needed rest. The theatre it will to remembered closed the circus and in the reproduction of this play the cast will to Pic to Cully the Sarna As it was in june. Nancy will again have Tho title part and Var Glenla Earle will appear As Dora Cyril 8cott and Jamas t. Powers will have their former parts and All the favourites of Tho cast will reappear. Never afian will a revived at the Garrick theatre Naglit. With Tho exception of Grace Kim Bull who will play the part or Madame Katze Jammer and Samuel Reed who takes the place of Fer Dinand Gottschalk in Rha role of Herr Kat pc Jammer Tho company will be the some that appeared la the farce in the Spring. Tho piece will be presented for one week Only As the company leaves for England the following week to begin an engagement it Tho Vau Dovillo theatre London. At the Star theatre on saturday even ing aug. 21. The initial presentation of har Arlbon Grey Fisko s new. Romantic Melo drama the will Tako puce. The Themo 13 treated la a similar manner to that characterizing the celebrated and Tho two tha action takes Placo it la rooter a Small i shins Villace on the coast of Bra tiny. The period is about 175s. In the seven years some years previous to the opening of Tho Story. Memo. Marvylle. Wife of Captain of Tho chateau smarting under Tho unjust accusation of faithlessness by her Hubband deliberately took her own Ufa by jumping into tha sea with her in Fant boy from Ono of the rugged Cliffs near Tho Village Jacques Moreau. A Fibber Laj succeeded in saving the boy. At the time of the opening of the play. Captain Manilla g ship tha firefly has suddenly Luturner to be Rocher and to for Tho lira Elmo in Many years hag come ashore. His first lieutenant Gilbert la Farga. Son of la forge a. Miserly Miller having had the Confidence of his Captain knows to Story of the unfortunate wife and child. But is that Andre Tho Waif and son of Jacques Moreau is the Ilg Alful her to the Marvylle estate. Ohlert determines t attempt to Palm himself off on Captain Marvullo As his son and upon the cupidity of his own Atli or. Cal Sta the Jailer s service. Old Pleura for Caplain Marvullo who accepts a Hla son All parties agreeing. Howo Vor. That Tho disclosures should to Kei t secret for a while. Jacques Moreau Coli ii to Tho Mill after Andre who has leu Captain Marvylle a guide. Lie is drunk. And in easily by Gilbert to take i. Fuse with Andre in the Mill Tower to beep off tha effects of the liquor. Gilbert m to Tara to Tho Mill and it is destroyed. Thu Boatswain and his Foster Are Only saved by scaling the Walls. Captain mar is suddenly called to Brest on a Atieh of importance leaving Gilbert in command of the firefly and la charge of his Waul. Velci be d a ploy a. Condlon of affairs Tho Young lady greatly resents. About this time a. Bailor named Bernard Martin deserts from the for Only and having taken Refuge in tha grounds of the. Chateau Niter the House and steals valuable papers. Lillierth discovers him Isi Tho act and promises him immunity if he will implicitly follow his orders. Hortonse Valerian companion ills been betrayed by Gilbert under Promise of Imir Laeo. She loves him desperately and he has Little trouble in Persua Julns her to secretly place the papers stolen by Martin Jacqula Moreau s pocket during Tho Progress of a Danco at the Village inn. Moreau in accused of tha theft the papers Aro found in his Possession and to is condemned to to shot on Board Iho firefly at Bunrist Tho next morning. He begs for time to bid Farewell to his wylfa children and to write an important Retior to Captain in Arvillo to whom to desires to disclose Andrews identity. Ani re offers to act As hostage for Tho Boatswain which sacrifice Gilbert accepts thereby seeing a. Possible Chance of ridding himself of both Moreau and andr6. A Small boat is sent for j Mcquea to report on Board ship for the execution of the a sentence Gilbert persuades Moreau s to deliver to him Jacques s letter to Captain Marvilli. And then he re moves that Small boat so that Moreau can not reach the firefly in Lima to save the life of his hostage. When Jacrin red ills covers Tho condition of affairs Hii lumps into the sea to swim to the Frelly. Gilbert i How ing in Tho email boat shoots him As Belnis. But Moreau though wounded readies the firefly jut in time to atop the of Andre. Captain Marvylle re turns Dis Evois Gilbert s Neil do and becomes a tug Alvr. He appeals to Horl Oishe. The whom he has be to Lonceal him. She refuses and his hiding place. Andre whom Caplain now knows an his son per ifs Gilbert to takes Refuge on the roof. A terrible struggle ensues but the Captain with unerring aim. Shoots Gilbert who re it his hold upon Andre and Falls crash ing to the ground Andre his rightful i u e As the heir to be Rocher and the accepted Hur band of Valerie. Inc Ivues is re by ire a to ins family and All ends happily. The has been Stager by Frederick stage manager of the lyceum the is follows a Julie. Commander of Tho Privateer. F. He excl Gilbert ill lieutenant of the 1 r. Irner John Stone a Milfs , Othi i nov j a i if i i run a ctn in my Imp jul Man la ii. Tre Niewoll trim m Idun the metropolitan permanent or at Madison Square to night is us follows March. Midsummer night s Dri i Iule Shohn overture. U Xvi in id it ave Maria Zaeh Goi ii a . from Wanner baritone Solo or. Gott fantasia. Verdi no. Arture Litolf a adagio nun Roppo. B i cup Einum Mobile from smut. Opus 34, pics. Ilola Solo Franz Kal tin Bikini prayer and dream music from and get prel Mil Fin tie trn Taii and Jyh i uieituri1. Hussell up Rosy a mime Otto. Bocche Fri. Slow Kulkmann Galop. I a i l j. Zu-t7el. I or tin1 lust time in the history of the by Clcil perhaps. Iho presentation of i show Token la Noi to be Oon Lilied to the it Rel none contingent of an Aii Ellenee. The it Lubiato tin Century period of mor ton a Iii Kii Vii a the Valri the town us tin. b the Ali .1 of i a Lille of the trl but i i i Only seut t que n in 1 1, i Ink persons connected Tho i the Linal performance ills now Ilii Viitel an Niini ii. On sept. 23. Dan and George sch Llor the Riiff the Lii be of Cilc Harrison Han Ami Tho i their pics Cal roles Madko and Kulko pack to Jack and thu v 1 inn Milfs. In therm a in and the or trs of the like changes. The s j Louse will throw open aug. 2s, presenting As u3 initial attraction Bancroft Tho Mak clan. Who Ajao Nials metropolitan debut at that time. presented by Bancroft do parts Mel rely from the accepted Sta Nopo in of Al milk local . The to to presented Contella the a Typ Tho Miracle a of clip nor Hula 11 Tjie mystery of Leonel. Ana Tiki Sec cts of Oscar Hammerston has prep ired an exceptionally St Riiff Bill for ills roof this week. The marbles Quch to Sam and artistic Conception re Prusi a Tang Niar Blo statuary in which the figures Are Nous noted in human form remain on Trie of do the italian opera Barl Signor Quinto. And Tho by Cycle acro Hacker and Lester. The new add Tlona to that Bill comprise Fenton an e Lui lab list Lancaster and Collins. Focus la Ami Ullmer. In t Clr comic horizontal bar net Cook and Senoia Como by Clifford and Huth Tho Ista. And Stuart the woman at Koster Ijlal d Turco of Thor acts which made hits last wot i Boon retain eur. These Aro Taclan do Bussell. And a Luison and Dean. The new in la weeks Bill Are agreeably diversified. T there Are Arras and Alice Aero bats Atid balancers Tea doors for the on saturday night Leona Lewis will sins Snappy Wear frenchy costume. Com Ray quartet will appear and Tho Kroneman Brothers will add to Tho general amusement by an acrobat rec comedy act. Amour other performers Aro the French Fanchonett Bis ters and Emma cot rely pro Potea to rival male jugglers. Tho Eden must of was unusually Well patronized last week. A majority of the visiting merchants and their alb item the Museo and expressed them Suva As Boins Well pleased. The Young King of Spain is now Tho most prominent figure in group of the Kings and Queens or Tho world. The cinematograph continues a great attraction. New views will be shown this week. Including pictured of the Queen 8 Jubilee pro Esalon. The change of show at Koltho a Union Square theatre this week is in the Shapo of a Littles War drama called rally round Tho a half it is to run not Over half an hour. John Ellsler Edwin mordant and Marie Ryan will appear in Tho cast. The vaudeville includes the Manhattan comedy four Fields and Lewis n pair of jokers Borte Coots and his comedy company in supper for Deets and Don. Btl son and Morton Carletta. Contortionist Hayes and Handy Dan Mason German comedian Emma Carus. Another phenomenal contralto a. L. Steele. Who plays two cornets at once Lamont family Raymond and Clark eau lilo Edwards and the Clement the pleasure Palaco. In fifty eighth Street reopens thoroughly renovated and refurbished saturday afternoon. There is no change in management or vaudeville policy. The opening Bill includes the Olympia quartet to Tho inde pendent coloured Cadow return to Vaude Ville after being featured for seven sea sons in a parlor Lydia Barry. Ben Harney Mel Odist aided in Bis own songs by Carolina Coon and strap Hill. John h. Manning. Come ran. And master Willie Weston boy Soprano make their now Tork debut in Tho Irish Pawn other Are Tho dance no slaters left Fth Farnum Brothers sensational Pyra mid acrobats Stynson and Weston in a farcical Ity. The Nick Oon Way of the greater now York Trio and Mamie Gilbert comedienne. At per or g Twenty third Street theatre Charles and a Clever company of comedians will appear in the . To oblige Wai to Drake and associates Aro to produce a melodramatic Idyl of the civil War called for the the Olio will comprise Campbell and Caw Neld. Comedians three Sisters Helston Long and dance Trio Nellie Burt Comedi Enne Joe Goetz. Equal Obrist Mako Fenton dancer and Franklin Raul Cal dolls Al Reeves amusing Parodis prof. Hart Mae clan Bonnie Lottie song and performer James w. Bingham ventriloquist and forty others. The 1 programme for Tho come nor week at the Casino roof Garden will be Hyatt and Pearl musical comedians the blonde los. The Clover Trio Joe Walsh Gladys Van Ward and Brown. Mabel Macklyn Lestor and Irene the Vou Jeres. Dan Davis and West and pions. Midland Beach. Staten Island in enjoy Imp a run of Prosperity. During last week Tho Beach was Well patronized with hundreds of pleasure and recreation seekers. At Tho Casino Koster rial s Burla quo extravaganza. Gayest enters upon its fifth week monday night. Jennie Yedmans will appear in her original Spe Fialty. Next monday night Williams and Walker the two real will begin a. Week s engagement. The usual soil a concerts it Manhattan Beach on saturday and sunday will have in addition to the varied and interesting programmes director John i la. Lip Souba has prepared for the band numbers to o voral soloist Eugene Cowles. The favorite Basso of the Hoston ians. Mary Helen Howe of is the Soprano soloist of the occasion. Sousa has arranged a up Iclal programme for Tho of the piano men. Who will he in convention at the Beach on wednesday. On sunday 22, sous. And his band will rive two double concerts with the people s choral to Talon at which Thero will be a mixed chorus of too voices. The manuscript so c a in will Hugo its ii Muul Day at Tho Beach on aug. When two concerts will be Plvan in the a Lemoon. Tho Serret service company having arrived Fiorin is enjoying its first vacation in nearly a year. It will com Mence its american season a the Kuplic theatre on thursday. Sept. J. Or. Frohman intr decided not to Opi n his Bouse until the War engagement by Griir. The Kaleke Broeker the tire will reopen one week from to Morrow night with a new of Klaw and i Ranger s one of Radical changes been made in the text and action of the Story Winch is now told in two acts instead of three. Of the cast Lewent y seen in this at the Waller Jonerik the Brothers Richard Carlo Charles k Irke Idi. Brooks and Marie of Lebec remain in the tar respective charac ters Tho Randa which Carl and theolor bring Over this fall for an landed tour Haa i a series of a vices Ful Conga cements in the leading German cities and returned to san Sovero Italy. After i four weeks ii Gage. Ment in of thu italian summer re sorts the band Claris for this county and to add to the . Tiff chess of let Chi carts Here two of european reputation have been engaged. Con taets have been signed providing for the appearance of mine. Marie Taury the opera Singer. In 1j f. Filth 4 Utieri mine. will tier Chiq age mint at or. Keith s now theatre in Taos inn aug. And her accompaniments will be a lived by the symphony orchestra which is now fulfilling an All summer ii Gagi ment it that Oji he it. Mme Tannry will be heard at or Keith s new Voi k House the new i non Square. Following Ono of pleasure at the theatre Ceil s gaiety theatre burlesque com pan will present the musical farce in them on sept. 5. The company sails from Southampton for new York on the Steamer St. Paul next saturday. Charles Frohman Lias just received the last acts of the Little minister from j. M. I Erie who is also tile author of the of that Lilly and will shortly the starring of Al nude Adams Ullh the Plav. The company selected to Buppert minis Adams includes besides Robert Edeson h. , who will be taken from the Ern Piro the tale Stock Eugene Jep Mun. Guy standing. Mai gait Gordon George Fawcett Macki ivc f. Pay ton Cooper. Durnian Campbell. Thomas Val Entine. Wll fied Bucklund. James ten Eyck Milc b Hinry and Spencer. A fight for a drama by Frank Harvey which has been quite successful in London will to the opening attraction at the grand opera on saturday even ing. Aug. 21. The Plaj is brimming Woltti and eau by. Myron w Kcf Langwell. John it. Furlong. Joseph p. Freil i rec John Moa each. John Suther land. J. Watson. Fann gym culex Bessio Lee Kathy Rene Caill sle. . Gun Zalez. And Adelaide Are engaged in its presentation. Martin j. Do ooh. The authors american Rcpt Aenon Llop will direct Tho . the up Staci Lar Piny which will he shortly produced at the Academy of music is pertinently timely in the Light of heir Andreo s expedition to Tho North pole an explorers Kilip in comes blocked in the i in latitudes i degree and Tho play Oik us Whf a two cirs of this icy Imp urls in int been Sutra Rock by him. One of lilt. With Cill Allty resolves to his cherished Hopes of Attai Rune Tho North pole or of Ever wed do no the Rirl he is affianced to and Foi whole hand the Hail been an unsuccessful i . He tire to the powder in Guido and destroys the vessel. His crime is detected and i is shot. The Crew then resolve. In spite of their Captain s entreaties to depart. All Nave one. A dutch Man desert their commander. One other person who is not on Tho ship s Jooka 19 the dutchman s sweetheart and she naturally will not depart. When All Tho deserters have gone Tho Captain in great grief helplessness and perplexity appeals for Aid to nature. His Appeal u heeded and to his great astonishment a Lovely female combo dying the very spirit of a priest Ess appears before him demands the reason or having been summoned and accords ilm and his two Fol Oytra her Aid her command the icy territory vanishes and the City of space appears figuratively named the Home of Jna the Queen endeavours to retain Tho Ravel Cra within her realm but nature Corn its the wish and departs with her new subjects. Their not adventure leads them o Tho Island of Scalla Tho abode of psyche. Their trials Are manifold Here. Another ordeal awaits them in the realms of fire within Earth s Centre. In this do main pay uhf becomes Tho instrument under Tho King of fire s command of trying to subvert the Faith and constancy of the mortals everything that is terrible yet eau Alful. Dazzling and gorgeous is sex lib Ltd at earthly Paradise. Hero Tho mor als Aro released and dismissed to their iome.1. A Fino company gorgeous dresses magnificent and novel Scenic effects elaborate ballets marches and Fine singing and Nauru mental music Aro the chief elements of Tho rehearsals of Tho members of the William h. Crano company will be held this season in Boston for the twofold purpose of enabling Tho company to have a theatre of themselves for the rehearsals and so hat or. Crano May occasionally run up to Homo at Cohasset on his yacht. Early n september the comedian will Leavo bos ton for san Francisco where to will open his season in Martha Morton s Success Ful play a fool of Tho comedy s what is known is a costume play and of its. Success or. Crane is very sanguine. His company in composed of Percy has Well Annie Irish Kate Lester Louise Clos eur Francis Stevens Walter Halo Boyd Putnam. Percy Brooke William Boag. Vin cent Serrano Charles e. Gotthold George f. Do vere and w. E. Butter yield. Or. Crano will begin Hla annual Effage ment in new York at Tho Knickerbocker theatre in january. Rehearsals will begin this week for Tho tour of Vernona Jarbeau in de Kovcin and Bolth a now musical comedy entitled Tho Paris the music com posed by or. De Koven la Well adapted to Olhs Jarbeau s voice while Tho Book is in tar. Smith s Best vein. Tho comedy la and to be full of original ideas. The oos Tumea Aro most elaborate. One garment to to worn by miss Jarbeau is Gald to have Cost nearly miss Jarbeau has been spend no the past fortnight in Saratoga and she writes that she has never Boon in better health or voice. What happened to the new com Edy by George h. Broadhurst will open the season at the Manhattan theatre aug. 80, under the management of a. H. Woodhull who has virtually made it a new House. Tho company engaged to interpret the piece nol Udea George c. Bonifaco jr., r. F. Cot ton goo go Ober William Bernard j. W. Cope. Theodore Devere Frank Currier an a Belmont mrs. Mckee Rankin Kathryn is tongan mrs. E. A. Eberle Rosa Moul on and Pearl Andrews. Tho annual tour of the herrmanns opens he lost of this month at Tho grand opera Hojic. Chicago. One of Tho features of this your a tour will be the Appo Aranove of Ade Laide Herrmann As a . She will appear in an effective japanese act and execute some surprising sleight of hand and other illusions. She will Bear Tho distinction of being Tho Only woman on this Side of the Globe to appear in an not of this kind. She also has some now artistic and original dances while Leon Herrmann Nephew and successor to Herrmann the Groat has Boen preparing to Surprise lovers of Tho Mystic Art with a number of feats that have never been attempted before. Tho Herrmann the Groat company will com Perlso nearly Twenty Persona this year. Tho tour of Robert Downing will be be gun on the evening of aug. 30. At the acad Emy of music in Washington. The company includes Adelaide Fitzallen. Who has sup ported keen. Calvinl and other tragedian Harriet Sterling for years was prominent in All of a. M. Palmer s productions and miss Hel no Potter Eugene Moore Edward n. Hot. C. W. Vance. Clement St. Martin Richard Strelo Charles Mcmurdy w. A. Robinson and George a. Holt. Or. Downing i 111 present for Tho first Elmo on any Stoge during his Washington engagement or. Georgo 8. John s new play David based on the theme of a popular novel by Georges Ohneth. In which miss Sterling will appear As else. She will also appear As for Anshana in the Gladia Tor and As Amelia in the season s Outlook. Annie in is Mil air to the tends toward Moalc. And dance and fan. According to Marc Taw of the theatrical firm of Klaw Erlanger. Musical attractions will predominate this season. In Dis cussing the season s Outlook and his own firm s plans yesterday or. Klaw said As for ourselves we will be largely engaged As we have been during the past two or three seasons in presenting musical extravaganzas in an elaborate form and with Large companies. Our efforts in this direction have been influenced entirely by what we thought was the Public taste. American taste like the French has tended very much toward music and tongan dance with plenty of glitter and color and we do not see any immediate Prospect of a change. This is a very Good form of entertainment to Deal in because it caters especially to the Eye which is the most tyrannical of All Uio senses it is the most exacting in its demands and tires the quickest. Present to an audience the most Beautiful scene that Ever was painted and if Thero is a stage wait of ten seconds the Eye will not occupy the time in taking in Tho scene but the beholder will quickly lie Back in his seat and say impatiently Well that s All right what for this reason a variety and quickness of movement Aro necessary at All times to keep up the Pace. We have five organizations of this Char Acter bidding for patronage. First is one round of which will resume its season at Tho Knickerbocker theatre on monday evening aug. 23. It numbers nearly 100 people incl Mug Walter Jones the Rogers Brothers Richard Carle Charles b. Kurko h. Tredennick Robert mans Lold and Ida Brooks Marie Celeste Clara and Edith Sinclair. At the conclusion of its new York run it will be been at the hos top museum where it Opena sept. 0 for a run. The strange adventures of Jack and the with a company of mighty Odd players begins its second season in the Columbia theatre Chicago on sept. 0. This organization after its run at the Casino Lutt year went on the Road and when the season closed bore the distinction i be Lieve of having played to the largest Busi Ness of any organization of Tho kind travel ins in the. Country. Its season in Chicago is limited to four weeks after which it will be seen in the principal of Tho and u . In the company will be found Madge Lessing Harry Kelly Carrie Perkins allude Hubert Wollke Walter Allen Niile Lynch a dozen or More Clever people. " in Gay new York will open the new Metropolis theatre in the annexed District. The play has been overhauled during the summer by messes. Mcclellan and Kerker in the Way of music and lyrics so that it be brought up to Dato and will be presented by an organization of Over seventy five people headed by Eddie Foy with this exception the cast will remain substantially As last season. Whirl of the. Town will open in Philadelphia at the conclusion of us Ca sino run. Tho latter part of september. It is Ono or the biggest successes of the later co Sleno reviews and Avo. Look Tor a prosperous year for it on Tho Road. Palmer Cox s brownies goes out for Tho fourth Beason under the personal supervision of Tho famous Brownie Man himself who will accompany Tho organization on its entire tour. It begins its Road trip in Toronto Canada the latter part of this month. We have not adhered continued or. Klaw to extravaganzas this year from the fact that the country threat ens to become inundated with musical attractions of this sort and we have departed to the extent of acquiring the rights to us least to loan nolo productions from which to Hopo to reap substantial Reward. Ont of these is a Ward of written by Franklin Fyles in conjunction with Eugeno Presbrey. It is a romantic drama of the highest Type and will be a very elaborate Uffner no far As production goes. It deals with Louisiana in the Early Days of this Century when that territory was in Quick succession flying the nags of Spain France and the United states. A picturesque Llauro in this play will be Tho charac Ter of Jean latino a famous Gulf pirate a lured very act Cly ill Tho affairs of Louisiana at that t me. To have engaged Maurice Barrymore for this role. The com Pany will number about forty people which is an unusually Large organization for a at Lely dramatic production. We Juno also put chased from Clay m. Greene his comedy a wandering min Strel which will nest Sec Tho Light in the Park theatre Boston. Sept. 20. In this play Van Blene. The cellist who received considerable attention Here last fall will be seen in a character which to think eminently fitted to his abilities both As an actor and a musician. These organizations will mean Tho employment of Between five and six Hundred people and for their Sakes As Well As our own we Trust they nay be successful. The Outlook in the country certainly seems prosperous from All we can read and hear and we open our Campaign of 1887-8 with unusual vigor and hopeful an Independent theatre. Preparations about completed for the production in new York of literary play. Some weeks age rumours were prevalent concerning an Independent theatre in new Tork. These rumours however were so elaborated and exaggerated that the Independent theatre scheme Camo to be regarded a one of those air castles which Are built Dur ing Tho Dull season and few believed that it wed Over assume actual existence. Charles b. Cochran Tho promoter of Tho Enterprise now states that with the exception of a few minor details preparations have been completed for Tho presentation at a series of matinees of several Ibsen and other literary plays. Two leading theatres Aro under consideration and the season will be begun at Ono of these with Ibsen s John Gabriel translated into English by Willmm Archer. Will be followed by the norwegian poet s wild and Hedda it is the intention of the promoters of the Independent theatre to secure new plays if possible and Tho classics of Ibsen Suder Mann and Maeterlinck will be when new material is not forthcoming. Al though several news plays have been read but one is deemed worthy of this is a psychological Dharna by a Youngf parisian artist who prefers to be known on the play Bills As pol a translation has been made by miss Mabel Beardsley through whose Luces or. Coch Rau scoured the play for this country and it will probably be Given in december under the title of Al if the season proves As successful As is looked for by those interested an Effort will be made to revive some of the old com Edies of Contrevo Beaumont and Fletcher. Tho Stago will be under the direction of e. J. Henley and it in hoped to secure the co operation of Tho new York managers to the extent of permitting the players that Thoy have under contract to appear at the Independent theatre matinees. Or. Cochran has approached several managers upon the subject and thus far has met with no refusal. As Tor the players themselves nil that have been spoken to on the mat Ter Havo expressed enthusiasm at the prospects of playing great parts. Sufficient Money has been subscribed to permit or. Cochran to make at least three or four productions and Dover mine the ques Tion is to whether or not there is a now York Public interested in Tho purely liter Ary drama and desirous of seeing it presented on the stage. Cory Pees for Tielve on the Paris Ted Ity Annex Clr Cun big flu re car Langr at once. Twelve Cory Pees from London brought Over for the front line of which is to be produced at the Academy of Muslo next week arrived yesterday in the second Cabin of the Paris. Most of the dozen Are dazzling blondes. With them Camo Charles Helderley Tho husband of miss Nancy Dilton. And All of the twelve helped miss Dottson to protect her husband. He waa the Only one of Tho party to get into difficulty with the customs inspectors about his Luggage and he used some vehement Cockney expressions of disgust before it waa All straightened out and a walked away from the collector s of Loco in Triumph. Mlaka Veasle Aimer has been Over to Amer jct before As Tho Clown in Barnum s circus and by right of larger experience she was much respected by the other members of Tho group. They were met at Tho pier How Ever by a representative of the Academy of m Isle. Who took care that none of them should stray away. Onco he lost his count. Glancing up at a Bright faced Young woman who was guarding a trunk close to his flock he remarked half aloud Why Here s the prettiest Ono of the lot and i had t Seon her before and. Going up to her offered his assistance. Then she astonished him Wethi the information that she was a Chicago girl and waa not a dancer she would not to one of the front line in and it was Only by accidental alphabetical arrangement that Shu found herself mixed up with his party. There was a concert on Tho Paris thurs Day night practically All Tho performers being of Tho nature party. The proceeds s5g.41, were for the Benefit of the seamen s orphanages in Staten Island and Southampton. The Cory Pees were All loaded into Hacks and with their baggage deposited at an thirteenth Street boarding Husij. They will begin rehearsing at the Academy to Morrow. English United singers amalgamated Brooklyn Socle tier to hold a Mun i Al Feht Val. Much interest is shown in the coming festival of the English United singers of Brooklyn which is composed of the har Mony glee club Oriole glee club and Tho Arlon glee club. These Are the Only societies thus far who have amalgamated for the promotion and Elevation of English singing and singers. Tho societies have at intervals Given successful concerts and entertainments individually but collectively Tho festival which will to held on sunday next is the first at tempt of its kind in Brooklyn. Judge Jacob Neu is the honorary president for the occasion and the festival conductor will be prof. Joseph Campbell. The affair will be held at Schuetzer Park Glendale l. I. The programme is As follows overture by prof. Loesch s orchestra crowned with clusters of Tho United Engels a singing societies Annie Oriole glee club March Arlon glee club water Harmony glee club old Oaken Harmony glee s Chil Dren s chorus of eighty live voices Robin United English societies Sun Harmony mixed chorus. Annual carnival of file. Novelties Proui Laneil for saturday s Sutor it Manhattan Beach. Tho most extensive preparations Are now going on for the celebrations of Tho great annual fire carnival at Manhattan Beach which is to Excel anything of the kind Given Here in previous years. The changes which Havo taken place within Tho last few years in Tho manufacture of fireworks have led to Many improvements. Sex ump a of these will be shown at the carnival on the evening of saturday aug. 21. Tho following will be some of the Prin Cipal features a colossal set piece extend ing Over Square feet will represent Klondike the land of. Gold the naval re View off Spithead with searchlights and showing Tho United states Cruiser Brook Lyn in the foreground special Novelty wind an Aerial device held in midair by Mammoth kites this will be under the direction of United states signal service the fairies Cave the revolving fantastic Fountain of fire Volley of Coo bombs fired simultaneously by electric Ity pain s 1897 Aerial novelties fairyland flight of 1.000 rockets 100 devices comic artistic and grand the Ocean ablaze sub Marine explosion. Hundreds of bombs and thousands of rockets will intersperse Tho programme. The grounds will be lighted up with prismatic lamps. Great As previous carnivals Havo been in Tho past this the nineteenth bids fair to Excel them All in Novelty and brilliancy. Full pirated air. Andreva a office. The Board of health yesterday took pos session of the quarters of police commissioner Andrews at police head porters sending Tho carpets to the disinfecting Sta Tion and washing the Walls with a solution of dichloride of Mercury. Tho rooms also fumigated with Sulphur. Commissioner Andrews who Haa been 111 with diphtheria for More than a reported not to Well he la at ill in Bod. As soon As he recovers sufficiently be will go to bar Harbor for a Long rest. In Bair Edth and London the Prince and Princess of Wales the great Musi Cal festival. Americans its Best support fell Willu an elevator. The supporting ropes of an old style ele Vator at 06 Cannon Street broke yesterday and James Hanaberry of 220 third 31 Root an express Man who was loading cloaks from e. Davis a factory on the fifth floor into the elevator with it to the basement of the building. Tha cloaks helped to break his fall but it thought is injured internally. He sent to Bella vue Hospital. The next grand opera season in Lon Don at a disadvantage owing to the demand for the beat sing ers in new York. London aug. Pronco and Prin Cess of Wales Are attending Tho musical festival at Bai Routh this week As lord and lady Renfrew. Among the others present Are the grand Duko of Hesse ladles Lons Dale and batters cd and a. J. Balfour. The performances of Havo. Been characterized by the presence and influence of Many of London s smart set. The charms of the anal conventional Lam of the earlier Yeara have largely vanished and with them the cheap prices which this year Are to co por cent above Thosa of i Lxi. Tho next Wagner festival will occur in Tho close of the grand opera season in this City was followed by an exodus of stars to Bayreuth. There to absorb Wagner in Tho Camp of the enthusiasts surrounded by the atmosphere of cycles and motifs. Tho intelligence comes from Bayreuth. That this year s festival was supported mainly by americans and English with the former constituting a majority of the foreigners. Indeed Anton so Bdl remarked that. In look ing Over a Bayreuth audience he might easily have imagined that he was conducting in the metropolitan opera House there wore so Many familiar faces to be seen. The Bayreuth festival closes on thurs Day with the one Hundredth perform Ance of the receipts exceed the Drift toward in Over. Tho Drift of the Public taste toward wag Ner has impelled Many singers Whoso reputations have Beon acquired in Tho italian school to the study of the German master. Maurice Grau says that the proportion of Wagner nights which were in a majority on the program to of the last season will be maintained in the next. Tam Narno who is Ono of Tho stars most unlikely to turn to Wagner is reported to have been engaged for the next covent Garden season As a Concession to the old fashioned opera ours who remain Loyal to . His engagement is interpreted to mean that Jean do Ileczko will devote himself almost entirely to wag Nerlan roles. The new York season 6f which will begin in november Yel very hazy As to detail. Whether another season there can be made profitable in View of Tho american demand for a monopoly of All the great singers. Is Uncertain particularly in View of the fact that the Lovent Garden Syndicate was Able to declare a dividend largely because Tho stars neither expect nor receive nearly such Largo salaries in Europe a they Aro Able to command on the other Side of the water. Or. Grau will look about the continent Dur ing the summer with the Hope that he May dub cover new Talent. The next London season does not begin until May and the indomitable col. Maple son promises to hold Sway at covent Garden for a part of Tho Winter but does not yet furnish specifications except that andr6 Chc tiler s opera which was produced under his management in new York last year will be his mainstay. Befito Abbott a new Singer. A stroke of very Good Fortune has be fallen one of the Abbott Sisters american girls who have had considerable Success hero in drawing rooms and in music Halls As singers of Plantation melodies. Their last Public appearance Here was on the stage of the Empire. It is not often that recruits Are found Thero for opera but this scorns to to the very pleasant Prospect in store for Bessie Abbott. When the Abbotts were Corning to Europe last Spring they had As fellow passengers the de Keszkes and the secret service com Pany. Or. Del Langham Tho manager of secret introduced the Abbotts to the de i Keszkes who expressed a desire to hear their Plantation songs. Jean de Lessko was much pleased with Bessie Abbot s voice and asked her to sing for him again in Lon Don. A few Days Afler Ward mrs. Abbot was surprised to receive an offer from the Tenor to educate the Young woman for the operatic stage. Abbott is to spend six months studying in Paris and then goes to Italy for another six months course. If her voice fulfils expectations. M. De Reszke will launch her upon the operatic stage. To i Lay at the Knickerbocker. The following is the cast of the company which will appear at the Knickerbocker theatre. New York on sept. 1, with in Captain Coddington. W. L. Brad fled shrimp Clara rom inc Duke of Duff Shire Lawrence card Duchess. Mrs. Edmund Phelps lady Gwendoline. Marie Studholm lord clan Side. Florence Lloyd Hopkins Leedham Bantock Hoffman Fritz Rimma Wybolt Arthur Hope Kittle help Erton Minnie Hunt Marie Belleville Juliette nest Lyle Flo Fanshaw. Rosie boots Maude Montressor Maud Hobson. Juliette Neville and of the cart arc Well known in Amer scr. Clara is a daughter of Teddy Solomon. The play scored a great Success in Lon Don a few years ago. With Arthur Roberts us Captain Coddington and was Success fully revived Tho Garrick theatre lust monday night. Or. Del Langham Ijas engaged Alfred Ken Delck. Who to at present with Ben Greet s shakespearean company in the provinces to support Julia Marlowe in America next sea son. Or. Kendrick has made a name As a shakespearean actor especially in the of Romeo and there waa considerable com petition Between or. and or. Robertson who wanted him for his coming season at the lyceum for his services but the american has now secured the contract. The sleeping a new play by Martha Morton commences it the criterion on tuesday next. Fred purchased the play while in America. William Gillette at Home. Tie. Author actor Kythail Antic Over the reception accorded Pluy mid 1 layers abroad. William Gillette Tho author of secret arrived yesterday with his com Pany on the Paris. Or. Gillette was not much in evidence on thu Steamer although Iho members of his company were particularly noticeable a they flitted around look ing after their baggage. In fact he slipped away unobserved from the pier and after making a hurried Call on Charles Frohman and or. Hayman at Tho Empire theatre took an Early train to Hartford. He gave a few minutes of his time to a reporter for tub new York times who took the Opportunity to ask him his views regarding Tho alleged prejudice against american plays Ana actors in England. It is perfectly to said even to insinuate that there is Tho slightest prejudice against american actors or Ameri can plays in London. Indeed i think they Are rather prejudiced in our favor. All they object to is what they Don t like no matter whether it s English or american. Thea Friend la feeling was most forcibly evinced by the press and the Public and even the weather. In fact the up bold spoiled us. They were absolutely too kind and Friendly and hospitable. To went to play in London for four weeks and we staid three How did the first night Aud Lenco be have Well behaved for the first fifteen or plenty minutes Thero was on ominous stillness. They did not seem to know what sort of a thing Tho play was going to be and we thought we were lost. Suddenly Thero was a change and we could feel that to were holding them even before they made any noise. Very soon alter that they became wildly up in their seats and cheered at the end of every act called us out Ngann and again and showed every sign of approval and friendliness. After that night there was no ominous silence. Thoy took it All from beginning 10 end even what we had thought too essentially american for them they thoroughly understood and although they Are a Little slower to take up Points when they do they make More demonstration than audiences in or. Gillette said he was 111 in London but to had fully recovered and was now quite Well. The company will enjoy two weeks Vaca Tion when they will open at the Empire theatre sept 1 with the old company play and Ace Nerur. William dead. Tie 1 any to which lie be voters Yfim of labor almost Cleudy for preen Kuhoh. William b. De Verna maker of theatrical properties died yesterday it ills Home at. Sixty fifth Street and third Avenue Bay Ridge of acute gastritis. To was familiarly known us old Dill de Verna and first came into theatrical prom Lisenco when he staged Tho Black on its first presentation in this country. There were no labor saving de vices on the stage then and every piece of property was get from the hew. It was de Verna who originated Many of the mechanical appliances now in use. Among them a revolving platform for setting a ii Ery. In addition to Elfi Dlack Crook production his staging brought out the twelve and he was properly Man for barn in Bailey for Many years. On Hie 20th of this month his life dream is to be realized a spectacular production called for years lit had been at work on the piece but Lack of Money prevented him from bringing it out till last Spring Whin Benjamin Cohen of Coney Island formed i partnership Ullh him. Or. Cohen sent him to Europe in March and in june he returned with Worth of costumes. Rehearsals of the Tiluy have been going on dully for the past live weeks under his and nightly he returned to his factory Home not to Bleep but to work. Ice Verna was born in Oliver Street this City sixty three years ago his father was a Lallum s. De Vorna manager of the old Chatham Square theatre. Me began in theatrical Ulfo As property Man in a Small travelling company and after he became connected with the Al Ralya and the Black Crook nothing wan attempted in the Way of Large productions without his Aid an i advice. He built a Large factory called in Bay a logo the dragon factory where to manufactured Scenic accessories. When the metropolitan opern House was built lie was engaged to Supply All the properties used in the German opera. The big Druleon of Siegfried was considered one of the most perfect examples of the property maker s Art. Or. De Verna leaves a widow and five sons ills partners in business and three daughters. National guard notes. The annual Encampment of the connect Cut National guard which will to hold on their splendid grounds at noun tic the pres ent week will attract Many visiting off Cora from Tho guard of other states and will be More than usually interesting. One feature of the instruction will be an extensive programme of held work. Including outpost reconnaissance in Force next tuesday and which might be introduced to advantage at Tho state Camp of new York another season. For Tho purpose of instructing the Connecticut National guard in outpost duty a line of outposts is to be established against an enemy assumed to to northerly and Westerly of Roxbury from a Point near the Junction of the Rox Bury and Boston schoolhouse Road. It will be assumed that Tho ground South of the Boston schoolhouse Road is Imp fixable the men Aro to Leavo Camp at 8 o clock in the morning and will to provided with rations for one meal each Man will carry Twenty five rounds of Blank ammunition each machine gun will be served Woltti rounds and the Light batteries with Twenty rounds each. The line of outposts arc to be established by 11 o clock in the morning. With a View of testing the fell Clency of the Lino a patrol of an officer and live men from each infantry regi ment will be selected to impersonate enemy and will attempt the of observation Between 11 a. M. And noon Tho enemy will not be allowed to accept Aid of any kind from Cut loom. Nor will they be allowed to Wear citizens clothes. At m. Tho out Prosta will be abandoned and the troops will be assembled. Three of the infantry regiments and the Battery of Light artillery will assemble on Ito Ljury read West of go ton s Ali i other infantry will assemble near the Junction of roads directly North of Dodge s Pond. Between 1 and p. M. The troops assembled at Thi latter Placo will take up u defensive ton in that locality with a View to re so Slang an attack of an enemy reported us advancing along Roxbury Road. At 1i-30 p. M. The troops assembled on Roxbury Road will move eastward and after ing Tho Bridge near Gorton s Mill will proceed to make a in in re against an enemy reported As seen on the ground North of Dodge s Pond. While it is desirous that tills exercise should simulate. War As nearly As practicable yet the great est care must be taken. It is directed to prevent actual collision of opposing per Les and this it is ordered must be pre vented under All circumstances. Senti Nels and pickets of the defensive party on being fired upon return thu ire and Lali Back slowly upon the Lino of defense and the attacking party will not flip bayonets nor a Vanro beyond the Point from which the final Rush upon the defenders position should be made. When the whole attacking Force i us arrived at this position and taken up rapid fire the commander of this Force will cause the recall to to bounded All along the line upon which All troops engaged in the evolutions will assemble and return to Camp. Thero is general complaint among of Lect a and men practising at Creedmoor on supplementary practice Days Over the new rules promulgated by Gen. Kirby requiring shooters who fall to qualify at the longer ranges to go Back to the Short Range before they Are allowed a second trial. In former yours under Gen. Who Loek s system for example a mar. Shooting for a Sharpshooter s badge at and goo Yards. If he Quail fled at the Al Rel Range and failed at the second would not be compelled to go Back to the 500 Yard Range and commence All Over again but could continue shooting at the Gou Yard Range until he made Tho required score. The result of the present Tom. Us illustrated on the practice Day is that the my Yard Range is crowded with scores of shooters awaiting the nor turn to shoot Bome of whom cannot be accommodated. On the other hand there Are borne who claim that Gen Kirby s system will ultimately prove an advantage in prec a dorm men who in former years Purpo Elv threw Nway their shots at 000 Yards in order that they might better their scores thus giving More of an Opportunity for practice to less skilled marksmen. The first of the practice Days for sex Perls will to held at Creedmoor saturday. Merna is of the guard who have not yet qualified As marksmen Heaton will also have Opportunity to do so at that time. Company a seventh regiment it is expected will decide to go on an Outing to Midland Betch the latter part of the present month and the matter is now being considered. Adji. George j. Weaver has re turned from a very pleasant trip to the thousand islands. Squadron a. Not to be behind hand will be represented. In All probability by a team at sea Girt n. A. During the annual Rifle contests there to be held from aug. 30 to sept. 4. Inclusive. Company a Twenty second regiment Haa unanimously elected Sergt. R. B Porter n second lieutenant. Tho several vacancies on the staff of col. Bartlett. It is thought will nol be tilled for Home weeks the regimental Rifle Loam has started in to prac Tice with very satisfactory results under the direction of capt. Frank Isherwood. At the seventh annual meeting of the new Jersey state Roflo association at sea Girt from aug. 80 to sept. 4, inclusive among the Range officers selected from the National guard of states cd her than new Jersey Are capt. W. H. Palmer seventh regiment and capt. Schuyler Scholf flown. Twelfth regi ment of new York National guard col. E. C. Farrington Maine National guard capt. John c. Postell Georgia volunteers Lieut. 3. S. Johnson twelfth regiment. New York National guard Lieut. M. W. Rowell and Lieut. J. L. Donovan United states army capt. C. P. Nutter Massachusetts militia col. A. Miner Pennsylvania National guard major George h. Harris. District of co Lumbia militia and Gen. W. M. Kirby. New York National guard. Much to the disappointment of the majority of officers and men of the a Nih regi ment that command will not be represented by a. Team at Creedmoor this season. Thin it in understood is duo to col. Howard s being against the project on the ground hat the time was not Ripe the regi ment to put in a Tram a Itu in t. Not yet Hail to p in n it pre in Leary instruction in i Range. The colonel Alvo Liolis thai ulna tin Siegl ment dots put in a team n Houm h Toam capable of holding its own in the other Ohle erf however re mfr r with tha colonel s View my i thut in. Must begin at the Bottom of tin r and work its Way up in the Rifle Kaiui that if the colonel delays Init Btij in a team in Al he in of having u i none the Reglin in will in i be reprise a. A desire of the of leers Lor t represented this was my great to Iii at he incl meeting of tie Board Uili. Is offered to subscribe lib. Rally the am near Gary to it Fiat the cd penises i team the naval militia of Tho mate under i cent issued by adj Iii it has new been into a i in uie with capt. A. In ill to h Parth of i to regulations a r. to Bri Gades of the National Gard in a Jilli Able in a like manner to tie milk i. Capt. Miller has i on author to appoint an examining for of ills com Mand. To consist ,1 . One of whom Whall by a in. Olu Ivr. Am Aln Jay annoy inn in tin m. My. Capt. Miller will choose a Haft of j. Has detailed the following for Huy at the Range to look and i the Cape. I Manth will Auk if lit it. Kleinan Auk. I api Ruby an i Lieut Hayer. Sept to i tin n Corii Polinc it miss a irn Pic hid Jusi of tin r ment swung into Abingdon Square film Hank Street amid tic Hurrah of Tho up. I to tors and formed Lino in Fiorit if the mail. As soon As miss Rampo be Hatling a. M. Tom pms of company u noun Tinl the plut Forn. And in .1 Short in at Pei cd made the s. Nailon concert company i a Archt off to a to hotel Titre a banquet wat await i them being followed flier tha old guard band Sliu Jolius in the tics. Capt. Clayton of troop c Lias authority to Camp with some i. Fly Jilin Luiis of command at Creedmoor Range Flora Iho 1m to the oth of r. Find Uki asked that tin to to prac Tice on Tho Psiol Rango apply alien of the Captain been approved. Capt. J. A. H. Of i oink and a thirteenth regiment and Apt. I. Lor inspector of Rifle Praik a in the Lima coi Runan rec quod their Tho members of the sixty ninth it hold a meeting at the n. Fred by night to organize a legit in Neal Lilly i lab the object of lie oreitnl7atlon will Bolo promote the Lille inter. To of the regiment and improve Tho it in Sii Tahle indoor Rango in the armory Suth Clenty to admit of Imu stink Compeli Lonh during the Drill Tho temporary of Iho i Ille club Are cask. Mccrystal Prcz sudent major it Van Sci Otaru Puiul private of the several Hundred member of Llie National guard shooting at Creedmoor on Tea Al Rel of supplementary practice aur a private h. Tkv jigs of i of Penny g led Liun All making Tho Vei Hanifl Omesi of of is out of a possible to Points Atli and , qualifying As u defense of Gould s heirs. My. Slot her and Muter ten Len Una to i full her i Lulu for Dower ill Lidi. Trio deposition of Kelly of mich., was put on lilt in theoflice of tin count Clink esk Lacni a in the suit brought Airah Ann ii to establish her Rah lit in certain prop erty left by Gould to Nhom he to Lul Iii to have been married in inti f or Wiiki ii is the daughter of mrs. Huun and Mother s testimony brought Forward to prove the daughter s claim is . Mrs. Lironne swears thai or. Ai Miu is now known Ann Angi ii la her eldest daughter Ami mauled to a Carpenter named and had one daughter who h now mis i use. It is Tom daughter that a Pill Dija Rei is die child of Jay Gould. Mrs. Uio Imi s Lio heard tier daughter had Man led to Gould and 1lr--t Lienol of in a coupled Gould s or Vears ago. A deposition by mrs. Tamil. Walker daughter of or Siroun and of or. Angell. Told of tin Bertli of Hlaj Serepta. Since known is i n K.I-. And the witness says he u d no Nui Hion then of juy Gould Toh Biby s f Ulni. And derii4--e told her he proud of h baby and she should be proud to be tin aunt of hitch a Fine child. The Ili to time in heirs of Gould s name in Toni lion with term family wan when mis pit to Ier dial Ahe had fount out tin. Name of her he was Lily Anell the Luis band of Fannie deposed that mrs wrote to her regarding this m a found Pir had replied unit so far As Sho knew Het father was a Impi liter Nanu i a Ruhse. And Fiat Pierce in ing had if she Suco Eidd in what win working for she would inn pc a a her relatives indent to ideally re ii and in Pai tit ular had porn Hel half a ill lion or a Mill Ion dollars he need that in had by n any Pompeii Salon Foi on behalf of the Goulds several letters tearing on the. Case were put in evidence mrs. Mui Kint k Cody of champs a tract to. Who had been Active in prosecuting mis. Angeh a claim wrote to mis. Walker under Date of Teh. Asking for Aslo thu whereabouts of mrs Angell. Tilling her that arc sch of i Mun Lay Goul 1, had i to ruled persist to mrs aril Ell wlm the tatter was a Toniu i Catholic and Ali ii Halil made he believe thai Btung a protestant minister Lite . Is not lawful and. Having Hei Lufi tie before All the world grow to be Wor a mrs. Ali rce on Jan 14. Wrote to her aunt expressing an leu that the Lowye 8 should not get hold of tier grandmother or tear she would to Mhz Ngann it i t and apprehension her win not treat ing her Rlph. She if h Lucky to get any Mone from the Goulds not forget in r aunt another frag Nunt of a Lett i identified a being in mrs p i in s inn Iltong. Bul Wilhour Dale or my Vuturo Navy the or is going to try and a millions and if 1 get it i will pave Vou half of it the nulls North one Hundred millions surely hit in hut Rhyn i am just As much of a Gould a they Ilii Iii my. John Willis an honorable United slates Seaman was among the Pas sengers of the set anti help Venedam who were exam led in to Bureau yesterday. He Alfasi irk Elroney. In knt so bar Muld. She Lead Money and was liable to Teleport Iti ii Ald the vans. His. Second Cousin. The immigration Olla class Quet cloned Hie propriety of his travel Iii alone with to Distant a Lela Lve so and fair. Slie was nut two nov Izreo cars old. Antl lie i went ought so he said. Ill marry her they were taken to father Henry it Tho la non across the Paik and the it Gree of relation Shin to suit the government officials. Tren Willis was Al Lowed to enter the country with her band

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