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Long Beach Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Jan 9 1957, Page 1

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Long Beach Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - January 9, 1957, Long Beach, CaliforniaEden resigns action comes As crisis grips country Macmillan Butler seen As Likely to be prime minister London a sir Anthony Eden resigned to night As prime minister o Britain. He blamed bad health. The 59-year-old Eden stepped Down after the fail ure of British French Mill tary intervention in Egypt and at a time of a Strain in British american relations. After tendering his Resigna Tion to Queen Elizabeth ii a Buckingham Palace Eden up out this statement when i returned to Thi country a month ago i Hope that my health had been us fid entry restored to enable a to carry out my duties Effe timely for some consid Erab. Time. That Hope has not Bee realized. I do not feel that it right for me to continue in of fice As the Queen s first min ister knowing that i shall be unable to do my full duty by my Sovereign and the country. I have therefore decided with the utmost regret that i must tender my resignation to he Queen which her majesty has been graciously pleased to Eden left London several Days after calling off the Suez intervention. The government said he was suffering from severe Over Strain. He rested Throe weeks at a jamaican Retreat and then returned to London dec. 14. Long Beach 12, calif., wednesday january vol. 297 48 pages Price 10 cents Telephone he 5-1161 classified he 2-5959 Home edition eight editions Anthony Eden. On verge of tears Marie signs police report on kidnapping body puts name on document with Hollywood flourish los Angeles a Marie Mcdonald s signature is on a police crime report today the Law s summary of her account of being kidnapped from her Encino iome and pushed out of passengers quell Blaze on charter boat off Beach charter Pooai Luimee a. Which broke out in the boat s engine room Early today 17 Miles off the coast. Four of Eden s doctors to night released a statement say ing his health gives cause the doctors said in spite of the improvement which followed his rest before Christmas there has been a re Currence of abdominal symptoms. This gives us much con Cern because of the serious operations in 195s and some sub sequent attacks of fever. 1 in our opinion his health will no longer enable him to sustain fire first was discovered aboard the boat the via Jero shortly before 9 p. M. Tuesday in the floor Between the engine compartment and the Gailey re ports indicate. Crewmen and passengers including a Crew of life Maga Zine photographers the vessel s fire extinguisher Supply while quelling the flames. Several hours later flames were discovered in the ship s Galley and the 23 passengers cooped up buckets of sea water o douse on the fire. T t the coast guard said it received a distress message at a. M. That the ship was j1u Ash Fri i the heavy burdens inseparable from the office of prime minis the 59-year-old English aristocrat had completed 21 crisis Ridden months in the nations highest office. Eden called on the Queen at Buckingham Palace just after 6 p.m., following a 70-Minutc emergency meeting with his cab inet and other government misters at no. 10 Downing St. Eden drove to the Palace cont on Page a-4, col 3 65-year-old tug governor Mark Ham Sank in 300 fathoms o water 10 Miles West of la Jolla Early today. Three Crew Mem Bers were rescued. The coast guard reported the tug was towing five Navy land ing Craft from san Diego to san Pedro. One of the Navy lems also. Lost when i the Mark Nani went Down skipper of the tug., owned by i Robert a Schildwachter of Compton was capt. Oren f. Of 209 14th St., Seal Beach. Another tug the Cuic Amaca picked up Mclntyre a on a desert Highway 24 hours later. Once again there was a Holly Wood touch to the latest Inci Dent. The signing had some of the flourishes of a movie con act agreement ceremony. Detectives took the re port to the actress Home. She received them in. Her living room. She wore a Silver brocade mandarin Robe with jewelled col to be confused with the Robe she was wearing when she said she was kidnapped last thursday night nor the one she wore for a Holl Woodish police directed filmed re enactment at her Home monday. She gestured with among Gold cigarette Holder. At her. Shoul i. . Launch drive to integrate Atlanta buses negro ministers Riding in seats in White Section Atlanta twelve negro ministers boarded an Atlanta City bus today and sat in front seats in an apparent attempt to break Down Georgia s bus segregation Laws. The Public tribally operated trackless to develop Power trouble just after the negroes boarded and two mechanics were called to repair it. All but Ona of the five or six White Gers aboard got off. The negroes remained. To losing f Aid unmentioned 7 _ Eye faces new peril new York boy who lost his right Eye last june be cause of cancer was admitted to a Hospital today to determine what vision in his other Eye Christmas eve the boy Thomas Fuller 2v later she leafed through years the son of or. And two Large volumes of assorted Jirs Edward Fuller of Norwood Runft criminals. It v Der studying the document proof Reading it , a few minor pencilled corrections was the watchful Legal expert in criminal Law Giesler. She signed with Giesler s per Mission. Fire. Several minutes later an other report that the flames lad been subdued was received and that they were putting in for Marine service berth in Newport Beach. The ship arrived in Newport shortly after Daybreak. None of the passengers was injured and none was immediately Ridenti d. Operators at Marine service said they Learned the fire was caused by an exhaust stack. Schildwachter and an unidentified Engineer and radioed they were heading for san Pedro. The cause of the sinking was not known Here. Fied. Damage was placed at in another sea drama the car hits building t Finger scratched Midway by. M1 a scratched Finger was the Only in jury among five persons in a grocery store tuesday when car rolled 150 feet Down a Stree and smashed into the building. Officers said the brakes on Thi parked car apparently failed Ike Mideast plan substitute studied Washington speaker Rayburn said today democrats , but Are not com the first attempt at bus integration in the Georgia Cap ital City occurred at a Busy downtown Cor Ner of Whitehall and Mitchell its. The negroes members of the love Law and liberation movement held a prayer Mett ing this morning and then went downtown to Board buses. Gov. Maryin Griffin promptly blamed outside agitators for the integration attempt and said the negro bus riders should be jailed. The integration move. In the matures of 300 known pointing out facial characteristic s of. Some similar to the physio gnomes of the two men continued on Page a-4, col. 4 West German chief May pay . Visit Bonn German president. The odor Heuss probably will visit the United states this year Diplo Matic sources said today. American and. German authorities Are discussing the de tails of a trip by. The 73-year n. Y. The examination being con ducted in ophthalmology at Columbia Presby Terian medical Center v continue through thursday. Wii i die East defense Resolution. The substitute does not men Tion foreign economic Aid and would not specifically commit the United states to Send troops to the area to halt soviet aggression. It simply asserts a vital u. S. Interest in the inde damage to the store was Esti mated at old chief of state. Ment will be made until the arrangements Are completed. The d Story to Wrath led to Agency s birth a sundry after the civil War Congo is at present there is no vision in the child s left Eye and further study is needed to deter mine whether this is the result of brain a Hospital spokesman said. He. Said the question of whether the left Eye like the right will have to be removed will not be answered until the examination is completed. The parents brought the child Here tuesday night. Fuller a Farmer said Home town doctors told him the boy had Only a 25 per cent Chance to live More than a year after they removed his cancerous right Eye june-19. For almost six i months the father recalled the Young Ster appeared to be making a Lodge asks u. N. Probe of Hungary United nations w Henry Cabot Lodge or. Today pr0p0sed declaration was called for creation of a five a sent to Ray bum by a Friend he 4-im a Thor than vital u. Inner Cal m Pic i m v. Juv Wujec w Pendency and integrity of s0uthwide strategy to implement Middle East nations and says this country if necessary win use armed that status. Force to preserve Tion committee to seek out the truth on the hungarian Situa Tion and show the hungarians they Are not forgotten. Declined to identify other than to describe him As a prominent american. The speaker denied in response to that the was former president ice pm source was the u. S. Chief Delegate spoke Trutalli former Secretary of to the general Assembly As it state Dean Acheson or Adlai to Pic Uene Raj. Is Emiluy picked up once More the. Ten Stevenson the democratic pres r of 1r52 ant Ion filled hungarian question. He urged the delegates to give by Don Whitehead chapter 3 the crusade in which the fed Oral Bureau of investigation had its beginning on july 26, 1908 was president Theodore Roose velt s fight to curb the Public be damned greed of big Busi Ness combines and to halt the outrageous thievery of Public lands in the Western states. From the time he entered the White House in september 1901 Roosevelt was roaring against political and business corruption and demanding stronger Federal controls Over the excesses of the Rich and powerful. He was thumping Heads with his big and he sometimes included Heads in Congress. There was ample reason for the Roosevelt Ian roars. Then was in truth a mess in Ameri there was a mess in which the Industrial combines the were flouting the Sherman antitrust act and in effect thumbing their noses a the Federal government and the people. There was a mess too in which men High repute wer conniving with Federal official to Rob the government of Valu Able land in the West when almost 40 million acres had Bee set aside by previous administrations As Forest Reserve this Green and tempter treasure was supposedly Bein watch Trad Over by a governer Agency the general land o fice which was More in Terete in Selling land for private u than it was in Roosevelt s poll of conservation. The thief were busily dipping into thas Roosevelt toe office after the assassination to rodent Mckinley. Civil appropriation left the department without an investigative.arm1 to collect evidence for prosecutions. Roosevelt was. Furious. But his fury be understood Only against the background of resident Mckinley. Roosevelt was. Determined o halt the thievery and the n t i t r t violations. But in e midst of his fight con Gress suddenly walked at the department of detectives Justice s in use in f hot Prives in its in Siuy estimations id passed an what had happened in the past Mil j.c1 j i considered unfit for cultivation fullers doctor to have the child after the civil Congress had passed several Laws encouraging homesteading and making it possible1-for families and individuals to buy land and Settle in the West. One of these Laws was the Timber and Stone act for the Sale of lands in California Ore gon and the territory. The lands were o Mai of i a h Normal recovery without any no _ Fri remain info Eye. Effect on the then almost without warning Fuller related Young Thomas began groping on his hands and Knees Christmas eve obviously unable to see out of his left Eye. Local doctors told Fuller it probably was Extension of the cancer that Cost his son his right arrangements were made by Early cartoon depicts president Theodore Roose velt a drive against corruption-in1 government Roose velt set up Bureau of denied hint use of secret service to probe crime Orvii Zeicu but they were covered with Vir Gin forests. Worth millions. Enforcement of the land Law. Was lax. People fenced pub Lic innocently their own use others bought huge acreages through fraudulent schemes to turn a Quick re sales to lumber companies. Roosevelt had been in office Only a few the Secretary of the Interior Ethan i. Hitchcock1 of had Eason to suspect that his own department was involved in the and. Frauds. He detected a bad Dor in. The general. Land of ice and he began an inquiry. The attorney general arranged or from the treasurer s secret service and take a quiet look behind the scenes in the West. This suspicions were con firmed when we agent reported that some land office s own detectives were so deeply involved in land manipulations that they were actually tools the land thieves. Afraid to Trust his own people the frauds department of hear continued on Page a-4, col. T examined Here today Atu presbyterian Hospital by or. Alger non Ari Eye specialist. The said they -1 nominee of 1952. And 1956. Rayburn Lold newsmen the letter and the proposed Resolution appealed to. Him As a sane i did t endorse the resold he emphasized. I Haven t endorsed anything he said1 he would give the Georgia Metropolis a Bedrock of a deep South segregation practices was made on the eve of a leaders from other Southern states including the negro ministers who led moves to break Down segregated seating Laws in Montgomery and Birmingham ala., and Tallahassee Fla. The group plans to map strategy to implement the supreme court decision de Claring segregated bus seating unconstitutional. A negro organization in new Orleans announced today it will seek racial integration on City buses by peaceful Means. The Rev. Scott a spokes Man for the new. Orleans ministerial Alliance a negro group said a petition will be presented to the president of the new or leans Public service commis Sion bus segregation be ended and that negroes be Given equal Job Opportunity by he bus company. Gov. Griffin said he had been up since Daylight working with Georgia officials1 on the integration attempt which had. Been reported imminent. He said he had Advance information that groups of negroes and Florida from Ala would at an overwhelming approval to a Resolution introduced by the United states and.23 other countries creating the f act find ing committee. The soviet Delegate Dep Uty foreign minister v. V. Kuznetsov immediately Folio wee Lodge to the speaker s stand wll 3. Ali Iuliu a 01 Peu Yili to i Jim Yuji s a Bly throw the hungarian ques nomic Aid should be left out of Atlanta bus this morning was proposal to chairman Gordon whose House foreign affairs committee is consider ing the presidents Bujila ainu tempt to provoke an incident in Atlanta the Day before negro strategy meeting. Tion off its Agenda. He charged that reactionary elements and fascists in Hungary fomented the trouble. Even before Kuznets of spoke in the Assembly the russians made Clear they would oppose the Resolution and had warned that no such committee would Ever get into red Hungary. To a Long speech to1 the charged from an Uncle Neil Fuller to finance the trip. Fullers have another child Ray bum said. There s a lot of controversy Over Eisenhower author continued on Page a-4, col. 1 two storms Bear Down on Southland Ouarles plane trip diverted by Storni Springs Colo. That toners who hanged hungarian he said. Any. Acts of the committee would be illegal. Kuznetsov blasted president 1 Eisenhower s proposed Middle Eastern doctrine As a move by the United states to carry out military plane bearing air Force Donald diverted or tuesday night when a Snow torm prevented its scheduled Landing Quarles came Here by car to an inspection of Continental air defense -. Com Mand Headquarters. Imperialistic expansion in the a Liq to he called the anti colonial liberation movement red channels to radio to carry president s message president of the tin Lon Ines Sake. To con. Grew thursday will be carried Ellve of and Tele vision network in the address will be heard at on club Nelte 2, arid 7 and on radio Khz and Knox. To sets considered luxury in Russia London mos cow said today that -television1 sets Are a luxury in Russia because there Are not enough1 to stations in the other luxuries listed1 in eluded automobiles Ware works of. Art and Bok Hara rugs. But radios phonographs sports goods musical " instruments and become be it said. Two storms blowing Down the North Are expected to ring More rain to Southern Alifornia thursday afternoon r night according to the u. S Veather Bureau. The storms which were off Che coast of Washington this morning May consolidate before caching the Southland the Bre Caster said. The rain which they produce is expected to be intermittent and no heavy the observer Aid.1 v he forecast mostly Clear skies Oda Yand tonight with incr Cas ing cloudiness thursday morn det Long Beach s rainfall total for the current season1-is with 1.50. At this Ime last year. One of the negro minis i sat in of an the Rev. Martin Luther King sr., father of the Leader of the Montgomery integration drive. He said it was the first time he had Ever sat in the front of an Atlanta Public conveyance. Griffin hinted at Quick action to nip the integration attempt in the Bud. He said that his Powers under Georgia riot stat utes Are very Broad and added i am charged with the responsibility of preventing i would Call on these people o disperse and if they did not i would put them All in jail Iuie governor said. Clear tonight. Increasing cloudiness thursday with rain by thursday afternoon. Slightly cooler tonight and thursday. Where to find it despite gov. Knight s pleas for amicable settlement of California s , a North South sectional Battle a imminent in. The state legis lature. See Page a-5 for de tails of this and lights of the session now in its third Day. Beachb a. Hal a-17. A-17. C-8 to 12. B-8. Death b-2. A-16. Finn Cal Page is. Shipping c-5r cd 2, a b-10, 11." tides temperatures-7-crs. To b-12. Vital b-4, 6, your a-2

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