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Long Beach Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1957, Page 1

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Long Beach Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - January 8, 1957, Long Beach, CaliforniaOut of Long Beach it calif., tuesday january 8, 1957 Telephone he 5-1161 classified he 2-5959 Home edition eight editions daily state solons allies lash Knight traffic plan by John h. Averill Sacramento a California lawmakers be Gan translating gov Knight s 1957-58 pro grand into legislation today amid loud cries of dissent Over Knight s plea that All drunk Drivers be jailed thou Tex caption. His water proposals Drew mostly warm on Suez problem streamlined i state of Union message set lice plans Shorter talk fewer legislative Points angry Solon quits hearing demo denounces closing of sessions to Public newsmen top surprised by Solon s move sop leaders say action puts Nixon Knight on defensive by William Boom press Telegram. Washington Kurokui Washington Cali Fominas in Congress today probe the ashes of sen. Knowland s retirement announcement. They conclude de he is off to a head Start toward upsetting the unsteady balance of party control among the state s big three. Informed. Observers Washington a the state of the Union message president Eisen Hower delivers to Congress in person thursday will have a new look the White House announced today. will contain Only a few recon Washington France were re my nations dealing with Legisla ported today to have agreed to a plan for indirect Tauts administration Avants decided upon informants refugee too because the egyptian govern Dent we speak for al30ut a half rain More due senator s irrevocable decision not to seek re election in 1958 Washington a rep. Wayne Hays a Ohio i stamped out of a House committee hearing today on president Eisenhower s y emergency Middle East plan s with a protest that the pub 5ic was t admitted. Hays denounced the secrecy he said was accorded to Secrce state Dulles especially when or. Dulles policy seems to be getting in hot a i be protested and so Nave Many others that there Many executive closed sessions ment refuses to meet lace to hour at a joint session of the face with British and French Senate and House. In other diplomats on the Suez problem years Eisenhower a state of the Union document has taken up Okeke is Hope the discus an delivery. A Stead brought .20 of Light rainfall Sions can be started within a few Days but no specific time has yet been fixed. S be Hammarskjold is understood in announcing the Pat Tern change Hagerty said the Eisenhower message of about opening session 1957 forecast Calls for Slature which saw Senate showers through of crafts score their biggest gains tonight with possibility of a few of the Century More wednesday. Intermittent of the Century. Is expected through sat heavy snowfall was re be operated once it is review of the Domestic and in i Ter National scene and will make Only a few legislative recon re mend fictions of a Hagerty added that the great Stayt Majo Rity of the administration s talks to be held in detailed legislative Otolose new York but would he ready will i to use its influence. With both sages sides in order to Speed a Settle ment the British and French gov-1 economic report to i m7ltvl la 13, Marie in Star role in body snatcliers1 i ending is years of re urday. Publican domination of the up cer House democrats elected ernmclu5, by _ Veteran legislator Hugh Burns corded at All Southland Moun is objections to direct talks month. A Fresno As Senate president Tain resorts with the Snow line the initial Stag Sci Hope it Wail pro tempore backed by All 20 at the level today. To arrange face to Senate democrats and 2 party a a new storm is moving South Senate democrats and 2 party a a new storm is moving Sou be Mee jumping republicans Burns from Alaska the weather Suez rat to win reported and should i Al rain to South late in the week. The is ruins Anu _ in an Aii i uric i Wiwi Ern ments by _ going along lawmakers later in the the shapely actress re enacted what also will be the says was a terrifying mid from her Pala be posse o face meetings later to Settle the came the first Democrat to Senate leadership since Ste m. White held the Job Back in Rucj Lviv re Jauw Aizic of special messages night dealing with specific subjects. Tial is Pup is Rifg Tif Luw Stater Ferenc 12, holds his pet dog tightly As he arrives today at Spokane Wash with 42 Otter Hays told news. Hungarian refugees. The dog Lilly tagged Aiono Stiner and his parents fled into Austria. Rithcie May the Merit m the Eisenhower Resolution pro posing special authority to help keep peace in the Middle East but i Don t think it will be de bated behind closed dts lines end adm. Arthur w. Radford chairman of the joint chiefs of staff had been invited to undergo questioning on the plan at a session of the House foreign affairs com Mit tee from which the Public and newsmen were barred. The closed session had been scheduled by chairman Gordon that procedure is nor Mally followed when a commit tee chairman or official wit Nesses feel that the testimony to be heard should not be publicly aired. Hays who says he won re Encino whose curves by James Bacon body those include the whose curves Cue scheduled to go to the a Quad some kind of award to Jan. 16, and the annual Ance in the police movie of the year be. Sent to in color film to for her Lenorm the bedroom with the Star in bed wearing Green pyjamas. Luther h. Lincoln snowfall ranged from 4 Toi relay these views to As speaker and after a 14 inches earlier today yith fair who would be in contest Charles j. Conrad a to Good skiing reported. Ahoy Yinn Oaks As speaker pro o Jym Vood Muice .47 .07 .05 .70 .81 county 1 1.0 Man Oaks As speaker pro had g Kratka Tern. Ridge 14 inches and it. Water a major Point in the a chs nor s legislative program was t Waturs win he slightly assured introduction when fresh Man assemblyman Louis fran Cis a san matco announced he was submitting a Bill Mcquir Ijuin ing mandatory jail terms for All drunk Drivers. His 5teastole proposes a minimum jail term of five Days a Fine for firs t fenders and 20 Days and for second and quent violators. Ann Knight did t spell out penal ties other than recommending mandatory jailing. Several makers voiced Strong objection l j police to even that. Sen. Donald l. Grunsky Watsonville Valley Home movie had everything any Demille epic Ever were Clumsy it to be t Man sen. Bell in of last political Bombshell definitely put gov Goodwin j. Knight on the defensive because it carried the implied threat Knowland will go after his Job. But theft were just As Quick to Point out that vice president Nixon s hold on the state party similar As Sault at the nominating Conven Tion in 1960, the consensus was that know land a Brilliant political stratagem and moved himself into a spot to Challenge the vice president for the re publican nomination. Many were surprised that a chose to leave the Senate but the end of scene meeting Only minutes 1 the Tive programs for the year bedroom shot and a producer and direct after Meniw separately with said Eisenhower is departing Tor both and of Hammarskjold from that custom because he be set cover age by a Small b out of oct alls a Campaign More were puzzled by the Dulles announcement s timing. Some members of the state s delegation pointed out he has unhinged the balance that resulted in three Man Rule of the a hours California with Nixon four a alter in Towel Matuie of the 5 a have Yueai Cut a mixes spent 4% hours California with Nixon re Torter asked capt. House group monday and Knight. Others thought Krec Walker handling the Walkie in a Public session answering the fiet cited a Assem 1 of talkie on the outside for a questions about. A Sennott blvd plan to step up to higher pr0posal-for Money to help Way of the rom 0 lives the spelling out of details press. Lne Jas i a win would pass on their reaction to Jivka us army or Wiy Wuhu Johm. The British and French and con More properly belongs in the of iceman gave it a title i i a not ones Saga the British an Renc a m i one policeman gave a i Tine to move Back and Forth budget and used by Between the two groups with the which go to Congress each year. Aim of drafting a settlement All continued on Page a-3, col. 4 admits could agree upon. _ is i i Choc. Isanell Ann 1.011 1.17 .13 llo7 .85 1.11 1.42 .82 .81 1.10 .2.011 1.03 1.83 1.3-1 Ilii 1.27 1.73 1.x3 0.0 Fob the decision to the length of the state or the Union message questions a. U u u u Dick. Pius in up to Higner proposal for Money to help Way of the die East countries and the governorship in 1958. Sible use american troops in move evoked off. Case of open communist attack reactions from there. _ publicans More inclined to let. Gordon and rep. _ dust Scottie than top Vorys a Ohio predicted speedy approval of the resold of Oil because-0flthc Aeo of e san Francis c o Union message Eisenhower will was cinemascope. Union of company of califor a hold a news an elaborate Nia has announced Price and quite Likely system manned by two police s of 20 cents a barrel for to meet with newsmen be captains gave the waiting re residual fuel Oil and 15 t week. Porters a blow by blow account ital Llev Vorys a Ohio Prea Cieu a r the decision to Cut wivi9ii speedy approval of the wants to be president i of the state of the am one j7eighbobhood go w _ Santa Tjon by the House committee. I governorship of a state 1% usage it with an incessant los Anglia Hays declared he left today s me Laid Eisenhower Al humming of the Tate Dum Jfe has admitted responsibility in sub in Page a.3, Felt that message has from dragnet. Sustained by Pas sequent debate on the House. _ too Long. Jew As show. On a train which de floor. He did not want to be in Muc of Ong. _ because-0flthc state of the about the Only thing missing r subdue violent caller said for. Instance. Killing 30 persons. A pre trial hearing monday Oor committed to secrecy on aspects of the Resolution which might be discussed at the session with into Sailor Duvall or s a cents per barrel for Light Resi becomes Eden off to Dulles. It stint he s a i his Way. Through the Gates up _ with lie Elf Elizabeth ironic in. Their Linden vice president in Ujj. Heavily openly descriptions of Lluli very harsh penalties he result is less sen. James a. A Meren. Ced predicted the legislature a won t accept mandatory he expressed a i continued on Page a-3, col. 1 where to find it the Eisenhower adm Nistra and top Republican con Gressional leaders have decided to seek a continuance of about three billion dollars in excise taxes. See Page a-3. Beachb a. Hal a-7. A-7. I c-4 to 9. B-6. C-4. Death a-6. Is. Shop Piff cd 2. B-7. To c-10. Vital c-4. I a-7. I. Your a-2. To minis miss Mcdonald s allegations of 1i1c Jua i these Price increases Are tended to bring the Supply residual fuel oils More nearly big landslide bars Hwy.101 Monica cons settled would amount Ages to be dam give Ronald Colman they Titian announced at the he the 135 have the he particularly a was not in residence the Man control Over agents their activities rail Tine Field supervisors who la us i i3drt-j. A Fri pc a Butcher knife into a gov Era tons of Earth Slid Down House Painter s heart today to Ontl the coast Hwy. Just lice reported. Of Santa Monica Canyon the body of William j. Dunn g today Block Illg All but one. 55, was found in his apartment. Officers said his wife Lillio los was hysterical and unable to station reported the. Landslide give a coherent account of How As g fact on the inside. Her husband died. The Highway occurred about 5 . Between Channel re. And. Chautauqua blvd. _ in City territory. The Earth covered an Are a about 75 by 100 feet wide and. I to Ettl a ligation is almost half a old although until 1935 known the Bureau Oli. A Oulu about 3 feet deep on a Sec 1 Tion of. The Highway have Field supervisors who i motorists Normay my his assistant. Cause Only. One the smaller cities sur was left. Open. Known is _ investigation. Its name to millions is a Sam Bol of integrity and efficiency. But it remains a mystery organization to a great Many Ameri cans even though its activities . And the Progress be the control system works in . In charge of the Fri s Field divisions Are considered to of Hoover s personal represent Are responsible i cans even to noun Tives Are response die i Are interwoven with the him for the work with tips of civil rights and the of their of the nation a enl purity of the nation. Few know How the. Fri of crates. Few realize that in the i the Geog rap. Assignments. Each. Special agent in charge has an a Lalta. Al Protection of the the . To Are i Field offices the the Section of the new i. Sections of the division. This Dis coastal route. Sib ution of agents to strategy the Fri a we above vow deployed Force which can move not police o an Iven place Sav injuries were reported sep Ioyel luit a quickly to any Given place Sav ing time and Money. 1 at r the main Headquarters Iri operation is in charge has an in of Crayon i a training Muhly Central ground for the development of Foi future Fri. Fri new r _ la. Mrs t atop Filosi position Regar by around for the development of sized. F.0r Bery reports where supervisors in r in Cloudy wednesday with scattered showers mostly Ujj ittle Ancic near mountains ii in change in

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