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Logansport Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - October 13, 1883, Logansport, Indiana Inthe weekly journal s vol. 35.logan8port. Indiana saturday october 13, 1883.�?12 pages. No. 44. European correspondence. Venice at first disappoints but the wound soon heals and Yoa begin to Admire and gradually to love it. As everybody knows Venice is built upon a Large number of islands some say 114, All of Gbidi Are two Miles or More from Mainland. These islands have All been care Folly and expensively docked and filed so that they Are watertight. There Are innumerable canals through which a two food tide ebbs and flows daily. The water being Salt and occasionally a storm sweeping through these canals keeps the City perfectly drained. Of course there is the Peculiar Marine smell Here that belongs to All seaport towns but beyond this. I did not precise any dampness. There Are but four horses in this City of 125,000 people and they Are of brass and. of St. Mark s Church. All transportation is done by boats. There Are omnibus boats and Tramway boats. The latter Are Small steam boats and make regular Calls at the principal Points on the grand canal the former Are propelled by oars. The gondolier is Dray Hackman and livery stable combined. When the ladies of our party wanted to do some shopping they called a Gondola and i having occasion to visit a Bank did the same. The Bank was built flush upon the canal with a pair of Steps leading Down into the water. Ringing the Bell i was ushered into a Well arranged Bank with every convenience for business and built around a court Yard in the Center of which was a Fountain and Beautiful Flowers. Of course it is a mistake to suppose that All the streets Are canals. There is a net work of streets Many of them Are not Over five feet wide and none of them exceeding Twenty and with rows of houses on each Side five six and seven stories High. There being no wagons and horses of course there Are no Side walks or to speak More correctly it is All sidewalk. I got a Ruffi anly looking Street Loafer to show me How the common people lived. He took me through some villainous looking places and in return i bought him a hat full of roasted pumpkin and Goose livers stewed in onions. They sell Wood by weight. Every Wood shop and there Are such in every Comers keeps a pair of Scales deals ont the Sticks almost the size of a Man s wrist by the Pound. Poverty lice hunger and dirt seem to have it their own Way in a Good share of the streets of Venice. I am told there Are 40,000 papers in the Eity. A great Many seamen from us a Tom Fet Zimbi thi port As we oame in a sped id Steemer Jost univ de from Alexandria another from constantinople and still another from Trista after the fashion of the italian people every body lives upon the Street. At Nightfall All classes go out for a stroll and smoke and mingled together will be seen Beautiful ladies elegantly dressed with hair and eyes As Black As Midnight and Swarthy cent Radini in wooden shoes and Gaudy red or Blue scarfs and enormous earrings. It is easy to hear the languages of All the nations of Europe at any of the More frequented cafes or As we Call them restaurants. Venice is rightly named the a Queen of the Adriatic Quot although her queenly glory and Power have departed and she is now sitting in the ashes. By that i mean that Venice is a sleepy dead sort of a place spared with what it has been or should beside its sister cities Milan Florence or Rome. Think of a City is Large As Louisville with Only one Railroad and running Only one train a Day to such a neighbouring City As Florence or Milan. Its position at the head of the Adriatic and commanding its Trade in former Days made it a great and Independent italian state. It is full of splendid palaces and churches that still retain their splendours. These palaces have Many of them a perhaps it would be Safe to say a majority of them been converted into hotels and other business places. One hotel for example the old Marieli Palace was in its Day a magnificent mansion with inner court and statuary some of which remains and exquisitely located upon the most Beautiful Bay in the whole world. Not one Hundred feet from us is the Bridge of sighs the doge s Palace the winged lion and san Marco. The Bridge of sighs is a pathetic Humbug. It is True it leads As we would say from the court House to the jail but it is a jail not for aristocratic and High toned plotters against the state and titled murderers but Only common sneak thieves who Cross it to go to the police court. Not that the prisons for the former class of Gentry do not exist but they Are so located that their inmates do not and never did Cross the Bridge of sighs. We were shown them for a consideration. They were reached by intricate Breakneck stairways and when reached proved to be dungeons in every sense of the word. In size they were a a cages All with heavy double door f the Only place for ventilation was a e toned Hole in the Wall through which food was passed. Here the prisoner remained for months or perhaps years in perfect m darkness. At last when sentence of death was to be executed he was taken at Midnight to another prison Cage called the confessional which differ from the other Only in a heavily grated window opposite to a Crucifix in the Wall with a lamp in front on the outside Knelt the priest and received the confession or granted absolution. The place of execution is As near the canal As it is possible to get. It is a Mere Gateway the Hole in the Wall still Marks the place from which the a fell. Below is the Block. Just below these holes to carry off the blood and a window out of which the still warm Corpse was handed to a Boatman to be taken out into and sunk. Thousands of the noblest of Venice entered the kingdom of death through this Gateway and no one Ever knew what Ever became of them. In these Iron despotism secrecy was the Rule. To be accused was to be condemned and executed. All of this however is now changed. Trials Are Public and the venetian prisons will compare favourably with those of any civilized nation. The doge s Palace and the Chubch of san Marco. It is nonsense for anyone to attempt to describe either the doge s Palace or the Church of san Marco. As Well attempt to describe a Rose or a Lilly with paper and Ink and to give a person who had never seen them any idea of their beauties. San Marco though a Catholic Cathedral and built by and for catholics is really a turkish mosque. It must be remembered that constantinople is Only a few Hundred Miles away and this san Marco was built when the Crescent was a rival of the Cross. To say that it is Beautiful is to use a Mere commonplace. It is Low or at least seems so for in front of it is the Bell Tower 425 feet High. The roof of san Marco is covered with a Cluster of five domes. The Interior is so arranged that there Are three domes which Ever Way you choose to look and these domes rest upon a wilderness of Arches All of which Are very lofty covered with exquisite mosaics representing Bible history. Inside it is All Gold and outside statuary and paintings. Under every Arch is a painting and in every conceivable place a statue either of Man dragon Griffin or beast. At first the effect is bewildering and disappointing for you Are overpowered but gradually you begin to unravel it and its exquisite to it Beauty slowly but surely dawns upon Yon. Yoa can Only comprehend a Little at a time it is so intricate. Artists spend years copying these pillar and ornament. In every direction Yon will find them with their easels transferring bits of this wonderful old Church to Canvas. The pigeons of san Marco have had a world of poetry and Fine writing spent upon them. But they Are Only a legalized nuisance. The City however feeds and protects them and they in turn spoil All the paintings and costly marbles. In front of this Church is the Cathedral Piazza of san Marco. I should say upon a guess it is a thousand feet Long and five Hundred feet wide. It is flanked on three sides by a m magnificent Palace built upon pillars which form a colonnade half a mile around under which Are splendid shops and in whose Shade Venice spends most of her Leisure time gazing at the Bell Tower san Marco and the unequalled Blue sky and Bright Green Waters of the Bay. The doge s Palace is another of these Gigantic buildings a Side and ont that stun the senses by its vastness and splendor. Like All venetian build us a it is a two Story colonnade built round two courts and ornamented beyond the Power of language to describe. Ascending the giant s stairway and All is of Gigantic proportions adorned with statues of corresponding size you ascend the Marble stairway a stairway which in veni Tian Days no one could tread except of Prin Cly birth and Are ushered into a series of vast rooms All of them official a like the throne room the legislative Halls and the room of the court often and All of them thick with painting carving and gilding. Or. Ruskin has devoted an entire volume off his Quot stories of Venice Quot to a description of the splendours of this Palace but it is like All attempts to paint with words unsatisfactory although the Book itself is in dispensable to the Art student for the world of information and suggestions it contains. We made an excursion by Gondola through the lagoons a Broad expanse of still Green water surrounding the entire City and also to the Lido the Long Island that forms the Harbor of Venice and Shields the City from the Adriatic. Here Are the Salt water Baths of Venice and to which everybody daily visits. Vein Tian cub aches. Venice like All old Itaman cities is full of Beautiful churches. An italian Catholic Church is usually a museum of Art. As a Rule they Are five Hundred years old and often As Many years in building. To Illus trate what i mean we slipped into one of these Beautiful churches one Day by Mere Chance and it seemed As if the entire Interior was draped in Green silk. Especially the pulpit was a mass of heavy curtains. Nearer and closer examination showed that this silk was in reality inlaid Marble of the most costly kind. A Church of this kind is never without at least dozen chapels and three or four domes All painted in frescoes of the most Beautiful character. Over every altar there is always a painting by some celebrated master nearly All of them contain splendid tombs. The Church of the Frari it seems to me is the most gorgeous that human eyes Ever rested upon. Here on opposite sides Are the tombs of Titian and Canova both of the purest White Marble and each covered with a Cloud of statuary. The images of our Savior on the Cross the Madonna and the altars and carvings in a single Church say the Frari for example for i have this now in my mind but it is Only one out of Sev Enty must have Cost millions of dollars and the Church and attached buildings usually covers acres of ground. One thing is Worth mentioning the Day of Church building in Italy is Over never again to return. They were built when the Priesthood held the civil Power As Well As con trolled the thoughts of Mankind and were a part of a system of vast religious establishments that gradually absorbed much of the Best property in Italy. It is not however generally known at least in the United states that the italians have completely liberated themselves from the Church. About ten years ago All the con vents and monasteries were disestablished and Are now when not preserved As Public galleries on account of their works of Art or historical associations a used As Barracks for the soldiers. Churches priests and monks and religions orders Are now supported As with us in the United states by private subscriptions. Every one in Italy is free to form his own judgment in religious matters and to worship or not worship god As his conscience dictate in the Cathedral Church of san Marco and right under the noses of dozens of priests heard our guide a Young greek utter the Mort daring not to say Sac Eli pious thoughts about the clergy and claims of the Catholic Church. He so his father was a devout Catholic and his Mother a free thinker and he took after his Mother. Yet while this Freedom of thought exists Italy is a Catholic country and the Church controls society and influential in a thousands ways so that it will be a difficult matter for protestantism to take Root and thrive Here. The Reform must and will come from the Church itself. While there Are a multitude of priests and monks Here now still there Are no very great number of Yonng men joining them. In a few years the old men will have died off and the religious orders become extinct and As no new churches Are building and the clergy have no help from the state they will be compelled to preach and teach up to the level of the 19th Century or find themselves without support. The italians Are a Reading people. The newspaper is abroad in the land and the Railroad and Telegraph Are at work. Free schools too Are springing up in every direction. Victor Emmanuel was a Man of the broadest ideas Democrat at heart and surround did by such men of the people As Garibaldi Mazzini and Cavour who not Only United Italy and out of a dozen Independent yet weak states made a great constitutional monarchy like England on the other hand forever separated Church and state confining the former strictly to its spiritual and the latter to its civil duties. Pope infallibility and italian free thought Are now running a neck to neck race. Venice is the Only City in Italy that does not seem to have been benefited by j the changes wrought by Victor Emmanuel. Milan Tourin Florence and Rome Are As Thrifty and prosperous As St. Louis Cincinnati and Chicago but for some cause Venice is like a Queen sitting in the ashes and surrounded by the monuments of her former greatness. If any one wants to study Venice without the expense and trouble of crossing the Ocean for a personal visit let them read Howell s venetian life. During our Short stay of three Days we have had numerous occasions to test and verify the accuracy of his Book. But no artist can Ever put upon paper the deep Blue of venetian skies or the soft Green of venetian Waters or the Brill Iancy of her Sunshine or the Radiant Beauty of her ladies or the Manly Grace of her men. It seems to me there Are some of the handsomest people Here in Italy that nature Ever made. The men make the finest looking soldiers in the whole world. We Seldom or never see a thoroughbred italian in America. Our visions of this people Are mainly confined to Organ Grinders or opera singers. The aristocratic italian Seldom or never goes to the new world. He loves his Home and Well he May for Italy is one vast Garden. He loves his language and Well he May for it is the finest in the world and has a literature second to that of no other country and an Art that surpasses the whole world combined. And As for the common people Venice excepted they Are not non the whole much behind those of other of entries. We have met with no More beggars Here than in London and with the exception of dirt for the lower classes Are the dirtiest people in the world the common people of Italy Are fast making themselves a self respecting Independent intelligent race. But they will eat garlic even though the heavens fall. D. P. B. The Loum Obr. We were lounging around the other night looking for items when our attention As attracted by the Large number of it Oong couples out walking. It was a Lovely night and the Moon it shown Quot with remarkable Bril Laney so without much trouble we found out that Many a Maiden had a slender Waist and Many a Man an adventurous Arm. Occasionally one could overhear a fragment of conversation that led to Many fancies As to what the Young people were talking about. For instance As a Young couple passed the girl was saying Quot and Well have Brussels carpet on the parlor won we Charley Charley said yes regardless of the fact that Brussels carpet and five dollars a week would t go Well together. I pictured to myself the charming Little Home they were planning and wondered if the actual would prove Asen tracing As the Ideal. But Here comes another couple. Listen to the boy giving her Taffy telling her How Sweet and charming she is and she poor foolish creature believes him and is saying Quot Are you sure you will always love me George As you do now Quot and George swears by All things Lovely that he will while to our certain knowledge he has told four girls the same thing the in last year. But the girls have to be entertained you know so what would you that a boy should do other couples pass by and one wanders Down toward the River and we wonder does the Moon Shine brighter Down there or is the air More Balmy. Alas we think that they Are not thinking of Balmy air or Brilliant Moon and we wondered does the Young woman s Mother in her elegant Home know the company her daughter is keeping to night ? there would be Many sad hearts if the mothers All knew where their daughters were when they go out to stay All the evening with lady Friend. Truly half the world never knows How the other half lives. No season of the year has produced so Many Nobby costumes As this fall. There Are no end to the cute Little Caps of various colors similar to the ones that Minnie Madden wore. Yesterday we noticed a strikingly handsome Young girl dressed in dark Green walking dress with a jacket of the same material and a Little Cap set just Baek of her Bangs fastened on the Cap we mean with two Scarf pins. It was i at and exit Emoiy pretty. About the mob Beautiful of All was that com by a Little girl of seven. It consisted of a Kate Greenaway dress of double Blue silk trimmed elaborately with White lace. On her head she had a velvet poke Bonnet to match in color her dress. As she danced along the Street like a fairy she was the observed of All observers. On the train the other Day we noticed a Blond dressed in a close fitting dress of Light Blue material made perfectly Plain. On her head she wore the Nob Biest Little jockey Cap of the same color it was held in place by a White leather strap with a Silver buckle and made the most charming travelling outfit it has been our Good Luck to see. Add to it a very pretty face and you have the picture of a girl that broke the Lounger All up. A Well known dressmaker told us of the following dress a Mother Hubbard of Crimson brocaded Satin the Yoke and sleeves of Black Spanish lace while a wave of the same fell Down the front of the skirt. Rather an expensive costume to Wear round Home. There exists in Logansport what is known As the Quot opera House gang Quot composed of Young bloods who go to every show Good bad or indifferent. They All sit on the West Side of the House and Are lavish with their applause. Like All True americans they Delight in taking the part of the weak and so the poorer the actor the More abundant the applause they bestow. This is the crowd about whom so much has been said in reged to their going to the opera House instead of escorting some of their numerous lady friends. Much of this criticism has been unjust As the boys of Logansport Are As attentive to the ladies As any set of boys could be. If the girls think they do not get invitations enough they should do As was done in a neighbouring City. The girls All got together and attended the opera House in a body and then inaugurated a series of parties from which everything of the male persuasion was excluded. During the last week we have had an Opportunity to renew our acquaintance with the perennial humpty dumpty. Despite the innovation and improvements made it is the same old humpty with which Geo. Fox delighted the younger generations years ago. But notwithstanding its age it pleases not Only the Little ones but the children of larger growth Quot ranch 10&Quot Drew a fair audience despite the awful condition of the weather. It is a pleasing Little Border drama free from vulgarity and with a Good plot plenty of lire and spirit and any Quantity of humor. Harry Merrideth a Assumption of the dual Roll of al. And Tom Mcclelland was a splendid piece of acting. State news. Burglars and footpads have been getting in their work at Crawfordsville. John Ries a 74-year-Oid Bachelor living near Madison was killed recently by a falling tree. The knights Templar of Ridmond have organized a Drill corps of thirty members. John Cross aged 19, living three Miles Northwest of Knightstown committed suicide recently. Clark Alvie a switchman at Terre haute was run Over by the cars on Friday night and lost both legs. Nothing has been heard from the Young girl Julia Klaus who so mysteriously disappeared from Columbus. The firm of Warrick amp Florer dry goods of Lafayette assigned monday. Liabilities 30,000 assets $30,000. Two youngsters attempted to Rob the Seymour Post office sunday night but they were too drunk to succeed. Patrick Duffey who fatally Cut Frank corns in a fight at Crawfordsville has been indicted for murder in the first degree. Miss Rose Amick of Oregon township Clark county is 20 years old three feet High weighs sixty five pounds and is very pretty. James court and Richard Blass two Ohio a Mississippi railway employees at North Vernon have been arrested for larceny. A Young Farmer named Phillip tallow near fort Wayne while Felling a tree was struck by a limb and almost instantly killed. He was unmarried and leaves a widowed Mother. The wife of sex senator Harlan of Iowa is seriously ill at the residence of his sister in Greenfield with internal Haemorrhage. Or. Harlan and mrs. Robert t. Lincoln have been summoned to her bedside. On saturday night the Bam of William Eigle about one mile Southeast of Peru and All its contents was burned. The loss is estimated at $2,000 no insurance. Or. Eigle saved his five horses at the peril of his life. David Thompson the coloured tramp on trial at Lafayette for shooting brakeman Rogers of the Cincinnati Indianapol St Louis a Chicago rail Ned Wasco Oak guilty and Given three Yearb in the Penitentiary. Henderson Burket was arrested at Monticello saturday night and placed under $300 Bond for attempting an outrage on mrs. Nellie Marsh. Burket is one of the largest Farmers in that Vicinity. There is much excitement John Ries a Bachelor aged 74, residing on a farm on big Creek Jefferson county has been missing for several Days. His dead body has just been found in the Woods under a fallen tree crashed into a shapeless mass. Michigan City wants Glass works to utilize her Sand Hills and can get them by a donation of $30,000 to build the works. The citizens have subscribed $15,000, and Call on the City Council to Issue City Bonds for the remaining $15,000. George and David Long were arrested at Shelbyville yesterday on grand jury warrants charging them with attempting to murder or. Saulsbury at Morristown twelve Miles North. They were bound Over for trial in the sum of �500 each. By the recent failure of the Farmers Bank of Richmond the Richmond Windmill company lost heavily causing a sus pension of business. The property and effects of the company Are to be sold at sheriff s Sale for the Benefit of the creditors. The Saloon at Camden at which lagged was shot recently by the Maddox boys and al Vincent was blown up thursday night with dynamite. Fortunately no one was in the building at the time. The Saloon was totally destroyed. No arrests have been made. A Hanover correspondent of the Madi sen Star says Quot College opened this year with about one Hundred and seventy five students More than she has had for the last ten years. The percentage of old students who have resumed is very Large while new ones come in from nearly every state in the conductor schimmerhorn of the Ohio and Mississippi express no. 2, created a sensation at Clermont i by stopping his train and throwing off the train boy and his wares and Chest investigation showed that the boy had robbed a passenger. The conductor s action was endorsed by All on the train. The present style of beginning advertising paragraphs with quotations from Standard poets is real cute. It quite upset us yesterday to begin to read Quot to him who in tie love of nature holds communion with her visible from she Speaks a various language Quot and to find a recommendation right there to get our cigars at Daubenspeck s. The Gas lamp s Soliloquy. My usefulness is gone. I do not command the respect i did in Days gone b y there was a time and that not so very Long ago that i was looked up to As one of the indispensable Institute it his of the City now they seem to think that even the slender Iron Post that supports me is in the Way the people sneer at me As they pass i seemed to have suddenly lost my brilliancy and am now looked upon As an incapable a Cleaver of gloom As a red headed policeman. But it is not the sudden drop from my exalted sphere that makes me sad but the Prospect of having to suffer the jeers and taunting smiles of kerosene Aud tallow candles. I could willingly sink into oblivion in honoured and Unsun ing but to have to stand those bitter taunts it yes too much. Electricity has my place they bid me to be gone proves has wave ii Bis powerful Mac a therefore most Quot i move on manner Seville. Tis pleasant after a weeks rain and mud to enjoy the Sunshine and pleasant weather. Health continues Good in Deer Creek. Grandfather Davidson of Union county spent a very Plessant visit with children and friends in this Vicinity recently. He is near ninety years of age full of Zeal and Good deeds he patiently awaits the summons Quot come up William Wilson has taken to himself a wife. Luck Bill. Miss Lulu Dehaven after spending a year visiting friends in the old Domin Ion has resumed to her Home looking we. She brings friends with her. It would require too much space to enumerate the Many that attended the state fair. John Sprinkle Esq. Had his ocket3 relieved of Quot filthy to the tune of $25.-00. Since our last Sam Gray lost his dwelling House by fire and now we note the loss by fire of the Bam and contents belonging to George Shelly. Mrs. W. C. Deacon mrs. Enoch Ward and mrs. Burkitt Are off to visit friends in Union county. The Delta razors Deacon a Martin have succeeded in giving Nute Millers residence a neat and tasty appearance. The same parties Are now engaged pulling up some of the finest paper for David Wilson that was Ever brought to the country. Bob Burkitt will soon leave for the wilds of Wisconsin on a Bear Hunt Ouess so for Ohio. Dan Caus. Wim and otherwise. Close quarters those in the hands of a miser. The place of Temal rent the unadvertised store. A mania search of a whisky factory is on a still Hunt. The Parrot is said to be a great talker Bat our Barber can discount him. When is a Man s head level when Liis legs have been knocked out from under him. Goods that have remained on hand until the Cost Mark is remarkable goods. The Man who is always on time is prompt but a drum mix or of a Ball is prompter. The Loafer can Shine in society if he will Contone to Wear his 3-year-old Broadcloth clothes. When a Man spells Cucumber with a q it cannot be said the it he has lost his Cue even for a spell. Why is a chinese Gong like some of our big men because it makes a frightful Noisa and that s All there is of it. A Young girl in Philadelphia who for three years has been a patient sufferer with sore Throat has been effectually cured by using or. Bull s cough sym. John d. Vaughan defendant in a scandal trial at Richmond assaulted or. M. W. Hobbs a witness on saturday and got Well punished besides being fined to the tune of $28. A sign at Titusville reads Quot Buffalo meat Market Quot investigation proved that there was no Buffalo meat in the shop never had been and never would be. This is another instance of the failure of signs in wet weather. An Iron manufacturer speaking of the state of the Market says that there is a better feeling in pig. He neglected to mention it but there is also a Good feeling in sheep. They feel More comfortable this hot weather since shearing. Quot my first bom has gone into the fish business Quot remarked a Man who is in the habit of carrying a six months old child around the room from dark to Daylight Quot How so Quot asked his Friend. Quot he was raising wails All last night Quot was the reply. There is a Young Man in Lafayette who is very much exercised As to who he is and where he belongs. He has a father and Mother living also a Stepfather and Stepmother. This complication in Lus paternal and maternal relations comes from a series of divorces and remarriage

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