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Logansport Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - July 21, 1883, Logansport, Indiana M weekly vol 35.logan8pokt, Indiana saturday july 21, 1883.�?10 . Jval in no. European cok Respondence. Yesterday morning i turned out at my accustomed hour fifteen minutes after the second breakfast Bell had Runor found our Good ship Devonia was jut opposite the Island of Ai ran. It was the first time in twelve Day that we had seen a House no one can Tell How much Good the sight of a human dwelling did. Us after contemplating for so Long the Barren �waste.? of the solemn Atlantic. A run is the i Gateway to the Firth of Clyde fairly a ill Istrate Highland scenery. For the a first time in my life i saw heaths Heather a land of the Bro Ivy Heath Quot a instantly came to my lips Heather grows upon the tops of Inace Sable Hills in mid summer blossoms into a purple Flower that must look very Beautiful a bloomed Heather is called As i understand it heathy the Frith of Clyde is indescribably Lovely. A Frith is the betwixt Between of Ocean River or As we would Call it a Bay. The water is Salt the tide ebbs flows but the rocking of the Ocean is ended. The Peculiar Marine color of the Atlantic is softened into a delicate Blue Friendly White sails or columns of smoke from propellers Gladden the sight. Opposite Arran is Ayr. Amsley crag loomed up in the Distant Gray mists of morning As soon As it was pointed out Tomea flood of Burns by came crowding in upon me. As i a ii he the inevitable school marm of Boston enquired of me in unmistakable new England patois Quot Haku do you Spose these people git their Livin Here i could Only reply Quot off each other Quot when a torrent of All Borte of questions followed i left her re. Marking Quot this Kinder looks like enquiring Quot were you raised East i Quot we soon passed the Isle of Bute the residence of its owner the Marquis of Bute one of the characters in lot hair. This Island contains say 50,000 acres is his country or rather one of his country seats. Opposite is a larger Island the Earl of Eglinton keeps for a Rabbit Warren. At this Point begins the River of Clyde its Banks up to Greenock Are i Ned with a succession of watering places Villas. Nature was in her kindest mood when she made this Lovely River guarded on each Side by jealous Hills which the id of Man a cultivated to the very tips. The Hudson is. Justly Celei rated for its scenery but it does not Excel the Clyde. As we were admiring this fairy land some of the o35cers cried out Quot express Quot a email propeller came alongside of a for the first time in twelve our hoarse engine ceased its Laboured rope was thrown out that smartest in Many respect Best product of modern civilization a Barefoot ragged newsboy climbed aboard Lou before any body else commenced dii Vii g a big Trade. Everybody was deathly hungry for a newspaper. Only think of a newspaper the size of the n. Y. Tribune Selling for a Penny. With Greenock. Old port Glascow tie natural River Clyde ceases the artificial Clyde begins. A oui year 1800 tie Clyde at Glasgow was ouly two feet deep As crooked As pogues run. The Peop Glascow have dredged it out 8tnntened its Channel until now it is Navi ble at High tide for the Ocean steamers drawing 25 feet of water of 6000 tons Burden Over $50.000,000 having been expended in those improvements. At no Point above Dunbar Tenis it Over 400 feet wide in fact it is Only an artificial ship canal but upon its Banks the navies of the world Are built. Commencing at Greenock there is a succession of Gigantic ship Yards. I counted Over fifty of these Iron monsters in various stages of construction. The hammers of the workmen made a Babel of noise no wooden ships Are manufactured the question kept constantly rising to my has Quot Why should not this vast Industry be. Transplanted to the United states. How suicidal ruinous that policy that leads us to buy our ships from those Clyde ship builders to allow this most lucrative of All industries Ocean freight age Arriage to be monopolized by these foresighted englishmen. From Greenock to Glasgow is say 25 Miles upon one Side of the River is a hive of Industry on the other a realm of Beautiful Homes. The River is Juned with All sorts of River crafts. For the first time we heard the scottish bagpipes but it did not particularly impress me. A few Miles above Greenock we passim an old roman fort now of course in a Coin s but growing out of its Ivy a Beauty Iol Rural Church rectory. As i was absorbed in this bit of the old new a railway train flashed by. An English locomotive cars Are a curiosity sufficient for a whole letter. The locomotive is All boiler everything else is lacking. The Lin Nike stack is not much larger than a a be about one third the height if few Merican ornament. Instead of a etcher is a big Hook two bumpers. I wheels while larger than ours appear it one third in size weight for the fit per half is enclosed in a Case the Fil pokes Are Mere pipe stems. The whole i like a Carriage wheel. There is no thing in England As our solid wheel itly they Are thus lightened for the Sake of Speed. The ears Are a curious affair. There is no front rear door like ours but each car is Cut up into four Little rooms with seats on each Side running the Width of the car a door on each end opening on the outside. No two of these rooms communicate with each other. Upon fhe outside is a Board say six inches wide running the entire length of the car with an Iron railing four feet above so that the conductor at the peril of his life or at least his hair May pass when wanted from one room to another. The word depot is not used Here. It is station or booking office. The Sale of Railroad tickets is called Quot booking Quot the expression Quot service Quot is used for All the minutia connected with the running of railway. Quot we have imported this word attached it to our Post office vocabulary. The Star route trials made us familiar for t in first time perhaps with the expression mail service while i think of it i pause again to speak of another peculiarity of this country. It is now y 30 p. M. And is just beginning to get dark i am writing this without the of artificial Light. At 11 p. M. It is fairly Day about noon their is a heavy fog which lasts a Good share of the afternoon. I suppose the Sun is taking an after dinner Nap. Dunbarton Castle about a dozen Miles from Glasgow is a place made classic by the Genius of sir Walter Scott it is less Beautiful than fort Snelling near Minneapolis yet still it seems haunted by the memory of Wallace who Here made a heroic fight in belial of scottish Liberty whole country is consecrated by great memories Why not ? it has now Over j xxx years of recorded history. Glasgow Ca thedral a most mag Ufi cent Structure. Was built . L,20i ail was Over 250 years old when America in i discovered. But i am too Long reaching Glasgow. Perhaps i have a Good excuse for As the sewerage of a City off x00 people empties into the Clyde below the City we have to pass through a series of unutterable perfume it puts one in mind of the Chicago River. Glasgow is the most thoroughly built City i was Ever in. There Are no wooden but few Brick buildings it is paved i t All one solid mass of Grey scottish Quot invite Chicago bears no comparison with it As a whole although there Are portions of the City especially near the Sherman House on state Street that reminds one of this seat of Scotland Industry Thrift. One is impressed by the solid Sci quiet character of these scotch men women. For example i spent half an i ii upon the Royal Exchange Quot where merchants most do i noticed the brokers a Circle of men Wei a seated on Chirs benches with Little note books. There was no shouting or excitement yet the transactions in shares we e generally running up into the millions. One of the of this City is the queer unfamiliar names. This afternoon i bought a Pampli let of a shop keeper by the name of Danl howl. Suppose that this Man should take to military affairs should become col. Or Gen. Howl. A sad sight to me was the Labouring men returning to their Home at 6 1�. M. I saw hundreds of women Bare headed Bare foot at another place a lot of girls loading a Dray with heavy bags of wheat or other Grain. I priced various articles but except in the m Itter of clothing found the average of prices about or rather higher than in Ladiana. If the labourer Only commands what is equivalent to 75 cents per Day it is difficult to see How he his family live. Coming up the Clyde yesterday i saw for the first time a gang of women performing agricultural labor on an open Field bareheaded barefooted. I to Day visited a Cathedral. I shall not attempt any description for it is beyond the Power of words or at least any words that i can command to portray the splendours of Liis massive Cli urch. One May read All their lives about naive transept choir not have the remotest idea of How they look or what they Are. The Cost of the stained Glass windows alone was 500,000. In the whole building inside out 300 feet Long 100 feet High 75 feet wide there is not enough Wood to kindle a fire. Everything is a id Iron. The Cost of the Structure to Day would be five millions of must it have been 700 years ago when it was built who designed this glorious Garden in Stone where did the Money come from to pay for it ? we must remember Tiit 700 years ago Glasgow was a Village of a few huts nil Scotland not much a Jiter iian a wilderness or desert without roads or Bridges infested with robbers. There were no b inks Little or no Industrial civilization. The Iron despotism of the Plantage nets had crushed every thing except the ideas War. Tie Castle an l the Church. Who what by tilt this grand Church the answer is found in the Cathedral itself two great ideas fill its Broad Lisles solemn silences Christ his teachings immortality. The religious sentiment is As indispensable a part of our human nature As its sin or its intellect or its poetry. This Cathedral is the product of religion. Means came As they always do when the human heart is fired with a great purpose. The architect has a he into place hands to execute. Jut As in our great with for Freedom Sherman Grant stepped Forth to Lehd. a million of Strong men to follow die for the great cause of emancipation. The greatness of humanity is Sagre it As its Quarne is shameful. For one i do not Admire the age that built Europe s cathedrals. It was an age of worship. I much prefer the age of Utility in which w9 i age of Ocean steamers telephones railways. But this is Only humanity running in another Channel. The same Gre fitness that has built up the Industrial Prosperity of the nineteenth Century built St. Paul s St Peter s painted the Madonnas desecrated the sistine Chapel wrote the put Rauise the Sublime to tie ridiculous i but a single step. Among the exquisite stained Glass decorations of this cath2d. A Are four windows representing the prodigal son. In one of the windows representing the scene where the spend Thrift so begins to starve the american hog stands Forth in All his ugly glory. The artist must have had America s greatest Industry before him when he painted this magnificent window. The Little red Dull Eye the flabby ears the Long brutal snout even the dirty White bristles Are Here so perfectly delineate i that one involuntarily pauses to hear the Grunt of these Greasy Dennison of our civilization. I never expected to find the possibilities of applied pork amid the solemn stillness of a great Cathedral in Europe. Still another comical Ity. There were in the vast building too Many windows not enough apostles to go around Here the artist had to extempore be create St. Thaddeus so As to fill his contract. I called upon the ladies of our party to exit lain to me who the apostle Thaddeus was As i had never heard of but one Thaddeus. He of Warsaw. Mrs Bell solemnly seriously answered that Thaddeus was the one that was chosen to fill the place of Judas. I leave it for some of our Logansport theologians to Cypher out the problem. Passing now from Glasgow out on a trip to Ayr a Juicy Doon a distance of forty Miles i did not see a wooden building or a Board Feu o although i looked for them with All my eyes. The fences Are All Stone Wall or Hedges along the railway of wire. There is no lumber to be had in this country. Every Branch Cut from a tree is saved utilized to strengthen the Hedges. They Are care filly trimmed up into three foot cuts then set up on end inside the hedge fastened together with wire bands. Every sixteen feet there is a Post to give strength to the panel. The hedge itself is a failure without this inside Fence would not serve the purpose. One who has never seen English fences wonders How horses leap them when of i Fox Hunt. But after the examination one would be ashamed to own a mule that could not Clear them ditch All have room to spare. The country roads Are incomparable. They Are All macadamia de Are smoother than any Street in Logansport. Each half mile there is corded up broken Stone All ready to mend a Chance Hole. In the country there Are no wagons All the work being done upon carts. The draft horses attached to these two wheeled affairs Are the finest i Ever saw. One curious feature is their enormous feet Fet locks which Are never Cut. Here is an example of scottish Thrift. One of these horses will do the work of a team in the United states at the saving of the keeping of one horse the Wear tear of harness Etc. I enquired found out that these splendid horses Are fed on boiled Beans boiled Barley with a Little Hay i got Over a hedge examined the growing Grain in a Meadow. It was a combination of hungarian grass Timothy red top Clover. Straw is As carefully guarded As Gold. It is picked up in the most picturesque Little stacks thatched in an ingenious manner by making a plaited braid out of Straw three inches thick which is watertight. A Large number of these Ricks Are standing now in late june. One of the most curious of sights Are the thatched cottages. The Walls Are of Stone not Over seven feet High the floors Are also of Stone or Brick. A dozen Kiouses Are built under one roof or in Case of a Well to do tenant Piliere will be four or five rooms built length wisc under tie same roof just like a Railroad car. The depth will be ten feet. The Straw is Laid upon Steep rafters then braided together so As to make a matting a foot or eighteen inches thick. Not unfree i gently grass weeds grow on Toliese roofs find their roots in this matting. As raw material for a roof it strikes one that Straw must to be say the least disagreeable while it will turn the rain yet it will grow d Ink Musty after awhile. Invariably there is a Hall run through the House opening into a stable Garden in the rear. Here is kept the cart chickens cow other Indi spen bibles of a family but All in a Heap that to an american would prove very nauseating. In All the villages every House is built Square upon the Quot Street. The windows Are very Small everything men women included Bear All the Marks of with Sefl smoke is knowing the w go Bare it ale House i am n called b ignorant people Side with Are beam Sta palaces massive inside exit a Porter a usually a the Dpi the of overlooks it Verty a Thrift. I talked of the men. They All As a Rule Clay pipes were dolts Bol utely nothing .As a Rule. Are no better. They a Bear the Marks of the id brutal treatment. Of course aking of the peasantry so Call them White slaves for if d poverty Are slavery these los Laved. Of course Side by rude building Quot in Lee pie Homes smiling Lanscak a churches rec tories even a Rule they Are with Walls with no to get t at an Iron Gate guirj.�. By de. Next to Taisir w ills is by growth of Timber so that g can Only be seen by Friendly Hill on the Road which estate. In the a enclosures dwells of Irve i am now Spe a King of the e they hat country splendid created b a amp ancestry of brains wealth. Wealth Brigus of this try. It is however a country reduced the poor class so that they be nothing to Hope for except a hand to ind struggle for life. Yet even Here Nat no a a has her compensations. Having no Thrift to Hope for knowing nothing betters me White slaves have no aspirations to have health strength take no Ali it for the Morrow. I talked with seve about their wages. A common is equivalent with us receives a our. A male farm hand gets Ith a female working in the e half As much a Dairy 10 per month each one Hoarder herself. The Cost of living clothing is not labourer 15 cents 915 per Field Abo maid a ing Himsl c except in Sie matter of much i it was u in just is ing that child it the Doon manhood. Houses or ing is do cottage Case. A mining was of it room set from what it is with us. R just such a thatched roof a Hovel As i have been de rib ims was born spent his i spent a Day upon the Ayr in the haunts of his Young Lere Are no stoves in the farm Ages of this Island. All Cook to the fire place in the in s Babyhood this was the be room with a Hall at its Side. The Back Yard was All there Hundred years ago. In this ily lived the parents sleeping thee Kuzen dimming no into a Little attic by a ladder. The furniture was almost the same As in one of our log Cabins a few cup boards of the rudest kind a Bench called the Quot Ingle Quot a few chairs a Little a rockery constituted still constitutes with the majority of the poor the entire household outfit. It has been my Good Fortune to visit the boyhood Homes of Abraham Lincoln of Robert Burns. Both were essentially the the name of bums like that of Lincoln was almost lost. The Burns family were called Quot Burris Quot the Lincoln Quot Linker Quot Burns however enjoyed the greater advantage. He for years attended the common schools both in his neighbourhood at Ayr a mile one half Distant. Lincoln s schools such As he attended were in the depth of the solemn forests of Southern Indiana. Both of these great men were raised up by god to be they were apostles of the common Peon the. And that reminds me that one infinitely greater than either was born in a stable reared in As Humble manner As they were reared. Why was our Savior the great deliverer of our race i one of the human reasons was because the first thirty years of his life was passed among those who had to struggle for the right to exist. Hence originated the democracy of christianity which is one of its crowning Virtues. As i said Ayr is Only one one half Miles from the Burns cottage. Although now a City of 18,000 people enjoying the blessings of Gas policemen a i doubt not a City debt a goodly portion of the Ayr of Bobby Burns time still remains. An englishman builds once for All he builds so solidly that nothing but Gabriel s trumpet Ever destroys. He does not pull Down or improve anything. The old tavern where Tam o Shan Sauter Johnny tip piled battled is still standing just As it was an Iran i red years ago. Except in thickness of. Ills roof a Hoosier Saloon is a p Ilace compared with it. If the latter is too thin Quot both externally internally the other door Sills All. Are too thick a. Just two Miles away standing out As a Century ago is Alloway Kirk the High Bridge Over the Doon. The Kirk was roofer less then overgrown with Ivy just As it is now. It is not Over 30x12 feet for some incalculable reason it is divided into two rooms. It was built in 11< 2. And the Small Church Yard around it is full of Graves some very old some they have a habit in this country after a Coflin Corpse has gone Back to dust. Of putting in a new tenant. In one of the rooms of this Alloway Kirk which should have been the burying place of Burns for Tam o shatter is considered Here his Best poem some nameless lording or Squire Ling who owned the surrounding lairds has caused his worthless Bones carcass to be buried Imper a splendid sep Cher Stone English like has to a door through the Walls of the Kirk in it inserted an Iron railing Gate we Iii is fastened with a pad lock. I humbly Hope Trust that Quot Auld Nickie Ben Quot is Puttin i in his spare time to Day Down below in making doubly hot the Furnace where this churlish soul is roasting. This is doubled because not an Hundred Yards from this sacred spot is a a a tie Fth Iru at Nve Ivi a Here Quot a i Iii i lunch or h a this Buh of White Halo soms. Especially should Liis old Kirk have been the to Puchir of Burns. Beau a within a few the Quot Bonny Doon Quot goes babbling along its flashy Waters keeping up a a it or Petu in Lullaby we Iii music should have been consecrated to t in Shade t in last resting place of him who has consecrated this spot for tie Whoie world for ail time. The Bonny Doon is a Mere Creek but its Waters Are As pure Swiet As the Distant Blue Lwills where they Are distilled. Over it. And within Sling throw of the Kirk is the High single Span Stone Bri age Over which Tarn s sold that in ight when the Devil got hold of a pulled out her Tail. By its Banks on that quiet May sunday Burns Mary his Highland Mary spent the Day. Where they exchanged bibles plighted their troth dipping their hands in Token of their eternal constancy in the smiling Waters of the Little Stream. No wonder Burns wrote poetry among these surroundings that has 4t>neto the hearts of All civilized men. As Long As youth loves be delights to recall the loves of youth to e memory of Burns be kept Green. We journeyed to Mauchline Moss Girt twelve Miles Distant where one Hundred years ago dwelt a very different kind of a girl whom Burns finally married after just to escaping the county jail to avoid being imprisoned to support the Ille Giti Nate children which she bore him. For one. I Admire Jean Armour. Mary seems to have been a pure Sweet soul who evidently knew nothing of the real character of her scape Grace Lover. But Jean Armour after suffering years of disgrace married him during All his Drunken worthless life made him a constant faithful companion. As usual in such cases Mary got All the glory Jean All the trouble. We spent three hours in the Village of Mauchline the scene of so much of Burns dissipation whose residents furnished so Many characters for his poetry. Here is Quot posies Nance s ale House almost a mile away Moss Girt the farm where Fame found Bobbie blowing called him away to Edinburg to immortality. It is 112 acres of medium hand a Beautiful landscape but not More so than a Hundred other neighbouring farms. A More Xii it place Quot haunted by the dev.,&Quot where peace Prosperity seem to i meet kiss could not he imagined. Whoever has carefully read Adam Beje. And remembers the Poy ers their farm has an inc it it i rime de Eri a tion of this farm. i get must been Here a Eiore he wrote Tery. Kire Are the c i is. In f in had. The Dauly. i a Gotanci t in i title where Adam Iid Seth to Rev. Or. Irwine looked after the Vii lag. Rss All most faithfully . In the Fields of Moss Girt Burns a is blowing j when he comp Sej Tho sex Jui Ite lines i a upon turning up a mouse nest Quot also upon turning up a in the c much Yard of the Village was held the assemblage that he so savagely but justly j ridiculed in his Quot holy fortunately i had a copy of his poems with me. And so entered into the workshop of our greatest Lyric Vioet. As Well As the poet of free thought of the superiority of honest deeds Over High sounding . P. B. Glasgo a Scotland june 22 Quot a to. From Mexico. The journal was allowed to Mae the following extract from a private letter written by Walter Landis from Chili Akiua of Quot a trip Over the country of Mexico Sou i of Chihuahua dear Craft is once More anchored at Chihua .a-.i, after an a ence of nearly four weeks right glad Are we to come once More within the line of meat drink shelter. I wrote Frank a few lines from Presidio Del Norte a week ago telling her that we had abandoned our trip to Sierra Del Carmen on account of the great distance the jaded condition of Jur ii s that we return at once to Iii Huihua. We did pall out of pre the same evening but our voyage was retarded for reasons that will hereafter appear. When we went into Presidio we Iliad a guide for the reason that much of the distance could be saved by taking the by paths trails across the Mon Isains through the canons. We were late in starting out of Presidio about dusk aider travelling quite a distance we missed tie Road we kept on however. It soon became pitch dark the further we went the worse it got until we pulled up in a Canon with Cliffs on each Side a Mountain in front. About this time we perceived a Light a Little Way up the Mountain Side pulling up a Little closer Jeff our guide hailed the supposed outfit in Spanish there was no response he called the second time with no better Success. A hurried consultation led us to the conclusion in that we had blundered into a Camp of hostile indians or mexican free Hooters. Erich. Man got his hands on his Winchester Colt waited about a minute for Somo thing to happen. Then i proposed that Jeff i go investigate w Aile Fred take care of the horses. This was agreed to we made our Way As cautiously a the darkness rocks would permit to wards the mysterious Light about Onetio dred feet up the Mountain Side Only to find a Gigantic glow worm shedding fort hits Light. We All Felt sort of sheepish but much relieved. You can have no idea of Tho amount of Light one of these Worms throws out Here in this hot climate fully As Mach As one of your tallow candles at Home. Well we backed out of the Ravine after wandering around a half hour longer struck else main Road went Back to Presidio having travelled about Twenty four Miles. It was Midnight when w9 reached town on our return. Two later we took a fresh Start earlier in Tho afternoon got through to Lauio the first station next Day at noon. The same afternoon we started for Cha adorn the next watering place fifty Miles away our horses were nearly played out but we travelled nearly All night reached the Spring next morning at ii o clock having had to walk about ten or fifteen Miles. We Laid Over there a Day to rest the a started for jul emus. The next watering Point sixty Miles away. This was a Little the toughest trip i Ever took. We left Tho Springs at 3 p. A. Our horses soon got tired at s a. M. We went into Camp for an hour a half for supper. At 9 30 p. M. We resumed tie Road but soon Jeff s horse the pack horse gave Clear out while we were yet forty five Niile from water. We left him All our Stock of water but one canteen Fred i pushed of our Horres Grade rely jagged out until 2 a m. When we went into Camp. We Laii Down slew i for two hours again Jiu shed on at 4 a. Or. Still being thirty Miles from water. For ten Miles our horses kept up pretty Well then began to show signs of going to pieces. We tied them together Fred led one while i brought up the rear with a club in this Way kept it up to within ten Miles of oar destination taking a turn in the Saddle nor then for variety. Ten Miles out a a took a half hours rest then went at it. Again. It was a Quot a rotted hog Case Quot to had to Quot get five Miles from water my horse was crawl big along at mile gait. Fred s horse was in better could Itira he left me on toward Julo mus. When i got sight of town i was convinced my horse would die. He would Stop still in his tracks several times tried to lie Down. However by per severence a rope s end with a not in it an j frequent rests i got him to water about two p. M. He drank not ass than a third of a barrel. If i had had another mile to go he would have become food for the Buzzards. I was nearly done up myself a iving beet without grub since p. M. The Day before a id without water for hours. Fred had ordered dinner tie Way in Wlinich we cleaned out that mexican boarding House would have done your Liepart Good. The texan came in about four hours later with one horse the other having fallen by the Wayside. The next Day we sent out a mexican he brought him in. We went into Camp . ? on the Rio Concha started for Chihuahua july 2nd. Ten Miles out it comme iced to rain in torrents ten Miles from shelter with the night pitch dark tier in coming Down itt torrents is not a particularly pleasant situation. During a Lull in the ceremonies we spread oar blankets Down turned in. The rain resumed we got pretty Well soaked but managed to sleep part of the time. We came along As As the debilitated condition of our plugs would permit camped the next night twelve Miles from Chhu Yihua. That night we go a deluge. The a y before one of our horses give of Neftali our blankets with him but the ones we wore under our Saddle had a n bring them in. It to to about j p. A Kei get it up until a. M. The following Mornin Ltd. A it e did t get a Wink of sleep Wien got up at Day break were As wet As though we had just been pulled out of the River. We came on to Chihuahua As fast As our hoist Wotila j carry us got in about 10 a. Ii. The glorious fourth. Don t to Iliia i a Ever Juite so glad to reach any i it. T e i was to get Back he a however Oriun d no ill effects can eat enough t i three men. Fred is Aisa in Good Condon. Hat tie texan is Flat on his Back Woei i it Hirn to be around All right in a Tew . Received about a half Peck ureters to l Naier when called at the . W. K. L. Young Man wrote to a Cincinnati paper in regal d to Faro Banks received an answer to the effect that a Faro Bank is a place where a week s wages can be lost in five minutes six months salary spent in trying to get it Back. The readiness of the reply reveals the fact that the editor knew what he was talking Boow

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