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Logansport Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - July 14, 1883, Logansport, Indiana Or v v Quot it a f a weekly journal. Jani s3 vol. 35.loganspokt. Indiana a 1s83.10 pages. No. 31. The transcendent Joy. By eve. T. Aveett. Quot even so i say Mito Yon. There is Joy in the presence of the Angels of god Over one Burner that . I. Sometimes i wonder. Wapt in solemn thought what scene in All the real Nav Quot or Rand or fair. Best plea set him whose plastic Han j hath wrought such Rinji and Radiant splendours . Is it i wonder still where Angel gaze full Oft to and the fond inspiring View whose Quick portrayals rapturously raise the Benedictine paeans sweeping through the rank i of hierarchs in love s employ and give to uncrowned love. Love s crooning Jinyi ii the glow of Beauty Dower the Earth. Its smile 1b where the Stream let winds like Silver thread through verdant slopes and Happy herds beguile uns inning hours away the Vale out spread. Where sleeps the surge less Lake the grand array of Gold and purple Oft the Sunset wears the winding walks mid bedded Flowers a Aye the fairest scenes the Earth s Broad bosom Bear like scattered vestiges of Eden seem and through All zones the rays of Beauty begins. Iii. The sight Sublime on iia Ture Quot wondrous face May be the mighty mount Ait Lan a that lifts in troubled skies its dome of Nagl Grace. And Down whose sides with Fla Hing Foai Uig drifts the maddened Cataract Resistless Bounds in Thund ring torrents whose incessant Roar in tuneless Bass from Cliff and crag rebounds while tinted mantling mists e or float and soar above the wild ring scene All fair and Broil. Like Rainbow veils around the throne of god i in. A a fleets o or Sim Bright Fields the Cloudet s Shade As links in silence dark the glow worm s lire a lories fair and grandeur vast shall fade id Flash and Swift in primal night expire t god most holds in thought and closest care and Best fulfils his All embracing aim. Mast be that Man his own immortal heir should Rise from Rayless Depths of sin and shame. Achieve the Grace of peace through wrongs forgiven. And wed his soul to holiness and heaven. V. Of could the glittering stars be marshalled Forth from god s vast Stellar font beyond the sky imprint the lessons of immortal Worth. And teach the Art to live the Way to die this truth divine the starry alphabet would emphasize for erring Man to read. And bum on memory deep and deeper yet a the grandest scenes awaiting Angels heed most Beautiful and blessed Are surest Ford where souls re Bora to god Are crossed Cro aned i. Come wondrous birth and then with tireless feet Petraca the narrow path the righteous trea Ltd and and the bitter turn to pleasant Sweet. And sweetest Sunshine beaming overlies. A Tim a Oom a trip a my Day for a boat emcee in Loving toll and Kneel at eventide so richly were our hungered souls sufficed and Lave with grateful tears the feet of Christ Loans poet i Jed. Sunday Observance. A Sermon delivered by Rev. W. E. Loucks at the Baptist Church sunday evening. Les in theme the of men. Text the tear of Man a i Iii a i Rov. 29 25. The Wie Man knew of to if a a words. When other men had spoken he had listened when they i used he had connived with them until he hid gone into Tjie same excesses. The fear of Man Bron it Solomon into a snare to fear not to do what others did wove about him numerous evils. It is Good that he ims Given us the suits of his experience Strung the pearls if Wisdom whose Luster is still Undi mined. Is proverbs abound in antitheses which show that he knew both sides of life. Would that we might profit by his experience. He Here declares against a prevalent evil the fear of Man. Widespread was this evil in his Day and also is it in oars. He does not refer to All kinds of timidity in the bold statement of the text. No life has Ever been harmed by its reverence for god and Man. Then too there is a fear of Man which is positively a helpful. It is that deference and respect which the individual ought to have for the just of Inion of the Public. In the present discussion in behalf of Good government in this City it is the chief demand that a wholesome same respect be shown to just popular opinion. There must be this whole fear of Man in order to a Good effect from popular criticism. He who rejects criticism and repudiates advice is fit for no uplifting above his own contracted sphere. On the other hand respect for just of Union of others appears Beautiful in any person in any rank and condition of life. 1 herein lies the Power and profit of a Republican form of government. The Choice of the people is shown in the endorsement of men and measures which thus become representative. At least this is the theory. The True representative will consult the opinion of his constituency. In the recent Illinois contest upon the subject of High License which resulted in a Complete Victory for a better restriction of the traffic lasting contempt is hurled upon those representatives who did not respect the petitions and resolutions offered by their con bit talents and so should every representative of the people be held in contempt who does not defer in All right things to the wishes of those whom he represents. If this is not done oaths Are blasphemous and Laws fire abortive. But while this respectful fear for just Public opinion is commendable there is a fear of Man which bring eth a snare. To this is Especial emphasis to be Given. To define this is not difficult. I would say it is the fear of doing right lest we lose favor with a Loose popular majority or minority which we fear there is a popular opinion which is the product of Good conscience loyalty and morality when it Speaks whosoever hears and heeds is profited. There is a popular opinion which is the product of depravity disloyalty and immorality when it Speaks whosoever hears and heeds is prostituted. The one makes the voice of the people the voice of virtue the other makes the voice of the people the voice of vice. To fear the one brings safety to fear the other bring eth a snare. Some Are afraid of losing this evil favor of Mankind. Let me define More closely 1. The fear of Man in seeking to gratify personal ambition bring eth a snare. Jealous Are the eyes which behold Success in others. Fearful the hearts where Pride prevails. Nervous the hand which pulls the wires for a political Elevation. Disastrous to any Community Are the selfish. Proud and i persistent workers for personal triumphs. The City which has the most of such Personis fares worst. They abound in this City their name is legion. They Are found in business circles. Men who to make Money fear honest Competition in week Day business. Their personal ambition is to build up their own Fortune on the wrecks of others. They Are swayed by their patronage. Loss of a customer is More feared than loss of Good principles there is not a Trade profession or calling that does not furnish recruits to this army of cowards. In proof you have but to Analyse the spirit of Sabbath desecration which abounds in this City. There Are grocers who sell their manhood along with their merchandise to Sabbath customers. There Are druggists who Jake Healing nostrums of soda water and cigars dealt out to Sabbath idlers. There Are merchants who measure their own cowardice along with their Sabbath sales. There Are ministers who Mouth the truth which they should utter in Thunder tones. There Are physicians who sacrifice their sabbaths to simpering stingy patients who put off their physic till the lord s Jay. And Why is it thus Why this cringing tickling deference to widespread evil i because of personal ambit it. Which fears the loss of How Many business men Are avoiding defined positions dodging important issues for fear of Man and Money. And so it has been going on until our sabbaths Are destroyed and Many characters Are dwarfed into imbecility and weakness. The snare which such a fear of Man brings is Pride. Pride which fears lest a competitor s sales will be larger his Home finer his Power greater. The love of i it Ower. The desires of personal ambition joined to this weak deference to i Public patronage bring a snare from which it is difficult to free one s self. Only by a return to courageous princ ittle and bold sacrifice of evil gains can a Rescue be made. Another definition of tie fear which bring eth a snare. A a. The fear of Man in courting popular majorities. There Are multitudes of peo i be who Are led by human influence. The chains by which the Prince of darkness binds men to his Yoke and Banner Are not always the coarser ones of vice and lust. He makes sure of thousands by binding them with the cords of some tender effect tion to others who declare themselves the enemies of god and his Christ. He uses the voice of evil majorities to command his victims. The courting of i it simlar majorities works havoc in our churches. The number of Earnest godly christians is Small. The vast majority of Church members is associated with the unrighteousness of relations and influences which Are unchristian. We Are told to be in the world but not of the world. We Are commanded to come out and be separate but it is hard to maintain such a position in business social and moral relations of life. This difficulty often makes the unstable Christian a slave of Man. The world s majorities hold him in leading strings and Ere the poor self sold victim is aware the spirit of Independence is quite extinct. Snares Are constantly set in the pathway of christians and Many Are speedily entwined in the meshes of worldly associations. Be weak pliant souls would that you Felt but one influence More of him who says Quot be Are bought with a Price be be not the servants of the Christian society of this City cowers before the world s majorities. If the passports to what is considered desirable society Are cards wine and the dance Church members Are not wanting who to give their Public endorsement of these evils. Their Homes Are invaded their sons and daughters become victims to dissipation which Stul tidies conscience and Fosters irreligion. Christianity is made a hollow mask to be worn by Many upon solemn occasions and at other times to be cast aside As an ill fitting cloak. A review of this feature of the Christian world is enough to make every True Christian shudder. Such is the sad plight into which the religion of any Community Falls when the fear of the world s evil majorities brings piety into the snare which is set for it on every hand. I Ain not despondent. I remember the times of old the of god. And the prayers of the faithful. We Are in an Era of Christian successes As Well As religious . The Felt in of god brings the one the fear of Man bring the other. But not alone does the Church suffer from her fear of the worlds majorities. The greatest peril belongs to the state. God has preserved his Church in All and through All. Nations have perished governments decayed and empires have fallen but the pure Stream of christianity has been Ever blowing from the Wells of salvation. The Structure of True religion has been a growing Temple whose builder and maker is god. I have no fear for the Church though Many of her members do Pierce themselves through with Many sorrows and fall into the snares of the wicket. But i do fear for the state. No government now existing upon t in Earth has the divine Promise of permanency. Our Only safeguard is a Wise upholding of a government based upon principles which god has declared in his word. No nation can divine ordinances and Prosper. No Sabbatise irreligion and the cry for personal Liberty will wreck the fairest civilization on Earth. Behold then the dangers which imperil your safety. The fear of Man in courting pop it ular majorities has become the science of politics. Politicians Fawn and cringe before classes whom in their soul they despise and of All majorities which make them tremble most the liquor organizations Are the mightiest. There Are 400 1 such organizations in this country. Last year the Brewer s association appropriated to the destruction of Home morals and Good government the following sums of Money a too to Kansas 5000 to Michigan 3000 to Indiana a it Kkt to Iowa and 4 k>0 for publications i Ioco to Aid in the defeat of prohibition in Maryland and $4 k>0 More for literature for general circulation. They also had an an item of expenses $4,5110 for agitation. The Brewers claim to represent a capital of 3.w,000,000.they have 2.71� breweries and ,000,000gallons o Beer each the liquor traffic has become the balance of Power in All political contests. Pm i Tea Eai a mates candidates and polls majorities it laughs at government and despises Law. Our cities know the Power of this element. Representatives Are elected to fill the various offices who Are not the real Choice of the peole but Are the creation of this traffic. Did not the mayor of this City receive the strongest endorsement for his election from a caucus held in a Saloon on fourth Street and Vas not that caucus held in the interests of the i Fluor traffic let he deny it he is one of Many who listen to the demands of popular majorities. And we Are unfortunate enough to have allowed that met Jority in this instance to be on the Side of liquor and licentiousness. And so All Over our land the voice of pop mar majorities is generally the voice of evil because it comes from an evil minority manufactured into a majority by the Purchase and Sale of the liquor Intel ests. Sometimes this evil voice Speaks through one party sometimes through the other but generally through both. It Speaks and office seekers trembling by stoop to listen and obey. The Choice of candidates is no longer the result of Public a it precis Ilion but comes from packed primaries and purchased conventions. Thus is the state imperilled and her citizens ensnared. We need bold men of principle in both parties to arise and unite in the overthrow of whisky government placing at the head of our cities officers who do not sell themselves to the defeat of Law and order. We must seek candidates from among those who not seek candidacy. We must Hae executive of fliers who do not fear the voice of evil majorities who do not fear Many for the fear of Man bring eth a snare. The snare of courting popular majorities is presum2>tion. In the Church the presuming to serve both god and mammon in the world the presuming to gain wordly i promotion by resort to evil majorities which wreck Home and human happiness. Vain , snares Are they both of them and woe to him whose Craven fear brings their meshes of evil around his life. Still another definition of the fear which bring eth a snare. 3. The fear of Man in upholding moral principles bring eth a snare. A Good conscience gives moral courage an evil conscience brings moral cowardice. Obedience to god and love toward Man makes a life a Gibraltar impregnable fortified. But omitting these Pivotal principles a life becomes the House built upon the Sand trembling in its insecurity hopeless in its destiny. Of for a revival of godly principles in our midst. Then there would not be wanting men who would lift this City out of the morass into which it has fallen. The sad pestilential breath of moral malaria is upon us the Poison of whose presence makes us supine and listless come pfc of god o breath of god and thy heavenly breezes. Brio but health glow of moral manhood by human Hood to our enervated lives. O Light of god s Counte Nance in a. Give us peace. How Long shall to by of Man keep us from up holding he moral principles How Long Filion straggle in its Nare. I need not Axil Bis form of fear. The Burren Der of Aib principles is the Cruie of City Iii Bill stores in shops m treets. In still Bre have sounded the re rent. The a i but Ling lit is a rallying cry it comes a More lips than mine. It is a when ii a panic of an army a few de termin hols stand together and raise Theslof Rof War which no term. Clans and of a defeat until the returning ranks lib Forward to Victory Quot snatched from a we Dunant. Let us banish the fear of and uphold Good Nio al Priit Caples Alphe snare will be broken. That snare Iesley. Policy in Rohl. No god to enrich vhf in denying his Laws to favor i a enemies. The snare of policy stretches along ail time and now shapes who do not Shrive its mesh Esau the sword of the spirit which is the mid of god. In the fear of god let a a of spirit of Independence heave and the anon body think that Thyl Uthal in to it is City sleep does in Ifni Mulk Forth boldly is alcohol King Aalph baath his Bacchanalia. There Are Thom is of our citizens who cry out Quot nay pm the first gleam of Hope they Are reas and burning to Rush Forth to the probation of the iniquitous throne which few a rests upon their prostrated bodies souls. Quiet and a murmuring aim Une cited they appear but fellow Ohrens our quiet is the quiet of a lion Hsii he roars and leaps it is the sleep Ole air before the dreadful Nish of the Toni Oji it is the calmness of the sea before up heaving of a submarine Volcano if Belloli it Zens i have Faith in your courage Jsn your love for your Homes and your if in Good principles. Men of this am have Learned their individual Power not Long after vigorous Manho Leams what god has made it doing for itself will a Man per Man of the same Mould and papa Ritj with himself to lord a my Mimi they have Only to arise and shake themselves and put to exertion faculties already longing for action and every iniquitous Bond will be broken As a thread of Tow is broken when it is touched by a fire Brand. My Outlook is wider than this City the world is my Home and humanity my Kin. Confucius taught that heaven Means principle. So far As he Hadj Light he was right. And principle Means conscience and conscience Means god an incarnation which explains itself to every Man into whom the Light of truth shines the incarnation of god s six Irit in conscience gives the great s Tirrit of hopeful helpful humanity. Munificent benefits for human society hath this Christian High souled of Independent so Irit. Communities breathing freely breathe vigorously breathe soundly. Titled they Pant and faint. Breath King freely they assume manliness Power Jyro Gre Sion. Fear not sleep not o spirit of dauntless humanity. Under Many Lirones of evil is a muttering Volo Anoe. Whose mutterings Are already heard. Soon will come the Thunder tones and dreadful upheavals and lurid out leaping flames that shall consume and Bury these thrones out of sight forever. The nations of the Earth shall be free from sin s tyranny and in that Day perfect love to god and Man will cast out fear. Shall we take courage and go Forward governor Porter interviewed. Monday afternoon an Indianapolis journal reporter dropped in upon governor Porter and the following interview resulted Quot you have been subject to considerable criticism governor Quot on account a of the location of the two new he Pinals for tie Quot yes Valparaiso Laporte. Elki. At. South Bend Plymouth Warsaw. I it Wayne Peru Logan port. Rich i Cid. Hagerstown Connersville Madison did two or three other places were applicants for asylums and there were but two to be located by the commissioners. The commissioners would have been glad to oblige each town but More than a dozen towns had necessarily to be Distaj pointed. The people of each with a very natural partiality persuaded themselves that their town possessed advantages Over All others. The selection of Richmond and logans port consequently has been followed by violent expressions of disapproval by most of the disappointed places. I am one of the commissioners appointed to be such by the legislature much against my will the other four commissioners two of them democrats and two Republic Rev Are commissioners from Choice having kindly accepted appointments from me. Now it would seem in All fairness that the member upon whom the Choice was forced should be judged the most gently but i have got largely the greatest share of the abuse. Well i take it All so patiently that i feel almost like Horatio who took Quot Fortune s buffets and rewards with equal of coarse i know perfectly Well that the people of the state will soon come to understand the whole matter rightly and that none will be More willing to be just than those who Are now the most excited. Quot the norther n part of the state seems to i e quite suggested the reporter. Quot yes and it Amu a me to be myself assaulted in that Quarter As from the first to last i advocated establishing one of the a i plums in the extreme Northern part of the state. I argued that so Many railroads pointing to Chicago traversed and would Travise that part of the state that it a would soon be the Mot a populous part of Quot vere you oppo de to Logansport r Quot not in the sense of having any unkind feeling towards it. It is an important Railroad Center and a highly flourishing place and i like the people there. I like the a ostentatious Way in which the town grows. Quot the fort Wayne Sentinel tries to put on you the blame for the failure of fort Wayne to get one of the asylums Quot Quot of yes that s ail on account of a difference in politics. Our democratic friends there feel i v. Ill not say whether justly or not that their representatives in the legislature committed a serious Blunder when after they had put fort Wayne in the Asylum Bill alongside of Evansville they withdrew fort Wayne and allowed Evansville to remain and draw a prize. The republicans there have worried them Over it. And they now wish to retrieve their Blunder by charging that a Republican governor is responsible for their failing to get an Asylum. The % ote of the commissioners on establishing an Asylum at Richmond stood two democrats and two republicans for it the governor being the chairman and there being no tie not voting. For establishing an Asylum at Logansport the vote stood two democrats and one Republican for it. And one Republican against it the governor again not voting As there was no a Koa How free there was no vote Tipon fort Wayne at to or indeed upon any other places than Logansport and Richmond. Every commissioner Felt most Friendly to fort Wayne where the commissioners were treated with great kindness and hospitality but in the discharge of their Public duty they those two other places in preference i will not say that they May not have erred but i will say that they acted a the fort Wayne Sentinel says you admitted a rabble into the room when the fort Wayne committee was to be heard Quot a the Comini Tecc Madison and h p it tvs a he in Luy office at that to . Tiv a o Cuini of id of of the most j Rui Uincent and men in the state. They that Rhi if Quot spoken of. All the _ Deleira ious were invited in to hear each other s presentment of claims. Senator Bell the chief spokesman of fort Wayne did not object to this but closed his argument by thanking the commissioners for the patient and courteous hearing Given to the fort Wayne co col. D. M. Dunn. We publish the following testimonial to col. David m. Dunn formerly a citizen of this place on his departure from Prince Edwards islands where he had held the position of v. S. Consul for the past twelve years. Col. Dunn has been promoted to a similar position at Valparaiso Chili. This testimonial is taken from the daily Patriot of Charlottetown Prince Edwards Island yesterday morning the 2nd of a july colonel Dunn. U. S. Consul left by the morning train for the United states Enro Ute to Valparaiso. Chili an the Consulship of which place he has recently been promoted. Though the hour was Early a goodly number was at the starion to bid him a kindly Adieu a formal leave taking however such As we Seldom witness in this province took place on saturday afternoon in the legislative Council chamber at four o clock in the presence of his Honor the Lieut. Governor Hon. David Laird Hon. L. H. Lavies m. P., Hon. . Sullivan. Premier and attorney general Hon. Joseph Pope Hon. L. C. Owen and Many other gentlemen. His lordship the chief Justice presented colonel Dunn with a complimentary address to which he made a feeling and suitable reply. After the presentation the gentlemen in the chamber severely took leave of the colonel and individually expressed their kindly wishes for his future welfare. The following is the address colonel David m. Dunn. United states Consul for Prince Edwards islands sir we Are sorry to learn of your intended departure from Prince Edwards Island and while feeling pleasure at your Well merited promotion in the service to the great country you represent we cannot refrain from expressing our regret that you advancement the closing of those official and social relations which during the whole period of your residence Here have been of an unusually plea ant and Friendly nature. The mercantile portion of the Community entertained a deep sense of the uniform Courtesy which they have on All occasions experienced at your hands and took this Opportunity of assuring you of their appreciation of the kindness with which you have invariably Given valuable advice and assistance to those requiring your help in business matters. The twelve yetis of your stay among a have been marked by important changes in our history. I the time of your arrival this Island was a separate Colony of great Britain. You witnessed on Progress before Union with Canada and you have seen the results from which have followed t at event. During your term of a fico you have been enabled to form an intimate acquaintance with our people and the resources of the province. We wish mrs. Dunn and family much happiness in their new Home and beg to assure them that their place in the regard of the citizens of Charlottetown will not easily 1 6 ship a died. We venture a Hope that you will carry to the Distant scene of your future labors memories of your sojourn in Prince Edwards Island not less pleasant to an we shall Long entertain of your stay in our midst. Signed by t. Heath Haviland lieutenant governor. Jan. Curie. Collector customs and Many others. Reply. To the . Heath Haviland lieutenant governor Peter Mclntyre Bishop of Charlottetown Edward Palmer chief Justice and others thank you for your kind and complimentary address. It is very Gratifying to me to have the Honor of carrying with it to my Distant Home this handsome testimonial of your kind regard for myself and family. Having resided so Long in your midst my having formed such a Strong attachment for your Beautiful Island and its kind and hospitable people it is indeed difficult for me to find words to express the deep regret that and family feel in parting from you. But be assured that wherever we May go we shall never forget the uniform kindness and respect with which we have been treated during our residence in Charlottetown. You allude to the change in the history of your province since my arrival Here As Consul. At that time you appeared to be a prosperous people. Since then Here As in other portions of the Dominion dark Clouds of commercial disaster intervened but they Are now rapidly passing away and your Fertile Island with its healthy climate Rich soil industrious and intelligent porn it lation will no doubt in the near future be come one of the most desirable places to skim in butt Audi Jului War unfelt thanks for your very kind address Ana for the Many tokens of Friendship received at your hands during our stay among Yon. With Best wishes for your happiness and Prosperity. I have the Honor to be yours sincerely. A. M. Diann. Pat Johnson granted a new trial. It is Gratifying to the friends of Pat Johnson in this City that he has been granted a new trial. We publish herewith a letter from him that explains itself also a clipping from the Milwaukee chronicle. Hos. I. H. Chasm. , ans Ort ill it Waii Sii i m i Intel ii new trial yesterday by Haiti Ilhom. On tin that i i it Oke of in my letter. Siml Luy attorney feels Cou Flient that i Reid a e it to it free of Maul Auslater. My Iii Vul Ltd on the afro tends of Iii Ilisco Verein evidence. Tho prosecution had Aiti i Ort n tits unt Holmes the de sea a ii l tin officers i ii a it i it Enfelt a it to my you Cou it of that the had been of Oacle it or with a us the prosecutor said it Voidia lie in Evi a Eufers against me. But it was not of the trial so after the trial the Ante Portem state sent to ii area Tui it was the Only Thui that i had in ii it Corr operated my statement on the witness stand. The prosecution tried their be to for to Send me Over the Road for life but they overdone the Thui. Aud the officer Thrett swore Naii to me i of i a. It in his own trap for he had fori Fotter what he testicle in to on the coroners jury. Kiu to de i vill Send you a clip from the ii a it or. It is i o a great Victory for no a attorney. Or. Aviston. The new trial comes off in october. I remain yours respectfully. C. Johsston my we Siukee i. July to Sij judge Hamilton on yesterday granted a new trial in the Case of the state of wis Row sin against Patrick b. Johnston. The latter was convicted l y a jury or murder in the second Dorree. Having Dise bowled Michael Hotnes with a razor. The two had a violent discussion As to the relative merits of the English and american soldiers. Holmes served for the Queen and Johnston carried the Musket for the Loyal cause in the Rebelin. The defence claiming that no such verdict As was returned stands justified in the Light of the facts will Eti Deavor to cont use the next jury that the affair was one purely of manslaughter. Some new evidence will be introduced not submitted before and principally relating to the quarrel that ended in the death of Holmes. Indianapolis journal Quot colonel Joseph Hill. Superintendent of the Vandalia sys Tam of roads reports that in the is months ending on june 30, 1883, on the main line and t. H. Amp l. Division 6,000 tons of steel rails have been Laid and 2,000 tons More have been distributed 240,000 Cross ties have been put in forty Milea of track have been ballasted la the broken Stone sixty four Miles have been heavily Gravelled and broken Stone is now being distributed at the rate of thirty carloads a Day and gravel at the rate of ninety to one Hundri. Carloads per Day and improvements of this character Are to be Eolk tinted until the Road is put in the Best possible condition. Ii

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