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Lima Argus, The (Newspaper) - January 12, 1847, Lima, OhioThe Lima Argus. The and currency night expedient fourth volume. Tine. Tybera is a silent River the. Rolling River. In summer s May by tubes. Toaty prim., it . , la whatever clime. And Wall trimmed barks a. Sailing upon in Ilcent tid. With Golden ire , the and Faith and Aad action and Hope by tide. And o Host of compote the ii tie set. Row the Are heaving Kow wide Waters beat Trinu t ral o or the the Mournful Misti offal. The Polar Star f rows dimmer. The scattered result driven at Wije a unit lie Wyvet Are i and Faith Remai to Bear the soil to 1 tuesday warning january 12, to. 05. The 0uem9t. A it Criari Story. I have witnessed Many duels Bat we set tie these matters with a better method by the Way and worn worthy a Soldier than your cold pistol firing. Any pol Troon May pull a it req Uriel the firm hand and steady of a Man to manage steel. However As 1 waa saying Whan 1 j a they called each other out a merrily m beaux and Belles to dance. It we a but lha brushing of to Elbow look that fell on them when to openly in but the Guereta who knew that he waa heated Wii wine plated Over hit Case in Lulu with Shanto of Raughter and drank with riot Ous con naion to Gertrude the fairest of the of Tia shining goblets were emptied and dated Trade fairest of the fair in retains and drawing lie cur. With a dignity Hitt silenced every breath for thou Drunken bragging of Oolite beast 1 scorn 1 spit upon i defy thee and be punished thy base brutal willing Down again upon lha table. Thy presumption arose re the bloated importance Ofa depot. As he poke he daa cd the Een tent. Of the am. Ared around to Aee that All had fulfilled Hie j pie Goblet full in the face of menu and nth All one 5crpersl-ir. And mid Yoor said i Taciuc. This Ruul Toee Taii. And Iaal Wil orders. Every Goblet was emptied but one which stood untested . On perceiving Forward fixed h i Rye on the cup his strength burled the. Auasi Goblet at the same Mark. The giant reeled and staggered a few a eat Back and amid the abiding liquor on Hildren nay an returned a Thunder aug and rattle and Theo repeated with a voice husky with rage they wished observation and the next Day. Or Thero is a end full. By Anthony i will by St. Hour there waa the its owner Swallow its measure in molten Lead. Liumis Uto Huu ii wow Ril 1 struck his Brawny hand fiercely on the Leulf. Which Ched clothes and dipping Adaui of blood Ber. Brafor. Or Tietke. Far in i eoe fess 1 Bav. M life i a. A Fem 1 love i have swore Torg of i existed a to sea bar a aia die to Ufa car daily to i Bav. Of Bis and f Bim of Rac. And Kofoad Wum h i b. A a arc us i. L . I the n flan is a a wafd and of feet and the of steel and the stamping of if it remains thus one feet the Green Vard the and flashing it. thy bands preamble . Una awry and Larrv. And my and out of news who pred a student near him the Broad and heavy rafters our Heads awl waa observed to trickle Uswa the forehead. Never before waa popular feeling More suddenly and violently reseed. The abject of their vilest flashed upon them with the immediate brightness of a dupe tier being. A loud and Irre pre Kible Bural of applause broke from every of fiery plunge and Perry and and j out of useless thrust till one or both May St mixed at rather Siva need pass through the Gash open in the Cheek i drink muttered another drily or he the Skull Cleft Down or a hand off and the blood will Fae alow in Djung Hia threat 1 Promise bubbling or pushing , like a Rill Mountain water. There were Mote Une of these Fellows the cup Crie a a never should who. In j found among frown or turn Pale or thy Young head lie Low 1 them Tome strange timid or retired whose or Titan feat Era to Morrow s they were with or Iii Montz the said s fourth the very of the floor Hook and trembled. R Virtu. To . My two of. I would u red of but i worm it awry gladly its lots to sub. Mad. I. The. A Troe Hoa of in. And of , Field my and or. Too Tia Caward Hall close i. Radaba Nehera and Crown. Farewell awl Sham att to . Tell bar i Flung away a life Het falsehood Wade me despise. Bow Recreant said be is a tone toward cry Khz but the peal of Joy and a Pioss of Ceareo fsr t a Piilo ,0 my bowl i will place. Aim though this inspiring drama had to y Colemen Tome on. Of to. Company three ced it was Uncertain How it might j Elbe number b. The fora the tyrant recovered from the stunned and a w a increased paleness and with More Wilde red trance into whih the blow combined Rocity and Arnold threw of with the sham., pain and astonishment had thrown playing his feb brow and Glossy ring e him Sev Eisl voices after the Bettr Peroue Call off n cur Acier they were Unace Mamud with or i to. Said s fourth Dost , after the Ulm Peroue Call of value of California can in but to they pass the. out of Theo not know is Drouss Kil he will kill silence usual on such occasions addressed Watt that the present Necea h pc offered Hee go of hoj wort per f thou Opp him. He youth who stood Cool Aad end. Of ded is Tel a i i to i e Fri of a lot. I h i r t 1d t 1 1 vim i to m him sport Lei Saiid an l r i u 1 too Humble for a is More s Man waiting the Conns of . Arnold Noble Arnold a Getlan deed warily Cost the used Stales Lian u wll Cone when treaty of peace to Wilt probably fail 19 the United us an in and Lii Simsa Linn Fucai the with an open drink Damn it y for the expenses oft. T War that was com or through Good uttered in the Vood of a True Geist Lemen in his . xxx. O. Allyl a id the s there was us fellow named Mcdents but canst t of fight " cried one. A Tii. Who and wore with , the the to Avert the the fun. "1 am Only simply an artist end student by pro Teata pawed he wat m Al Devi try Ous he Al again he giant hand devoted to the Pencil Bay of sin the p Wos Hia Broad sword Cut like the gently on the Loble without speaking a if words the of firial broadened Hia before his Ace. And with a Staamp of and raised the. Waa Poa. To. Brow Heaten bully attempted to do the ame. Hot Pis Toj let in his band whether by awol Drax off before Luea Ijoyi. Its Garcon a of or forma and t1 shores o t la d in he Waif Alt Vio w i t t Pacili. Of u her i w8s curious to Watha meow were Loo for Hia but thou can St use it a Hittle can is u i a i m Lias rot i Euh Dri i to i i i i Sie one two and dial is Ihsen and Ais be Lii we to be in b j n f. A s1 m its. To if a Crid to irs 1 Uinn this interest scene youth Askco Solher. I for Cool and silent a alight a t the youth y grd4e evident.? than fear Eam Over and How Art Thoa with the demanded his i e Fca surn and his eyes dilated with e a third. Toni tic longer Bis Fross. Coward Sauk on both and for Ufa Omar. Ilia Uio Uon rested firm end Fuli us on . Hafl is replied Arnold "1 he at length. I have no skill in bedding human id fair u r ic.c-100 to j in o 3f the mass get Black hair huge whisker and grim Custa Herr Ard ignorant of the for god s then rash boy what has temp in Tut hold Cilori. A Tortol Bead y he too and a Tong prevalent in , butt yonder person be Ted thee 10 this fatal extremity " 4 of cup tre Inird in Usu sane and Una no every opponent abandon j joke1 thundered foaming at the lips. Co Vinu Niolion cd it last really dangerous to flatted of the youth in All its willing near to die rather than att Mit to 1 must Tell you Flint 1 Eane from a patrol the. la. Earnestness and Vebe Taesle. Again i Oliie Btu us Peac laughter St omd ears. As he for Flea Arnold to bed Hafl with Bis foot. Of nor take such jokes then thou Tii Alt and Ere to Morresi a fur Union in is on be to have a a Catncart. For out of pure bravado. We neither at to . 1 push Forward make love to the lady fright or insults thundered starting of in a i in the Swan and either terrify of Fra Senate i Hast thou taken of thy asked frenzy and wih a hoarse and broken voice that t 1 l f should the Lover offer stance he had r Hunt a Art thou made the starts of the hear Eta shudder As if it were five their worst pair poses stupidity Allied to wealth pro before he Wasse Donn is a cower Jim creature your own said he observing that Ibe "3e that my turned ii in oat f Hia Mantle brushes is not such As Thon i to night then be Mentec though to torn merchant break die Hospital i have seen n Rich Man s son begin where against that of another apologized m immediately his father left and end Wiere his father 1 Hare seen n worthy Farmer s son a Way years of Ibe of his life in non and end his career in lha poor House. A added this with a of Mannar which night my hand not steady for a runs and anger Are 0 gracefully and so g titty Tutt thedell had never before been i its cd in h in. For never no friends to the could not a quarrel with him. That a Lovely girl loved Thi thou refuse me the youth with now Mentec had singled oat Gerude for darted at from who ii he Tnp posed by the Man no but the gift is dark the it soon before had he Wen oppose a a nil y and to fierce j Atran in and for n moment he the fiery a groans my hisses Aow began to be mingled with meats covered face with Bis Haidi and Rashad from the room. He was never afterwards Saa Oagat a. 3 comforts o realtors. T fill his or per Newa of importance whether there is any or not to a for not being what to to news paper. If he does not at Lent one column Era we. K with Somel Liing laughable his paper is pronounced tin Teres Tioff if a Public nuisance exist notice m t would offend Anu not to oot Ioe it would Cen Sutej. If ii does not pub Uhall tha Mur Nair and deaths that occur of into around whether he Hearse them not is not fit for to f editor. If every paper does not contain a Foo Dlf Porti of Rai idea horrid murders and Mel sae holy accidents Tiu a Dull Onwe Leond . R ate if half the gloomy accidents which occur recorded it is spurned a vehicle Olca imn Tiet. If his paper contain. General Reader murmurs and if u Doca not he of bushmen patronize to a. If he publisher the Laws of the state and Jour it Maiju grumble if he fans frown. If he St Eti an course he is aau the be on the it he jumps off he u at. If a kind Frienda Call non Whei a correcting his proof , and a Eica pcs a greatest Block to h and Bis preference publicly. A my err than n but ashamed of his transient Moon is Down the Stara Are c Ood cd and the wind self j j i r we to the Hal Nold for thus was the new student called waa rare Star h. Am went by in heavy puffs. Hear it Eren raid a unopened that my Sis by. If Ever tempted to our feasts Fraih j Jaas .r.s. F cd i1. To sep Assily ters i should expand my Beatty to hit unexpectedly on a casual invitation. To the a my i have Aniu Coidin As i. S fierce grew More and More and Bloom for men i know pm Rath if of Motlo Wmk of pity rept my As trill we Lay Down will i retain my charms within of i. J a i itt la Iaeli was seated himself unabashed at the we Airai in. Head at it is a poor Rule True will not work both ways. before last when tha Job it ii by of on pcs Here in to Holl. On this spot on Thia instant. The opened not its Blossom Sophat an unbidden guest. The strongest behold intr Arno if Elf Laily awed by a to Cven As than now. Sah it was Bike Ted and trod it under fo3t7 or a Reg blight is How Eafin y How forget perhaps at East a and a we Thih shia earthly life when once we Bra h. In the other life in Denmark. Iota at once the witness the result ferment s Flection and the ferocious enmity of to three la no on Warto he menu Hud that he Leicil Rnic Jsn a actual y to Bra lips. Murmurs of aha iia she he on of character. Of Mentz for he Aat cheerfully and Poh Roon car i hot and thick raw the 4.jfo Arnold i will myself forego p. Gaily at in. Braid so Macb the manners of a Grace of pfc Tatania Vrh. Had Arisen in the ? High Korn site and gritted at1 met of their . And stood eagerly once Hia intelligence Praco and Roi fixed upon a c object of the r regretted Stltt a Jason the a tent a g m i Alf Sov Mijc Mon u Wistor h. Mood. If a a of shouted with a what .1 Menix As the eve. Lani Donken with Inorg , Ibe sofa from i it Tun i a Tern la whining t a and what i Tifik you. Gents the Bur Jao of Teir by Tiaa in replied atom. A new re a Jarl k of the pre Corii s r j Boa on. And a Larrr a Romp stole j m having then own Choice i a then Elres. Wal Wrt a the a company now1 to fancy that hunted when of or a to an for of own d in a Lanir a beaut liw. And i will u on had or Rod for. Aad 3 10 a dead j i r. Fate to air 1 39 tie. Glory of be Laott 1 Ance Leved Aad How cd. Ger papi i u 1.0 fat her. Iraj present Jaid table kit if miss in will Niawra of t. T t w

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