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Lima Argus, The (Newspaper) - December 7, 1847, Lima, OhioThe Lima Argus. The the volume. Let be t d. C. . With ill our Mleh e or u Rich in join work tor Lime n with All our drop Vordi of truth to let u Doida where to drop Al Rutili. The right 1" Luu bleed Orlim Dang like thu in Phi will our Haimm tue i Jolil la Speed. Of i us Lei it be 1oing to lira Tell Cut work Lii Ikirt. Last Effort he bathes his own of his enemy and they die to i the Battle Haa been raging hot he mexicans have poured the falling before a storm in Autu i n becomes band to hand. Each men his adversary dealing blows i or whatever Iii Sile May be almost buried beneath Chr their opponent s. The carnage has res every survivor in the Faie still he on. Crockett Lias been conspicuous in the blows fell hottest and lie has forced his Way Over the piles of the of his ene Mies and has reached the door of fail of the Alamo. Hitch or Tut Rai to lab la niiion.1 tit a the uni Icart m who in tuning Lemuei of ill. Bow. Of Rumi. Fol. uru ble of Shieh tint of whew ten Jenri it u Kan in. Tout and third three fire soon to be kindled rounding Hills a bunian seance. New batteries Are i of Imam for try Rew r very 8r0und Moeai to red j cent rate upon the or arid smaller. The 23d Day of febrasr., 1s55, Santa Anna provisions Art nol Ntonio de b Xor and Touk i a torsion of i tion in almost Goi about firing gun. As advanced to i Ltd inc Dora the Small Garrison of one Hundred and Man 10, us or command of Barri i by Lias t res to the opposite Side of the de tie w c Sere to offer whatever r to the she Beers the tyrant god and Bair energies castors my. Flushed with the Conquest so he i i of the town the mexican general pre i from Ber n immediate attack upon the breastworks to be thrown i artillery to tie pinned uner d be my a effective one Batter re adj in the right bark o the River by the 2oth, Day the co Mien cd dark glum Nior Nii g. To n Tolj leu Lori in ice on which he is Ann Iver. The by Ier 10 fic to i t in o and head i building i re the son upon the s i ii Ely from he or turn Imti and , Ai d you a from Slu so Raj in he lie Jef Sobo have Noi air a s i Leir Wil and Reid Utt Eleta Neun direction of Tun they shied Chr listers is if Rice they could the it Dot come end the of under the Shock of the my j of Stone Ere whirled aloft he they Send Back a is out of i a discharge from their guns Alu the Thunder of their As mama. Us away and Lite reverberation a while the shouts of the besi december 7, 1847. To. 21. Progress. Baffled but not discouraged he advances hit line of posts and prepares with the morning Light to again enter upon his task. The North wind sweeps Over the Prairies As ii Only sweeps in Texas a Stormy Lullaby to the Stormy passions those contending hosts. The darkness is broken Only by the feeble Blaze of a Lew huts fired by texans. A bib have furnished a cover to the my. The dairies curl upwards with a sickly throw a fitful Light for s upon the Sam ing army and expire. The reign of dark of silence is resumed. On the next Day the mexicans appear there a Bat Little firing on either Side. Within the Loit with spirits a subdued an orgies weakened but nut exhausted Are their limited resources to the purpose of to heart Balteff no pulse throbs with Power no hand shrinks from the Lai sity imposes All is Confidence and i a firm Reliance springing from the cause and die certainty of its final Day follows but brings no rest. The fire of the mexican Artilles with the minutes As they Roll Day. And earning Are passed y i ing among those who Sre Defeo Las o Texas. Not Traun n another still but the info Iota before the Messing Eibi spi e of that enemy s Vinici Gerrison receives from g the late earthquake is the City of Mexico. Pm or Mexico oct 3.1847. An earthquake we have had an Between the hours of 7 and 8 yesterday morning and Allma Tara were hushed in stillness most profound suddenly the Earth began to Rock with a strange and Moat fearful motion. I am Liv ing at the House of Pena 7 the Headquarters of general Ely in front of the Beau that the slam Are piled up in end the first intimation we had of the dread convulsion was violent slamming of the doors accompanied by a jangling of the Glass pendants attached to the Glass chandeliers and swinging from the ceiling of the room soon our Beds commenced rocking something after has Quail in Little Chapel. Here he deter Ines to make his last i 1" manner of a ship becalmed at the close of a alone glance of 1 is Eye be that Hen came the shriek of innumerable women end children driven half dressed affix glitter into the dreaded temblor As the mexi cans fall a was upon us. Most strange and in was the scene disclosed from he front win Dows As reeling a and staggering we approached and opened walk steady was impossible to from the Philadelphia lodger. That Rotten edifice. Earlw in England come ser Cial credit Bouse Brill on Semi is rapidly railing in Ruina. Its fall will prostrate multitudes of in. Do trios and honest people and carry desolation into Mary families once blessed with sufficiency or abundance and dreaming in fancied and in thai r Fate every honest and Benelle it heart will sympathise but no such hearts can feel a Ucli be Fate of their of Mamo rests upon himself alone. fallen Evans is no More Bowie expires up a bed of sickness pierced to the heart by a mex ican Bayonet Benham fell before his eyes and he finds himself the Only living Warrior of one Hundred end sixty t Iree who had been in comrades. Per. Haps at that the life blood creeps to his heart by a in Punk but is Only for a ment his fees it him Ritli the fierceness of demons and him with blows from sabres Musket and pistols the strength of a Hundred men seem concentrated is single Arm and he in Merit of deals out a aah a his rancorous and unsparing Sale funeral sail ants. Thar bodies Nave grown into the sur Befi h m with fire and when considering the facts disclosed by their fall. These facts Are that they have been thoroughly Rotten years and that the system on which they have up eroded and upon the which they reached High places in the Temple of mammon is thoroughly and intensely corrupting. That the whole will fell in Nivins too Complete for its recent Toction we have very Little doubt. And m considering its awful character we should wish that like Babel or the Bastile one Stone of it should not be left upon another. But in predicting its fill we would warn the commercial Community against any Panio. The great Laws of pro. Ulv my vim a of hmm w us vhf p of Violam Wen the and escalations of the j and consumption of demand and Supply mighty Earth the tops of the Large m the Alameda were swaying tie water in the Reser Rous was billowing to and fro the Walls around us were cracking and gaping asunder the wide treat in front was crowded with women and children As Weh As men screaming and praying nod Crossin them and consequently the relations of Commerce Shroi Ighut the world Are not going to annihilated by the fall of some Hundred among the Rotten princes of Papet Money. Some of the new Pepera say that an englishman named Palmer and whether merchant or banker we know not write a Rampart either any of their fright our own i so correspondents in new York to predict the fall note be. were reeling unsteadily in their the of England. A fits left on its pres smeared with roused into Fren y he stands tor shed Sod Awe stricken foundation a specie paying Bank by ceo Pul like mime god of to scorn the sentinels halted upon Mieir it wll not jail. But if tinkers of the Corren Gere from the malice and the end the fury of hts tin knowing what to do the Ceil Jet or can procure the Issue of Small notes or any i _. i i . J _ _ .1 .1 t i _ 5 ii Vul in Tua Iwic Anil pm Pic i 1115 j Lyril m d i auction con-1 Mies. Now fire flashes from his Eye and new vat sorrow continued to pour Forth their had i lire suspension it will fall. This or. Fal Les grow Small-1 or on ins re Suilan a Rush Bititis of inhabitants All seeting the ref j to my sir herself r i s a in Hust soon commonly open certain Dea h the a mum Cee Era supplied has been sup j de to Rise of Telfort Linn like armed men irom , mexican to Teeth of Cadmus. At length a Ball Erivn a ind petitioned forgiveness Ere grape and Musket Rifle him Chr of Mead. He fulls Bock Ward ale a funded officer in our House never looked at the currency question beyond his own count no House and the Bank of lure that Tan nerve Hei presence inure is Hope each arrival j r2om tie Ari at new or new now it St Tod upon the desirous of peace. True took boor v a of her Are .r2talj j England would be freed from the Burden of paper in flu an in the Street about 10 mount his horse Mon y. Ami would probably have Wisdom enough m at Lotimer memento the commotion suddenly to repudiate the mischief the receding from him. Astonished. I we have Here fore alluded to the social syr two Al. I the a i Ursoi of jog. By the cause but the of England As the direct cause of these mischief was As ignorant As himself. The pud rmes system which trader to turn aria there bed been a severe Shower ape Utility in . Are we republicans in no danger from trite Exa Ai Are following it to our b tier Cost and outdoing our teachers the wife of n Shari in the Snag give of mammon or if Israel re _. that As 1 e Sunal we wiil the in fre Niilo Hap say succession or Zillini of the Earth at Short intervals be i ver pop Guiar will Al of shocks for the of pfc ale or presbyter or Eldir in the Church of the same divinity sends ten thousand Dollas o Paris. The on thetty i need s Cong re one new Wlton might Mant old Power of the most the majesty and the to Imp sort Nat Robe for her baby. More than one such Case can be found in each of our great com. Mercial cities. And where do their get Money Fiorin Corn is in Stock v failures in Banks. Ears of the Nesi Egera. The to i for seven fiercely o the Alamo. Bat v Al i the spin of their by returned and. The ind them there Are Stoi to repair every i Interior whatever without. Earth re u closed As if those who the gets move to and fro in the distance and some unusual movement. The besieging in notion. The Force of the t. That the fort May be surrounded. Inn y for the file of the Rii Jimiy they a Drc Pluie of infantry and i d in and by Sno her of _ Jar my. They must be thrust Oiwa a to i in .1rm. And dres me results from a phenomenon they Ltd the Temple Iutta Den of thieves. J he Between the rep Olics of the Mist Home under this com opting system a without is Rosa and hobbled from their capital trades round the world for millions but if the Street and Epin ways presented a spec ult by the sabfl3 and Kirtles of their comrades me rep onnus of inc inv. Mist he Donly Are in ablaze and from or Nate Montevideo the anti Hippo _ j r i their positions pour Forth a Radi of fire refused a to withdraw same blog and stricken a deep Awe. Yet not knowing i snug a credit that males him the depository which be Pla cml Taf the Fly. The armless hurried hither and for in Hions of other men s f Sun. Prep str and Hen to a Huber the Lesless hobbled about in All directions i they Are the 1 owns honest f be Kiowa the bed Ridden the and the Otter he Poa Neww Little or nothing. And that the e answer to the charge. Then that la Back upon the he c. Y of to e n j Toronto Canada helpless panic stricken and responding earnestly believe that he is very we Clichy and he Takra that army or Tufa and petitioned not to be left advantage of thit groundless belief to get Possession pointing to single a Centre. Amid the Ruble Thun Der thus created their Shou j scarcely less Ter the Ribic and the blasts of bugles the mexicans acc Vinced to the Alamo. A Sheet of flame from rifles1 that never failed is the Rhen infantry recoil and fall a. The ranks broken and disordered by the deadly ire of not Lhnn mexican Csc Orch fi99 Bojc arid Rmer Yard of bus Jon and Ibe pc if s of Sarre the nov Teneni of the it an octave vex hts . _ _ r be __-1 a bait a tech a made Jomier a tace by the Aid of entreaties in f Irmo the i t r it 10 the Dis of Abraham Beer the Leroid of fall. It Tim lire is do Nril. Before another Quarter of a it Toiv. To e the Bailie Frondi on which to be decided Ibe final Rondem of Aav Encan end Bunah Ming have nol ced of the a Rome of ammunition that married men ill no into gift Lorland. Roof i Tori one by one the Maul drop to e to ice War condition incl so Seivi Rifle and discharged and the Thuc s of smile for you Oil f4 maj Titi punt Ibe 11 pro Odin in Tat bachelors Uii the e Mulaw a ram Leitow whose Elmost Brand a tarred w a dior a Mae Black of Lair Etc pro Sassy furnish.1 and an invisible Dar the m he Wadi of Wiett m to Irr Rord and 1 ded the Qaemi it Ierta that the so Kerry it too jew cd and oot for i a. I have a Arvd 10 Are. Or Raiho came w haul co main lengthy a facts a Shafto Emorit Reba wan a Pratuch bus to All or err Wah Jar Farr. Be Proetti Ai a the Moi. On Reading h Ewe arc if cart great a b s. H a so Mac. Pratuch i trim fat that has Powitt a Clerfe Oto w i the Power to Lay re err i ont Lanne level Ike Rowry. To the eat up Ine Pleat or. Eau or iffy

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