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Lima Argus, The (Newspaper) - April 6, 1847, Lima, OhioW the Lima Argus. T Jav the Aad Kif Tel lit Peel leu volume. Worn Tiff april 6, 1847. At. Heaven. No ski less Wrater writing of the Frame away no fearful shrinking from the Midnight no dread of summer s Bright and fervid Ray hidden Jurief no wild and cheerless vision of despair Nova n petition fora Sweet no tearful eyes no broken hearts Are there. Can Baa to within the of ceaseless prayer and Long melt in far worn the mansions of the spirit throng the Taek Wing i is never spread athwart celestial skies j its bleed not with Trie Voke of Spring Acme unt Fiat Iet and Dies no nil by distils chilling upon the tender Frame no noon is Here Trie Light which f us bal land of lord from Makar in parted friends o or Mournful Reret Lection have to weep no or love to watch the coming of a sleep or no Flower it tiered Bud celestial gardens know speech of Benjamin f. Hex Rolf Abb in Ravia or t1xi.10 ctr ital or 1846-7. Or. Atthe Alff Putnam at the close of the ses Sion a flee the following resolve in inn House of representatives r Tol cd by the general an Embly of of obit that void Anu Sliver Coin u the Only legitimate and cons i uti Onzil cur. Of circulation Are de both to the Constitution of the u. S. And tint of they Are therefore Inex. Pedi Ein. Nod should be it is the and Ai far As the leg concerned. Inalienable right of the people through the Many to less and at All to repeal or alter any Char Ter granted by the legislative authority of tie or w w4e. State for the purpose of pro jew Revenue of the state Shn ulu be in strict in of a Rogerl and for the but before the Lime fur paying Taraea Rives Winch could neither nor control have half of his Wilth wholly standing pay his taxes on the entire Atli i. Mark the Cunt St. A banker government Are controlled with if s Beao of Hank charter and told that the Haven contract which no lature can violate by any amendment or a if thebe True then in troth Are they a Claes of privileged an upper order m this free state the aristocracy of loss and discounts the us Law to Llama of squat special favourites reach f 5.000 nut of 10.00u by when is proposed to same calamity which Overlook the merchant them to the common level instant and does he pay a tax on Ilio Joel use under their and claim not at All. Nor lodged Nipoa the of exemption from taxation. In sup his capital fur he Only pays tax on his Pott oft in St extraordinary claim the fits remaining after Are deducted. The have put Forth their argument in the0 one a nil Ibe other Only on tote profile of Tea business after account ing fur the losses. 1 ask if this Rule of inn ability to the government a slut any individual rec Nannea Era Auto in private the banker has another the dial privilege. The ability Oah property and thereby Appeal to the reason and the knee Lecce of the people. Tbs 7 Shou d Nave Kama Iluk Antt nor ilk now mouldering in the Tui la Bear that it Power. It it life and Amsl company j All its extensive Powers Are bartered away by the representatives of the people under the specious pretext of enabling a few having Money to spare to boy life Ati Tif and place their property in e safekeeping of a porn i Ion a body without a out eit abstraction a Remote Circuns Tynce a Tiosh inc tangible or responsible. In the of these Law givers the integrity of individuals and the general Laws of the land Are sufficient guarantees for the safely of propety and nothing can secure it but the of founded on a r r i Milf by Lor either Thront nor kity of property of Yob Nii property m a found Jan Rel i. Huh the principle avowed in the moment by Witiw Muat title of an net entitled an act to tax All do a Raj Trio Alan previously the state to Iroe. P Sofita be More no Pef Rene to the Tomt Hare reduced i Hector the loan to t of the result a wide monies a now Thia unequal legislation of he i3noi Only a pair m. What kind of n other species later chant is liable to peal Ilu Tuat on but to Rojem. Lord insult in peal Ilu Tuat on but to not permit him to la Fil Mien who May Louse ins propety by the upon the Reno the Farmer who sometimes As we but he announced Hii preparation of lived is to a flood and that he would Publiski ins written Rby of pm 4raut no blast or fierce descending after the adjournment. In Rev Wing the right to comp Iii of such in Jand is a business in which May a alters on like a ruthless foe his Renai u for the press he deemed n j juice jul lev Ore too Prood to ask Evan All limes , unless the municipal Law to present in these part i exemption Ron. Taxes .1 where this is not the it is or Tuu any ayn Patby for of men who act Phoek to fun in a few thai Diecce of Hill be exam and u it one been Are tha Basi of Sill debate. To be to town in thu at contract Rich to. By of Ohio to of Ait most Faro red Banting of legislative i. To make Jam nce on 9 tog tint and . 3. To make any other contract involving to two end i shall cite but two Eiam Plee the internal of Money Ana the duration the nets the Ohio life in Jrnnie life. And Truet the s air 4. To receive moneys Oti trea and to lend blk of Ohio and other backing companies. The House is family or with banking. And what is 1 will the description of it from one whose authority will not he nut the tame at such rate of interest in my be agreed Over seven percent 5. To accept and execute All such Trubitt of every description As May be committed to questioned by the upon Titita floor or them by any person or by any court of re elsewhere. I the 3in of 766 and "67. The definition of Hanking at Given by Charles Liam old late Hij editor i i Ohio. No Foa t Al word the sacred fear am the song of Pence creation s morning heard is rung wherever Angel min sue read. Let us depart if Home like this Elm the weary soul look up thou str taken Ore thy heart of his argument Only which a poem to the a the. Banker craves by Lew he is competent for individuals to contract Ogeth it Edmett the tax Law on the subject of j most or Benj create to be employed in lend Tiara , which Kim d Sigel he people were not consulted when Money and in me and Selling coins a jars or real valued at double the Piave been Ufa n re to Foi All Banks Weie secured in ill gotten i u n of Exchange. Mount of the turns loaned. Purposes. Ronij j privileges but u their Noi the Gerthie the Law is necessary to authorize a 10 to increase said capital to an indefinite of be Tahi tax of Caus to Abida by and such in b tween individuals for concentrating capital extent by depo tites at an agreed rate of info reef Ive and hold lands under general and it covenants so for May be necessary to their business or the King in in its nature a private Trade payment of their debts. 7. To buy and sell drafts and Bills of com apr. 3. To hold an original capital of 2.000.000 of 9. To Vest said capital in Bonds and Mort. Upon is be stands act on j to the it. Shall bleed no More is sorrow s Stern control. With of Niri our , and innocent., to Laad the of fest to plunge in re log Ade and find the Ocean of eternal of ten occurs. Being inked for purposes on Tho cd ital of the Board Eil at the end 1 Opu Lur Are not Cher depend on a Acciai Laws forms Crea an thus for id a. According to the j thai party holds and Xis of ttt0 run ,.fgovernment. The masses have turd. May Tak . That Nyhus and privileges which in the Eye Terest. 11. Banknotes to double the a mount App sind not to exceed one Otie fed in sincerity but it Are world late for of the us nature. It i of the signature of 8v% in. I rest j of the Board of control Ami was prepared and presented concurrence of the his More prof Eric a to their relative i Jelits and duties the the general Law not on Raro Antzes the obligation of his Eon a net a., fio not a poor Man visits the of b for h Seii Only f to Dang by tie Junto under it a ssh Haj country. When who by untiring Industry and to his business bile there a to i the we eth Bank j re per. A it up am for the Neit half hour or. Ii burp oils to attentively its but at the end of tax All property in in Issice n is More pro Eric a Raro Antzes the Ooi Itanion 01 to Pard and presented without Whlor Errata the order.1 Between the Partis it i Wuh the canc ii of 14 Inri Piini Whit or. M. Of Froin tie Hui then of the govern Cian n thus formed to Uin Kec Nurul almost ii reunited Power Rhonl. Nun my for our name they have of in Xiv for the Sake of Tui private concern Proie cuon of the rights Lime lays u Down the remark thai the True value is title is an an for Man. Ami in sex cry feature opposed to no paper is Verj Dull this . B d on Foi it not j on a i property in state according Jal lne a Jio r True n to on Vech i which the Justice who it a i req narc the common m charter., and in of their represent tues. Benefit vesti a with of or taxes so As to of a for Tad been i her Avn take to a aame. Rules and regu a ions to govern i 12. To hive Twenty fifth elec the n in the transaction of the car Ted every two yen. So that ultimately each Truc be n Mains ten years. Not or desire the. People to look Well at this of their sovereignty to these Twenty trustees. We ask then if there and thing tinder heaven this corporation cannot do except perhaps make War in a Pes Seror nov Lions to its and is if to Cap the Climax of legislative f l y or corruption this corporation is permitted to com its own Money o lend or to me interest on its trusts to on land and or a r to. Bond and on is own Power and c mires interest for the the make contracts in tse a nun my our name they have right of in try Vidunas As joint one party to enforce those contract the a property the the cup Rel business is Priva of vate and individual Trade he convenience and profit of priv Ftp eid and of Jeci Suft is the True Clarac of a Bank Utheil by stockholders. Privileges h in lilies end Burthen Are Hitler is. 1 Don t like the i to Vernoni Arr i poor to Tak a Piiper. B the the is you Are can times As Muth a but Jou sub mean to Par tidal 11 accor Dirito to my run time. He All the Liabis Liliet and disa private concern capital is Jinn p Prum and a Dixie the democracy. I. Have no o the Are in help thin if taxed upon the True r b mph r 1 a Ucol and or film in p Nion of or think Niiha Pennyw a publisher As Long As you Tan d the government exert Man Elm of morale speech recon by m the bad r Job Era another for a. Reading of his paper f but ,1 a Nat Law the air which belongs to thai i f of adventure. But allowing Only for that even private banking a makes h looking As though he did both private injury and Public let 1 Denn it not or rets rather having described his Case i n Nunt courier. I stating then on to of Iho avowed by the it e of the tax Law t to examine the proposition he if it were Tine the use la have their Burthen endurable at All As u is not we Semi Pei. Such were l lowing and a the traveller shall say the sure invested in loan and , pre Drc tons of Killiam Liggett in regard to from Ordinary taxation. This the t ust i Stu Lofv them the United states in the Dartmouth College was in authority with his Paity As is Nob eness of Eta e thus forum Diane n Premium As Mav be agreed on ii term Iuey to its capital in Dodo Finise extent by the posits at an inter est Gre ii on in Ort it can make buy contract inv hot the interest of the Duraron of life this eve Erv of human Rte him and Mav be tortured by the ingenuity of cupidity into in Cludine Oil the of a fact thers is no limit to the which Thia m or May exercise As to of ice Tirmiz Wendi and influence. Its is per retune. And in loss Ore Hundred in Wallow up he whole state of not As cod its Thon done i Yearta " what arc to was. A arc wikins about go tag Kaju a the Arr Ding i Chr 1 t we i. I 01 if i of torsion Oil austrian i braids every peasant of leave dwelling to be any with neighbors or v Eru tend any nod the whole Riih in i it Hie. I t of. V i of j f Linn a i Are he or. N in pm Lent. Few tone. Una Waw labor indeed. M Bema. Of of an of or and he it we i me who in it of i it i i ung r Ixl Imp of i f of Imin to ii j i not a Snir Ynar properly be1 v mme or. n not the Charier of is Crea in h an idea borrowed from the Tariff men. Miner Olio on arc in Tatiom indeed of the convulsed and broken no n of nil Nyrl in company is a the no which pm Pattrin Law. of no i at Whoso it a y or we try Oxer Irre waa the Charier of us Cre a Ion Norn by the t Jeuial in that waa x., t-1 lowered by Mon Neni no a a i a opposed been calculated to a Fleck Ibe object for what h in was created. If tie re the moral this filler event i so Refl it it Aji a d can fund the w and Hare ah.cdore.1 Tomt Are n a _ 1. A Mir not on i., Toni i having detected its a her by the Mai in Blic Call Fol lint ii f be tuck t. Hot i e of the in Howe oof a pm Winf Tibai a Ever Bias. Of ant v i it r that det Noracy by Ili capital and in More. Be to any a ave chant i called upon list fees

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