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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives May 27 1863, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 27, 1863, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaJob 030 ajv&cac3eivji .0538 3 <33 ce1 q spa up n Reg it 1 neatly and promptly exeei46d��the a advertiser office Lebanon Penn a t tbi3 establishment is now supplied with an onto Tolvo i a assortment of Job t\which1 will by. Inq Roasol As he patronage demands. It can now turn out Piu two of every description a at manner 1 and a very reasonable terms Snoha pamphlets checks. 1 a business cards a handbills a circa Ilary a a bulb v j ,. A Biu hea4iiigq, Blanks j prgo radames Bills of fare i a a a a a a a a a. A Tonyi Tatios tickets.ftc., amp a. A a a to a May dams of full . Common and judgment Beans ischool.justices�?T, constables and other Blanks f \ t 1 a at \ 4 1 correctly and a Cutty on the be a neb constantly kept it a Quot Josla. Lit. A for saw it Toshi Tiftik in a. Subscription Price of the Lei anon advertiser one Dollar Ard Alfalfa year. A a it. A a Axt Drubo Whf. In. Barsih Lebanon pit. Lebanon. wednesday May 27, 186a w if i Emny conf Iwuc a a us to amp is amp Fyan by tto Palm the ens in cars e s s10 n w in 1 j ctn Roonce on. Monday july Jha. The k so Ito to h is x it p and Vai it a ices 6f �?~a4 pleasant and 1�?~ it Sutz Ful ill ated j rooms a Fine live try and of tinct., a j Ifni i its ii a Tuavi ii to. A Tiik Coullie 01 is no fined to Iii Iudica of j in it a i Elij univ i a Iii t i a. New it in it a Nora Ofcar Pupil Btij Lei thed Uno to can \ Oil and ftftel1 ply a amp i tfx a Irinee of i on a on ski ooh of t5thorofm3ion he a Dan to Pur 7.,to be effect \ a p Jooma 2d a a a nuts Street i formerly of l copied us ii Atto Tocy to he Antty Pijor shop. Al�0,on Gombor kind Street a shop formerly occupied As a shoe store Uthi tin shop with up Starrs ,. J Georg Labia on feb.,38, 1,863.,. A pc Cine Mio ice Wner Ftp the Pat a Tang the present Iesu of Legal tender notes iwo the. National is pc Cost Loon called five Rise t,0�lvaij by. Ora Javan 1 ?�1 Ujj j 4, a a a a. T Bivs to to look who Wro Puso to inc flab 111�?T Tacl rite As a i All who a tall to ,n9t my Calvo Twonzy Toun must to la Mourao ,�rn�3 it a Ouy 1 talents of f to. A a a \ i "0 Alexander Marion my Lorn. Therefore apply he foil Urc Jat of one to cock Al Panl 8,183c�? agent. A no. 114 a third fete Kiilau Johm. Onto lots at Fri vote a Al a 4 i j i a a �5i a i re sea Espear used a be a till Nied person. He could a to twin it tag ref this a Oil a Mai 7mov�?~�?Tt8niic,u land to Tilby Coult Wilh much ability especially for who i Jii id Boob. Theatre Lor Whitfi be seemed to have tamed by midst to. The Iris Cipani a a Tural Ensti dict. In consequence. Anus Iii Ija. Of we Tali 11 it Wou id. Be. A Igli to Good j Sil Iain . A family paper for town Anu code tit is printed and to by w. Breslin so Story of of woke a new in lading. Cumberland amp 1 at one Dollar and fifty cen1� tear 1st at the Teal rate. A Siw the am1j�n Pymer raft ally Are impel tally Sohm Ted to Send to Mon a oi4<n. Handbills i to aim hmm Mumk rate of p0ota0e. In Lebanon county postage free in in Sennay 1 Rania out of Leaf thou county 35if-c�trts ppm fvftrto1, 13 cents n Yearl t get of this state cta7 Fer Musits a 28 ctr. It Jar it the postage Job not paid in adm for a a Iraq of tuft we Are prepared1 to Pant a Orite Bill in handsome Stylo on Short Hartico and at reasonable rates. A la in a while this surgeon,-.-.iiafchablr1 slept Nono for three nights was a sleep be complained of Naaseeb. Wafd j ordered hid Jefty Jim to a face., , a Folia Towel Over Hie stomach this Wmk. , i be neral Jia Ekson Lavirl Guono some a. A a a a 1 gee lat Liteh hanging must be pc distance in front of the line of slur about Daylight the surgeon was a gain this thing of Riding myhers on saturday evening wag re 1 awakened by the boy saying he hrs gym fifi Pic in minor Olin Hill la Armke. Is i whole no. 727. Each tool a ghastly human Hull with blazing full. And by the Light to Voird and Blu a they danced and Sang like pirate Crow j . Fit foj.fdm.sr�. Of a j give Binell the blood of old Bug hum and if to come Bead amp love Wal will Hare Flomo i Southern i news. Jhio a Stonewall Jackson came to his i. ,. Death Lyle a Wolsan Thattil to tickled half t0 i Deg he Pyer this Ai text was Hington no 2 scene tire h a a a Cofta Erin the suburbs a Little the dish egg a Cote pie of Bat grow spindle a blinked boys sitting on Thoj ppr playing the�?Tcom-1 _ t w plicated4gatno of Bushel with red and 1 Broom Sticks stirring mirth skin soup,1 turning about eight of clock attended yellow Corn grains a a a a 1 1i ,. A a <0gttotto.�?�. And squeezing out Snake for a Bever a by his staff and part of his couriers i a right Side and due to enter the Sci Ednd Washington great age is unconstitutional and must Bethe cavalcade was in the darkness and spinner opus w ill to Soli us ,., 8 acres , Avarille a. Blinds a shades the log if he whip Al join at the present of a a to enact it in of to bongs on the. Stage. they be Rich the under Sigried having. Formerly been a 4j agitated dried up. Go Imago platform is oppose mistaken for the enemy a Ness which be himself attributed to the fail from the litter. On thus2d Washingwn-�?~�?~haveyou hear n Tau the twin in Elias of barbarism cavalry and fired upon by a regiment. t ,.it a. The Nowyj a a and witchcraft is one of Witch of his own corps lie was struck by 1oaymr8 Jackson arrived greatly to Littre of a a isto but i would jes ainu to born equal like the Noble of three balls one through the left Arm,1 a faction and Sli Efim. Rican no How and i la confiscate the two inches below the shoulder joint y it a Rcd h,.m to. The and. A stud Tell in Tong a Auci a cup Corn it b. J. Williams no. 16 North sixth Street Lnla Wall township it jul joins Ciao so i Ulroy a of a onthonoith.uin.a�?Ttkmsa<unhnivrau8�onthcl.be nit Iati blinds Andi _ a to on it is a h ,1 a it Virdow 5�oams. Ujj Wuh , he y ret Oil a lip i. It tit ftsb1 the Ifon Ranf Anil finast Asani Manf. In Uffia it if it via. I. A _ i a a. Ltd i i. _ i of i to do new Cut Road. And stud Federe ,a. Be a old he w i my Ltd do hodl1\hand lialyrw1ci%d he re plumb in the water. This tract will the Iruin a has iinas.t.oiu�?~5rfor qom Vii Yah. Make Al Nice Home for a Small family. A a a it i free from ground rent. Good title will be lir a a _ . N Al this tract is now covered 1th line grass hat. Of Wenth Ontl lid Givoni to to lib a Mclim a. A Lelmon Juno 13,18,0� j835-the largest and finest it she rte new Lii the City it. 1 .� inn Kra n i Norlinn of 4hfl q the lowest Pinis blinds painted and Vina a a Jual i0i�, a a Al it Uris a a �o1 Litt Bull us if 1 to now. Store shades made and letter pc. J Onang occasion to.j�ls818\i. Oil apus 8. Isos.�?. on Gigli dramatic Compo. Like to. V 2d? a shinto Tori a a Wal in a Nomi a Bolo nated.for.pre�$?,1by Jingo. 1 beat j a witches a. Seward ?,flac5hooray for to a i a a i iowan iop end Hui a re Buti ice a rat he a a shattering the Bone and severing the Tbul-3day Enins Al pain had i. A. A. Eel to in stare a from yeah Howard Assoofi alien a great Battle 7s soon expected to take fact Liis. The people station which he asks, a toa a a 0/w�ng �o.ie.fact�6�� a a a it Pshak Spear being now Edtih to Inisi Vars to Ftp Iotis s7smr a a a i must 11av e clothing,1 a vacuum As it were a an. 1/ tour h v shul Al wean pc. A a and to would to Lilly Apt to. I it Chang Holuj Wellch appeals to tug id i n \. i c Mira Xuy As la re a \ a Public attention Tel Lect of the period with much Abili and a Tbs ble ,,-.w&Quot t�.l-. My tip rns. 1 to. l? mail in Sejud letter envelop a a �113 we it a a a nerd a Ochiai 1o77od- sort kith Street 1 b�,1w take it for a we Quot Stock it of clock i 011 a Molln wet abcs dict Ward As Colum a i to. Omu ii a a ,. Nor on which when do named. Adv avs Idease. Hahl Siuai a. A n. A i ruts it 28, . A i goods Are made up in our own Stab j i a not it in the cite. And in a Mann re that takes Down maj Sooger. .2 buys i a Little woman20,006 wide awakes. 1 Himple it but he de but by Ebert Tucker a you come too Date to git your supper in we who made you Fri is Dent a Oak weit amp Wini Quoit Matenti being of african 1 a a Lincoln nil Namak i chief artery another Ball pissed j a offered from prostrate in i Saine Arm Between the a a by a a a a a it a a ppm to but Ifil Tein Iet making is a it per to Quot i increase a u .7 a. ,uhvoug�ntre-rt�dttt�trti.t� a Quot a Lay .�ornmgiti11eil., Al a i beg Paraon Birdsall entered the Palm a Frlix right i Are seen at such a disad1 hand about Lum do e passe ?l0ss0iivantage through a fog that did no to through and broke two Bones he ,0n a a had free and i Little women a Amronin the dish i rpcogni2o your coir i bitches of of. Was wounded on the Plank Voad a a co terse with ,1�?Tm> Aad told he of Uil 1 can a a escort Are cd Ernst from con-1 bout fifty Yards in Advance of Theen o gel Quot a a a a 2rt was blk a it by a a a hear that in cjf�hr�5>�80. J my. To fell from his horse and Rrth a of. A. A. Tips drafts read other an. \va8caught a yoga pain Wormley to bobs a a yes Luigard a confounded abet you a a he 1 who a he wounds is Quot a a by Witch Quot noise. R l 2d Wash in Guando do a Nom mated for i a Jujj a. J Iho Clov and in a mini Tyr that Tuke Down j scene firs. I. Pc. Ice Akk a imn a a a it a a is _ honest old Abo mauling rails and j you a see old Serif hire him to saw up it kerch Gutin that it Wurfl of Almima Trot Itlen on the est jute of a it it Ilc a. Into % banns it by the facilities to i mum i 8�ng�Iii\ 0. Dinah �9 to 4 to Jfe la won of South Lebanon township i. Hac of food. To .to.fiolloiir,.olothnig-25 per cent. I. A. I. Been a rate gtd Folt hts a build rb7gnedfi�?~�sifiint in the town j Chin per than it Nyby ulv in Finis Row he of gtd. I \ . A til it Lull. Warm Tell Bavo just a Lorg Ltd a tajik to la a a Ahpo a a Pine second summer clothing and i Vito our feuds and 1 �?�.pmuwv>.-. Customers to c�.i1v��Quot a a a -. A a a Tilkens Ken Bros a i a i a opposite ibo Colart a la use. A. Of. Lebanon april 24, 1862. ?0 a�1m A a by of found Tibi it walteris10�ejij�is1 a a of a burst. You id for Iru Handlely a a neighbors and if lire he a a Lwow of a i a a come Alvun and join chit gone a and a a til your Quot Ith Muttik 8kin pop to this to will give Tou Over Virto the twin leu in bit tuu Ore. I Are by our men a he had Given i Dors to fire at anything coming up 1 the Road before he left the lines. The been a rafted. New to. Count and Steno Olor Waid All Par Ona Rich by of to said estate will please make payment Alid Thomao having ruin if will present Tui of 1 a a a a a a a i i. In in. Administrator Ottob essm c of Darnel Weib dec in . 1863 a a a a \ mini Stralow a a Kolcic. Lii 5eq�d�ly partial qty for Miti la. Ofa a soup Sybili. Not. Allow to. To decline Phi pins Nowd it of worn .y0ln. G0nerons Mvi Tatian. Lie Par and Andjou end for Damn Jane takesmthefo9tirit.es a a a the whole party broke Forward to Batt a ,d Anli 0 sent orders to we belong to ill tiv come e i i aride through of line to escape Theof a neral at ,h a a a a �1d�?~�ya she a a it a ton o clock. Alec file a to ill ind i ton it and to the enemy s skirmishers appeared ahead of him and he turned to ride i just then some Ono cried out Quot a Cav airy charge a a and in regiment fired Good very Good. It is All right he had previously said a a i consider those wounds a a cute Given me for some Good purpose. I would not part with them if i could he asked of major Pendleton a who is preaching at Headquarters to Day a he Cut messages to All the generals. Leu i axejes8ed a wish to be hurried in mediately the 7�, .nsto�?��?T.,n dining the j i Dehring his mind reverted to che tlt<vttc�1s b�rebv4eiven that otters of ail Nnnie a try i it Triine subscriber respectfully i \ Jon on to estate i if Kofta Bolth Man dec to x Heb is a Tiroly rebuilt the Aftel on i Feleo that by try ugh of tohitnofl.tiebaiien�?Tcounty.f�., j Tarn formerly known As a a Straw to and Latecia Hare been a ranted to uie run Long i Tho 1 Gorts a about one fourth of a mile Froin Toj Jeston Boro Ticer county Bud a feb Rcd Aid alb Sonh in-11 Lebanon county spa. That lie Slat Ftp Iford incomplete debated will Tenee make payment and those having i running. Order prepared to furnish customers claims will Pri out them w Ito Day a Gow j reguyal very Tiete a a a Stael in Uffman. A do i Mintri the a of the Esible of get. Hoffman Dac a mails 186j c it i f a be if Val attorney Llu a tip Ethi office to the in tiding out door a a a of a Stort oppor la Etlow Toni to a Boubli . Fun unit and Fenslow Claraa a la Idle Nom _ a Kph by Oval a. A s. Attorney Law by it off to to Matke Street. Open Jato Tea Lebanon Bank two doors North of widow i uhf a hotel. Tweito h�ak�6ps also on band and for Saveat the lowest ens f pro pcs oud bran snobs a 1 is a also pro pared Todo All Kinde of Yob for farmers1 and others at the Yery shortest possible notice and 7n i yitwalvt6 five him a nah the jmj i Ombry it of the mini Ftp a it rely new Dij Otth i i atm and most. Jin i proved kind. By it incl Alun lion to Busm Fehy find fail a de Ling he Hopes a Chnrei of Public patronage. I. Wheat Jettye go in Oats amp bought for which the highest prices it will lie paid. A a j in ankle a Walter f my 7,is62.> \. A7 1 Slit up the churn i 1 a of powerful harm and Giro win Tugni Wool ova a a ii eyes to pull a a. Of Wilile too a to str stir. Second Witch. A a Horeb a woo from Tho Hond. 1 of to Ned a a. While he dream of in his bed 1 a Tolo it and off his big Loo. Third Witch a Ore a a nun from the thumb a a a a of old Uncle Tom. Likewise two jaw Teolah i Shulch found underneath fat a far spreading jumper tree to Hoto the null old Saint. Proof to bids Alm Host taint As beaten to death by Legree. Fourth wite he i Tare a Beecher s last Sermon a Roe Kin a Long vermin which riot in blood. Exit a be if stoves stoves j a by top in the time to buy your stove before �7 Winter is Here, bit and ii pest place a at a a a a a a Lebanon stove tin and Sheet Iren Man fac. Tory of James n. Rogera ,.two doors South from the Seliano Tibak Liere can to incl is dg1 in Hill the Marc Crit anti Best. Is Horment of Pak loit. v i .�?T.�fyi.n. We i it in. . .ji.li.u. I. Iirotf"8s won a few g a our noses by common consent Here they All clasp their noses i with much san Froid. i it a what Springfield in re wed Faith Al Ide you say is All very cup but having awakes equip puff Iri tips capes j been bringing my intellect to Bear on amp a i cat . High dramatic composition for the i the per Call Lor Coln. A a a a epoch theatre i could find. No place to quit from Lonest go a by a Lincoln a till i Goto Dabe into the Iii skin in a Lincoln a a by shortly App Oais soup etc., which is the Best joke of mounts the Pic form Tases off in the season. My nox to paper will also hat cheer after Pfizer rending the air be of tube lit Stronie style showing up i Foi some minute cd Abe a Dahe witches with the i Lincoln a fellow citizens j Hoard m09t, Abl it after which i Lhnn j you wanted for a pome and i-.want-. Went to Bod. De for to see you ,1 have heretofore yet jul Iii most obliged appeared for th9 Post of seeing most obedient and of in cd you and giving you an Oppio Tummy Len mile servant for to Sec to a cries of Good Good. A i.ix.. Muon f Man Hubly ror you a. / a v., it j 9>aut-Ii&Ltir of these fund for Merlyn. P. The unanimous opinion of Tho very great and Tho manner in Foch lie spoke of him showed that he tie matter. Trapping a most ingenious in Mode of Tiger killing is that which is employ Edby be natives of nude. They. A a Gal a burners for Parlours tb�i5 Chambers of hid _ i own Mako. With a general assortment of parlor , attorney has removed Bis office and n Large variety of the Best cooking stoves in Tho to the room Latch occupied by . Geo. 1>. Line county Borough , he Tohak of roast., a aver in Cumberland Street. Lebanon a Fen lot it is Ash. Boj a lab con of All sizes vat in Fth eat a hotel and two doors of Oen. I and Tho Best .limu-.ii<ll. I Banon dec. 17,. 1802. But the Charm must go through. Through we sicken and spew tor its too late now to repent. Fifth Witch Cyrus a a Miller attorney at Law a office in Alum tharret Eairy opposite the. Buck hotel,.and two door Siuth Fromke rms nyx a hardware store. 4 Lebanon april 9,. 186�x> Quot a Tomm. Derr attorney co id stickier building Cumberland Street nearly opposite the court Louee Lebanon May 6, 1b63tf. I in st Iron and Tho Bost tirade a Lebanon j also a Largos of Eliot a it i n Al Arl. Route of the Best material and to a Workmanlike manner. As be is n \ practical a Orkmon and has Hill an experience of j to it a Eiith five years. In of foils conf Keiit that to Cun give . he takes this method of ctn ring to his i towers Liberal support and he Hopes by the tiv alter dig to his own Humeas and letting other Peoples alone to still receive Axa Haro of Pught patronage. A �7amks n. Blog Lufi. Josf a a Artl Culner attention paid to All kinds of Lonnino nch of too Flag. Spouting ac., and All . Samuel s. Meily 1 offers Bis professional a services to the citizen of Lebanon and Vicinity. Of ice. It the residence of my l a tire t tto door aaes to of office of . Samuel a team. Bloc a in Cumberland a treat. Lebanon. April 15� js6u. A a 1 Samuel eight / \f>7ce it tic Ohl residence of ,. Re Lenaur i. Opposite the court House Lebanon a. Jhb my starch 25,2___ _ is to Aniali h. Light. Off jars l in Rar vices to the Cimma of the unto Vii of Ami Vicinity. Onice weird Street two doors North of the i Tonagel a. A. A March 4.1s63. . C. E. Krelder. Of a fees ins professional services to the comm mtg of Lebanon and Vicinity. Office temporarily with . Gohnflck a Alnut Strom. A a Lebanon Aprim 1&03.�?. A 3 it Nick a. Co s. Well known pud harmonium introducing the. Offeh of pedal Bass on every instrument. A a it s unsurpassed pianos for Cash at a ii Cronl deduction monthly instalments from $5 to $16. A t. �o5l Over �00 sold in Philus Eldna. Ja31ks re Ulaki sole agent a. 276 and�$1 South fifth Street above Spruce. July la i0o0ly Philadelphia a. It o George Clark Dentis u. Flick at Trio Eagle hotel. Lebanon. Particular attention paid to a ulc Anite work a red Itu aug truth. References c n Peirce a. D. Is Proffi Shoof dental physiology my Opo alive . No. 561 n.7th st., j lib of a ,.- in a f. Ayi Daian d. Is professor of mechanical do . No. 24. A mlle st. Philadelphia. James Truman. I it. D. S., Dumon stator of operative dentistry. Say. Garner of lieu Lin and git Eti Street Philadelphia. In rail Kat. D. I. S., demonstrator of dentistry. No. 228 n. 12th st., a. ,4 april 1,�186j. , a. Vilerea a Greely a last is Luo. A of Fuls Boods Ftp to Bubo Jav. A a foul As Tho Alime Ofa Toad a a a. I Road it last . By n aside . = Ash sch x Lound in the Bond of Tho it into the pot As sure As 1 a hag. The american Fly a a is nought but a a a flaunting lie a a Anhilo Tho soul of John Brown a hich went Quot Down Darry Down a Jiaa gone up to the regions on b Ign. All Tho witches a in has bully Forg Coly. Scene third. The same. The honest old person advances towards the witches with a big Maul in one hand and a dinner Basket in the other while a Large Dogwood gut proceeds from each a Trow scr pocket. Lie sings a Possum Iipp a gum stump. It ?. A Coony us de Youab. A. To amp adj Ink a Ding Ding diddle Dull a do Lufi. A it first Witch dry up old slab sides. Lincoln Wal its about one of my first clients. Lie Mado out a first rate Case and i came into court with it Suro of Success. But when the witnesses Foi Lite defence was exam inc 1 saw my a cake was dough a and inn non hard by amp of Hie. 1 us Usu Lodi cons pdu0ri3tte. L0 ouch avar us Philadel Platia . Ibis company with n capital of ,600, the Inott extensive n orbs of the kind the world andean a Pericon Trot 111 us Over 21 years with a a it a it a for 1n� in no to up Pathh Lowig to i in had a Sci umics0 i i it it cd 1 Gill for be 1661 gig tul control it will tic Ems Quot i tie great City of now Lovci and jul spoofed in id cup bags it ork hi0 i Cirul to Furtini not ion which a. A a if f and Cut a with nut doubt. The Cuba Vest str Ukbtfertilizer 1 up Bryn do. Jul Mort to Guttly intre4-th. Told my a pen a the watch be Ili lift Lull a. A tin tip i two to to re Ewurs earlier a up tense in a of bum three Todur Duthu a Pui cure. With Lutio us 1 a a bully for soup lust cell Gilt old jew labor. A to. Fifty to cons of Ron fax few of to Teg a a a Quot a mixture not Bonnand Fine. At-$45 per a a Al.l1-. In thu Iid a hip Enox article,.con Aud.vgr�8s a. Pain j Wltcll-fasiuoj�?jj.6 so a blot Coli Liming nil hot Ltd a a iry information. Tauy to Lind 1 in it. free he addressing a it tar to thv.�?Tsubaetilfef1 a a a Virv Lylan full post.11g to prepare for a 1 7. To it a i f�i7i a j i i Zuj Usu to me i surgeons. He fee Zulaa Eek Rucj you Are writing away with a Llie int a his Borse in end by expressed to his aids his , on the issues of land be our own men it col j a that a Jor general Ethel show to. Abe i the Day a ,. ,.1 Onel Couoh Field chief of staff was be Orde find Lod its corps to which Jne undersigned replied wound Sci by has Side two couriers iff.18 Ewell Quot a a Wero killed. Major Pendleton lieutenants mar Diijon and Smith,.escaped uninjured. General Jackson was flip a did Italy ply ced a Litwer and started for fear 1 the firing attracted the attention of the enemy Aad was Rosq my a by Bonfi lines. A one gather a Large number of Fth Broad leaves Litterbearer was shot Down and the j of the a is times which much rese Lhea general fell from the Sli oulds is of the the Sycamore and having Well be smear Nien receiving a severe contusion i with a. Kind of Bird Lime Tsey a old Iii to of the Randi s Rew Bem inthe animals Way Tahiti avg Par fi s i Quot i i Ltd of to Jay the i with the fief Lafed Fate the enemy a fire of artillery. On j upper most. Let a Tiger but put his a amp a this Point was terrible. Go of. Jack j on one of those innocent looking Leaver son. Was 1 of t fog4 Hwo a my Ste amp in nth a j . Finding thei Eaf Tho then place i Ari a sticking to his Paw he shakes it to rid Ain Buyance. And carried to a a Field j himself of the nuisance and finding Jhai Hsili Tal itt Vav i Ider Noss. Ruh. He Tost Alan Onsy temp ii Vert Inma Jim i is of Irno Bing to Tigi fast tar time told . Mcguire he the ugh t Fie thereby smearing the ropy Bird Lime of was dying Andis Puld have bled to j ver his nose and eyes and death Bat a Eye lids together. By this time he a Ateiya applied a for a honours a was j probably trodden upon several More o f nearly Huftel est by rate eds my cos a Ai a Fth trea Here a is leaves and. Is by Tail Fietz fit be was. This j wifi tie Hovel inc by a a nil he v Ali zip a frequent Yinqu Ifres octo in add by the roles on tie ground rubs his head Oattie soldiers a j Sarth in his of flirt of get free by so do a a ept old j ing he adds new Bird dime to his head troops t a a = y u j body., and limbs agglutinated his sleek after est sul Stion fur together in unsightly tues acid finish was head Between drs blk col j is by. Hood winking himself so thorough Man a Milfs and Mcguire and. Amp y with leaves and Bird Lime that he fies fati Oujo was Dpi it old a a us a. Was floundering on tearing up Fis a ked a if. Iye find Anapu Taejon memes a Earth with Iii claws a uttering howl iof lady so file it be Dyblie at once p a yes j rage and dismay and exhausted a tautly �4 Fig Airai la a impotent struggles in which Hehake Tofoi whatever you think is right a a Ehy j been engaged. These cries Arr a Sigma operation was a performed while he j to the authors of his misery Whir raw re a s u lid the i a flip a a cd of Ichi Drotor a j the spot armed a with guns bowl and and of tit i bomb so Elf Maaba j Ajo Eara ind find no bunday Morling Ivy Jas be awful and j it a their find in every Way Vns doing Well., he a j 1 a Quot a up Senf Ifor mrs. Jef Cutson a ked Minnite a Jdie. A any other occasion it j a letter received from an army Cor scene second. A respondent on the Tappahannock re . A wide awake procession laced the foil win a wrap i did Cut passing in review with Drums a incident a scarred in ners mottoes amp Ai lamp Malnight two a a ice v a part a ljs�yflig.9g Charles j ton South Carolina who escaped j from his. Rebel master at Antinet Iii. And wa9f<-a.rii 1 a a subset Quant Liy in we a hmm of a Jas engaged. By one pts our Junior staff of fico is As his body Sor visit. Ana Quot brought Down j lidre1 Toels is uart er8, a Rilend it Ehy nch do he to the official a sad served _ i Hia Coli try gallantly at Sharpsburg Lincoln sitting in his office rela Wei Erjie lost a leg below the knee Trig. A Little a anecdote duotone of his j the absence of Richhad been made first clients j enter Bobr and bands a up by an artificial limb which the Cap let. Music Ian playing of Jolt Brown 2i j Stanijan bearer with a a in teen a tar Flag. Mgt yid awakes with mottoes to wit no univ i wit i Ilav Chodora. A a a Tea Culip thurion is n league wit i Holl. Jut the Union Stdio. A a a Cpd Cwi whip lib South Bosforo breakfast. Tho irrepressible . It come. Down Wotli tic Slavo oligarch in. �?�1 a a free soil. A a it a free Roen. John Bivy Vitu was a Martyr and a sum. 5tl a re is a Iii ghz a Law Tenn tote . A no Quioro a i Promie j a Willi slavery a. Suene third a him a letter. He tears Tho envelope and reads aloud i a a Burx n. V. To to i860. A a a tar. bit i rial pained Tea you propose to give your a views a at length on Tho great issues nowbeforehb<0po0pl�. Do in to do it for a a id a Mako if you do we re Gono up. On the cont Ivry keep your Mouth shut for Yon will on n state a very Tain a Grace that few persons . Him suspected his misfortune his Sable attendant ,.o a Tbs ignorant a to the o existence of the fact. I the Captain had been Poutto Dino a Tiiu you won it. If twin. Jour is ion May. Nut by vol Aiichi returned excellent spirits to you for you will Rome Bor tin to fool at Ilia i ,. It a party Olio Iron Boford Ivo had said a i has Lent. Upon rect Lilg do cell leu mid s the ticket. Yours. Beau no Blanc it Shatsk /1lotirafoolefeokothtngof. All colors dyed Jot Black Oblu Oracki Pryl shed the a Olor warranted and goods turned now by. A Lton Lemberger a rust left Povur. -#3 articles to to dyed can let of left at of. L. of re a dni8terosvhete Al vouders be Utt Udud 11,1863. Ili 4/ 7 a d. Linea w Kay lit having 1 jew Iwaji Hin Par edit fic Ctm. March 2$tb, a Jvn Oitice. w5ll<tojrallby a Lime Oil j. H. Ckk5, agent a her a pro of std to do. All kinds of 1iv too Flo so out Iva Aba Jos work generally at ithe very lowest prices. He also Hue on hand a Barge and Good All kinds of tin i Ark mid Ell of Hho Mort improved Das burning Cook it amp Tooks Aud Paitl olt stoves. Also,>11 the different and latest improved Tang cd and Heaters of All kinds. He also keeps ecu extant la on hand a Large Stock of All kinds of Tooki into slate which he offers at Lesa Price than they can to bought of any other a Tate men in the county. Fly w Ark too mss one door South of Tho a Buck hotel Milnut Street Lebanon a. -. Lebanon december 26.1861 James t. Foster care of the Ladi a . A 66 Cour Traudt st. New York. 18,ls633in. Tho Cun Atli ital fire Lii Zimny of Ami vice coun in a it lion a Ruhig Comly and wan Moor ported March. 18&9� Aud Al a ski Siuw Lull operation nod ready to make Ansur Cauca on dwellings building on Kii Riutaro Ahja merchandise also on barn. Contents Stock. A army a Nii it Lerinc nth Aon a Mutual principle managers. Chris ten but Flunt a a Samuel Seabold,1 Mauiu marlyjr., a a a John a. Lin Poris George a s. Com Gardner of Corgi Lingler j. D. A. , Sohrt Aji Weiji. A in Corgi Dongug a ii Udolph Lerr John d. Boiver. Jou Epli p. Slutz . John Albov Al no. President. Runo Lrol in err Troh hirer. A a Josei u it. Matz Secretary. Samuel Boa Bohi to Avilma a ironic. Jii Tob agent. Redon Cokeburg. Annville March 5, 18b2iy. Maul rails Anil toll an Isnec Dole. -. They sing Kie thu of hunk i beneath our charms Fatir if. Woll so no a keep it Wulw a. A w Tab Avo found the Man to want. Avaunt a a a Yehl put the Devil on your Trackin a Aig Buck Nigger on Bis Back Aud if he Caich you woo to Day to Nigger Camo srom Africa. First Witch All Hail Tho second Washington. Second Witch All Hail Tho Pride and glory of Tho mighty West i wire his Darkey servant to assist him in _ a a. Pulling of his living boots. Lincoln a aft wow Cool. A. A How Jam-my., Loak-.sharp�?T said the sews mad Bukase i beat him 111 Captain Era a Latley jct Flimsy give my views As much As i please Jimmy fam by look Sharp and in unless i conclude not to do it. In my \ us s Eady a own head. By Golly i ainu to going to a in be alters keep Ful Gap no says Jim be bossed by. Fun nor anybody like a a 1 y him a a. _ scene fourth. A after to election., a Woodland the Nigger witches pot again.-. Lincoln in tha distance surveying the Raij Tira a mrs i All Tho Wilch Jgr Ltd a a a a stir with might nud mum a a a 800 old jaw Bono Cut Tkv Gaiu. I. Talking to Iii a Elf to tip Lincoln to. Himself a a a a i that is by about Quot the Quot Battle sp3liw cheerfully of the result and said a if 1 had Mot been wounded Hod an Kate movie of Daylight i would have Cut Roff the enemy from the Road to to. United we bad them entirely surrounded and they would have been oblige to surrender Cut their Way out. They had other alternative. My ,. A a., no other alternative. My troops my drawing off one wet Boot with a g0i�t�we� Ufay of fail a a difficulty Aud. Standingb.ylao�8ft<ip8�tionrbittib�1 9fiw it aside. 1 always fails to Iye my men from Anqw,.mind.yoar eye�?jimmy5 Poggon a. This was snid smilingly. The other ice a a tuft baht. Cpd it it mtg a to Edelvis Fia of the fall Black Jim chuckled and showed his t a he a a to tour although no Contu shining ivories As he reflected per si5n abrasion was apparent As the baps that his Mastic Vas. Quite. As a a Iii Ltd t a a of Tell a top did nol com a a tight As he deemed Bis boots to Booth weds never Sooko of Gipsy now that a it. Pull away a 1? wate38 a a a a so nov Evi continued the can Tain Irood-Natur-1 us from Palos the fan a i of la and Eri Oving the prospective 1 l.n8 do pkg �?�el1�?T a Quot i theitrahsdnirepriserifsfi&fi�4t a Anfir a. L ble roh7lnedthu8uap8 l 1 Van a orned t0 Chancellor s House Gan Salvador Rev Kab amp amp a to personally Abiai. Lincoln a a a e 77. By held h s Cocka year ,lnabsd6llpt was a cell a counter with the indians on . Urn Ltd v0u t6 not it it yid us ij1 f Iju Brave Gallant i Ioia. The a Lith panel Ufa Tai leg up now youve got it. Lips Bear he of gen Bod Csc a and said that l. natural history. R if tier the Bronze door for the cup Al ordered of Illy. Rudolph Rogers is finished and a to Keg a fms of the gov eminent music i. Abr Abtil Cost will be red entirely of bron2e, Bali aft d front Tod is said to be the Only wort of fhe Kwh in the world yet hich is thils-cortatrucfed., its Quot weight it 20,000 poem tit ithe feat fing subject of its by of Columbus. it of four panels in each valve a Leo Oft _ circular panel Over Hie transform first panel be Ginniff at the of the left hand valve contains a a Rarrer resenting Columbus before Fate a can coif Salamanca the second Punk left the Convent of Laratonda the to sri ran president of. states do hereby certify that Tho foregoing hold on. Know by. These there you Are a of lord of lord of lord 1�?� screamed Tho Captain As contraband Cork leg presenta c ? a 1 1 a . President of the United states Falla ,. Oob.hpmfcs., a in Goopio Cursi a do to in a it i no Abe Hail president that shall Bov it All �11 list of colors. Fast Quot a Luck y 1 Mack Jar atm. J a Light Puric Thuet a -. 1 dark ghz. Tif lit Green j Durkfe ate. Establishment7 coach Mukini f Pill at i a a Man fac i tort fat Tho eat Tull Uto one mite East of Lobanow has of Luud a very Lampe Stock of. Ready mad1� Ullh clods ,.�?z�?. T a Oeta feb a cities. Kock a wa1� Cait Litrap f a raft dress be ribbon Glt you tto nets Iju Ufi sullies amp a Raade out of a. Bit Molones sad by a a a of a. Kid photo child rat a a cloth tag and All Kemija of a ret raw Workmon from in Long a up Cloncs in the v Wesr la a a fat it of r8 Bua Iaea said u1 Ilo termination to allow. Bone hut a a us vow w 80 amp amp a Good work to Leara his shops be feels confident a that a i Lobo x a a a to Fiu Tomori the Moet photo eat Isaac Quot cd it fat a. _ a a. A a a such Ortho ,.r, the la i family Dye color. Vor Fly mgr bilk a a Voylen and six Elf goo by she tar a dyes arc no in cd a Iri to Tjw Fri to of Dew a on a a Are tto Row Oghli i a Satfck-tv, Twenty a a Cente you can color As a. ,. 0 cod a a would Otbo it vase Cost fiver Timo that Sura before the Rane in Tho 1 the process is simple Aud any Ono can Ufa Tho de Price of article Aazaad loan ther afro eel cheaper than with Perl ret a chefs directions Raasio of each pack any other eatable a Muntin of notice and 1i0we ,250 Broadway Atlow Pucca \ v no Boston. A. Ferrous wanting anything in Tefs gone it of a pelted Ltd a i it ii Quot wry. , it a in Aooie 1 \ a a i Wei a a a a i i rail Quot a �?~i4 ral tend examine Roy Stock before topic Pur Tail agent and for s Ilc let a i 9 Bai Tipeli to Al x Como Bach a Beve a a it a okd f Phi sctt must in by 1 a a a Danril 1� �?Tes.�?. I it a a a a As the sequel shall truly show. Uliey sing a la Noble Bubble Bubblo boil. Yubo ibis Duvli amp i Charm can a foil ? Oil Oil cloth capos a bugs and Bate Baboons and apes Tyyho can stand before to swarm to a Bali conjure wit a our Charm a a. A via via Uang doodles Kay Audi fools you must be our us Jipter tools. A to must dig a hion�gra�081 my of must Freo feud million Siuch for each White boil a lofty slain upon the bloody Battle Plain four negroes shall to bold Froc Doin gain 1. Scene Kos Ortii. A Law office in the mighty West . Lincoln Reading the Tribune with his usual ability. To is delighted to learn that Tho a Normal condition of the is hot of enter a a session go of out of breath. Messenger a the wig a wigs wigwam his Nom nominated you for Eoln Wal x show t you messenger nary time Quot. You re nominated that a beaching for his hat a Wal stranger jest you keep shop a <i�a1i full nmn Kali re Kara Fla lit. Tuio old Loii oar dry that up a toy Tibt with your bitter cup. Full of horror you must sup v seen a witches Tea Tho term Stonewall Heap _ laughter at this moment the door opened and a lieutenant entered. J. A go Way Fum me go was fume eff. I i i Lemmy boil Veramy be l ainu to done Jun Coln a buds and animals Are. A Ulf Fin quo yelled the a Onu band Lati in at a disadvantage through a fog a a Brand Rushing t0 the door really l them it and not to in. A a ? "w?t9n�e physio i during the ride to guineas be com 1 a uffing go Way a go Way a and Jim my put for the Woods his Desperak wet applications und by. Tion since which he Hasni to been seen Ted that a wot Eloth he applied to he a of heard from though his Cap Tam 18t g of lie Xvi ours Ana Saiu. Huah i a entry nto Bajt Etc Vla. The a. Major Genera s commission seventh Quot panel represents him s prism ner ought to Date from saturday the i in chains a Bol a tto sent by it tos Ullh grand charge of his old Stonewall Bri-1 and to eighth panel Centamo amp Sce tip Gad it u a a in Wasj a resenting his death there a we sfrf6fn after All this officers during thou Day sjanan5cl is Iti the raw fat talked More than usual. And a Iaea i a a. -11. The. A a stir stir stir a a a Viust coun Raul it Clarin. Hon a Tabo Tosh Eitl from Hurm to a Slimy stir it Tyrl it Blackbird drown Ifill in Printer a Ink Pouch of a Kunk Aad Bido of Onuki. In Boot claws Aud mugger Bool. Furk Arclo feel a a throw Iscra in in Eliom Lincoln a a of your stirring up that f soup far. The president elect there a several of those aug sediments that must be loft out pal tic Umily Tho Mink skin certainly it is More agreeable to eat Good soup than soup which is India Perout and soup is bettor when it is Good than when it aint1�?� 11 Witch Efey a a dry your silly gabble up. A a i a toy not with your bitter it up. P a tin wine exp reason from viporb1 eggs us you the tiros. Last we saw a Pool ofgoreicong�ttlcduponthedroanr.moor, Ald round it twelve a no Bod vol Lam swore to take your Hie in baltimore., he ii Gene for id Kiwi a a. W1��.d. A near. Jimmy a Good servant 9lcpk we 1 monday , and ate h,.i ave never before were treated to a with relish the next morning on but we never before were treated to ,.�.,. A a sight of a thoroughly frightened con., tuesday his wounds were doing very Traband. There is Little doubt the Darkey is running yet a if old Abe is the government. As the abolitionists constantly Tell us he is Are not the Young lincolns Young governments 1 and will some of the patriots a boat Lebanon Tell us How Many More governments we May expect and what the a wet nurses bilis will to t a Beau Well. He i asked a can you Tell me i from the appearance of my wounds i How Long 1 will be kept from the 1 fold he was greatly satisfied when told they wore doing Rebafka a Bly Well he did not complain of any pain in his Side. And panted a to see Tho members of his staff but was advised not. On wednesday his wound looked Ron a a Kab a Well. He Tifful sight to see a Nigger wench spank expected t0 of a to sick Png this Day one of our governments poor things but was prevented by ram this tween the panels Are Heads Leggit Fife historians who have written on has try a Ges from his on time Down of it arts ent Day ending with Irum Ganja Ott. Crowning the door is a by. The ornaments Are Chathy mtg a malic of Conquest and an Kpitaphtaken Frota a that Tafb Stone of Margaret Bcott who died at Dalkert near near Edinburg apr 9th, 1738, aged 125 year. A a a Stop. . La i to Iii he at a it. The living May Gam knowledge from the Dpi have Tims five vein i lived a a attn to to Fly a. Tun time five Yean i was a Vir Notia wife. Tin titles five yearn fryre Paft wow of woes a now tired of mortal life i Here rept to. Right mighty Kings of Scotland and Otoe a twixt my Cradle and my.grav�, Hawk teen ,. 1 for tonic i years the j Atwo ten time the subjects Rue Aga Nat the Law. A twice did tee �11 Prelay Pat Down a. And twice the. Cloak was Brt Omed by the i i Antny Conniry bold of Betot Otros a a i v a and stewarts to re Netam such desolation in by Hea been. had it Bei it a a a i tit can any one define he exact a Fth of a narrow escape a
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