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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1863, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 3, 1863, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaVia has. A amp a i full Riu hug a ooh s�>co��c�t4iatp3.q<2>s neatly and to Ipp by a a a a us a la a a a advertiser office to briton Perita Isa is now Bopp Jod with an extensive assortment of Job Type which a will be increased As the i patronage demand. It can now Tufa ont Primito of i or. Re in a no at and expeditious manner a noun very re of Snabl amp a Terma still As a a Ltd pamphlets checks. I bnsinessc�r�s1, handfuls 1 11 i. ,. A a circulars labels a a a a a i a. A a. Bill headings Blanks a it a a a a a. Programmes Bills of fare a invitations tickets amp a a a spa a Kips of kind a common and judgment Justinos constables and other Brasas pin red to yet 1 \ at f v. Or correctly and neatly on the beat Majior constant v kept v Ujjin 1 a tic Quot \ i Bale this office apr Lucs a to suit Trio .1 1. Pm we subscription Price of the Lebanon Aliyah Kiseil. A 11 a a a one Dollar a cd a half a year a. Address Wka m. By Lux Lebanon let a. I i Lebanon pa., wednesday june 8, 1868. Whole no. 728. To Kent. A inv 0 rooms m thl Story Walnut Street formerly of Lebanon Valley Institute at am. A Folk Lebanon county in a. N j Burnside a. Il/., principal. The Easlino session will commence on i copied Asu attorney s office and tailor shop also Oil Street n shop formerly of ctr a a Law find t r "7"�?��?T pied is a shoe store Ami Itu shop with Tho Sam Toom a a moist May july 21st. Up stairs. ,. J. Ukoh gov. T to i. &cuo0li bits the of a Kilmr Flat till b Lebanon feb. 1.9� 1�o3 a Beautiful amp a a big Hub a cd a a it nth Iju Tco a i a a a. T Hoo ii so a Fine Library and Cabinet special notice. I t.1bc�kse op.stuby>i�?zn�tfljjpd.tw�j�1 Jig of a on Antl after july us 1503. Tho Polvi ego of a rating to present Issue of tender notes Tho no cent. Loan com Monty called 1 Yii who wish to a rest with Oise twant i out must Jas to Lhote i o propose to mince in teaching not alcoholic. A highly concentrated. Veg a table ext Rac t. A pure tonic. Cin. B0st0b e00fuuws Eon i m directed according to Tho inn Olin Cun. A it a Agerman bitters optimal Dju trient of tera special Silvan a a a a a a a iffy try. Therefore a a plur before the 1st of Juli it. I a a Jav Cooke a a. A. subscription about a iso.114 st Pound Lahirt. April 8,18w.�ni. A a Oisiu Jois at private Sale t will he sold at private Sale. J. S acres of land j situated in Long a the Borough line id Corn Whu township it Adious the urn of widow Bulmur i on the North Ivy. Atkins a Imp John Krasae on the lust. There Saona Story log a Loush. Weather boarded j arc cod on tie land and it Good v full in the Garden a i to land Hnz line stones for quarries. Tins tract will make a Meo Home tor a null Bulj. ? Ait is free from ground a it this tract is now covered with Fine grass cml. Of which will be Given to Tho Puro Haysor. Lob non Juno 13, 1800. A Vla Oxnard association. Philadelphia. La a t \1s> a its of to a Klous �1st1m Sphuma-1 to Nikea or. Slip Lynal weakness. Imly of to kick. And other skua Morganb physical lentil 1�oy and pkl31atuug 1 e Jan now and reliable treatment in reports of. The Howard association sent lev mail in scaled letter envelopes free of charge. Add Voss or. J. Skillin vol gallon Howard association no. A South ninth Street 1 Hil Kadrli Hia. Ruji. 1 a a. A a a Dau Ujiro 28, i8l3.ly. A a a a a. i Clicc. A Brotice is hereby riven that letters of administration on theh Stutte of Dan lbs Skir deed., into of South Lebanon township. have been granted to Tho undersigned Rose whig in the town Shin county find state a Fiir a of Ltd. All persons to said Stato will please Marco payment and those having cd tuns Mill pres it Utt hem without delay. Jos pii Ikid. Sam Ziad q Eib r administrators of Tho tit o of Darnel go Mcc d. To it ban tii 3iay 13, Lstill. Adut in Islip Alo it so pro lick.  vtotice1 is hereby Given hint letter of adm Nistra a Picut on Tecc style if Geouge Teloh Man dec.d-, late of the Borough old Banda. . I n., Havo been granted to the in Deil let cd , m the Borough county Ted stub aforesaid. All persons debated will please make payment and thou Oha a is claims the crib Withim Teuy. A a. A Samuel ha71hkson, a. Israel Hoffman of thu Tostato off Leo. Hoffnian deed. May 33, 18b3. A a a a Trio prs owl can forint strict in a to the requirements of Tho county superintendent Anil to Ilie court of of Tho state Nonna Shnol. A a Imd furl her Lugo Matieu can be obtained by of addressing the pm Cipul. 1 i m w. Dune 2a, 1s62. Annville a. . It. To. To Williams no. 16 North sixth Street Thida Dellna. Manatine Turco of a a a a a. A a vhm1ian blinds and \yixd0w sit adds ast the largest and finest assortment in the City at 1 Liedo wont Price is. Jijin Dit paiute i und to mimed eur Una get i if arcu. Apuls. Isbis.2m. A r a a great Battle is soon expected to take place in air Nua. But notwithstanding tins to people must i1ave cent Hiing and we would re poc fully set Forth our claim to Public attention As follows a. Quot if a a ,. I. A. A a a because we keep a Large Woll assorted Slock of cloth ing on hand which when examined always please. Because our goods Are made no in our own Stab a Jackson Pia Laba a. Wii l effectually cure a incr complaint j j. A a dyspepsia a a a a a a a a jaundice j i of Tronio or nervous debility diseases of Iho. K kidneys. Find Oil diseases arising from n disordered liver or stomach. I bulb rats constipation. Inward. Piles Kun incas or blood it to the lived acidity of the stomach nausea. Heart i Burn diag t Foi food full ass right to Frt Vert Chaoi la Lilly Sims my in film to rte a or i j Firu and difficult flute Oringa the heart j i choking re a suit rating bins Atiim Wlter in j Turc. Dimness of a is ion dots or hold Sifore the i sight t Oyer end Dull finn in Tho fiend. Duh Cienci of of Tho skin and lves.1 i j in Tbs of Educ Bock bust Liuba amp of. Seddon area j a of la enc blur amp in theue9h. Constant image ngh j t of Vil and great depression of spirits. I Aud will positive la provent Tell inv fever. A Jhons a at Var it to. A a. A it j they contain Quot a a no alcohol or bad whiskey ? i they will Rue the a Avo it cases in ninety i. Nine cases out of a Hundred. Cradle 30x9 the foor. Hush i cannot Braff amp info Olieo stretch thy tiny Wilma m vain a i have a got no bread of live thee. A nothing, thy pain. Ashen god sent ice what to bless me a Frond and. Tha Klui 1now my Darling. I thy. Mother almost Long to be Theo die. Sleep my Dur Ruys thou Art weary god is Good bit Itofe is dreary. A i have seen thy Aud the Day by Day soon i know w u and lever a waste Oliy Little . Lain me makes by Mojiica Reck is Hope Joy Are inne for me i could suffer Nisi baby. Had i Buta Cruiz Jorr thee. A a a at y a. It i am wasted dear a a a a hunger a and my brain ��y9? _ j or Brohi Batione. Baum goday Quot a \ Comaj on and me a a a a this will Tako us to of Eavon a hero no Wanic it pain can to. A a sleep my Der Liws thou Art weary god is Good but amp Jiff is dreary induced by the extensive Salo and Una Oral popularity of Hoo hand sgt run Bith is. Purely veg Tab to Iichi Piont in Tho City Aud in a Usu idiot that Theo. Down hots of ignorant quack and and rent , and gives customers a City appearance. Res have opened Union Suft Cring Tho Zocki a i. T Gates of nostrums in Tho shape of poor whiskey Rilely a because by the facilities we. Have Meuying piece Conito minded Lili injurious drugs us christened on i goods we Are enabled to sell our Elothing-2o per cent. Is Stem Chias and bitters he cheaper anybody in this neighbourhood. _ a inc array of Alco hoho pre Pivo have just received a Large Stock of Spring and i Ai Motif Gtna in pie boric bottles and big bellied Koscs a a Sam mall clothing and Lucite our i rounds and Flor the modest appellation of Quittum which in strut customers respectfully to cull at. It Kazenstein bios. F. A u a. J Opi Iolite the court. House. Lebanon april24,1s62. A a Nln so Alolu so lice. Quot Totice Given to iat letters of Auu Isira a Tion on the estate of John Bachman Lett of South a in Iville township. I Bennon county la Dee Dhave been a muted to Tho under Signil. All , therefor i. Having a Borak against a a Idjo Tate Are. A Quested to present them Aud those indebted to Uit it payment. Mahy Bachman. South Annville it aum x. Jacob Usu acid. Kist Una Over. Adm r. May 27. . A Quot v Walters Mill. Ftifl3 Subh Caber respectfully informs Tho Public that lie has entirety rebuilt the Mill on to it a Little Swu Tiru. As a a Straw s and later As a a we Gart h Quot about our urls of it Nule from Jones town be Caiiou county. L that lie Hua it now Complete running Orden and is prepared to furnish Cua Louien Rogul Nelv with a very Superior v be paid. I v 186 girl to Al a Sla Italy Ulrich attorney at Law fag rot noved i office to the build life Oli Edoor a of Lunder Railei store opposite Blouse . In a a Bounty and pension claims promptly attended t to eem Oyal. T. Mcadam attorney at Law h As his office to Market Street opposite the l Abai Ioa Bank two doors North of widow Eiges botel. Lebanon. March 2o, co a a a a a a if is it District Ina of Haj. To the room or. Get. T. L.u.r-. A Onver in Cut Berland Street tie Brinon a fu., iou. Eat of Tho Kaslo hotel end two doors West of Cien. D Eidmann a office. A. A a Lebanon dec. 17,.1862. _ Cyrus p. Miller la Woluc Street Neaily opposite the Buck hotel and two doors South from Karmany a hardware store. Lebanon. April 9, 18o2.-ly. A a we. M. Derr. Attorney at , office in Stichter a nil Ling Cumberland Street nearly opposite the com t House a Lebanon May 6, 1863.if. Of coring disease Andje Uye the Alsap opted Duff resin despair a i a Hoof lands unman it Burfe a r i ate not a new and untried live stood t i he test of fifteen Jonrs trial a the an Erica i Public j and their reputation and Sale ate not rivalled by any. In blur preparation. A a Iho proprietors have thousands of letters it from the a a most eminent clergymen. Lawyers a i , and citizens j r justify my of their own. Pierspn Elj Hie a beneficial effects and me dts in Virtues of these b if tera. It i do it i do you want Wadood appetite i Quot a 5 j i do you want to build up on 1 do you want to fj2el Well Ltd Quot \. Do you want to get 1ud of nervousness i do you want Energy Quot 1 do you want to so Kip Well a do you want a brisk and vigorous feeling 1 i 11 von do use Hoofland a germen �1ttkus. J. Krom Joev. J. Newton la am Jedi air of the in j a. Cycz Pydia of religious . Quot a t i Ait Bougie not disposed to favor or recommend 00 run oath <8ic 1 int medicines in general through distrust of their in. Y a a. 3 gradient Andes a acts i yet know of no a us Chient Rea / or a sons who a Man not to Stefy to the benefits he a be a r a a 1.1 . Joves himself to have received . Himple prop Ara Tiou. M tie Hope that he May thus contribute to the j \ v c fat Quot i Rcv tit Kothera. A a ,. A. M 1 o i v c. O a it i do this the More readily in in gun to Looi Larne s a four sloth be before cold German bitters prepared by or. C. M. Tackson. Ofthus a Best Aud Elieha a st place is a City because j was prejudiced a must them for Many years under fhe impression that they were Oriel la us Rico Hotti mixture. I uni indebted to my Friend Kob to Ltd it Shoemaker. , removal of this prejudice by proper tests and for a a Nemour Agemy it to to them a a when suffering from great and Long continued Debili. To. The Uso of Renee bottles of these hitters at ginning of the present year was followed by evident Relief and restoration to of bodily and men 1 Talvi Eror we Rich. I had not tilt for six no Nils before him Illyn pm it it in i thank go l and my in Lencl for Diro Ctm 7-Oftheni. J Newton Brown. 1 fila do a. Luxe. 23 1561. I x Unda Lestat or trip Les a cd con Stitt Ronai eights -54 free pics and few speech Inci Hena Hie . A. A one Bill to Watts dread Tun. Neither courts nor Jubi have a bight to sit in judge Cal spoil them.j4coruor, Tib she wont from shop to shop j Tea King purchases and the offence i was repeated three Days in suoces-1 Sion. Her husband was Atway at the Timo but on his return a to him was detailed the conduct of the a villain , ass termed him. The picture of what had 1 transpired was highly drawn and a the sequel of the interview was an in-1 Ignant husband and a threatened murder on Tho Highway. Tho plan was arranged that on the next afternoon the wife wasagain1 to prime Nado fourth Street the husband a and a police officer to Fot Lowi a few Yards in the rear. And if. The youth again continued ins inso Ienco he was to boy seized and made to apologize to the lady publicly on he Street cowhide and then permitted to depart with to be revenged husband and his Flaudy went of a a tar to Rheet tie a Dis Urbet Lof their pm a uni i pin Ess. A the lady took the Load half a Square add it Hen a Short Distan Cecenas t of race on four los trs trn it the a a gait do Beiver a wlm by wheeled a soon As she pass -. Isi Kauai of cd i Fri tsp of. A a a. By we. M. A a a 2d Story of Funck s new but Ding Cumlat fluid it at Dae Bollar and fifty cents a tear a Masr inserted at the usual rates. Quot for the friends of the establish men and the pubic goer ally Are inspect Folty solicited to Bend id Tbs in orders. 4stuandbills printed at an hours oot Iee. A rate is of postage in Lebanon county postage by a in Podamy Brauia oat of Lebanon county ski costs per Quarter or 13 cents a year. Out of this state 6% cts. Per Quarter or 26cts. A year if Tho postage is not paid in Advance rate a re domme. We Are prepared to Vinti hons a. Billa m handsome Etyle on Short Notich and at Rouso Nable rates. The Way we Are a Sinh great Lincoln picture Cral. Lery. Through the politeness of several items men of remarkable Genius received a list of drawings and paintings which Are to to placed on exhibition at Washington Hume-1 Diatel after the 4th of March 1865 j they Are As follows Cannon planted to is keep the streets no 1 a View of the Cave of fam-1 and the speakers stand. A Ine lean ghastly figure placed As sen the intention to provoke Bess a. Tin cd at the Entrance. A grave Yard Ance and then massacre the in the distance with 400,000 Graves at the tight Are 200,000 cripples and the democracy of Indi Ana in con Cir from .10.000 to 73,000 persons present. Tie military on Hana people. On the left an unaccountable throng of widows and Orpi ians. A remarkable1 pictures dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. ,. No. 2 j lid As Iscariot in the of betraying a capital sketch Dedi t11ink of it fellow citizens speech of Hon. Daniel w. Voorhees we Are indebted to the a Ndia Napo a _ Lis Sentinel of the 21st instant for. Cat Odd toe m Stanton Esq. Secreta full proceedings of the immense Ray a Urh rvs a a a. 1 to a it i<y0rwtnrv h�o--8-Sa Dustun relative a in tei View with the Devil. A copy a dedicating to Majc a general b. F. Butler. No.4 a group of gamblers Quad reling 4t. All fours. After the manner of Teniers dedicated to the Republican Cit motors. No. 5 Tom thumb speaking throw cd behind,.,. A a the lady continued along fourth j a trumpet with the intention to pass a Street to. Wali Rutland crossed Offtor Indian to ded tie South Side of the Street Theca Ted to several major generals to tfx go Marp turned on Quot a the firster�ss-,�?,0 b a miser cutting naval eng web of it Alnut to Eon Franb her ii bag an font . It into Money if she should return Westward the hugs do dated to Gideon g Welles husbands Wrath was at. Fever heat pc a hip Thor in la a 11 Organ. A and approaching Tho stranger Grap j. No. 7 a Hope dancer big Landing they arc in Lav amp not Al Justice above pled him by the coat Collar when the Pitcher on h is Chin dedicate trial Cynd a movable a f follow my conversation ensued he to Salmon p. Chaise a Hust Kihs do what Doyon Meau sir,., to 8 a White in pm brads a a As Climp As it can be a Kyj that a lie beeps also on hand and for Sale at Olio lowest cosh la Ricos chef. I1kan. Shouts a. Hols Rilio prepared to do kinds of customers i Ouk. For Farmers und of Tours. At to to Skuble in Vitos nil to Irive lion a Tea. Thu the a Mill is entirely new the Jat st Aud most unproved kind. By strict it Leontiou to business and fan Deal id he Lopea to Merit a share of Public Patrono wheat Rye Quot Quot bought for which the highest Lebanon As the a is a get dlr of. by following that lady in Day it after Day negro wench. An immodest picture Ranee at Large manifested upon the i in the moated Solon manner 7 Quot dedicated to of a rules sum Ifer. Constitutional an a inalienable tights 1 a Stivin or before. I answer your no. 9 forty thief cd breaking into of a free press a nip free a Jiey Edi in this nac Troi i live a right to know who a government Treasury dedicated country we puh lab below a series a it Jsu Thanh a is makes Uch a demand.,1� Al a friends of the administer a tin from to constitutions of i a san and. Exc Tadly 2-Yo� shall no 10 f Ive satires te�?~ac0ng a the-1 several states a Vyeji As. From know Sinif. Lam the husband off that a Devil How to lies dedicated Lotfie de. Constitution of Watt ,qn.�t9js, a it by. A n -. of the courier and . That the people May sea How sacred a o. Ujj. 1 c to no 11 a crowd of negroes strip by have Beorn Proa a i.�?��?��.�?, rights in the stall stoves Tow is it the Throo to Liny x v Winter is Here Anil Ali at the Lebanon stove. Tin and Sheet Iron Man fac a tory of Jarales Log ers. Two Doorn South from . Whore can he had the in Roost and Hust of Fakolt ii and of Cokino �o1gves. Ever offered in lha a Gas born err for Parlours or. Bed Chamb Eib of he i own Mutt with a gun Orai assortment of parlor Bovos. The United stat Sij constitutional Tun rights. Of Constitution of by am shite says y0ung Man to p proceed the Liberty of ibo pro urea Entis i of testing Era sir that lady in appear Freedom be inviolable a of a .v��-4 a of a Njo a a. Quot j s a i Anco is the counterpart of my Moth leases his hold angrily demands the i negroes setting fire to the Temple of. A 1 Liberty. An immense picture Canvas 4 3 feet by 24�?dedicated to a be or now Ducc dosed about twelve years and when i show you her Daguerreotype which i Liao earned since her or. D. Albert offers Bis professional services to to a Titi Ena of Jon if own and Vicinity. Of fico at the can Lunus . Jonestown May 20,1863.lm. A. Rom Raj m born a a of hid. He we to Uttz by or i Ous Wash bold Fucks con tartly Oil hand of m�u., and the bust trial a Coal buckets a the Largo assortment Tho heaviest Iron and the Best Amdo in be Buou. Also a Large Stock of tin Wall made of tie Host material and in a Workun unlike manner. As he is a practical Workman and has Imd a exponent co of Twenty five years he fouls confident that he can Gire general Tutins cuon. To takes this Niet Jod of returning his thanks to ins numerous customers Liberal support and to Hopes. By strictly Uit ending to his own a business Tyml rotting other people s aloud. To. Sull receive a. Shuro Public put Rouge. .1 alb Log Krs 49�?o fart Ioliar attention paid to kinds of a Oudijk Ucb of roofing. Spouting ac.,and work warrant of Kinck a cons Well known a a Thlu Dosons end introduce in the effect of pedal bub on a very Msten . Gable la of for Cash at a Parl a Calar notice. There Are Uriv preparations sold under the of i bitters put up id quart bottles compounded of the \ cheapest whiskey or co Imwon rum. A costing from 20 to 40 cuts per gallon the Tasto disguised by Anise or a coriander a eed i Thi class of bit lors hah caused and will continue to j cause As Long As they can be sold hundreds to die the y death of Tho drunkard. By their use the by Titenis is a kept Onti Umily under tie in Talenco of Alc Olioli stun a shuts o Filio worst kind Tho desire for Lipior is Crea a Tod and kept Tho result is Alt the a horrors at Quot Toni but upon a drunkard s Lite and do Atli. f for those Tyio Doare and will have u liquor Dittore we publish Tho get on Dottle it oof j s Lan x Orma a bitters and mix with Jrex quarts of % 1 Good Brandy or whiskey and the result w to a prep 4 Arati Oit thut will far Excel in medicinal Var Tousand tin Exco hence any of the numerous liquor bitters in. A f the Market and will less. You Wil Duve i Tho Virtues of Clooj Ianda a bitters in Coupe Tiwi with a a Rood article of liquor at a much less Price Thim Quot a f Torso inferior preparations will you. .1 i. Attention soldiers i and ills a Kips of we Cali the attention of having relations and Frienda in the army to the fact that. Iloo flanks German hitters will cure nine tenths of uie diseases Mil for a a to tatty Mother so to Carly had Here sir is Tho likeness judge for tile constitute a in a of Massachusetts Saj s Quot the Liberty of the Preil a essential to the Security of Freedom the re fore to be the of Connecticut s8\_s_ a a a Var Feu Ltd to to Iio Law shall Ever to passed to Curtil or it Strain to Liberty of speech or of tie the Constitution of new York says it every citizen May freely speak write and j Youl self. Publish his san Simenis on subjects and Noj husband Why sit looking up i Ivr a Hull he passed to restrain or abridge the ? 4. A i Zuj. S or Liberty of Scech or of the press a on Tho Daguerreotype you really As new Jersey the same words a ton she a a the i Keness is 80 str a ars crts the full Liberty of speech anti of Tho press and that no Law shall be a Vav a Vyp a so passed to Rostain or abridge those Saen years since what was your. I he mothers Namo 010 s j _ 1 stranger ner name was m r the Constitution of Pennsylvania husband starting Back much a sa3 s1 Ita cd surf lick inquired sir what is a the printing pros shall , to any p�1- a Youir name ? son who undertakes to examine cafe proceedings re a a Quot to of any Brunch of the Over Vincnt and no Law stranger Wllliam m. R. 1 have Shari Ever be Madero restrain the rights thereof. J been absent in California about sex Tho free Jou of thought and of Quoos j years. A is one of the invaluable rights of meeting of the democrats of Indiana Oil jct us by if a 4 the Sentinel says that it was the most numerous assemblage of the peo pie Ever held in Indiana to take Conn Sci together upon the condition of the country. The crowd was variously estimated at from fifty to Sev. Enty five thousand and they were nearly voters. The demonstration gave evidence that the fire of lib erty yet burned in the hearts of the people. It was not an assemblage to. Advance party schemes to nominate candidates for Public position or to. Promote the Pex Sonal interests of men. The Only object was to pre serve constitutional Liberty and maintain the free government which was. Won by the valor and framed by the Wisdom of a1 patriotic ancestry. But it was with feelings of sorrow humiliation and degradation Pon tines the Sentinel that we witnessed the scone3 of yesterday. The people were not permitted to peaceably assemble discuss the Pircy and apts of the party in Power and petition for a redress . The representatives the servants of the people the office holders whose feed is drawn from the Public Treasury at. Tempted to overage and prevent m free expression of those whom they represented. What apology a can 4>e�?~ offered for such an exhibition in what has been regarded As a free govern Reiff Blick in Paity. Government which derives no la a Drunken Whiteman amp in idiom the consent of Bis face painted Quot like a negro holding a a ri-., a Vul Ivy a i a Banjo in Rhia band in the of sing the amp Pic Tarj commandant bad tit death i Oare to my Imit you will i ing oj6hn Browne a a soul is marching Kea alarm or had thought that Somaf think Al Pei con e a strip Kim a Csc a on dedicated to John w. Forney i precautionary Means were necessary Blanco Tojo i if what i Honvo 1 1 no,�?T14 a picture of Tho infernal re j and Early in the morning the troops done seems insolent you must wave Gions ,.thc Deyils. unchained at the various Camps were placed in or. ,.s�?T 1,. A a cum. A a .l. Uwi a Whit it in i Quot i 7t-. A via to a. At. S Iutva amp 10 Fri m of a Inion War in Tell United states m reign of min Cote re the no. 15 Hainan hanging on the Gallows which he prepared for Mordecai a dedicated to the editors of the press. A a. No. 16 a a the Union league a being in i a resemblance to Tho Mother of i the picture of a mob of White men died about a Doz Al d negroes trying to split a rail la a regiment of infantry in full the Constitution of Ohio says belled a the no. .17, diplomatic dinner at the w bite House. His Black excellency Tho Haytian minister seated Between mrs. Lincoln and the charming miss Chase. Tie seals of the diplomatic corps Are vacant. John a. Forney standing behind the chair of Tho Haytian minister dressed As a waiter. A very spirited picture. No. Is Henry. Ward Beecher in div Samuel s Meily offers his professional services to the citizens of j Lebanon anti Vicinity. Office pfc the Reulen Ltd a of mrs. L. Bulb. Tvo doors West of office of or. So Vuitel. V.,.induced by exposures and privations incident to Caine Liberal deduction or on monthly install end from j in Tho lists published almost daily in the news-.1 of to i. T a ? % a papers on the urn Val Oft. The so Csc it will be noticed a a Quot a t that n very Larewe proportion Aresu furin�5 from demo to. Every Caso of that be readily cured by i 1 Hooff iinds Gorman bitters. Diseases resulting from j a Ivor 500 sold in Philadelphia. James . Sole aqent-279 trend so South fifth Street above Spruce. July 13, 1863 by. In a. Behm dec d. In Cirni Borlaug Street. Lebanon april to is6j. Or Samuel b Light office it the Olin re a Fence of or. Geo. Ite Lenaur i opposite the Lonert House Lebanon la a. Lelia non March �5, r63. A a _ Quot or. Abili h. I Vigil offers hib professional services to Tho citizens of the Borough of Lebanon and Vicinity. Office in Walnut Street two doors North of the lutheran parsonage. 3?Arch 4,1863.____�?T__ or. C. L. Kreider. Offers his professional eur vices to Tho Community of Lebanon and Vicinity. Office temporarily with or. Schueck in Walnut Street. Lebanon april 1,1scj.3in. O George Clark dentist. Office at the Ragle hotel Lebanon. A i in Fin bar Kos of the Jiuu Usu Lodi cons i poudr13tte. 130 South Wrves Philadelphia up. This company with a capital of $1�0.000, the most a extensive works of the kind m the world andean cd a Prience in manufacturing of Over 23 years with a 1 reputation Long established having also Iho exclusive control of the night soil of the great City of now York Are prepared to furnish an article which i is without doubt the and very Best fertilizer \ m Market. It greatly a a creases the yield and ripens the crop from two to Bro Wecks earlier at an expense of from three to tour dollars per acre with Little or Noj labor Al uhf a tonic of b0\l Taber being a. Mixture of Bono soil ground Fine at�45 per Tony As Pewor Gram amt. Grass. A ppm j Pilot necessary information May to Jed 1 fret it a letter to who Siili senber. A j James t Foster Cor of tie Lodi manufacturing company. J. By it Courtlandt Bact a York. \ feb. 18,1863.3m disease disorders of the digestive organs Are speedily removed to Bare no hesitation a Statius that it these bitters were freely used Moug our soldiers hundreds of lives might he saved that of Howiso will be inst. 1 we Call particular attention to the following re snark Noble and Well authenticated cure of one of the a it ion Sii eroes by Hoika ,.tonse his own language i a a has been saved by the bitters a a Gist 23rd, 18fi2. Messy Jone amp eotins.w Ell gentlemen your Hoof land German bitters has saved my Ufa. There is no mistake in this it is vouched for by numbers of my a co at rides some of whose Namo Are appended and it who were Fry cognizant of Tho circumstances of my Cuse 1 am and have been for thelast. Four years a member of Shur Muus a celebrated Battery and Uncur the Immy Didtk command of capt unit re d. A res a through the exposure Baucm Jaffa of upon my arduous duties. I was att amp of cod by november last Frith Imam Muon if Cao Tift amps and was for seventy two Days in Tho hos Pital. Liis was followed by great debility heightened by an attack of dysentery i was then removed from to White House and sent to this City on Board the Steamer a a Tate of mama a from which i landed on the 28ib of Tuno. Since that Lime i have in governors Circle and two pieces of artillery were placed to sweep the streets leading to it. A twelve to nov Der was placed opposite the Headquarters so As to Rake Virginia Avenue and a company of soldiers stacked arms at the Point where thatt Bor i of Gafare Debouchet into Washington Street. Another company stacked arms at the Junction of Delaware and Washington streets. It is needless to say that no person was suffered to pass these Points without special permission. A Section of a Battery with an infantry support was placed at the new Arsenal East of the City and two guns Weie placed ranging on the speakers stand,.at the state Honse supported by a Squadron of cavalry concealed by the buildings. A. At an Early hour the East Side of husband great god Young Man. My w lie is your sister a Quot a a be it Ory citizen maj freely spent and publish strange re my sister 7 it cannot1 the of praying to the Devil to Send a a nun a bldg tic Liberty a of Spector of be possible. I Lead Only one sister famine pestilence and the sword up the j v. A i and she died two years before my a 0d a slavery cursed a a Nion. The Constitution of Indiana says j no. 19 reverend doctors Cheever Rrt Lton a r.z. 4. A Gnu Law Shell be pus cd restraining or restrict j during this conversation the Aalt i Tyng. At a Clandestine interview i state House Square where the stand info the ngut to Pei a Etc or print freely 011 a wife Vas in amp a Bookstore nervously with satan in front of the pulpit in erected was densely packed with any object what Cvejn watching the proceedings in the. Choc very a Church satan in the and so says Tjie Constitution of.cv-1 Stretti in j when the two seized each j of delivering an opinion in favor of a other by the hand cordially looked at i Superior race of men to Spring from the picture and evinced Surprise an amalgamation of Whites Ory state in the Union guarding Only against Liboch but in the fullest manner defending and securing to every citizen Tolje freemen a right a to the fullest i Betty of speech and Liber pleasure &c.,at what the conversation developed and finally Arm in Arm crossed the Street to meet her her a to of the Pressi 8a� 1 faze mint was it culminating pitch a a a Quot pc Ady was called out and the following took place. A a husband wide cannot you recon a articular attention paid to Vul Canite Tvorik and filling Teeth. References. C. , do a professor of dental Fly soil orgy and Oigt Ernt ivc dentistry. No. 501n. 7th st., Lizul Adolphia. Vildman. Let. U.s., in to Feezor of us Cli Anica t mistry. No. 24. st. L Hintt Olphia. I James Truman. D. 1. Demonstrator of opera a heist Ian Bachman live dentistry. of Franklin and Green 1 it Ilin it Marly or Street. Ifni Irdelphia in. Baji Ltd a. S., demonstrator of mechanical dents try no. 228 a 12th st., . Lebanon apr in j803� 1 Ileal fire insurance company of Annville i s 1 i a shark Blanket shawls cloth Woolen clo Ticino of colors dyed Jot Black or Blue Black Prensa tha color warranted 4and goods turned out a Quai , by. B. Lyon Lemberger East hot Lover. Asm articles to be Dyo Ltd Cun to left at Jos. It Lenwerd oct a drug store whore orders above will be attended to a March 11,1863. Lebanon county Venn a. come a any was incorporated March. Ls59, acid a in full operation Ami ready to make insurance on dwellings and other buildings on furniture and merchandise generally Ralso on barns. Can tints Toek farm i implement a. Ac., on a Mutual in Riu Ciple a a a a managers. Samuel Seabold. John h. Kra ports r Georgyi s Llo Gardner 7 d u Gorman a George Donees i John d. Beiver i Dimelfi. Early. J John Allwin president. I redo leu Hurr troja Tuur Joseph f. Matz Secretary a a. I Samuel Seabold travel aug Acront. N a George Hirlu John allow Bui. Rudolph Herr Joseph f Mau aun Jacob Schunot Tiskiy ago pfc i a Dencenburg. To Villa March 5, l$g2.-ly. It list of colors. Black. Black Brown a a it nut Fbrown i tight Brown pensions. Tv1 a a 0 i Unhul Samji been up a jul ump a a pointed by the commissioner of pods ions at it it aah ii Jun examining surgeon for pension is pro n h re. Paid to attend to applicants for pension at he of. T free m Market tin of next door to the Post office i a Lebanon March 25tb, i8g3-01� a i �5? Quot re to r French tile t take Votice. 4 Loyal a up Tel Tyr Ildus will Don �11 by calling of j ii brew site j t Alft agent As no it prepared to do kinds of tin j. K00fing.spdut1ng and Jon work generally at n r family Dyc cd loaf Tho vory Luest Princz. Lio also Lias on hand a Largo ref or Yiu Gfa amp ilk Woolen and mixed goods Slu tuls and Good assortment of kinds of tin Ware and-j-3�118� Bre saes g loves Bomite Hala of Tho most Provol Gas in rho a Cook there. Kid Govor children a Cio thing and kinds of a Jim stoves Aud parlor stoves also the 1 wearing apparel with perfect fair colors. A and 1��?o�?~ improved Rasgus and a a saving of 80 pet a my. Lie to keeps can a these dyes Are mixed in the form of ponders con intently of kind Large Stock of kinds of roofing elate which Harof Lurf Tiesa once than they can be bought of any other slate Meu in the Countv-�3� Ware-rg0m&�?oue door Softli of Tho Buck hotel a Walnut Street Lebanon a. A Eba Aoa december 25. Isl Contr Atud Are thoroughly tasted and put in neat package. For to aty five cents j<5u can color As Many goods As would otherwise Cost five times that the Procesa is simple and any on can use the Dye with perfect Success directions Insinga of each. Age. A. Manufactured by ii owe k Stevens ,23ft Road Vay t Boston Mutas Low As any one could by and Mill n of vitality. Fora week or More i won Sci Swallow anything and if 1 the Force a to was Immi Batchy throw up again. I could not oven keep a Glass of water nch life could not last under these Circum sauces Ami accordingly the phys Icilus who had been won a Jilg fair fully though unsuccessfully to Rescue mu., from the. Grasp of the dead Aichor lanky Totev could do no More for to Aud advise a my a it Gnu r a Clergyman and to make such disposition of my hinted funds As Best suited me. An who t visit red to at the Hospital or. To Ederma a Milbrun of. Birth below atch Street adv cd me a a Fuorn Hope to try your bitters Nur kindly procured a boo tie. From the time i commenced taking them Ihu gloomy Shadow of death receded and 1 uni ,i.,univ god for it go to tag better. Though i have buc taken i two bottles i have Tiu Ltd ten pounds and i icon Sun guide of being permitted to rejoin my wide and Chiu t ter from whom of have heard is months. For gentlemen i am a Loyal virginian from Tho Vicin i Ity of front Royal. To your invaluable Biafra i owe. J thecker Tummy of Ine which Haa taken the pm i of vague i Lourse to your bitters will i owe the glorious privilege f of again clasping to my bosom those who Are Dearest to a in it life. Ory truly yours Isaac Malone. The fully concur in the truth of the above statement As we Hud Deepa Rcd of seeing our Comrade or. Malone restored to health. A. ,. It a. A John Cuddleback is now York Battery. Leok Gla Ackley Coc Letl mame. Lewis Chevalier 02d new York. L e Spence a 1st Arti Hirv Battery f. J b kaskw13ll, go h3d Weimont. Ii buy a Jerome co b do. Henry t Macdonald co c 6th Maine. John f Waud. Co e 5tb Maine. A Herman Koch co ii 72d now York Nathaniel b Thomas co f 95th Peim. Andju1 w j Kimball co a cd a Mont John Jenkins. Co b tooth Penn. Beware of counterfeits a see that the signal Urc of o0. M.7ackbon,�?� mow the wrapper of each bottle Price Pfudl bottle 75 cents a or half Doz for $1 00. A should your us Greet druggist not have to o or Tilc do not be put off by any of the intoxicating preparations that May be offered in its place but Send to us and we will Forward securely packed by express. La Al Cipal office and manufactory no. 631 Arch st Jones amp. Evans. Successor to c. M. Jackson k co.,proprietors. 49 for Sadr by do. Geo. Ross opposite to lib court or questioned j but by tyrants or Cru Ehod Down in tit in to most degraded despotism. A. _. The foregoing provisions in the state constitutions were Mado in a Cordasco a if Cluj a provisions of the same kind in the Constitution of Tho United states. From to Bema Mitotes o1 Congress shill make no Law respecting in establishment or Upton or p,,., thu a Troiso thereof of Nind gang the Freedom old Cheever and Tyng appear delighted. A Fine painting and excellent likenesses of the three worthy friends. No. 20 a Copperhead chasing a Hugh Black Snake which is running away with affrighted velocity. A these paintings will form one of Nizo this gentleman and have you t the most picture galleries speech or of the p ple to a Jover neut for a i not met him previous to the past 1 week a it. J a Ifer Why husband what do you i mean a Ira peal to the stranger if t we Ever spoke other 01 Ever before i stranger Hes. Madam to have met frequently before and on the most intimate terms. A a a wife it is false sir it is a slander Iho tears cursing Down her Cheeks profusely. Stranger Madam. I will prove to you a Ess. Or the right of the pc a Ornbo and to petition the j Edrose . After def irate tie lights of the i people and the in sanctions of to e i Powers of a the citizen to doubly ensure the. People i. Olti Ese lights Tho 1th0 truth of a a a 33 er3 on he etl a stranger Drew Forth the Daguerreotype in Tho protect Jou framers of the Constitution summed up. As it wore their great work by i. Adding the following important pro a vision. I 1 a a a. I a a this Cost Stutton and tie Laws of Trio Toni i Ted is Witos which Khall be made in pursuance thereof and treaties made or which shall be j made under Tho authority of the United states shall be be supremo Law of the. Land j and Tho judges every state shall to hound thereby anything in the Constitution or Laws of any brother. And presented it to the lady who turn my Pale excitedly exclaimed a a my my .Mother-.1 How came you by this clasping it to her bosom.1�?T. Jus band wife there must be no More mystery about this matter. This Young Man is we. M or your Only just printed at this office judge ?lembr0er, web ion a Patr Bolesalw and re i House Ihmann a a Aby Brug gusts and dealers in meet Laud waver300 exemption few Tel a a the May 27, 1863.ly. State to the contrary a romantic encounter. A Cincinnati paper relates Iho following romantic incident which occurred in that famous oily of pork which had a very Happy Derouc ment a it seems that a Large crowd of Young Bucks stand on the Corner of fourth and Vine Street on Balmy Days to see the pretty women pass which innocent amusement gives no offence so Long As the you Given conduct themselves properly. Hut one Day the wife of a citizen a Young and Fauci Nanjing creature no a test Why is a mouse like a Load of hay1 tired that she was followed from the because the cat la eat it the brother and sister eyed each other for a moment As if to become assured of the truth of the assured declaration and then As if by instinct clasped each other around the neck and wept tears ot1 Joy. Policeman Homer from whom was received the above states that lie never witnessed such a greeting. The three took the first Carp. That came along and went Home overjoyed at the Days developments where no doubt a full narration of their Youthful histories was Given their parting when Young and the events that have transpired since. In Tho country not Only on account of their great Merit As works of Art but As Well for their historical and local interest. It is hinted that the next Congress will Purchase the whole gallery and make it a permanent attraction to draw literary men and artists from Al parts of the world to Washington City 1 a dog punishing a dog.dr. one of Bis lectures relating a very striking anecdote of a Newfoundland dog in Cork. This dog was. Of a Noble generous disposition and when he left Bis master s House was Piton assailed by a number of Little noisy , the Street. He usually passed them in apparent unconcern As if they were beneath his notice. But one Little eur was Ticu by troublesome and at length carried his petulance so far As to bite the Newfoundland dog in the Back of the foot. This proved to to a step in Wanton beyond what was to be patiently endured and he instantly turned round ran after the offender and seized him by Tho skin of the Back in this Way to carried him in his Mouth to the Quay and holding him some time Over the water at length dropped him into it or he did not seem however to design that the culprit should be punished Cap itally and be waited a Little while till the poor animal who was unused to that element was. Not Only Wolf ducked but near sinking when he plunged in and brought him put Safe Tod and. An anxious crowd and Quot the streets leading to it were also thronged1.�? the meeting was called to order by Thomas Dowling Esq., of Vigo a member of Central commit tee by nominating for vice president the Hon. Daniel a. Voorhees of i go. Or. Voorhees on taking the stand was received with loud and Long continued cheers. He said that he would return his thanks for the Honor done him in selecting him to preside Over such a vast assemblage when the business organization was completed. Or. Hendricks then moved the appointment of a committee of three from each congressional District to prepare resolutions for the convention which was adopted by acclamation. After the permanent organization had been effected or. Voorhees addressed the convention As follows say Fuoto citizen of the state of Indiana a far the Honor Yoo Sara just con1-Ferred upon me in calling me to accept Thi ele in text position i it return to you my sincere and Heartfelt thanks. At such a time and under a neb circumstances As those Bieh surround this hour to be called upon to preside Over such an assemblage As the one before me is an Honor Tobe remembered to the latest hour of life Aud it be treasured up As one of tie highest proudest distinctions Ever conferred by my fellow citizens. From a Gratful heart a heart often touche by the k kindness of my countrymen i thank Yots. We meet to Day in accordance with the time honoured custom of poli Tica parties since a the foundation of ibis government. There is doth Itig new in this Assembly. We meet is on fathers met before us we meet for the High and holy purpose of taking part in the discussion of those matters which relate to the welfare of a a gave to intent formed and created and governed1 by she people. We do not Roo Onira the fast that anything has occurred or Oan occur to divorce the people of Indiana from an interesting Public affairs. We do not admit that the democratic party is in any manner ostracised from Perlia potion in matters of government i. Bolding the Constitution of my Eon Otty st my hand i declare that this its it few Fol ass ably lawful in purpose and lawful to Aesy in Tow great document i Lead that it is an inalienable right of the people peaceably to Asa Rohle Aud ask for a red res b . No sadder griet ances Ever Bezel the children of men then Tho a which a flies the people of the United mate at this time Fon fusion and disorder dark to ski the very Earth is Laden with Elt vow .01 Ana people the voice of woe up Iron every portion of Montry. He Angel of death has spread twinge on tha Wasj
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