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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jun 24 1863, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 24, 1863, Lebanon, Pennsylvania09 cd 9��oel a -ce>08i5sl<3bqart3a53p,qic3ds�f-1weauy and promptly executed at the. ,. Advertiser office Lebanon Perlta bib in now set up licit with an extensive assortment of Job to which will to increased a the patronage Demandt. It can now turn out a a Rint veg. Of Ater in a neat and manner Amon very reasonable Turmes. Such to a in Sinju by re la ads handbills -.cirfjilars, labels a. A Bill headings Blanks. \ s a programmes Bills of fare Ait. A invitations tickets &c., amp a. To deeds of All kinds common and judgment bosi>9. It a s Muhm 1 i family paper for own and country. I is p11�ntbd and published weekly by to m. Bke8lih,. 1 2d Story of Tom eke a not building. Cumberland by a at one Dollar and fifty cents a year o inserted at the usual rates am the friends of the establishment and the Dubue ally Krempec tally solicited to Send in . 4s-Handb�Lls printed at an hours notice. Rates of pos Taos. In Lebanon county postage Freu a. In Pond Syloma out of Lebanon co�niy3 Cente per Quarter or 13 cents a year. A a a a out of this state a a Eta. Per Quarter or 26 Eta. A year if the Potase is not paid tit Advance rates Are double. School justices constables1 and other Blanks printed a t7yt i a tvs k o correctly and neatly on the boat paper constantly kept it \ Ujj. I to Quot Quot in a Orf. For Oftle at thie office at prices a to buit the a. \ Lebanon pay a Len essay june 24, 1868. Whole no. 781 subscription Price of the Lebanon and Yeker or t one Dollar and a half n year. A a. It i address we. M. Broslin Lebanon a. J special notice. On and after july let j863,4ihe Privit ego of con a Ettag the present Iesue of Legal tender notes into the National per cent. Loan coi Muon inc amp a Ludo ii the it twenties will cease a a a a a who wish to invest the five Twenty loan must therefore apply before the 1st of july next. A a a a in Jay Cooke subscription agent a no i s. Third st., . Apr a 18u3.�oiw.�?T a a a a a a of it Lols at i Riv a be Sale a will by cow at private Salo 8 acres of Liana a a Utt rated in Long Lane near the Borough line a Hinora Well township. It adjoins the Laud a on the North Wnm at Kina and John Krau Aon the East. Theire la a one Story log House weather boarded erected on the Laud and a Good Well in Jive a the land 1ms Fine stones for Quarn a. This tract will make a Nice Homo for a Small family a a. We it a free from ground rent Ltd Good title Gayent Abam kit Neil a n. tract is now Nova and with Fine grass Hal. Of which will be Given to Tiu purchaser. Lebanon june 13, 1800 not alcoholic. A highly concentrated a vegetable extract. A pure ton 1c. Doctor Hoofland s German bitters a a prepared by lire i c Bro the door opened and Anfel a y�i�ainou8loqbing personage a Imp wired. When he looked upon i Bris her be started ahem turned it a y Palm and As i turned to the re Aud looked into i found info a a Jig by fhe ion an in the doorway ��3 talk no with his eyes. No plainer. A Der. It id 1 i i Quot 1 passed to Bough my. I was firmly con to Vir Tahiti a it a 7. A it i l Hocky Steep behind linked Tho Fibber and landlord both a. 0. M Jackson Pralad a a. And was proceeding at a rapid now and understood each other will effectually cure i it Quot the direction of pm Stone which i how6v&rf a no is n indicate place \ expected to reach about night Beni a a a Obi but turning to the Man . Three nights a 1 a a in the Bobber Den a a it Aram a edit Olivcr complaint dyspepsia jaundice. Chronic or nervous debility diseases of the kidneys and All diseases arising from Ai. Def ordered liver or stomach. A stick such of constipation. or blood t slouched _. F to the 7tcd. Acidity of the stomach nausea. Heart Howard association. I Burn disgust for food. Full a or weight in Tea. ,. Tax Stosich a a. R Jar no a it ions smiting or fluttering at t�?o\i9eases of the a Jervous system sperm a the pit ouse stomach swimming of the head Hur fall upon turning a Bend in the Road i pame us it on a weary looking i and Grey old Man. Lie was plodding u t0rrh05 k or seminal weakness imi�?~0-tenge, and other affections of the sexual organs physical debility and premature new and tillable treatment m reports of the allow gird Abs oblation sent by mail in sealed letter envelopes Freeo charge. Address Dri. Fell Ltd Hough ion Howard association no. 2 Houth ninth Street Philadelphia a. January 28, 18 68 �?ly.-0 Rod and due cult breathing Louth Ernie at the Cleart Chomg of suffocating sensations whop m airing pasture. Dimness of vision dots of webs before the sight fevered Dull Pam Mithi tend. Defi Eienor of perspiration Yellowness it the ski. And eyes,1 pain i in Tbs Side Buck. Chest limbs a. Us drip flushes i of heat burning in the flesh constant imaginings i of evil and of a. A and will positively provent a Euodio fever in the.my0 i Sardi. 1 do comp ovation Here until ,. Atea a a we pm Over. And secure Quad so oily along a bundle hanging on a a. It a he in ,.fe Slung Over Hie thou Dor a f Timo Jenco he .8 a Rob wet Thor stained Felt Bat Cov he Irwi i. A i. I a i a a a i i it. Pm in amp in Anu i o m Assi Stan cd i a a cred fans Grey head Anu uttered Gat a a / a Mente clinging mercifully around his i. A h a a a a All not a. Strang or. , Kin. the full round face of the Moon came up gradually in the sky peeped in at the window and cast its broads White reflection upon the floor the Walls and everything around. It was Apro piteous sign iqra my Eardle was flickering in the Sopkp and us Moonlight a cheer me As on the last night. All was darkness and apprehension a a at times the a Junjek lightning would Flash in the win Down illuminating for a time every a Ingn round then again All. Would be dark and still. I at the window listening straining Ray appeared it fell spluttering from its Spense of hearing to catch above the place. My room was As Light As Day Din of the storm the sound of a and i thanked god the if i must. Preaching footsteps for i thought shrunken limbs Ana attenuated body. Art.,. A. Re i i it and she ter too if you Pav for it As i approached he turned his head a rom a. A Quot a \ a a a. A a. A Al Hal intended to do a said leu d East a Sharp and Bright Grey Evo a. A a a i., i a a a. so of inc. I notice a hereby go a a Clit it Tenhof Tioy a on the tan of John Bachman late of i Toath county. , a have been granted . All Parsons a eth Vilbre Haven i claims against Saul estate Aro in a gutted to present them and Bonc indebted to make a Wyra Entz a a a a it a a a. A. ,. A Maky Bachman South Annville. Adic x. Jacob Uhri if East Hanover adm May . Be Inovel. Bilious a fever Ltd a. A. A. They contain. No alcohol or bad whiskey ? they will cure the above diseases 10 nicety nine cases out of a Hundred. And East a Sharp and Bright Grey Eye i. It. k a i a Tenn thl tavern and leading in my upon me ran it quickly Over met a up Julg a a a Quot a horse and person and then As if fearing his scrutiny would be noticed he prisoner. Die Mem in which myself. Be a v i i was lond and narrow with a Evanter turned a Way Bis eyes and podded. Re. A a 1 ,. A a r a. -.v,.� Jat one dt0i induced by the extensive Sale and Universal popu i German bitters. Purely veg table f hosts of ignorant quacks and unscrupulous and rent 1 rer9, Liao opened upon suffering humanity the flood Gates of nostrums in the shape of poor whiskey Rilely a compounded with injurious drugs Aud christened ton yes be Marluis and bitter. A beware Ltd the Mun Brablc array of alcoholic prep a a Good Day Friend. I Avo you travelled far a a near a score often Miles since Sun Fig lit to defend myself i eos old at least see Hose with whom i was. To cop Tena with. ,.one two and three hours Pas be Pway and no poise broke the Bevya intr Pensome stillness of that night of terror. I Lay restless and weary upon Juhe bed i Felt that it was verging into Midnight and knew if 1 was attacked at All it would be it that to Pool 1 to Rise from my bed and a pfc about the floor when 1 heard tie stairs creaking beneath that at times i could discern lipid the thick darkness the forms of my enemies crouched beneath the Bedstead or climbing Over it upon Mer m to wa3 i night of horror. Certain death stare a Jne in the face a dread Lul death for. A a never they would fearfully avenge their slaughtered Comrade who fell before my revolver at the second attack on the and i stood Trein bling and thinking upon the Fate in me. At last overcome by my loneliness. Re in Cius run. A Bowdre of Hie Niini Eralic array of in. Bit inn of a in a h a inn link Quot Job c l Kaki pjs has rom overt ins office to his Vatious in Plethoria bottles and big bellied kegs in a Flo Tuuu Bill i Aliu us in Miccu u rom cute in tie building formerly Ocon plod by her the modest of Vittora a Lucli mate Din at me frankly with a t 6cu�i&r Shelley Mercer two doors South of the . Of curing Only aggravate disease and leave the Digap i 1 a t i is a us to ,ii7ii�rmr i smile on his dark and withered face. Muy 27,1603 Ile Moval a. Stamps Ulrich attorney at Law has removed Bis office to the building one of Loudermilch a store opposite to b Ashington House Lebanon. A. 4. I \ a bounty1 and pension claims promptly attended. A april 63.�?3m. Yeii o Yak s. T. Me Adam attorney at Law has removed Hia off co to Market Street opposite the Lebanon Bank two Gloora Ortli of. Widow arc not a new Auu him we us inc us Vul Otoku the test of fifteen years trial by the american Public and their reputation and Sale Are not rivalled by any similar preparation. The proprietors have thousands of la to Refl from the most eminent a a clergymen. Lawyers a ,. Physicians and citizens testifying of their own personal knowledge to the beneficial effects acid medical Virtues of these bitters. Do you want something to strengthen you do you want a Good appetite ?. Do you want to build �0? your Constitution do you want to Feu will ?. Do you want to get rid of nervousness ? do you want a buoy a do you want to ? do 10u ant v brisk adv porous Tori tag it you do use i Luot land Sierman b1i�lk&. Prom. Inf Solon Broth sri d. D., editor of the lit i a i cyclopedia of Rex Grous knowledge. Aft it go not disposed to amp Yor or recommend Tat ent the dimes in general,.through Din Trust of their sri gradient and effects i yet know of no sufficient Rife slowly on. In a moment i had reach a to. A. Of his Side looking Down As i chock b a f to cups which Bot de my Steed to a walk i saluted him tle8contained of f Virit i some Kip or other. 1 a a i. There Feas likewise a goodlife Blaz aug on a open Hearth it fed by shrubs and Motif i branches around which a a. A 1 were Seaffidi three men each holding Rise a a Rood step for an old Man Ike he a. A a a b 1 a. A to Cui two of contained rum a he Chilli Xiaqing disposed of his we As now press Jiding to tie bae. A these men it a emed had been garb ipg Fps Tbs a a ads still Lay upon the. Table which wits drawn in else proximity heavy Steps then Camea pause then exhaust and we hungry i determined up pleased whispering then the a to sell my life re Derry As Possi in a skin few a resumed. In a few min-1 and Rathor than be starved out ups it Tiad reached the door a hand would meet them boldly die fight was Laid gently on the Latch it was a a a a or make my escape in further Ance of this idea 1 slowly raised my window and looked out in the storm and darkness. One look convinced Hie that by the window Escapa w��8 hopeless for on the threshold of the stable were seated two men with a lantern before them carefully shielded from the storm. From the Small pointed Auff ror in Date pour. Hoopla Isdr a a Kiroian a a Ynn Reimt a a flip to Ylli fat �1 arc not anew stud untried article but have stood 1uu i Hub l Vul u Slarp create the that to cover so much a Loeb a hotel. Lebanon March 25, 63, a a a a a. Johy my to District ,?a a a Luumi la. Usu uni to the room lately occupied by or. Geo. P. Pine i s0n3 whoa Man my pot testify to tie by note both a or 1 to a a a a Weaver in Cumberland Street Leaf then it Jeff a Pora sevc Bim Salt to . Fr.3n any simple prep i ulc of to ? inn a ground a i answered i a in Oither faster nor slower Strang. Or steady walking makes its Mark. Why done to you buckle your Girth i stranger a 1 looked Down As. He spoke but i irom qty position coi ild not see the deficiency lie mentioned. I a a bit and ill fix i i Drew up my horse and he laying Down his stick and bundle in to i Road approached my animal and grasping my Girth proceeded to cum Bio around he grasped wifi a mad me from turned a pressure was Mado Agai Het a it a it resisted the hand was taken away and the whispering resumed a after a Short time i heard another noise the inserting of a key in Tbs lock key already inside. They called it of and something else was inserted a in ,. An instant the Icek flew Backwith and red fire that would brightly Glimmer loud Noisey and the door was pushed of Evys in. It opened about a an j��1? plier two then itch and theri struck the bed it yes i big a these two re pressed again the bed. . J of fit red in v. Disguise was useless. With Jdavid i was fast growing tand to Thea. I curses the robbers threw themselves i desperate. 1 knew that in another a chef leg be a Start of Surprise As i a against the door and forced it open i hound to so exhausted Liat. Appear inn company with the robber several inches. A a. Quot i a a pts 11 syn a it Ltd pm Lve a Ither Leforg but Stopf recovered themselves look. Now or never was the time for Ijc-1 joked Down Ori he men Fot a to a lion. X sprang on Roy Knees to the Fuent raised Xuy revolver took Deib Side of Trio bed new to to the door and "��m5 at orig a the jrdbb�r�,.at�d presented my revolver it tie open beat wid ing i cried ?. I4ffis a Budge another Inch this you Dii a the Fly a knt so. 1ie door of the i spoke in a Cool deter nine tone amp a vhf ricnyidi&%8 and the the robbers knew that death was in land left Atid thid oth two Rombei it for they retreated from to quote door Nan get in shag conf usedly out Geould 1 i1 �?~.4 Luj i. If a i to Avn Ham in Tea a Oil fungo we Are prepared to a pro pfc. Horse Bills style in abort notice att so reasonable rates. While the riders leaped to the grow Inq a the very men i promised to meet at a paths tone the a Gay dogs mentioned in the Early portion of my narrative. A ,. V i. Aho fixed from the window they looked up darted into the tavern pistols in hand and were soon in the room. I fell Back faint and they clasped me in their Affat brought me Down stairs Jed in ?. . I had is Vive. Ibex amp a hers had left the place but the Fafty a lord remained and when my Fri end demanded the cause of. Ray Captivity he said that he was helpless in the hands of the robbers and was to do As they showed us three new made Graves a the rear of the Bouse where Lay the robbers who fell before my revolve. I ate a1 Light meal and then my friends told me the cause of their timely appearance. They knew the the to Dot bit 1 was to travel was the most infested by robbers of. 11. The roads in Jersey and when i failed to meet them at the appointed time they surmised the reason and delay came and rescued me from Irupe uding death. I shall never for a get Iny Torrible sojourn in a the Rob b��i.,Den.? a. A it a a a i t. De at eat other and grinned broadly agh i gazed at the robber and found to lib same talking expression in his eyes it now struck me. For the that .1 Vas in a robbers conviction came upon to a moment for retreating to mounting my horse and u leu us Utti a rut a Fth re Gle two Deora of in tie Liopo that to May thus contribute to to i Wrena Ujj Dicave hurled Many a office. A Benefit . Iof a. Lebanon dec. 17,1862 a a a i. A do this the More readily in Bogard to Nooland athe Saddle then springing upon my Cyrus i. Jluz Lreh a cry because 5vfis part Judy ctr a a Uius fiem for Many t breast he grasped aug by the Throat a Thornby at Law = years and a like ii up amp ion Thane Joey a it Rutn Cable fit and though pc to the Ottlo me. I Doit a in a Fife oui flite Erk Lionel Aud a two doors atm the i Nolc Oboh mixture. I in my of Noel Hob to ,. I it a a from armany1� her Dwarf store. A cart Shoemaker Esq. For the Ren Oval of this Pron twi Koltow he he Ilot Tho character he Lebanon i Phi 9,. J amp a tended to be in _ i re of top Hrej sind ordering supper both for practical answer for with one Swift Coulty have dropped from the window Lelmon. Melv 6, 1&63.�?tf.a t i a 1 and had almost despaired of refrain my. A. Gum her land strict a a Neaily a Pps by i Liou in Lelia non. May 6 Birdta Ibri ii offers lib professional services to the a to eps of i 01 Jonestown and Vicinity. Offic eafe Tho Resit Ltd be of or Barry. A it. Jon town May �t.0,1803.-�?1m. A a _ a Rijk of of. Tal vigor Wahidi i Lead no role for Luo Tashli Turs Matibe to i Hoagh Tern big in ranged. I did r. A or 1. T. A a \ Ted by evident next Airek Todd of Raenoff supper both torpor a min d Quot Ogk Theofan mho a. R Tai ref a it up.1ja Kcf of tip. To dry a a saturated Gar roots by the or me to the u9�a stir toggle Wlizlo to my was for Hook. Y a suspect of my suspicions they would i the stairs. In a Totilo while a to staining my eyes and not allow me to leave tie place alive t turned and i won tiered what they Poja Tifty Pix Fevo i v or .1 it fired a Low so put Ting As Good a. Face upon the a wore about to do. Thy Iovu curses and execration or Tallis Iri would pulled up a cd Iii to i in a moment i received a most Rush of feet w a a and ail was Stilt. Div Samuel s. Icily my a a cheapest common Xum costing from 20 to offers bulb professional services to the citizens of a cents per Rallon the taste disguised by Anise or Lebanon and Vicinity. Oif Jol it the residence a coriander a ced. Omra l bulb two doors West of office of or. Samuel a tiny class of bitters hns caused and will continue to Bebra dec a in Cumberland Street. I cause As Long As they can Betsold hundreds to die the Lebanon. Arlt 16,1863. A a death of the drunkard. By their Uso the system is lilt rat i kept the alcoholic sum thank go l Aud my Nond Libr directing i a a t bil0�-n or death for i Well knew that the Vii puilad�?Ta., Jone 2� 1861. I.1 Parai Ruimar Neoliee. Hun a Ltd whom 1 Wab in to Fiody was there Are a Nanny preparations sold under the name of dug of the to la old is sub us that Fly bitten put up m quart Botica compound calf the Quested the deserted Back roads with i eur Inman rum end to no Omni 2fl to a _. E "e7�?T Harfi m a Rilke i cheerful i blot Ltd in a few moments it was read jts a coarse and Cornely meal yet tempting toa hungry Man. Having Dis was battered in the splinters flying then Samuel 15 it a a a Geo. Kid Naur opposite the court House. Lebanon a. Lebanon March 25, 63. Or office it the old residence of d off fee a to p or. Aniali h. Light offers his professional service to die m tie Borough a of Lebanon and Vaju indy Walnut Street two doors North t peonage. March 1,1363.___�?T a a 1 a a or. i. .kr.ciilcr. Offers Bis or few or Ottna a amp i tic Lebanon Aud Vic Nuy a office a Uraj ily it i Melmeck m Vainuu a True. Loba Nott april 1.1803, of Jan to of the worst kind the desire for liquor is cry a a Ted and kept tin. And rhe result is a at i ten Dunc upon it Dru Nauru s Nee Ana death. For who closure and Vul Nave a bit Cera. I we publish the following receipt. Get one Balde aloof a Lan is Derma bitters and mix with three quarts of Good Brandi 1 tii Whis Ceu. Anu will far Excel i ice i and of lie us had Wal cosi vis of Hook and s s result d i ii i up Virtues and 1 u is will have Ity of h or. I o George Clark de Jurisi. Office at the Engle hotel. Lebanon. Quot Par Tichler attention paid to Vul Canite work and filling Teeth. References. C n Peirce. A. Frd Fessor of dental. Physiology and operative Denti airy. No. Ooi n. In si., i flu Adelphia i. E. 1yildhan, d. A. Professor of mechanical Den Tatry. No 24. N. Lluli st. Philadelphia. It. James Truman d. A. Demonstrator of operative dentistry. S. Yvo. Corner of Franklin and Ureel streets Philadelphia t. A . Bailey d. A. Demonstrator of mechanical dentistry. No. 228 a 12tb st. Philus Cipho a. Lebanon april 1, 186�. A Blanket shawls Glo tii Woolen. Cio 11 in o a co de r t Black or Blue Black. Pressed was routed. And Good turned out equal to new by. A ,. Xor Lemb Ghgbr. A a East uen Orer. 4 articles lobe dyed can be left at Jos. L. Lem or Ger b drug store Ord re for the Abo a wll i attended to. F i Lavoix 11, i860. Fit Nail in or. Leo. R. Unkauf Fatm i a pointed by the commissioner of Pic exp Militig Surgui ii Foi pored Coati eur to a fico in Market Street i wet door to v Lebanon march25tb, l8d3.i�?6t a a a a a soldiers a sick Ami disab1.1.d . Are applicant for i Emion Wal i get by a i w m Gui i 1 Oku examining pen in surgeon for the Gucci mount 1. made out and Forward Vul 11. Win Depuit ment at . Office opposite the Elf Tekei Lluu few Lebanon. Mai cd 25th 1863,�?2m.a a Uch h titters in connection will u Micsa Price menu Uiese inferior Prapa Rathous just you a. Agent Iii soldiers. And thai friends of Rol dikes. Yve Call the Attu Fomo All ,? Fri huds Iti Tufi army to Tiu duet if it Looi o Gervium bitters will cure nine Tennis of the diseases Menf Tetil by exposures Aud inv a ii ii it Inu Dunt. Co Catnap Hoo in file Lefors. Pii blushed Almon in daily in the news papers. On arrival of the suck. It will be noticed that a very Large proportion Aiu auffre Fang . Evite Case of Tubac i cml. Cau Curen by i Hoofland a German bitters. Dib Aeck Lup Alting Lam a lip orders of the digestive Orga of Are speedily removed. We Lave no Attila iut in. N Lue a Bioscio we re Frap by u8�d our soil Llero. Hut Lansda 0� might be saved Iha t Ota amp ii i it e Chili particular site but Marrable and Well authentic nation s heroes whose o Quot ims been paved by rhe Quot Plu Ladd he i a fesses. Amp us Jand x Terra an b Iliera Bas Sun mistake in this. It is voucher comrades some of whose name were Yuliy cognizant of All ill Case i am. And have been 1 member of Sherman s a Zeichi 11 be 1< to the. Sul Lofipo cure or or6t the e his own language. In a 31 to mediate 1 b of. Cash i. Augast 36rd.,1862. J gent Yemen. Your aloof a i my life snere is no Lor by numbers of my re Appena cd and who of my a r tue last a our Veurn a i d Battery Ana r was i no a us a Tacke it \ and embed b. A1, Arduo nmn been a non at Tost 13 pro ins of a this was followed by. G de by an attack of dysentery irom tie a White House nud sub the Steamer state of. Marne on the 28 of june. Since the of Hiya Low As any one could be of vitality. For a week or Mori Swallow anything Anu if lipid was immediately in Row up a Gam. I could not even keep a Glass of 0�f. Could not Jase under Thi Ana o a Quot Gay til its us by it t aug Faith fully. Thongn a a a from the tra up of leu a it notice. Eilders will to Nelly calling on h. 1. S n agent Asho is prepared to do All kinds of Xin i roofing a pouting and to work generally at the very lowest prices he also has on Viand amp Large find Good assortment of All kinds of tin Ware and All of Tho most improved Gas burning l a a Job Stoy f 8 and fart Oil soy Ess �h6f of lube different and latest improved . And Heaters of All Kiodt. Lie. Also keep. Ccu tautly on baud a Largo Stock of All Kiuda if lib Oping slate which lie offers at loss Price Chan to by Eft i to bought of any other Alata Moa in tuo county. A us Ware rooms Ono door South Lof who a Buck ild Tel a Yva nut is Roet. Lebanon a. A a Lebanon december 26,1861 a just printed at tins office judge ment bowls w it waver of �.�00 exemption Law wanted to blot non in pfc is Vul us 60,00o let us Holh Corn Whf �0,000 in Chela oat8 i. Tvs a. We. 50.000 Bufi Helk you eat air of cloy a Send Timothy a bad a axe Heeil for Idu Drube he Sheet ca81i prices will to Paia at the lab abos3vailey of lilo a depot Lebanon George Hoff than a Lebanoff july 1< ,1861 he a to it to More 10 us a i. Tfx a funds As Best suited me. An Acquini a 1 or i cd i s Stu below Arch Street advised me i Bon to try your Jshii tors and kindly pro a the from to time i. Baku Alo inv sea door of , and in a god for it getting Beur. Xep ugh i a _ two 1 Luire gained ten pounds and i feel flan guide of being Perm wed Tore Jom a Ltd a a a a a Dougl a a notice. Al this la to Carp enters end makers 1 a for of fire Miles of the car Monse As nit such pursue in x that no Bills 1 a coffins swell be paid by the Biro tors of the poor foe poor persons Dlug with in a Circle a l All will be Fujii Sicil a Ith coffins free of expense on application to the Steward at the poor House John , a. Ki.1as Walborn to directors of the poor. Quo. Zimmerman May 27,1863. Ter front whom 1-ha.ye heard nothing for -18 months for gentlemen am a , from the Vicinity off rout Royal. To your Tuvalu bile hitters i owe the certainty of life which has taken the Placo of value a Scata i to your bitters will Polo the glorious privilege of again clasping to my Dearest to ule 11 Limo a veil Tiuli Yunt if Mac Mai do Yvo in Nuy Cecur m the truth .0 tub Sooto Salem enc As we had de Peinad of Sueju Gotier Comrade , restored to Fasano i. A a Cord 1,1 b Var it new v Oik Batty in or Hob a . Co c.ilth.mwlae.,. Lewis Chevalier 92d new Cllrk. H e sly a Jajcek 1st artillery Battery i. 3 ii la a Mill cd r id Trimont Henry b in 110.uk, Coli to. A. V if fully t Macdonalo. Co c 6th Maine a. -ioi1v t 11 to a co Leith Muul him Man Koch co 11 72il my York natitam1 i hello Vlaic co i 15th Penn and Kew Kim Rall co a and Vermont. John Jenkins co b tooth Penn. A beware of counterfeits a see that the a Jackson Quot sop the wrapper of Uttah bottle v Price per bottle incl Nib or half Doz. Boh st 0l> a should jfbui1 nearest do use let not Heve to o article do not he put Elf by any Ortho into no preparations that May by Ore Rod in its place but Quot Al us it and we will Forward Dre y packet by a pro s a principal Alioski v. No 63p arc ii st a Jones amp Evans. Successor to c. M. Jackson a co., proprietors. Is for sat Al Hyda 8o/ros� opposite the Coutt House la Bairn Pam Nedby druggist and dealers lit every Tuyn Litho Ftp ipod states. May 27, i?63.�?jy. Which the Lotfi skirts of Jersey abounded. I had in my Saddle bags and a bout m3 person a Large amount of Bank notes and Gold placed in my suds As collector of the House of Stone Ortts amp co. I was likewise Well armed but for the present my arms were useless. I therefore held out plenty of inducements to robbers. And one at. Least seemed determined to profit by it. Our struggle for a Evv moments was fierce and wild. Tho robber seemed possessed of Demon strength and tie used it with reckless Lor City but the Assassin fought for gain i for life lie was Over matched for with a herculean Force. I hurled him Over and forcing my neck with a mad Effort irom his clenched hands i placed Navy hand Supon planted rn3t knee upon his breast and then seizing him by the Nock cloth i Drew up his head and jammed it Down upon tile hard cocky Road stunning him instantly. In a few moments i had him securely bound and slinging him across the Saddle. I mounted behind a Saiid rodeos rapidly As my Burthen would permit in the direction of Rathstone 1 was anxious to reach than place do but by i it a in Hie a for there 1 bad agreed to meet a Evv b i file d a Gav cogs v the 1 of i lad this City on Deril i _. ,6 a a f on 11 i i in a d pro Mcd to Spe id a pot Tion of m3 time prior to returning to Hiew Lork. I had proceeded however but a few Miles when the sky grew dark and i heard the Low rumble of Distant Thunder. In a few moments Large drops of ram came by to Tang. Down and the Trees that lined the Roadside Swa de Beavis in the Breeze a great storm was coming on. 1 looked around for a Puree of shelter and began to debate within mss self whether or not i should give Liberty to prisoner when upon arriving at the top of an Eminence i described standing in from the Road a Quarter of Distant a ver straggling looking dwelling and in that direction i turned m3 weary beast. The storm was. Now in its height and the rain was pouring fiercely i Down As horse splashed huf wot 1 through the fast. Increasing rivulets. I in a l had array cd near Tho House tie appear Popca. Of a which nearly prompted me to. Continue. Any 3our.ne3�?~. The fast coming darkness however determined me so turning to the dismounted. And lifting my prisoner to the grou Iid the a rain had now revived him i knocked lustily Dor a while waiting i a looked about me at tie Bleak and a i Sofia Limos ,. The House or tavern As it proved was old and. A weather stained ski pm. Distance from Tho Road of surrounded by broken and Rotter Trees Side a Steep Lodge of East a gloomy Shadow upon the tavern. On Tho other a dark Lou Somo word a apr pm. And furious blow from an axe. Or Otic a but i Well knew they st of epic the re Qaqi Ai aha Foj and if do so i Wou id cd Rtiz fifty Lee Tot do a . J de. Tho night away or position on the bed was now the Stotri began to subside. I stood _ o rendered insecure. I sprang to the at the window Ray face burning hot posed of the edibles i demanded to floor just m tune to avoid the axe a hut my firns Cpl Dvan to shown to a room. The landlord a by ? the in 1 the morning peeped in to cheer me led the Way and leaving of Clio prison t raged rubber and i let Fly 1 Jod bang the or in a Barge of the men below i Quick the Hammer of m3 revolver and a window Glass flew in my face with a j now Felt firmly con-1 brained him on the spot.-. The Battle a rash a Bullet whistled by me. My Vinced that the robber by a strange now commenced in Earnest and i Well 1 Shadow had been seen but i was in Accident was in the bands of his knew that it was my life or harmed ,1 retreated to another and it oui soon be at Liber 1 i therefore dropped upon my Knees i ner of the apartment and crouched to and Reay to summary yen that i might not be made a target of Down for 1, was. Weak and sinking Ghanee on me for tie treatment �0 by the robbers and thus shielded fast. I waited the approach of morn had received the rascall3 looking landlord having pointed to 013 room lot me a bit of Candle and proceeded Back to Tho partly by the bed. I waited for further action. A a a Quot i eyed keenly Tbs Opp Reg Spade by a a a morning at last1 dragged itself in and the Sun arose and poured its a we sew was v i t i a i Quot to a i 1 f i. A a. A. J. A. The broken door determined to fire 1 beams through my broken i entered the chamber. At the first face Fiat made its appear 1 crept Forward to warn myself Ufi its 1 1 i. I ,. 1 a a Art Flat it a it. Sart it stil amass n to m a Tal. Tap room. D of Loci closing the door and tiie fully lock Init it. Fet Down m3 Candle v. Ass Manaa a f n a i #1 i a a 11 vice one Corner of the once at the same Riqie exercise in the greatest care with my shots wretched table standing in which of expended uselessly would the room was very , Refle Etoris still Cron Ehing Down with my hands elapsed about my my lips were mow parched and dry Render my capture sure a is i had no a undo Shook As h with an ague More ammunition. I had Ono est fit my revolver dropped from my i we to 1 have been ind still Rii Inin a spark i was scarcely Able 10 Nora a Morael Iowa. It no. A. Rater on my Rtoise car constances it Lead been work Idy. To frankly told Walls were Bare also the floor. An advantage and that was if the Rob old i i Ketly Bedstead occupied one Bers were bold enough to attack me earner of Tho chamber on Whdeh was a in the room. A Fiey. Must climb Over a Flat 1 Aid looking bed with a very 1 the bed Dong which would place dirty counterpane. A cracked Glass i their lives in eminent if not certain hung Ever the table and that with i danger f bus the robbers seemed to the articles before mentioned was All a understand for they hesitated that the room contained. I time before proceeding our looked around Tho apartment in i at last they moved away and a a Vam for a chef Sot finding one. I a seemed to have wisely concluded to or escape i sat Down upon the bed Side to med a let to alone for Tho time for after a Felt it was so. Tate upon m3 position. My first Aej whispered conversation they went Hon was to examine my weapons con-1 slowly Down the stairs and in a Little sisting iof a Nevol yer Bowie knits and a while All was still. 1 wanted set Tel pistol highly valued As Aby to see if Tho attack would be resum Fresoni Auono which was Verv useful i de. An ii our passed then two and was never known to miss a three a and a it lust Tiiu Graj streaks the Selious d to be All r get and of Down Ipp emed an the warm Sun the ictus Rich them to my pockets Sorn arose in All its Bright glory find to a bus about to filipow m3 self upon ing me Pale Haggard and worn from the bed As i had no intention of in 1 my terrible Vigil. Hands for they were hot and Trembo f crawled to the raising myself i looked out and saw some thimble soul of water in the worn creases of the window ledge 1 sucked it in and once More crawled to my a sunny i had a that Day a presentiment that the end my suffering rivet her by death could not Tell but i and a me of my elem Nta eee who Lei Brou. Of 1% a forlorn fired. A Loti h now Quot. Taank but Tak the casing Evhen my attention was attracted by a Quick Flash of lamp flame to hours dragged on. I awaited every minute expecting the appear did i before have any doubt As to the intentions of the robbers it was now no longer questionable. That they bad determined to starve me out was now certain. Nearly the whole Day i heard nothing except now and then the closing of a door or the Low tones of parties in conversation but even this incidental noise Sood cease of and All was still As the grave. Ai this time. I Felt my self growing weaker. Hunger gnaw before my window i looked out and 1 Ance of the robbers. They came not \ e unceasingly at my. Bowels. And Quot a Quot if a amp at were i by a a to in slacked for nearly thres beheld two men entering the stable and i began to wonder Vibat were and in a moment More they appear t their intentions regarding me. It de leading m3 faithful animal. One i of the parti s Holdi g the horse was n the robber whom i bad ust returned. A my suspicions were thus practically demonstrated. The time for action had now come. What course should i pursue ? in a moment my mid was Mado up i would not get my horse without detection and could not leave my room of capt by dropping from the window., or passing from it info the tap room below both of which place cd of egress would Render my detection liable i determined theofore to remain and holding As i did the lives of seven Mon in my hands made up my mind to sell my own As dearly As 1 could. The first thing that i did was to barricade the door. Of Pic this purpose i used the bed a Biclie was easily and was noon one came it was Oast the noon hour and still All was silent As before. At times i could hear a Low talking which came to my ears from the Yard. What in Tho name of heaven did they intend Dor eng a a the thoughts passed through my brain like a Bullet of fire a they were going to starve me out a the fearful thought nearly in Nciver me i leaned for a moment against the Wall As Tho idea cams upon my. Now Foi the first time i experienced the pangs of hunger. I had eaten but Little Tho previous Day it was. Now verging into night and i had tasted nothing and another night of terror was 1 stood looking from the in endow thinking thus and noticed the growing dark. A great storm was rising for Ness _ it i Ltd t ,. _ a a the sky a was growing very Blacut and silently wheeled from its Corner a 1 masses in masses of great Clouds be having fixed a it As drily m that to .1 Gan gathering in. The Northwest and Stien As 1 could i secured the win a Strong wind was blowing. Soon flows rid then cast Roy self upon the the rain began falling. It made Ray hard Couch to await the Issue of a a a a Days became so intense that my Tongue rattled against my Teeth and the roof of Ray Mouth much like a dried Bone. My agony was fearful but i bore up against it with All Ray Powers of mid and body still i Felt myself sinking fast and i knew that my end was near.,.a, noon had Long passed and night the third a igbo was a gain approach ring t h feb agony i experienced As i saw the Sun sinking fast irom my sight i i arose from my crouching position and myed noiselessly to the window to wet Ray off i is and Tongue on Tho Damp boards. While there 1 looked out and away off on the Long Road leading to the Taverni i beheld two horse men Quot on on they came at rapid Pace facing directly for the robbers Den 1 pulled out my handkerchief and waved wildly in the air. The Fiji semen saw it while i like the condemned wife of bluebeard still waved my Flag and Felt Tea t my time of near. Events. A the Naglit. Cretta Pidiry on Don heart Bent heavy and slow for i was i the clattering of the Iron shoes in alone and nearly helpless. My room of the tavern the was very dark for i had no Moon to i landlord and be held the horses. A ,1 x a a a a general Butler Ste pulsed and beaten. 1 the Aston courier excuses the Publi-1 cation of the following upon the ground that general Butler is a Public Man and because the affair has get into print,.j we have Renej Mfd from like Best author Ity the facts of the encounter at Lowell. learn the facts they Are 3sfallows or. Russel who is a Mason in Lowell was employed by atm a Jayton the a gent of general Butler to Lay.piqes a Quot 1 a Drain which. 1 Astman had dog Oil tie. General a premises. The laying of the pipes was nearly completed one Only of the sections lying by the Side of the Trench. It this time general boiler came towards i or. Russel and ordered him to remove a Large Stone within the Side a Fth Drain and some distance beneath the surface of the ground saying it would interfere with the plough a to this or. Russell objected a stating that it was his business to Lay the pipes and dig the Reiri which had been prepared for his a a Erk by Eastman. The upon gen. Butler wifi violent. Anti profane language ordered him in a leave his Premier. Or. Russell told him that he was employed by another person not took to him for his pay an should finish his work. General b. Then inched the., Section of the pipe into. The Stamf a Fitch or Russell in Keef up and a placed in its former position. Repeating the offensive language gen. B. Kicked the Juipe Over again and a,5 or. Russel was attempting to replaced it he Revei vejs a. Violent blow in the face. We under i stand that subsequently goer pm by Sling de this to have been an Accident a but the i statements upon the other Side Dono Corr respond with that View of the Case or. J Russell jumped from the ditch and As quickly general b. Was Flat upon the. Ground and or. Russell had him by the Throat and held him there. General Job la alleged to have made no resistant ctr after holding him As Long As he thought he pcs sary or. Russell alloyed ?1 to Rise it and accompanied him a Hundred or two hun Fred rods out of the Field. _ we learn tbsp or. Russell fold the gen Oral that he was an old Mao Over sixty years of age and had never been assailed in this Way that the Gene Ray Whitst be member he was in Massachusetts not. New Orleans and that such conduct As his would not be tolerated on new England soil. He also told him it Wasiw a wonder we were beaten by the rebels when such officers led our men that for his Orin part he was the grandson of a revolutionary Patriot who was killed by the British in his own House at Lexington and be horns eff and descend. Ants of that Man had been True to their. Democratic principles reminding the general of his action at the Charleston convention and of his political in general or. Russell then left him. We Are not disposed to make any comments on this transaction. We give the facts and the a were detailed to us and As we Are informed the affair was witnessed by numbers of persons Divwer amp sprung a a few Days ago amp. Soldier residing somewhere Down the Valley was met in. The car by or Man who merely recognized , and the latter asked him in Pennsylvania dialect what belonged to he answers a to the a which is attached to the unfortunate 11 corp which corps it is alleged behaved badly in. The Battle of Chancellorsville the Man then asked him How it came to to they Tho 11th corps All skedaddle ? when or. Soldier made the following Compro Henaire and satisfactory explanation -. -. A Ltd Well Ich will Der now Yust exactly Fertz Ehla Wien a War. Llort War de. Front line in Onn War Noch in Lino Seii Vepr de Swett line do tip War Ucb do Dritt line sell year Rewwa Ussery in Donu Fersth we do Anfana Ben Rait Eram for Domita Sheg re Donn Rewwa de Frqnk a lib no go shr Job a Fersth. Pfeil Don Deb Goot Donn Rewwa Selly Swett la no Ucb go Sli Runga Forster. In Donu holes Mich Der Deifel wan niei�?T�.1 new Auch a go she Runga . Phetmany gripes was bin Mere Wawer g she run go a Gifft there is Prospect of a Large peach a Croo in new Jersey. The backward
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