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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jun 17 1863, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 17, 1863, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Kiln. Quot Jurch to a Ting mar avc.mqhaaniaa>iras>sa1 a a sea a Ana brim purr i the. La Evje Etise of fice l�ba1h>h, be Hhd a this establishment if now supplied with an sex tons assortment of Job a jul be increased an go patronage Diana non. It in now turn ont print to of. Arney in a no Taoh expeditious a fiut or a a Sioja is a reasonable terms Chuchas it. A pamphlets Cheeks. Beam rfcs a cards handbills a cir�hla����i2ib�ls, a a a a a i Foht heading Blanks. Programmes Bills of Faro a itt via a Tiosh a Lokets seac. A my Dilia a or my kinds. To summon and judgment Bonos. and Otter Blanks printed a Odny aug on the Best paper a a faintly Kepi for Sale at tills Ollice at s a to Tom Timm a subscription Price of Tho it Obanon Ady Kolbek r Ono doctor add a half a to a a t special Weil ice. I Quot a on and after july let. 18jss, the pro re pm of Ron the present Issue of a Gal tender notes into cent. Fite. 7iwbo w ii of trip st inthe fire Tyrenty Toan must to m7 wore the 1st a. Subscription agent. No. La by third 8tq . -. April 8, 18b3.�?om,. A out tots at private Sale will 1>e sold at private Sale r a a. 8 acres of land situated in Long tone near the Borough line in Cora Wall township. It adjoins the land of widow Fulmer a on the North in. Atkins and John Krause on the amp st. There is a one Story my House weather boarded erected on the land and a Good the the land has Fino stones for quarries. This tract a ill make a Nice Home for a Small family., a a a it is free from ground it enl Ood title wih be Trust is now Eore Reil trim Fine grass Hal. I of which will be Giren to the purchaser. Lebanon june 13., 1800. A a Howard Patency and other affections of the 8exu Al Organo physical Phil file a tend premature new and reliable treatment in reports of the Howard association sent by mail in Cau d letter envelopes pee of charge Addrene or Houghin Howard association to. 2 Houtby ninth Street i Iii Adolp amp Iai a. A january 28j . A a a. Administrators a polite. Notice is hereby riven that in tutors of admin Atra Tion on the estate of Daniel Geib dfic�?Td., late of South Lebo to Oil township Lebanon county fa., have a been e ranted to Trio residing in the town ship county and state aforesaid u1 ppr of sed to of till estate will pm Effie make payment and those Haring Claro Atri present them taut Klu. A y. A Sam Ufir. Gein. A administrators of the estate of Damn a Treib dec d. Lebanon May/13, 18o3, _ a Dlhy Huistra Torso notice. A pvt flick is hereby Given that letters of Nylon on the Sti to of George Hoffman dec Date of the Borough of Lebanon. Lebanon county pa., have been grouted to the undersigned raiding m the Borough county and statojvfpr.ebald-. All persons in debit will please and those having claims will present them without. Israel Hoffman administrators of Elyj estate of Leo. To Jitaan Deon a. May. 13 1883. S Israr or in vol. 14�?�to. 5s. A or r a a a. It a a. A a Economy is i stealth cure you of coup a for13 cents. J the Best and cheapest l<u8icliotd remedy pm the world. Madame Zadig Porter s ii Rabat cough remedy hadame zad�0c.f0r terms cd re to Venia Isaisis warrant 1 us Accord log to the direct Busy to cure inn Leasea you a Olds we we Frog Congh asthma and Atluru colons of the Throat and lung made a a doct Portil so Balsa at is prepared who i. All the Reo Upite d i a til oui Binett in beat remedies the a vegetable kingdom affords its remedial qualities a based on its Power a to re 1 v sign the healthy and Vigo Mousci ecu l at o n of the i bloody through the lungs j it is hot a violent remedy i but Etc ulment a a it tim ing search tog und elect Ive can be Ulten by the oldest person or youngest child Lebanon pa., wednesday june it �863. Whole no. 780. Not . A highly concentrated v e g e t a b 1 Cezira c i. A pure to Nic. Docto h00fi.aftd�?Ts German bitters prepared by or. C. M Jackson Madla a. Will effectually cure liver complaint dyspepsia jaundice. Chrome or nervous debility diseases of the ,1 and Ell diseases arising it Jan a d is ordered to Var oh3tomach. Such Jln a Ford pile8, or blood to the Lead a acidity of Theis Tomaidi nausea heart Burn disgust for exod Huleas or,.weight inthe �in1 stomach. Sour erect actions sinking or. Fluttering at a a the i Toft a Doniach. Swimming of Tho head Altir r poin. &,nc10d ried and breathing a fluttering at the Hurt a choking or suffocating seb Sarlous when in it Lviv go Turo. Damn ass of vision. Dots or ayes before sight fever end Dull m the head deficiency feral ration Yellowness it Tho skin Ond Eyoup i Aio in Tbs Side. Rack. Liest. . Amp a. Sud ton in Rhea of heat., lining id a the flush constant Oft Vil and great depression of spirits. Positively prevent Ellort fever bilious . Administrators a notice. ii Liuro fir Giren time letters of adm Nistra in Tion on the estate of John Bachman late of South a Dutille town ship Lebanon county a deed Are he in ghz fixed to the undersigned. All Persona therefore Haring claims against Seld estate pro requested to present them and those indebted to make Felt it Sci iary Bachman South Annville. Admix. Jacob uub1ch, East Hanover adm a. May 2j, 1808.�?fit removal. A. St let Ulrich attorney at Law hair removed lira office to Tho building one door can of a Astore opposite they Art Lington House Lebanon. A. A a Bounty and pension claims promptly attended. April8, -3m. A made Zadoc porters Balsam Hiis been Vised by the Public for Over 18 years and Lias a cubed its present Sale simply by being recommended by those who have used it in their afflicted friends Ai i. A others. Most Zadoc por to Kun a curative Balsam is sold at a Price which brings it in lbs reach of every one to keep it convenient for Uso the timely a single bottle will prove to be Worth 100 Timos its Oost. A notice a save your Money i do not he persuaded to Purchase articles at 4s. To $1, which do not contain the virtue of a Dimo bottle of Madame for terms curative Balsam the Cost of which is As grest�8 that of almost any other Medicine and the very Low Price at which it is sold makes tha profit to the Zieller apparently email and unprincipled dealers will sometimes recommend other medicines on which their profits Are larger Uniesee the customers my st non having Madame Porter s and none ask for Madame Porter a curative Balaam Price 13cts., and in Large bottles at be cta., and take to other. If you can not get it at one store you can at another Jar sold by All druggist and storekeepers at 13 cents Aud in larger bottles at 24 cents. A a Hall k Kuckel proprietors a a new York. A Jos. or. Geo. Bom agents Lebanon _ january 1863 to the Public. Unlucky Days. That Peculiar. Twi of superstition which has Luck or unlucky Good or evimyj8, is to be found in All Ages and climes wherever. Ike myst Oryan of a or the Sacer Rdo f Tal caste of f a Nan has acquired j Rule or authority Over the mind s the people. All Over the East among the populations ofantiquity.,"to-i be found traces of Rols almost Unfer. Sal worship of Lvov it is one a in of that culture of tile Benefice Ltd a a of tied the munificent Are Sciples which Marks the belief la Gap Tlapa Eyu As a to of Addair. evil of to Miqjpos-1 Lucky Days have received the a de Soforo the 0f a egyptian Days Anor is it Only lieu cd of. To i a a a i a in Pagan. But in olm Suan a fear that this superstit1wi .ha8. Helj.1igiij�?~t Len Sway. I of of Yea to month no week in. Free untoward Days on is a Joger induced by Tho extensive Sale and Universal popu Larity Folio Oflund 8gonoanhitters, Pevely Vego Unble Jio Lei and unscrupulous so route res have opened upon buffering humanity Tho flood Gates of nostrums m Tho shape of poor whiskey Rilely compounded with and christened Fon ice to Maclouis and bitters. A i beware a a the innumerable array of alcoholic prep Aro Nous m Plet Liboric bottles and big bellied kegs in Dor Tho modest appellation of Dittore which j of during Only no Gravato disease and leave to e Alsap it pointed Suffron in is pair. A. R. Hoofland s German bitters. Are not anew and untried article hut have stood i the test of Al Toen years trial by the american Public and their and Sale Are not rivalled by Kny similar preparation. A a a the proprietors Havo thous amp us of letters from the most j Clah gomex lawyers. A 1 Guys clans. And citizens \ testifying of their own personal knowledge to Tho i beneficial effects and medical Virtues of those ritters. Do you want something to Strnot Senyou j do you want a Good Apfl Lila f do you Wantt Burld e p your Constitution j i do you want to feel a yell ? i do you w ant to out fold of nervousness f 1 i do you want Energy 1 do you want to so Bop wkf.r.? end with the 1st dfy3of their Heathen a passing Over 1 who predicted for j Rifice or Trade we i Seo Whai our Anglo i believed a in this i sax on is. Coif of. 20 gives the i augurs Sao or War let us on forefathers tier of . Is Vitell u. Viii owing account of removal. X. Mcradu at attorney at Law Sorco to Market Street opposite the he Banou rank two doors North of widow rises hotel. A. A a i Obanon March 25, 7b3. Tbs so piest.m0ijmreji Days Thep Are in they ear Wuch we Cfall egyptian Days that a dangerous day4 san whatever to in bulb to oct qf., map per beast in the i of ibi>ige.4l april Tho Lastman Liliy an l then Isth second at of tto map in we Call August Njmen. Job ithplu.t1kirdj which is tie a of the Goj. 4. Ing our the coning. In of a month Rimie a Der signed Haring had fit sea trere Pretie. Do you want a brisk and vigorous Frei Vigi of the a at if Tenn Dava in a a,,7�0 Ai Inoff or Chung Stock Ify no do Uge n0t ii Avdis germen bitter consisted of the of first Quot a teen Days in for to 1�&Quot Quot ills 1 from Junr t Kmim Brown d tailor of the a a the month or sixteen if it bad thirty la it a Snow Decco de offers i services to the Farma bpm a a mrs Btag Meks a Amiama a a a s i a a re r -vr-,-.��?��--j or and the Public in general feeling confident that Auto dark is Fattor i one Days the , of the Las ent my divine a in Dos tight of their m fit ooh Days of an v Diode he i Rol tll0 or edict and reflects i yet know of no sufficient Roa it in or a j Tatj sous Why a Man May not testify to Tho benefits to be Lou Tel a of. ,. Cleves himself to have Reco Iyad. From any simple pm je80 Uloz do fee it Antion in the Hope that to May thus contribute to the a a a it a it j Benefit of others. A of Maii a of avg astr Ull we. Lye i do Thia the More readily in Utgard to aloof land a i i deaf i la Finuf German bitters prepared by i r. O. M. Jackson Nathis City because i was prejudiced against them for Many or save null a Ftp dl8 , will years under the impression that they were chiefly an up Nna to tall i Alc Olioli mixture. I am indebted to my Friend Rob a Ala Wue lug i so trial 1 0 a 5.?."wi Imilsi a a a Ert Shoemaker Kay. Tor the removal of team or Nice com to to Venth Day or if he collection of jr�,1lslqylst Louii tics Fiji cd by proper tests and for encouragement to to y them. ,. A it Orr 71., a. J. Tit a i it a a in a a when suffering from great and Debill Jay Ana War claims to it Theu , r1f , reap it Nelly inform the Public a fit present year to of follow Al by evident ing his is pirating above Days and seasons for he has appended to the catalogue in a bold firm band of the timor it sed Tamen in Domino not withstanding t will Trust in the lord neither in this Kalendar nor in Quot another of the same owner prefixed to a Small is. Volume containing a copy of Magna Char a amp Ais there inserted in the body of the Kalendar denote after the reformation the old evil Days appear to have abated much of the ancient malevolent influences and to have Eft behind them Only a general superstition against fishermen setting out Sofiah or sea Benito Tako a vol age or Landsman a journey or Domestic servants to. On. Terran a now piano Onia Eslay. In Many country districts especially in the no Rolv of England no weddings Tuko Labeon Friday from this cause. According to a by mag proverb a Friday is. Tipon come. When it will comes to soon.�?�, j Bury in of a j milkmaid says a Oberl dreams Are s6 Chaste that she Dario Tell them Only a fridays dream is her Only super a Ilion and she consents Joi Jfe Ai 0/ the a sex Ira Ordinary inconsistency. Of the a English of his Day of eating Fie so in yet hoidinghtjaheinous1 of of Fen cd any on Friday out of Lerit. Tho Friday superstitions cannot be wholly explained fact that it was ordained to by held a a fast by the come Titus of Rome. Sione portion of its. Maleff reent is Probas Bry due to the character of the scandinavian Venus Freya the wife of Odin and goddess of fecundity a but we Are met on the other hand by the at that amongst the,.brahmins $ Ifaf Cut Khe Teiset afar tit paper Porto in and ooh sry is Erik try and a Nett so we. M. Bart Tow a a i? pm a Berttia Iima a met Wal it Uta Arad Nita or the fret use of the if aet to sad inca Pink Aliy Impact tally eds Leftwi Tetem a their Atefi a handbills at be rare taste. A t t e. A a amp tabs of Powar in Lebanon county part sgt la Peh Syl Ranie out of ukr huh Lott my Ovate yet Quoter or 13 cents it it a. 0f,s state ��-1� Quirt up Fra ajesm in us postage is not to so in wins Nee Nimfa Famie we arc prepared to print Florae blot Vlf band Beaty a a abort fit Tow a tit a it reasonable Waitee. _ Send to the surface to breathe the upper air. And stand on firm Earth dreading though no catastrophe has Ever happened yet that the sea will break in on them if they remain in the Cavern below. Hearing this we got up to look at the Rock above us. We Are Able to stand upright in the position we now occupy and firing our candles hither and thither in the darkness can see the Bright pure Copper streaming through the gallery in every direction. Lumps of ooze of the most Green color traversed by a natural net work of thin red veins of Iron appear Here and there in Large irregular patches Over which water is dripping slowly and incessantly in certain places i Tibia is the Salt water percolating through invisible grannies in the Rock. On Stormy Days it spurts out furiously in thin continuous streams. Just Over our Heads to observe a wooden plug of the thickness of a Many a leg y there is whole there and that plug is All we have to keep the sea out. The letter of Emerson r Litlie Ridge a. 1 this letter is characteristic of the writer. Tie Reader while instruct in air a to a i a h a de. By. Its doctrines Bould not cer Tail or complain Liat the knowledge i dignities. As nor Merei Fauna. A a. Consid rate president was found it fatal che is inculcated through to Ludlum of j aia in a inn conversation with Sodini ins Liim an affluence or wit and a Tiret which a . San try fcb to a place whore Onder dunking and a Reat our Lair renders the perusal of this ctfu810n a amusements Are unknown there Tieny end Ltd y confessed Bat be a a tet the Meams a to a a a ratio Thev Riiff Tbs ror4 upon Hii Disi Chilt quest Iii la at so Ioctl 08 Bufi them sixty Days in which to accept it we pct video further Tbs totter most Noble flu fit might a aped for a period Ufa Ejna Fimi this fair As oar Arm is aryan end southward. So As to afford ale an Ospar tatty to accept Tai Worsa still this Law actually applied to no idral hit to a rebels. And it a Auto ending Talit applied to. Them everywhere North As Wati st South in Springfield Illinois be Tail Nib Springfield Tennessee. Hot sch Estiu i i did not ebb of the rights or property of Union Flea women and children or lunatics a Sny sect att of the country. Tent Congress May seem did not perceive Fiat the my of amyl the rebellion and restore affectionate tween the Section fits was to place the to Nina women children the insane Apon Afner Loftt footing of Equality Slih the to ett.tnuo1 a a 8 land 1 that Congress believed that ibo Ertz Dwolf refusing obedience to the usurp Attoh of yes. Davis and co., in Mississippi Arka Onsy a a Hyrb cat Olina and elsewhere amid the terrors tary despotism did not Merit the so i of worn punish nent than that which Tobej had Defio Moeed against titled and official traitor a hot cod Gress spared the women and children t it shielded from harm the Union men who Otic adhered to the National Symbol of Protection 1 what weakness i but Congress bad adjoined what waa to be done a Bank hearer i Otto raft Gacio Uff Dre aident was found Ercul to in Becj Sion. You will perceive thut on theft Stop Ltd fcb uary last under this re of it the at area of every robot in the United steam who bed not accepted the amnesty therein cd video were de Jure free. Sut How weft fish it end this rebellion if the Union men women Abs children in the so called confederates Latell 3 left in undistributed Possession of a if their j and constitutional rights if thu policy adopted the rebels might become angry wet these Monamy its of Federal mercy Ani is that event the spared of Nutten a Foteini might cling More closely to the Federal this division among the people might chm st ill More a Beppy state of affairs in a ism Ofer friends there might have to hear a 111 give satisfaction to All. His residence is at the Tarp Lite mile from Heilig s tavern Miles rom ,and3%miles from Lebanon. Simon Snavely. South a Notelle tp., april 29,1863.�?8m. A f Ictoria lawns fluid and striped Anspoks Plain and find Cambric paid find dotted by tails Bill Meta Marseilles Bobinets a the largest Assort a me int. At the store of. Ill my k stink. Learned the gift amp a pleasure he verily Wohlf do the will Eft he master who sent did. The re in Tion Okyne doubtless a by due Goerse or pit judging from a that which u so Dkl de to this that in port Lune of Yir Jiou Lulli Louisiana in Delaware a Maryland it Tjw he Tacky in Tennessee and Missouri Itwala Ful for traitors who that snort provided by the confiscation Law end All Titi amp of persons to hold slaves j but that itt the a Niimd pro nor. Bow Juv District attorney. Iio removed in. Office to the room Intel v occupied by or Gro p. Line a Weaver in Cumberland Street. Lebanon a to doors Hast hotel and two doom West of gen . -. Lebanon Dee. 17,18sj. p. Miller g attorney at Law a Dice Teai j a Ghl , a in of Pilto it the Ruck hotel and two doors Solh dark Blue from Karmany a hardware store. Lebanon april 9,1862.-ly._ if. Or. X that he has opened an office for the purpose of col u Clug pension rounds Back and year claim. Office m the rooms lately occupied by or. Behai de ceased. All orders attend cd a promptness and dispatch. A Tibanov aprit29,18g3-�?tf. Geo. Of Flegert. Or. With Tho conviction Liat much of what is old and quaint am strange it inn 8omo Eltree Day a ,>of the supers Troup relics to Wilt Enki tastes of our fore Ellars Quot has its Root deep continuous provocative of enjoyment and a Lau water Mac ethefiaj0, ivs Well known belonged to the old line Tive in Congress from Tennessee and off Nama like superstitious aversion to i was elected to the clerkship of the last Fri . They say that on his House which office of course he Day. Be Huai nebs must be commenced still holds for an official of one of a. Herein is the Date foreshadowed the branches of the trove ment he ter Regmi of of Virginia Ami m Toca pwt of a Onti . Anli nary who seeks to Trace in i Siana which had not been Cor Scelta fed for Law Nepf our still lingering superstitions 1 exp bits an Independence remarks j of Civ by Tbs Mutair i a for Ngi Feltri. To Ltd source the Bly in contrast with the servility a a get Glt a traveler at the Cross roads he knows j manifested generally by i Texas a should be longer Hela Juht not hich to take. One leads him j the letter of or. Etheridge Here a to the ancient Teuton forests a second among the wilds of scan Tina. Via a third papal and thence to j Wash it ton d May 18, 1803. Gan rom and a fourth carries him j gent Lelik a by e Juit received Jour letter to the intr Iju bound Tore he �8 i eff a of the 7th most Lovag me in Hebauf of be Washington la upon i Claby of meidpfi�8, to join you. In a Public c Celebration of the Aniver Fary of of Goose Jeskw. His he to will cud. List of colors Black a it Black Brotan snuff Brown we. M. Derr a tto Tynsky at Law office in Smth term a building Jav. Cumberland Street nearly oppo Aito a the court Lebanon May 6, 1803 a of House. Or. D. Albert offers Bis professional born aces to the Otisena of Jon eat own Anil Vicinity. Of ice at the residence of . It a Jonestown 5l�y.20,1663.�?in�. A or. Suit incl s. Meily a offers his professional services to the citizens of Lebanon . Of Lack it the residence of mrs Bucu Twe doors West of office of or. Samuel Behm dec a in Cumberland Street. Lebanon april 15,1863. Or. San incl d Light office it the old residence off. Geo Tel Dettar opposite the court House Lebanon Jhk r Lebo Uon March 25, �?T63. A a or. Abiah h. 1/igtit. Offer8 services to the curiae is of. The Borough of Lebanon and Veo inlay. Office in Walnut Street two doors North of the lutheran son age. March 4,1863. _ or. C. L. Kreider. Offers Bis professional services to the Community of Elianon and tick my. Office temporarily with or. Bali neck in Walnut Street. Lebanon april 1,1863.�?3m. A a dark Green Light Green 2urvlc, a. Slate a French Blue Boyal purple Relief to and to a do Groe of b0dtfy��rgi bib Tal vigor which 1 had not. Foit for six Mouths before. And and Al Nuwt despaired of renaming. I therefore. Tink and my Friend it by dlr acting me the us exc of kit Lyndaf it is. A fold to. Be of i uru Icin. J. Newton brow a in or ,1 a a i Phil do a Jbv m 1s6i. J the age of Henry 11., the first or a a Parl ocular Lyon ice. Lends of january is set Down As a die Sibero Are tuy preparations bold under the Namo of i Alala a. Bittern Pur up in quart bottles compounded of the i uni a a a a a a 1� a a cheapest whishes or common rum. Costiuc from 20 to. J.u6s0 Odd of i Xiii Ign a. S 40 cents per Gallou Tho taste dig std by Anilse or j Toft i of about Twenty Jour cell day8 mining under the sea. \ conned or end i tins class of bitters Boa caused and will continue to cause As Long us they Cau he sold hundreds to Diu the a of the drunkard. Re their use the system is i kit it continually under the luf Luence of alcoholic Stim i plants of the worst kind the desire for liquor is Crea i Ted und kept up and the result is All the horrors it fondant upon a drunkards Hoo and death. I i kor those who i Csire and will have n liquor. Timers i we publish the following receipt. Got one Buu Hoof a. Ian Quot a Gem a a bitters and mix with three quarts of Good Brandy or whiskey and the result will he a prep i a it Lon that will Earl in medicinal Virtues und True excellence liquor bitters Inlet and will Cost much ��3$. You will have o George Clark dentist. Office at tic Eagle hotel Lebanon. Particular attention paid to Vul Canite work and Bill Abr references a c n. Peirce d 1 professor of dental physiology and operative dentistry. No. 501 n. Tab st., Phil Adelphia. R. Wil Dyian. D. D. S., professor of mechanical Deu mistry. No. 24, st., Philadelphia. ,. James Truman d. I it. A demonstrator of operative dentistry. By. Corner of Frt Kliu anal Green std it Phi Ladelphia. /vr.niba�lky,. A demonstrator of Ucb Nucal dentistry -Rno-228-n.12th �t., a. Lebanon april 1, uj�2. Blk a Ike shawls j1l0tii, w003usn clothing of of. Color dyed Tot by lha cd or a Jet is took pressed the color warranted �fidgdod8 to a to a to now by Lyon Lamb Kruger last he Soror. Wearing apparel with perfect fair colors. A saving of 80 per cent. Those Dye Are mixed in the form of powders concentrated Are thoroughly tested and put in neat packages. I or Twenty five cents you can. Color 0,8 Many goods As would otherwise coat five times that the Procos is simple and any one can ure the Dye with perfect Success. Direction inside of each package. A. A. A a a manufactured by in owe a st ovens ,200 Broadway Boston. A. J l Lemb Kreit Lebanon a wholesale and re Tail agent and for Sale by of. Ross and d. Rain hot Lebanon. April 1, 6ifc�?bm in the Ihfe bin Rod and sixty five or about one such in every but the superstition a its cords and strengthened a to stakes its i is to Bavo been Felt or feared that the had but too Small a hold on their retarders so they -,1.vivero family Dye colors to a Calleroi . Liquor bitter a ,. Astronomers Silv that six Davs of , Woolen and Goddy , a a Market and a ill Cost la. You vill Hare Asl monomers by Luai six Guys of stairs a drama ribbon gloves Looi Iati. Hat Fra l All til virtue of moult mde a bitters in our Petlon 1 talc year Are perilous of death and th.r9j Giores a Bedren a clothing and a it therefore they forbid men to let blood Atten Lioio soldiers or. Them or Tako any do j . Is and the Fri ends of sold ficus. A to say january july j 1. \ we Call the attention of All baying relations and t1a,. Wall a Anu vast 1. The Jint i a Ftp end to the fact that -ii00pi-Anips to 0 last Liapi a . 1 10 a st German Bittorf a will cure Olno tenth of the me Uaen Jay frying out of december. Iheson twp a Dimi Geneen Sig la its ves�opo0rfttes� to be kept a but namely m.amiy�?T? 4be j i to. Every care of tent kind can to readily cured by j latter Throe for All tue voids Are Hoofland a German bitters. Diseases resulting Frem uni li.,. A n ,.,l, Hei a my in it Haaff i disorder of the Dige Suva organs Are speedily removed. J �h1j. Ujj of then Wustner Man 1 we have no hesitation in stating that. A if these bitters a be knit in 7 Days or i our soldiers hundreds of Uva v/1 j j.,. I a a a i. J might be saved that other mgt cwt. A certainly we to j.ll4 Uliys 06 Bull a we Call particular attention to the Follo Vring of i Ftp a of Tow take Dijt the. To a. I nations he robs who be life to use i own language i vvltutn�a5 us yet Faey 8dauf uie urdu a a has Beto saved an .usl�3rdt 18w 1 if tto by at 3 Days i , j Withih-40. Days Abd if any child be. Born in.these-3 letter Days they Shull Dio a a wicked death. For the Union Man Votsotis amp a of Linn Fri to to i a a i a a a a a a a a a 1 1 our african fellow it Lions to Drift Lotf Loret fun j p0nded, our readers May peruse and and yet there at to hosed the rna Aion who profess not to ice of a he this great a in Avtar stroke off i sex Cal to a president sirs did a a Tsifis y i vips the South and Witk were not on Camps forthwith est Wop counties Maria do of Boid and ardent feta dts ?. Haro not a our a Menean Brethren i of rho Ril a the Ritj to the Federal scoot crowded by thousand into on Rnic a a Jutt you also speak kindly of my. Post efforts to in Spring of soldiers Wilb a would est false st Knif Dace the pen a of Wem Tenner see to moment rend Ilni night Hoenl with Fink cheer fully to who restoration of the National an a of sad dinars and mewling 8eni-Thonly-thvaughfint Ibe sooth. A bos and have Notkar Hray Haviv visit Eton a Quot to yer Xvi Ihn or Tea Dawn evasion referred to i could be of Serrico Tjo of slut Adf Lafit a a a a a. Single honest Law abiding citizen or truly i know that men like general Pendant rebel or that i could con tribute to Thart who commands in your it empty a a by i twirl least of ton to m end my the War and restoring j Tennessee Areg nifty of a sofa Btl the blessings of Pence under the Konsti tuntion i j Whigob afford the Eneff i amp Sof on Saab Ibiza Tofte would certainly attend. Hot i have no Sech t then excuses for Eom Pfail amp to Atill la ctr Faith in myself and therefore i shall not go. Instance on the 14th of fast my Reh Row us sir in your letter you express the opinion that then in command of Bovar. Wrote As foitoiws1� , hardly be pleasant of a cupa Uon. I he absence of Sun and All natural Light,.tbe dripping sides of the Shaft the danger of explosion. From the Fine Damn or Tho fall of inf by a direct personal Appeal i might encode to regard Tothy proclamation of it Edili re of Cali irom id i in o lamp one Tarot jut a a lab Loyal a or Reourm the i Eod. Oil a Itu stolons and Rar seeing a Ting Tocks and numerous other per Vessiny atoms hmong at such a statement and Thead Cut oath new y oar a ils invest it with vague terrors a to a i i can attn Ute this opinion of it yours to nothing i a a the do Oysti Man is equally Helotes web a do Tive imaginations. But when the i a if la a re a a a your a a to mgt mjg re head tha a disloyal st amp it More so a tor Thor beef to Tref shafts run under the sea Aud. The it Urti. T Buti p m i masterly policy a of our Gre band Good president t its a aves a do the dry ret them in to inf it and the wire statesmen wet id him in Sha Ping \ which Behli self serves Exvell of Tho Ocean is distinctly Audi i not a direct eng the civil pm a bleat must suggest Fany fears t o when you a Bat lndi8d Bod Quot ode Quot lha a . .6 a. I grand purposes Quot of our most god fearing and the diligent miners a a one Ioli owing Law abiding president a Cuben Yuu Are More a graphic description is taken from an Miliar with the profound military strategy Kerr fifth a mfr a a a a it which As cd Tymander in chief of the army and a a a by a us. It of v a re a a 2 t Navy of the United Stales he it Abb now display Vav euro now ion Bufurd Yards id aed Gbenyon further Rotnem Borbe As ton out under Tho Bottom of the sea and i a Kinddt Sucese to have bad in reclaim tog our is guided country Mec Vondia conquer a do of a a Ray ward1 listers a i Shah be amazed if you continue to believe it necessary to encourage the Loyal Why the Loyal is it possible Bey need m Memphis where for nearly a year Yon have been Side of the Federal hoes a a hero every night Tattoo is substituted for hash i my baby done to Prince amp cons Well known Celo hak5i0niums, Tiitu Dueing Tho. Of fact of pedal Bass on every instrument. in amp or inf red 11 Anos for Cash at Labov German bitters has saved my life. There is no Lisuke to this it is vouched for by timbers of my some of whose name Aro up Pend Daud who were fully Cor Izant of All Gio of any it a a ,. I Case 1 am and have been for the Lua four years a All Ono Nigris a fluid Al Strolo is s8j of lilt err. A i member of Sherman so Elo Breed Battery and under n in horrid Ninive of a Tkel a or sons end 1 com Uinins of a Ipton 11 b acres i in it la of ginning of dual Cal Ine by a the eng the expo sure attend Lent upon my arduous do month of a Tho. Day a to of i Uay attacked in november last with inflammation a. Fch0 blood 0f the right. Aem Pond a a a a i of Tho lung Foj and was for seventy two Day in the hos., Ubri to duct on or 0,1 Moutri from Pital ibis waft flowed by great debility heighten in to 0 of april. The "11th 5� to flu. Fed by in attack of dysentery i wins then removed. A a it. P a a i i Waail a sir Over 500. Sold m Hilt Tda it up Luis. A j d Obi Tho a bit House and sont to a this City Ftfe Board a a a Civ �0f the i ctr 3b�d. J add i th0fcod be agent amk8 Ijellan. Boh 27fl and 281 South tilth Street above Spruce. July 15, lmw.�?ly., a Philadelphia a. Mutual fire insurance Oil Pany of Annville Lebanon county Penn a. I lulls company was incorporated March. 1859, and x is now in full operation and Rendy to Umeke insurance on dwell Man. And other Raldi tfx of furniture and merchandise generally. Also on barn. Contents Stock form implements ac., on a Mutual principle a managers. Arr Clos dyed Din be left at jot., l.,. Chrsitian Bac Beau William Karly ,.jr. George a. Bomgardner . Gar mini George Donges srtend8temore where a s w v a or. Geo 1. Linlaw no Kavur leaving been up pointed by the comm Mioner of it pm a sons at Samuel Seabold. John imports Gorge. Rigle Rjohn Allwein Rudolph Herr Joseppi of Matz surgeon 9n8, i prepared to attend to Pennon at his a a he in Market Stree next door to the p5&t.office. Lebanon March 25th, 1863.�?6t it take a wry do on j.hbrb8sler up of a agent at he in prepared to do allx ids of tin too Flag spouting and Job work generally at Verf Awret prims. He also Hoe on hand a Large neg it of All kinds of tin Ware and a Iff i ii improved Gas burning Cook be reverb Hwy Fawk stoves., air of a the Ltd heat pro ranges and Heaters of All kind a ,i,0 keeps can stoutly on Liand a Large Stock of All kinds of roofing Stab a incr Eicre at loss Price than they can be bought of any Zohrer hate men in the county. Or. Ware roomed one door 8outh of the a Buck hour Lla Toat Farest. Lebanon a. A Elwook a a atm 25,1861. Just a fitted at this office judges men Bonds with a rarer of $300 exemption Law wanted to Biry 50,000. W,000 bulb Elf Corn. 50,000 bushels Oats 50,000 Bushel Yah sat afro clovers bed Timothy seed flaxseed for which the highest Cash be paid at the Leb aeon Valley Railroad depot Lebanon. George Hoffman. Of a Banon july 17,1861, or v John am Jenft resident. Rudolph ii Chr treasurer. Joseph if Blatz Secretary. A a. Sam till so Abolds . It Jacob Scono Torly agent Fredericksburg. Annville March 6,-1862�?ly stoves. Stoves. �?Tvt0y> la the tune to buy your stoves before cold in Winter is Here and the Best and Ebe peat place is at be Lebanon stove tin and Sheet Ron Han a tory of James n. By ogers. Two doors South from the Lebay Orbank , bad the largest and Best assortment of parlor Hall acid cooking stotes Ever offered in , Gas Orneia for Parl the of ii own make with a general assortment of parlor stove and the Best cooking 8tove��?~in tha county or Borough which he warrants to bake or Oost Wash boilers con tartly of hand of All sizes end the beet material. A Coal the largest assortment the hear Iest Iron and the beat made in Lebanon. Also a targe Stock of in Ware Madr of the Best material and in a Workmanlike Nianzer. As be a a practical Workman and has he a an exp Renee of years that he.,can. Gire general 8bt�bft.otlon.< a a a a a he takes this method of a ret Rug by thanks to his Ira heir Livent sep spirt and Page Hopes by strictly attend %0 Hie own>bii0lne8and letting other Peoples alone Fco still receive a Sexe of Public patronage. A. James n. Roseb a 49a particular attention Psid to All Kintis of up Bow Uch of roofing bout Isop a and All work warranted sold by L. Lemberger. Or. Geo. Hess adds. A a Raber Lebanon Biever a Bro Anu value -.shirk, my to Erst own Horug it. Nebo a. A Mark 3eilv1ew Harper East Hanover Krall Schaefferstown and by dealers everywhere. I a. The few Caner a a a Tate of Maine a from which i lauded t in the 2bth of Fuu it. Bice that Thuo l have Boon a j a Lioutas Low As any one could to am still retain n spark of vitality. Far a week or More i wus scarcely Able to a Swallow anything ind if t did Force a morsel Down it a was Nomad mutely to Trown Upu gain. It j i could not a Vou keep a Glass of water on my atom i nch. Life could not lust under these i amp and Accord Italy. The physic Uius who had been work 1 i tug faithfully a though unsuccessfully to Rescue me i from the grasp of the dead Archer me i do no More Lor my. And advised to to so e 1 a Clergyman mid to make push position of my Limi i \ Ted funds As Best suited me. Air what i visited me at the Hospital or Frederick st Jabrou of i a a f sixth Bulow Arch Street and ipod. be u forlorn 1 a Udby s Hope to try Jour bitters and Kedly procured u hot tie. From Tho. Time i commenced Taku them the gloomy Shadow of death receded and a am now. T a Ank god for to getting bluer. Though i have but Tukan two bottle. I have Gay mud ten Pound and. I fuel Bah Aulne of being in rutted to rejoin my wife and do nah term from have heard not big fur l8 Mouth it for gentlemen. I am a Irgy Utu. From the Vicinity of Hront to enl. A to or it or invaluable ritters i owe the certainty of life which has taken the place of vague fears to your bitters will i owe the glorious Privily up of gun clasping to Roy bosom those Wilfo Aro dearer pc to Ine in life. A very , 1saao.malgne-yy�?To fully Cecur iut the truth of Tho above statement As we had despaired of seeing our Comrade or. Malone restored to health. A Joun Cuddleback is new York Battery. Gk0kge a Ackley co c 1111 Maine. Levy is ,92d now e Spencer,�1st artillery rat tory j b fa8ewell, co b 3d Vor Mout. Henry b Jerome co b do. It Henry t Macdonald co c 6th Maine. A a a ugh n f Ward. Co. E 5th Maine. A Herman Koch co h 7�o� new 11 Thomas co a Beith Penn. Andrew j Kimball of a a in Maui a John Jenkins co b 106th Peno. Bate Are of Counte fats u ,4ttikt the. Signature of a a cd pm. Jackson a Laso the wrapper of Eack Botto. Price per bottle <6 . Por i 00. So Iouli your nearest i Enggist not rut Tho article due not be off of toe. Intoxicating prepare Lions Teaf May to Stierer in its place but Semi to is and we will Forward securely packed by express. Principal of face and Manu Ractor no. �31 Arch st it Jone a Evans. V a i successor to a m. Jackson a. Co., a i proprietors. J j9 for 8ale by do so. Ross opposite the court House a Obanon fa., and by druggists and dealers in a tory Tow us in the United a i a May 27, 1863.�?ly,. A a knowledge b. I. Fat. S19 lobe who Isar have inclined to Portaro this subject mope-full.1 will find an essay on Day i fatality in John Misc Lanas in i Tuth he not by the Days acky and uni Wuky of the jews geeks a romans ind ova rious distinguished individuals of Law ter times. A a a a a a in a comparatively modern 518. Kalendar of the time of Hemy i in the Wiit Fer s Possession one Page of vellum is filled with the following of which we modernize the spelling a the under Witten be the perilous Days for to take any sickness in or to be Hurt in or to be wedded in or to Tako any journey upon or to be Gin any work on that he would Well Speed. The number of these a a a Yube in the Leif 32 they be these a it a in january there be 7 in let2d, 3d, 4tb, 5th, 7th jl0th, and 15th. In february be 3 �?-6th7th, and to st. jul Karsh be-3 �?-l8l, 6th, Aud 8b�.,. R a in april be 2 �?6tb and 7th. In May be s j�?5th, 6th, and Yobbo june a 2 7tb, 15th. In july be 25th, and i9tb. In August be 2 15, and l9th. In september by 2 -r6l<b, and 7tb�. In oots bet is 11�?6tb�?~, a in ba5 it la Tbs and 16th, a.0 ,. In december be.3 15t.b, dbl Andry Ltha. / the copyist of this dread list of Vil Days while apparently giving the Sopor station a anal fied credence Man a fests a i mph scr Faith list Twenty feet below the sea level coast Trade vessels Are sailing Over our Heads. Two Hundred and Loi to feet below us men Are at work and there Are galleries yet below that. The extraordinary position Down the face a. Of the Cliff of the engines and other Yoa by an reveille a Hail columbian a0 it a it a rouses the people to a consciousness of the i works on the surface at i Ottiliie is now explained. The mine is not excavated like other mines under the Earth but under to sea. Having communicated these particulars the Miner tells us to keep strict silence and listen. To obey him sitting speechless and motionless. If the. Reader could Only us now our Copper coloured Gar _ ments huddled close in a i among users Persand Copperton fish silly brain less med who Are so unwise and unpatriotic As to questions the a Wisdom of out indefatigable or evident Elf you Bave any such in Memphis you Al Blu old at once denounce them As in set spa a Quot a should Send them to or to s the. Dry tor by Many to be a place where everybody is tortured with thirst fur Rifle whisky and Nota drop eat by Good a Guion Man Wili an Plain of conduct of the Wejbe Roeb who direct our Public affairs. They Bould be Vooght to remember that scandal oms m a Datum was formerly a High Cruie Ife. Is a most heinous offence n<5.w�?and nothing saves Sueb Copper coloured wretches but to Christian Char Ity of our most pious presi people to n consciousness of the great Security which is afforded to the property of the Loyal people in Memphis and a All the country round in amp to political Jordan How can you or i a encourage the Loyal when our matchless presided the late Congress Bis Sage counsellors and Bis Peerless military subordinates Havo already done and promised All which Wisdom can it a a Aggett which our sacked Constitution authorizes and which he Christian religion tolerates or approves there remains no Toms Abr us to do unless it to to obey our incomparable president in All Bis Wise measures to conquer a glorious Pence. True. To have Jbf a Cly Ftp of subterranean Rock with a flame on our Heads and. Darkness enveloping your limbs he of May. 3d Oto .fiih.Day, on. A Bulber certainly haves imagined with a Tho rebels. Ltd Arm thou witty arid thus of All the out a by vio4t strength of fancy i a a order Teod year thou exult orderly to it at hey is looking Down upon in the fever Tho it Ling gout the sister conc Tulve of gnomes b 1 i gut and ibis of thy sight Bool of j after listening a few inmates a Dis Tanto and unearthly. Sound becomes faintly , Ous Ino Aning that never changes that is fell on the ear As Lizard by it a i sound the a might proceed from some Den. ,. Far invisible a might Souid unlike at we a a a a anything it that Sheard on the upper ground in the free. heaven a a sound so and still so ghostly impressive when listened to in Subterran Bertn recesses of the Earth that we Continuo instinctively a to hold our peace As if you should so or i Range matters As to Oscuro a list of All who fail to Atwood. Or omit to Rooder a suitable apology and you Bould adopt resolutions of the. Most Loyal kind allow me to suggest that the committee on resolutions be selected from contractors and office holders. X particularly suggest one Cooper who has recently Beau appointed assessor for the Large neb. And populous District of West Tennessee. He was originally from new York. True he was never in West enchanted by it and think not of communicating. To each other the strange Awe and astonishment which it has inspired in us from Tho very first. At last the Miner Speaks again and tells us that what is the bound of the surf lashing the rocks a Hundred and Twenty feet Abo vedas and of the. Waves that Are breaking on the Beach beyond the tide is now at the flow and the Bea in in no extraordinary. State of agitation so the sound is Low and. Justant just at this period. But. When the storms Aro at their height when the Penafi hurls Mountain after Mountain of was ter on the Cliffs then the noise is ter. _ _ Rise theto Aring hear Down there this aet that to Cong res aforesaid provided in the mine is so fierce j but in find this Lent Trmal should pie ode of Nvia a left a a in i i. 1 ton and ��4 that guilt a of told be ? in. 1haj>enrat work Are Piave to not Prei Omed. Wor8e it offered in afraid to cot Nuoi the a Labory All Asj amnesty to repentant Rebele it mercifully gave teu Sessco until Scot from this City on his offi Olal errand Bathe no doubt knows by intuition the True value of the chattels Hinds and tenements ac., ac., of a people be never knew and a country 10 Whigob be never lived. But be is so Loyal of much so that i doubt not he is better fitted for the office than any one of the native born sons Brothers or fathers of the thou sends of soldiers which before the 22d of last september West Tennessee bed furnished the Federal army. Let the committee imitate the a Loyal leagues of Baltimore end resolve that you not Only approve All the present Wise and patriotic administration was done but that you will sustain and uphold a it mat hereafter no. Let the committee make an elaborate report a accompanied with resolutions denouncing All who find fault with our most excellent president. For instance the lost Coo gees to july 7862 passed a Law to confiscate the property of certain rebels. That Congress though a very Wise body did not possess As much aggregate i ads As our great and Good president. In proof Outhie we bed but refer to Ai then file to our lamps beyond t4felftat�fit�-. Under Tufia process the rebel holds hlbbi�a�ft8 of carrying them into a state the Ole red Kree bile the Law abiding eftitebrtos1 is h i s by retain in a them in a state there it lawful to tto a Tot fett. A it is now the Eloyt to and Good conduct of these Mea Avail them to speaking of of this temo Poa Tbs Brayman shocks Otto sensibilities by Issow of such language is Nubia a to Cir sex Patty to Tom Govor meat be enormous. It require it a to Eldura it to guard them. They sicken and dts it a Urf Irold i de and filthy1 Corral they become dts Stridi and demoralized they debase and demots Liou the a a. A a a it a a now among the resolutions Yott but adapt at Tho Memphis meeting there should by ill Betfert be Oue Cen Runng for the Tot of language so mus lung Lov Mir Retlaw Cut Ivetis o f Africa descent Quot and so justly calculated to Dicen a the slave owners in Tenne Weeo who hat so it stubbornly refused to join the rebels. Why sirs this License of so eco must is suppressed. What right have men who do not a Ftp port the present Wise and to criticise its policy or the of it w within the last few Days i Bare hefted persons in ibis City in ibis spiral which sacred name of Washington and which sir. Eth Hiosent is the Home of our Ilott Syriotis chief magistrate draw seemingly Lov Tulous distinction Between the Fate of Jesse a Bright of Iode Aimle and that of John m. Botts of Virginia flow Iny blood a boiled with pious indignation Quot Baoy a few Days age i heard a certain individual of it the Strait est sect of copperheads Wischt Irsig thu a a Jesse 1>, Bright of to Diana As exp thu of from to Senate of the United states but Fri charged with treasonable practices Jle Theta owned a farm and negroes in owns them. Iio accepted the amnesty provided 10 the 80 sailed confiscation Law. Which pasta Congress last july. He is now prep ring Toto company Bis family on a trip of pleasure to but re it be. Leaving Bis Large properties in Jodi Apmand his slaves in Kentucky under the Protection of the Law. John a Botts is Justet of Quot by or a Orne other confederate1 he was. Incarcerated for Bis Devotion to the. find Bis the so called Southern. Confederacy. Ten Bis slave were to a tired Witman to lines of Otto armies m Virginia. Or. Botts demanded that they be surrender to Oey returned and received for. Answer direct wrote a Washington that he bad no right to them Jabat on Wise and Law abiding president had in twerp. Free Quot i i con fess that when. I heard this Long and Cote. Plain ing rigmarole i was indignant this jux Ltd son s stupidity. He could not Sec the wit dete of this Wise policy of our Moat Noble he was almost As incorrigible As James Quot Peti grew of South Carolina who when he read the great proclamation of the most illustrious successor of Washington took the oath of allegiance to the Confederate government Tod offered Bis private Fortune to the rebels to Aid them in upon the armies of Man of modern times As Nelson of Tennessee who with sons in rebel Captivity published an a Preul to the people of that state to take Una rms against our Freedom Loving president As hods ton Henry and others who immediately wet Over to the rebel canse. Away with such men. A Good Union Man Lores his country pop he cares nothing for Liberty or property for ofor Fortune consideration or contras is office or opinion. The True test is simply this s who so greatest Wisest and Best of Monk ind ? w. Fhe first natural a Ai. Tto of Fortis who Jodith .11 things wisely oni Well ? should a elected president As Iode is hew ill a cent the office a of to .11 these Mia free. It. Respondent answer., with a firm and unfaltering Tofeek Abraha Lincoln Esq a h. My he set Down is. Good Union Man fit to join s "l07.1 re Seiv. A contract accept a commission or office and to vote. Bat if ilk. Crittenden
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