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Lawrence Journal World Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1990, Page 5

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Lawrence Daily Journal World (Newspaper) - June 3, 1990, Lawrence, Kansas Lawrence journal world advice and comment june 1990 Page 5a proposal would chop up Power of electoral College Washington the revolutionary has a disarming name skip Lenin do not be deceit he Means to topple civilization what is much the same the electoral College As it currently he is head of the electoral fairness he wants states to legislate an end to the custom of Winne Takeall allocations of states electoral they would award one vote to a presidential candidate for each congressional District she or he the two additional votes each state has would go to the candidate who has the most votes Many americans will be startled to learn that the current under which a candidate receiving a majority or even just a plurality of a states votes gets All that states electoral is not a constitutional this so Central to the Success of our constitutional a is Only a in Maine abandoned this George will system in favor of the idea Roberts favors others have favored perhaps even James so far the results in Maine have been just what the old system would have in for Bush beat Dukakis in Maine percent to but won All four votes because he carried both congressional As Maine so shall go the nation a reasonable first reaction heaven forfend americas system for electing an executive is the most successful in the and this is the Rule of life most improvements make matters but hear Roberts even if he is a Democrat and open to the charge that losers try to change from time to time republicans have flirted with Roberts if Roberts rules had obtained in Dukakis would still have been but probably would have won at least 155 rather than 112 electoral one cannot say for because both candidates would have campaigned quite differently which is Roberts he says his Reform would in crease voter interest and activism by multiplying the number of contested constituencies in which both candidates could consider themselves com in Many presidential the outcome in Many states sometimes in More than half of them is not seriously in doubt by voter interest and turnout but within Many such some districts might be hotly contested under Roberts he notes that the Dukakis Campaign shut Down in Florida on but there Are eight Florida districts that generally Dotti Horatio in National elec Dukakis Only and barely carried under the Winne Takeall with Florida statewide result a foregone he had no reason to Cherry pick for elec toral votes in promising Roberts thinks his Reform would diminish candidates dependence on television and increase Reliance on grassroots for sex he says democrats Are usually competitive in four of the eight districts in Houston expensive Media democrats would have an incentive to use month ground activism to target those rather than saturate the area with expensive Ove Theair Cam if his Reform would counter what he considers an unfortunate effect of Public financing of you get nominated and some gs16 shows up with a Check for thereby underscoring the irrelevance of party Roberts his Reform would encourage interweaving of presidential and congressional thus producing More coherent Man but perhaps his idea would in Jure the democratic party to suddenly Jesse who is never going to be the democratic would Hope to Pluck electoral votes with an Independent such a candidacy would Siphon votes from the democratic Only 14 of the 435 con Gressional districts have Black but 25 districts Are More than 40 percent 86 More than 20 percent Jackson could have Jolly fun in a three person Roberts says dont he notes that John Andersons third party Effort did not carry a single District in but Roberts is assuming the Conti nuance of traditions of political Temperance that Are partly a product of the system he is try ing to tamper by discouraging ideological and charismatic the statewide Winne Takeall practice makes for moderate and it usefully magnifies the decisiveness of elections when popular vote totals Are close As in the lower houses of the Legislatures in Connecticut and North Carolina have passed Roberts they did so Over the objection of politicians who argued that by making their electoral votes the less populous states will become less interesting to presidential Cam if these and a few More states Roberts is targeting new Jersey and Louisiana take the they will be laboratories testing whether Roberts idea produces the political churning he and democrats will have to figure out How to lose under a new danger of skin cancer lurks in summer Sun cold War not most pressing problem superpowers must Lead Battle on pollution and overpopulation by Jim Fain Cox news service Washington beneath the the Summit ers were merely sweeping up the cold sketching a permanent map of Europe and drawing Down arms stockpiles is useful work but yesterdays events have so outraged politicians that such questions As German reunion and arms control now seem almost the twin spectres of overpopulation and a polluted planet Are the new enemy one the weary superpowers so far refuse to the soviet Union and East Europe feel too yet there the most polluted area on communism frantic industrialization poisoned their air and As for the were notorious As the 1 stumbling Block to worldwide George Bush stalls each new initiative with Calls for More his performance mocks his pious claim to be an environmental even Margaret Thatcher has broken with him on global when a panel recently joined the scientific chorus warning that the atmosphere May heat by degrees next she announced plans to Cut Bri gains Carbon dioxide emissions by 30 per Bush says the thing to do is form More with the world looking eagerly to us for we apply its a sorry role for a country with 5 percent of world spews out 25 percent of its greenhouse of the Root causes of the hardest to combat is the sheer mass of on this like president Reagan before is part of the not the when he began to woo the religious he reversed All his Early positions on family in he cosponsored an act to Aid birth control now he cuts its last year he vetoed a Bill to resume fun Ding a Agency that supports birth control the United states soon will join Western Europe in stabilizing Popula Tion through a lowered birth latin America and some asian countries Are where the big growth will the numbers Are in the first 50 years of the total population went from 2 billion to a Little Over by it will be if the present rate it then will redouble in 40 the experience of France and other developed countries shows the trend can be reversed despite such shortsighted but Adamant opposition As that of the Catholic artificial birth control is As widely used in some Catholic countries As its a matter of education and making contraception like Bush took his misguided positions on the basis that some birth control clinics offer abortion counsel and that China pursues forced a charge the chinese its a dismal matched Only by his reneging on even to the Point of refusing million in Aid to developing countries that phase out chemicals known to destroy the Ozone this is a key Symbol to poor nations who see themselves As penalized for damage caused largely by countries like ending the cold War is a glorious Victory for but it wont mean much unless we reverse course and join an International crusade through the or some new Agency to Rescue our grandchildren from pollution and dear readers summer is Here and its going to be a hot millions of you will be lying on around Swimm ing pools and in your own trying to get a the Darker the color the better you think you most of you will pay no Atten Tion to the but on the outside Chance that a few i am printing this it was signed dear Ann i returned recently from an american cancer society seminar and just ran across the notes i As i read them i this in formation could make the Dif Ference Between life and i should try to get it before As Many people As then i thought of Here Are the please find space for this information in your Darrell Spencer Rigel of new York University described malignant Melanoma As a deadly skin that is killing 30 percent mor4 americans today than it did in the reasons Are 1 the growing intensity of sunlight because of the depletion of the earths protective Ozone layer and 2 the trend in swim Wear to expose More and More of the anyone who has gone to the Beach in the last few years will attest to the fact that bathing suits have no More than a dollars Worth of having two of the following risk factors increases your Chance of developing Melanoma by three to four having three or More of these factors carries a 25fold greater Here they Are being a Blond or having abundant freckles on the upper having a tendency to develop a bumpy rash after exposure to the having a relative who has developed having at least three Blister ing sunburns before the age of working outdoors for three or More Summers As a individuals with two or More risk factors should be Alert to the first signs of Melanoma because when caught Early the cancer is it is almost always fatal after Small Black or dark Blue Ann Landers tutors appear on the the american cancer society recommends that adults examine their skin once a an Early Melanoma lesion resembles an Ordinary mole with irregular about americans will develop Melanoma this year and will die from the risk of developing Melanoma is about one in Young children and teenagers Are at the greatest Rigel closed his presenta Tion by there is no such thing As a Safe Tan and i cannot think of one Good thing to say about dear Ann i was appalled by your answer to the woman in Denver whose alcoholic husband puts Vodka in the dogs water pan and enjoys seeing the poor creature walk around in circles and bump into she Tell anyone for fear of getting her husband in trouble with the the dogs welfare should have been put first since he is unable to protect shame on you for not clobbering Rich dear Rich Many readers agreed with heres another opinion dear Ann Why did you Sug Gest that the woman whose Hus band spiked the dogs water give the animal to the humane society a better answer would have keep the dog and get rid of your today in history Twentyfive years on june astronaut Edward White became the first american to walk in space during the flight of gemini in the dutch West India company received a charter for new Netherlands now known As new liberals should examine outrage Over Quayle record by Howard Kleinberg Cox news service Miami when Dan Quayle was seen laying a Wreath at the tombs of the unknown soldiers on memorial More than a few of us get him out of i screamed while watching the scene on to in my Republican daughter in Laws living she tolerates my an Why not Shes had the White since and my firstborn son since Quayle has been nursing americas veterans with sickening attention Ever since it came out that he ducked into the National guard to avoid getting his butt shot off in which brings me to the political i had an interesting conversation about Quayle with a longtime Friend the morning after memorial at this Friend appears to sit left of Karl now in her she Longs for her Good old Days when campuses were torn to shreds Over visits of Viet namese warlord Nguyen Cao by or Roth she still thinks Jane Fonoti a should be president and b is far too intellectual for a nerd like she remains in deep mourning for Martin and her idea of Paradise was the watergate hear she yearns to return to those Days when eerie music wafted together with marijuana smoke to reveal to her subliminal messages that the straights rather than wait for the funny stuff to come up from she went Down there to live with it for a and Shes still depressed that she never made it to san Francisco when Haigh Ashbury was the place in which to lie Down in the Gutter with a so we talked about Dan Quayle the other Day and about his laying the Wreath at where the hell was George Bush she demanded at least he fought in a got shot didst he George was up in marching around with the natives it fell on Quayle to do the honors at what followed next was most reveal you my Radical Friend when the Vietnam War was going i cheered every Guy who ducked the who ran up to Canada or Over to i would have done the same Andi cant explain in sitting Here holding it against Quayle that he ducked Active duty during the that int it it sure the people who Are qualified to be upset about Quayle showing his face in a military cemetery Are the ones who went off to wartime military service any War and especially those who came Home in coffins or who did not come Home at the former gives me my License to be upset Over his appearance at although i do confess to overreacting in a part part curmudgeonly Why is the political left so upset with Quayle military record it is because he wrapped himself in an american Flag at a time when Ronald Reagan made it fashionable to do during Lyndon Johnsons when Quayle was eligible for military ser vice and could have wrapped himself in a he i the radicals of the left Are Down on Dan because like is what bothers me most about Quayle quest to make things right with veterans is that by doing he to remind people of his entry into the National guard at a time when other Young americans were being pulled from their Homes into the Active that was Long it was an act hardly As noticeable As what Jane Fonda it has been blown out of proportion by the More Radical of those who oppose conservative Republican the next time someone from that persuasion brings it ask them to reexamine their position on the draft dodgers of the 1960s As did my brooding Radical As for i wish hed find something else to do on memorial Day maybe Book a Golf game and let the Vietnam service Issue fade

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