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Lawrence Journal World Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1990, Page 4

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Lawrence Daily Journal World (Newspaper) - June 3, 1990, Lawrence, Kansas Journal world the opinion Page june 1990 Page 4a editorials where Are the candidates Only about a week remains until the june 11 filing deadline for offices to be filled in the november general those offices include positions that have a major Impact on local notably a seat on the Douglas county commission and All the areas representatives to the Kan Sas yet few candidates have come Forward to Challenge the incumbents or seek positions being no democrats have announced plans to run for the county commission or for the House seat now held by Democrat Jessie who has announced her one of the two other incumbent House members from Lawrence also faces no and an election race for the seat held by Eudora Republican David Miller has been left wide open by Millers decision to forgo a reelection bid to seek the Job of lieutenant perhaps candidates Are simply waiting until the last minute to declare their but the number of vacancies on the slate at this late Date May indicate that local party leaders Are having some trouble convincing Good candidates to enter the its easy to understand Why Many people want to get involved in a political race or serve in Public the time commitment is and Many officeholders make a sacrifice in earnings because of the time they spend away from their offices and and there is the loss of family time and the pressures of serving in the for Are the inaction and Lack of political courage by Many lawmakers that marked the just concluded session also would be Likely to discourage prospective but some of the same factors that deter some people from entering races Are the same reasons that make it vital for Public minded candidates to make the Effort to get involved in the political it is increasingly difficult to find people willing to set their own personal agendas or ambitions aside to work hard and represent their it takes people with drive and vision to not Only keep the county and state on a firm fiscal footing for the next several years but provide the kind of leadership to promote it will indeed be disappointing if local residents Are faced with Many unopposed candidates in the november elec Choice is the Bedrock of More choices encourage voter participation and give everyone a greater voice in their retaliation on terrorism a presidential commission on terrorism has recommended a policy of retaliation against the league of governments which sponsor murder the focus of the report is the bombing of pan am flight which Cost 270 lives when the bombed Airliner exploded Over the environs of Over the past five terrorist attacks against planes in six countries Are known to have killed Well Over yet Mere has been no retaliation by any nation even though solid intelligence data has pinpointed entities which in one Way or another have supported these for Syria is noted for giving Safe Haven to such and Libya supplies killers with materials and other types of Iran is known to have had a hand in a number of such cowardly yet nobody has been faced Down and punished in any columnist Rosenthal of the new York times joins with others in saying the recommendation of the com Mission should be put into Zero writes the United states must take the american Public must show and exercise a National will to fight terrorism and support government action retaliation must be threatened and carried retaliation graded upward from political and diplomatic to economic to military attack against terrorist targets in the league of terror soft Ore approaches to such terrorism Are not and the current policies by nations such As the United states tend to encourage rather than discourage further efforts to halt murder and there is enough data to pinpoint geographic sectors roles in incidents such As the pan am 103 and those whether guerrilla Camps or should be brought to Heel and Given full notice they will pay for further changing times Call for altered and what is being done to Cope with terrorists at present is a miserable Congress shows its Best and worst journal world Dolph Simons and publisher Ralph manager Gene director Robert editor Caroline editor Ann Page editor Dolph Simons Donna Dallas manager Keith manager established in 1854 1871 to 1952 publisher 1891 to 1944 Dolph Simons 1904 to 1989 publisher 1944 to 1962 published daily by the world company Al sixth and new Hampshire Telephone subscription rates including sales by every tour one year by mail in Douglas county and retail Trade area where Carrier service is not per year adjoining counties Ptter in remaining Kansas coun ties and greater Kansas per by mail elsewhere in the United per u5ps 306520 second Pottage paid at of audit Bureau of circulations of the anon lated pret postmaster Send address changes to the Box old Home town 10 years ago 1980 assessments continued for the june 1 storm that had drenched the Region and caused Well Over million in damage in the Lawrence and Desoto some officials said the total could climb much higher after All crop loss assessments due to the Hail and winds had been it had easily been the most severe storm to hit the Region since May when Tor Nado damage was extensive in some Rural City and county officials were looking for an answer to the Ris ing costs for a joint Telephone Douglas county decided to Purchase a new private system and the City of Lawrence was to take Over the system currently being officials hoped the move would improve the which had been steadily growing Washington everything that is right and wrong in con Gress was put on display in its final burst of activity before it yielded the Washington stage to Summit ers Bush and Gor in their last pre vacation the lawmakers used the negotiating skills that the Best of them possess to move along two Bills that will pay important dividends in better greater Opportunity and a Fuller life for but then these same folks turned around and indulged their penchant for parochial politics in the interests of their own reelection by fes tooling an important foreign id Bill with goodies for their Home already passed by the the clean air Bill and the americans with disabilities act guaranteeing handicapped per sons equal rights to compete for jobs and use Public facilities were overwhelmingly endorsed by the once conference committees Iron out the differences Between House and Senate they will be counted As two of the major achievements of this 101st con except for the presence of Many people in tourists in the Capitol had few clues that anything unusual was taking place on the May Days these Bills were on the House debate was rarely Pas most of the David Broder disagreements had been negotiated privately Long before the Bills reached the that is More often than not the Case when Complex issues of social policy Are being not by executive Fiat or judicial decree by a Large legislative body representing a wide variety of interests and which operates by majority Rule and instinctively seeks it is not a process which suits the storyboard formulas of television news or even the daily deadline requirements of but the clean air and disability Bills showed How Well this backroom business of legislating can serve the How do you measure the value to future generations of smog free no polluting or rainfall scrubbed of chemicals that kill lakes and Trees How do you calculate the gains for social Justice and the Overall sense of Community let alone for the 43 million people immediately impacted when the protections that past civil rights Bills have provided to minorities Are extended to those with disabilities when these Bills reach the White speechwriters will find suitable sentiments for president Bush to utter and the Public will those who Laboured for months or years on these Bills will be in the dim figures in the Oval office but note what Julie Rovner of congressional quarterly wrote about Steny d the floor Leader on the disability Bill he was ubiquitous during the measures nine month trip through the education and Energy and Public works and and judiciary he paced like an expectant father at each of the seven subcommittee and full committee and he testified at Many of the multitudinous hearings on the although Hoyer has been in Congress for a decade and holds the 4 place in the democratic it is doubtful that one american in 100 knows his name let alone the role he at the Center of the clean air Bill were two equally skillful and nationally unpublicized legislators John and Henry respectively the chairman of the Energy and Commerce committee and its health and environment sub despite their common party these two men Are opposites in background and they represent constituencies with clashing in they have fought epic Battles while far from have come to respect each and they were the keys to the agreements that let the House pass this Complex legislation with Only two Days of floor debate and Only 21 Dissen Ting but the bravos must mingle with because this same Congress then turned around and displayed its fatal Lack of fiscal it took a january re quest from the president for million in emergency Aid to the fledgling democracies in Panama and Nicaragua and turned it by May into a billion Boondoggle of goodies for favorite projects of politicians who serve on or have influence with the appropriations commit Steve a key ally of homers on the disability and a few others tried to strip some of the stuffing from the wildly misnamed dire emergency supplemental appropriations but the greed gang beat them on almost every this kind of experience but tresses Bush demand for con Gressional spending reforms As part of any budget and it explains Why critics of Congress find it so easy to Lam Baste the despite All the competence and craftsman ship it is capable of showing when it lifts its sights beyond the next Tiana men tanks leave stubborn stain editors note Cox newspapers Asia correspondent Bob Deans was in Tiana men Square a year ago today As the tanks rolled in and the machine guns began to spit bullets at chinese students gathered around their goddess of by Bob Deans Cox news service s Beijing out damned Shakespeare murderous lady Macbeth moaned in confounded As in vain she struggled to rid her hand of the stain of her victims How much More How much harder to scrub the spots that stain this ancient City tank tracks etched deep into the Avenue of eternal bubbling up beneath the fresh skin of pavement poured to blot them damned Bullet holes plugged with fresh plaster and paint that Doest quite match the ver million Walls along the sidewalks where the children ran scorch Marks on the stones of Tiana men closed for months while soldiers worked to repair that untidy solemn faces of people dressed in Black ascending the Steps toward the final rallying Point for the leaders of chivas democracy Spring of the crackle of gunfire echoing through the Heads of the millions who mourn in silence out damned resounds the cry of a government that answers a nations rage with plaster and but the like refuse to they simply hide somewhere deep in the National haunting the hands that wont Wash there ghosts out said an american reporter who wept in the darkness on Tiana men Square last you can hear their voices and see then they were professors who wore thick glasses and spoke of a China As yet unborn a billion people Able to speak their question their leaders and Chart their own v they were students in sneakers without who dared to dream bold dreams a future unfettered by a place where their children were now like a Falls across that Broad and folks keep their visions to there swallowing their own said an italian journalist Long vested in chinese swallowing tears and choking on the while beneath the facade a silent quake slowly in the foreign language Bookstore on a sunday youths Cluster around English primers with names like modern american English and the Man front theres a simple reason a taiwanese visitor explains they want to get in a toy store Down the a Fellini esque scene an expressionless old woman slaps out a hackneyed rendition of Beethoven fur Elise in a almost Marionette like on an elec tric keyboard costing More than most chinese earn in a nearby a crowd ogles a Remote control toy while a smiling Panda Mascot reminds passersby that Beijing will soon Host the asian a sort of regional min olympics to be staged Here this the chinese Haven forgotten what happened Here last Treyve merely chosen to look the other but diversions will carry a nation Only so far when its bridled with a fear of its past when its people Are cowed by the govern ment there supposed to Trust when tanks become toys in the hands of old it was Sunset on Tiana men Square last week when a Young woman strode through dressed in she sniffled in spite of Fie hot dry clenched her Teeth and looked straight she sat on the Square for a Long gazing out past the tourists and then she Rose without a turned her Back and whether she saw ghostly faces or heard Distant no one watching could All that was Clear As she walked away were the stains from a hot night last spots on the pavement of Tiana men damned soviet economic system hard to explain by Joe Murray Cox news service Angelina Texas a visiting who is a big time newsman from new York City and recently returned from was trying to explain to me the economic system of the soviet of probably no one can explain the economic system of the soviet he which is to he that almost every russian has to have his or her own Little Independent economic system what to us would be a what to them is sur that about communism Only common that no one can live on the Liv ing they make working in the workers the Black Market is a Way of life quite literally for the russian As is buried in communism rubble is the marshmallow Money in the world of hard the official Exchange rate is about per the tourist rate is rubles per Dollar and the Black Market rate is As much As 15 rubles to the when a country Money is no there Are no goods in the regular almost everything is tunnelled into the Black in is the real marketplace where goods Are priced at their real think of it As backs against the better my Friend think of a Little town like your county if just As it could somehow be transported intact and set Down in the Middle of do you know what it would become it be the shining City on the he the people of Russia would journey from the farthest regions of the soviet Union simply to behold its they would stand in Awe of this Miracle of to your poorest citizens would seem to live like the ultimate ambition of any russian would be to become a they could imagine no greater Here my Friend began to wave his arms a if you could have in Russia what your k Mart store has in he stopped and Shook his lets say if you could have whats sold m a Kmart in just one he Shook his head that still too much to i he finally suppose your House caught and All you could save was whatever you could grab if you could then take just those goods to you could live in luxury for a he make that ten the shining City on the Hill now that i think about Why not last count we Nad twice As Many Mcdonalds As the russians have in their entire

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