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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 25, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeLimn Friday. June 25. 1954 Kingsport time Zundt pendent democratic merry go round Hollywood Detroit. Aad subscription Rule by mail first second Romal zones daily and sunday one year i1j 00 by Carrier duly sunday one week we. Today s Bible thought he that gather eth in summer is a Wise son but he that sleep eth in Harvest is a son that Mauseth the times daily tonic the Law of Harvest is to reap More than you sow. Sow an act. And you Heap a habit sow a habit a you reap a character sow a Char Acter and you reap a d Board Man. Who s getting whom in the Long and never ending Wrangle Over Tva the charge has been made Over and Over and Over again that somebody is out to get Tva. The somebody is variously called the private Power lob the administration or vested in or just getting biographer and served in Churchill s world Means destroying it and the whole War n Cabinet. Only one Man came to concept of Public Power. It s about time somebody called a Spade a. Spade and stated some Basic farts the newer a notion hot. N him Chi Rehll hockey the watch Given him facts the Powei question has three by has father and went out on the town. _ schools of thought. There is the original Churchill s father was lord Henry Spencer school which apparently everybody be Churchill. His Mother was Jennie Jerome of longed to except socialists for a great Many years which accepted the idea of Tard american private ownership of Power. There was a Churchill replied with solemn Gravity my when no one thought of the Public ear marshal Aren t you being a trifle care it7rl t n. I less with your words have you forgotten that ownership of Power except those who i Loo am half american half also believed in the Public ownership of telephones and Telegraph lines and of the railroads. Ii was simply one of the tenets of socialism. The second school teaches that private development of Power is Fine As far As it goes but there Are some things too big for private utilities to do and which by Drew Pearson you May not know about Winston Churchill after Winnie suffered a stroke last year he wiggled his toes desperately and persistently every morning to try to bring Back his circulation i m go ing to fool Eden he fumed. Eden is slated to become prime minister if Churchill Dies. Two years ago Churchill confided to a Friend that he wished he had passed on the Way Roosevelt during the Peak of the War. He said he Felt lonely. But last year the 79-year-old bulldog pulled himself Back to life by sheer will Power. Tempestuous life Rome closer to death More times than any other British statesman. In the Mala Kand Campaign near the Afghanistan Border he was almost killed by a Pathan tribesman. In the Boer War he was captured when an armoured train was wrecked. The Boer who captured him turned out to be Louis Botha who later became first prime minister of the Transvaal. Arriving by boat in India he fell off the Dock and saved himself by grabbing a mooring rope. In world War i he was serving As a lieutenant colonel and left his underground Trench to meet a general. The Genera never kept the appointment. When Churchill got Back to his Trench it had been blown to Smithereens. When 18. While being chased by his brother and Cousin in a game at lady Winborne s Home. Churchill jumped from a Bridge to the tops of some Young Pine Trees below. The drop was 30 feet and he ended up in bed for three months. In new York forty years later Churchill stepped off the curb and was hit by a tax driven by Mario const Unsino. Quite badly injured he exonerated the Driver and managed to nil All but ten of 45 lecture engagements. Impossible youth in school at Harrow. Churchill according to biographer John Ter was mentally unaware except when up to once he threw Charles Amer by Krs Kink Johnson exclusively yours Sterling Hayden. Who it once before. Is telling pals that he May quit the movie game for something that will make him happier maybe Grouchy Marx married Krien Hartford in Cannes As re ported and maybe he t. A Rinmo. A Largo. Chico and other relatives Haven t had any official word from about the hitching and Are inclined to doubt it Frances Bersen. Edgar s pretty ran. Will be pop Ping up in new York Tel shows As a dramatic actress. Bergen okayed the live emoting for his wife who made her film deput in new record i can do without when Liberace winks at Spike Jones touring in the hinterlands reports one town was so Small they had a sign right in the Center of it Reading you Are now entering and leaving Powell. Wyo for modern West note after a million modernization. The last Frontier hotel in Las vegas will be named the new Frontier. Vav it Betty Hutton and Charlie o Vurnm Signet the divorce in with both agreeing to what s hers is hers and what s his is his Mem s scheduled hear Churchill s first speech. It was scheduled to defend the entertainment Protection league and attack those who wanted to ban music Halls. When Only one Man came to hear half should be done in the interest of Public take him an also covered the Nile War and the Boer War. Much welfare therefore government must step later he became Secretary of War during in. This was the position of those who world War i and was responsible for the sold government ownership and develop tragic decision to attack at Gai Zipoli in the 0 r Olarri Anollee of vim a vhf non Fin ment to the country. At least they preached this idea. Then there was the third school which believes that ownership in the natural into the Harrow Pool. Later Amery became his Don t go near the water for Esther Williams John Derek and Debra Paget will love it up in the Annapolis Story for Al lied artists. It it it Mem has leased stage space in its big London studios to Ray Rich who will make two Fea Ture pictures for to distribution. Maurice Chevalier barred from entering the u. S. By the state department is before the Cam Era in France in a new movie tagged i have seven Daugh a it it Susan Hayward in t expecting either of her 9-year-Olri twin sons to get the acting Bug while they re on location with her in Utah for the they re in school plays and they do skits with the cub she told me but i Don t see any acting Talent or any inclination in that direction. At the moment they both want to be Marine generals. Last year they wanted to be men from outer space. They re Normal Heads in jails out Washington calling by Thomas l Stokes four studied not at Oxford or Cambridge but at the British West Point Sandhurst. He had a hard Lime getting in t make it until the third try. But he graduated eighth in his class. Within five years after graduation Churchill managed to get into four wars. He was an observer for the British army in the Spanish american War in Cuba went to the Mala Kand Campaign As a the British army Washington primary elec Tion news continues cheerful in terms of the predominant Issue of these times. To be explicit we have witnessed another Triumph Over the selfish political exploitation of fear bigotry ignorance and the Victor in this Case senator Margaret Chase Smith of Maine herself used those very words four years ago this month in the first re publican protest in the Senate against senator Joe Mccarthy and mccarthyism. For that famous declaration of in which she was joined by six Oiler Republican senators she won the enmity of senator Mccarthy you will re Call. So four years later the senator s proxy appeared in Maine to try to eliminate mrs. Smith in the Republican Pri Mary. This was 34-year-old Robert l. Of the government operations committee of which the Wisconsin senator is chairman or. Jones resigned and entered the Maine senatorial primary with senator Mccarthy s Blessing but much to the annoyance of Sena Tor Potter. We saw the end of the Mccarthy Smith vendetta when mrs. Smith overwhelmingly Defeated or. Jones. Now four years after mrs. Smith spoke out courageously on the Senate floor. It appears that the tide is definitely turning against mccarthyism even though meanwhile it had risen to an alarming Peak As the Sena Tor carried the War into his own party s administration and by so doing became a figure of National and International notoriety. Mrs. Smith s Triumph carries on a trend against the selfish resources of the country rests in the peo regiment in France. Had remained a few More Days the turks would have surrendered. Reaction against Churchill was so bitter after Gai Zipoli that he resigned from the Cabinet and joined his old Jones. He had come to know political exploitation of fear big it it it the drive in pie therefore in government and there fore All Power development should be in _ the hands of the government. It is True that in the beginning of the development of Public Power there were Churchill s decisions Winnie and for charted some the most important strategy in the last War and at times american generals and admirals resented it. When visit ing in the White House Churchill stayed up until 3 . Every night talking to Harry hop Kins. Worn out for always retired earlier. T a j i. I i i i. I Riauo. To Iii but k always Lent cd Call Many who tried to Block it. There Are u. S. Multary men these still those who say it should have been Churchill put his views across late when they blocked. But practically All the oppose had departed and he was left alone with Tion now1 feels that in More ways than Kirn ono5 Loose one this is water Over the dam that the Down the White House Hall to for s room Public Power program has reached a he Sot up just before noon drank Champagne Point that it would be futile to think of destroying it. If there is anyone trying to get somebody else it looks like the shoe was on the other foot. It looks very much at lunch slept in the afternoon and polished off a bottle of Brandy during the evening. Mrs. Roosevelt was never too Happy about Winnie s visits usually left town when hear Rived. Churchill s War was dead opposed to the second front across the English him. He wanted to Wear the germans out in Italy and the Balkans which he called the soft Underbelly of the Axis. U. S. Generals Jennie Lee likes movies. The dialogue is she says especially in the car parked next to it it it Maria Riva s advice to be stars about learning acting know How now that movie Stu Dios Are demanding experienced players extra work in live television is the Best training Job and the most lucrative. For one Day of senator Mccarthy while work ing As Secretary to senator pot Ter who is a member it it it Ronald Howard 33-year-old son of the late Leslie Howard will frighten to audiences this fall predicts Sheldon Reynolds with his amazing resemblance to the famous Star. Howard failed to impress movie studios with his acting talents a couple of years ago and returned to Hollywood where he s now playing Sherlock Holmes in a telefilm series pro Otry ignorance and earlier Down South we saw the exploitation of racial prejudice fail in two notable cases. It was tried but not work against senator John Sparkman of Ala Bama who was renor Ninalee and against former governor Kerr Scott of North Carolina who won nomination to the sen ate. These two democrats Are recognized leaders in Southern Progress visa. Maine s people have a reputation for common sense and Independence. This they have exhibited once again. There s something deeper too typical of n. Welch lawyer Welch of bos ton who put the Finger on the Mccarthy run cloy and reckless Ness for. The whole nation to see dramatically on television. The exposure of senator Mccarthy to the american people including those of Maine was going on while the Maine Pri Mary Campaign was in Progress. Maine in fact had a double exposure the investigation Here and the expounding of the Doc Trine on the Home ground by or. Jones. The vote in Maine came after the spectacle in the Senate caucus room Here had ended. We take it from the Pri Mary results that most folks in Maine not care for what they saw with their eyes and heard with their ears. Their reaction might be taken As a poll of sorts. And maybe it s even pardonable to recall Hope fully that old political axiom As Maine goes so goes the or. Jones went about Maine talking about it s Wise to scrutinize carefully those who speak As if they were the sole proprietors of americanism which is what the Maine folks . In her speech in the Senate on june 1, 1950, when she presented the declaration of As it came to be called mrs. Smith had something to say which seems to fit the present occasion to wit those of us who shout the loudest about americanism in making character assassinations walking across the stage or for diced in London by Reynolds. Maine As of All new England Are All too frequently those who going from one room into an other an extra gets ?68. 1 the future stars will come from to extras who make a study of the it it it Ida Lupino was talking about throwing in the Towel As an actress a few months Hack but she s in greasepaint again for like f the supporters of Tva Are trying Channel. That was one reason Stalin hated hard to squeeze out All private Power interests rather than the other Way round. We have come a Long Way since Public claimed the belly was anything but ownership and development of Power when general Al Wedemeyer chief of u. S. Private was said to be an adjunct of private pow Churchill s ideas r. On a Mediterranean War Winston arranged to or. Now private Power has become the have Wedemeyer transferred to China. It sex King who must be liquidated lest he was who helped pick Gen. Charles de make a comeback. The Battle cry. Of save Tva from destruction is simply a cover up for the real Battle objective that Tva and Public Power must expand and expand and expand. Private Enterprise must be Frozen out. That is the real idea and there should be no More doubt about it than there was about Hitler s intentions in Poland when he was claiming that the poles were going to attack Germany. There May be an honest difference of As to whether private or Public control of the Power resources should be Gaulle and made him the exiled Leader of the free French a decision he s sometimes regretted. Another dubious decision was his instruction to general Skobie to treat Athens As a conquered it was this instruction plus Skobie s shooting Down of greek civilians in the streets which turned the greeks against the allies and aided the communists. Another historic decision was Churchill s remark i was not made prime minister to liquidate the British he said this in connection with for s proposal to give Hong Kong Back to China thereby strengthening Chiang Kai Shek Chiang packed up and started to leave the Cairo con Ference after Churchill s turndown. Historians May claim that failure to bolster Chiang plus failure to push the China Burma the telefilm work proved to her she says that the Ham in the Lupino make up As fresh As anything in Betty fur Ness refrigerator. She told me Tele vision has Given me a whole new audience. Kids who never saw me on the big screens write fan letters and ask me Why i Don t do More feature pictures. It s a real thrill sweetie. I be become interested in acting about Howard Reynolds says no one Ever believed he could do anything. They always imagined he was imitating his father. But he s great at com that s the Way we re playing Holmes this until he was signed for the to role. Howard married and the father of three children played anyone for bits on the London stage. Short takes Steve Cochran none too rhapsodic about scripts offered him. Will Star in come next Spring for his own inde pendent company film production is booming in Cuba of All places with some of Mexico s top stars treading the sound stages near Havana Jane Russell is looking glum. She had set her heart on playing a role in the ten but Anne Baxter tied it up for herself. Which is the heritage of free of conscience of speech of press of religion. In this hour when All of that is threatened. New England again has taken the Lead. There is mrs. Smith of Maine. There in senator Ralph Flanders of Vermont who started the movement to strip Sena Tor Mccarthy of his committee chairmanships. There is Joseph by our own words and acts ignore some of the Basic principles of americanism the right to criticize. The right to hold unpopular beliefs. The right to protest. The right to Independent there we May find the explanation of Maine on monday last. Mac s window by w. do you suppose that artist Eisenhower Anil artist Churchill will spend their time discussing the relative merits of whatever it is that artiste discuss the rela Tive of when hey tit Down together Winny will no doubt paint a for Ike a dark and gloomy picture of the future if communism Binot stopped. To and he will Likely ask Ike to draw something for him preferably a Check. France is a Long Way from be ing deed when it can people like Genevieve de Galard Terra be. Maybe what la Belle needs is a woman s hand an other Joan of arc. A Good Wom an politician who would shame the men out of their Petty Quad reling might be just what the doctor ordered. I a taint for nothing that the u. S. And Britain Are symbolized by men. Uncle Sam and John Bull but France by a woman Mari Anne. Or. Lodge tells gue Tamala not to be a cats Paw. He should have said bears Paw. A Skunk is really a very in offensive animal. But when it comes to defensive of boy can he discourage attack the thing that makes most people avoid disturbing the peaceful life of a Skunk is absolute certainty of what hot will do if bothered. And come to think of it there is no better example for our nation to follow. Attack nobody that does not interfere with us but make sure everybody knows just what will happen if does interfere with us. The end of the Carmy he Ings left things hanging just like earrings. We can hardly wait for the re port of the subcommittee. In fact we t have to for senator Potter s opinion. As an englishman observed those american earrings Are like the ladies earrings neither useful nor h ornamental. Comes a Story of a lady smug Gler caught bringing in dope in her earrings. Those think of everything. A h a theatrical producer says one of them must know How to dress his chorus girls. The girls let him judging from the results and the finished product the right word would have been undress rather than dress. To costume a modern chorus girl Calls for a Milliner rather than a dressmaker. Doctor says by William e. Gilroy . Side glances the program of the future. One would be what really Maric China a Little Blind not to see that the Devil Churchill the author Churchill has s writ Ozment of the great Power projects by ten 33 books including one novel the Federal government has brought eco nomic Prosperity to Many sections. But one would have to be equally Blind not brought him s100.000, while his recent books to see that the Power Industry in private hands a pretty Good Job too and the economic development of the nation not have to wait on Federal control of Power. We Are just a Little fed up with the idea so frequently expressed that the men who have engaged in the Power business Are some sort of wicked ogres. These men Are just As patriotic just As decent no More selfish than those who beat their first Bonk was the life of lord ran Rio Mph a Best seller which paid him his books on world War i on world War ii will net him Over a million. Challenged in parliament while speaking for Ireland Churchill once threw a Book in the face of Ronald it was not his Book but a copy of parliamentary rules and etiquette. Republic rat javits Alfred Vanderbilt 4he racing enthusiast and a prime mover behind the world vet Erans federation entertained veterans Lead ers together with Harold Russell armless Star of Best years of our Adlai Steven son and others on his Island estate the breasts and lift up their eyes and Label other Day. Present also was congressman Jack javits of new York a Republican who frequently votes with the democrats. Themselves Friend of the people. We might hasten to add that neither do we think advocates of Public Power Are necessarily communists even if communists do by live in Public ownership. Power people who arc trying to destroy but it scorns to us that a great Deal of Tva which would be impossible now Bill attacks on private Power people that Tva people arc out to liquidate the Ronier close to Florn Rorr assassination private Power business in this country and it seems to us it is not the private an objective much More attainable. The Doc said if i stay on this diet there s no reason Why i should to to. Every year a Good Many peo ple roam the Fields and Woods collecting mushrooms which they Cook and cat. This is a dangerous practice As there is no Way to distinguish Between the edible mushrooms and the several poisonous kinds. Even experts often have difficulties. The superstition that a Silver Coin will become tarnished from the poisonous varieties if it is put in the dish in which Mush rooms Are being cooked is wholly false. Also the taste is not reliable As most of the poisonous Are supposed to have an agreeable flavor. A 7v 7t in the United states most cases of poisoning Are caused by mushrooms of the Amanita family the Best known variety of which is sometimes called the death the Poison from the death or Amanita Pha Loides. Is technically known As a toxin. About six to eighteen hours after eating this dangerous Mush room the symptoms begin to appear. They usually consist of nausea vomiting diarrhoea and severe abdominal pains. There May be great thirst inability to urinate dizziness jaundice after two or three Days and unconsciousness. More than half of those Are stricken usually die this generally occurring five to eight Days after eating the Mush rooms. There is in Good treatment for mushroom poisoning of this k and although if the stomach can he washed out. Parly mom of the Infin is removed and the of recovery ire better. Another Type of poisonous mushroom is called Amanita Niu Scaria or the Fly Here the Poison is of a differ ent Type and is related to a drug commonly used in Medicine called Pilocarpine. In this Type the symptoms appear Early usually within three hours of eating the mushrooms and when death occurs it is usually within 24 hours. A in addition to the Sven loss of vomiting diarrhoea and abdominal pain there is also sweating tearing of the eyes narrowing of the pupils of the eyes slow pulse and in fatal this variety if identified Early enough can be efficiently treated with atropine. In such properly treated cases about one in ten succumbs. It seems quite unnecessary to pick mushrooms in the Woods and run this great risk when Safe ones can be so easily bought. Even experts have been caught by failure to Tell whether cer Tain mushrooms were one of the edible varieties or were poisonous. The Safe thing to do is to eat Only those mushrooms which cases convulsions and Union have been passed by competent scion Ness. Or official inspection. Our our it s one of our Windy Road Mem just Back with some mice stories

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