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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 25, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeEen t topics rips attract younger set by Sara Lor bas1xger school has been out now for almost a month and most of pm sport shirt school and col ire be have really been taking advantage of the Opportunity with parties and meetings vacations and dates swimming and of on the new Tva lakes. Fact they Are so Active it s quite difficult to keep Tab on them. One Busy Gal is Lucy Crymble Lucy left the week after school was out for Banner Elk. N. Where she attended a Presby Teri Aii Young Peoples conference. While there Lucy was elected j editor of the presbytery prattler.1 urea youth paper. Due to this office Lucy was sen to another i conference. This time in Mon Treal. N. Journalists at convention this week Lucy along with Chuck Ross representing the in Dian Tribune. Dobyns Bennett High school paper and Margaret Denise and Nancy Demon rep Rooming the Maroon and Grey. Hish school annual is attending the Tennessee Institute of new officers of the Jay Cottes Chat Between Bridge t the. Wednes stay evening meeting in the utilities auditorium. Thev Are mrs Tom Browder vice president mrs. Jack Wilder president and mrs Aubrey Meadows Secretary. Mrs. Frank Brogden. Treasurer and mrs. Robert e Lee social chairman worn absent f Hal Boyle s column by Hal Boyle Jinan and Lils two Young owners new York j. Fred j Roy Waldron Ami j. Bud men America s Only inc Orpo Nella. went along with the Chimp Friday june 25, 1954 Kingsport times 3 Camp sky Wamo to open sunday the appalachian girl scout son City Tenn., unit Counselor Camp Camp sky Wamo win and miss Jennie Collier Johnson its sixth season sunday. Cloy Tenn unit Counselor. P around the inc other Day to a children s mrs. Adam Bowman of John to watch him pick cily. Camping chairman of Plotki Itson Del lil Udy m j d i Star in history to Girdle the Globe a Bardine suit a red Are in and the staff is ready. Honors Walrus d9i 6v by air plane while still in Uia suit. There Are few openings f pers neither j. Milton Berle Nur pm is secret in the to nerd 5cssi j Wand Baj honoured by co Star on j. Dave today show j. Freds at cach slow " is being accorded More but what is w to j Fred s Sald men worrying me Tolian j. Christopher Columbus k service. Muggs needs first voyage. Changes a Day. And i Don t the other Day people any air plane can tended a conference to Iron a Llose diapers. Building Johnson Blevins Joan Christman. Following Are the members of Velva Mcchain Glenda the staff mrs. Earl Gaski Jjones. Betty Snapp sue Ann Houston Texas director , Sharon Jones Judy Nell Sanders key West Fla Snapp Vera Huntsman Linda business manager miss Ellen j Waed Sandra Cox Joyce Cox Shelton of Kingsport unit coun Jhelen Swift. Gean Cox Norman the said a network Muir hop Taii find with a note tuned for a while. Out in the be talk. Him executive s chair and fell he can stand up also miss Helen Ellis Charles Cox. Sleep he has tremendous self cum scr the Strain. Television is Lomery ala., unit the cake was decorated with very hard on any Marjorie Mast Sherwood i e she candies and Blue and White of Nwe a 11 i j stand in for Muggs he has Tol Kingsport mint Counselor and Cox. Mrs. G. Cox. Mrs. Author Hile mrs Wilson Cox mrs Lether Sei o 1 know unit Counselor. Grover c. Cox or. And or. And inti. I ill. I Imrch non Plenc Muggs who is travelling As a Goodwill ambassador for the u. S. Television Industry is bound to of be most popular american i Sho Muggs will go mass Kelly already views the Stopover with dismay. African a. Waterfront director miss Jerry Staley Lenoir n. C., As tourist of the year for a Virv alive rip off his store clothes trim. Games were played during the evening. Vera Huntsman chairman worn absent for the picture. Simple reason. He does t speak anal disappear into English. We certainly flying via pan american Mimi fo1 airways he will hit such key we definitely the Bush. Have no Knoxville. Tenn. Unit coun Inanc in mind for she Sanlor miss Carolyn Wood John Distant waterfront director mks Norman Trussel Betty Snapp. Barbara Crawford. Knoxville ill Cla Waed and Judy Snapp Tenn., assistant waterfront director miss Marguerite Faulk a How in in uc1vis is fundamentals of All types newspaper and annual activities1 held at it. Fairfax says should have waited talking of love Smoky Mountain music Camp has again claimed a lot of Kingsport band students for its summer session. Most of these dear miss Fairfax teenagers will be freshmen i m a puerto Alcan boy of 17, event rated on yourself. You can t think about other people and Dobyns Bennett next fall. Among land some time ago fell in at the same time so if new arrivals Judy k. Harrison daughter of or. And mrs. Roscoe f. Harri cities Rome Cairo Bonk tl1 it associate Hoivik Kong. Tokyo and Mexico wltl1 any Nuller chimpanzees. City. He s getting girl crazy no. But the trip also holds a or la pcs to p1 1 his Aims birthday son jr., 325 w. Ravine Road at Holston Valley Community hos Pital june 22, weighing 6 pounds 3 ounces. David Bla Kelv son of mind mrs. Rex drive at Hych Union Tel interest for him As them and will revisit. Africa where he was them born in poverty some 27 months ago. Today just 18 months after Muggs entered television he become the wealthiest Simian alive. He earns ?450 a week has 300 suits gets hundreds of fan letters each week owns 4-Inch anti those attending Are Pat a girl the same age who is you make it a habit to do theting 5 pounds 13vounces Debbie Pike eve Scutt. My class at High school. Sheif St you la lend to forget about Pamela Charlene Gilly Bevins. John Heller. Craig i must get permission i daughter of or and mrs Vir i John Gilbreath Bob Minter. Father to go with her. So i next time you happen to findish Gilly. Kingsport route 6 at Peters Alfred Crymble. And talked to her faced with the june 16 Keighim s Williams. Gilbert Leonard Bobby who gave the permission and of talking with a boy make ounces sex senator Moody reported improved Hancock. Mich. P. Blakely. Oak ranches in Texas and j senator Blair Moody stricken i june 20 weigh Florlita and is incorporated tin with a combination of virus Rier the name of j. Fred and a heart ailment enterprises. He has also judged was reported dramatically in several Beauty contests and Bowles Terry Parsley Butch she became my girl. Point of asking him about the Ken nth Michael Fletcher son is proved today an Admiral in the Nebraska Navy. His doctors and democratic he has endorsed everything said All indications cent a tractor. Wearing a Beret and d miss Brenda Kay Davis was honoured with a birthday party recently on her first birthday. Hostesses were mrs. Paul Davis and mrs. Jack Davis for the party which was Given at the Home of mrs. Paul Davis. Among those who were pres ent were mrs. Richard Rhea and children Sondra Sharon and Ricky mrs. Conly Thomas and daughters Connie and Patty mrs. Robertson and Dinah Steve and Linda Maggard san dra Kay and Larry huddle Bobbie and Jimmy Mullins were that he would be Able to Donnie Sensabaugh Janice arid Ark continue his Campaign for the Larry Honaker Karen Moffett beams. Pete Scheuermann. And. One Day she introduced me to things that interest him or. And mrs. Kenneth s Sias ses Muggs will take in nomination for the Paul Bellamy. The Camp session1 her Sisters and i fell in love with letting him Tell you about them. Fletcher. Church Hill route his Secretary and s. Senate seat he once held for t closes sunday. July 4. Jane joins youth caravan Jane Kirkpatrick left one of them. Now 1 am in As it May seem the per at Hych june 17, i with both girls but the trouble Json who is a Good listener very pounds 9 ounces. I is the first one found out How i often gets the reputation of be a Brooke Ellen Bradley fell about the second one and Long a Good talker Ter of or. And mrs George e of nod pics nine in. 0.1 in Iii Iurii s Iii in Siasios for in Rinrix of what cal1 l do to make her i such that will give you Activi-ll010 _ k Sevier ave. At Hych eks Good Luck Jane. Ilove me again local psf t cities to share with other Young june 33, weighing 5 pounds. 5 2 cos. Buooa fuck Jane j her and Don t want to lose her. People. If you make yourself ounces. Her father does t want expert at some of Steven Kemper Bvrd. Son of Johnnye Oglesby and Brenda i to come to the House any others will look up to you or. And mrs. Conley k Byrd Goerdel returned recently from Charlis want to know you better. Kingsport route 8 at a vhf Brevard. N. C., where they Charlis they May even come to you Fortune 21. Weighing 8 pounds spent an enjoyable week at the do you know Why you and ask you to help . National red Cross aquatic j yourself into All this trouble these things As Well As you school held there. Johnnye and because you did t have the Good perhaps you d like to have my Brenda took courses in and sense to wait till you were on How to be Vance first Aid boating and i proper age to talk about being in a Send me a stamped self and canoeing swimming and diving. Love with this girl. No doubt in dressed envelope and i la be glad at the close of the Camp both the country from which both you to Forward them to you. Girls received their red Cross and this girl came love at your water safety instructors cer age is fyn taken seriously by Tii Cates. Congratulations girls. Musiy of Ople. So v j i j the parents of Young people you went to her incidentally fire Rida s Tex and she really though Karl Adams and his family meant serious business. Arlington n. J., Are visiting immature Kingsport this week. Brenda to Eils now that have shown family have returned from me that Karl was the Sahi Tator them. Us your talk he club hostess the Lovelace Home Demon stration club met recently at twin Home of mrs. Walter bask Ette. Eleven club members were present. Or. And mrs. Jack r Shipley a discussion was held on cold irined from. Distle a each men Ber told about to Ian of his graduating class this fallen in love with year. Ilk of having inc or vacation trip to Florida Toi scr fax Orlic salad and How t the girl s Sis their nume in la first girl in Tenn. Irs. Bertha Steadman Gav on to mrs. W. H. Barlo immature Beckley w. Va., -.j.uu.1v 1 0.1 he ,1 Judy Compton last years Edi Are Ancl what nonsense it was for Home after a wee in of this column drove to a Vou to talk of love at All As if or Mother mrs. W Ter which the first girl Bie Adrian gave doubted by passed on to mrs. W. H. Barlow and son Mats the st01 53 columnist on House party they can see How immature Beckley w. Va., have returned Tor of this column drove to a i 0" to Taik 01 love at All As w. B. Hendrick lax a yesterday for a indeed. Son. Johnson City Hwy. While end House party of some of Here irs perfectly natural for a boy Here they attended the fish sea friends from age to imagine himself opening at Boone Lake. Woman s College at the Home with any number of girls mrs. Taylor led a Short Dis on the care of baby t Ter Ginger Price. Judy and he is ready to get serious rare driving to Roanoke Friday any of them. If you la try vv66k s mud meet two More of the guests. To remember that in future you Barbara Boyle of Roanoke Voltl messes like this one. Janet Otte of Baltimore whom in the meantime i think you Judy plans to room with next had better not try to get Back Young adults District acct Friday irs. Eula Carr gave an in sting talk on Home improve ment. Mrs. Ralph Roberts presented some helpful ideas on gardening and sprays. Mrs. Fawn i Taylor talked about landscaping. It was decided to hold a Craft Sale at the next meeting which july plans to room win next1--- i Sci in 4n com a n w year at Randolph Macon. Judy on the old footing with this Par ins Al Al Rel methodist Church Imp More Lark will be returning either girl first because her a in Church Hill p. M. Pot up Sprai i night or Early monday is obviously not going to let Luck supper. Mrs Steadman and mrs 7 l or you anyhow and. Second be fort Robinson town the Devilish blew in up t-00 big meeting at . At fort Askue won Penzes. Their dates with a Cook out sat the beginning. If it works out Robinson school. All residents urday night at Gay Linn s that this girl and her sister to attend Uncle s Cabin off the Gate City to willing to be just teen age Bristol Highway. Or. And mrs. A friends with you. That s All Well Bai urday Howe Dobyns mrs. Audrey Good. Otherwise you d just Ali Marc Salci b and or. And mrs. De Dickson better have As Little to do with the United workers class Foj supervised the cooking with or them As possible and make Church 8 Dobyns As head Sampler just to friendships with other girls on a allot build Ina five make sure none of the girls pois More sensible basis. Points one their dates. I a pcs golds memorial sixth members and their dates in dear mass pan fax. Church Buffet supper eluded Gay and Jim Dobyns 1 am a girl of to old. And h p Barbara Gott and Alvin under what you might Call afraid Fellowship Hall. Public is invited Wood. Jane Galliher and whenever a boy asks me. Run make Sale polls Ord m Campbell. Pat Macbeth and Jim for a ate. I make up some workers class of f Edwards. Sara Lou Basinger and excuse Why i can t accept and i methodist Church 8 Bill ring. Eleanor Taylor and go to a party unless l know Western Auto Bui John Palmer Martha Carson and my Kerls we Del of Points. Whitney co visor. Joyce Blank once i did to a dance by in heckler and Jim Byerly. Bev boy. And alien he kissed a pcs in new Howard and Forrest Tets. Building. Iaht and Gene in Fly u first . In Lily line. Five a j. Mary Kelly a camera 19 months. And Brenzia s great grandparents or. And mrs. Robert f. Davis. Club splash party and dance. College dance. Lutheran Church splash party. Sunday splash party Golf tournament Chicken in the rough picnic supper reservations please. Banishes Clair. Pimple fuss to yours ence again re m irly successful in pm m Omha Clearing up ugly acne. rashes. Grease ass. O Eelke fee id Tho skin. Cab service open 7 Days per week cd 5-5831 Lynn Garden cabs if you be been Wash no for g real Jeff Aerator buy this is it after that Sarah Mchorris and Raymond " of Cricri him As Thomas. Bobby reams Antl of l i him l Chales Carson. Sue King and Nicaj a Oil Gantt Charlotte Lee and Eddie Wallfi no p my Marrs. Of j thy sufferer Dotty and Joyeuse car c give swim party you Are simply suffering from Dotty booze and Joyeuse a bad Case of shyness and self Blankenbeckler were hostesses consciousness. But Don t let it a ctr Tor a Buffet and swimming party Down wednesday night. The la right Way. You can gathered in the Back Yard of de Over it. Dotty s Home on Yadkin Street one think Tillat will help a at for the Buffet and then Deal is to put your mind on moved on to Ridgefield s fori others of keeping it con swimming and dancing about fifty Young people enjoyed the occasion. Dotty s and Joyeuse s dates were Johnny Robinson and Jim Byerly. A pal Macbeth entertained seven girls wednesday night with a dinner and Bridge party. Pat who served Fried Chicken tomato1 aspic stuffed potatoes Asmara i Gus hot biscuits and a Frozen i Lemon dessert to her guests cooked the dinner herself. The girls decided to make it a weekly occasion. 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