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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 tuesday june 23, 193s Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper 3. F. Dwt it or. Publ thu j. W. Inv Samraj a incr w. 1. Baditoi Ink Ltd. A Ruuti cd Tot 13041 1. Hunt Strtt Kin Norv run Uemon of Tow aug elated Gnu soul pm. Amp Pei Amoco too and the audit Bureau 41 circulation. La India Wonit Deao Carlo pull shed web after Loon unit saturday and sunday. Tai Amo Elaml u entitled to the us for publication All Newt Lupato com credited to it or cot Cie Atteo to paper and Ako the Tea Newt pull bed herein. Intern at Ost office in Tenn. A second Elau Matt Mitter october 71. 1m4. Under act of March National advert amt Shannon Job As Loci tax inc. With Ohice in new irk. Chleno Detroit it Anta 8v loud. Kantar Chi. Lot Anielli and Sao subscription rate by mall first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday week. Today s Bible thought and that he died for All that they which live should not henceforth live unto them selves but unto him which died for them and Rose Cor. The times daily tonic beyond this Vale of tears there is a life above. Unmeasured by the flight of years and All that life is love. Montgomery. Last full measure a surprising reaction to the action of Justice Douglas in the Rosenberg Case was expressed by a number of people who Felt that the last minute Holdup of the execution would look like a sign of weakness As if we were not quite sure that what we were doing was right. It is being said that the coins units will take this View and propagandize upon it and make us look bad. We have heard some very Good men expressing this View As explanation for their resentment against Justice Douglas. But quite the contrary View is the Way we see it. The last minute action of jus Tice Douglas rather proves that the Rosenbergs were getting every possible Chance under our system of government. The last minute Appeal did not indicate any Lack of conviction on anyone s part except one Man s and even his doubt had nothing to do with the Justice of the ver dict but on whether the pair should have been tried under a different Law. Actually the reds themselves know All the tricks and loopholes of american penal Law. If the Rosenbergs had not been Given this last faint Chance then the communists would have been Able to scream that their friends had not been Given every Chance. They would have been Able to say that the court was afraid to give it to them. In Short we believe the reds would have had More and better propaganda material if the Fyke Farmer argument had been brushed aside As in All common sense it might have been. There would have been screams of railroading and a lot More nonsense. Of course the reds Are going to Salvage they can out of the whole Case. The Rosenbergs will be held up As martyrs by the reds who know that if the shoe had been on the other foot and a couple of russians had been caught dealing with the United states there would be no Long drawn out trial and appeals. We can t Stop the reds from putting a wrong construction on what we did. But it would be a lot easier for them if Douglas had said no to Farmer. You May not make it at a recent meeting of the Kingsport safety Council there was an interesting discussion of ways and Means to make people More traffic safety conscious and the interesting Point was made that accidents Are Seldom the result of ignorance but of the Law of averages finally catching up with people who regularly take what seems to be Small chances. You might say that optimism causes accidents. These Are the sort of chances that peo ple get away with every Day. And if you say right after they have done so that was a foolish thing to do just a Little less Luck and you would have had a the Chance taker is Likely to laugh and say Don t be a or More commonly i did t really take a Chance because i know i could make most accidents happen because some body took what looked like a Small Chance and was quite sure he could make it. There is hardly Ever any real need to take the Chance. There is hardly Ever any real gain to be had by taking it. But there just is no realization of the Good reason for not taking it. Yet when the Accident occurs some body who has frequently said Triumph Antly i knew i could make has to change his comment to i thought i could make provided that he is not beyond making any comment at All. Summer is a great time for pleasure driving. Therefore it is a great time for Little Chance taking. The Kingsport safety Council is urging people just to Cut Down on those Little chances. It would like to see every Motorist and pedestrian change his thinking from i m sure i can make it to i might not make acting on that thought you won t do that one Little thing one of these Days that you won t get by with. It does t Cost anything to play Safe. It May Cost a lot not to play Safe. Just remember you might not make merry go round Hollywood by Drew Pearson de. Drew Pearson writes an other column on America s lost leadership of the free world and what we can do to regain it Washington As you wander through the relics of ancient Rome or gaze from the acropolis Down on what were once the glories of Greece you wonder Why those empires passed. And too you wonder will american leadership pass Why is it you1 ask yourself As you visit the tombs of the pharaohs and the great Pyramid of Egypt that its vaunted civilization faded and Why did the British Empire whose Flag once flew from almost every Corner of the Earth pull in its horns can we the United states of America now the most powerful nation in the world avoid the Pitfalls of our predecessors it was we who won the War who helped write the peace and kept the Western world free after the peace. It was our ideas on re construction that have prevailed. We have been the leaders of the free world. Can we continue can we withstand the persistent shrewd ruthless push of another nation con trolling the greatest land mass in the world already our diplomats have warned us that we have lost the the Leader ship of Europe. Already our Best friends the de Gasperi government in Italy the Adenauer government in Germany and the Middle of the Road government of France Are paralysed. Even our Good Friend Winston Churchill criticized at Home for being too pro american has taken leadership away from us and is calling the tune on a big four conference. Meanwhile we have vacillated hesitated permitted some of the tactics of a Semi fascist which have been exaggerated in the news of Europe until they really think we Are fascist and Don t care much whether they Are led by a police state in now extends an alleged Olive by a fascist state in North Amer Ica which insists on big armies. Why empires fall historians generally Tell us that the great empires of the past were overthrown because they vacillated because they used unreason Able police Power which turned Public opinion against them and because they put local interest ahead of their wider International interest. Whatever May have been the reasons of the past however let s examine the Means by which we can recapture our own limping leadership of the free world. 1. Demand free elections in the satellite states for years we have talked about the Day when Poland Hungary Czechoslovakia it Al would Rise up against their soviet Mas ters. Today they Are doing it. Today East berliners have the courage to face russian tanks with nothing More than Sticks stones and Bare hands. Today czech workers Are rioting in the streets of Pilsen. Yet we who once led the world have sat by doing nothing. We have let Russia take the initiative away from us by one phony peace move after an other while we could easily come Forward with a legitimate and inspiring demand that these countries be permitted to vote. Such a vote would be supervised by the United nations. Such a vote would result in casting off the Yoke of communism. We should resume our leadership by making this demand again and again by pounding it Home until we get results. 2. Demand a United states of one of the great mistakes of the Truman administration was not to make the Marshall plan dependent upon the economic integration of the european continent and an eventual United states of Europe. For Europe s economic ills Breed wars and the Small countries of Europe can no More exist independently than Detroit could exist if it sold automobiles Only in the state of Michigan. There was no use building up French and italian factories therefore merely to handle their own Domestic markets. These markets have to be integrated. Furthermore when the satellite states throw off the Yoke of communism they will have to be offered a Chance to fit their agricultural economies into the Industrial Economy of West Europe a natural partnership. The late count Sforza foreign minister of Italy emphasized this to me in 1947. The salvation of Europe is a United states of he said. And unless you Knock our Heads together Marshall plan we won t achieve it. You have the bargaining Power Over us. Use though time has been awaiting we still have that bargaining Power through Mutual Security Aid. Furthermore Many europeans themselves have come round to the Sforza Point of View. Many Are even ahead of us. What they need is vigorous support and leadership by the . 3. Demand the lifting of the Iron cur Tain for some time the United states has talked plaintively about russian refusal to let the free world visit her shores. Recently ambassador Charles Bohlen cabled from mos cow that Russia was about to take the Initia Tive away from us by proposing an Exchange of students scholars and scientists a slight lifting of the Iron curtain. This gives us the Cue to act first not let Moscow get the jump on us As she has so consistently of late. Furthermore we should not let Moscow get away with opening a Mere crack in the Iron curtain. The real key to peace Between the free and the slave world is a Complete and total lifting of the Iron curtain. The reason it has been kept Down is because the Kremlin fears Contact with the outside world fears what will happen when its people become familiar with the Friendship the Progress the living standards of the West. So we should make this demand and keep on making it. Washington pipeline the mild Damp Winter has left the South s Cotton crop infested with Boll Weevil. Only a prolonged hot dry spell could kill off the pest and save the Cotton from serious damage Moonshiner Are moving Down from the mountains into the cities where illegal stills Are even harder to find. The Swiss govern ment has intervened in the negotiations Over general aniline and film corp., the Juiciest Plum left Over from War seized German As sets. Swiss authorities stepped in on the Side of Inte Handel a Swiss holding company that is trying to regain control of the corporation. However the state department refused to Deal on a government to government basis the Navy has bought 300 copies of Bonner Feller s pro air Force Book wings for Vic apparently to get tips on army think ing the Canadian government has pro tested to Washington against the new standby import controls designed to keep Canadian butter out of this country right now the agriculture department has butter running out its ears does t want More from Canada a Capitol cop Harold Fisher did t expect to see his name in the paper when he found in a Telephone Booth and went out of hts Way to return it to the owner. His honesty hit the headlines anyway. By Erskine Johnson Hollywood on the record will Rogers jr., on the reaction of his three adopted sons to his movie stardom they re indifferent about it. They Aren t As impressed As i thought they would be. But you know something i was t impressed by my father Robert Taylor on the subject of an Oscar in 1954 for above and any actor s crazy in the head to say that it s not flattering to be talked about for a Nomina Tion. Never having thought of winning one i won t be disappointed. The Academy awards Are murder. I went to four or five of them with Barbara Stan it was a terrible thing for her especially when she was up for Stella Dallas nothing i would t want to go through Rochester when asked if Jer sey Joe will fight again he will when i meet Burt Lancaster about his role in from Here to the picture s about fruit to played by Montgomery Clift not about sergeant Warden the role i play. But i d rather be in a Good picture in a secondary part than the Star of a picture that Means slugged Way to top Richard Burton expressing Surprise about his movie stardom following his hit in my Cousin i never seriously thought i had a Chance. I did t think i looked Good enough or could be a romantic leading Man. All my life in English movies and on the stage in London i be played Ida Lupino on her future As a director i m facing a serious problem because i m a woman. But i think the major studios will come around in time. I think Jack Warner is one Man who won t be frightened to take a Chance on a woman Rock Hudson on his Surprise appearance on to s this is your it did More for me and my pictures than anything that Ever happened to me. People who had never seen me on the screen wrote to say that they became interested after seeing me on John Payne on actors being producers of their own films it s Good business these Days. Sure there have been actors who have lost their shirts but the fact still remains that Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks made marriage comes first Audrey totter explaining Why she gave up meet Millie on radio i find that being a wife takes a lot of time. I found i was t Home except on sundays. So i gave up Millie. I hated having to do it but my marriage comes Marcia Henderson who played Wendy to Jean Arthur s Peter pan on Broadway backstage life with Jean i never found her strange and i Don t know How stories started that she would t speak to the cast. She was kind and generous. Everybody adored i it Chubby Johnson a Cha Rater actor in calamity i like to think of myself As a Pointer dog. A Good supporting actor should Point or Call Atten Tion to the stars. If a character actor is not pointing but spot lighting himself he is not doing his Brad Dexter on Why he s not turning Down any Good villain roles i believe moviegoers love brutality. If a Man is brutal to a doll but charmingly brutal men and women both go for it. It Sells All in Point of View those Glamor shots Katy Jurado posed for before High noon will soon be turning up in Beer ads and the mexican fire Mac s window brought you a Pillow Washington. Catling Washington in the tur Moil of the time All our institutions have received heavy blows. The supreme court of the United states has been buffeted since 1933 by the winds of change blowing fiercely from every Quarter of the Compass. The Rosenberg Case illustrates once again the stresses and strains to which this human institution has been subjected. It reveals the inner controversy the depth of feeling among the nine men who refer to each other As the a phrase touched in latter times with heavy sarcasm. What it brings to the fore too is the Case of Justice William o. Doug Las whose action granting a stay of the execution brought the court Back into special term. The background is important. Two Daj s before Douglas acting alone As he had every right in Law to do stayed the execution the full court had considered the Rosenberg Case. The last of six appeals had been taken to Justice Robert h. Jackson who by geographical assignment pre sides Over the circuit court of appeals for new York. Jackson recommended that the full court hear Oral argument on the Appeal on the last Day of the regular term. Justices Harold Burton and Felix Frank Ball s agent is doing a Burn. What will people he asked the Star. I worry about what my peo ple Katy flipped Back. It should be tequila instead of a a a. X m Peter Lawford joins the big Parade of stars into the night club spotlight when he completes a name for Barbara Ruick will appear in his act which Roger Eden is staging. Paramount s Tom Morton in t jumping for Joy Over the Miles of added footage Given Herb Shriner in Lester Cowan s from main Street to Tom started off As the hero of the piece and now he s not so sure. W those rumours about Kathryn Grayson s health won t die Down. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis won t be lonely in Europe. There Are 23 people in their entourage to the tune of a transportation Bill which the boys Are paying. Furter agreed. Justice Hugo Black was in favor of a rehearing on the issues but since that was impossible he was willing to join with the other three in hearing the argument to Stop the exe cution at least temporarily. One Moro vote that of jus Tice Douglas would have made a majority of five and the argument would have been heard in the regular Way by the full court. The feeling Between Jackson and Douglas has been bitter Ever since Jackson failed to be appointed chief Justice. The official journal presents Douglas position As follows or. Justice Douglas would Grant a stay and hear the Case on the merits As he thinks the petition for certiorari and the petition for rehearing present substantial questions. But since the court has decided not to take the Case there would be no end served by hearing Oral argument on the motion for a stay. For the motion presents no new substantial question not presented by the petition for certiorari and by the petition for so Douglas cast the fifth vote against considering whether the execution should be held up. Then two Days later after most of the justices had left the City he granted the stay. This aroused the old animosities in the court. The feeling within the institution is that this is a new blow bringing Down doubt and ridicule weak ening the authority of a Tri Bunal already suffering from Dis sension within and division with out. Seeing those Black Robed men against the background of the towering Marble columns and the red velvet curtain one finds it hard to believe that prejudices and predilections Cut so deeply. But now and then this comes to the surface in unmistakable fashion. The concept of men dedicated to the Law More or less withdrawn from the controversies of Day to Day exist ence seems even As an Ideal to by Marquis Childs be discarded. Justice Douglas does not of course fit into that concept and to is is one reason for the feel ing toward him in the court. Whether he lacks the judicial temperament or whether he resists out of his own inner re Bellion he refuses to conform to the traditional pattern. He goes of to far places the moment the court Iran Afghanistan Tibet indo China. In 1950, again in 52 and once More in february of this year he applied for a visa to visit the soviet Union. He tells associates that he would not go if the visa were granted on the typical borscht circuit of Len Ingrad Moscow and Stalingrad. He wants to go to turkestan where he understands there is some of the finest Hunting i the world. Douglas writes for popular magazines and lectures for fees on his travels. His books which appear with remarkable regu Larity Are often on the Best seller lists. Both in his writings and his lectures he treats controversial issues of foreign Pok icy. One of his articles in life Magazine offended the iranian government which had extended him Many courtesies during his visit there. What makes this so ironic is that at least twice in the past eight years Douglas had a Chance to leave the and go into Active politics. After Harry tru Man became president and quarrelled with the late Harold Ickes who resigned As Secretary of the Interior Truman offered that Post to Douglas. Then in 1948 at the democratic Conven Tion the president telephoned Douglas at his Mountain Retreat in Oregon and offered him the vice presidency. Both times after some deliberation Douglas said no. The inner conflict within the court is taking place within the larger struggle with the communist conspiracy. It is a sad chapter in a grim history. With the Ope inf of Pooli people must watch out or if everybody knew that ath Lete s foot could be described by such a Lovely sounding name More society ladies would be come victims of it. A doctor athlete s foot has very a Latte to do with athletes and there Are a great Many More feet in the world hum there Are and if that last statement re you. Of a popular saying never mind. A fallow says that they should not put Jane Russell on those screens be cause some things can be carried too far. It it seems that the fabulous movie Industry is becoming the flab Boiu movie Industry since to came out. Simple Susan wants to know if backward Means toward the Back and front Ward Means to Ward the front does awkward mean toward the awk there Are 168 hours in a week. If you spend 40 hours working and 50 hours sleeping and 15 hours eating and 15 hours in amusement you will have 48 hours left Over. Now can you figure out what you did with All those hours Many a Man thinks he can get by on the q. T. With a Blond Cutey. A poor Wise Man gets respect. A Rich Wise Man gets envy. A Rich foolish Man everyone. A poor foolish Man gets every one s contempt. The red chinese casualties Are High because the russians steel themselves to accept the death of As Many chinese As necessary. Now they have a device by which a few drops of water striking the Hood of a convertible will make the top Rise automatically. People who do not own convertibles will resent this for some reason. However mrs. Jones says she has Long employed a similar invention to make her husband Rise in the morning. Most people get tired of work. In spite of old folks talking about juvenile delinquency you Don t hear of tying tin cans to dogs tails anymore do you getting those pos Back in prison Camps is about As easy As getting All the troubles Back in Pandora s Box. Women who Are too modest to appear on the Beach in a Bath ing suit Seldom have Good Fig ures. Men who Are too dignified to appear on the Beach in Bath ing trunks Seldom have Good physiques. Question Why do women. Have figures and men have physiques to it we will oppose strongly even violently any attempt to exclude France from a major con Ference and we cannot conceive that the prime minister Churchill would entertain such an idea. French officials de Mand representation at big Power conference proposed by Churchill. Doctor Edwin p Jordan . Side glances 6-3.1 t. M. Of. Pm. Of. My of in. You of tent fenders Don t you mrs. Jones must be More bad Drivers in this town than 1 in the not to Distant past strange herbs crushed beetles and All sorts of loathsome mix Tures were Given to people who were ill. The cures were often considered Natur ally those recovered were in a better position to boast of their cures than those who did not. Actually nature was doubtless responsible both for the recoveries and the deaths. The fact that so Many of these patients lived was in spite of the treat ment rather than because of it. Nowadays there Are other cures which Are quite similar. Again Wishful thinking and the strength of the human body is usually responsible for recovery i those patients who do sur Vive. But a different Type of treat ment is sometimes referred to As a Miracle Many of the newer discoveries of Prepa rations like insulin for diabetes or penicillin have been referred to As Miracle drugs. Actually this is most unfortunate since there is nothing miraculous about them. The discovery of insulin for example was based on careful Laboratory studies and animal experiments in Many parts of the world. When it anally be came possible to use insulin i human a betes this Boon to humanity was the result not of the efforts of a single Genius but of Many investigators. It does not dim the great achievement of Banting who received the Nobel prize for the discovery of insulin to say that others had done much of the preliminary work. The same thing is True of penicillin Al though in that Case two groups of workers were primary responsible. The discovery of penicillin however was no Accident but rather the result of years of patient labor in the Laboratory by highly trained minds and skilled hands. Harmful hunches thus there Are two kinds of so called Miracle of them based on pure superstition which unfortunately is pushed on an unsuspecting Public usually in the Hope of financial gain the other is the result of hard mental work and Long continued observation. Although the results of the Good new drugs and treatments Are sometimes described m i they have been made possible by hard work and hard work Only. The medical profession to properly sceptical of new and. Unproved Miracle cures. Too Many disappointments and even harmful have come from preparations foisted on the pub Lic As the result of a Hunch. Out our Way Kowm mutant Aitt had a site ache is rus at Joe with a Hull Creek right w to Creek a a

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