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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies . Hoo Nataa 4-51 p loonies it Dundar full Moon june 36 prominent Low in Mil . The Twani set As the planet Saturn and the Star Spica. Mov ing into Louth tit. All Tolmei Leutem Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 124 Kingsport tenn., tuesday june 12 pages five cents Thev Feather fair tonight Low near 6ft. Wednesday partly Cloudy warmer and Ravorn humid with High Abcnit-90 local noon tempera Tuit 82 last night s Low 68 mop Day s High 89. House members vote deductions on own expenses Senate May kill Bill Ike s excess profits Bill still tied up or. Truman goes to president Harry s. Truman and mrs. Truman go Over a Road map with Gas station owner Carroll h. Kehne jr., during a Brief Stop at Frederick md., in route to Washington. The couple Are pay ing their first visit to the capital since the inauguration of president Eisenhower on january 20. Aba telephoto Rhee takes final stand against proposed truce Morse suspects sellout of Tva Oregon senator attacks gop Lapp defends Agency before Senate group Washington House of representatives which since last february has kept bottled up a Bill for individual tax reduction has voted to give its own members substantial tax Relief. But the Senate May Knock the plan in the head As it did last year. Meanwhile congressional Lead ers hopefully await a new move by president Eisenhower to break the excess profits tax deadlock in i the House. Or. Eisenhower tried last week to persuade chairman Daniel Reed of the House ways and Means committee to permit vote on the administration s pro-1_____ postal to extend the tax for six communist Eastern hunger in East Germany boosts tense situation workers defy martial Law to demand bread blood Bath continues Berlin stalked months from june 30. I zone today fizzing the powder it was reported that the which explored last week j Republican into a workers. Rebellion against made to or. Eisenhower was repression Compromise. Reed said he would agree to extend the excess profits tax to oct. 1 provided the presi Dent would agree to a 10 per cent reduction of individual income taxes from that Date Onward. Without debate and with no audible opposition the House voted yesterday to allow Mem Bers of Congress to deduct All Berlin up West Ger Man Chancellor Konrad Ade Nauer today assured red ruled East germans that their Vio Lent week ions revolt against communism will not have been in vain. We will not pledge this solemn oath on behalf of Washington Wayne Morse told the Senate yes their Washington expenses when entire German people Ter Day he suspects that the Eisenhower administration May Seefe. Untl1 they have Freedmn again to Transfer the Tennes see Valley authority to private ownership. They could deduct lodging until All Germany is United administration s Power and natural resources policy entering his fire on president Eisenhower s press conference statement last Mccarthy fuels books argument to Call More authors in libraries inquiry Washington Mccarthy wading Back into the controversy Over Book that Tva was creeping so for cried so on for themselves but not for their families. For tax purposes their Legal residences would be in Adenauer said. Refugees to West Berlin re ported that the East germans. Missing eight year old Stella Darlene Nolan is the object of a search by hundreds of police and volunteers follow ing her disappearance from her Norwalk Calif., Home. It is feared that the child May be the Kidnap victim of a Degen Erate. Aba telephoto their Home districts and All Washington expenses would by soviet tanks and Morse considered business expenses squads have defied martial that we have a president for tax purpose con Law with protest marches dedicated to big business that members May now manding bread through the forgets the interest of the Little up 000 a year As washing-1 streets of Leipzig Dresden dem democrats beat controls Bill minority Solidarity shown in Senate vote this latest give away will be engineered behind the false ban Ner of said Morse. Watch for an innocent look ing Bill that seeks to Transfer Tva to private while Morse was speaking Tva Board chairman Gordon r. Clapp testified before a sen ate appropriations sub commit said today he plans tee on funds for the Agency in More Public hearings designed to the year beginning july 1. In show whether some of the authors lists. Involved were comm Mccarthy said his Senate investigations subcommittee will Call 15 or 20 More authors whose his testimony Clapp 1. Defended Tva s Long Range estimates of Power Jie eds in the Tennessee Valley which the House appropriations committee said were consistently Overisti ton expenses. Jeltz and Eisenach. Books have been used in u. Clapp said the estimates information libraries overseas fori Nave generally been unde Resti Public questioning about Possi mated and he restated his con ble communist affiliations he fiction that under the present announced no Date. Iva will not have Mccarthy had demanded Power to meet the Val the state department take from key needs by the end of 1956 and the shelves of the beginning of 1957. Maintained overseas to give a 2. Urged the Senate sub com Tive readers to l. Mizee to junk a House approved the tax Relief proposal was the tottering puppet govern written into the annual approx privation Bill to finance Congress. It was proposed by rep. Mccormack who Long had advocated a pay raise for con Gressmen on the ground that they have difficulty making ends meet on their present 000 official income. A similar proposal was added see taxes Page 9 Southwest still has heat wave cold front eases other u. S. Sections by United press j the Brilliant summer Sun erasure what he termed provision which would prevent shone out of cloudless skies Tva from acquiring an 0ffice. Again today Over the great Plains i of the Southwest compounding the drought see Tva Page 9 communist books. The new York times on the basis of a Survey in 20 foreign capitals reported yesterday that several Hundred books by More Hintor to Falc than 40 authors had been re Iii Ilici Ricou Al dec moved. It said there had been six confidential directives on their m subject from the state jul vice Dolu ment since feb. 19, and that interpretation of the orders varied from capital to capital the times listed these As among the better known authors whose works were removed in at least some libraries Lillian hell Man Clarence k. Streit Lang Ston Hughes Walter Duranty Dashiell Hammett Howard fast and Edgar Snow. The times said it found Only one Library in Tokyo where it was conceded that in the Early stages Many books and periodicals had been burned or scrapped for Only 16 authors the times Nashville g. Hunter of Kingsport was named chair Man of the state civil service commission a t its organization meeting today. The three member com Mission recently appointed by gov. Frank Clement plans Hunter to hold business sessions later today and through thursday. Said have been listed specifically other members of the group 4-via ctn a 4vs a Hon Ferri in of or Tenor by the state department in its Book culling operation. President Eisenhower spoke out on june 14 against the Book and there was some speculations he had Mccarthy in mind. The senator said he had burned no books and did t think the president could have been referring to him. Traffic mishaps kill 3 East tennesseans Knoxville accidents claimed the lives of three East tennesseans yesterday. Dead Are Herbert Davis jr., 18, of Johnson City mrs. Alpha Standifer 80, of Tazewell and Charlesw Winkle jr., 14, of Knox county. Davis died in an Elizabethton Hospital of injuries suffered in a traffic crash on Roan Mountain last thursday. Mrs. Standifer died in a Middlesboro ky., Hospital of injuries suffered sunday when struck by a car in front of a store at Tazewell. Young Winkle died when the motorcycle he was Riding Over turned near Here. Include Allen. O Brien of Spring Field and Preston Parks of som Erville. They were sworn in today by Secretary of state g. Edward Friar. The misery of j stricken area. T dust storms and six foot deep drifts of powdered dirt reminiscent of the dust bowl Days of the 1930s were threatening eco nomic disaster for cattlemen in four Southeastern Colorado counties a Colorado state representative reported. Meanwhile the u. S. Weather Bureau said that another heat wave possibly As torrid aff1 the one that broke dozens of temperature records last week end May envelop the upper Midwest late this week. A cold front which was born in the Northern Plains several Days ago and swept Over the at lactic coast monday night broke the Back of the hot spell for the time being except in the southwestern states. High temperatures on the at lactic Seaboard today were not Likely to go above the 70s or 80s. The Midwest could expect highs in the 80s and Low 90s, with slightly higher and rising temperatures in the Central Prairies. Elizabetk in Scotland for second Coronation Edinburgh Scotland up Elizabeth ii arrived to Day for the first Royal visit of its kind in 131 years to find her Northern capital decorated with flags and Flowers for her Little Coronation wednesday. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh her husband step Ped from their private Railroad car at princes Street station after travelling overnight from Lon Don and were greeted by the lord Provost and other City officials and a crowd of Many television cameras took the scene to millions of first time the Queen has been televised in Scotland. The is the first of the Queen s visits to realms and territories she a crowned Queen since her Coronation in West Minster Abbey in London june 2, and the lord Provost sir James Miller pointed out an interesting historical coincidence. Three Hundred and fifty years ago almost to the direct ancestor James i of Scotland left Here to be come James i of England and unite the two nations. His Mother Mary Queen of scots lived in the same Palace of Holyrood House which is now Elizabeth s residence Here. As a Royal Salute of 21 guns boomed from the 900-year-old Castle crouched on its Hill above the the lord Provost presented the Queen with the keys of the keys which were made for the Welcome to King Charles i in 1633. Premier Otto Grotewohl admitted it faced grave prob lems in feeding the 18 million restive East germans. Its news Agency and broadcasts announced state food handling agencies had pledged to make up the losses caused by the fascist Western agents in the strike and riot wave launched june 17. Farmers were urged to Coop Erate. East Berlin was better off than most areas but with two polic ing russian armoured divisions living off what was available the City was Short of bread and potatoes. Refugees described conditions in Many soviet zone cities As catastrophic. Communist police patrols they said were touring the streets with sound trucks blaring that Washington sen i changed ate s 47-42 rejection of an administration economic controls Bill indicated today that democrats will have a Strong hand in the final fashioning of any major legislation passed by the gop Congress. In a striking demonstration of jul Jority party Solidarity 43 democrats joined with three re publicans and an Independent yesterday to override 42 republicans and Send the controls Bill Back to conference with the House. Republican senators Langer of North Dakota Williams of Dela Ware and Young of North Dakota voted with the democrats. So did sen. Morse involved was a gop Effort approved by the House to create a hew Small business Organiza Tion sea to make Loans of up to to smaller today. Declares Korea will fight alone if pact signed Rok chief gives Gen t Clark ultimatum on acceptable armistice Seoul. Korea up defiant president syn Man Rhee said today his army would flight alone if an unacceptable truce is signed and warned his troops would Light any indians sent to guard War prisoners. The 78 year old president made it Clear in two Public state ments and at a 15-minute meet ing with Gen. Mark w. Clark that South Korea s final Deci Sion was to continue the fight against the communists. Rhee also gave Clark a three Point armistice plan that would remove chinese communist troops from North Korea give Rhee a Mutual Security pact with the United states and a Post War political conference in Korea to three months. He told Clark at the presiden tial Palace in a remarkably Friendly meeting that his Deci Sion to reject the current agree ment Between the United nations and communists is in Clark arrives for Rhee Mark Clark far Eastern in commander is greeted at Seoul Airport by Robert Murphy his advisor on truce affairs and Gen. Maxwell Taylor 8th army commander As Clark arrived to Confer with South korean president syn Man Rhee. After the conference Clark said it was but he did not expand his remarks. A wire photo via radio from Tokyo shortly afterwards giving Rhee a cordial Back slap before get Ting on the plane. Rhee denied reports Clark had see Korea 9 costo living hits1953high u. S. Index fraction under All time Peak Washington up the Cost of living hit a new High Mark in May the government rising prices of food and med were reported produce from Central state col years through the smaller plants administration democrats charged this was a mid april and mid May in prices1 their toj0f All goods of Tho Boh Ion provide jobs for republicans. The Burea of the red army s martial Law to the agricultural Belt. Farmers also were said to be making behind the Fence de liveries of food to workers and their families in distressed areas. The wave of arrests and executions continued. The anti red underground estimated alleged strike leaders were be Hind bars. The latest death penalty re ported was meted out to communist mayor h. W. Hartmann of Doeberitz in Saxony Anhalt. He was the first party official reported engulfed in the wave of terror and the 22nd German definitely known to have been executed. Refugees said Hartmann had see Germany Page 9 russians ease travel curbs in red sphere Moscow the soviet government has opened wide areas of european and Asiatic Russia to unrestricted travel by foreigners. The first visitor to Benefit from the new Freedom will be mrs. Perle Mesta presi Dent Truman s party giving minister to Luxembourg. The relaxation was disclosed last night in an official note delivered to All foreign diplomatic missions in Moscow. It was regarded As a significant step since even foreign diplomats until now have been limited in their movements. The order gave no indication that the soviets tight policy on admission of foreign visitors was being relaxed. In recent years Only carefully screened and usually sympathetic travellers have been Given entry visas. There was no immediate Indi cation from Washington that the soviet move would b e Fol Lowed by. Similar u. B. Action. Countering Moscow the u. S. Since March 1952, has required All soviet officials to get state and defense department per Mission before travelling More than 25 Miles from Washington or new York City. Other nato nations have followed suit. The Republican leadership s defeat was attributed in some quarters to the absence of sen. Taft a Ohio at the critical stages when a Compromise might have been perfected and a showdown vote avoided. Taft receiving medical treat ment for an ailing hip would not comment on this aspect but he said in an interview he believes a Compromise still can be worked out which the democrats will support. On the other Side sen. Maybank dec said the life of the spa will have to be extended for a year or there won t be any Small business loan Agency at All. While Taft Dis counted the lasting effect of the vote there seemed Little doubt that democrats would be striving to attain such Unity again on major legislation. The minority obviously had in mind the possibility of up setting a much More important Republican Appl Ecart in legislation to extend the reciprocal Trade agreements program for a year. Administration leaders got the Bill passed in the House Only by a Compromise with gop Mem Bers who wanted to revise the whole Trade program. This was done with an amendment to in crease the Tariff commission from six to seven members a move aimed at giving republicans control. A free scenes Short Shorter on bicycle Evi Dently thinking he is quite Clever by using hand signals signals for right turn but you guessed it tarns directly left into path of car. F pc two Young girls in an Auto Mobile attracting considerable attention on Boone Street in the late afternoon As the Driver calmly puffs on a pipe As her companion lets out with loud laughs. Sling shot armed Troung Bri leering plea to leave Birds alone. Bureau of labor Statis tics said the increase put its Consumers Price Index for May 15 at 114 per cent of prices. This was just three tenths of one per cent below the All time record set last november. The Bureau said the May in Dex was 2 per cent higher than a year ago and 12 per cent above prices in june 1950, just before the korean War. Price increases were reported for housing clothing Reading and recreation and personal care. Food prices Rose one half of one per cent the Bureau said due mainly to a 7 per cent hike in pork prices. Lamb prices climbed per cent. All items Rose slightly led by a seven tenths of one per cent increase in residential rents. Costs for household operation including dry cleaning and Lamdry services Rose fractionally while House furnishings dropped slightly due to lower costs for textiles used in the Home. Danes torpedo . Fighter bases Copenhagen Denmark Denmark s most powerful Politi Cal party the pc Dkl democrats in a Surprise policy change to Day torpedoed plans for u. S. Airmen and fighter planes to operate from danish bases. Former Premier Hans hed Toft the faction s chairman told a party Congress Here that As conditions Are we cannot accept this we feel that it would not improve the Broad rallying around the Atlantic pact to which it must be our task to he Toft added. The social democratic bloc is the largest in parliament. The party s position Means the proposal could not secure parliamentary backing. Until today the social democrats had Given at least moral backing to the base proposals. Trains collide four killed six injured Merced Calif. Up four persons were killed today when a speeding northbound freight train smashed into the Locombo patrols clash on Korea front reds killed wounded in big push Seoul Korea up eighth army reported today that Allied forces killed or wounded. Chinese communists week s Savage fighting in the Battle of the the communist casualties i amounting to a full division fell dead or wounded along a Battle line already fixed in an unsigned document by truce negotiators at Panmunjom. Allied casualties for the week were not disclosed but in losses presumably were heavy in the Battles along the East Centra front. Patrol fights flickered along the 155-mile Battelline Early to Day but engagements were less frequent than last week when frays accounted for the third highest weekly toll of casualties of the War. About 200 chinese engaged South korean defenders of an outpost near Christmas Hill in a bitter hand to hand fight for two hours before retreating and leaving behind 10 dead and 15 wounded. Inside the bulge created by a chinese assault Tive of a southbound Santa Fei earlier this month South to passenger mail train East of Here. Six persons were injured. The Accident took place at Planada Calif., when the Pas Senger train collided with a freight train As it was turning off the main line into a siding. More than 125 feet of track was torn up. 10 Miles Rean patrols took the offensive and checked the reds for signs of another offensive. B-29 super forts from Okinawa droned through heavy Clouds to smash communist airstrips hit Ting the Landing Field near North korean capital of Pyong Yang. Only eight of the Media in one of the dead k. A. Roberts bombers participated in the raid j Richmond Calif., Engineer of the passenger train was pinned under his overturned diesel locomotive. The fireman on the freight died in a Merced Hospital third was thought to be a mexi can Riding one of the freight cars and the fourth was unidentified. Federal jobs review plan under demo fire Washington up sen. Erans won t be affected. He Monroney a okla called to Day for a senatorial inquiry into plans of the Eisenhower administration to strip civil service Protection from thousands of government jobs. Chairman Philip Young of the civil service commission announced yesterday president Eisenhower soon will Issue an executive order for a review of about jobs in this country and overseas to determine whether they should be stripped of civil service Protection. Young said posts involved will include specialists jobs brought into the civil service in 1947 by an executive order of former president Truman. Young said he could t guess How Many present Job holders might be replaced but said vet added however that of about government attorneys in the group May be let out. Monroney said in an interview he thinks the Senate civil serv ice committee of which he is a member should Call Young be fore it for an explanation of the order affecting what civil serv ice Calls schedule i think old line civil service employees who were placed in schedule a by department Heads who wanted their specialized services should be protected against a patronage the Oklahoma senator said. I know that Many of them were so classified in the defense department because of these Cret nature of their work and these career people should be flight drop 500 pounds. Of bombs of front line positions. The air pore reported that american. Sabre jets had run the june total of Mig-15 kills to 43. Seven we re knocked out in dogfights yesterday. Both Allied and communist armies appeared to be awaiting the outcome of tangled armistice negotiations. Loudspeakers on the Central front again blared their prediction that an armistice will be signed thursday anniversary of the War. The Heads had predicted a truce on june 25 for Days before an armistice was jeopardized by South Korea s release of More than anti communist War prisoners. So lunar tables tast Job tables. Flaa 22." Tea a Fol nibble in unit Torr or to Ottar m Good liar port to time web he to offer. Bjor in to lot for u boar and by or two hour. Us intr. The minor period., mown us Guttro Standard Tine . Maj 23 Tow boat Iho 8-u 3-10 14 wed Ida 25 thursday m Friday 17 saturday sunday s to it m 00 00 Lake stages

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