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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 10, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 Kingsport tin thursday. 10. Merry go round Hollywood an Independent democratic newspaper e a Arll Street. Sutor Ripton rate Brand second zones. And sunday one year 13 00 one v Eek Tutlo. By Carrier daily int today s Bible thought for our la hers have i and done that which was evil in the eyes of the lord our god. And have forsaken him. And have turned a Way their faces from the habitation of the , and turned their ii Chron. The times daily tonic Lovely was the death of him whose life was love holy with Power a in inc thought benighted septic beamed Manifest Coleridge. Stef b a Row Skakson r Washington human emotions human prejudices play a part in any Senate Hearin but none More so than in the Mccarthy army investigation. One reason most republicans in Hie committee were picked because they Weir pro Mccarthy. Another reason the per Sonal of tin democratic sen i tors. Thus while sen. Stuart Symington of us of Secretary of the army Stevens a Kepueli car. He is More prejudiced Ihan senators Dirksen and Smidt. Both republicans Are against Stevens for reasons that will become obvious if you examine the Tah led skein of personalities and backgrounds on the Mccar thy committee As follows Symington u was natural for Secretary of the army Stevem to Appeal to Symington for advice for two reasons m Symington bipartisan inclinations and is married to the daughter of late congressman Jim Wadsworth. A revered he publican .2i Symington a former Secretary of the air Force understands Stevens prob lems As Secretary of he army. Symington s father in Law. Jim Wadsworth. Was Defeated As senator from new York but mod Estly went Back to a humdrum Job in the House of representatives where scores of republicans had a soft spot for him and his family. Senator Symington once a Republican Backer paid for a band to Welcome Dewey in St. Louis in i9-i-i also has Many High up gop friends. Symington a support for Stevens and Eisen Hower is chiefly based on his Long experience in the executive Branch of the the action of the House agriculture committee in voting to continue the present rigid Price support program probably writes Finis to or. Benson s plan of flexible Price supports. That of course is a defeat for the administration. It is one More Point of the Eisenhower program which is being repudiated. The reason for this can be put very baldly. It has been said that the re pub Back of Navy flying lican party would lose the farm vote if Secretary Stevens knowing Symin it put flexible Price supports into effect. High Price supports mean bigger imme Diate checks to the Farmers. The farm starter. But he can he by Erskine Johnson Guys and dolls top brain to writers Are toiling on an idea that will make i Idegarde s Ion gloves and frilly Hankie As much of a picture tube trademark As or. Peeper s glasses. The Chani Cuse who made Mil Waukee famous Long before erace. Spilled the news to me at the Statler hotel Here where she s a sensation co teamed with Johnny Johnston. I m not at Liberty to me in away but i la be a sort of female Arthur Hilrie Garde confided. "1 m comfortable Only when i m completely informal Spur of the moment knives were hurled at Hilde Garde after she appeared with her , Anna Sosenko. On cd Murray a person to person show but site dismissed their deadly aim with look they had a microphone pinned on my Chest and two Bat teries hidden in my Bustle. I had to walk that Hildegarde on the subject of piano tickler once be gave me a Begaii if Blouse that he made himself. He Pai Mcd Long gloves a handkerchief and a Rose on it. I never wore it. 1 list looked at u for a Long Leon Uris. The author of-tra1 where he served As head of War surplus crop tie ins filmed by w ure fity As first Secretary of the air Force As chairman of the National Security resources Board then chairman of the finance corporation. He was one of Truman s chief . As air Force Secre tary. Symington got embroiled in the same sort of Row that the Secretary of the army is embroiled in today. Certain Navy admirals sore at the growth of air vicious rumours that Symington had a personal even a pecuniary. Interest in building the giant b-36, designed to carry the bomb to ton s own experience with congressional investigators naturally appealed to him. Symington is mild mannered and a slow a Tough tighter and Mccarthy tried to scare him by sending word he would insist that the police record of every Senate com Mittee member be put in the committee rec easily. Ers it is assumed naturally want those bigger checks. Republican members of the Congress who Are up for re election feared defeat if they supported flexible non sul inc. Who has an Fri record prices. Gentlemen like or. Humphrey at have done a Good Job of Selling the idea Symington when a years old joined that the Benson plan was an anti Fanner plan. Whether the Farmers believed that or not congressmen from farm areas thought the Farmers would believe it. So it looks like the present farm Price and surplus commodity problem which faces the country and which cries aloud for solution is still with us. Although everybody admits that the system has Bros asked by the studio to appear on a famed radio commentator s daytime program in new York. I love to question writers Abou their Hollywood expert the radio Hen said before the Sizow. Please give me the Gist of what you will began Uris. I d like to say thai every novelist should go to it s a great experience. Sure it s a rat race out there but life is a rat race in any City. I believe that a writer can keep his dignity in Holly Wood. The film medium is a great there was a stunned silence and then the radio commentator protested you can t say that about hol Lywood. Besides people would t believe in the rough Washington calling Marquis Childs not worked Well and that it is respond other senators who other boys in driving off with a neighbor s connection with a Federal offence even though Harry Dorsey Watts who owned the ear wrote Symington your father one of my closest friends immediately got together with the parents of the other boys and paid me in full. The incident was Only a the incident was used against Symington when he ran for the Senate in Missouri but he was overwhelmingly elected anyway. Unlike some Greer Garson can cheer up her look alike. Amanda Blake has whacked off her Long fiery red locks and has embarked on a Don to Call me a Young Greer Campaign to kill the resemblance that stymied her career. Amanda s Short Hairdo in t Likely to cause even a myopic fan to mistake her for mrs. Buddy Fogelson and neither is the super sexy role she s playing in editor s note in the follow ing Washington calling column Marquis Childs reveals How close to actual War the u. S. Is. On the Side of France in the Indochina conflict. He maintains that the next 10 Days or two weeks will produce the turning Point Days just informed observers Are now inclined to believe Chat talk of intervention is not a Bluff put out to bolster the position of the West at Geneva. They a fairly accurate statement of certainly in the beginning intervention would be announced on the basis of air and sea Power. The impression take As gained by the British military chiefs from adm. Arthur w. Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe Well anyway in t it Lucky that we t find out sooner that or. Oppenheimer was not to be trusted we might have discovered it before we had developed the bomb with his help. It s an intriguing question we had decided on the investigation of the Fri that or. Oppenheimer was not to be trusted before the atomic bomb was developed and we kept him out. Would the bomb have been developed just As soon for Lazy fishermen who get awful tired reeling in and throw ing out the line there is a need for an electric Winder upper and a Type Caster. Very Man is Good for some thing. If nothing else he serves As a horrid example of what not to be like. Many a miserable bum has been the warning sign to make somebody else go straight and maybe become famous. Should the bum get credit one of the mysteries of life is what a girl packs in All is fancy Luggage she takes to the seashore. It can t be clothes. No two babies Are alike but a Bachelor thinks they Are All alike. One of the accomplishment. Necessary to be successful in society is an ability to hide bore Dom. It is suggested that everybody connected with the Mccarthy american policy intentions the had Ford chairman of the mint army hearings take a lie de in wifi i it _ Luitt remarks of senator Knowland Republican majority Leader that the United states must act with ahead will test the Issue of War if t de lop her. 30 is sible for the Alice in wonderland pro Gram of the government paying out to banners vast sums to produce vast quantities of produce that nobody wants and which costs More millions to store pro Duce that is destined to be completely wasted that system is to go right on. The surplus will get bigger and bigger and no answer in sight. As Alice said it gets curio user and if the government said to the Glass manufacturers you increase your production of Glass. If you can t sell it we will take it off your hands and we won t throw it on the Market to disturb your Price that would be madness. Economically it would make More sense than saying to producers of butter and other foodstuffs the same thing. Because the Glass would at least not be perish Able. Of course the Benson plan might not work. It might not solve the problem at All. It might not be even an improve ment. But putting Forward the Benson plan is at least an acceptance of the hard fact that the present method is a failure. Representatives of farm organizations themselves realize this and that the present fat handouts Are simply piling up trouble for them later on. This business of the government piling up surpluses cannot go on indefinitely. These men Tell us that the men in Washington falsely assume that the. Govern ment Check is All the Farmer is capable of appreciating. Farmers they say know something of economics. It is essential that enough food be produced to meet the nation s needs but they know that piled up deficits affect them Loo. What is sad about the committee vote is hat it offers no alternative plan. There is no constructive idea advanced. All the committee can do is go along scare easily Symington not scare when Mccarthy made this veiled threat. Senator Mcclellan of not expected to be anti Mccarthy but got his eyes opened when Mccarthy retained As com Mittee counsel j. B. Matthews who charged that the protestant clergy was infiltrated by communists. Mcclellan immediately heard from Baptist methodist Arkansas and led the democratic Bolt from the Mccarthy commit tee. There was no censorship of Mccar thy s methods by republicans at that time. There is also a tragic chapter in my Cielin s life which he does t like to think about when after the North african landings he go a letter from his son that he had been quite ill but the army doctors t think anything was wrong. The boy added that he t want his father to do anything because in Felt a senator s son should not play favourites. Simultaneously with the letter a Telegram from the army that the boy had died of spinal meningitis. So senator Mcclel i Hope that people will Stop telling me that i look like she fumed. If it in t Over. I m going to be very angry. I m so fed up with the whole thing i could scream. "1 Don t know How Greer Felt about it. But i d guess she was just As upset As i was. It put her in a terrible position when i was referred to As the Young Edi Tion of Greer big rugged Jim Davis a belly Flop in the Fame Waters As Bette Davis leading Man in Winter so Bette and so the picture. But now Jim s finally made the hero Grade As the Railroad detective Star of a telefilm series outlaws of the after working with Belle i went Back to playing Jim winced. I was rarely a Good Guy. Evhen my name came up for hero role my Flop with Bette. Any time since the end of world War ii nearly nine years ago. Within Days or two weeks it will be Clear whether an armistice in Indochina acceptable to the Laniel government in Paris can be reached. The Opin Ion is growing Here that if a reasonable armistice cannot be agreed upon either in Geneva or in Paris then the United states will intervene in the War even if this Means intervention without the British and other allies. High French officials Are say ing More or less openly that american policy makers have promised american action if the communist forces in Indochina press on for the full measure of Victory. The French arc saying in effect this either the communists agree to end the War or the United states moves in with air and sea Power. Nothing else is now possible and we shall know in 10 Days or More How it is to go. Whether the american co m fitment to France is As final As this cannot be determined from american sources. Even if it were not As final there would be no inclination at this Point to disavow it. Since the bargaining Power of the French at Geneva would be gravely weakened. No armistice in Indochina and the communists push Forward to take Hanoi and the Rich red River Delta. Top French officials have passed on to american policy makers the French estimate that James the vie Minh will soon have available Hanoi eight full divisions. Even with the recent French reinforcements from elsewhere in Indochina this red Force is con in excess of thai Al . Of the new French chiefs of staff was that Rad Ford believed the tide could be turned without the use of ground forces. This was one of the sharpest cleavages Between the British and the american View. Because of their scepticism on this score the British took a dim View of Radford s claim that in from six to nine months Gen. Van Fleet who Success fully trained korean divisions. J i a 11 1-i.iji 4.u.11 us f around could put together a trained and fighting army of Vint namese. President Eisenhower would be extremely reluctant to co to Congress with a. Request for a Tector test. Might be it would also be Good if everybody took an intelligence test. Of for the Good old Days the Days we used to know when the name Mccarthy in the news meant Charlie and not Joel to funny thing about Charlie Carthy. Here was a character of the lowest kind giving every indication of having no moral at All and not a single redeem ing characteristic at All but a was extremely popular because commander in chief Gen. Paul has several times shown More to intervene in the lie was not judged by Ordinary Long and a incr War. He standards of decent behaviour. Ely. Whether these eight divisions will be unleashed against French Strong Points protecting Hanoi and the vital Hanoi Haiphong communications line is the ele ment of uncertainty. For president Eisenhower the situation is distinctly embarrassing. In his Campaign two years ago he repeatedly prom ised to try to end the War in Korea. To students at the University of Illinois for example in the heat of the contest he said from the end of his Campaign train that asians should caution than either Radford or people laughed at Charlie s Secretary of state John Foster wickedness because it was Mada Dulles. At last week s press con to sound funny. Just As people Ferince he was asked about cheer a Man s wickedness if it statements made by two Sena is Marie to sound like patriotism tors to the effect that he would it it would be a very simple mat Ter to get out a big vote. All we have to do is announce that a Lucky number would be. Drawn shortly go to Congress with a Resolution empowering him to act. He replied that nothing like a firm decision in this re Spect had been taken. But the previous acts and deeds of the chief members of the Eisenhower military Diplo Matic team plus developing circumstances in the Andoch Lencse struggle May leave him with no Light asians and that Illinois alternative. The attack pressed farm boys should stay on the on Hanoi with eight vie Minh Ian. Who asked no favors from the army sees Cost me the Job. But i m glad it no reason Why a private named Schine should be coddled and pampered. Senators Dirksen and have Long been close friends of Joe Mccarthy s. Mary Mundt. Wife of the senator is an inti mate of the Mccarthy clique and sees Joe or Jean several limes a week. She is one of the Mccarthy closest friends and Karl has had to step carefully As Between his wife and the anti Mccarthy Public which sometimes bom bards him with telegrams. Dirksen of Illi Nois one of the Ablest men in the Senate has Long been Friendly with Mccarthy but t really get Busy pulling Jon s chestnuts out of the fire until he got a signal from the Chicago Tribune s colonel Mccormick. Dirksen hns been trying to Call the hearings off. Also deftly mane Vered against pulling the monitored phone conversations in the rec Ord. Dirksen and Mundt were eloquent persuaders at the brain washing session at which the four Republican senators persuaded Secretary Stevens to Back Down from his 110 generals to testify position. Coming from the traditionally isolationist Midwest Dirksen and i Init belong to the original pro Taft. Anti Eisenhower Wing of the gop. Secretary Stevens a new York new Jersey Ite belongs to the internationalist Eastern Wing of the party. Sometimes there is less love Between them than with some democrats. Other Senate members Henry scoop Jackson. Washington Democrat was picked for the Mccarthy committee because he had training is a District attorney. He is happened this Way. I be had some great experience. I m no sir Laurence of let other Hollywood stars Praise to for the Rich butter it lets them smear on their Pumpernickel. Mary Anderson is making her Salaam for the Chance to get out of morbid drama and play comedy. I d been typed in Long As a and weepy droopy guest in the House on Broadway started Mary off on the sniffles and Hankie route but now she s on the Giggle High Way As Jimmy Lydon s costar in Hal Roach or a new telefilm series. It seems like says Mary i be put an r. I. P. Sign on neurotic Vic mature shoulder shrug Ging it Over the big roles he s been Landing it s a switch. I usually take farm. But not Long before the fall of Dien Bien Phu the president at a press conference said that the fall of Indochina would be a Dis Aster to the tree world. It is Between these two extremes divisions would imperil a consid Erable civilian population in the outpost. A rising tide of sympathy for the plight of those civilians would underwrite the convictions of american military 1 i t 11. Ill Ollai v that if the commitment is i chiefs and conspicuously rare Nally for action the president must try to steer a course that the stuff nobody else we not seem top openly to re so in the Ford that intervention is imperative to american Security. And the person voting that num Ber ballot would win a Hundred dollars. There is one thing about it. The Mccarthy army hearings Are getting better and better As worse and worse As government in action. Sometimes a Man gives up a great ambition to marry the Girt he loves. Bit More often is Falls in love and gets ambitious whether he likes it or not. V _ or. Welch the army counsel seems to be fully conscious of to cameras focussed on him. Judy Holliday headed for a Niter Bow in los vegas this summer with a male partner it s not. Because i m afraid to face audiences alone. It s a lot easier to get Good material for two people than for a single. I la use the material that was writ ten for Peter Lawford and me but i doubt that i la try to get a name actor to team with. I m afraid it won t work out. I in just get a funny straight pud Date what is already in the ahead the United states will be and weeks what a Ham he s Likely to burst record. On the Edge of the abyss. Into Hamlet s Soliloquy any min Ute. Doctor says by William e. Gilroy . I it i Tii it i ii t ii i t ii lit v ii 15 i Oil with the old system As if it were per cred one of the up Ami coming hmm cars a factly satisfactory. They really know bet taif Senate but both he and Symington labor Ter. The surplus commodities stare them in the face. They May state As senator Kerr said on the floor of the Senate the surpluses Are not so great but they know better. They know that eventually something will have to be done. Rut they Are simply afraid to do something. They want peace in their time. Let somebody fuse face the music. They might just As Well say with the French lady after us the there in t much sense in taking a professional athlete away from his profitable civilian under the Handicap of being freshmen. Seniority rates High in the u. 5. Senate. Potter of Michigan also a freshman is pos Sibly More pro Republican than pro Eisen Hower. Perhaps because Potter lost Boih levs in the War. Mccarthy has been careful not to tangle with him. Dworshak of Idaho is an honest conservative who puts the Republican party ahead of Eisenhower. He is consistently Loyal to the gop majority. All four Republican members seem to loan More toward their fellow senator from wis Oisin than toward the Eisenhower administration in their Cross examination. New Boss of Russia u. S. Officials in mos cow figure that Nikita Khrushchev Secretary of the communist party Lias entrenched him self so solidly As no. 2 Man in Russia that he is now a threat to Premier Malenkos. Thrush unless there is a military duty to per hot not Only gives the important party William Hess a Ohio on alleged speeches but almost every night talks Over army coddling of Star athletes. The phone to Geneva to instruct foreign min ister Molotov on How to handle the Western delegations. The recent photograph in pravda showing Khrushchev his hat off bowing to the May Day crowds while Mulen Kov islands glumly by is no Accident. The Secretary of the communist party now seems to he nudging a Lenkov for i lie Kremlin throne. We House in american activities com met feel Are not Here to smear anyone. Our purpose is to investigate the communist conspiracy and to inform the Public so they can know red methods. Rep. Kit Clardy r mid subcommittee chairman. A fascinating Story of a medi Cal mystery has just come to my attention. It started with the rather alarming experience of a physician who was called to see a number of infants about two months old who were Afflic Teti with convulsive seizures. All of these infants were receiving the same commercial of commercially modified cow s milk for several Days no further convulsions occurred. A great Many other studies on in this curious situation have Al sible role of this Vitamin in other concentrate i on the importance of Vitamin b-6 in infant feeding in the prevention of convulsions. It has also emphasized the pos ready been conducted. It was found for example that the i Tamine b-6 Content of the particular commercial preparation preparation of modified cow s was a Little less than half that i Don t see Why you work so hard Uncle Henry says the government gives All the Money he pays in taxes to milk rather than Mother s milk. When they were Given some other preparation the convulsions promptly ceased. Soon became apparent that other physicians were seeing babies from about 6 weeks to 4 months old with similar convulsive seizures and that nil of the infants had been fed on the same preparation. It was a startling and rather alarming situation. The problem promptly came to the attention of the division of nutrition of the u. S. Food and drug administration and particularly to that of or. O. L. Kline in that division. He quickly recognized the Tot itt. A 111 these Small children to that which occurred in Young rats who were fed a diet deficient in Vitamin by in experiments which he and others had con ducted some years before. The next step was to see what effect the addition of Vitamin b-6 to the diet of these infants would have. Soon after this step was decided on an infant was admitted to the University hos Pital the. State University of Iowa. This infant seemed a suit Able candidate for. This study the child was Given a single injection of Vitamin a i. Al though feeding was continued in fresh human milk. The situation of course has been remedied and was no one s fault in the first place. But the whole experience has served to conditions and the importance of other vitamins As Well. One other Point May be brought out from this remark Able event human milk for human infants remains the Best food when possible although one need have no unnecessary fears concerning modified cow s milk formulas because of this one unfortunate episode. Ouf our Way of .1io monkey1nv 6ot a Idee this mk3mt make a Good Back Erback p m Well by think. Worry

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