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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 9, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDays City county 985 66 do weather conditions govern Jour driving habits Kingsport times vol. Al no. 114 phone 6-8121 Kingsport term., wednesday june 9, 1954 22 pages five cents tie weaker scattered thunderstorms afternoon and Early night. Thursday partly Cloudy with occasional thundershowers. Yester Day s High 89 degrees last night s Low 60 noon tempera Ture 84. Dulles charges failure j warns russians of Geneva stored double dealing sees break near for conference on asian issues by Howard Handleman Washington hns i Secre a Speed of 421 Miles an Ference As a failure because of communist Here he indicated the belief the conference could break up As Erin of Avian Early As this week on both the search Rode a korean and indochinese prob lems. He charged the communists very High Alt with using the conference to sonic speeds cover up military activities in things a Indochina much the same As they have done through history in Russia China and Korea. He said flatly there was Noj. Point in continuing talks a korean settlement. The passenger. Top ground Speed Alam Ogordon n. M. It was a Fine he said. A 43-year-old air Force colonel i feel a great sense of achieve the planned the French and three sued associated states who Are doing the fighting have the final say i there. J at the same time Dulles got unexpected Aid from his Arch rival. Foreign minister v. M. Molotov of Russia. It had been feared Molotov would offer the1 French a seemingly mild truce in Indochina. J instead Molotov asked for so Washington ins. The much indochinese territory m government expects to wind up i return for a cease fire that its Case today against four some officials said they believed Alcan terrorists accused the result might be a stiffening fanatical March 1 pistol de of 421 Miles completing this run got ground a Load off my n during Only other human to top Lan air Force . On the ground was Cobb who drove a race car n p. Stapp. A 403.135 . At Bonneville Tion medical Flats Utah sept. 16, 1947. I chief of the Aero medi to find out the Field Laboratory at Hollo of bailing out air development Center itunes and the record run March 18 his 27th sled ride. His Previ open too fast fastest time had been 160 hem at the at Edwards air Force base the California. Is seven test sled designed by Factor in the aircraft inc., Haw of the braking calif., consists of two r. Officials the propulsion sled Ipp s body the test vehicle. The pro re of 22 times sled carries 12 rockets. Y and his body with a thrust of 4.500 weight of six of which were used the March test. It to of by Artel r Gashon London nato s supreme commander in u. S. Gen. Alfred m. Gruenther warned Russia last night that the West will meet a soviet attack with every weapon in our including atomic bombs. In our thinking we visualize j the use of atomic bombs in the support of our ground troops. I we also visualize the use of j atomic bombs on targets in j enemy Grue her told i a a Day anniversary dinner at which prime minister Churchill i also spoke and the Duke of Edinburgh presided j by Virginia Davis if War Wuh Russia should come j times news writer tins year the nato commander Gate City v Law r said the soviet Union would of Defeated. I Kingsport was awarded a con i do not want to say we would to by wild the Tirol new Symington accept Mccarthy demands scoff co. Less first contract for new schools lie added because i am sure in a third world War there would be no Grunther also told his Audi ence he was not sure time was on the Side of the West. Russia s Industrial and atomic stockpiles Are mounting he explained and her air Power displayed at the recent May Day Parade in mos cow was but at present he said the soviets have no answer to the allies Long Range aircraft. He cited the big american b47 Jet bomber a plane which can Fly so fast and so High that there is no defense against it in 1954." school under Scott county s school Bond Issue tuesday. Superintendent Paul Collins said work would Start wednes Day on preliminaries of laying out stakes and marking elevations for excavation work at Weber City. Similar work will follow suit at new schools at Duffield Pattonville and at Fairview. The contract is to build the three schools for a combined bid of and represented the firm s original bid submitted last thursday Collins said. The Scott county school Board of French attitude toward communists in both Europe and Asia. They said one possible result could be that the Laniel govern ment would survive the current crisis and that the French May now Speed action to ratify the european defense Community pact and the Saar settlement. An extremely important As i pet of what the Secretary attack on the House of representatives. U. S. Attorney Leo a. Rover has called 28 witnesses to the stand in the trial which began last thursday. Five other wit Nesses All police officers Are yet to testify. The nationalist demonstrators face possible 125-year prison for who los Alamos. N. M. A petition from More than 280 los Alamos atomic scientists strongly criticizes government handling of the Case or. J. Rob Ert Oppenheimer. And the scientists warned the action taken against Oppen Heimer May make it Tough in the future to fill government laboratories with trained work ers. The petition sent in the form of a Telegram to the Aei Ense Aga Isi u m in a special session Here met to Gruenther told of one b47 a. Which recently flew the Atlantic in 4 hours 34 minutes. Churchill told the West that peace through strength must be our guiding he warned that if the free nations relax their defense efforts it would imperil european peace and if differences split the allies it would Lead to general ruin and Assembly group turns Down Edc Paris ins French for eign minister Georges Bidault returned to Paris from Geneva today to defend his Indochina truce strategy and almost immediately was handed a defeat on another major foreign policy i Scott county voted for the a War photo in bitter Stuart Symington do and Joseph Mccarthy a wis Are pictured in closeups As they clashed in their bitterest verbal Duel since the Start of the Mccarthy army hearings in Washington. Accept or reject bids made by 10 firms. He said their action on the bid was unanimous. Collins said the next lowest bidder to Sproles was that of John w. Daniels of Danville va., in the amount of s6g9.704. Collins said plans for the three schools Are identical for efficiency reasons with the exception of the Fairview school which will have seven instead of nine classrooms. The three schools will also have each a Library multiple purpose room councilman were selected and Kitchen administrative of Norton and Coeburn tuesday elect Council in record vote Wise county a. Roosevelt wins in demo primary bitter Exchange continue today at army hearing by Spivak Washington ins sen. Stuart Symington said today lie would accept sen. Joseph r. Mccarthy s demand that he testify under oath in the Mccarthy army dispute if the Wisconsin senator would agree to undergo investigation of his finances by a special committee. The development touched off an explosion of bitter new charges but brought no imme Diate results other than to dramatize once More the hot feud Between Symington and Mccarthy. Symington asserted he would As Mccarthy demands submit himself to examination under oath if Mccarthy would agree to face a probe conducted by a special committee which the missourian said should be appointed by vice president Rich Ard m. Nixon. Mccarthy said he would con sent to appear before a special committee and that he would do anything to Force Symington to give sworn testimony about his advice to army Secretary Robert t. Stevens in the Secretary s Row with Mccarthy and his chief counsel Roy m. Lice suite and clinic. J and in both towns a record num the buildings will be of of voters went to the polls Story Brick backed by cinder Coeburn voters selected two Block construction. Contract new Merli Donald m. Gillispie Calls for a turnkey Job including All stationary installations Wells and sanitary facilities at Duffield Pattonville and connections with the Weber City water system. A year ago june 10 citizens of the foreign affairs commis Lile Rui Jiuu Antua the atomic Energy commission Jolon of the Avuonal Assembly and the chairman of the joint 14 raft pm in Rippl congressional atomic Day was the implication that cancel i com the u. S. Has had enough of in we agree that it is a pre voted against ratification of the european defense Community treaty 24 to 18, with two abstentions. Ter National conferences with the russians. Dulles opposed the Geneva conference idea when it. Was arrested at a _ first broached at the were picked up and Tern As a Means of dispensing that the Assembly Iii a Bond Issue. Meet mrs of the foreign minis made full confes5ion5 the services of a Loyal but lists be settled before approval the Weber j Bond Issue and this is the first award of a bid for 12 separate building projects. Collins said some of the Bond Money has been spent to buy school tracts and to pay off the Hiltons tax Lien which leaves Rodriguez 27, All of new of government to the commission acted after less Money to appropriate to City. Choose its own advisers. Shearing an explanation by Hij their project. Except for Rodriguez who was in inexcusable to on the status of the Saari the county is now subject to a Washington bus ploy the personnel Security with West Flat s4.90 tax rate to pay for the and w. A. Carico to the City body while Norton voters re elected the three incumbents Fred h. King a. O. Umstead and Russell Hamner. In Norton citizens went to the polls to select three councilmen from the eight Candi dates. Coeburn s vote of 469, though smaller was still a rec Ord turnout. Six candidates were on the Coeburn ballots and the Only incumbent Lacy e. Fuller came in fourth. The unofficial tally is As Fol lows Norton Fred h. King 449 a. San Francisco ins James Roosevelt despite infidel charges levelled against him by is and Lack of support from his own party swept to an easy Victory yester Day in the democratic primary race for Congress in California s 26th District. Meanwhile George Bell Tim Merman jr., lieutenant governor of South Carolina Lor the last eight years easily won the democratic party nomination for governor in yesterday s primary election. Victory in the primary is tantamount to election in heavily democratic South Carolina. Latest returns with less than a Hundred of the state s precincts still unreported showed Timmerman with votes while his opponent Lester l. Bates Columbia insurance sex minutes of Tho crime. Ters of Britain. France. Russia and the u. S. Last Winter. Yesterday the jury of seven he finally accepted with and five women heard a Hope that by yielding on that is-1 first account of the mass sue he might hurry French Rati shooting from rep. Alvin fiction of Edc. Bentley most seriously wounded of five congressmen felled by the puerto rican bullets. The Michigan Republican who was near death after the Inci Dent remained to hear the Tusti Georgia opens meet on segregation Issue Atlanta ins Georgia to work formally today Tojyo Ungi that Bentley of civilian Geek 3. Way to keep school permanent damage to his gallon As a special study j and Chest and that Mission of state political legals his Ivri shattered unwanted two cities to stage civil defense Alert Nashville defense officials announced plans today for operation Alert in Mem of Premier Joseph Laniel s gov Phis and Chattanooga on Junkie rement. It confirmed Indica the Symington proposal would require Mccarthy to waive senatorial immunity and testify under oath on these Points which were gone into by a Senate rules subcommittee in 1952, without any conclusive findings 1. The fee Mccarthy received from the lust Ron hous ing corporation for a pamphlet on housing which Mccarthy wrote while a member of a sub committee dealing with that problem and while lust Ron was heavily in debt to the reconstruction finance corp. 2. Funds received by Mccarthy Ner. 320 t. W. Glass 208 the which Symington said should be City site Sommers 125 Joey san ate to see if the wis years ago for 124 Hunycutt 103 and Swent Franklin d. Roosevelt icon sin senator diverted to his a 6 to 1 margin on use any Money contributed o. Umstead 358 Russell Ham Bates con Cohn. Symington tossed Mccarthy a consent letter in reference to the suggested probe by a com Mittee appointed by Nixon. Mccarthy brushed the letter aside and accused Symington of a vicious smear which shows How Low an alleged Man can Ofeda. Bought several the commission s vote is not Collins said. Twelve acres Norman Heab Calm 9o. The final parliamentary pro for the Duffield Pattonville Coeburn Donald m la Teple nou Cement on the six nation european army pact but it rep resents the commission s recommendation to the Assembly. The vote also reflected the general opposition to the policies school on u. S. 58 one mile West to w. M. Carico 99 Carl Hun of Duffield were bought dec. 1953 from e. M. Distiller. Land for the Fairview school 9.41 acres was bought Jan. 5, from Marvin Bledsoe and adjoin ing Fairview Post office on route 600. Mony of the surgeon who treated 14, when the two cities will be a tons that opposition to Edc was Collins said the construction him through a series of major come theoretical targets for a Likely to play a Strong behind the firm agreed to Complete the operations. The surgeon. Or. Joseph bomb attacks. R. It. Col. Robert Fox state and educational leaders began l the blast receiving views of gubernatorial problem candidates. Candidate Ben Garland the first to speak at the Public hear ing in the Senate chamber suggested separating schools by sex As Well As by race. He was followed by it. Gov. Marvin Griffin who proposed a hold the line plan based oni enlarging school boards to As Many As 100 members with authority to assign pupils to class rooms. Two of the six candidates Tom Linder and m. E. Thomp son arranged to give their ideas on the segregation matter at a later hearing. Adult driving course begins Here june 21 the Kingsport safety Council announces thai the summer adult Driver training program will begin on june 21. Persons interested in enrolling for this course Are advised to meet with patrolman w. L. Dutch Coward the instructor at 7 . In the game room at the civic auditorium on june 21, this program is offered on a non profit basis and the charge for the Coursi will be plus a nominal charge for the textbook. This course will be similar to that received by All the juniors at Dobyns Bennett High school and is highly recommended by the safety Council for those per mins desiring to learn to drive an automobile. I still an in the exercise is designed As a test of command and communications with a limited amount of an inauspicious prelude to Bidault s appearance in the Cham participation by the general pub ber of deputies to report on the Geneva negotiations. Ley 85 Lacy e. Fuller 80 s. H. Hopkins 48 and Frank Clay 47. Commie sentenced by former masters scenes part when City school by Jan. Votes on the Cabinet s Indochina craftsmen will begin work at policies. Weber City and rotate their Type the commission s action was of work from one school to the1 other on a construction line basis. The school superintendent said All other projects Are in the preliminary planning stage. He said the Board Hopes to have the Gate City High school building ready for occupancy by the fall of 1955, when the Rye Cove building is expected to be com Berlin East Ger l3st democratic primary Ilo Nim As trailing 2 to 1 be communism. I won California ticket. He was trailing Hind Theodore Owings who Cap tured the Republican Nomina Tion. Both men Cross filed but Roo Sevelt ran a Distant second for the gop nomination and Owings was likewise outdistanced for the democratic nomination. Republican gov. Goodwin j. Knight who was elevated from to help him in his fight against former foreign minister of the soviet zone government has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for plotting to overthrow the red regime. The broadcast said five other alleged conspirators including two of Dertinger s women secretaries we re Given terms ranging from 3 to 13 years. La ant govenor when Ead Warren was named chief jus Tice easily captured the gop nomination but lost the demo cratic nomination to Richard p. Graves by a margin of probably votes. Both had Cross filed. With one third of the vote Tal lied Early today Graves had a Lead for the democratic Nomi Dertinger 51, was arrested Jan. Nation of More than plated due to the Speed a Striction firm can put upon a a i95j on a Charee of espionage California Law permits Cross project. The Rye Cove school built from the county s share of state school construction is Well up toward the first Ond and third floors in places. I a total of voters favored the Bond Issue in last year s referendum with turning j Down the measure following a countywide school Campaign. The school Board requested the vote after approving amounts to be spent for 13 projects. For the West. His wife was filing by candidates in the Pri i rested at the same time. Elections of both . 16-state segregation meet set at Richmond the school Board has bought t ves of at the Cedars site on u. S. 23 for the Gate City High school build Richmond a. Errors or other top representatives of at least 16 Southern states meet in Richmond Tomor Row in the first official meeting ing and the rest of the Dixie leaders since the his includes renovations at Clinch Storic supreme court decision three governors slated to at tend the conference have stated their intention of turning schools Over to private hands rather than permit negro and White children to attend the same institutions. 3. Whether Mccarthy used close associates and members of his family to secrete receipts in come commodity and Stock speculation and other financial transactions for ulterior to 4. What Symington called Mccarthy s interests in sugar housing and nationalist China to see in the words of the mis Sourian whether these were self serving 5. Loans to Mccarthy from an Appleton wis., Bank to deter mine Symington said whether they violated state banking Laws. 0. Possible corrupt practices in Mccarthy s political Campai gris. Mccarthy said he was willing to appear before a special com Mittee if necessary to get Symington on the stand where the subject of perjury will be involved. He added if that involves creating a special committee i will be glad to appear before a special committee to answer the smears which appeared in the daily Mccarthy blasted Symington As the individual who got the Democrat adviser to go under ground to deceive an honest Secretary of the army who was not used to dirty this was a reference to the disclosure in a monitored phone talk that Symington had urged Stevens to get Legal advice from Clark Clifford White House counsel in the Truman admin to photo by new legion left Are Cecil Durham adjutant j. B. Windle commander w. K. Rowland first vice commander and Charles a. Zacharias second vice com Mander. All Are newly elected officers of Hammond Post no. 3 of the american legion. Port fort Blackmore outlawing non Midway Manville Nickles schools. Ville Cleveland and Ili tons. He said building plans have to be approved by approximately four state agencies. He said he expects to be in Richmond Fri Day for a conference on the Gate City building. Navy plane missing the three Are Herman Tal list Alion connection with the segregated of Georgia James complaint mat my Byrnes a. South Carolina Andi Carlly lao abused and he acting governor Charley e. Hugh of Mississippi Lime a has become the Johns of eighth Southern chief executive to accept an invitation to personally attend. Other governors slated to be at the meeting Are from Alabama. Georgia North Carolina Mississippi West Vir Ginia South Carolina and Vir Ginia. Tokyo a Navy plane gov. Allan Shivers of Texas with 17 men aboard was re has indicated he May also per ported missing off Southern a tonally attend. Pan today. Navy Headquarters the governors of Tennessee in Tokyo Kentucky Arkansas. Louisiana said the plane was a pm Mari Maryland and Oklahoma 1mve Ner amphibian and carried 151 indicated they will Send repro Navy men and two marines. Iscon Tatevos. A ciliated Brig. Gen. Ralph Zwicker. Viewpoints of other states Are regarded As More a Ccarthy charged sym some have indicated they can inf to seems to be deathly comply with the decree though i of the stand most have exes Anri the oath most have expressed deep co n Ern. Gov. Thomas b. Stanley of Vir the Wisconsin senator said he himself had been investigated As thoroughly As anyone could Kinia called the meeting for Thihn by inc Truman Ari minestra Exchange of information and Tjon views on the decision. To sold if its for the historic meeting is the a special committee to ret first of its kind since the us Stu Symington on the stand preme court announced on will now make a firm commit 17 that segregated schools logo before that Coin late equal rights. Guaranteed Byj Muttee. 1 will sign no Symington the fourteenth amendment.

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