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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 9, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 King port wednesday. June 9. 1954 Kingsport time an Independent democratic merry go round letter to editor by aka Sun it u o . A Utu to us la j. Vcelik. Editor eur Busk to . My editor Kingsport times Tenn. T ,7 a usurp tto Al e. Uriel Street Lumpen. Term . Tom press. Southern Assoc Estloa the audit Bureau of circulation 13 Depe Orient demo Antic published after. 1003 except and sunday the press is entitled to Thi use Lor Publ Leuiken it All la scratches credited to h or not otherwise credited in this Washington Gen. James Van Fleet called Home in the Middle of a presidential be astir fact finding Mission in the far East has recommended reopening the korean War. Invading the chinese Mainland and unleash ing our atomic the if is in Case we Are forced into a military showdown Over Indochina. Van Fleet made it Clear however that he does t favor v. S. Intervention in Indochina except As a it sort. Our clipping service brings your editorial of May 2nd. Big bad because it refers to former senator Benton. While i Don t wholly agree with the was Defeated . St Francisco. Act Tut of Aorl la Dir Oil. At Lolu. Item pm. Loi am Elf and subscription by mall first and second postal zones daily and sunday on year 00 by Carrier daily and sunday one week. Today s Bible thought his political convictions i to int testifying behind closed doors of the sen you Wil he interested in this ate foreign relations committee. Van Fleet study by or Louis bean which stressed that the fighting in Asia should be just off the press and which confirms your judgment that Mccarthy s ability to influence votes greatly Over rated. Sincerely yours. John Howe. Assistant to William Ben on done by asian troops backed by american air and sea Power. If we Are drawn into the Indochina War. Van Fleet advocated giving rape the Green Light to attack in Korea and turn ing Chiang uni Shek s troops Loose on the and it came to pass when i heard these Mainland in order to keep the chinese reds words that i sat Down and wept and mourned engaged in Many certain Days and fasted and prayed before the god of he also urged that should go in with everything we be including atomic weapons. Van Fleet also spoke favourably of backing _. A chinese nationalist invasion of the main it is some reef to weep Griff is satisfied and of the outcome in Indochina though he made no out and out recon men ration to this effect. The times daily tonic and carried off by predictions there seems to be one prediction of Silver bullets he suggested that some chinese generals Rov he made it As nov on Tlle communist Side could be bribed into switching their allegiance to Chiang that is Likely to come True. That is Ste Kai Shek. Van Fleet quoted Chiang As. Pre Kroitor times some claim that Mccarthy s of communists in our country and government harmful to u. S. Prestige abroad. This is an error because it does not Hurt As abroad with our friends if we have any. It is Only communists that to Stop Mccarthy investigation of communists in our government. First they Clair. That this is a contest Between Mccarthy and the United states army which is not True because Mccarthy has stated again and again that yens will be through As Secretary of the dieting mass defections from the comm this is a showdown Between him army if there was any doubt in any n s army if Lis nationalists Ever returned to and certain civilian Pentagon one s mind about that it should be put the Mainland. Van Fleet admitted thai Chiang s army is at rest by these monitored Telephone growing old and needs new but conversations Between or. Stevens and democratic members of the committee. Claimed that native formosan Are slowly be officials who have attempted to Block his investigations of communists at fort Mono with and elsewhere. Foremost aiming ing integrated into the army. For example these is army Secretary Stevens he cited a Reserve program that trains who had a part in bringing those these conversations not Only make it Young formosan every tour months then hearings about. If there Are Clear that the democratic senators who were on the committee were on the army s Side from the beginning but releases them Back into civilian life. Van Fleet also admitted that Chiang s army is untested. Communists in the army they should be removed. Another misconception that pied Piper Mac s window by w. J. My Siuffe fisticuffs. That is the word used when a couple of gentlemen or senators engage in physical combat. In the Case of Ordinary people it is just a fight. And in the lower order of society one Calls it slugging each other. Senators very Seldom engage in fisticuffs. As the chinese proverb says a blow is the last resort of a Man who can t think of something to say. And it is very very Seldom a senator finds himself in such a situation. A fellow says if he was next to Marilyn Monroe he would t worry at out who was in the other Side of him. Of you would to suppose it was your wife a. One Guy said he dreamed he was sitting along Side Marilyn Monroe but the dream turned into a Nightmare when Joe Dimaggio sat Down on the other Side of her. With the highways jammed with cars and nobody Able to find parking space car production is like the famous Salt machine that could t be turned off. When insuring it s Heller to Stop and enjoy something that strikes your fancy than 10 . Something that stops your fancy a fellow says he knows a that has t had a traffic Acci Dent yet. No cars. You can t Tell about an army until it has needs Clearing up is the claim they show or. Stevens As a much har been he said. It has been a mistake Assed Man who had lost the Power of he added not to Send a couple nationalist 4 divisions to Korea and test them under fire. Making his own Calm decisions but want army Nas been trained Reed somebody to Tell him what to do. Or. Trained. It is Only now getting the equipment Stevens does t Cut a very Fine figure in it reported the general whose letter these conversations. Whatever the result from Korea in the 1952 Campaign so much to win votes for Eisenhower. That no one will be Benen Teri from the Mccarthy and Stevens Row. This is not True because the communists will Benefit by it if Mccarthy s investigations Are stopped. We know that the communists Washington. Calling by Thomas l Stokes of the hearings he can Only be an pm he said we Are fast approaching the hour Barf sment to the administration from of decision in the far East though he thought it would t be too Inte to take Deci Sive action within the next 12 Fleet wrote a letter during the election Campaign implying that the Truman now on. Nor does it help or. Stevens that he is the instrument by which the democratic members of the committee Are shown to Why does t some automaker put a built in garbage can on tha car so neat people would t have to throw cans boxes and such along the Highway Washington there s been program of units annual ure and subsequent votes in at Long last a slight break in by for four years which the sen House and Senate on the con the Clouds hanging forbidding by ate approved was less than that Ference report the Range is be have for a Long time attempted Over the Eisenhower legislative of a year originally con tween nothing and units Havelt built to cars to Stop Mccarthy i Vestiga Pink no in Congress. Template in the Truman pro a year for four years tons and discredit Swift action last week pm two Gram. President Eisenhower s renew without Avail. Mccarthy s pop important measures in the so but in both cases. Republican de demand last week for his clarity has increased month Cial welfare Field social Securi votes now were doing for presi Isla Tive May have had a after month despite their worst to expansion in the House and Dent Eisenhower what they had some influence in the Senate p efforts to discredit him. Housing in the denied to president Truman. Housing Bill action it was in i believe that Mccarthy is fortuitously almost coincidental and Wilh that is about the Only mod Ern convenience that they they would probably have operators would com a. Summer Camps for children biased from the Romme of an in Oren admin Straton had lagged m training South i believe that Mccarthy is , almost coincidental and Wilh Good and sufficient need surprising in prompt finest Thines in the world korean troops. The letter was read by Eisen right when he says that govern with the new demand by the political reasons the fair Deal Ness with the final vote the same a g Hower in one of his Canna in broadcasts ment War prs in Mich nil president at his mid week news Iri Chin Huv the i01 picnic. Vesti gation in which they sit As judges. Later. Van Fleet was retired somewhat in a ment workers should furnish All information they can to con president at his mid week news kinship in social Security eve Day the measure was taken up f us v.-. I conference for enactment of his la Merenic or enactment of his pension and housing is a Happy whereas it was thought a week and that gives Mccarthy a wonderful of Huff because he had expected to be continued g r Essio n Al investigators and program. This gave the appear circumstance politically rank might be necessary. The urgency m t v in f t by old Friend in the White House whom will do this if they Are not try of Good timing though it and Nile for both tin however had aspects of political he state get port Unity to declare the cards Are stacked Harf helped Van Curmit Lisp Revlon against him. And demand or. Symington trip was arranged partly to appease his ire. And or. Mcclellan resign forthwith. The senators Are embarrassed. Ode to Joe of course anyone who can read be genial judge Hall the Republican National tween the lines knows that the Republic chairman does t know about it. But his can members of the committee Are just functionaries who Are supposed to be taking they ing to cover up for the communists. We know that the communists Are doing their Best to stir up disunity in our govern ment and we also know that they Are doing their utmost to Sald break Down our religious educational and social institutions. Was not exactly a Case of cause doubted by it and effect. Other factors were Hower s 1952 press gallery wag gives a clue to other influences at work. He orders from the president Are quietly Cir Why not give information about Nally As general Eisen Campaign pledge that he would preserve the so Cial gains that Drew to him Many democrats who wanted a change in Washington but necessity other than House pressure. Segregation involved White Ting Marriki there is a report that bathing suits Are going to be ski pier to win to win out. Al v. I probably this affecting both parties than Ever this summer. But it is grew from the sudden rebellion rumoured that one designer has Public housing by Sena already gone nuts trying to Flag them hostile Camps. The re new is assured by this re pub planned As that. Our allies soon will depart us. And Joe is publican party represents the h can Congress. Likewise the hurdles still ahead the cause of it All. Free world and the communist Public housing which was a As biased in the other direction but it is emulating a poem favourable to Joe Mccarthy these rascals not put into the record. At least not yet. It was composed in the gop National com it is a fact that the world to perhaps before we get through there May adhere Are a few of most Suc be More monitored talks with naughty gave vent to this chorus the words that have to be deleted. Republic May totter and fall. It would be perhaps a fitting end to this great farce if the whole business were declared a mistrial due to Bias on the Bench. That might be a Way out when otherwise there is no end in sight. There is just one other prediction we Hope will come through namely that or. Cohn is also through. For it without such assurances. What was 1952 re Navy voted Tor Maybank a Sci hitherto lire out How it can be done. For a fellow says he would be Day is divided into two parties. President had espoused though teat Tefler with to the Republican party and the in expansion of the a ban Incisco Case. This Dis very Little. Communist party. Some Call social Security the system which Gross is at stake. The social Wel Turbed senator Lyndon Johnson fare emphasis is As simply sex Tex. I democratic Leader who if you Aren t sure whether it s feared the Southern rebellion Poison Ivy stay ignorant might become general enough v r neither Bill is Over All the to expose publicly once again an archaeologist discovered an stand behind Mccarthy As never there is nothing that some of our political leaders like to do More than drop Ping atomic bombs. The latest advice comes from senator styles Bridges an other Republican who does t seem to know or care whether he embarrasses the president or not. Or. Bridges thinks if we get into the Indochina War we should use the bomb not boys. He thinks we should have used the bomb in Korea instead of boys. Everyone stir up us get in the act. Let s blow up the Battle with Rumor and never obscure it with fact. It s time to kill off Mccarthy it s time to turn out his Light. It s time to say to the White House now Ike let s you and him Well on with the terrible combat let them Wrangle it out for this Bone. The army can have handsome David the wolves can have or. Cohn. But spare us Sweet Joseph Render if you would know Why without a Joe to be labor the press would curl up and before. He is trying to get rid of safety Council s program the communist traitors that pedestrian and bicycle safety Jaq f o now closely the have been placed in High positions by the new Deal and fair Deal parties during their 20 years of after they de this legislation after the tax Bill Southern defection might be a fellow who had plenty of it. Is out of the Way is expected enough to defeat Public hous for stroked the democratic party. Est and support of every citizen. Uritsky Semand to be elected again this fall to the United states Senate and House of representatives and it seems to me that the voters the safety of our children is Mcern to All of our neighbor s a Iron. In their vacation activities Are on our streets now More so6 also had something to lose their elsel1ower Public Sute but with no record to show How democrats were voting segregation sentiments gently the r housing among a majority of the president than lose and be old fashioned political bargain republicans in the House. They Able in blame the democrats. So messes. Knowland and ing that greased the Way to slide that measure quickly through atomic Gestapo were responsible for rejecting _ would be fools to elect to than they have been for the Oast the president s Public housing Johnson got their Heads together throw crowbar nto i Senhor month Inch Dink none at to work out the Best solution for of the ways and Means throw crowbars into Eisenhowe nine month. All in the Bill a few weeks Back each party. They arranged a committee put the steam behind ind Cre much Houlne there Quick vote on the Maybank to that when the president publicly riving since Chil w " be in the end wil1 depend Tion to pm housing and abandoned his elaborate Forien or s plan to bring peace to the world and have Prosperity and happiness without War. Cautions in we believe that most of our Drin Are impulsive and take newspapers columnists d commentators Are trying to twist the truth in order to control the thinking of the Ameri can people and Lead us Down the Road to communism which the final Straw that has made members of the atomic Energy commission see red against chairman adm. Lewis Strauss is a Felt seems incredible that a Man of the cording device installed by Strauss at Corn standing of senator Bridges does not a past com Melon meetings have been Preci ate the full significance of what he informal relaxed and featured All sorts of says. Here is a Man who is certainly one fascinating philosophical discussions of the of the leaders in the Republican party every commoner presumably he is a Man of some influx knows that every word he says is being re editor ence in the party and therefore in the corded and he talk. As Little As possible be Kingsport times news administration. It is quite natural for banker has become foreign statesmen to wonder whether this the commissioners know that since the is an idea that is being considered sen friends and words of or. J. Robert Oppen Heimer 15 years ago were used against him today together with his Lack of enthusiasm for the Hydrogen bomb their words also May chances without thinking. Kingsport has gone 983 Days without a fatality. It would be tragic to spoil it with an Acci Dent involving one of our Chil Dren. Let s support the Kingsport ices now Between without a Roll Call. So it was Trade program to which rep. Branches on the Meas shouted Down in a voice vote Reed is so bitterly opposed. Will destroy christianity our educational system and make times and the Kingsport safety slaves out of us. Nimrod Taylor. Doctor says by William e. Gilroy . Kingsport dear sir your editorial of june 7 on the Council in this Fine program by one should not do is brought out driving so that All of our Chil in today s first inquiry Dren will have a Safe and Happy a am a vacation. Yours very truly k. Y. Umberger. 270 Hammond ave., Kingsport Tenn. An excellent example of what a my brother who is three quiver suggests though the Causa years older and i Are both vie. Is largely unknown. In the Earli Tims of contraction of the ten est cases Nonoperative treat and dons of our fingers. I have been ment is often advised but for i Ujj. Lull thu jul jul lately have broken out with ring informed this affects males be others the Only effective method worm. My Back and arms Are ing transmitted from the a is surgery and this is a rather completely covered. For the past eternal Parent. Would you please formidable procedure two months i have tried several discuss this w. T. G. All probability this is a different medicines without re to Ousby. Look at the picture. If the United states took action with the bomb it be used against them in the future. So there would do so under the protests of our is less and less discussion less and less honest Side glances the to h k no i was four months in or h condition known As Dupuy Tren s pregnant i was in an automobile a foods or perhaps nervous contracture which is a slowly Accident and fortunately was not progressive contracture of the Ness Reader allies. The member nations of the in agreement. Said one Man we enthuse. We would never agree to such action. Our Are All making a record. We can Only Hope allies so called would never agree to that Are making they such action. Therefore if or. Bridges and Progler is a my vice is taken it will have to be strictly note phone upping of commissioners unilateral action. Telephones by Security officers on behalf of Admiral Strauss is now considered routine. That Means ditching the United a none of the free tons and dropping All pretence of am Strauss says anything important Over the Tel Ance. If we Are going to go it alone we Ephone. Should frankly say so and leave unwilling Vav Jet allies alone. It May be that senator Bridges thinks White Blouse aides have hinted that presi we should assert our strength and make France and Britain like it. But with the too Many restrictions. Political situation As it is in Europe Noah the Senate judiciary committee has t ing could be More surely guaranteed to upset the governments of Britain France Brownell s request for a free hand to tap Tele and Italy than for the United states to phones. Sav we Are to inst to use the bomb Many Sci tors Are afraid of their own say we air going 10 use me Dolivio phones bins tapped and won t agree to Al whether you people like it or that lowing wiretaps without a court order. Others must bring official repudiation from want to restrict wiretapping to the Fri. Pupi a or that a actually such restrictions would make wire every govern Mem or mat government lapping even More it is under would fall. The communists of France the present Law. Today about half the Agen and Italy the labor party in Britain would gain control. Cies in Washington tap phones which is legally permissible As Long As the conversations Are not divulged. But under a new wire when we talk of using the bomb on tapping Hill As proposed by the Senate a court the world today we should make sure order would be required for every . We have counted the Cost and Are willing As we Ltd is Liat b the wiretap Bill May end up curbing More to pay for the privilege. Phone tapping than it legalizes. Or Derma Tophy tissue known As fascia in the Tosis is a particular kind of skin Palm occurring most often injured seriously Hurt. I am is it Likely that the baby was in mrs. S. Disease caused by a fungus. Ai men past Middle life and usually one can say for sure though it is True that it May at involving the ring Finger Little but it is not Likely certainly you tack different parts of the skin Finger or both. Come on Back Here Shell Tell me All about it tomorrow if they see you watching Thev la Stop and take on different appear ances this certainly does not sound like ringworm but much More like some other kind of skin disease. In any event the correspond ent should Stop at once trying to diagnose or treat herself since this May Lead to wholly unnecessary complications. An immedi ate visit to a skin specialist for diagnosis and More accurate advice on treatment is indicated. A i have read that the late or. Kurt Schumacher the famous German politician had isl his right leg As a result of brought on through nazi barbarism in Mak ing him stand on his feet for Long periods of time. Is this a common cause for Pulc Bothom Bosis p. M. Or thrombophlebitis is a condition in which the veins usually in. The leg become inflamed and develop clots. In some older peo ple and in those whose veins Are not in too Hij Althy a state pro longed standing is certainly not desirable and May perhaps cause and almost certainly make worse if already present n Condi Tion of this sort in the leg veins. In some cases it does seem to be tied to heredity As the in worrying. Situation by chances Are that everything will turn out All right. Out our Way Are made hot born "9

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