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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 9, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee2 King Ipoh times wednesday june 9. 1.154 sex agent says spy Hunting is Job for espionage agents not solons Maestro gets biography film treatment by Boit Thomas now i Benny Goodman the tarted the Era Kentucky news names 5-Man group to examine funeral bark tort Knox. By. Than 300 High school students Are expected to attend the week Long Blue grass boys state Encampment opening Here Tomor t s Row. The boys will go through i5y Michael c11imco built on he spot to protect the Cairo Young expert i relic on the Egypt of old lost one Al Malakh. Said he was the the various Steps of electing of-1 Roumi but won another today in lowest ranking member of thei catching spies is a Job for and. Because pan of their spy espionage agents and not for ing occurred in wartime paid j i Ficor Suu governing a City his Blume to the tame and Kory commission and added senators. Kurt Singer an in with their lives. County and state. He expects from has discovery a Tel hence agent against both the Singer also had some Light to Ftp tit of a pharaoh s funeral boat that the Wall so uie i t Ami nazis and and Hec 0, the great b. A. The of Lexington. By. About1 is believed to be 4.700 years i Ghoul i Hii of Thor of several books on Espoo Iran intelligence knew it Lus Bacn Hyrc to delegates Are expected the government gave 34-year- others told the Kingsport Emu. Coming three years before it ill la producer Aaron Rosenberg the three Day conference of Al Malakh a Backi Tive club tuesday night. Happened he said. Sode y Christian scat Fluture inspection. Ger sharply scored senator1 general Macarthur never pro about Valentine e Stor a for tie service of the Kentucky meth Mccarthy and the antics now 10 bomb red the film pair Church opening Here june Progress in his Battle with the Manchuria the speaker said. Hei rhe Glenn Miller Story anri.22. Army asked authority to Send s who Goodman has agreed senators should make Laws Naissance planes across the Yalu to Lils own on Al Malakh has opened the pit the death ship three fran Tut. By. In peace. And not attempt to be i Vestiga River to learn about the Supply i was really impressed by firm of Stein Bros. he said. Senator Taft bases there. And he asked said the band Boyce was employed yesterday Marie Laws and there Are several Hority to bomb the River Bridges Leader. I thought it was the to assist in the arrangements bearing his signature but thereto halt entry of those supplies first Paisal and preservation of the times resealing the aperture death bark the Egypt Logist says after each preliminary inv Sii was built by King Cheops solution from a Vantage Point that his soul could traverse the near the surface Al Malakh said i expected to go to new York under the government s order. Future work on the relic band business has for financing construction of the is not a single Law bearing the into Korea. His request was de been properly presented on the new state Fairgrounds in Louis than Al Malakh s. Be done by a special the next couple of weeks for commission and including older one opening of an egyptian tour signature of the Junior from i screen. Usually we re just rushed Iville. A seven million Dollar Singer spoke at Ridget ields to do a few numbers and Bond Issue is planning to help i have nothing else to he Speaks from experience. He has appeared in half a dozen films from Hollywood hotel 1937 to a song is born 1948. His experiences were not too re warding artistically and he re i i Nance the project. S. J. Weisenberger of Midway was. Named president of the Ken Tucky Millers association at the organization s 67th annual later he modified his stale country club. Val Edwards pre ment to say that senators have sided at the meeting every right to investigate but one of the most dramatic to not As one Man committees ments of the evening came Dur they could much better devote ing the question and answer be their time he said to improving Jeriod. Someone asked How effect the nation s spy Laws which Are voice of America Broad inadequate at present. J casts Are and Singer called upon slated All offers to under present s. Law. German Friend who had a until the Miller film time espionage is not considered companies him to Kingsport to j talked to Goodman and his treason. J answer. Imn Boswell at lunch and one Man congressional Corn the German Karl nun slightly More Talka mittens have the Mark of rus of the Rhineland. Answered in tic than in the past although Sia and he said which German and Singer translated j be was on of the Lead link Ensti. he said the voice of of a nervous Era he seems added that they remind him of broadcasts dwell too much on the methods used by Goebbels eternal strife in this coi and then lecture America on the _ _ office the of the death i throughout ship complained that under thejbna1-" decree he is unable now even because of the developments to take a peek on his own of the Al Malakh said i cannot guar priceless archaeological treasure Santee that i the decree was announced Byj the government decree had Mustafa Amer. Director of the the immediate effect of delay department of antiquities who ing details of the contents of the film his fuel Mertink yesterday. He succeeds Clifton Anderson of Danville. It Louisville by. Louis Ville area dairymen were told yesterday that the requirement dating milk bottle Caps is gave Al Malakh an indirect Pat on the Back for adding an important chapter to archaeological history. Amer at the same time backed up the Youngish looking expert against the doubts cast on the find by some Veteran Arch eolo Lenderson who the funeral boat chamber As Well As those of the Tomb containing the sarcophagus believed to be that of another More ancient. Pharaoh. The Tomb was found recently by Zakaria Ghoneim another Egypt Logist. Whom he knew. Do not give the people catching spies he said is countries the inform Job that Calls Lor a person hey wan about things that is tight lipped and quiet and i interest them patient. Wait and wait regarding american foreign until the right Opportunity. Policy in general. Singer said he it is not a Job he said for believes to a degree in the eco us Ciu 11c in cull. I r a j a Chon old relaxed now. He s 45, " Thi division o boat belonged to some pharaoh ii c country and but Nestin Nas his Apple Cheek univ Casl y of Ocorr a said other than Cheops. be in Iron and picture the boat a i niceties and to nomic i v hand outs this country newspaper has bestowed on others what makes a person take Upu Unate but that More spying As a career there Are various motives. Singer love patriotism. But most spies Are Power drunk. That is one Rea son so Many communist spies in j this country Are intellectuals. He cited the Case of Alger Hiss. Hiss knew he would never get to the top in the state department handshakes would do More Good. Rep. Wampler urges i action on new Park William c. Wampler 9th-tuesday because there were too the House of represent others ahead of him Singer said. But if he Allied himself with the communists and they took Over this country his experience and party loyalty would entitle him to a top spot in the new regime. Singer said he knew from his own experience How the russians operate in persuading americans lives Interior and insular affairs committee to take imme Diate action on legislation per Taining to the Breaks Park. Wampler appeared before the committee As a proponent of . 8549, a Bill he introduced which would Grant the consent of Congress to the Breaks inter Appi of health. A year ago. He collapsed Dur return tour by. Iut it was t i Molt Mcdaniel. 79, retired he said. It was just fatigue. I wealth s attorney for Lee Estill Owsley and Breathitt counties died yesterday. It it it Owensboro by. .1 Dis Tillery workers local 31 last night ratified a contract giving them a 20 cent hourly wage in crease. Affected were .400 employees of Glenmore distilling co. And 130 employees of the Fleischmann distilling corp. Fri Emily j hours sleep for four nights. There was too much he s Back tooling his clarinet but this time with Small combos in night clubs. I asked him if he thought the band business would come Back As big As it was in the prewar years. The band business was just like the he remarked. In those years any movie to or bad. Made Money. It was the actually seen or handled himself. Amer said the absolute necessity of pre serving the find has dictated a More cautious procedure with the collaboration of the Best available specialists and govern ment authority to enlist additional help inside and outside of Egypt if Amer said the first aim of the new commission will be to ensure preservation of the death or bad made Money. It was Thi same with bands. The business supported a lot of bands that weren t the really Good bands. Just health reasons and too but for Sivelo the Dairy Industry. I there in defense of the scientist. Amer hinted that criticism Hajj r in Rirl Isen against Al Malakh for try it describe objects in toe Washington unit. De states is launching this month a series of exhibits both travelling and stationary to demonstrate America s atoms for peace program to Many peo i pies of the free world. I the first atomic roadshow according to the u. A information Agency will tour Italy beginning june 15. Another such Mobile exhibit mounted in five trucks will go either to France or England or both. Larger permanent exhibits costing about each will be set up in Brazil and in ber Lin. Play Wear new York play boy Minot e. Mickey Jelke whose conviction on vice charges was reversed recently will in like Good movies still do Good Herlt half of an estimated business he said. But the medi Jolo estate left by his brother Ocre in both categories die on the Vine. The bands Are further Hurt by the fact that kids Don t to work for them. When he Park compact. Included in in Russia he said they tempted Wampler s Bill is a compact i dance As much As their refers him with Vodka and women Andi identical to that approved be s when that did t work they Sug year by the Legislatures of Vir a tested he write a Book praising Ginia and Kentucky the communist system. Wampler told committee they guaranteed to print a i members that both states had million copies with generous Roy-1 granted initial appropriations allies for the author. That would j for construction of the Park. The be More copies than any of his Virginia general Assembly has i James a. Van Fleet arrived at books have Ever had. Singer said approved to begin Fleet goes Back for far East Survey Honolulu Gen but he turned the offer Down. Only Russia s second Best spies in this country have been caught Singer said. The top spies have diplomatic immunity. One of the most dangerous types of spy he said is known As work and Kentucky has allocated an initial Grant of. For the Park he said. Passage of this legislation will involve no Federal Wampler pointed out. Congress last year granted its consent to a Sitter this is a naturalized negotiations Between the two citizen who Breaks All contacts states for the compact both i states Are eager to begin this and i join them in urging a refugee Timmi immediate passage of this until a vital moment. A Sitter comes into Grant. He settles Down to an apparently useful life and takes out citizenship papers at the earliest Opportunity. He makes no contacts with other spies in this country and engages in no spy the Park to be situated at the Breaks of the Cumberland in adjacent areas of Dickenson and Buchanan counties va., and Pike county ky., moved out of the speculation stage last year Hickam air base last night on the Way Back to the far East to resume his interrupted Survey of military assistance needs of u. A allies. He had been called Back to Washington from Formosa. He planned to leave tomorrow for Tokyo after conferences with adm. Felix b. Stump Pacific Fleet commander. Van Fleet said we ought to Back asian troops with american sea and air he declined to comment on the Indochina crisis except to say it looks bad out when Wampler introduced and the House and Senate subset Resolution activities for a period of years. Then when the time is right he Oes to work. A Quentlyn passed a there were several such spies siting consent for the Nego in world War ii Singer said in j a tons. Eluding one at Pearl Harbor. To what happens when a spy is study by 1 v caught i Baltimore Iff courses they Are offered the oppor-1 carrying full College credit will Unity to turn Over their offered Over radio and Tele to this country and escape Pun vision starting this week by ashment. Much valuable information has been obtained in this Way. The Rosenbergs refused Baltimore Junior College. They will be carried Over radio Sta Tion Wal and on Wal to. 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