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Humboldt Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 30 1966, Page 1

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Humboldt Journal (Newspaper) - November 30, 1966, Chicago, Illinois Here s Outlook As Aldermani filing opens monday the Aldermani sweepstakes officially opens monday but it is not Likely that there will be a Rush of candidates to file their petitions when the election Board opens for business. While candidates usually fight to be the first to file to get top listing on the ballot this advantage cannot be gained in the Ward contests. Names of the Alderman candidates Are rotated on the ballot giving each an equal Chance at the top spot regardless of the order in which they file. With democrats holding All of the local Ward posts and All but one or two of the incumbents apparently set to seek re election there remains Little for the Ward organizations to do except put their Stamps of approval on the candidates and circulate the petitions of candidacy. In the one Ward where the incumbent definitely will not run the 29th�?a replacement already has been selected. While Republican Hopes were buoyed by the nov. 8 results this optimism does not appear to have unearthed a Bevy of Adle manic hopefuls. Only one gop Ward organization had announced its candidate by monday and others were just getting around to starting a series of meetings that eventually would come up with a candidate. Several committeemen listed the problem of financing a Campaign thus indicating that the county state and National gop victories of Early this month have not altered the usual gop dilemma in the wards. A rundown of the local wards As the filing Date for the election nears looks like this 28th Ward a incumbent Angelo Provenzano May seek re election As regular democratic party candidate. Attorney Leonard Foster who recently took up residence in the Ward has announced he will be a candidate. Foster who has taken an Active and influential role in West Garfield Park civic and business affairs in the past few years has sought the regular democratic organization support but is not Likely to get it. Another Foster Curtis in a y also be a candidate under the regular democratic party Banner. An investigator for the states attorneys office he was formerly Active in the 24th Ward. A fourth candidate from the West end Karlov Section is reportedly circulating Peiti tons. 29th Ward incumbent Thomas f. Burke will not seek reelection. In his place the regular democratic organization will run Robert Biggs a funeral director. The republicans have endorsed a woman candidate miss Mardean Cole 24, of 135 s. Albany Secretary of the Reg ular gop organization and director of its family Center. Luster in Jackson a tuck pointing contractor of 3450 Jackson has announced his intention to run As an Independent. 30th Ward Ald. Edwin in Mcmahon will seek re election As the regular democratic organization candidate. Edward f. Moore Republican committeeman. Said monday he plans to Call a meeting soon. He met with a group of Young republicans sunday he said but no names were discussed. He is looking for a a Good live Young 31st Ward this is the Bali Wick of Ald. Thomas e. Keane City Council floor Leader who is expected to be the regular democratic organization candidate. As of monday the Republican organization had not yet reached a decision on a candidate. 34th Ward Ald. Rex Sande will seek re election As the regular democratic organization candidate. No indication from the republicans As yet As to their candidate. Republicans reported a several interested candidates a but no selection had been made monday. A the question of financing w As raised. 35th Ward incumbent Alderman Casimir c. Laskowski expected to file for re election As the regular democratic organization candidate. Republican candidate not yet announced. J 36th Ward Ald. John Aiello incumbent will be the regular democratic organization candidate for his first full term. Richard Price Republican committeeman said monday his organization is still looking for a suitable candidate. 37th Ward Ald. Thomas j. Casey will be the democratic organization candidate who also will be seeking his first full term. James Goodwin Republican committeeman said his organization will be holding meetings this week in an Effort to select a candidate. He said some names had been suggested. But there had not been a serious discussion on availability of funds. Actually Aldermani candidates run As non partisan. No party designation is listed on the ballot for any of the candidates though their affiliation is usually Well known. The deadline for filing petitions is Jan. 9. After that there will be a period for challenging the signatures on the petitions often a source of heated controversy in Aldermani fights. The election will be held feb. 28. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast in the election a run off will be necessary and it will be held april 4 in connection with the election of a mayor for the City. Comm1mty ism ans veil destiny anti Quot to tin sunday covering to Lii Eago a Oak Park is a 7-Junio Humboldt journal Rise in Auto thefts by teens blamed on boredom see below vol. 8 number 8 office 4047 w. North ave. A 6-0322 wednesday november 30, 1966 this Issue consists of 2 sections�?22 pages at Newsstands 10c a copy by mail s5.50 a year Taco plans big to assure an ambitious far sighted program of action calculated to save the Humboldt Park Community As a Safe and i desirable neighbourhood has been formulated by Taco the Alamo Community organization. The Rev. Robert d. Walters pastor of Hope Epiphany evangelical lutheran Church 855 n. Monticello president of Taco has detailed the suggested program in the following letter to the Community which has been endorsed by the organizations steering committee a people in the Humbold test was held. Triplets Surprise mom mrs. Anita Chmiel 3112 n. Neenah taps on window of Nursery to arouse the Little Sleepyhead born to her and Hubby Donald sunday nov. 20, in Walther memorial Hospital 1116 n. Kudzie. Nurse mrs. Ruth d Angelo at left holds Kelly Maria 5 pounds 7 ounces who was born at 11 24 . Nursing student mrs. Susan Napier holds Triplet no. 2, Tracy Marie 4 pounds 3a ounce born two minutes later and nursing student Barbara Olsen holds Gwen a Rice 3 pounds iiv2 ounces born at 11 30 . The triple event was a Surprise to their parents who had expected twin boys. Mrs. Chmiel gave birth to twins 3 years ago one of whom did not survive. Her father is a twin. Tracy and Gwen were considered too Little to go Home win Kelly and their Mother on thanksgiving Day. They were placed in isolette until they put on enough poundage to travel. Nurse of year had hoped to be a veterinarian boredom blamed for car thefts the conclusion to be drawn from the remarks of the youths who spoke on the topic a the Young Auto thief a at the workshop in the Austin police station wednesday evening nov. 16, is that not enough adults take an Active role in directing the Leisure time activity of teenagers. This was the opinion of capt. Mark thanasouras Austin police commander who sponsored the meeting. Several youths who had been acquainted with boys who stole cars answered questions about the reasons for the Auto thefts. Their bursting activity. But this safety valve is dangerous As capt. Thanasouras has often pointed out. Stealing cars he says May Lead to other crimes and what begins As a prank May end As a felony. Capt. Thanasouras said that what Austin needs is an Active Branch of the co or some other Agency that provides an outlet for Youthful Energy. And he said adult sponsorship and Active participation would Channel the activities of youth in constructive directions. A a we be got enough Parks and playgrounds a he said a but not enough adults to staff them full Patricia k. Petersen miss Patricia k. Petersen who had hoped to become a veterinarian but became a nursing student instead has been named student nurse of the year at Walther memorial Hospital school of nursing 1116 n. Kedzie on the basis of character ability and Overall Scholastic aptitude and academic achievement. Miss Petersen was salutatorian of her graduation class at the Leland mich., High school and Active in Church and High school affairs. She was awarded this years scholarship presented annually by the auxiliary of the Hospital to the outstanding Junior student is vice president of the student association and a member of the student Council at the Hospital and is the schools representative at the student nurses association of Illinois. Miss i Erst n turned to nursing As a Carcer when she was unable to pursue a veterinarian course. She Hopes eventually to work in a Mission overseas preferably in Africa. The main reason according time. The pools and gyms and to their testimony was bore Ball grounds should be Avail Dom. They said the car thieves Able full time not just at cer they had known Hadnot really Tain periods of the wanted to steal cars. Several were members of families who 1 owned More than one car. It w a s not transportation they needed it was an outlet for i in Park Community have been wondering what happened to the Alamo Community organization and deserve an answer. A the Small group of people mainly from local churches who envisioned and gave birth to Taco intended it to be a mass broadly based Community organization representative of All interests and subservient to none. A but it Hasni to turned out that Way. A it has turned out to be a forum of Community leaders by and Large representing churches both Catholic and prot e s t a n to Community service agencies some businesses and political leaders largely from the 31st Ward. It May Well be the first time such a leadership communication has been attempted in our Community and it has borne fruit. Too Long there has been no communication and too much suspicion among such leaders. A what fruit a a a the persons in the Kost Ner Chicago area were alerted by Taco to an incinerator proposed in their neighbourhood. While Taco did not join their protest it did give them the Chance to protest. A a a a clean up Campaign particularly marshalling school resources had meat on it for once. A a a the Chicago Avenue merchants chamber of Commerce was encouraged to continue when it developed a leadership crisis. A a a a Christmas lighting con educational leaders were led to greater inter and intr communication. A a a to h e Duncan North Myca was encouraged in its Community service that resulted in vital summer programs for teenagers and younger children throughout the Community and in securing 14 Vista volunteers for our area. A a a the 500 Block of Sawyer was supported in its Organiza j Tion. These people can testify that Taco is not anti negro As some irresponsible persons have alleged a a a the dangerously unsafe building at 4254 North was torn Down As a result of action initiated by Taco. A a a a much greater inter communication among churches was established resulting in the formation of the Humboldt ministerial association recently. A a a the Promise to consult the Community on any future building or Boundary changes was obtained from the Chicago Board of education Over the new Orr elementary school project which was As arbitrarily announced As was the incinerator. A a a a greater communication of political leaders with other Community leaders was effected. A but Taco is not and in my estimation cannot As now organized be a broadly based j Community organization. It can continue to be a Community leadership forum and i propose 1 that it does. Spaghetti feast at y two members of Duncan North Myca left Are Diana go Anto 1326 n. Avers mrs. Frosh soph club get a lesson in italian cookery Carmen Tanto Yvonne Flynn 1529 n. Keeler As their mothers prepare meatballs and spa and mrs. Dorothy Flynn. Members of Tho Ghetti sauce for dinner to be served 1-6 . Frosh soph club Are sponsoring dinner to raise sunday in Myca gym 1305 n. Hamlin. From funds for the new teen Center a the y homemade gifts at girl scout Bazaar gifts made by the girls will be featured at the annual Holiday Bazaar of the St. Genevieve girl scouts trom 8 . To 5 . Sunday in the school Hall at 4846 Montana. Also on Sale will be White elephants and baked goods. Proceeds Are used for the girl scout and Brownie troops sponsored by the Parish. Fear of truck traffic kills Alley paving property owners in a West Side Block took a look into the future in expressing their objection to any paving of the alleys Between Wab Ansia and Harding Pulaski and the South line of the Milwaukee Road Railroad track. I the Alley was paved All it would do would attract truck Drivers to use it in great volume and tear it up again a spokesman told the Board of local improvements. Three men appeared before the Board and obtained the information that to pave the Alley would Cost approximately $15.83 per frontage foot of their property. The petition to protest the assessment was withdrawn by Peter l. Vito 1713 n. Pulaski after hearing the explanation from the Board chairman David s. Chesrow on the numbers of signatures required to kill the proposal. The girl in the picture shows up a head Start Quot program a total of 135 pre school boys and girls have been registered in Kosciuszko Parks a operation head Start program. They now Are engaged in preparing a musical version of a Snow White for presentation dec. 15 and 16. Thirty seven years ago an artist waiting for a Streetcar noticed a girl pressing her face against a Barber shop window and gently crying Over a broken egg. He painted the tender scene and presented the painting to the Barber Henry k. Bartlang who placed it in the window of his shop at 5104 Chicago hoping the girl would notice it so that he could give it to her. He had Given up Hope of Ever finding the subject of the painting. Two weeks ago however the item appeared in the Community publications a talking it Over Quot column and the girls now a woman noticed it and contacted Bartlang. She is mrs. Helen Kranzel 426 n. Lawler shown above As she accepted the painting last wednesday from or. Bartlang at exactly the same spot where the artist painted her 37 years ago. For details see today s a talking it Over Quot column on editorial Page a however Money must be raised to hire an experienced organizer in order to form a democratic broadly based not singularly dominated Community organization. To me this was High priority. We need a voice and a Power in Humboldt Park that represents the people and that is not dominated by any part of the establishment be it political organization the churches business or Industry. All of these must be represented but none dare hold controlling interest. A a Taco a Constitution which permits individuals to vote at a Congress representing no one but themselves allows single interests to hold Sway. And this did happen. At the organizing Congress in May of this year a majority of the individual voting members were recruited by the 31st Ward democratic organization. Immediately a Leader in that organization took the floor to protest a technicality and launched on an apparently 1 Well thought out plan. Apparently another Northwest Community organization was feared and would not be allowed. With the Constitution drawn up As naively As it was a considerable number of organization personnel were nominated from the floor and elect Jed along with other Church. I school and Community leaders previously slated. Frankly i feared the worst. A but frankly also the worst did not materialize from at least one Point of View. As initial meetings of the executive and steering committees were held these political leaders showed genuine concern for the Community. Yes it related closely to their interests. And some were defensive when political toes were if. Danger of being stepped on Oke the incinerator Issue or on channels for dealing with dilapidated housing but a number also greatly impressed me As intelligent concerned and not tied stupidly by Ward organization loyalty. In fact Soma of these continued on Page 7 doubts fund Cut to affect is will the cutback in Federal Highway funds affect the pro j posed North South expressway 1 that was the question that followed the announcement last week that president Johnson i has reduced Federal allocations for Highway purposes As a weapon to combat inflation. Milton j. Pilarsky City commissioner of Public works said a thought Tho decision would Hava no affect on the North South Crosstown project As it is not far enough along. Pikarsky said that presently the Federal Bureau of Public roads is studying the feasibility report submitted to it by the state Highway department. Its decision will be based on engineering details of the plans without regard to allocation of funds Pikarsky said. He commented that the cutback will not be an Issue until the Federal Bureau approves the plans. Then it will be up to the state to decide How it wants to use the Federal Highway funds allocated to it. He imagined that at this Point the state would a take another look at its Highway program. The feasibility report submitted to the Federal Bureau proposes construction of the Highway As approved by the Chicago plan commission. This is the route along the Belt line Railroad with portions of the Highway elevated some depressed and others at ground level. Most of the West Side Section would be elevated. Pops Panczko in soup again Joseph a a pops Panczko 60, 1527 n. Avers brother of Paul a a peanuts Panczko top drawer burglar and himself released Only last feb. 16 after doing eleven months for possessing burglar tools and attempted bribery was Back in the soup wednesday. Secret service agents armed with a suppressed Federal indictment arrested him at 7 30 a in. In the criminal courts pressroom one of his favorite hangouts on a charge of a use of devices or tokens in lieu of according to assistant . Attorney Patrick f. Healy merchants on North ave. Near pops Home began to complain last Spring that he was spending a lot of time on the phone and buying Stamps out of a i Chines. Agents trailed him on june 21, 32, 23 and july 19. But did not immediately act in Hope of finding a deeper motive. Wednesday it was disclosed that his Trail through Only five drug stores and variety stores left 1.207 slugs 48 of them in one stamp machine. Released on $1,000 Bond he faces a possible year in jail or $1,000 Fine on each of four counts. Healy said there is Only one mystery a who was pops telephoning. Only a Bookie would need to make that Many Calls and no Bookie would stoop to such Small pinochle social Hermosa Park pinochle club is presenting its Christmas pinochle social at 7 30 . Fri i Day dec. 2, at the Park 2240 n. Kil Bourn. Future of Humboldt Park

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