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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 23, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Temh High Point Enterprise Washington merry go round an Independent newspaper Randall b Terry president co publisher d a Rawley co publisher Davida Rawley jr., vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joe Brown editor sex envoy says . Abetted Oil hikes 4 a thursday september 23, 1976 garbage decisions Back in the Spring when City Council was wrestling with the annual problem of trimming spending programs to stay in line with the available dollars a citizen arose in a Public hearing to suggest that the City a garbage collection system be scrutinized. The City could he remarked save up to $400,000 of garbage collection expense by requiring residents to haul their own garbage to curbside rather than having the collectors visit each backyard. To the credit of the Council it took the suggestion seriously and has been devoting a considerable amount of time and attention to it As Well As to some other alternatives. And during that period it has also heard from a considerable number of people who have Strong ideas on the subject. One frequently expressed thought was that a thorough poll of the citizenry might turn up the fact that the majority Are willing to pay the Price of the present system even if it Means a tax increase. To our knowledge this proposition was voiced by people who carry if anything a disproportionate share of the current tax Load. These people May have been a Little dismayed to read in wednesday s Enterprise that a change is forthcoming. The councils special committee has. According to one of its members come up with a six or seven chairman Bob Wells did not disclose what those alternatives Are but the fact that the committee made All of its studies in communities which had previously switched from twice a week backyard service to less expensive operations gives us at least a hint that a recommendation in that vein will be forthcoming. In the Long run change May be dictated by the fact that the costs in a labor intensive operation will exceed our ability to pay for it but for now a couple of things bother us. First or. Wells reports that Council members Are a Well advised already of the committees findings but the Public is to be left in the dark until sometime next month when the Council might be ready to take some kind of action even if it is on a test basis. We fail to perceive what purpose is being served by such secrecy at a time when citizen input could be unusually helpful. Secondly we Are at the moment without Assurance that there will be any Opportunity for Public hearings since it would be possible to revise the system without having at the same time to Amend existing ordinances. Solid waste disposal comprises that phase of municipal government with which every Householder comes in regular Contact. There Are citizens whose circumstances and habits keep them reasonably insulated from Law enforcement from the facilities of fire Protection and from such things As Public recreation. But none of us is insulated from garbage services or Public utilities. And therefore none of us is without opinion As to How these things ought to be handled. It is even perhaps a fit subject for Public referendum. Under any circumstance Council would be ill advised to avoid taking the Public into its Confidence and even More so to act without knowing More about what the people think and want. Morality play Jimmy Carter May flip Flop on some issues but when it comes to the question of morality the democratic presidential nominee was about As explicit As he could be in the now famous interview with Playboy Magazine Carter admitted to having sexual fantasies but also said he would t look Down at anyone who actually committed adultery. The Southern Baptist has obviously been concerned that his staunch religious views might turn off less pious voters who considered him self righteous and inflexible. Carters Faith has earned much National publicity and he himself has used it As a basis for claims he could restore honesty integrity and Trust in government. Carter was definitely honest in the Playboy interview a to some Peoples Way of thinking he was too honest he spoke too directly and in language some would find objectionable. We found at least one of Carters phrases objectionable enough to be deleted from the associated press Story As carried in the Enterprise. But on the whole his comments did no to seem out of line. Carter did not paint a projecting the news picture of the perfect Christian above temptation and unwilling to accept those who Arentt. Instead he presented a View of a fallible human aware of his faults but striving to be better and not putting himself above those weaker than himself. Carter did at times use language some of his Baptist Brethren will object to a and this we can to condone. But the candid nature of his remarks remind us of earlier interviews with Ford. That is. The first lady a willingness to Deal with delicate issues in a forthright manner earned her much respect nationwide. It also brought a storm of criticism from those who found mrs. Ford imprudent and we wonder if Carters comments won t do the same thing. The Only thing we find to criticize about Carters interview is the fact it deals with a very private part of any persons life a whether he is a candidate or not. It is important to understand a presidential hopefuls thoughts on morality but it is not important and is indeed unnecessary to delve into his private life so far As to discuss his sexual fantasies. By Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington the secret papers of James Akins the former ambassador to saudi Arabia reveal that the saudis repeatedly urged the United states to bring pressure on Iran to lower Oil prices. Yet the United states made no apparent Effort to bring the Shah of Iran into line. The saudis therefore became convinced that the United states was secretly conspiring with the Shah to keep Oil prices up. Akins reported that he had an a a explicit conversation with the saudi Oil minister Ahmed Zaki Yamani about reducing Oil prices. Yamani said he a a knows that Secretary of state Henry Kissinger a is speaking about lower Oil prices but in secret doing everything possible to Jack them up. This will enable him to unite the con Sumers in a front against the producers particularly the in a secret a memorandum for the file a the former ambassador revealed a the saudis had urged us on numerous occasions to put pressure on the Shah to cooperate with saudi Arabia and reduce the Oil prices yet we had refused to do it reached the Point that the saudis no longer believed what Kissinger told them. Wrote Akins a in one of Kissinger a last meetings with King Faisal the King urged him directly to take Oil prices up with the Shah and the Secretary agreed to do so. The Secretary saw the Shah in late Winter 1975 and reported Back to King Faisal that he had indeed tried to persuade the Shah to reduce Oil prices. A the saudis themselves have subsequently been told by the Shah himself. That the subject of Oil was not Dis cussed in these meetings. Although the saudis know the iranian propensity to lie they believe in this Case that the iranians were telling the the saudis became All the More convinced that Kissinger was lying. Yamani told Akins by the special treatment the Shah received in Washington. A the Shah in his recent visit to the United states was honoured by the president and other highest ranking members of the government a Yamani noted. Although the Shah had announced a that Oil prices must go up by $3.50-barrel,�?� reported Akins a the iranians had told them we were completely unconcerned about any Price Rise. The Shah has also told this to numerous oilmen As proof that the . Is at least indifferent to an increase in Oil prices. A in any Case the saudis have seen no account from any american source that we in any Way tried to pressure the Shah to Back off this extreme position on Oil Yamani wrote directly to Treasury Secretary William Simon who has warned of the ruinous effect of High Oil prices on the Western world. The letter dated sept. 3, 1975, and marked a strictly personal a declared a i would like you to know that there Are those amongst us who think that the . Administration does not really object to an increase in Oil prices. There Are even those who think that you encourage it for obvious political reasons and that any official position taken to the contrary is merely to cover up this Yamani strongly indicated the United states should use its influence with the Shah. Otherwise he wrote a it can Only Lead to saudi Arabia giving up its present position on a stroke stroke stroke a crisis and joining its open colleagues in their uncompromising footnote the Akins papers raised some grave questions which demand a full congressional investigation. Why did sex president Richard Nixon and Secretary of state Henry Kissinger permit the Shah of Iran to drive up Oil prices at a terrible Cost to the . Economy without any apparent protest Why did Nixon give the Shah virtually a Blank Check to Purchase More . Weapons than his armed forces can handle saudi Arabia has been americans staunchest Friend in the Arab world. The saudi Oil reserves Are also far More important to the United states than the dwindling iranian Supply. Then Why did Nixon and Kissinger risk the valuable saudi Friendship to court the unreliable and unstable Shah it almost seems that Nixon and Kissinger put the Shah a wishes ahead of vital . Interests. Why Weicker s meow sen. Lowell Weicker. R.-conn., has been a Tiger for the consumer on most issues but on Energy he has been a pussycat. Weicker was the Only new England senator to uphold president Ford s veto of Oil Price control extensions. He also has opposed breaking up the giant Oil conglomerates and has pushed for decontrol of natural Gas prices. Now we have Learned that grateful Oil Industry magnates from Exxon Mobil Sun Oil and related Industrial allies have kicked in a total of about 110,000 to his re election Campaign. Weicker told us he has turned Down another $30,000 from Oil company political action funds. He reminded us that he Lias also supported mandatory Energy conservation legislation including rationing which the Oil Industry opposes Good afternoon history an exercise in interpretation splintered Lebanon lebanese president Suleiman Franjieh is scheduled to retire today. The civil War in Lebanon has produced some strange bedfellows shattered whatever remained of the Arab dream of Unity and resulted in the de Facto partition of a country that was known not so Long ago As the Switzerland of the Middle East. Predominantly moslem Syria the once Stalwart defender of Radical pan arabist and the palestinian cause sent troops into Lebanon to Rescue the Christian right Wing from almost certain defeat by leftist moslem and palestinians in so doing. Syria provoked the Wrath of its former Arab confederates. Egypt Libya and Iraq and won the tacit approval of its adversary Israel Egypt s support of the lebanese moslem and palestinians although lukewarm can Best be described As a policy of a the enemy of my enemy is my Friend a Egypt and Syria have been feuding since Egypt concluded a i s inspired interim agreement with Israel a year ago Syria reacted by condemning the pact As a sell out of the Arab cause saudi Arabia where conservative islam is not Only the state religion but a Way of life cannot quite bring itself to Aid what it considers the Radical and communistic moslem faction in Lebanon but the saudi Royal family whose hostility toward Israel rivals its Abhorrence of communism continues to subsidize the palestinians in the Hope that moderate moslem a amp is will overthrow the jewish state the Lebanon that president elect Elias Sarkis will preside Over after today is a very different nation from the one he narrowly missed being elected to Rule in August 1970. In the last 18 months at least 40,000 men women and children have been killed the once flourishing capital of Beirut is in ruins like Franjieh. Sarkis is a right Wing maronite Christian and. According to James m Markham of the new York times is a an uninspiring apparently honest civil servant who was clearly the syrian candidate Quot in the election last May. He hardly is a Leader calculated to win the Trust of moslem and palestinians. In any event. Sarkis is Likely to be Little More than the nominal head of state of a non country a some observers believe Lebanon has already been partitioned on a de Facto basis with the syrian army controlling the largest Section fanning out to the East Quot Jason Morris of the Christian science Monitor reported recently from Jerusalem. The christians hold East Beirut and the area North of the City while moslem and palestinians have rather tenuous control of West Beirut and Southern Lebanon partition most observers agree is a terrible idea but with both sides vowing to fight on to Victory with Syria less and less comfortable with its role in Lebanon and with the Arab league unable to mediate a solution partition May be one of the few options left i professor Enver m. Koury speculates that if civil strife should continue the possibility of partition could become a Strong probability or even turn into Syria it is rumoured has another solution president Hafez Al Assad allegedly looks to a confederation of Syria Jordan and Lebanon under of course syrian domination. Whether Jordan and Lebanon would accept such an arrangement is questionable and whether Israel would tolerate a greater Syria on its Northern Frontier is improbable to say the least the prospects for a peaceful Resolution of the conflict in Lebanon Are not promising. By Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus when the american history class at Westchester Academy asked Good afternoon to Tell them something about High Points development into one of the nation s Best known centers of Industry a especially furniture manufacturing and marketing As Well As hosiery production in both of which this City excels a we were glad to Tell them that the men and women who settled High Point handed Down to All of us a Fine heritage. In our forthcoming Book a now with the Printer a we offer a Bicentennial declaration As foreward on the fact that there Are Many ways by which different communities celebrate the nation s 200th birthday a speeches plays music symposiums dramatic presentations Art exhibitions and the like. The Way it was As the announcers say and the Way it is causes concern for most of us. Not everyone is Able to achieve Success in life. Failure after failure often through no fault of one s own. Can cause one to lose love for a lot of things like our heritage for example. We grew up in a time and place that has changed a and we have watched with real Pride the development of a City of which Ali May Well be proud. Life in High Point was at least superficially Placid around the turn of the Century. A lot of pictures were shot which indicate it lived in something of a superfluity of clothes and clutter. It was something of a Mill town in those Early years As it developed into a manufacturing Center a bustling growing Small City that was Good in Many ways a and mean in others a the Way most North Carolina Industrial towns of that time were supposed to be but it was forgiving too and understanding As it moved on to be better in the Quality of living for its people All the people. Judgments on the immediate past can rarely be made without some prejudice and without turning history into what someone has called a Mere gossip a but when the historian is aware of his own presuppositions and acknowledges that every writing of the historical is an interpretation he tends to protect himself from caprices of fiction. And the meaning of history can hardly be really known so Long As it is still unfinished should some unpleasant episodes appear let s Hope none will assume that the historian has considered the Quot attention in Case of attack of overconfidence show wearer picture of Thomas e. Dewey Quot task a cynical exposure of men s foibles in the name of ruthless honesty. Rather it needs be considered As a straightforward attempt of that which happened and Why something else did not. Furthermore the telling of some of the stories can hardly await a historical perspective a because the myth creating capabilities of the Community would already be at work. There were men of vision a yes some of them giants a in the building of a City in which no True High Pointer should be surprised at How quickly things change. This is True of personal beliefs when unvarying opinions tend to form an animus which seeks to crack so vast and obdurate an object As spreading government. Most people change mildly As situations change radically Over the course of years a for change is a Law of life a and High Point has advanced brilliantly on changes of course important changes have had to be made across the years by municipal administrators planners and landlords but even if change is itself Likely to change a serious current appraisal would seem a matter of common and intrinsic responsibility in this Bicentennial year which is observed a at least in part As the local contribution in that Celebration. Despite All the reasons for High Point s not becoming the City it has High pointers a Hardy dedicated innovative lot set about making their City growing and changing into the vigorous Lusty sometimes Rowdy place it was to be if a Community is left to change As it will the More Complex requirements of life tend to cause it to lose its initial clarity but High Point Drew heavily upon the skills of men and women from neighbouring communities and beyond to join in the creation Here of a City that was despite panics strikes wars and other kinds of discouragement to become the furniture manufacturing and marketing Center As Well As the hosiery making Center of the nation Yea even the world the paths and purposes of those who joined in making it a better Community tended to generate Subtle and no manufacturing facilities that have enriched the Quality of living and the happiness of Mutual associations to the enrichment of life As it is now compared with that of a Century or More ago since Hardy forebears foresaw Here the potential of a City High on a Hill and even higher in Promise. No City High Points size in the entire Southeastern . Is so widely known thanks to the extent of its varied products that seek literally a world Market. Given time. High Point Industry can make any amount of anything from Ocean going yachts to electronic devices that help take americans to the Moon a and beyond those Hardy pioneers go fearing men and women who Laid the foundations of our City that was to be were people who liked to build and improve things a and that is what separates pioneers from Ordinary folks. High pointers Are proud of their City and that s quite an asset. Letter to the editor obviously historiography cannot be an exact science but it is a Way of ferreting facts Worth noting As a contribution to High Point s Faith in itself and in this nation of which it s a vigorous and highly productive part a and it expects to keep on being so. For Raffler Ujj in Mem a fun amp we Al the we Abc store Issue to the editor this is to advise that i am against liquor stores being in High Point North Carolina. Let me ask you a question. How can you say they will help High Point with ail the heartache and broken Homes that liquor causes you paint a pretty picture but what about All the trouble liquor causes in the Homes i. Little children and wives going hungry and cold 2 beating of wives and children by Drunken husbands 3 neglect of children by Drunken parents 4 murder on the highways. 5. Murder in the Homes. 6. The Cost of the rehabilitation of the drunks whom you Call alcoholics 7 the Highway patrol says let s get the drunks off the Highway. Lets give them stiff penalties and the cities want to make liquor Legal if you put liquor stores in High Point then you should not be allowed to arrest the drunks the one that Sells it is just As guilty As the one that drinks liquor. The government put a ban on cigarettes saying they Are hazardous to your health Well the government should put a Skull and Cross Bones on the liquor indicating that it is a deadly Poison a because liquor does kill a not Only the person who drinks it but the innocent As Well. When you go Down the Highway drinking then you have accidents and kill the innocent i have worked in the Hospital and seen drunks go into dts pull their clothes off and run nude Down the hallway sometimes it takes three men to Chase them Down to subdue them. I can to see any Good that liquor does for anyone the love of Money is the Root of All evil. No wonder our Young people Are going astray they have so much Rotten stuff put before them. Liquor drugs and our leaders of our cities counties state and Federal government want to make it Legal i am a member of Springfield Baptist Church and our Church will fight this liquor Battle to the very end mrs Alice Hood e Green drive

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