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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 6, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Horse owners demand repeal of regulation High Point enter Rue Friday september 6, 1974 5a by Noel Yancey associated pre As writer Kaleigh Ai Quot my arse Means e it Ary thing to in. In a not going to destroy in no matter that comment ame when Aura deck of Erwin appeared before the state Loard of agriculture wednesday at a he Aring on a new horse disease regu Ilion. The regulation a which the Oard adopted Junta 18 and hich became effect live aug 5, is designed to halt the Pread of a horse disease Nown As Equine infectious anaemia Eivor so tramp Feller. The disease which is heaved to be transmitted by Lorse flies and mosquitoes is frequently fatal. The regulation requires that All horses and related animals which give a positive reaction to a Coggins test must be quarantined for life it also requires that All horses at Public assemblages of horses must receive a Coggins test every year a at an average Cost of $10 per animal. The new regulation has sharply divided North carolinians associated with horses either for business or pleasure. Many of them appeared before the Board of agriculture wednesday to demand the repeal of the regulation. Some wanted it modified. Others wanted it kept As it is. Laura deck fell in the first category. She wants the regulation repealed. Miss deck is the owner of a horse named Bojangles a thoroughbred which has won 34 ribbons and trophies at horse shows. Bojangles recently was Given the Coggins test. It came out positive. This Means his blood contains anti bodies created by his body in its fight against the Eia virus. Such an animal is not necessarily sick. It May appear perfectly Normal and still give a positive reaction. Or. T f. Zweigart the state veterinarian says that when a horse reacts positive to the Coggins test it Means there is a Strong possibility the animal will be clinically sick at some time in his life and some stand a Good Chance of dying from Eia. The disease is incurable so far although veterinarians Are hopeful a cure May be developed. Since it is in curable the Board of agriculture regulation requires that a horse which tests positive must be quarantined for life. For Many horses this amounts to a sentence of death since Many owners Are not financially Able to Bear the expense of keeping an animal in permanent quarantine. That a what miss deck meant when she voiced her determination not to have or. Bojangles destroyed. Quot you Are not Only trying to destroy my horse you Are destroying me a she told the Board. A my horse Means everything to me. So whatever you do i intend to keep on fighting for my horses she later told a reporter she and her family would Quot go to court and fight every Inch of the Way before complying with the How prevalent is Eia. Zweigart a office says that of 28,197 horses Given the Coggins test this year Only 235, or 0.83 per cent were positive and a much smaller number than that were clinically sick. However George Lahood of Valdosta ga., gave the Board wednesday a vivid account of what happened when an outbreak struck his Herd of Fine paso Kina horses. He said that 57 horses died As a result of the outbreak. It was finally discovered through a Coggins test that Eia was the cause of the outbreak he stated. This enabled him to take control measures apparently the quarantine or destruction of diseased animals. Quot if it had not been for the Coggins test we could have lost the entire Herd a Lahood said. Many of those who appeared before the Board of agriculture wednesday asserted that the new regulation is discriminatory. They pointed out that it affects Only horses when they enter Public assemblages such As being placed in a boarding stable or in a stable for Sale on in a show. A horse or mule Pony that stays in its or so a horse on to a Flowers for All occasions High of inti leading to rift Grace Flower shop wih Utonn it want wed a a a a pm 4qt he it i it Quot crazy shirts. Printed while you wait take t shirt add design or designs of your Choice. Have a dizzy shirt that tops anything our Quot Tattoo Parlour Quot is open you get to design your own Way out shirt. Choose from As Many As 35 designs Well put it on anywhere you want it and it won t Hurt a by act. Crazy shirts Are great fun for the whole family big and Little kids mom do teens. The whole transformation takes just minutes and the result is instant smiles wherever you go. 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