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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 5, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Bain tonight Friday More data on Page 7a 90th year a no. 247 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1711 High Point n. C., thursday afternoon september 5, 1974 40 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c sen. Fulbright is proffered ambassador ship Washington a president Ford. Continuing to put his own stamp on the american foreign policy establishment reportedly has offered sen. . Fulbright the Job As ambassador to great Britain and Peter m. Flanigan the Spanish ambassador ship. The associated press was told this today on the heels of three major Ford diplomatic appointments announced wednesday. Fulbright chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee lost a re election bid earlier this year in the Arkansas democratic primary. It was Learned that British officials have approved the Fulbright nomination and Quot it was cleared with key republicans in Congress. However Fulbright after at first expressing interest later said he wanted to think about accepting it was Learned. Flanigan was assistant for International economic affairs to former president Richard m. Nixon. It was Learned that his nomination is in process but the White House has not yet heard from Spain where chief of state Francisco Franco resumed his Post last week after a serious illness. Ambassadors must be approved by countries to which they Are assigned. According to . Officials and some foreign diplomats assigned Here two of Ford s major appointments wednesday fall within the description of using the american foreign policy establishment As a Refuge for people whose past identification with Nixon could Embarrass the Ford White House. The sources also included the White House decision to restore presidential chief of staff Alexander m. Haig or. To military duty possibly As commander of nato armed forces. Ford named George Bush As the new head of the . Mission in peking ending his 21-month role As Republican National chairman. Appointed ambassador to France was Kenneth Rush who served As Nixon s George Bush for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. New birth address q. Could you give me the address of the new birth please thank it of. Or. D. Mcc. A. The address of the group is co rag corp., 30 Rockefeller Plaza new York . 10020. Kenneth Rush economic policy coordinator and who once taught Law to Nixon. Quot this certainly is not a question of Ford trying to show he is in command of foreign policy by these appointments Quot a state department source said. Quot these Are not his a Western european Diplomat agreed. Quot he s showing the door to some men who could give him trouble but he is not hurting them either. These Are Good jobs but they Are out of the american the evident exception to the Effort to Send abroad former key Nixon associates was the decision to name former Kentucky Gap sen. John Sherman Cooper As first american ambassador to East Germany. Cooper was not closely tied to Nixon. Continental Congress reconvened Philadelphia a governors and other delegates from the 13 original states reconvene the first Continental Congress Here today and their goals Are much the same As that original meeting just 200 years ago. Among the draft resolutions to be put before the delegates today Are a recommendation that the Constitution be amended to guarantee the rights of personal privacy and a proposal for a Quot Broad declaration reaffirming our Faith in the american the proposed constitutional amendment on personal privacy would Quot guarantee forever that the people have the right to personal privacy and the Freedom from undue governmental interference in their personal the two Day meeting hosted by Pennsylvania gov. Milton j. Shapp launches the nations Bicentennial Celebration which reaches a Climax on the 200th birthday of Independence. July 4, 1976. President Ford plans to be on hand for the final session on Friday afternoon. The focus of the two Dav Observance is carpenters Hall a two Story Brick Structure near Independence Hall. It was 200 years ago today that 56 colonial delegates from 12 of the 13 original states convened the first Continental Congress at carpenters Hall seeking fair treatment from the English parliament. The original Continental Congress was called by the colonial leadership of Massachusetts because of British actions against the Colony including the Boston port Bill restricting Trade. The measure eventually led to the Boston Tea party. The other colonies feared similar measures could be enacted against them. Fifty see Continental on 2a Calls for solutions economic meeting convened by Ford Washington a president Ford declaring that americans Are Quot sick and tired of having politics played with their told a White House economic mini Summit today he wants a prompt practical Battle plan against inflation. He quickly got a variety of suggestions for that Battle plan ranging rom wage and Price controls to Trust busting to Public service jobs to More budget cutting and monetary restraint. One by one the 36 economists and congressmen gave their assessments forecasts and recommendations in response to Fords request As the meeting convened for Quot attainable answers sharply defined and sorted although there appeared to be no consensus on what to do the panellists seemed to agree with Ford s assertion that Quot there is no Quick fix for what ails our Economy a the president told the meeting he wanted Quot the unvarnished truth Quot a and he soon heard it. Puffing on his pipe Ford listened while panellists seated around a table in the White House East room recited gloomy economic statistics rising prices growing unemployment a drop in real earning Power record High interest rates. The initial speakers in the first of a series of conferences leading to in North hew accused of overlooking segregation Washington a the department of health education and welfare was accused today of ignoring evidence in its own files of widespread racial segregation in Northern schools. The Center for National policy review said in a 117-Page report that Quot Northern schools today Are far More segregated than those in the South a As a result of Federal foot dragging. Ford admits photographers sunny discussion q. We were discussing the closeness of the Sun at each season and one said he wished the Sun would hurry and get closer to the Earth As it is in Winter so it will get cold. He said the Sun is actually farther away from us in the summertime Here in High Point. The other fellow says it is not so and could you Tell us who wins the argument or. J. M. A. After an evening poring Over five astronomy books trying to get a Clear picture in our own mind first of orbits and axes the zodiacal Belt and line of the ecliptic celestial Equator and heaven knows what we feel you d profit More by checking out a Book Well illustrated with diagrams and looking it Over with the parties to the discussion. The Earth a orbit does carry it nearer to the Sun at midwinter but As space distances go it is not very great and ifs not the reason for Winter s coldness. That is due to the 231 a degree tilt of the Earth on its Axis around which it spins As it revolves around the Sun. If the Axis stood vertical Day and night would be equal everywhere and there would be no seasons. In summer when the tilt of the Axis turns the Northern hemisphere toward the Sun the Sun s rays Are More direct and concentrated on a smaller area the Sun remains longer above the horizon than below in our hemisphere. After the fall Equinox when Day and night Are equal the Sun spends More time below the horizon than above the Days grow Shorter and the nights longer. In our hemisphere the tilt of the Earth on its Axis is then away from the Sun whose rays Are More slanted the same amount of Sunshine is thinned out Over a w Ider area and the rays must penetrate a greater portion of the Earth s atmosphere. This reduces the heat from them even More. The Earth also stores up More heat during the longer Days of summer. Washington a first lady Betty Ford indicated wednesday that her presidential husband no longer fixed his own breakfast. But at Dawn today photographers were allowed into the White House living quarters to photograph the president in shirt sleeves puttering around the Kitchen fixing a breakfast of toasted English muffins Orange juice canteloupe and Coffee. The photo session resulted Iron Long standing requests from photographers and came a Day after mrs. Ford told reporters Quot i am afraid he has become accustomed to the very Good service we have in the upstairs dining room. So i can t Promise you that he is getting his own the photographers reported Ford was in a Jolly mood As he toasted the muffins and carried them into the dining room where he sat alone at a Large Oval table eating and Reading reports and morning newspapers. Dish rag Plant q. Could you Tell me what a dish rag Plant is la grows into a Cucumber like Type of Squash and its Green. Could you Tell me if it is Good to eat or w hat it is Good tor or w Horn could i get in touch with to find out. Mrs. Be. A. You can eat it scrub your pots or yourself with one or use one for a car Wash sponge. In the Orient where it s been planted and used for centuries the japanese use it to make slippers baskets Mats and Shock absorbers. The Luffa Calm Erica also called dishcloth or rag Gourd is less Hardy than Squash and grows on a Vine about 15 feet or More so it needs a Fence or plenty of room to grow. It s Lemon coloured Flowers also edible Are followed by Light Green fruit resembling Zucchini. For eating Luffa should be picked when less than 6 or 7 inches Long. In this Young stage it can be sliced and added to salads like cucumbers without removing the skin or seeds. Thicker slices can be breaded and lightly browned they can be stuffed or made into soup for use As sponges the Luffa should stay on the Vine until the fruit and Stem turns yellow they grow 15 to 24 inches in length and weigh 4 to 6 pounds. You can dry them for a couple of weeks until the skin hardens and turns Brown pick off the Large end and shake the seeds out. Then soak the sponges overnight in water weighting them Down and the outer skin will Peel off. Another grower omits the dry ing period a but soaks them for several Days before removing the skins and seeds. It you re curious to know what they look like we be seen some Luffa sponges at a local health food store Ford eats breakfast he prepared this morning a wire photo the Center located at Catholic University Here based its three year study on records of hew investigations in 84 Northern and Western school districts. Some of the data was obtained through a court order. William l. Taylor the Center director said Quot hew has found substantial violations in Northern districts but has failed either to Aid the victims of discrimination or to Cut off Federal among the 84 government see hew on 2a turks possibly violate Cyprus peace Accord Nicosia Cyprus apr turkish forces May have started a drive to extend their lines along the Northwest coast of Cyprus in violation of the cease fire. The greek cypriot National guard charged that turkish forces at Lefka advanced two Miles wednesday to capture the greek cypriot Village of Galini. The greeks claimed the turks attacked the National guard detachment in the Village with mortars and machine guns. Danish troops of the United nations peace Force in Lefka said they heard about 300 shots and two explosions but the turkish commander refused to let them investigate turkish cypriots in Lefka believed the turks would Advance 12 Miles along the coast Road to Kokkinas. A turkish enclave. This would bring several turkish cypriot villages into the turkish zone and would also give the turks control of the rest of the coast of Morpheu Bay from which the Cyprus mines corp., an american company exports the islands Copper. Ford s economic Summit later this month gave forecasts ranging from gloomy to hopeful. Quot another mild recession is sort of inevitable Quot said har Vard economist Otto Eckstein. Quot there is very Little likelihood of pronounced strength in any part of the Economy Quot in 1975, said Industrial economist David Grove. A there is no near term improvement in Prospect Quot said Bank economist Beryl Sprinkel. But he said the rate of inflation May be easing. Another Bank economist Walter Hoadley said the american people Are vigorously fighting inflation. But he warned that inflationary psychology May College couple executed los Angeles a a $10,000 Reward has been posted in the death of a Young College couple killed Quot execution style Quot As they strolled along fraternity Row at the University of Southern California. University officials announced the Reward wednesday. They said it had been offered by friends of the victims who wished to remain Anonymous. Meanwhile police continued to search for a motive in the deaths Early tuesday of John Thomas Davis jr., 22, and his steady Girlfriend of one year Donna Louise Walker 19. Both were found shot once in the Back of the head with a Small Caliper weapon in what police called an execution style shooting investigators said wednesday they had not ruled out robbery As a motive in the predawn shooting although none of the victims belongings were missing Quot we Haven t made any arrests and we Don t expect a break for a couple of Days Quot said it. Matthew Hunt. Scores of us students were interviewed by officers wednesday in an attempt to learn the identity of the couple s killer. A Security guard found the bodies As he made hts rounds about 3 30 . The couple had attended a fraternity sorority Rush party earlier in the evening and reportedly were searching for a necklace miss Walker see College on 2a be starting to change spending habits. Alan Greenspan new chairman of the presidents Council of economic advisers said inflationary psychology is one of the major underlying economic problems. Ii this can be overcome Greenspan said. A major economic depressant would be removed. Ford donned wire rimmed spectacles to examine a series of technical charts presented by Greenspan to support a guardedly optimistic assessment of economic improvements. Eckstein said Quot it might be Clear some time next year that the worst of inflation is behind he suggested the rate might decline from to per cent this year to 8 per cent next year to 6 per cent the year after. Ford told the session broadcast nationally by Public television and radio that he wants the series of meetings to result in a package of proposals to Quot restore economic stability and sustain economic growth a inflation is a worldwide epidemic. Ford said but Quot together we can eat it to its he said preparatory meetings for the sept. 27-28 Summit such As the one he convened today Are open to the Public through television and radio because they concern the people s business. Quot gentlemen let s get to the president said in concluding his opening remarks Ford slowed no new economic ground in his comments but stressed the need for cooperation in finding solutions to such problems As rising prices and High interest rates. Quot there is no Quick fix tor what ails our Economy he said. But Quot i refuse to believe the Best brains in America and the smartest workers in the world cannot find a Way to get the productive machinery of this great country Back on the i what s inside amusements .4-5d Bridge. �?T.3d classified ads. .6-1 id comic. 10b crossword .41 editorials. .4a financial. .2a obituaries .2d sports. Television .3d women a news 1-9h weather. .7a pageant at first hand Susan Lynn Griffin is in Atlantic City n j. So is the High Point Enterprise. Today and extending through sunday the Enterprise will provide first hand reporting of miss North Carolinas activities in the miss America pageant what she is doing and thinking during the once in a lifetime experience. Associate editor Robert Marks will be interviewing miss Griffin at each Opportunity talking to members of her family and others in the entourage to give Enterprise readers the most Complete coverage it the event. Today s stories Are on Page 1-1. Nixon family accepted resignation Washington apr in the waning Days of Richard m. Nixon s presidency his family concluded it would by useless to fight impeachment to the bitter predictable end says David Eisenhower Nixon s son in Law Quot it became our conclusion that history will treat tills administration just As unkindly simply for the Sake of grinding the country Down for another six months Given the economic chaos a Eisenhower said in a luncheon interview three weeks after Nixon surrendered the presidency Eisenhower 26, discussed the family s reaction to the politically Lata june 23 tape recordings and Nixon s decision to resign Quot i think he was surprised by the fact that his family was willing to go through it if need be a Eisenhower said he also said it would be a Good idea if Nixon ran again for Public office Quot lie s been defensive. He a been bitter. Lie s been All the rest in the last year and a halt a Eisenhower said. Quot but in Calmer times under different circumstances the Man has a Heck it a lot to contribute. Quot la he went into the Senate i think it would be a Good idea. But in a positive he a not thinking about it now a asked if he thought Nixon lied to the country about ins knowledge of the watergate cover up Eisenhower said Quot i done to know. I done to know what s on the rest of the tapes. I m not going to pass judgment on that a Nixon was reluctant to Tell his family about the damaging Content of the june 23 tapes Eisenhower said. On Friday aug 2, three Days before admitting publicly that he had attempted to thwart the Fri n watergate investigation Nixon telephoned Julie and told her Quot something very serious had come up. That he d probably have to Ile summoned daughter Arteia and her husband Edward Cox from new York and close Friend c. G. Quot Bebe Quot Rebozo was in town at the time. Eisenhower said. The family gathered in the privacy of the second floor of the White House. The then president supplied transcripts and instructions Quot to think about it a Little while and come Back a Eisenhower said without revealing exactly what Nixon told his family. On wednesday aug 7, a Day before he announced his decision to the country Nixon told his family he would resign a. We were concerned whether the smoking pistol was Here or not whether the innocence or so called guilt. However the issues were resolved As a family it was Best to remind ourselves that 1968 was not a mistake that if the Nixon administration came to a premature end so be Eisenhower stressed that the watergate tragedy has not ended for Nixon a a there a still something very direct and very threatening at Issue right now Quot he said. Quot he a already been subpoenaed. It s Clear he has financial trouble. But certainly a candid Memoir would be Worth a tremendous amount of Money a David Eisenhower

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