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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 31, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather fair and mild More data do Page a Mth year no. 303 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-171� High Point n. C., thursday afternoon october 31, 1974 44 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2181 daily 10c, sunday 25c books Are opened candidates limit contributions scary silhouettes this Little girl seems to be indulging in some halloween pranks of her own devices. As Susan Sheffield peeks through these window panes at Tampa fla., she tries to resemble the scary silhouettes of ghouls and goblins surrounding her. A wire photo for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. It s All yours q. I was interested tonight in the article about the recycling Center in Winston and Greensboro. I done to have enough of that stuff to take it Over there but would be willing to bring it to a location in town these old cans and bottles and things. It might be that a civic group could make some use of it and Are any of these groups doing this or Are they making plans to do it they Are Welcome to All my old garbage they want. Anon. A. Any takers around reusable pumpkin <4 can you use a pumpkin after it has had a Candle burning in it for halloween is it All right for pies after it has had the Candle in it and has been burning in it. Thank you. A. We prefer to leave this to your judgment not wishing to make anybody ill Over our advice i Eno More ill than usual i. It depends on How Long it s been Cut open what it looks and smells like. At least Cut away the surface that s been exposed to the air and any Black moldy or otherwise suspicious looking areas. Dat Sun or Honda q Vav hat car has the Best Gas mileage in America what is the Gas mileage p w. A the environmental Protection Agency in cooperation with the Federal Energy administration has compiled a leaflet a Gas mileage guide for new car you can request a free copy by writing fuel Economy Pueblo Colorado 81009 More than 250 new car line and engine combinations that met the 1975 emission standards were tested on a dynamometer a machine that simulates a number of different driving conditions. Each car was Given two tests one patterned after City driving conditions average Speed of 20 Miles per hour with Many stops and starts the other simulating Highway driving including interstate and Rural with a. Average Speed of 49 Miles per hour the fuel Economy was measured separately. Cars were grouped by car line engine size number of cylinders and fuel system the fuel Economy figures for each group of cars Are estimates based on the tests a Driver May not get the same results As so Many factors affect the fuel Economy of individual cars the weight of the car is the single most important Factor optional equipment such As automatic transmission and air conditioning requires More gasoline for operation and adds weight. Driving habits and condition of the engine also affect fuel Economy. In this publication the Dat Sun b 210 was listed As getting 27 Miles per gallon in City and 39 in Highway driving. The vote Wagon Rabbit and scirocco got 24 mpg in the City and 38 on the Highway. The Honda civic was not included in this leaflet another edition is planned to include cars subsequently certified and tested but a Chart of 1974 mileage statistics compiled by the Epa and published in Newsweek oct. 1,1973, placed the Honda ahead of the Dat Sun this Chart gave the Honda civic 29 i mpg and the Dat Sun 210 had 24 9 these must be average mileage figures including City and Highway driving but the Dat Sun average comes out better in the Quot Gas mileage guide a Many car manufacturers Are taking part in the voluntary fuel Economy Labelling program by listing More detailed information on a rear window Label the fuel Economy figures Art More precise than those listed in the Quot guide because More factors about that particular car Are taken into consideration in computing the information. Many Hurt in Saigon clashes Saigon South Vietnam api a More than 2.000 antigovernment demonstrators battled with riot police in Saigon today in the most violent protest against president Nguyen Van Thieu since he came to Power nearly to years ago. Scores of persons were reported injured. The police crackdown after two months of mounting protests began at Dawn with raids on a vietnamese press Center and a Church where an activist roman Catholic priest the Rev. Tran Huu Thanh had organized a demonstration steel helmeted riot troops beat at least two Catholic priests several anti Thieu members of the National Assembly and a number of vietnamese newsmen. Father thanks Catholic anti corruption movement which has been leading the protests demanded Thiell s immediate resignation Atter the raids the police barricaded main streets leading to the Center of the City. But the demonstrators persisted in attempts to March to the National Assembly building. 4% air fare hike announced Washington a the civil aeronautics Board today granted a 4 per cent hike in Domestic air fares effective nov. Is and announced it was making permanent an earlier 6 per cent hike it had approved on a temporary basis the 4 per cent hike w As the third granted by the Board or Domestic flights since the fuel shortage began last Winter. Air fares As of nov 15 will be 15 per cent higher than they were before the fuel shortage the 6 per cent hike approved on a temporary basis last april 16. Was due to expire today unless extended the airlines requested Hie Tare hikes because of higher fuel costs and general inflation no objections to the hike were filed and the Board approved the increase by a 3-2 vote the 4 per cent hike Means the Cost of a one Way coach Tare Between w Ashington and Dis Angeles tor example will Rise to $184 from $177 which includes the 6 per cent hike that was made permanent a one Way coach ticket Between new York and Chicago will jump from $68 to $71. Washington aim two years after the richest most secretive political Campaign in history candidates Are beginning to voluntarily limit the contributions they will accept and throwing their record books wide open. In 1972 a group of men scurried about the country gathering huge secret donations for Richard m. Nixon s re election Campaign in 1974 nearly 20 senators representatives and a few challengers have told their Campaign treasurers to refuse funds from special interest groups or personal contributions beyond specified limits some As Low As $100. A few Are listing every contribution they receive although Federal Law requires that Only contributions of $100 or More be itemized when contribution totals Are reported so for those who care to look the $2 contribution of Rose Warberg. A Honolulu teacher is recorded in the Campaign records of sen. Charles Mcc. Mathias. Red. Along with thousands of other contributions in addition to opening up hts records Mathias is limiting contributions from individuals to $100 or less. However he accepted contributions of $4,500 from the seafarers Union and $5 -000 from the Marine engineers Union he received a total of $228,513 in Campaign contributions As of mid october. Campaign officials and other political observers agree that the voluntary limits and open records Are a direct result of watergate. Quot i m certain that everyone knew this was a concern of the Public Quot said Gordon Hawk rep Gilbert Gude s administrative assistant. Gude a Maryland Republican has refused to accept any contributions from beyond the Borders of his suburban Montgomery county District or any of More than $100 limiting contributions can be a risky business for a non incumbent who generally lacks the Public recognition and financial resources that go with holding office. But Ramsey Clark the Democrat challenging new York s Republican sen. Jacob k. Davits decided to limit his contributions to $100 and is proving the exception to Wertheimer s Rule a challenger running against a Well financed incumbent a Javas current Campaign has received More than $20,000 from the Rockefeller family alone a can make political capital by stressing the self imposed limits and that is what Clark has done entering the last week of the Campaign Clark had raised $513,000 from 24,000 contributors an average of approximately $21 from each donor. He received $200,000 within a 10-Day period As the race neared its closing Days. An aide said. Javits has raised nearly $700,000 and previous new York campaigns have Cost More than $1 million. A the special interest group contributions have turned so Many people off on the election process following said Edward Murnane Campaign manager for rep Philip m Crane r i. A it is a form of influence peddling the american people have indicated they will not Crane is refusing to accept contributions from special interest groups except of fiscal Republican organise candidates on 2a avoid prediction doctors cautious on Nixon s health Long Beach. Calif. Apr doctors examined Richard m. Nixon at his bedside today before reporting whether the former president remains on the critical list. Or John Lungren Nixon a personal physician and vascular surgeon Eldon b. Hickman were secluded in Nixon Stop floor Hospital suite. The physicians said wednesday that it was too Early to make a Long Range prediction on the health of the former president. Nixon lapsed into vascular Shock following urgent surgery for phlebitis on tuesday. Doctors worked for three hours to restore stable blood circulation Nixon a former presidential news Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler told newsmen meanwhile that the 61-year-old sex president came very close to death during the postoperative emergency. Quot there is no doubt that we almost lost president Nixon yesterday said Ziegler. Ziegler said Nixon s condition grew so serious that a i think it s fortunate that president Nixon was in the social Security tax base to be increased next year Washington a millions of americans will pay higher social Security taxes next year with additional payroll withholding As High As $52.65 for employees earning $14,100 or More. The increase takes effect automatically under social Security legislation enacted by c ingress in 1972 and 1973 there will be no change in the present social Security tax rates of 5.85 per cent each for employee and 7 9 per cent for the self employed however the tax will be levied on the first $14,100 of each wage earner s income up from the present $13,200. The department of health education and welfare estimated wednesday that about 19 million workers will be affected by the increase which will mean an employees maximum social Security tax for 1975 will be $824 85. Up from $772 20 in 1974. The self employed will be taxed a maximum additional $71,10 each for a total of $1.113 90. Up from this year s 1,042 80 Quot in return for the increase in taxes these affected workers will have greater Protection because a larger amount of their earnings will be credited toward benefits than before hew Secretary Caspar a Weinberger said in a statement. Quot this will mean higher benefits for them and their families in the event of retirement disability or death than would have been possible without an increase in the he said. Weinberger noted that social Security Benet its were raised la per cent earlier this year. The larger wage base Lor taxes is expected to bring in an additional $1 8 billion next year. Long Beach. Calif. Api a former president Richard m. Nixon s doctors said today they Are studying Nixon s condition to determine whether he is suffering from slow internal bleeding. Intensive care Nixon s doctors however Side stepped questions on whether Nixon s life was in danger during the period of postoperative Shock and bleeding behind the membrane that surrounds his Abdomen by memorial Hospital medical centers definition critical condition Means vital signs Are not stable and not within Normal limits a Quot indicators Are unfavourable a a Hospital spokesmen said that by keeping Nixon on the critical list Quot it Means the doctor still fears that or. Nixon May have further Lungren Nixon doctor for 22 years said through a Hospital spokesman that pixies internal bleeding had been arrested and that he was receiving medication for pain and occasional nausea Quot All emergency resuscitation equipment for any contingency Quot is at his bed a a doctors on 2 a in Edmisten Case Sanford lashes gop s tactics club members show How detectors w ill be used on treats a Replete Charlott eans will search halloween treats for Metal Charlotte no. Apa Charlotte club armed with Metal detectors will take to the streets with trick or to readers tonight to help protect the Young pranksters against potentially lethal tricks. The Carolina treasure Hunters club will use the transistorized detectors to Check halloween Candy and Trull tor razor Blades and pins. Club president John Taylor said the group is trying to draw Public attention to the injuries suffered by children each year by dangerous objects hidden in halloween treats. The treasure Hunters normally use the Metal detectors to search for coins and War relics Taylor said he said the instrument is very elective and can discover any Metal object easily even something As Small As a pin. Taylor said the actual part of the Detector that Linds the Metal is called a Loop. Most detectors have replaceable loops so can scan for any sue object Metal detection Booths will be set up at several locations and parents Are encouraged to take their children s halloween loot for a Check Taylor said the Candy will be spread on a piece of plywood and each piece will be scanned. W Hen Metal is detected a buzzing sound Wilt Call its Raleigh a former gov. Terry Sanford said today the handling of democratic candidate Rufus Edmisten a tax Case is a a shoddy practice North Carolina has not been accustomed Quot bringing these types of charges at the last minute is abuse of political and governmental Power a Sanford said at a news conference. Also appearing at the conference were it gov Jim Hunt former gov. Bob Scott and Howard Lee National democratic committee member from North Carolina. Edmisten. Who is opposing Republican atty Gen James Carson in tuesday s election faces possible criminal charges for failing to file state income tax returns. In his Brief remarks Sanford talked with restraint about desperate attempts of the Republican opposition he said he teels if the election were dec. 5 these charges would have been filed nov. 30 Edmisten said earlier that whether he wins or loses the election he will seek criminal indictments against High ranking a officials in the state department of Revenue a somebody has got to put a Slop to this Quot Edmisten said. Adding Quot we be got a very frightening police state it looks like to me a Edmisten the democratic nominee for state attorney general May he facing criminal charges for failing to file North Carolina income tax forms during the to years he worked for retiring sen. Sam Ervin d n c., in Washington. Suburb of Alexandria. And paid income taxes in that state. When it was first Learned that he did t file North Carolina returns Edmisten said he did t know he should he has since filed returns for the period and paid Back taxes he estimated he owed. Wednesday it was Learned that state Revenue commissioner j. Howard Coble turned Over a report of Edmisten a tax situation to Wake county dist. Atty. Burley Mitchell. Coble said Fie made no recommendation about prosecution in the report because he ran against Edmisten for democratic attorney general nomination and now supports Edmisten s candidacy Mitchell asked the court to appoint another prosecutor. Superior court judge h in of Bailey appointed Raleigh attorney Howard Manning to handle the Case Mitchell said it the report is True it Quot might possibly justify criminal prosecution Quot cd Edmisten. Obit is an appointee of Republican gov Jim Holshouser. Two months ago the governor appointed sea Sanford on 2a what inside i amusements Iii luge. Ii classified ads. .5-im Amici. Roil word editorial. Financial. .1a obituaries. Lid sports my television women a news my weather

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