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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 30, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly c Loudy mild More data on Page 3a 90th Var a no. 302 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation mm71t High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon october 30. 1974 04 pages classified ads ms-2177 other of pts. Ms-2111 daily 10c, sunday c5c still on critical list Nixon appears better Long Beach Calif. Map a former president Richard m Nixon is still on the critical list although he shows some improvement and his internal bleeding has apparently stopped his doctor said today. A this vital signs Are stable a said or John cd Lungren adding that Nixon had some Quot interrupted sleep during the night the former president is experiencing restlessness and occasional nausea. Lungren said. He said anti coagulation therapy a which triggered the bleeding that sent Nixon into Shock for three hours tuesday after phlebitis surgery a had been discontinued and will not be begun again Quot until we feel Safe that bleeding from surgery is not a danger Lungren said Nixon received three pints of blood during transfusions to counteract Shock and internal bleeding Quot there were no significant bleeding problems encountered at the time of surgery Quot he said Lungren s remarks came in a three Page written statement read to newsmen by a Hospital spokesman he attributed the internal bleeding to secondary reaction to anti coagulation drugs Nixon had been receiving to combat the threat of potentially fatal blood clots. Lungren said he had been in Contact with president Ford s physician or. William Lukash tuesday night and this morning Quot he expressed president Ford s deep concern Over or. Nixon s condition and asked me to convey to former president Nixon and mrs Nixon that his prayers Ford invites Congress anti inflation action by Frank Cormier associated press writer Washington a president Ford is inviting Congress to modify or refine his anti recession ant inflation program Quot if better alternatives develop a appearing at a noisy Republican rally in a Calvin College fieldhouse in his Home town of grand rapids. Mich., tuesday night Ford repeated a statement he made Al a White House news conference earlier in the Day a to while Congress deliberates economic circumstances change. I will be open minded a Ford urged however that for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Babysitting deduction q. I pay my Bab Sitter $28.at per week to keep my two children while i work. Can i claim this deduction on my income tax she keeps four children and does not show this income on her tax. Would i get her in trouble by doing this anon. A. Information on what deductions you Are entitled to is contained in publication 503 entitled Quot child care and disabled dependent care which you can request from the internal Revenue service in Greensboro the maximum deduction for employment related expenses is $400 a month but if your adjusted Gross income i the combined income of you and your spouse exceeds $18,000, the amount you Are allowed to deduct is reduced the general requirements to qualify for the deduction Are As follows you must have been gainfully employed during the period the expenses were incurred gainfully employed Means being employed three fourths or More of a Normal work week or equivalent during the month you must have maintained a household that included one or More qualifying individuals. Qualifying individuals include a dependent under the age of 15, or a spouse or dependent who is physically or mentally incapable of self care your expenditures must have been necessary to enable you to be gainfully employed and your payments for the service must have been made to other than a relative or dependent member of your household to claim the deduction you must file your return on form Kho and itemize your deductions using schedule a for this purpose. Of the Sitter is caring for the children in your Home you should be sending her social Security quarterly payments in withholding Hall of the amount due rom the Sitter for her share it and the Sitter is supposed to report All income in listing her taxes. Still in prison q i am wondering if you la find out Why i m still in prison alter serving 24 months of my three year sentence. In be done 12 months since sept. 18. 1973, and before thai i did in months awaiting trial and tour months in jail. An inmate is Only supposed to do 24 months on a three year sentence but i m still Here Why can you find out what my release Date is please Lei me know As soon As possible. Thank you. Or. M. A the chairman of the parole commission. Jack seism replies that your three year sentence began sept la 1973. And As of now you have served slightly Over 13 months in addition you have been Given credit for m3 Days in jail while awaiting trial or approximately ten months your release Date is March 2, 1975 if you serve until that time you will have been in prison 27 months give or take a few Day he say you will not Complete your sentence in 24 months because you be had three infractions while in prison and thus lost credit for what is known As Quot Good time a inmates get approximately one Day of credit off their sentence for each two Days of Good conduct but this Good time a credit is reduced when they Are found guilty of infractions As has been your Case still if you have no More infractions says seism you will get out nine months Short of the three year sentence imposed by the court sound off the interact club of High Point Central will have Goblin guides for the children of parents who will be unable u escort their children on halloween night. Interested parties should Call 889 4344. Leave name address phone number and number of children. The times will be i to 830 p m. Thank you. Are for his full and Complete recovery. A Cdr. Lukash also requested that i keep in Contact with him so he and president Ford May be apprised of any change in the former president s condition a Nixon s wife Pat and daughters Tricia and Julie arrived at the Hospital before Lungren a statement to be at Nixon s bedside Quot Good Luck mrs. Nixon a someone said. Quot thank you very she replied Lungren said Nixon is receiving intravenous antibiotics and was under continuous intensive care. Quot All emergency resuscitation equipment for any contingency As at his bedside. Quot he is being monitored As any patient in critical condition. And this includes continuous monitoring of heart activity and such tests As constant monitoring of blood volume determination. Quot a Nas gastric tube is being used to prevent distention of his Abdomen and was ordered because or. Nixon has paralytic Ileus that is a partial paralysis of Normal movement of the gastrointestinal tract a he said such a reaction frequently occurs after the Type of internal bleeding which Nixon suffered the statement added. Quot at this time it would be premature to provide a prognosis a prediction of Nixon s outcome. Or Eldon Hickman Nixon a surgeon joined with Lungren in releasing the medical statement the doctors declined to meet personally with newsmen. A we As his physicians deeply appreciate the offers of assistance and prayers from All Over the the doctors said. They promised Quot to do our Best to keep the american Public and the Peoples of other nations informed about significant developments in or. Nixon s condition Quot tuesday night Lungren said a team of physicians administered Quot counter Shock measures for three hours until a stable vascular circulation condition was once again Hickman spent the entire night near the til year old former president mrs. Nixon and her two daughters remained with the former president until late tuesday night and then went to the Nixon so Seaside Villa at san Clemente 50 Miles South Richard m. Nixon of la eng Beach so the former president could have undisturbed said a Nixon aide. A White House spokesman sent word that president Ford was praying for Nixon Lungren said Nixon s pulse rate had increased and he had a slight fever he said Nixon was receiving medication intravenously. His own proposals be Given a Chance the president made three speeches during his Brief sentimental journey to grand rapids. At a downtown Plaza he stood bareheaded and without a Topcoat in a chill driving rain for More than a half hour. Ford was notified of former president Richard m. Nixon s medical setback while in grand rapids and said through a spokesman that he was praying for Nixon s full recovery. White House press Secretary Ron Nessen said Ford had no plans to visit the critically ill Nixon although he would be in los Angeles thursday for another political rally. If anything the president s Campaign rhetoric on his Home soil was a hit less strident than in appearances last week on behalf of Republican candidates Ford did not. For example equate a big democratic election Victory nov 5 with a threat to world peace. As he earlier told his first Impromptu news conference held in the w Hite House press Center. Quot i was referring As much to republicans As i was to democrats who done to cooperate in giving a president of the United states an Opportunity to meet the Day to Day problems that Are involved in foreign Ford s grand rapids speeches continued to focus. However on his argument that democrats Are big spenders who would jeopardize the fight against inflation and who if they achieve a Quot veto proof Congress would preside Over a legislative dictatorship. Ford visited grand rapids to Campaign for Republican candidate Paul Goebel or he is trying to unseal democratic Hep. Richard Yan Eryeen. Who won Ford s old House seat on the strength of a watergate backlash in a special election last year later Ford mingled with several Hundred Michigan republicans who had paid $100 each to join him Al a cocktail reception speaking off the cuff he said he was confident that there w ill be an easing of tensions in the Middle East and Cyprus declared he was Quot looking Forward to my trip to Vladivostok a for meetings next month with soviet Leader Leonia i Brezhnev and anticipated Quot very successful november visits to Japan and South Korea. At his news conference Ford said he was hopeful Kissinger s recent Moscow trip and his own Summit with Brezhnev will enhance prospects for a 1975 agree ment on a further limitation of offensive nuclear weapons. Twelve hours earlier surgeons had attached a plastic clip a resembling a Clothespin with Teeth a to a vein in Nixon s Groin to control a newly discovered blood clot resulting from the phlebitis in his left leg the jaw like clip allows blood to flow but impedes the movement of life threatening clots a a Nixon on 2a Magruder volunteered to take break in blame John n. Mitchell Washington a former Nixon Campaign aide Jeh Stuart Magruder told the watergate cover up trial today that he volunteered to take the blame for the break in at democratic National committee Headquarters bul that the idea was rejected by while House aides Magruder. Former Deputy director of Richard m Nixon s re election committee. Said that one week after the june 17, 1972, break in he met with former atty. Gen. John n Mitchell and offered to go to the . Attorney s office and say he had authorized the political intelligence plan that led to the burglary. Asked about Mitchells reaction Magruder said Quot he did no to accept it or reject it he said he would discuss it at the White House a Price fixing of foods comes under government scrutiny by Jeffrey Mills associated press writer Washington a the Justice department is investigating possible illegal Price fixing of foods one of the crucial areas in the nation s surging inflation atty. Gen William b sax be. Elaborating on the Ford administration s recent push for stepped up antitrust enforcement. Said tuesday. Quot a far greater number of possible antitrust violations involving foods Are under Active investigation by the antitrust division a Saxbe in a speech to the in Gal committee of the grocery manufacturers of America noted that the department has 14 civil and criminal cases pending against food producers. These cases involve among other things broiler chickens Dairy products and baked goods. Quot we Are determined to relentlessly run to Earth any allegation involving possible violation of antitrust Laws we Are giving considerable emphasis to the food Saxbe said. He said the department is stepping up Price fixing investigations to help combat inflation. Administration officials. Citing inflation have called for tougher prison sentences for businessmen who violate antitrust Laws by conspiring secretly to fix prices at artificially High Levels. The attorney general cited possible antitrust violations involving the sugar egg and beef industries nationally and of companies marketing bread milk seafood tuna Beer and soft drinks regionally or locally. He said Mitchell told him later Quot they had discussed it at the White House and had rejected it because i was too close to or Mitchell and or Haldeman a Mitchell and or. Haldeman former White House staff chief Are two of the live defendants charged with conspiring to thwart the investigation the other defendants Are former White haute Side John Ibar lie tuna a former asst. Atty. Gen Robert c Tardito Aud Kenneth w Parkinson one time attorney tor the Nixon re election committee Magruder the third prosecution witness described How Mitchell and older High level officials first Learned of the aborted break in and said Steps were taken quickly to destroy potentially incriminating files and to devise a credible explanation for the Money used for political intelligence Magruder quoted Mitchell As telling him at a meeting on june 19. 1972, that Quot i should have a fire in my fireplace to take care of wiretap information on the democrats. Quot did you. In fact have a lire in your fireplace that evening a asked assistant special prosecutor selected to consider Edmisten tax Case Kaleigh a a Superior court judge today appointed a special prosecutor to determine whether possible criminal charges should be brought against hut us film inst in for failing to file North Carolina income tax returns judge James h Pou Bailey appointed Raleigh attorney Howard Manning Edmisten. Democratic nominee tor state attorney general has admitted he did not file state tax returns while he resided in Virginia and worked in Washington with sen Sam Ervin. . Burley Mitchell jr., the Wake county District attorney requested the a Point nent of a special prosecutor because he and Edmisten each sought nomination for attorney general by the democratic executive committee. Mitchell who is supporting Edmisten s candidacy said the Public might consider it a conflict of interest if he handled the Case the District attorney said he was making ilk request Aller receiving a report on the tax Case tuesday Iron stale Revenue Secretary Howard Coble he added the report contained information Quot which if True might possibly justify criminal prosecution Manning said Bailey s selection of Manning was Quot an excellent Choice i have turned my entire report Over to him a Coble told the associated press that his report contained no recommendation and that he was leaving it entirely to the discretion of the Dis Triet attorneys office to determine whether to bring charges. Coble said a state statute says that Quot if a person is claiming residency in North Carolina he is obliged to file a tax return i would not he Adverse to Mitchell handling the Case a atty. Gen James Carson. Edmisten s Republican opponent said today he was Quot not in a position to comments a on the Revenue a a special on 2a Rufus Edmisten Jeb Stuart Magruder special prosecutor Jill wine Olner Quot yes. I did a Magruder replied Quot the next morning i told or Mitchell i had destroyed the gemstone file a Magruder added then he told How it was dec hied to explain the $250,000 budget for political intelligence gathering he said Herbert l Porter another Campaign committee official agreed to Tell officials that $100,000 was used for Protection for sup Rug ate making Campaign appearances in Nixon s behalf. Magruder said he told authorities that the remaining $150,000 was spent for a convention Security plan earlier. Magruder had testified that Mitchell approved the intelligence plan saying Quot let s give them the $250,000 and see what they come up with a Magruder said that before approving the plan Mitchell twice rejected proposals from g. Gordon Liddy that called tor break ins. Wiretap Ping kidnapping of demonstration leaders and using prostitutes to Compromise democrats he described Mitchell s reaction to Liddy s initial $1 million proposal As Quot very Leidy came Back with a $500 too plan and. Once again. Mitchell rejected it but according to Magruder Mitchell approve a Magruder on 2a army Battles 14 million blackbirds by j Gerstenzang associated press writer a get c Ineila i Washington of by flu i 9 in Huo i nne army has a new enemy with 14 million airborne amusements. So troops a a noisy horde of Bridge. 71 blackbirds roosting in a Pine classified ads7-111 Grove tunics4d the Birds Are flocking to crossword.7d the Pine forests of it. Editorials. 4a Campbell Brand the Milan financial2a army ammunition Plant in obituaries my Tennessee As they have in television. So previous autumns but this women a news .1-9b year the army is preparing a w Eather a fight to the finish. A Pentagon spokesman said tuesday the army plans to Spray the Birds with a detergent that will remove the natural Oil from their leathers. The Oil protects the Birds from inclement weather and when the temperature drops below 45 degrees the Birds will die j rom the cold the environmental defense fund says there Are More humane ways of handling the problem but does not the estimated 14 million blackbirds. Maureen Hinkle a pesticides expert at the environmental organization suggested that the army set up a Large Tunnel near the resting grounds with a Light at the end of the funnel of the Light is turned on in the Middle of the night the Birds will Fly directly into it killing themselves instantaneously As they strike the Lens she said. The Birds mostly starlings became a problem several years ago when Pine Groves at it. Campbell and at the ammunition Plant matured to a Point where they provided Ideal roosting grounds. There Are few natural predators and nearby arms provide sufficient Grain Fields for the Birds to raid for food. In Hopkinsville. Ky., 15 Miles North of the army Post town clerk Terry Rogers said the Birds must go Quot we grow quite a bit of Grain and they be done hundreds of thousands of dollars Worth of damage a he said explaining that the Birds foraging trips take them Over Luc Square Imle area. The environmental defense fund said it would consider reeking court action to halt the army if the army does not first publish an assessment of the in 4 j

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