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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 28, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page four the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolina High Point Enterprise pubic Frfd afternoon and sunday morning miso j. P. Rawley. Publish hmm 1915�?1937_ r. B. Terr president d. A. Rawley. Sec a and treat. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Ca pus m. Waynick. Editor subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town twelve month. 10.40 six month. 5.20 three month. $ 2.6c one month of one week. To Carrier in nearby town a not permitted collect Tor More than one week in Advance. Carrier in City Are not permitted collect for a period of More than five weeks of a subscription for a longer period i desired payment should be made direct office. The associated press is exclusively entitled the use for republication of All new dispatches credited it or not otherwise credited in this Page or and also the local news published therein. Member of audit Bureau or circulation entered As second Caus matter at the Post office in High Point. N c. Under the act of Congress of March 8. 18 73. National adv. Representative the John Budd co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City a sturday october 28, 1939. A by occasion inflammatory Inci formation May be of value dents. Some of the ladies who Are inter Vve Are not contending final ested in reduction and it has by that the solid front of diverse other importance. Simatic groups against repeal is an argument for repeal but both the fact of the solid front and the source of the mail and telegraphic deluge of the House now underway should be considered. Cd Shouq cd a Friend Lorth at ail times and a brother la born for adversity. A proverbs 17 17. A a Friendship improves happiness and abates misery by doubling our Joy and dividing our grief. A Addison. All Over the country experiments Are being conducted by College lads and others with the German diet. They Are doing it for the Novelty of the thing and perhaps for the publicity they seek in connection therewith. Slightly fizzling however the Hitler dict is a mat h e american league for Ter of importance and upon what peace and democracy is a Noble happens those who live on it sounding a communist front or May depend the political trend organization a according con the world Glassman Dies chairman of the certainly the allies Are count in american activities invests ing on that diet help them gating committee. Even As Hitler is relying upon it every communist and a fellow sustain Germany during a pos traveler in the country doubt Sibly Long War. People become less would denounce Dies As a restless when they Are hungry Witch Hunter. It is interesting and the Hitler dict seems leave and perhaps indicative of the the victim of it hungry. Essential difference in attitude which permitted them turn Neus communist for a while that All the Durham Herald says that sex communists who express neutrals have rights a1 least in themselves approve both Dies ,he01x but exercising them is and his committee. Dangerous and Only neutrals Able the president must be credited am Asp the risk and with trying keep his Democrat 1 a info rce rights with visible by on straight and fend for orc ran pop \ far in the a a liberalism when he allows him a Impf Neutral Uncle Sam in self be quoted directly As do list Tuo cars of the world Floun cing Dies latest action As argot far very far. In fact he a sordid Dies publish Alicc his merchant vessels. Next cd a list of 503 government pm can War. If we understand the ploys a alleged be on a Mem Eia. Re hts should be backed old halloween custom trying get a preview of the future husband the isms Ake solid against repeal be ship and mailing list of the american league for peace and democracy. The average Loyal american up by Good lefts. Senators who opposed repeal by these mat f % i pc i riot ill Senrra of a a a a a amp of the arms embargo say that they had no Hope from the Start that they could defeat repeal in the Senate but they deemed the prolongation of debate Good strategy. They believed it would give the people a Chance rally such a show of hands against repeal that the House of representatives might be persuaded veto the upper body. That idea is based of course in the Assumption that a majority of those who take the trouble express themselves Are against repeal. We believe the theory is Correct but that does not mean we believe a majority of the american people Are opposed repeal. On the contrary we incline the opinion that a majority favor repeal. Sampling of Public opinion done by More or less dependable lolling agencies strongly suggests a majority for repeal. May we not say without unfairness that All of the principal divisions of the a a isms which Are denounced from time time As subversive of americanism Are zealously fighting repeal i the nazi influenced groups the communists and All of the Varico lored shirts Are opposed the arms embargo repeal. That is not the same As saying that All who oppose repeal fall into one of these groups. We recognize not Only that Many profoundly patriotic citizens who believe in our form of government and its essence Are against repeal but that the Issue has two sides worthy of consideration by such citizens. But the Simatic groups Are highly vocal in their objection repeal. The one Clear unmistakable demand of the american people is that they be kept out of the War. Congress hears that demand and respects it. We doubt whether a single member of Congress favors entry in the War. Yet despite individual assurances that there is no Chance of our involvement every citizen acquainted with his country a recent history and sensible of its spirit must realize that sentiment can change almost overnight. We can lie lured or pushed into the War by developments regardless of How Congress May feel about the matter now and regardless of the quite obvious almost Universal popular objection entry. The question of the hour is whether arms embargo repeal will reduce or increase the danger of involvement. With an Eye on the City of Flint Case which developed quite naturally under existing Law there is reason support the administration theory that the Sale of War materials All who come with their a Vin ships get them is less due lers. That average citizen is quite willing for thought and speech be free As Long As they Are not directed in conspiracy against his own free thought and speech. But he is becoming a bit restless these Days and he is not quite certain we surmise whether he ought condemn Dies As a Witch Hunter indulging a sordid procedures or As one Man w orking feverishly on a division of the sheep and the goats thus reasonably Well ahead of the time when something like definite classification will be vital the defense of this country from sabotage and other manifestations of treason. Exit s Acta probate worse than the decision Russia reached respecting the american ship City of Flint was the russian manner in dealing with our embassy about the matter. When the ship was in Harbor with its Fate in the balance the with dal cd e i. F. Is pts ask my a. A a. A of it a m a a a. A a a a a amp a i Fife. It -7 a tic Vair Jim Carnegie author of a How win friends and influence people it Road in i amp in l ask hav thir a ave you a Heath wrong today Are you Dis let ii Mil Dis Hopper 17 year i ask with lift a is site written her f in Tell you about a girl who roil raged her name Trace of Stratford North Carolina old and a blonde d her of she were discouraged. Here reply la important. You has no arms her letter was Aith her toes. Cher was a Baptist minister in a Little North Carolina town. Rut he died a year ago. She was Horn perfectly formed in every Way except that she had no arms. From the very first she Learned do for herself and that has been her motto All her life. Most children would Hae been hesitant about going school but not United states was unable get Grace. She not Only went school a categorical answer the Blunt by 0�?�k a a Ort quoth a Quot a Quot he Al activities. She did not atop Here. She was valedictorian of her class. And now what do you think this girl plans do study he a lawyer she is now in the College for women North Carolina University Greensboro n. A. And she expects later take a Law course and hang out her Shingle As a full fledged lawyer. I predict Shell be a successful one. No one with such grit and determination could fall. I quote from her letter a i have never thought of myself handicapped. I have always depended on myself. I can do almost anything that any Normal person can do. I dress myself i comb my own hair and apply my make up. I like music hut have never had lessons. I like it so much that i plan take music lessons along with Ray school work. I like dancing especially what a letter and what spirit she likes tap dancing she puts on her own make up. Hut i like Hest her mental attitude. She says she does not feel discouraged. This is exactly what she said a i do not feel discouraged. Not in the least. Quot i wish All my readers who Honor question As what had happened the american Crew. Efforts of the embassy get in touch with the Captain failed. During the several Days of uncertainty the russian government apparently did nothing simplify the Case for the United states authorities. When the russians decided what do they surrounded action with so much of a smoke screen that the embassy remained in doubt. Finally our government Learned that the nazi prize Crew had Boon ordered take tile ship away from russian har borage just As it was when it entered port. Even now there is a ques Tion unanswered As the report that the cargo was unloaded at Murmansk. Restoration of conditions in which governments Deal with one Uch High courage would give her a another in something like truth a a Ltd Felt ,h0wt 1 Quot her address Given above and wish is essential the establishment her Well. Perhaps she will write me of durable peace. Russia dab How he about Uch friendliness Wing in fake passports and using and Quot Quot it a a thru role in n \ 1 a for myself i want remind her language obviously intended that Many of the worthwhile things of deceive seems have adopted the world world of tomorrow will be around next Vear new York oct. 28.�?new York s world s fair is recessing until 1940. The try Lon and per sphere Are fading and need new Coats of paint. The autumn chill has penetrated the dreamlike Panorama of Flushing Meadows the Gayety has diminished the leaves of newly planted Trees Are on the ground and so time has come place Gotham s pageant under wraps a while. There was a hot time in the old town while it lasted. Including the summer temperature. By now most of the visitors have returned Home and the souvenir shops that mushroomed All Over the City also Are putting up their shutters. The rubber neck Wagon guides Are hibernating too. Thank heaven for it Means that the Cornel a will be Safe for pedestrians during the Wanter. They used be cluttered up by gents who talk glibly out of the sides of their Mouths and would show you Grants Tomb and Chinatown for half of your weeks salary. In Short the carnival excitement is Over. Father Knickerbocker can loosen a notch in his knee britches now and put the toothpick Back in his Mouth. W a Clouds too ominous my own excursions the fair were few a but comprehensive. The last time some of us stormed Grover Whalene a Citadel we had dinner at the polish restaurant just before the holocaust in Europe. It was not an altogether Gay place that evening. The personnel a most of which was imported a had a premonition that it All would be Over soon. And it was even before any of them could return the colors. Many Are stranded Here men without a country. In a similarly poignant spot is the Little czechoslovakian Pavilion that carried on bravely under a modest subsidy All through the fair. It boasted a delightful restaurant also but after a while the native cuisine ran Short and so did the Stock of precious pre Lliter Pilsner Beer. In the Light of european events maybe it is Well that the fair is recessing. Huge buildings can shift with the ease of foreign policies and the International sights of the fair Are in curious juxtaposition. The soviet Nowr lined up with Hitler has its Pavilion a pebbles throw away from Britain a imposing exhibits a and not Many Yards away from the poles who have been swallowed up too by the stalkers. Belgium a Haleo Nied building is across the Road from the terraced French Pavilion which rather symbolizes their european Affinity. Italy surges loftily upward with haughty indifference whatever is happening around her. As if she were standing in the fair grounds on her neutrality. Yes foreign exhibitors make strange fair fellow. U Rong Way Periscope the edifice of tile user is a costly and elaborate pile of Marble Glass Gold Granite and a even rubies. It cries out on every Wall that the russian peasant has risen from serfdom self estate. It seems have been put together with meticulous care. But anyone of a cynical mind would take Delight in the sight of a Friend of mine pointed in a propaganda mural a Mojik Peers through a Telescope All wrapped up in astronomical science it would have been a Fine picture if the Telescope were not turned the wrong Way As it was. The Mojik was merely getting a microscopic View of his profuse Beard. Maybe the soviet moralists take the same upside Down View As the chief bolshevik. Roxy a Rug has c Lassy company the Roxy s Mammoth Rug in the lobby wont pass As an Art treasure but rugs have been classed in the same category with masters paintings. A couple of decades ago. A Handwoven Wool Rug. No larger than the size of your Bahmat went in the famous Yerkes auction for $10,200. And a Leviathan silk Rug passed hands for $33,000. Some Rug connoisseurs pursue the Trail of rare ones with the passion of Art Hunters and the Rockefeller morgans and Mellons have considerable wealth tied up in rare things. Said qua in n of 1 amp o father time ten years ago local new in the methodist conference appointments Rev. John w. Moore remains at Wesley memorial l. F. Tuttle was appointed Junior preacher Rex. Kirk goes Calvary Church. There were several accidents in the City Over the weekend. A seventy two students at the Junior High school have made the Honor Roll for the past month. About people a. Ii Parsons leases tonight for Raleigh where he will attend the session of the supreme court. Or. And mrs j. A. Dal ton were visitors yesterday at Stuart . Garnet Pollock silent yesterday with relatives in Virginia. New Brief the Stock Market has sunk lower Depths. Communists and police fought for half an hour today before the american embassy in London. The communists attempted present resolutions protesting the trial of the Gastonia strikers. The heart of Robert Bruce scottish chieftain is reported be missing from the Public works department at Edinburgh. Twenty years ago local new a on thursday boy scouts will distribute tags advertising the coming of or. Wiest of Lebanon pa., who is conduct a series of services at first reformed Church. A the funeral of w. P. Pickett who died in Baltimore will la held thursday oct. 30, at the methodist protestant Church. About people by Green of Thomasville was Here today visiting friends. Miss Grace Bedford is in Greensboro today on a shopping , and mrs. We ill Nissen of Winston Are visiting relatives and friends Here today. New Brief a judge James e. Boyd 74, of Greensboro has asked for an additional judge of the Western Federal District. Labor chiefs will hold a meeting in Washington november 14. The North Carolina presbyterian Synod will meet in Raleigh tomorrow. Saturday. October 23. 1939 Bruce Catton in Washington Law pits armed ships St is in same class r dds Evelt d disagrees Washington. Oct. 28. Whet president Roosevelt issued his olde closing american ports belligerent submarines a he did not make the olde Broad enough cover armed merchant ships. This omission he explained by saying that submarines and armed merchant ships could no More be lumped together Quot than pears and however w Hen Congress wrote the Resolution under which the president issued his order the two Catton a were lumped together like this a whenever during any War in we the United states is Neutral the pre Idem shall find that spec prostrations placed on the use of the Pori and territorial Waters of the unite states by the submarines or arme merchant vessels of a foreign stat will serve maintain peace be twee the United states and foreign stat. It shall thereafter he unlawful flt any such submarine or armed or j Toria Waters of the United slates depart therefrom. From the isolationist group who fight from the beginning has been by cd on the feeling that the present a it ministration is strongly pro ally in policies comes sharply pointed Cor Merit on the presidents order. Quot All pit submarines air Gurmari and All the armed merchant ships and British a says senator Downey caustically. An armed merchant ship is much a ship of War As a submarine it ays senator Tobey. They May s it is armed for defensive purposes b it can quickly enough become Offei give if it spots a submarine. If we Ai be really Neutral we should tre both sides and senator Clark of Missouri n Calls that during the world War is rotary of state Lansing sent a memo Ankum ambassador Page in loj Don urging that Britain discontinue ii practice of mantling merchant vessel As the practice was a threat Amel Iran neutrality. Quot of course it increases our Chi of involvement give armed chant vessels flee use he says. 00 Tobey seek Neu Flag Law despairing of any Chance get ruling reversed. Senator Tobey Pusl de through his amendment which says prevents missus of the America Flag by merchant ships of Belh Gere nations. During the world War. A comme ruse by British merchantmen was Fly the american Flag when Crossin submarine zones. This ruse was suggested Bril ish ship captains by the British gov Anim ant and that fact together wit the fact thai the merchantmen i armed was cited by the German government As justifying her policy Torp doing without warning and wit out regard for nationality. For. Said the germans if a Mei chant ship flying the american Mal might turn oui be an armed Brit ish vessel with a naval gun Prev aboard it was Loo risky for the Sui Marine commander come surface and go through the customary procedure of search and seizure. The american government protested repeatedly the British govern men against this a a forgery of As senator Tobey Calls it bul without the slightest Success. For one thing the British reply that there was nothing illegal a hoi it for there was no Law on the Amel Iran Flag As a ruse of War. Our i me ports r have been done by the physically handicapped. At the new York worlds fair is Steinmietz Hall an auditorium named in Honor of a Hunchback a Charles p. Steinmietz. Immanuel Kant the philosopher who wrote a the critique of pure reason a a was also a Hunchback. He was so misshapen that he would not leave i room for Day at a time. Edward Noyes Westcott who was tubercular wrote a David Harum while confined his Heil. To if you Are discouraged think about the splendid things that have been accomplished by people who had real reason for despondency. Then be lion of Tho purpose which him thankful that your troubles Are real i0 in after All Small ones seems laudable t.,Don neglect writing miss Grace hoppers. This is just one More Opportunity kind Somo one else. The dangerous Hitler Ian theory that the a Send justifies the that theory is so utterly false As become essentially both the cause and the justification of the War. Reduced the lowest common denomination what is hitlers my and of stalinism other than the concept of an egomaniac that any vicious thing he does should lie forgiven in consider in a the wife of a seafaring Man and in be got expect those things everything usually comes out All right. I guess Joe a just pne of those wife of Joseph Gainard Captain of City of Flint upon being told that her husbands ship had been intercepted by nazis. Tie used at this time. A or. Nicholas Murray Butler president Columbia University. An important diet College boys at Raleigh find that the a Hitler diet a tile food regimen of the German people in the present crisis reduces their weight. Perhaps the in thu feet of persons coming live in California Are said grow about a size larger after a few months of residence in the Sunshine state. The chamber of Commerce is not expected Issue any glowing circular on the subject. We do it again for a million dollars. A Robert Mcdaniels at conclusion of 535-hour endurance flight. It is the Dawn of. Peace which the Church invokes on nations when it prays that the lord May Grant Kings and Christian princes peace and True Concord and peace and Unity All Christian Pius Xii. If we must hate something let us hate poverty and if we must Light for something let us fight bring a fair share of Prosperity and Security every american Burton k. Wheeler dem., Mont. The Power of i he american people is immense and it is vitally important answer the question of How it is a breakdown of the present regime in Germany is the Only thing that will end this War. A Alfred Duff Cooper former first lord of British admiralty upon arriving in United states. Germany does no need any help. Germany helps itself. A Fritz Kuhn German american bund Leader. I realize that men and women of delicate and refined sensibilities must recoil at mass murder and mass injustice and mass brutality anywhere in the world. A senator Alben Barkley dem., by British listen any More in the end he British simply r fused listen protests any Moi on nov. 2, 1915. In a note Amba Sador Page turning Down a new of american complaints lord Grey the British foreign minister said a i would therefore take the Libert of suggesting that your govern men May on further consideration of matter be willing desist fro bringing these reports the notice i his majesty a senator Tobey a Point now is Tim by putting a Law on the books a providing a Salties for its violation the United status has solid ground under its feet in protesting any Misus of the Flag in the present War. A How would we enforce it again foreign vessels easy wed Simp bar them from our ports if they of if perchance any feel that Germany or Italy or Russia has found the Utopia Ponder Well such a Light hearted decision. A or. Charles a. Beard historian before the progressive education association. It is accepted by everybody in England and France that the United states will not Send an expeditionary Force aul uss the Ocean under any circumstances. Hugh Gibson former u. S. Ambassador Belgium. We believe that read Security and stability in the far East could be attained without running counter any american tights whatsoever. A Joseph c. Grew american ambassador Japan. I done think we ought try guarantee any european boundaries but if they could get together around a conference table it would at least be a Chance for peace. Senator Ernest Lundeen f. L., Minn Hitler is incensed Over ugly rumours that a general peace soon befall Europe. Mrs. Huntington who put up bail for ear Browder says she expects be dropped from the social Register. Democracy sometimes demands great sacrifices. The government plans Ray in a Supply of from 500.000 800, a Kyj ounces of quinine sulfite. Looks like a feverish year ahead. A London firm which formerly manufactured ladies silk undergarments now making sandbags. Lace Edge Burlap sacks would give the War that genteel touch. It Lias been noticed that Many ban lits recently have shown More four or it Tow ii d i Hun \ in nos Hie result of sound Home training. Masks similar those used but Eul Rapuan civilians May soon be used ii i ins country by Hay fever victim americans have got keep up wit the Joneses. An electrician lost l 5 on a mulch wheel after he was paid $25 for we ing the wheel. Like any True Craft Man he w a it d it his handmaid under actual conditions

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