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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 27, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise letters to the editor an Independent newspaper Randall 6 Terry president co publisher a a Rawley co publisher David a Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres Joseph p Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor getting More ideas into the Abc Issue 4 a wednesday october 27, 1976 who s next one of the hottest rumours to hit High Point was quieted quickly tuesday when a local furniture manufacturer announced movie Star Robert Redford had indeed visited this City., and departed. Bedford s arrival Here was the source of an unlimited number of phone Calls to Thayer Coggin and his family As despite attempts to keep the visit a secret it very quickly became common knowledge. There were also repeated phone Calls to the Enterprise office from those either seeking details of the Redford visit or those having information to give most of which proved false. During the second Day of the furniture Market Redford was rumoured to be touring the Southern furniture Market Center Complete with escort a Simc general manager Robert of Gruenberg and mayor Roy Culler. An Anonymous source called to pass along this Titbit and briefly sent one staff member on a Telephone Goose Chase. It took Only one Call however to discover that particular Rumor had been started Only an hour previous to our phone Call and that it was in fact Only a joke being played by a group of salesmen. Every town has its Rumor Mill and High Point is no exception but the Redford Rumor was one with real excitement and seemed to capture the fancy of everyone who heard it. In a week which featured visits to the state by Jimmy Carter Redford s candidate and president Ford neither could Garner even a Quarter of the interest shown Here in Redford s trip discovering he has come and gone was no doubt disappointing to some who harboured the Hopes of at least a glimpse of their idol High Point housewives and working girls alike must now direct their attention Back to the mundane jobs at hand As the Knight in the shining Armor has passed them by. This latest news and we state firmly it is not a Rumor will also Stop the gossip and allow Coggin and his family to rest peacefully once More. But it won t Stop the Rumor Mill from churning serving Only to Rob local gossips of their Best topic in years. No matter who they talk about now. It won t be quite the same again for a Long time. To the editor the liquor store in High Point problem rambles along but my urge to write to you about it has All too often been stifled by the bigotry hypocrisy and stupidity engendered by those concerned something new and refreshing was added by or. Arthur Lyon in last wednesdays Enterprise. He admirably listed the Points pro and con but then messed up his summary with a silly suggestion that phenolphthalein be added to liquor which would cause a disagreeable reaction in those who imbibed More than two ounces to or. Lyons credit he did say that he was not a chemist his spelling of phenolphthalein gave him away anyhow. Phenolphthalein be it said. Is not yellow but a White and tasteless powder. More to the Point. Or Lyon did not realize that the disagreeable reaction would take hours to attain a crisis whereas intoxication by alcohol develops within an hour of consumption. If or. Lyons proposal were to be adopted i could foresee an ordinance requiring Drivers to carry portable potties in the trunks of their cars the proposal would not reduce the Highway Slaughter but instead of weaving Drivers we would More Likely note tipsters sitting by the Roadside in quiet but sober contemplation. It would pinpoint the Drinker but would it cure no or Lyon phenolphthalein is not the answer although history tells us that More Battles have been lost to dysentery than to faulty generalship neither is prohibition the answer it certainly did t work last time More taxation might reduce consumption but i fear the added bureaucracy might drive More people to alcohol some weeks ago i listened to evangelist Van Impe trying almost hysterically to prove that a wine in the Bible the value of patience patience on the part of the Public can save dollars in the operation of municipal police departments that is the conclusion of a nonprofit foundation formed to study police problems. The savings according to the foundation would be realized if police took their time in answering nonemergency Calls concentrating instead on the emergencies and major crimes. In a report after examining the Kansas City to police department the foundation said Quot it has traditionally been assumed that rapid police response to Calls for service is of sufficient importance to justify the expenditure of considerable amounts of Money and by educating the Public to expect delayed response if their request for service is not pressing the Burden on police budgets could be greatly eased the foundation concluded this urgency in answering routine Calls possibly explains Why police patrol cars so often seem to be in such a hurry. But there remains an important question in the proposal of the police foun a t Ion. Who is to say when there is an emergency. An emergency like Beauty May be in the Eves of the beholder. Meant unfermented juice. This has been a great stumbling Block for a Long time but it can hardly mean what the Drys would like to prove since the grape when Ripe carries on the outside of its skin the yeast necessary for fermentation. Maybe anglicans Are in error but i do believe that Christ served alcoholic wine at the last supper As anglicans do at communion. I can recall Well As a Young Choirboy being thankful at very Early communion for the Nice warm feeling from gulping Down wine from the chalice. With the disciples the results were not serious since they did not drive automobiles. I cannot see them getting even tight since they had Learned a firm self control from their master and teacher. Instead of preaching hell fire and damnation our religious leaders should perhaps concentrate More on self discipline. Particularly in the Young for older culprits i can agree with or. Lyon that the automobile could be confiscated but would this Stop the problem perhaps we should also bring Back the Stock and rack and display the felons in City Hall a few strokes of the cat of nine tails publicly administered. Might also help to develop self discipline let us have More suggestions important problems have never been easy to solve Christopher l. Wilson Shadow Valley re spending our taxes buying time 7 pledge allegiance to. To the editor open letter to the mayor and City Council of greater High Point dear sirs i have heard for some time now that More citizen input needs to be put into our City government so i am going to get up off my Rocker and put my dime s Worth in having been born and raised in this wonderful City and also being in business Here for Twenty some years. I have paid my share of taxes i have enjoyed most of my 51 years Here. Knowing All of you members and voting for some of you. I would like some answers to some of my questions. Someone in City government has said on the garbage pick up $500,000 could be saved saved for what i Don t mind taking my garbage to the curb and while i am at it i would be glad to take several of my neighbors out also who might be less fortunate than i Arn you know like the car Pool Only this would be the garbage Pool. For some time now i have heard if you want a Good Job just get one with the City. I can believe this now i had the pleasure or displeasure if you will of observing a Crew of nine men working for two hours i could not say which was the Foreman or if they even had one now i know for a fact that several of the Council have tried to get More for the City tax Dollar of. Now is the time we have a new fresh City manager and if i am going to have to accept an increase in my taxes so this same group can stand around while a few work this will be the biggest joke of the Bicentennial year this i am sure has been going on for years but with inflation making the Money tighter. I would like to feel that if better instructions were passed on to the foremen the workers or labor Force of High Point could be better organized i wish to thank each of you for the time spent on our City government and if you Uke the time to read this or not or if you decide to try to do anything about it or not. At least i got to put in my dime s Worth would you run your own business like this a Jack w Keever Norwood court gov James Holshouser took More than one swipe at the news Media monday night during the half hour show he bought to Tell North Carolina s citizens the accomplishments of his administration. That Holshouser would take $13,000 out of his own pocket to broadcast such a justification of his accomplishments while governor revealed How much the Boone native Felt he had been passed Over by the press and the people of the state. As the first gof governor in this Century he would seem to command considerable stature in his own party and across the state As a whole but that has hardly been the Case he was snubbed by the republicans at their convention because he was a Backer of the current gof presidential nominee. His administration has been soundly attacked by the democrats for its efforts in virtually every phase of state the news Washington merry go round As Holshouser tried to Point out monday night things Are not As bad As his would be successors make them sound on television. Holshouser chose to Lay the blame for the Overly negative impression of his administration on the press criticizing one editor for a a spending the last four years trying to prove he was right when he endorsed my opponent in 1972.�?� Holshouser a real problem however seems to us to lie not with the press which he frequently mentioned in his program but with another Force he failed to mention much at All. The democratic legislature when a governor feels so helpless he must buy television advertising time to get his positions across to the people can there be More substantial evidence North Carolina s governor needs More Power in the form of the veto we think not irs chief was this conflict of interest Energy Federal inaction first of two parts three years ago this month on oct 17, 1973. Tile organization of Arab Petroleum exporting countries announced a coordinated program of Oil cutbacks aimed at changing u s policy in the Middle East within weeks the Arab Oil embargo was total its Impact on american life was devastating sunday gasoline sales were banned motorists waited for hours at service stations. Congress passed a National 56-m p h Speed limit lights were dimmed thermostats turned Down Gas rationing coupons were printed a and prices of Petroleum products soared almost everyone agreed that american attitudes toward Energy would never be the same again but by the following March it was Over the embargo was lifted Petroleum supplies recovered and most people gradually returned to their old habits of Energy use today it All seems so Long ago the Energy crisis a to Many minds is history a a temporary setback. An unfortunate incident or even an Industry hoax the Only problem is it could a and probably will a happen again and the next time it is Likely to be even worse american dependence on foreign Oil has almost doubled since 1972 this year it is expected to account for 41 per cent of us consumption in contrast to 22 per cent in 1972 Moat of that comes from Arab nations the United states will pay about $35-Biiiion for imported Oil in 1976 a for two years now the Oil sheiks Sot patiently by their Wells waiting for the United states and the rest of the industrialized world to climb out of Frank w Corrigan wrote in new Day Quot now like drug dealers on payday they Are gearing up for another killing. The Oil countries know the United states is an Energy Junky they know it cannot get along without another fix a at any Price a the Price tag of continued Oil imports May include political and military elements As Well concessions to developing nations increased arms sales or changes in american policy toward Israel Are among the demands that could accompany adjustments in Arab Oil prices or production the Oil exporting nations know that their Power today transcends dollars and cents and How is the Federal government preparing for a future Energy crunch a for the most part by ignoring it and hoping it won t happen there still is no comprehensive National Energy policy or even a realistic contingency plan for meeting another embargo Frank Zarb. Head of the Federal Energy administration has warned that an Oil embargo could put one million americans out of work rep Mike Mccormack a Wash it has likened the nation s Energy planning to wrestling Over deck chairs on the titanic As it is sinking a Congress has adjourned for the year without completing action on a wide Range of Energy legislation including measures dealing with natural Gas deregulation uranium enrichment synthetic fuel loan guarantees strip mining standards and outer Continental shelf leasing procedures no effective action on Energy policy now is possible until after the november elections and probably Well into next year meanwhile foreign Oil exporters will Toast the embargo s third anniversary with Many Happy returns tomorrow the states role by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington internal Revenue commissioner Donald Alexander violated his own orders last year by hampering a tax i Vestiga Hon that involved his former Law firm the commissioner who was put in command of the tax Agency by sex president Richard Nixon reacted to the watergate scandal by forbidding his agents from making any decisions that might give even the appearance of a conflict yet he hindered a major investigation of tax havens in the Bahamas despite the fact that the name of his former Law firm turned up in the probe through a spokesman Alexander denied that he was aware of the firm s involvement. But we have uncovered facts that raise serious questions about the handling of the investigation the Story goes Back to 1965. When irs intelligence agents concluded that underworld Barons such As Meyer Lansky had moved their operations from Cuba to the Bahamas but strict Bank secrecy Laws prevented the agents from proving their suspicions that the mobsters were hiding their illicit profits in bahamian Banks the irs intelligence division nevertheless began the largest investigation of tax havens in history it became known As operation Trade winds As part of this investigation intelligence agents in Florida obtained the names of depositors with secret Bank accounts at the Castle Bank in the Bahamas this phase of Trade winds became known As project Haven the hush hush information included a stolen Rolodex. Which contained 250 cards two of the cards bore the names of two of Alexander s previous Law partners a third card contained the name of their Cincinnati Law firm irs intelligence officials recognizing the potential for a conflict alerted John Hanlon who was then the assistant commissioner in charge of compliance they recommended that for the Sake of propriety. Alexander be kept out of the tax Haven investigation Hanlon immediately told Alexander s right Bower Burke Willsey about the possible conflict. Our sources say that Willsey objected to the idea of withholding the details from Alexander but Willsey told us he informed Alexander Only that his former Law partners were under investigation. Omitting the specifies of the investigation by late january 1974. The irs Legal department also became aware that alexanders erstwhile firm was involved in the Trade winds investigation Joseph Satus who worked with the Trade winds agents wrote a confidential memo which was eventually presented to the irs chief counsel Meade Whitaker. The memo reiterated the recommendation of the intelligence division that Alexander should have nothing to do with the tax Haven investigation again in mid-1975. The intelligence officials warned Hanlon that it would look bad if Alexander became involved in this operation and assistant commissioner Warren Bates who is in charge of enforcing standards of conduct inside the irs was also informed of alexanders potential conflict yet the commissioner soon became involved in impeding the investigation it began with the intelligence agents themselves who became concerned that their evidence might not be admissible in court not Only had the Rolodex been stolen by an informant but the revelations May have violated Federal evidentiary Laws the irs Legal division sought the opinion of the Justice department which asked for More information but chief counsel Meade Whitaker ignored justices request for More facts and recommended that the agents be stopped from accepting intelligence information from inside bahamian Banks this recommendation was put in a confidential memo dated july 28. 1975, to commissioner Alexander yet Whitaker had been fully in formed of Alexander s possible conflict. The following Day Alexander requested a Public hearing before the House w ays and Means oversight subcommittee. He promised to produce Quot sexy front Page news at the hearing our sources say Alexander planned to cite the tax Haven investigation particularly the stealing of the Rolodex containing his former partner s names As an example of intelligence abuse the Justice dept Learned however that Alexander intended to discuss the tax Haven investigation at a Public hearing the department solemnly advised the subcommittee that the publicity would Hurt the investigation. The subcommittee immediately cancelled the hearing yet Alexander who received the same advice ignored it on sept 29. 1975. He held a press conference and divulged the confidential information that he had intended to discuss at the hearing the Art Buchwald column letters of clarification w Ashington a with everyone miss peaking these Days Quot clarification experts have been put on a 24-hour shift answering mail from groups that have been offended by something someone has said. Since everyone is so Busy campaigning i thought i might provide some form letters that could be sent out to mollify the populace this is one president Ford s people could Send. Dear mrs Gronowski the president was very Happy to receive your letter concerning his remarks where he alluded to the fact that he was proud that Poland was not dominated by the soviet Union. What he meant to say in the heat of the debate was that he was proud that the soviet people were not dominated by Poland the president has always had a very Strong interest in what is going on in Eastern Europe. If president Ford is re elected his first act will be to Send Secretary of state Henry Kissinger to Warsaw to see if Poland is dominated by anybody if or Kissinger discovers that it is he will give Poland seven nuclear Power plants six squadrons of f-16 fighter planes and 12 missile cruisers the president believes a Strong Poland is essential to the defense of the free world and will do everything in his Power to see that it never becomes a communist satellite. This is one gov. Carter s people could mail out. Dear or Archibald. Thank you for your kind letter concerning gov Carter s interview in Playboy Magazine i would like to explain to you that or Carter did not say he was lusting after your wife what he said was that he has lusted after women in his heart but god has always forgiven him the governor according to our records has never met your wife and therefore the possibility of him lusting after her is out of the question this is nothing against your wife As it s possible that if the governor had met her he might have committed adultery in his heart. But this is a hypothetical question and there is no reason for you to be suspicious of your wife or the governor. To put your mind at ease we have rescheduled or Carter s itinerary so he will not Campaign in Mayville. Kan., this year and his chances of running into mrs. Archibald will be nil the third form letter could be sent out by sex Secretary of agriculture Earl Butz people. Dear or Washington or Butz was very disturbed by your letter concerning his remarks As to Why Black people did not vote Republican for some reason the press misquoted him what he really said was that Quot All that the Fine hardworking negroes in this country want Are tight sneakers so they can win More Gold medals in the olympics Loose Blue jeans to enable them to dance easier and a warm place to Cook their wonderful soul this was said on an air plane and because of engine noise John Dean misinterpreted Whak the Secretary meant. The final letter could be sent out by the Pentagon. Dear rabbi Schwartz general Brown has asked me to assure you he does not consider Israel a Burden to the United states what he meant to say was that some of his Best friends were burdens a or some of his Best burdens were friends a but in any Case they were All jews

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