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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 27, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather continued cold More data on Page 3a 92nd year no. 301 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 82-1711 classified ads 8x5-2177 other dept. 885-2161 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon october 27, 1976 64 pages daily Loc. Sunday 35c candidates chicag Playboy and Ford disagree about interview by Dave Riley associated press writer although the White House once expressed interest in setting up a Playboy interview for president Ford presidential aides say Ford never really intended to appear in the Magazine and that Playboy executives were just being Given the runaround. Ford has been trying to Staple democratic presidential nominee Jimmy Carter to the Wall for granting an inter View to Playboy but executives of the Chicago based Magazine say Ford at one time was eager for the Magazine to interview him. Both Ford and Carter spent tuesday campaigning in the Chicago area underlining their concern about the importance of the Illinois vote to the outcome of next tuesday s balloting Ford spent the Day criticizing Carters foreign policy proposals and he said in a broadcast political advertise ment that his administration differs from that of Richard Nixon because a a there a no dictatorial authority a under Ford. Carter defended his foreign policy plans and expressed indignation at a pamphlet being distributed by the Ford Campaign committee. The pamphlet titled ridicules Carter who said Ford Quot should be ashamed of himself Quot for allowing it to be distributed. And Carter said if he is elected he will immediately Start working a to restore a sense of cooperation Between the president and the members of Congress a both the vice presidential candidates. Democratic sen Walter Mondale and Republican sen Bob Dole were also on the Campaign Trail Mondale called on Ford to repudiate Doles suggestion that world War ii was fought because of the democratic party. And Dole later backed away from his characterization of world War ii As a a Democrat an aide said Dole backed off because of widespread Adverse reaction to his comments. Some republicans have been hoping to use Carters Playboy interview against him Playboy executives obviously irritated at gop barbs being thrown at the Magazine issued a statement tuesday saying the White House had first suggested that the publication do a Ford interview g Barry Golson. Playboy assistant managing editor said the White House offered an interview with Ford after the satirical article. A i am Jerry a brain Quot was published in the september 1974 Issue a the White House press office called and said the president had read the article and invited the writer to spend a few Days at the White House to see How the real Jerry Ford s brain Golson said. But he said the writer had other assignments and did not accept. Playboy said a later Effort to set up a Brief interview with Ford was unsuccessful because of scheduling conflicts and that the White House was cooperative in that Effort. But Ford s spokesman Ron Nessen. Said Playboy was being Given the run around and that Ford never had any intention of letting Playboy writers ask him any questions Nessen said playboys account of the first Contact was false a i can to find a scrap of evidence in our files to Back it he said a i can t find anyone in the White House who contacted Playboy about a possible Ford interview a Nessen also said Ford had said he did not want the interview Ford has said he turned Down an interview request a with an emphatic no Quot playboys publisher Hugh m Hefner accused Ford of a an improper and reprehensible attempt to damage the democratic candidate through guilt by association As though granting an interview to Playboy were equivalent to posing naked in the Center of the ready for halloween Marge Janick adjusts a mask of president Ford at her Milwaukee Novelty shop where politicians masks Are in Vogue this political halloween season at the left is a mask of Jimmy Carter mrs Janick says her biggest Selling political mask this year is neither of the candidates but rather former president Richard Nixon. A wire photo Ford denies similarity to Nixon Chicago apr president Ford in a paid Campaign broadcast is arguing that his administration is fundamentally different from that of resigned president Richard Nixon because a there s no pomp there s no ceremony there s no dictatorial authority a Ford made the statement the first in which he Ever publicly suggested that Nixon had dictatorial Powers in a live television broadcast tuesday night to voters in Illinois it was the second in a series of six half hour political broadcasts in which Ford is served soft questions by sportscaster Joe Garagiola the broadcasts have an informal air and Deal with questions Ford wants to discuss asked by Garagiola whether there is any difference Between a Nixon administration and a Ford administration. Ford said. A Well there s one very fundamental difference under president Ford there is not an Imperial White House which Means there s no pomp there s no ceremony there s no dictatorial authority Ford said he has a tried to run the White House As the people s White House where individuals have an Opportunity to come in individually or in groups and express to me their views and recommendations a Ford sought to draw no similar contrast with Nixon in the first of the television series. That program was beamed to viewers in California on sunday Ford scheduled another televised talkies with Garagiola for Pennsylvania viewers tonight future broadcasts will be aimed at television watchers in Ohio new York and Texas meeting in Chicago with members of the Cook county Republican Central committee Ford said tuesday that nine states a Are going to make the difference in his contest with Democrat Jimmy Carter he listed them As new York. New Jersey Pennsylvania. Indiana Ohio. Michigan. Texas and California . Sends More jets to Europe Washington a the Pentagon today announced a major increase in . Air Force Jet fighter strength in Europe including the first deployment to nato of the new f15, rated better than most russian fighters the reinforcement of . Airpower to be started next Spring will be the first significant action of its kind in about nine years. The move designed to counter the introduction of advanced soviet mig23 and other fighter planes in Central Europe will result in a net increase of 84 fighters and bring the total deployed for the defense of Western Europe to nearly 550 aircraft in addition to sending a Wing of 72 el5s to West Germany the air Force will station an additional Wing of 84 fill fighters in Britain where the United states has had an fill Wing for some time. Meanwhile the air Force will return 82 f4 phantom jets from Britain to Nellis air Force base in Nevada the Fis Wing assigned to Germany will be formed from newly manufactured Eagle fighters the 84 fills being added to the Force in Britain will be sent from Mountain Home air Force base in Idaho which will then be re equipped with other fills from Nellis. All these movements will be completed by the end of 1977. The Pentagon said As a result there will be an see sends on 2a i what s inside i amusements12-13c bridge.7d classified ads7-ud comics6d crossword.7 a editorials 4a financial2a obituaries .2d sports1-7c television .2d women a news1-5b weather.3a assuming Victory Carter planning Post election acts Chicago apr Jimmy Carter claims not to be overconfident but he is already planning his first weeks As president elect announcing that he will meet with bipartisan congressional leaders to plan a future foreign policy. He said at an Airport rally tuesday in Moline. 111., before flying to Chicago that a certain things need to be done immediately after the election and that he would not wait until after he is inaugurated to go to work a to restore a sense of cooperation be teen the president and the members of Carter spent most of tuesday in Illinois a key state with 26 electoral votes that is being hotly contested by both the democratic presidential candidate and president Ford in the face of polls showing the race still very close. He was to Campaign today in new York City and Pittsburgh throughout tuesday Carter faced Large and noisy crowds at the South Carolina statehouse in Columbia at the Carbondale Campus of South Illinois University at the qua cities Airport in Moline and at a jewish Center in Skokie a Chicago suburb in the evening. Wearing a Black Yarmulke with Gold braiding that sparkled in the television lights he called Israel a an Island of Freedom and democracy in the Middle East. He said the Arab Boycott of companies doing business with Israel or those with jews in executive positions is a a travesty and disgrace and it must be Carter also criticized Ford for failing to bring into the government a new aggressive dynamic people to change things that were wrong in former president Richard Nixon a administration everywhere he went he pleaded with crowds As he has repeatedly in recent Days. To make a a sacrificial Effort to help him win tuesday. At the Campus thousands of students flocked to the rally. They were on a Knoll in the tree crowding a pedestrian Bridge spanning a Roadway about too Yards from the speakers platform. They even jogged alongside Carter s car for several Hundred Yards when he left. A a you be come to this rally because you believe in our country and i Hope you will join me on nov. 2.�?� he told them. A if you la help me then. Then in january Jan 20 to be exact Well change this country make it great once again unified then with the crowd cheering he said a a we be got to do it together. Okay Well make this country great once Howe campaigns doggedly for seat for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one fishy facts q. What is the largest fresh water Bass that has been caught r p. A. Recognized As the world record is a Large Mouth Bass a few ounces Over 22 pounds which was caught in the 30s in Georgia a Lake Montgomery the North Carolina record is 14 pounds 15 ounces caught in 1963 by Leonard Williams from the Sante Etlah Reservoir in Western n c bar for gymnasts q. I was wondering where i could Purchase some uneven parallel bars i think they Call them for my daughter. She has been wanting some and i am not exactly sure where i can buy them. Anon. A. We believe you will do a flip without Benefit of bars to know the Price of these the Good ones used in Competition Are Over $1000 for uneven bars these Are laminated Hardwood Over a steel Core there Are much cheaper ones made of steel often used for outdoor playgrounds around $300 to $400and Junior sized Economy models that might run less than $200 we expect the better sets Are Only found in College gymnasiums and health clubs and a secondhand set would be hard to come by Catalon sales departments or sporting goods stores can show you what is available by order from the manufacturers of this equipment keeping names straight q. I was wondering it a lady had been married before and she has retained her married name since her divorce Why is it illegal for her to use her Maiden name if she remarries the second time anon. A to resume your Maiden name you can take a certified copy of the divorce to the clerk of court s office in the county of your residence and have it changed it Only costs a couple of dollars and keeps your Legal records in order time for compliance q. There is a House at Circle that has been boarded up for years. Its a fire Hazard and rat infested. We keep our Home up on this Street and would like to know what can be done about this. We have called the City inspection department several times. Its been three months and nothing has been done about it. Mrs. S. A the House had been condemned for demolition and a As you have observed a is no More. Chief building inspector Freeman Hill says the lot is clean whether a matter concerns weedy lots junked cars or deteriorating houses the City codes specify a reasonable length of time for the owners to comply. There Are investigations to be made by inspectors the owners sometimes out of town must be notified there Are provisions for hearings and appeals. Ten Days Are allowed to Cut weeds after notice is Given 90 Days to repair or demolish a substandard House. Much As everyone would like the eyesores Here today to be gone tomorrow those in City departments who enforce the codes must also comply with the codes in How they go about it a and that takes time. Salt Lake City a the polls show him far behind his party in t supporting him. And most of its leaders rate his chances Zero but still rep Allan t Howe doggedly campaigns on and insists he May still win re election to his congressional seat Howe a Democrat and a 49year-old father of five was convicted in two courts last summer of trying to buy favors from two police Decoy prostitutes he resisted party pressure to drop out of the race a the people Are sticking with me Quot he says Quot i m very hopeful and surely it s possible for me to win a hardly any democratic politician shares this View and Many feel Howe a presence on the ticket is hurting other democratic contenders the latest poll showed Howe trailing Republican Dan Marriott by 50 to 27 per cent Veteran sen Frank e. Moss trails Republican newcomer Orrin Hatch in a bid for a fourth term and Democrat Scott Matheson a Railroad lawyer supported by retiring gov. Calvin l. Rain ton holds a narrow and shaky Lead Over Republican atty Gen. Vernon b Romney in the governors race we re walking in the neighbourhoods several hours every Day ringing doorbells and shaking he said his staff reports that Campaign contributions fell off last summer but that Money coming in since his conviction a is in the form of $10. $20 and $50 Howe has put his family to work on the Campaign which contends with the party endorsed write in candidacy of Daryl Mccarty who trails Howe in the polls Howe a wife Marlene accompanies him wherever he goes. Sons and daughters deliver handbills answer telephones and perform other duties the freshman congressman says there a been Little feedback about his conviction from the people although his family reported several weeks ago that a pipe bomb blew apart their Mailbox and a caller yelled obscenities to him Over the Telephone during a radio talk show. A most people Are very Howe said a there s a feeling of outrage by some about the Way the matter was handled by the press they feel they be had enough and let s get on with $7 gets Lance Back a in the Early part of the Campaign the democrats had a very hard time really getting off the ground because every place they went somebody wanted to talk about or. Howe a problems rather than the issues of the Campaign a Hampton says Howe maintains he a encountered few difficulties a the Campaign is just rolling along a he says. A live been getting excellent response from the people rep. Allan t. Howe Louisville by a Lance the baby Dwarf Goat who was stolen from the zoo under somebody a coat is Safe at Home but he wont be getting around much for awhile. A the looks sleepy a Colleen Mckinley a spokeswoman for the Louisville zoo said after lancers return tuesday a this keeper says he a grounded now for a couple of the dark Gray and White Cameroon Goat less then two weeks old was brought Back by two Arkansas men who said they bought him from some Small boys for $7. It was almost bottle feeding time sunday when Lance who until then had been shy around people apparently walked up to the a a $7 gets on 2a Lance Back Home in zoo a Vair photo

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