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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 22, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Clear Cool saturday More data on Page 3a 92nd year no. 296 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1711 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., Friday afternoon october 22, 1976 26 pages daily 15c. Sunday 35cwho s right Ford or Carter both or neither Here s a look at the record defense by the associated press the size of the nations military budget is expected to provide fuel for further argument when president Ford and Jimmy Carter meet tonight for the last of their three scheduled debates. Carter generally favors a 5 per cent or $5 billion to $7 billion Cut in the defense budget. He says cuts can be made without a loss of military strength by trimming fat and improving efficiency. Ford who says he is proud that the two biggest defense budgets in history have been passed under his administration contends that decreasing Pentagon spending would threaten americans military might. In the second debate oct. 6. Ford said Carter a a in november 1975, indicated that he wanted to Cut the defense budget by $15 billion a later said Ford the democratic presidential candidate talked about an $8 billion to $9 billion Cut then used the $5 billion to $7 billion figure Carter responded in the debate a i have never advocated any Cut of $15 billion in our defense Carter has been quoted by two newspapers As using the $15 billion figure in March 1975. Campaigning after the second debate he said Quot i can to deny that i said that. I done to remember. But in my memory of the whole Campaign at least going Back 1-1 years in Vest a defense on 9a for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Cancer society q. I need to know immediately where and Bow i can get in Contact with the cancer society in Davidson county. Thank you. J. A the Secretary of the office is mrs. Mary a Reece in Lexington Tel. 704 249 8812 her Home phone is 704 246-2126 the local office listed under american cancer society would be glad to assist you too. President. Us. Q who was president of the United states in 1909, 1912, 1916, and 1920? or. a. How Many could score too on that pop quiz9 Taft was in office from 1909 to 1913 a Theodore Roosevelt went out in March 1909 it Woodrow Wilson was president from 1913 to 1921 girls Haven q. I am calling for another lady who is in desperate need to know Bow to get in touch with the Home for girls in Asheboro. She has a girl she thinks she is going to have to put some place As she needs help. Thank you very much. Anon. A. The office Telephone of girls Haven is 625-1897 the address is Box 878, Asheboro . 27203. The office hours Are 9 to 5, but she can Call anytime John Chilton at 625-1898 who is a resident Parent Mike Quinto is director of the Home the office Secretary said there Are five girls residing at the Home now and there Are two vacancies. A social summary of the girl s background will be needed Star trek purchased q. Why does no to Star trek come on Channel 20 now . A Channel 8 purchased the exclusive rights to the program for this Market area the Cable system imports the same program from Distant markets and does not pay for programs. Under the exclusive portion of the contract the Cable system is obligated to Black out imported programs purchased by local stations upon notification. You can see Star trek on sundays at 4 30. In re Dav in response to the sound off on oct. 6,1 would like to have the address of mrs. . Of Thomasville and also remind the people who Are interested in donating or Volunteer work for the disabled american veterans that this is a most worthy cause. It Only takes one visit to a veterans Hospital to realize the need to help the ones that gave so much. High Point chapter 31, commanded by Thomas c. Short . Box 4275, Archdale . 27263, and chapter 22, commanded by . Hooker in Asheboro would be pleased to receive any donations or Volunteer help we can get. Wiir slogan is to a a serve those who we have no paid employees. All services Are rendered on a Volunteer basis. It is Gratifying to know that you Are helping those who Are unable to help themselves. Any Veteran or widow or orphan of a Veteran can get help filing claims with the veterans administration or emergency help by contacting any member of the disabled american veterans or by writing the Dav 251 n. Main st., Winston Salem . 27102. Bill Cundiff Asheboro chapter. Taxes jobs foreign by the associated press president Ford and Jimmy Carter have argued through the Campaign about who would do More to ease the tax Burden on the Middle class. The subject is sure to come up again in the debate tonight. Ford has accused Carter of wanting to raise taxes for half of All americans. He also says Carter wants to do away with the deduction allowed homeowners for the interest they pay on their mortgages. Carter says he simply wants to close loopholes that allow the Rich to pay less than their fair share. He says he would continue the mortgage deduction. He says the Republican philosophy a a is to pile on taxes on Low income people and take them off for the democratic candidate has called the current tax system a a just a welfare program for the he has urged an overhaul of the system rather than a tax Cut. A i would guess that the tax rates would be lowered through the entire Gamut of income a he says although a a those who now enjoy the option of not paying any income taxes like the Ford motor co. Would certainly pay the Auto maker paid no taxes in 1974 when worldwide profits were $500 million or in 1975 when profits were about $300 million the company got a $l89-million credit last year against future tax a a taxes on 9a by the associated press president Ford and Jimmy Carter both say that jobs in private Industry rather than on the Public payroll Are the Best Way to ease unemployment. But they disagree in their willingness to accept government jobs if other programs Don t work. The two men also present different views of the Job situation Ford stresses the number of people who have jobs Carter concentrates on the ones who done to. The Issue occupied a big chunk of the first presidential debate sept. 22 and it s Likely to come to the front again tonight. In the interim there has been a new report on the unemployment situation. The labor department said the unemployment rate dropped from 7.9 per cent in August to 7.8 per cent in september. But while there were fewer people out of work total employment also dropped meaning there was virtually no improvement in the Job situation in the first debate Carter said High unemployment a affects human beings and his Fords insensitivity in providing those people a Chance to work has made this a welfare administration and not a work Carter commented after Ford was critical of a $3 7-billion Bill approved by Congress that is intended to be jobs on 9a by the associated press Jimmy Carter has kept up the pressure on president Ford Over Eastern Europe and tonight s debate May provide an Opportunity for another confrontation on the Issue. Ford said in the second debate a there is no soviet domination of Eastern Europe and there never will be under a Ford six Days and several clarifications later the president conceded a the original mistake was mine. I did not express myself clearly i admit the president said that he meant to say that the United states does not recognize or accept soviet domination of Eastern Europe and supports the aspirations of the Peoples in those countries to be free. Ford issued his statement to a group of ethnic leaders at the White House they said they accepted the clarification Carter did t. He said last weekend that he did not believe Ford a made a slip of the Tongue. I think he stated what he actually As for his own stand Carter said a i would recognize soviet domination exists. But it ought not to asked what he would do if the Peoples of Eastern Europe Rose against the soviet Union Carter so foreign on 9a 7 just like new Allan Waldo of Milwaukee lovingly buffs his a new 1940 Plymouth which he discovered in a barn where it had been parked since 1940. The car in mint condition has Only 177 Miles on it. A wire photo last debate set tonight by Donald m. Rothberg a political writer Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter two presidential candidates in search of a breakthrough to a Clear Edge in the race for the White House get their last Chance tonight to find that advantage in Headon debate. Their third and final debate takes place in historic Williamsburg a. Afterwards the Republican president and his democratic challenger leave on Campaign trips that will keep them on the Road until the election associated press polls following the first two debates gave Ford an Edge in the first and Carter an almost identical Edge in the second. So ifs one each going into the final match but no one can be sure what role the debates will have in the final election outcome. The first debate covered Domestic issues and economic policy the second foreign policy and defense issues there is no limitation on the subject matter of the third debate. A week ago the vice presidential candidates Republican sen Bob Dole and democratic sen Walter f Mondale debated. It was their Only scheduled meeting and it produced generally livelier exchanges than the confrontations Between the men at the top of the tickets president Ford and Carter spoke at the annual Al Smith is last on 2 a Gerald Ford Jimmy Carter Marg an a news special by Brian Sullivan a writer new York a regardless of How the percentage Points in the latest political polls appear to the naked . The margin of error built into the surveys makes the race Between president Ford and Jimmy Carter now too close to Call. The polls show Carter ahead by 2 to 6 percentage Points but any conclusion from those numbers would be Cloudy at Best. And an unusually Moody electorate As indicated by great swings electorate unusually Moody in of error makes race toss up what s inside i amusements 10-ua Bridge. .8b classified ads. .9-13b comics. .7b crossword so editorials. .4a financial. Obituaries .2b sports. 3-5b television. Women s news 6-8 a weather. .3a in the opinion surveys Over the Campaign season adds uncertainty the Dean of the pollsters or. George Gallup sr., agrees a a if you look at the last two to three months since the conventions you find the greatest shifting in sentiment we be encountered in 40 years a usually the first poll after the conventions will Tell a great Deal about the eventual outcome or Gallup says but this year the situation is a vastly a no you can to predict a Winner a he says a we do know the debates Are making a slight difference and with two candidates As close As they Are events could make a difference a any crisis any front Page heading into the final week before the election a with More polling still to come a the major surveys agree that Carter was ahead they also agree his Lead has greatly diminished since Early september but the poll s percentage charts Are inconclusive that a because a margin of error is built into the polling process by the Laws of probability a typical Sample of about 1,200 to 1.500 persons the size generally used by the National polls will produce results that 95 out of too times have a margin of error of about 3 per cent in either direction Given other variables of polling including techniques the actual margin of error could be even greater Here is what four major polls have shown most recently Abc news newday Carter 42, Ford 38, and 20 either undecided won t vote or prefer some other candidate the polls was based on a Sample of i,-583 respondents with a margin of error of plus or minus 3 per cent this Means for example that Carter could actually have anywhere from 39 to so margin on 2a debris from air collision Rains Down on schoolyard by Mike Dunstan associated press writer los Angeles apr about too schoolchildren and their teachers watched in terror from a playground As two air planes collided and one burst into flames 500 feet above their Heads. A we heard a loud crash and bits of Skull bits of flesh and a couple dozen chunks of the plane came showering Down on the kids a said Raymond roller principal of the Marina Light and life Christian school. Pilots of both planes were killed in thursday s crash but no one on the ground was injured. Cause of the Accident was under investigation. A it s incredible no one was Hurt a said roller a the lord must have been watching Over them with that Many kids and that much stuff coming Down a lot of the girls were teacher Marcia Falcone said she saw a two very distinct bodies falling with their arms and legs twisting i also saw All kinds of Metal showering Down and we rushed the children the planes a twin eng me Turbo commander 690 and a single engine Beechraft Debonair collided Over the Community of Venice about four Miles from los Angeles International Airport wreckage was scattered Over a Square mile police and firemen said they had difficulty restraining souvenir Hunters who flocked to the area after the collision a they were carrying off everything from air plane parts to actual pieces of bodies a said one policeman a you believe it. We did our Best to Stop them but quite a few must have got away with some part or the Federal aviation administration said visibility at the time was six Miles with Haze and smoke witnesses said the Beechraft exploded on collision. So debris on 2 a

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