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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 23, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Sonny and mild details on Page a 92nd Vear a no. 297 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation High Point n. Cd a saturday afternoon october 23, 1976 8s2-1719 classified and Mi-2177 other dept. Mi-2 Ici 34 pages daily 15c, sunday 35cford Heads for state after Calm 3rd debate distortion plagues fall Campaign Williamsburg a. A their debates now inconclusive history Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter Are waging the final Battles of the 1976 Campaign without the dominance each sought from the encounters. An associated press Survey showed today their last face off was a virtual draw after leaving Phi Beta Kappa Hall at the College of William and Mary. Site of the debate. Ford was scheduled for Campaign stops in Richmond. A Raleigh North Carolina and Columbia South Carolina. He then was to head for California the president had no plans to return to the White House before election Day. Carter planned to attend a rally in Alexandria va., and then to Campaign in new Jersey before returning to his Plains ga., Home after two Days of rest the democratic candidate will head for Illinois on tuesday during the debate the state of the Economy and the comparative qualifications of the two vice presidential candidates were the topics that prompted the sharpest exchanges both candidates seemed even More cautious More wary of making a slip that could prove disastrous at this late stage of the Campaign than they had been during their first two encounters. None of the three presidential debates was a free swinging encounter All were marked by responses that echoed the candidates stump speeches. A no one knows How its going to come out Quot Carter said after the debate referring to the Campaign Ford left the Hall quickly and his Brief Post debate comments were similar to what he had said after the first two meetings Quot it went very Well i am optimistic i enjoyed in the week before the third debate a National Sample of 1.602 registered voters was recruited by Chilton research of Radnor a these persons agreed to accept a Telephone Call after the debate in the a poll a Sample of 1,027 viewers in the hour after the debate showed 35 5 per cent thought Ford won. 33 i per cent gave the debate to Carter and is 4 per cent said they did t know who won or considered it a draw however the 2 4 percentage Points separating Carter and Ford cannot be projected reliably to stand for the nation As a whole because the margin of error for a Sample this size is about 2 9 per cent in either direction. Moreover the interviewers for the Survey found a smaller percentage of the pre selected Sample watched this debate than the first two the voters who did watch tended to be older and were slightly More Likely to be republicans than democrats sked after the debate to state their preference for president those interviewed responded this Way Ford 49 per cent. Carter 44 9 per cent and undecided 4,1 per cent. Because of the margin of possible error these figures might be reversed in a poll of every viewer in the nation. These results appear to conflict with results of a pos debate poll conducted for Public broadcasting service by Burns Roper that Survey gave Carter a 40 per cent to 29 per cent Edge among 353 viewers who were asked who had won the third debate the remainder called it a draw projected nationwide such a poll could have an error margin of six percentage Points in either direction mean my Republican sen Bob Dole Ford s vice presidential running mate declared As soon As the debate had ended that Quot president Ford clearly won this was the playoff this was the big Carter s running mate. Sen Walter f. Mondale. Said Ford demonstrated during the debate that he a has no plans for dealing with the real problems of this country the Minnesota senator watched the nationally broadcast debate at a Washington hotel he said the president a has no plans on How to put people to work Mondale added that Carter s Quot most devastating Points were in the economic Field Ford and Carter each tried to give a boost to his vice presidential Choice during the debate when Carter was asked what sort of people he would choose for key posts if he were elected president he cited his Choice of Mondale and said Quot the Only criterion i Ever put Forward in my own mind was who among the several million people in this country would be the Best person qualified to be president if something should happen to me. Or. Ford has had the same Choice to make i Don i want to say anything critical of sen. Dole Quot it s fall fall finally fell in Alabama recently and what could be a better sign of the season than Small boys and piles of newly dropped leaves maybe 4-Yearold Howard Farrow pictured Here of Bir Mingham is wishing the leaves were in a huge pile that he could jump into. Until then though he is Happy just to fling a few in the air. A wire photo Ireland begins search for a new president Dublin Ireland aim Ireland began to look at candidates for president today after the Stormy resignation of a Earshall o Dalai go in a dispute triggered by controversial Antiterrorist legislation Premier Liam Cosgrave seemed set to try to ride out the crisis at the head of his coalition government Quot there is no question of a dissolution of parliament or of an Early general election a a government spokesman said the Cabinet held an emergency meeting Friday night to discuss the 65-year-old president s resignation. But no statement was issued afterwards and Cabinet members refused to comment. 0 Dalai go resigned Friday evening in a bitter dispute with the government Over the Tough new legislation aimed mainly at curbing the guerrillas of the outlawed Irish Republican army. A presidential election must be held within 60 Days until then his Powers will be exercised by a three Man commission consisting of chief Justice Tom o Higgins Sean Tracey chairman of the dad the lower House of parliament and James Dooge chairman of the Senate. Political sources said there was no Lack of potential candidates for of a laughs Job a a figurehead Post until o Ralaigh broke tradition by stepping into the political Arena Over the Antiterrorist Laws by Walter r Mears a special correspondent Williamsburg a a what ails the Campaign ailed the debates and neither president Ford nor Jimmy Carter seems Bent on curing it despite their promises to take the High Road and Deal with the real issues for each candidate has been campaigning against created in some instances distorted perceptions of the other and his positions the habit and the strategy maybe too ingrained to change As the Days dwindle Down toward the election of a president. In 4�?~4 hours of nationally televised debates neither Ford nor Carter broke major new ground instead the debates were a process of rhetoric and rebuttal with few memorable moments the 27 minutes off the air. When the sound failed during the first debate in Philadelphia probably registers in More memories now than anything that was said when the system was working in san Francisco the High Point was a Blunder Ford s Flat statement that there is no soviet domination of Eastern Europe it provided a week s diversion although Ford finally admitted that he had erred in Williamsburg on Friday night the debate finale was a study in etiquette with both contestants wary of error in word or in image in the last crucial phase of a close Campaign an Early question by Robert c Maynard of the Washington Post summed up the Campaign ailment he said the indications Are that voters Are turned off by the Low level of a Campaign that has digressed from important issues into charges about brainwashing and blunders and Carter s interview with Playboy in turn the candidates said they have no intention of spending the balance of the Campaign discussing anything but the real concerns of the people Quot i Hope that we can leave those issues in this next to Days about personalities and mistakes of the past a we be both made some mistakes a and talk about unemployment. Inflation housing education taxation government organization stripping away of Carter said. Ford confessed to Quot rather graphic and pledged to try to stimulate the voters to enlarge what now is expected to be a Low election Dav turnout Carter said later that Ford s advertising for the rest of the Campaign will concentrate on personal attacks on him and untrue statements about his positions it May Well that a the Way both candidates have played it so far Carter has said bord was brainwashed about Eastern Europe shows Only callous disregard for american s unemployed and is an incompetent Leader for his part. Ford has claimed Carter would increase taxes on All americans earning Over $14,000 a year and wants to Cut the defense budget by up to $15 billion. Carter has said that neither is so but that has not altered the Republican attack in fact behind the rhetoric the two men generally agree on goals More jobs. Less inflation a balanced Federal budget a Strong National defense Carter does t want to raise taxes on half the population and the republicans know it Ford does t want massive unemployment. And the democrats know that in fact the complaints of Campaign watchers who say the candidates Are not talking about the issues Are unfounded Carter and Ford speak regularly of taxes. Jobs inflation but each Side is so intent on attacking its created perceptions of the other that the Campaign has All but ignored the real difference Between the candidates the proper Way to attain common goals that Are about As controversial As motherhood. Carter s is the More interventionist course he would have government do More and probably Cost More but he is no All out Liberal there was a note of caution As he promised in the debate to work for High goals great things Quot we might have to do it slowly Quot he said. Ford counted among the More conservative republicans in his congressional Days insists that the system will work Best without massive spending programs. With less Reliance on government and More on business and the individual. In Friday night s debate that Basic difference was summed up in one Exchange on civil rights and government programs to help Blacks and other minorities a we have carried out the Law to the letter and i am proud of the record said Ford Quot it does no to take just a quiet or minimum enforcement of the Law Carter replied. Quot it requires an aggressive searching out and reaching out to help people who especially need it is not dramatic. Certainly not As much fun As Playboy and the other detours of the Campaign but it does go to the Point. So indeed did Friday night s discussions of such issues As the environment. City problems Energy. As Carter said it was t very exciting but the process is not supposed to be one of entertainment it is supposed to let people know where their vote on nov 2 May Lead them Smith British envoy Woof s inside i meet discuss talks amusements12-13a classified ads 15-17a crossword 12a editorials4a obituaries .7a sports.8-10a television Section b weather.11a hams regulate themselves by e. Z. Strange Ham radio operators recently developed on the 146 Megahertz pm band a system of More than 2,000 automatic relay stations they re called repeaters generally they cover at least 50 Miles and some reach much farther than that. They relay weak signals from Mobile radios hand held transceivers and Remote base stations they re coordinated locally nationally and internationally to some degree in More than 30 countries so the Ham operators even with Little hand units can put through radio Calls to fellow amateurs worldwide because the repeater stations control the transmissions. There is virtually no bad language or Channel hogging hams Are not inclined that Way anyhow. But the relay system virtually assures the self policing by the broadcasters question arises As to whether the cobers might move in this direction maybe maybe. It would require new cd radios designed for Ultra High frequencies. And i seriously doubt that the cd manufacturers would greatly object to the opening up of a whole new Multi billion Dollar Market would the cobers themselves object some would maybe at first but it s not Likely the objection would linger Long after it became Clear that such a system would let anybody strolling Down the Lane with a hand held Rig carry on a conversation with somebody else Halfway across the state or the country or the world most probably at a fraction of the Cost of a Long distance Telephone Call. Larceny in the uniform crime report issued recently by the Fri larceny was the Only category with an increase but the increase was so great la per cent nationally a that it pushed the Overall crime figures for january through june of this year higher than they were for the same period of last year larceny includes theft of cd radios and that and Only that police say was what jumped the crime figures so dramatically. However reports of stolen lbs Are Down nationwide in recent months. In Atlanta ga., for instance they dropped from too a Day during january through March to about 30 a Day in september Rural mail Carrier Chet Lane handles the 47-mile route 3 out of Boise Ida More than a third of the 460 families along. His route have cd radios in their Homes of he has a certified letter or a package too Large for the Mailbox or a cod shipment he lets the family know minutes before he shows up and those cd families break for him too. Asking him to drop off a Roll of Stamps or pick up outgoing mail if he has time or whatever. It s speculated that Chetys application of cd will spread. Reason you done to see any advertising for 40-Channel cd radios which will be authorized after january i is that such advertising now is illegal technically a says acc chief Engineer Ray Spence even the ads that offer to remake 23-Channel sets into 40 Channel rigs Are Quot in violation of the commissions no advertising Quot Cavier Quot in cd Lingo is Quot shelled the first cd you May recall when the comic strip detective Dick Tracy first turned up with his renowned wrist radio. Client asks if that miniature transceiver were the brainchild of Tracy s creator Chester Gould. No Gould did no to originate the Bright idea rather he got it from a technical wizard named Al Gross of Cleveland Ohio. It has been reported Here that the father of cd radio and radio in general was one Nathan b Stubblefield who died in 1938 near Murray by. True enough. Stubblefield experimented with successful transmissions before the turn of the Century to Gross however goes the credit for conceiving developing and building the first citizens band radio As we know it today. It s incidental to this report that Gross was the fellow who put together the first proximity Shell that exploded at a predetermined distance to Spray shrapnel All Over an enemy aircraft what s not incidental to this report is that Gross designed the first handheld Walkie talkie for the office of strategic services that was your original cd word is out that a number of Fly by night companies with unknown names have started offering citrate cd insurance even though they re neither registered nor licensed As underwriters their ads Are turning up in some of the cd tabloids government agencies Are taking a look. Meantime the insurance authorities who be been around for awhile suggest we avoid such swi ties relying rather on our Friendly neighbourhood brokers All right. Comments Are invited and questions of general interest Are answered in this column. Volume precludes personal reply. Address mail to citizens on radio in care of the High Point Enterprise Box 1009, High Point . 27260, Geneva. Switzerland apr rhodesian prime minister Jan Smith met with British envoy Ivor Richard again today to discuss ground rules for next weeks Rhodesia conference with Smith still maintaining the a Kissinger plan he accepted last month is not negotiable. After meeting with Richard Britian s ambassador to the United nations for 80 minutes Friday Smith threatened to repudiate his agreement to Black majority Rule for the former British Colony within two years Quot i made an agreement with or. Kissinger and we would be ill advised to break it because if you break it then it Means everything is broken not just parts of it a Smith told reporters. Quot you would have to go right Back to Square one and Start Smith maintains that the proposals he agreed to in talks with . Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger last month Are a package and none of the parts is subject to negotiation at the talks with Black nationalist leaders due to begin thursday the nationalists have rejected parts of that agreement concerning makeup of the interim administration which will govern Rhodesia until Power can be transferred from the country a 278,000 Whites to the 6 4 million Blacks Richard who will chair the conference also refuses to change his position a that the Kissinger plan was merely a working document and is open to negotiation at this weeks conference . Officials agree with Richard the plan accepted by Smith Calls for an interim ruling Conal divided evenly Between Blacks and Whites. With a White chairman and for the army and police to remain under White control the Black leaders reject those Points calling for effective Power to be transferred to Blacks immediately. British officials said Smith should realize that Britain which legally maintains sovereignty Over the rebel Colony has no Power to accept any conditions before the Geneva conference works out an Overall settlement plan. Richard planned several separate meetings with Smith and the four Black delegation chiefs before the coherence opens Hua Kuo Feng set to speak on sunday Belgrade. Yugoslavia aim the new chairman of the chinese communist party Hua Kuo Feng will address the nation sunday from Lien an men Square in peking the official yugoslav news Agency Tan Jug reported today from the chinese capital the report quoted chinese sources As saying that the address Huas first Public speech since he was elected party chairman was scheduled for 2pm sunday <2 a in Edt. Tan Jug suggested that Hua s speech coming after several Days of mass rallies and demonstrations in peking and other chinese cities might disclose new details about an alleged coup attempt plotted by four Radical leaders peking had said earlier a major address would be made monday leading to speculation the communists might also announce the lineup of China s new leadership Tan Jug said demonstrations hailing Hua s leadership and the smashing of the Radical plot continued today. Peking radio said today that More than to million chinese have turned out for demonstrations in peking Shanghai and tientsin Over the past several Days in Shanghai the rallies and demonstrations in support of Hua involved Quot More than 4 million army men and people a according to a broadcast monitored in Tokyo the demonstrators pledged Quot their Strong determination to fight the gang of four anti party clique to the finish a the broadcast said Quot Street demonstrations have grown in scale every Day culminating in fridays Ivy million Strong demonstration the broadcast added that Quot both sides of the Whang poo River that runs through the City echoed to cheers and the sounds of firecrackers Drums and

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