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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Oct 20 1976, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 20, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randii p Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor a conservative View 4a wednesday october 20, 1976 pollsters everywhere opinion polls have Long been used by political candidates to serve whatever purposes they chose. No matter what Point a candidate wished to prove he could almost always find a Public opinion Survey to Back him up. Many of these surveys were commissioned and paid for by the candidates themselves or worse still conducted by the candidates workers. Certain National polls however conducted by professional polling groups have always been above the political fray maintaining a definite credibility. These surveys Are done under stringent scientific conditions and according to nationally accepted standards. Professional pollsters like Louis Harris and George Gallup have built reputations on fair and accurate analysis of honest american opinion studies. For the presidential election year Harris and Gallup have been joined in the nationwide polling business by news Media organizations such As the new York times lbs and Abc polls. To the average voter it would make sense that if All these polls Are conducted scientifically using random sampling methods needed to produce percentages that can be generalized to the entire Man on the ballot almost nobody in North Carolina seems aware that the nov. 2 voters will be asked to choose a Justice of the state supreme court. Even such periodicals As a North Carolina a Magazine of the n c. Citizens assn., give prominent display to a a ally the statewide candidates and Overlook that race. Justice j. Frank Huskins bid for reelection is being challenged by Republican Samuel a. Howard. Neither has made the slightest Ripple of electioneering a a fact that we View As positive since politicking and the George is no. I George Washington has now gotten his fourth fifth and sixth stars thanks to the Congress and president who serve 177 years after his death. And so he outranks the five Star generals of world War ii a Eisenhower Marshall Macarthur. Bradley and Arnold a and even by dint of predating the Only other general of the armies. World War i s Pershing. And thus the gild adorns the Lily. Even More objectionable in our View projecting the news than what most seem to cite As a needless bit of legislative Fol Derol is what amounts to rewriting history something that we usually equate with doings behind the Iron curtain. With his three stars of the lieutenant general Washington was commander in chief the first and the unquestioned. A governmental Fiat coming in a hard pressed election year seems hardly necessary to add to the Lustre of the military and civil accomplishment. The pocketbook Issue the . Bureau of labor statistics consumer Price Index for september a the last one to be issued before election Day a will be released on thursday. It s almost enough to make one yearn for the Good old Days of Quemoy and Matsu. So far. The leading issues of the 1976 presidential election Campaign appear to be the human libido and affronts to racial and ethnic sensibilities. Both presidential nominees invoke the memory of Harry s Truman who no doubt would have been More amused than flattered by All the attention. For Truman was a great believer in the Efficacy of the Quot pocketbook Issue Quot which May yet prove decisive in determining who is elected president on nov 2 for the first half of the year the country seemed Well on the Way to recovery from the 1974-75 recession in recent months however the Economy has shown signs of faltering this is bad news for the republicans As they strive to retain control of the White House on sept 28, the Commerce department reported that the composite Index used to predict economic trends had declined by 15 per cent in August a the first such drop in 18 months. Negative developments in unemployment and capital spending were of particular concern the Layoff rate was 1.5 workers per too in August As against i i per too in july in addition contracts and orders for Plant and equipment fell to $7 50 billion in August from 8 57 billion in july. Other economic indicators have added to the sense of uncertainty this country a monthly Trade deficit of $757.7 million in August was the third largest in history. Furthermore wholesale prices Rose 0 9 per cent in september the biggest one month Rise since the l l per cent increase in october 1975. Higher wholesale prices Are routinely passed on to Consumers the National unemployment rate declined slightly a from 7.9 to 7.8 per cent a in september but the decrease was so Small As to be statistically insignificant. Quot unforeseen softness in demand has recently forced a spurt of layoffs mainly in manufacturing a the Wall Street journal reported. Quot even where companies have so far resisted layoffs doubts about the Pace of recovery have caused Many to hold Down new hiring Quot As might be expected the unsettled state of the Economy has affected the activity of the Stock Market after the first Day of trading this year the Dow Jones Industrial average was 858 71. It has since risen above 1,000 a few times but the recent bad economic news has sent Stock prices tumbling. This May have a bearing on the outcome of the presidential election. Yale Hirsch publisher of the Stock trader s almanac believes that the Dow Jones average has proved to be a reliable guide to picking the Winner. In the 13 elections since 1900 in which the incumbent party retained control of the White House Hirsch noted the Dow Jones Rose by an average of 16.9 per cent Between new year s Day and the monday before election Day. In the six elections that the incumbent party lost the Dow declined by an average of 7 5 per cent but this election is unlike most others the incumbent president is the first Ever to be appointed to the Job and the democratic challenger flaunts his own Lack of experience in Washington no wonder so Many voters profess to be undecided this late in the Campaign he hears few roars in Carter country country they would All say basically the same when statistical error is figured in. This has not been the Case. Depending on which poll one chooses to believe Jimmy Carter is either six to nine Points ahead and pulling away from president Ford or four Points in front and losing ground fast. The key phrase in the above paragraph is a choose to it appears to us the More polls there Are and the More conflicting results they offer the less Likely any of them will be accepted As gospel by the american Public. Differences in the polls have been attributed to polling methods and to differing analyses by those conducting the polls. But regardless of what explanation is offered the net result is the same. The proliferation of voter surveys All saying slightly different things tells the voter two things first that this is a close race perhaps too close for a poll to Call and second that no poll is going to clue him in As to which Man to vote for. There will be no bandwagon to jump on in this race. The big decision is going to be left More than Ever up to the voter himself. And that May be the Best Survey conclusion yet. By Jas. J. Kilpatrick Washington Star Syndicate Miami a they say it is Quot Carter country Quot Down Here in the Southeastern states and probably it is but it is definitely sub marginal land. Even in Atlanta a wandering correspondent is hard put to find passionate support for the former governor of Georgia. This is a strange Campaign. You would think two weeks before a presidential election that the number of a undecideds Quot would have dwindled to a vanishing Point. This time around the indecision appears to be massive. Perhaps it is not indecision. The feeling is closer to uncertainty dissatisfaction and troublesome doubt. Last week the Miami news came out for Carter. In the newspapers View Carter is Quot clearly the better but if that Choice is Clear to the news it remains murky to Many others. One looks Back to other campaigns when southerners were passionately for Coldwater or passionately against Mcgovern. This year the passions seem subdued supreme court ought to be As far away from each other As is possible. As a result we know Little about or. Howard other than that he is a former lawyer and a retired clerk of Federal court in Eastern North Carolina we do know Justice Huskins. An extremely Able Jurist he is usually recognized As the present courts top writer of judicial opinions. He has served ably and honorable and most decidedly ought to be returned to the High court this Choice ought not to be lost in the simple pulling of party line levers in the voting machines on nov. 2. Iii Mil Wai Al. Joi kit Al a no wonder he s opposed to Public posting of that list a letters to the editor Here in Florida Carter s staff people Are projecting a ten Point margin for their Man on election Day. A a that a minimal a they say. In their optimistic View Carter will carry Miami Tampa and Jacksonville by impressive margins and will break even in the Panhandle where onetime Wallace supporters Are Drifting Back to the Carter column. The Ford people naturally dispute these predictions in their own partisan View Carter is losing ground not gaining it. Sen. John Tower of Texas was in Miami a few Days ago but about the Best he could say is that Florida is still the republicans have a candidate running against sen. Lawton Chiles a Belle Glade physician by the name of John Grady. Tower says or. Grady is a winnable Quot too but the opinion is not widely held Florida s substantial jewish vote is generally expected to go to Carter. The cuban vote which is potentially Large but actually fairly Small apparently will be divided. The a old folks Quot one is told will go to Carter in the thought that a Liberal democratic administration would be More Likely to provide additional goodies under social Security and medicare. A Veteran political writer in Miami says that Carter was Hurt by the Flap Over his Playboy interview but that the second debate pulled Carter Back in the winning column. It is Carter s Southern credentials More than any other Factor that make him the favorite for Florida s 17 electoral votes. Bill Gordon a Veteran to Anchorman in West Palm Beach agrees that the Confederate coloration helps but Gordon is puzzled by the apathy of for example the Stock car racing crowd. The Stock car fans ought to be whooping it up for Jimmy but their horns Are remarkably quiet. It is More or less the same picture in South Carolina. This correspondent spent a Day last week at a Small methodist College in Spartanburg. A student poll had turned up two to one for Carter and Many of the faculty were planning to vote for Carter. But of passion there was none. There was less enthusiasm for Ford than for Carter but there was no great enthusiasm for either one North Carolina and Virginia appear to offer better Hopes for the president s Campaign. Political observers in both states rate Ford a Point or two out front but the vote on november 2 could go either Way in conservative Virginia Carter probably is More Hurt than helped by his linkage with Admiral Elmo Zumwalt. Who is challenging sen Harry f. Byrdjr for a Senate seat Zumwalt a newcomer to Virginia can t shake his Carpetbagger image. The Byrd people Are strongly anti Carter and will Roll out a solid Ford vote. Elsewhere in the South Alabama. Mississippi Arkansas. Tennessee and Oklahoma appear Safe for Carter. If Florida South Carolina and Georgia also Are conceded the eight states would produce 77 electoral votes Maryland and West Virginia would provide 16 More toss in three from the District of Columbia and you wind up with 96 a More than one third of the 270 electoral votes needed for Victory deep in the heart of Dixie that Prospect ought to evoke rebel yells of jubilation what one hears curiously enough Are mostly rebel murders. Don t take away Community Garden plot they said it to the editor enclosed is a copy of a letter to City Horticulturist Samuel Claar regarding the continuation of the Community Garden program sponsored by the City of High Point. I am of the opinion that the greater Community needs to be aware and informed about our City s actions towards specific programs it is towards that end that i am sending you this letter. I Hope that you Are in agreement with me on that Point and will see fit to publish the enclosed letter or those portions of it that will be of interest to the citizens of High Point Judith h. Fulbright enclosure dear or. Claar i was greatly disappointed to learn from your recent letter that the Community Garden program May not be continued for the coming year in the past several years i have been impressed by the City a sensitivity and response to the citizens needs by providing for both Community Garden plots and a Farmers Market. These efforts have helped people to Cut some of their living expenses and to encourage greater self sufficiency Many people who have no space or the proper growing conditions for a Garden have benefited from both programs i have been a participant in the Community Garden program since its beginning and have derived a great Deal of pleasure and produce from the Garden. I recognize that Many of the people who devote time i o to o a a a Buff syndic rank Effort to their plots in the Spring often Are discouraged with their results within a month or so and abandon their plots. However there Are those individuals who consistently work their plots. These people will be most disappointed if the project is not continued. I urge you to consider All possible avenues before you decide not to continue the Garden program. Perhaps charging a higher fee for the plots would offset your stated budget cuts. I believe that interested individuals would be willing to pay As much As five to seven dollars for the use of the plots such an increase May also serve As encouragement of extended involvement in the Garden and thus insure maximum use of the plots decreasing the number of plots on each site of the total number of Sites May be another alternative if Lack of personnel is a problem it May be possible to turn the administrative duties Over to a Volunteer organization. If that is not feasible perhaps interested individuals could become administrators of specific Garden plot Sites such that others interested in securing a plot at that particular site would get in Contact with that site s administrator. Each of these alternatives has obvious difficulties such As How to handle the funds and How to prevent undue favouritism and securing people to handle the jobs i encourage you to explore All possible alternatives and i do Hope that you will find it possible to continue the program. I have heard rumours to the effect that you were considering turning the rest of the Johnson Lake Crest Garden site into a Nursery in that this is the Only Garden site in the Northern part of town and those of us who Garden there have put a great Deal of Money and Effort into conditioning the soil asking us to relocate our gardens elsewhere in town would constitute a significant hardship for us at this Point i would like to Volunteer my time and Effort to help make it possible for the Garden program to continue. I would be Happy to answer the Telephone or write receipts and my husband has even offered to stake out the plots at the Johnson Lake Crest Garden site. I am sure that there Are others who would also be willing to give of themselves Judith h Fulbright Lake Crest ave. Taking Issue with Kilpatrick Energy column Quot one has Only to look at the dreary succession of inept Black dictatorships that have seized Power in other parts of Africa to realize that Black Rule May not be either in the economic or political interest of the Black a Alexander Norrito a Linden of african Hilory on Why Rhodesia a Bauld remain under a while minority government. A this is the greatest display of stonewalling stalling and arrogant abuse of Power since the watergate a Philadelphia City commit Ioner Eugene a mater on the rejection of a petition signed by 211,imm philadelphian to oust mayor prank Mao. Problem Myrtree to the editor i am very much concerned by the thrust of Jack Kilpatrick a mid september column on Quot Energy i agree that for Many the Energy problem no longer conveys a a sense of the Gas lines Are gone the fear of heating Oil shortages is no longer with us even the increasing shortages of natural Gas seem no longer to concern most people at the same time it is not fair to say that no one is taking action. The administration has a comprehensive Energy policy and has proposed a set of programs to implement that policy president Fords february 1976 Energy statement the National Energy Outlook which backed it up and persistent efforts by the administration throughout the year to achieve a realization of the need for those policies and programs Are All a matter of record. The administrations Energy program contained 13 major legislative proposals 28 congressional committees and 79 subcommittees held hearings on it and administration officials testified on it 470 times the problem is that in an election year we have not been Able to stir the Public and the Congress to sufficient action. It has grown fashionable to encourage the Public to assume that with love a smile and the easy rhetoric of intervention and Reform hard problems will somehow resolve themselves this is the stuff that dreams Are made of. It is not the basis for reasonable real world problem solving. It does not honestly represent for All its nostalgic Appeal the spirit of courageous often painful Enterprise through which american Independence has been gained and expanded solutions to our Energy problems Are not born from dreams. They require honesty practical and inventive realism and specific policy and programmatic initiatives the president s 1976 Energy policy was carefully wrought on the basis of such realism. For example the presidents program would encourage greater use of Coal our most abundant Energy source through conversion of our utilities to Coal and through assistance to resolve the barriers to private sector investment in synthetic fuels. The presidents program also provides for deregulation of Oil and Gas to encourage greater investment in Domestic production further we must achieve a greater degree of Energy conservation part of the presidents conservation program has been enacted but not All of it. Nevertheless i share or. Kilpatrick a concern. If no action had been taken this year Oil imports in 1985 would have amounted to nearly 12 million barrels Day with the actions taken such imports will still be approximately 7 million barrels Day if the balance of the president s program is enacted however we can reduce the latter figure by nearly half. We must somehow do a better Job of bringing Home to the american people the urgency of our Energy problems. The Congress must be urged to act on the remainder of the administrations comprehensive program and we must not allow politics As usual to keep us from steady Pursuit of what is a and must be perceived to be a a major National interest Elliot l Richardson secy of Commerce Washington make the liquor Laws tougher to the editor there has been a fairly heated debate carried on concerning liquor stores in High Point. The pro liquor forces argue that High Point already has the liquor problem and Jamestown reaps the profit the anti liquor forces can agree with the pro liquor forces on both of these Points we have the liquor problem Jamestown reaps the profit. The pro liquor forces Are pragmatists refusing to give weight to ethical or moral considerations where Money is involved. The anti liquor forces Are moralists refusing to sacrifice principles for Money. Regardless of the outcome of the referendum in november High Point will still have a liquor problem. Our court dockets Are loaded with liquor problems. Wife beating child abuse bad checks car wrecks Etc. A Many traceable to liquor problems. Of All Drivers Quot under the influence were Given Active jail sentences our penal system could not possibly hold them. I suggest that the City pass an ordinance making mandatory the impoundment of any vehicle in which the Driver was arrested and upon his conviction the vehicle be sold by the City a subject to encumbrance by third parties Only if convicted party As owner was not on list of convicted drunks when encumbrance was made if convict was driving a car owned by someone else the presumption would be Driver had consent and car would be sold subject to encumbrance by third parties unless owner prosecutes convict for car theft. Proceeds from these sales would be used in part to provide a Complete list of convicted drunks with photographs to All financial institutions and Abc stores. Names would stay on list for one year. It should be unlawful for any Abc clerk to sell liquor to anyone on the list with mandatory dismissal from his Job As the penalty. Although i am not a chemist i believe that a formula could be worked out for adult rating liquor with yellow phen Thalin the Active ingredient in sex lax so that ingestion of More than two ounces within two hours would have a disagreeable reaction Arthur s. Lyon Quaker Lane

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