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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Oct 18 1974, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 18, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Art Independent newspaper Randii b. Terry. Present co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Washington merry go round mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joe Brown editor Goodell in line for attorney generalship 4a Friday october la. 1974 thoughts for today a truly. I say to you. Unless you turn and become like children you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child he is the greatest in the kingdom of a Matthew 18 3.4. Humility tend to strength nod not to u Heakne. It in the High form of Elf re Peti to admit mistake and to make Amend $ for a John Lief toy timer inn. Diplomat. Jaworski stands tall paeans of Praise Are pouring upon Leon Jaworski As he finishes out his service As special watergate prosecutor. With the chief Nixon aides in court and no More indictments Likely he judges his work to be done and the proper time to have arrived when he can get out of the Washington retrace and Back to his Texas Law practice. He has earned that Praise not Only for his valuable service to his nation but for his ability to walk the Middle Road and refuse to be pushed or pulled into either of the warring Camps closely on both sides. Few men have been asked to walk into such a cauldron As existed following the infamous a saturday night massacre when president Nixon bounced the first special prosecutor. Archibald Cox along with Justice department chiefs Elliot Richardson and William Ruckelshaus the watergate controversy was at its Peak and it obviously took a huge measure of dedication for Jaworski to leave his 800-acre horse ranch and his $200,000 Law practice at an age 68 when most people Are looking Forward to taking life a bit easier. His predecessor had worked in a whirlwind of controversy and had become a lesser controversy in his own right by dint of critics who saw him As a tool of the Kennedy interests. To be the appointee of a president who guest editorial was rapidly becoming a major defendant in the charges which watergate encompassed was to be a subject of suspicion As Well. But Jaworski s year of service to his nation Points not Only to his own dedication but to the Wisdom of the Nixon administration. He has been a Tough prosecutor but at the same time has not allowed himself to be driven to excesses. After the Pardon of Nixon by president Ford. There was a huge clamor designed to get Jaworski to act on his own to test the legality of the Pardon. Convinced of its legality he declared that it would have been intellectually dishonest to file an action As a testing procedure and would have amounted to unprofessional conduct. At or. Jaworski a leaving there is no blot on the record to show him up As anything other than thoroughly professional. One May not have liked what happened to this nation during that year and one May even continue to Rise to the defense of Richard Nixon and others whose careers have been sorely damaged or destroyed in the watergate aftermath but Leon Jaworski has proven to be the kind of personal statesman of whom we have known too few in modern times. His place in history looks pretty solid at this moment. By Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington Charles Goodell the former Republican senator who was Ridden out of office by the Nixon administration because of his Antiwar views has now been tentatively chosen As the next attorney general by president Ford. In his 1970 Senate race in new York Goodell was denounced by vice president Agnew As the a Christine Jorgensenn of the Republican party. An Able conservative in the House Goodell had mellowed into a Liberal moderate in the Senate. Largely As a result of the Agnew attacks and withdrawal of president Nixon s firm support Goodell was trounced by sen. James Buckley a conservative party candidate. But House minority Leader Gerry Ford s endorsements never waned and the two men remained friends when Ford became president and decided to extend amnesty to deserters and draft evaders he picked Goodell to handle the ticklish chore. To Date Goodell has kept the program fair Low keyed and free from All but routine friction. The Job will be All but completed in a few months. In the last few Days the president and his advisers have tentatively settled on Goodell As the Man to replace atty. Gen. William Saxbe if a Graceful Way can be found to get Saxbe to step Down. Saxbe dearly loves his Job however and has told us he came away from a meeting with Ford a few weeks ago with the understanding that he could keep it. At the White House Saxbe is admired for his Tough old dogs new tricks it May be True As the Pennsylvania dutch saying has it. That a we get too soon old and too late but it is not True that getting older necessarily Means losing whatever smarts you have. The commonly held belief that we hit a mental Peak at about age 17 and then go downhill for the rest of our lives is a myth says or. Lissy f. Jarvik a professor of psychiatry at the University of California in los Angeles. Citing several studies including his own of intellectual functioning among aging populations he maintains that generally there is no decline in knowledge or reasoning ability not Only into the 30s and 40s, but into the 60s and 70s As Well. One continuing study has been following children who Are now adults in their 40s. No decline in intellectual functioning has been observed. Another study has followed College students who were first tested at the time of world War la these people Are now in their 50s, and no decline has been found. The most common complaint of older people is that their memory is not As projecting the news Good As it used to be. But when learning takes place under Laboratory conditions there is equally proficient learning Between Young and old people and memory is also often equal. Much of what we Call loss of memory says or. Jarvik May be due to inadequate learning in the first place possibly caused by such factors As hearing difficulty impaired vision inattention or trying to learn too fast. In addition she says mental deterioration among older people is often a symptom of depression. Mental alertness can often be restored simply by supplying counselling psychotherapy or antidepressant Medicine. There is also a stereotyped idea about older people and loss of memory says or. Jarvik and old people Are As guilty of it As Young ones for instance when an older person puts something somewhere and can t find it later we say it is a because of age a a but when a Young person does the same thing some other excuse is offered and the failure of memory is ignored. Newspaper Enterprise Assn behave yourself the sixth annual Southern California conference on behaviour modification starts in los Angeles today. Everyone behaves badly now and then but the bad behaviour of some people is so pronounced and so frequent As to constitute a threat to themselves and others. Such persons often end up As criminals alcoholics or school dropouts. It was Long assumed that Little could be done to help them today however a Branch of applied psychology known As behaviour modification shows Promise of transforming social misfits into useful members of society. In essence the idea is that Behaviours that Are rewarded tend to recur those that Are punished tend to cease. A some behaviour can be planted and shaped out of nothing some Strong and frequent behaviour can be knocked off a Philip j. Hilts wrote in his Book behaviour mod a a once a bit of behaviour has been shaped up it can be maintained with very Little attention to it. It can be faded into a persons repertoire so that it is supported naturally rather than by an while behaviour modification sounds admirable in theory it can be brutal and dehumanizing in practice. For example convicted sex offenders sometimes Are subjected to painful aversion therapy. They Are wired with electrodes shown pornographic pictures and simultaneously shocked. Other prisoners Are made to take powerful drugs. These include apomorphine which causes violent vomiting for 15 minutes or More at a stretch Anestine which can cause the subject to lose All muscular control and even briefly to Stop breathing and prolix in which is capable to causing permanent brain damage Waz tel wait to see what Rocky offers me letters to the editor stands on crime which have also won him popularity with the average american. But Saxbe is outspoken und often is caught with his foot in his Mouth. In addition hit Deputy. Laurence Silberman is handling most of Saxbe s Day to Day duties already. Ford. Therefore has decided that Saxbe eventually must go Price watch the government report that food prices have gone up Only 14 per cent will be challenged by rep. Wayne Owens a Utah. Who has conducted his own research in the supermarkets. The Price Index is compiled by the Bureau of labor statistics which claims that americans Are spending 14 per cent More for food than they did last year. A it hurts More than 14 per cent now ens told us. Therefore he sent his investigator into a Large discount grocery store in Salt Lake City. The investigator compared shelf prices on sept. 16. 1974. With those on june 8. 1973. Choosing Basic foods he showed it is costing Owens Salt Lake City constituents far More than 14 per cent for their three meats. Here Are his findings breakfast instant Tang up 33 per cent wonder English muffins up 38 per cent Parka Margarine and Welches grape Jelly to go on the muffins up 106 per cent and 41 per cent respectively. Pillsbury hungry Jack pancakes. Up 32 per cent log Cabin syrup for the pancakes. Up 36 per cent m j b. Instant Coffee up 55 per cent or Nestle s Quick up 34 per cent sugar for the Coffee up 156 per cent Nabisco shredded wheat up 27 per cent milk in Cartons up 9 per cent. Sack lunch bread up 49 per cent Skippy Peanut butter up 25 per cent Clover club potato chips up 68 per cent oreo cookies up 39 per cent glad Sandwich bags up 16 per cent the Napkin cent 27 per cent More and the Zee Brown lunch bag 31 per cent More. Mexican Economy dinner Wood Cross tomatoes up 52 per cent Golden Grain Pinto Beans up 198 per cent minute Rice up 48 per cent Little Pancho tortillas up 17 per cent jello dessert up 59 per cent Popcorn while watching to a 66 per cent increase. Owens believes the government statisticians have been going into the wrong supermarkets. Footnote another explanation he suggests is that the bus statistics Are based on old 1961 eating habits. He believes people eat less meat today than they did in 1961 but meat prices which Are 9 6 per cent lower than last year s prices have brought Down the official Index Job ruckus the chief lawyer for the equal employment Opportunity commission has accused his chairman. John Powell of a unwarranted and unauthorized interference in a delicate discrimination Case against the pure corp. Instead of fighting for employees rights through Normal Legal channels charged commission general counsel William Carey. Powell tried to help pure get a settlement behind the scenes in an annual confidential letter. Carey said Powell had gone behind his Back to get commission staff lawyers to sit Down with a pure representative. Carey also charged that Powell had advised pure that problems in the Case were Only due to a a regrettable misunderstanding by Carey s staff. When Carey a Veteran trial attorney Learned of Powell a meddling he fired off the letter. In it. He said Powell had a a compromised the integrity of the office of general counsel by making it appear a company could get a special treatment by going to Powell. The end result said the scorching letter was the Powell had Hurt the Case against pure and taken a first step in destroying a Public confidences in the commissions fight against racial sexual and other discrimination. Powell in a talk with us said the episode was caused by Lack of staff cooperation and failure of Carey to sit Down and talk with him before the affair Powell defended his staunch record on employment rights. Police witness questions the questioners More sophisticated medications May soon be available. Or. Arnold Mandell a brain researcher at the University of California san Diego predicts that science will develop new drugs without Side effects which will allow Normal patients to select the life style they desire a dynamic creative aggressive meditative or whatever. A the drugs now available Are like shotguns compared to the More exquisite agents coming up a he says. Critics of behaviour modification fear that it will Lead to a world like that portrayed in the novel and movie a a clockwork Orange a a we see behaviour modification in our daily lives a wrote Albert Rosenfeld science editor of saturday review world. A but customarily it is done through individual whim and Caprice and the capacity for mischief is thus limited and erratic. Science on the other hand proceeds in a calculated systematic manner measuring and monitoring All the Way a and generally does go these Days with Public behaviour its tend to Brush aside such statements a we should reshape our society so that we All would be trained from birth to want to do what society wants us to do a says James v. Mcconnell a University of Michigan psychologist. A we have the techniques now to do one owns his own personality. You had no say about what kind of personality you acquired and theres no reason to believe you should have the right to refuse to acquire a new personality if your old one is most laymen probably find this vision of a Brave new world for bidding americans in particular Are wedded to the notions of individual Freedom and dignity. But who can safely say it can to happen Here to the editor since the hearings into the operations of the High Point police department have been in Progress. I have not missed a single testimony. I have taken time off from work and i am sure others have also. I have been planning to write this for some time and after hearing the testimony tonight i feel i must take tune to write this letter. First of All last week i heard several people ask. A wonder what the chief of police has got on some of the Council members a it seems to me that some of the Council members Are trying to degrade and doubt some of the witnesses. These people have come Forward and told w hat has been on their minds for a Long time and. Have never been Given the Chance to Tell anyone with any authority. I have heard some Council members ask stupid and asinine questions of some witnesses also some Council members have made the comment that they can Tell when a person is telling a lie or not. If he has this Power he is wasting his talents on the High Point City Council. It seems to me that some of the Council members Are putting witnesses on trial instead of guilty parties and therefore defeating the purpose of these hearings because future w witnesses will be reluctant to give their testimony freely for fear of repercussion. I sincerely Hope that future witnesses will continue to come Forward with the truth As i believe prior witnesses have. J. L. Kagan stated that Only about Hka of the testimony so far had been the truth i believe or Fagan had his percentages reversed. It was stated tonight that my previous testimony about chief Pritchett assaulting a Man under arrest for Public drunk was hard to believe. As you recall my testimony was corroborated by a Jailer on duty at the time the arrest was made. I find it hard to believe a High ranking officer with 24 years of service in the police department cannot remember whether or not he has heard anyone speak of gambling in High Point or Lias discussed this with the chief of police. It has been 3 years since i resigned from the High Point police dept and things seem to be just As messed up now As then were then. I am now employed by the stale of North Carolina As a magistrate working in Greensboro but live Here in High Point therefore i am interested in this City and its police dept. It has been stated that City Council should have each police officer in closed session and under no pressure to express their feelings about the police dept. I feel this would be a waste of time because in the past 3 years there Are about 80 9 officers with less than 2 years service in Law enforcement. W. D. Baker City efforts praised really an Energy crisis to the ditch today people everywhere Are talking about an Energy crisis. They say the nation is running Short of Energy and Gas. I done to think that we have one. I believe that they Are just trying to take watergate off everyone mind and that was the Only thing they could come up with. I Don i see How turning Graffiti Down the thermostat to 68 degrees helped any. If anything it would make it run More. I Don t believe there was a Gas shortage. The government probably needed More Money for the watergate trials so they figured that was the Only w a to get it. Everyone had to sit in Long lines waiting for Gas it made us thing that there was a Gas shortage. The talk about the lights cutting them off after you leave the room was probably because the Public has been complaining about the Bills being so High. The government and Duke Power has to pay the Coal miners to dig the Coal so they have to charge the Public More. I done to think it s fair the government does something w Rong they take it out on the Public. Brenda Messer it. 5, High Point to the editor the enclosed letter has been sent to or. Harold Cheek City manager of High it on behalf of the Southern furniture Market Center i would like to extend our deep appreciation for the cooperation received from you and the personnel in the various departments of the City of High Point. The completion of phase i of our new Commerce Street Wing is a testimonial to the total dedication and professional expertise which you and your staff devoted to a goal of opening for the october 1974 Market. The architect. William Mcgehee of six associates states he had never worked with a City of higher Caliper personnel he further stated that the City had worked hand in Glove with him on this commercial Enterprise so vital to the Economy of our City. Robt. R. Gruenberg Southern furniture Market Center students decry tax to the editor i am writing from a group of concerned High school students about the present affairs of Congress. They Are trying to make some extra Money to get the government out of debt. From discussions in the classrooms i have observed that taxes Are definitely not the answer. Young people such As teenagers cannot pay a ten to Twenty cent Gas tax. They can hardly pay for what they use now. Most of the people that Are about ready to graduate and go into life thinking about marriage Are really in trouble if they pass a 5% tax on incomes Over $15,000 they will have to pay for a House a car and if children Art in mind they will Cost several Hundred dollars every year. Phyllis Mccoy re 2, Trinity o 11/4 by no tot 7 Hyz Kojl simply Elul hot we let other countries compete in the world series Quot

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