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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 18, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy older More data on Page 3a 90th year no. 290 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation rh2-1719 High Point n. Friday afternoon october 18, 1974 32 pages classified ads ms-2177 other depts. Ms-21s1 daily 10c, sunday 24c on emigration Jackson reveals soviet Accord View from Morasco corp. Third floor showroom into lobby of Commerce Street Wing addition to Southern furniture Market Center ready for fall furniture Market it staff photo by Mark a Tom fall Market opens by Robert Marks Enterprise associate editor the fall furniture Market opened in High Point today to the tunes of a when the saints go marching a Carolina in the morning and the toe tapping and foot stomping music came As Morasco corp. Opened its showroom Complex on the third floor of the new Commerce Street Wing of other Market news and pictures on pages 3a and i 8 for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Woodpecker problem q. We Hase a new House and a problem with woodpeckers trying to Peck holes in it. We would like to know if there s anything we can do to keep them away while we were at work. Mrs. X. A. We have consulted one ornithologist Amateur and four Bird books and Learned a lot about woodpeckers but nothing about How to Deal with your problem. We hate to suggest they might be after termites or other Wood borers in your new Home. More than Likely they re just enjoying a favorite pastime of beating a Tattoo with their Bills on a resonant object. It can be deafening when they choose a Gutter or downspout. In the past we have suggested some things to discourage Birds primarily roosting pigeons but have no idea if they re really effective they include a commercial product a a Sticky compound that gives them a mild a hot foot plastic snakes or fake owls attaching Bird netting or similar material they would avoid As it might tangle their feet or wings or hanging on nearby limbs on string aluminium discs like the Small tins Frozen foods come in. Their swinging and reflections of Light Are supposed to startle them stamp redeemer q. I have several Green stamp books and certificates and would like to know where is the nearest Green stamp store. I went Down on South main and Don t know where to go. Thank you. Anon. A the nearest is in Greensboro 1040 e. Wendover ave. To those who have asked about centers for other kinds please note the directions in the stamp books or Cata logs. You can either write them for the location of the nearest store or else mail the books in. These redemption centers often close or move around too much to keep up with do not enter u. If you pay rent on a room in a private Home is it Legal Lor the Landlady to go through the tenants things while the tenant is away m. It. A no a am or Sirit is not unless you give her permission to enter As Long As you rent it. That Corner is your Castle and you arc entitled to privacy and Freedom from trespassers As much As any Homeowner or apartment Dweller. The Southern furniture Market Center. Approximately 200 persons were on hand in the lobby of the Commerce Street Wing at 7 30 a in. When mayor Paul Clapp and Herbert w. Shuttleworth Iii. Chairman of the Board of Morasco. Pushed the lever that started the escalator from the lobby to the third floor showrooms. The first buyers into the space following the opening ceremonies were Meg Loomis and Jerry Walls of Carson Ririe Scott of Chicago. A this is a very important Day tor us a said Stanley i. Landgraf president of Morasco. A there is the feeling that we All Are on the front Edge of something very important to our company and the Landgraf pointed out that furniture sales have tightened in recent months. A we now find ourselves in a period when business is a Little slow a he said. A the timing is right. Then with these new showrooms for the Opportunity that is ahead not for the immediate future but for years to come a a the Opportunity presented at the opening of this Market is said Robert v. Cortelyou. Group vice president for furniture operations for Morasco. Who presided Over the opening ceremonies the comments by Landgraf and Cortelyou expressed the apparent mood of the furniture Industry at the opening of its huge fall furniture Market in North Carolina. As backlogs have dwindled and retail sales slumped Industry has come into the Market with a wide variety of new merchandise. At the same time manufacturers appear to be geared for aggressive and competitive merchandising efforts during the week Long Market. Attendance by buyers from so a Fau on 2a Washington a sen Henry m. Jackson a was announced today at the White House what he described As a historic step aimed at ensuring free emigration i rom the soviet Union of at least go too persons a year. The Accord involving Congress the Ford administration and Hie soviet Union also opens the Way for congressional passage of major Trade legislation and ends a two year tight by Jackson and others to liberalize soviet emigration policies following a halt hour meeting with Ford and Secretary it state Henry a Kissinger. Jackson was Given the use of a White House podium to unveil a six Point agreement outlined in an Exchange of correspondence Between Hun and Kissinger. The White House made no announcement of its own and All press releases distributed there on the matter were trom Jackson s Oil ice. In essence Jackson and other proponents of Treer soviet emigration agreed to an 18-month trial period during which the new soviet policies will be implemented and. In return. Congress will authorize the granting of Tariff concessions and credits to the soviets. Noting that Congress can end the arrangement alter 18 months it it feels the soviets Are not upholding their part it tin bargain. Jackson told reporters a i think the safeguards Are More than in a letter to Jackson Kissinger wrote a i should like on it the administration to inform you that we have been assured that the following criteria and practices will henceforth govern emigration from the Kissinger listed six Points. Jackson sen. Jacob k. Javas r n y., and sen. Abraham Ribicoff i con have been working to formulate tinal legislative language tor the Compromise Accord seeking to spell out an acceptable level of soviet jewish emigration and provide assurances that the soviets will cease harassing persons seeking to leave. The Points listed by Kissinger were i a punitive actions against individuals seeking to emigrate from the user would be violations of soviet Laws and regulations and will therefore not be permit eds a a 2. A no unreasonable or unlawful impediments will be placed in the Way of persons desiring to make application for emigration it a applications tor emigration will be processed in order of receipt including those previously filed and on a nondiscriminatory basis As regards the place of residence race religion National origin and professional status of the applicant a 4 a hardship cases will be processed sympathetically and expeditiously 3, a the collection of the so called emigration tax on emigrants which was suspended last year will remain suspended a in sen. Henry Jackson unknown poetry j. I need the words to the former poem a death is a rider. It was a popular poem and was turned into a Beautiful song. I need it tor school i. L. A. We re not sure if we understood the last word of the title correctly. Someone suggested it might be a riders on the storm by Jim Morrison recorded by the doors if this is a wrong guess on the title the Public Library is the Best reference source of poems. Lever pushed to Start escalator to furniture showroom mayor Paul Clapp Crobert Cortelyou Herbert Shuttleworth 111 of Morasco stat photo try Mark auth democrats Battle veto of anti secrecy Bill opium poppy taboo o. Is growing Oriental poppies Legal in the United states please hurry. A. The variety from which opium is derived cannot be grown but the varieties you see in Garden or Flower Cata logs Are Legal. Our water s a Softie q i recently read a correlation Between heart attacks and hard and soft water. Would the water in High Point be classified As hard water or soft a the chemist at the filter Plant classifies it As soft water. Washington api key democrats plan to press Congress to overrule president Ford s veto of what he brands an a unconstitutional and unworkable Bill to Amend the Freedom of information act. The Bill overturning a 1973 supreme court decision in a secrecy stamping Case and closing what the measure s authors Call major loopholes in the Law could adversely affect intelligence secrets and diplomatic relations Ford said As he vetoed it thursday. A the president is demonstrating an arrogance that would be believable if a Man holding a mandate from the people occupied the office of the presidency. Hut it is unbelievable a i in u s t incredible arrogance Lor a Man whose Only mandate came rom a single congressional District a said rep. John e. Moss a Calil who headed an 11-year drive for the Freedom of information act enacted in 1967. The supreme court decided that a president could classify documents basically tree of judicial review. This Biti would give Federal courts Power to see ii documents were properly classified Ford argued that this would mean courts would be allowed to make what amounts to a the initial Nixon discussed cover up mar. 17 Washington a a tape recording played at the watergate cover up trial today disclosed that former president Richard m. Nixon discussed the vulnerability of some of his top aides to criminal charges on March 17. 1973 a four Days before he planned to have his first detailed knowledge about watergate it was the first time that portion of the tape or a transcript of it has Ever been made Public. In the conversation Nixon was told by John w. Dean 111 that he had attended meetings where political is Al assign action decision in sensitive and Complex areas where they have no expertise a Moss in a Telephone interview i rom Sacramento calli., said a i would rather Trust the courts and i think their action through the whole unhappy history of watergate proves that we can place our Confidence in the judicial system of this nation a sen. Edward m Kennedy d mass., who headed Senate supporters of the legislation termed Ford s veto a a distressing new example of the watergate mentality that still pervades the White House a peonage. Including burglary on a Domestic counsel and and wiretapping was Dis two men who worked tor his cussed but that he thought re election committee the plans had been a turned Kenneth w. Parkinson and Robert c. Mardian. The jury then heard Dean the jurors listening on saying. Quot the next thing i headphones to their third heard was the break in on w Hite House tape in two Days june 17.�?� and following the taped Nixon asked. You heard conversation with a discussion of that but you transcript heard Dean Tell did t hear any discussion of Nixon that he too was Vul bugging. Did you in that Merabie to a degree. Your meetings or did you a know. I know but. You later the president is were in it Aller the deed was heard to say Quot where this thing leads i mean in terms let Ean a that s Correct that of the vulnerabilities and so i have no foreknowledge Orth. It s your View the Nixon the others Vulnere Butler Are basically that have participated in the Mitchell. Colson Haldeman goddamned thing and there # indirectly possibly Tore Are potentially subject nations to criminal liability. You re John n. Mitchell Nixon s not. That s the a a tonner attorney general two the conversation turned to production time Campaign manager and Jeb Stuart Magruder Deputy h it. Haldeman. His Ochtel of to Mitchell on the re election i a Siatt. Are two of the live committee and Dean told u6clin6s defendants being tried tor the president a if Jeb Ever conspiring to coverup the sees himself sinking he will Washington Ai i a watergate break in. Charles reach out to grab everybody White president i Ord Colson Nixon a special he can get a hold of. The prescribes anti inf lation to it runs Ltd a also had been charge unfortunate thing is in this Medicine tor the Economy the with conspiracy but he whole thing. Jib is the most Hie symptoms of a recession pea Jet guilty in another responsible Man for the Are growing More pro Casc arks toe charges were whole incident bounced. Dismissed Magruder and Dean less the real value of the goods i he other defendants in the than a month later went to and services churned out by trial Are John d u s. Attorneys with the Economy showed the Karl Lehman formerly Nix be Nixon on 2a third consecutive quarterly 1 decline the lace value of the Gross National product Lur july kockgt0m6r s through september Rose 8 3 Lier cent projected at an annual rate. To $1,114 to billion. In Tif / 1 the Commerce department my i f cd o a Al in cd c said thursday. Yet inflation a a i i a a o a Lull Vimb sapped the dollars of ii.5 per cent of their value in the in same period so the real or i of f a Aal value of the Economy s out in a i i i w Uva put shrunk by 2.9 per cent. I that left the output just new York a it vice president designate Nelson a. Slight ahead of where it Rockefeller s wife Happy is Given a 90 per cent Chance of was in 1972. It was the first recovery rom the removal of a cancerous breast in an oper to in v draped in to do a a has a her Quot a Quot mid free we ag0 on a St Udy three successive quarters. Quot a a a Rord. The most recent recession. After mrs. Rockefeller s 3�?~a-hour operation thursday at that of 1969-70, was marked memorial Sion Kettering cancer Center her surgeon or. By Only two consecutive Jerome Urban said a she recuperated fantastically quarters of decline. A. There Are other symptoms 1 removed mrs Rockefeller left breast As Well As such As a maximum dropout let mph nodes in the left armpit but he left a major portion of it pm a cent St toffs a Ltd muscle intact. The cancer apparently had not production so far which Are spread and Urban said her chances were a excellent. As less severe than in the most thas one would expect under this condition a recent recessions. Be Saul probably would be Able to leave the Hospital in a yet even Belore the latest Weeg National product i figures Rockefeller told newsmen outside the Center after seeing came out Federal Reserve. ,. Board i Herman Arthur k has we a Hal a much rely a Ved the a end Lnu be or hums and other economists la an 11 snarled Betler Hin a numb r o Dye a dubbed ilk current economic Rockefeller had summoned reporters to his Manhattan of slump a recession. Flee just As his wife s surgery was starting a you won t believe what in a going to Tell you a he said. I Quot a tracing the events leading up to the operation what s inside i Esau removal sept 28 of mrs. Ford s right breast in cancer surgery had prompted his wife to give her own breasts amusements 14a a self examination and she discovered a suspicious Lump. a breast a Ray gave suspicious but inconclusive results classified ads9-15h or. Urban advised mrs. Rockefeller 48, to enter the Hospital comics.12a wednesday. Further tests led to the surgery and doctors crossword Kab found three cancerous nodules about the size of the tip of a lit a tie Finger in the breast and its surrounding tissue. Nim ? Sis suppose a a mrs. F011 has malt be everybody a Little More Simm it e conscious a Rockefeller told the reporters in his office. Television. 7b Deputy White House press Secretary John w. Hushen said women a news Quot resident telephoned Rockefeller after the operation Quot to a a Hock fill s on 2a

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